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Published by sabrina.dikeman, 2019-08-28 11:24:10

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W ILLAMETTE VA L L E Y INFORMING AND INSPIRING REAL ESTATE AGENTS Top Producer FEBRUARY 2019 TIM RIST Keller Williams Realty, RIST Group Photo by Marlin Brownell ON THE RISE Ethan Thursam Town & County Realty AGENTS GIVE BACK Ashley Contreras Remax Integrity BUSINESS SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT  Azucena’s Cleaning

cmhYloeiaruetenrtetsr Lisa McCormick Senior Mortgage Loan Originator 503.928.8631 O. 503.931.2185 M. 280 Liberty St SE, Suite #100 | Salem, OR 97301 NMLS# 109599 Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc. NMLS #3001. All rights reserved. Oregon License Number ML-4807. (503) 581-6052 Mendell Gosnell, CPM® [email protected] | 1365 Commercial St SE Salem, OR 97302 Oregon Licensed Principal Broker 2 • February 2019

PREFERRED PARTNERS This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a trusted real estate affiliate. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the businesses sponsoring your magazine. These local businesses are proud to partner with you and make this magazine possible. Please support these businesses and thank them for supporting the REALTOR® community! 1031 EXCHANGE HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES Photo by Orion Beutler Exchange Group LLC Azucena’s Cleaning (503) 385-1435  (503) 748-1031 (503) 779-5906   PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO APPLIANCE SALES & REPAIR Maid to Perfection SERVICES Willamette Valley Appliance (541) 257-5373 Marks in Time Photography (503) 390-0161 (541) 905-1366 https://www. MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND   WEBSITES FOR REALTORS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT/SALES BASEMENT WATERPROOFING Business Boldly Centurion Real Estate Management LLC John’s Waterproofing Company Tamara Collins 1365 Commercial St. SE, Salem, (503) 419-0404 (503) 269-2990 OR 97302 (503) 588-0940 CONTRACTOR MORTGAGE/HOME LOAN   Goff Construction AND REFINANCE ROOFING AND ROOF REPAIR (503) 559-8670 Academy Mortgage Anytime Roofing Ben Nelson (503) 446-0918 (503) 910-9872 FRAMING & ART GALLERY Elsinore Framing & Fine Art Gallery bennelson SIGNS & GRAPHICS 444 Ferry St SE Salem, OR 97301   1 Day Signs (503) 581-4642 Cherry Creek Mortgage (503) 371-1329 Lisa McCormick 1010 Commercial St SE, Salem, (503) 502-0336 OR 97302 GARAGE DOORS AND REPAIRS Dave’s Garage Doors lisa-mccormick (503) 641-8987 TITLE AND ESCROW Landmark Professional Fidelity National Title Company Katy Canales 500 Liberty St. SE, Suite 200 Salem, HOME INSPECTION (503) 581-8100 OR 97301-3496 Inspections Unlimited - (503) 585-7219 Brandon Biehn www.fidelitytitleoregon. com (503) 931-6401 PHOTOGRAPHY/MULTIMEDIA  Foremost Marketing and Media LLC YARD/LAWN CARE (503) 910-5686 McKinley Landscape Maintenance LLC HOME STAGING (503) 393-0283 Creative Concepts (503) 881-0886 SilverDream Photography (503) 507-5783 6 • February 2019

ACTIONS, NOT JUST DREAMS publisher’s note WWhen I was 6 years old, I would about becoming a doctor or a scientist. I would wonder, “What if a fairy godmother daydream about the most ridiculous live in a fascinating place, do exciting things just showed up and gave me money, things. Like most kids, I would dream and fly to my appointments in a helicopter. I fame, health and a new life?” The next about being a famous singer or having always had big dreams. I wanted to do it all. time you start to think like this, catch magical powers ... and bring a genie Then my dreams shifted in a very unhealthy yourself, and shift your thinking. It bottle to school for first-grade show way. I started to wonder, “What if someone is no longer cute to wonder these and tell. True story. I found a bottle just handed me a million dollars?” “What if things. Instead, dream about ways that looked just like the I Dream of someone showed up on my doorstep and told that you want to live your life, and Genie bottle and fantasized that it was me that I won Publisher’s Clearing House just then take action steps to accomplish my room inside and I would someday for being awesome?” “What if I never had to those goals. Know that massive action have those same magical powers. I work again, and opportunities and money just and complete resolve is the only thing also remember writing a letter to The appeared wherever I went?” that will get you to your goals. Life Mickey Mouse Show expressing my in- will not be handed to you, and the terest in being on the show. Somehow Soon, college, having almost zero dollars and truth is, we don’t want it to be handed I was convinced that I had the musical working several part-time jobs to just pay the to us. How unfulfilling that would be! talent that it would take to make it. I rent “kicked me” back into shape. One of the It is not the dream that is unhealthy, practiced my singing into the cassette biggest lessons was when I learned to budget just our thoughts on achieving those recorder and practiced my dancing in money that I was earning to buy the things dreams. Unless you also want to be a front of the bathroom mirror. My dad that I desired. Suddenly, I realized how much member of The Mickey Mouse Show said he would send them the letter. more rewarding it was to work towards some- cast. Good luck. It’s been a decade, Not sure if he ever did, but, sadly, no thing and then achieve it.  and they still haven’t come calling. Mickey Mouse Show talent scout ever came knocking on my door. Now, I am sure that the daydreaming I am dis- This year, enjoy the process and your cussing here took place in many people’s lives. journey of massive action, but don’t Then, when I got older, I would The problem is that some of us still haven’t forget to also slow down count the daydream about being an actress, or grown out of it. Some of us still sit around and blessings you have as well. Garage Door Sick? You Need The Garage Door Doctor! DOORS | OPENERS | SERVICE | SALES | INSTALLATION | SPRING REPAIR SPECIALISTS BIG ENOUGH TO COUNT…SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE $15 OFF $25 OFF $75 OFF SERVICE CALL NEW GARAGE NEW DOOR DOOR OPENER NOT VALID WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS NOT VALID WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS NOT VALID WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS (503) 581-7045 | CCB#107970 • 7

top producer Written by Rick Osborn. Photography by Marlin Brownell, Foremost Marketing & Media. ON A MISSI 8 • February 2019

TIM RIST is focusing on abundant living … and his business is following suit Tim Rist is a mission-driven man, and he has a team that knows the cause.  family. As for culture, this team is tight-knit and   like-minded in their values: respecting all people as innately valuable, integrity no matter the cost, After walking away from a successful residential painting business, due pri- service that is innovative and consistent, and trust marily to a back injury, Rist did humanitarian work in the South Pacific for that is protected is the foundation of all working about six months. When Rist returned, he jumped into real estate and has relationship. Furthermore, this mission extends to made sure that his mission of service to others drives his business. their clients and community.       After starting out in real estate at the young age of 21, today the “I have a strong desire to champion abundant living 26-year-old is Principal Broker for the Rist Group at Keller Wil- in all the touchpoints of life, whether that be my liams Mid-Willamette. Though the Keller Williams office is located clients or team or my family or the causes that we in Corvallis, Rist’s 11-member team represents clients all the way give to in the community,” Rist said. “This is more from Portland down to Eugene. The team has been highly effec- than just closing real estate transactions. We have tive, selling more than 300 homes in the last two years in total transitioned from being a profit-based business to and closing over $43 million in volume in 2018 alone. being a mission-based business. Profitability is sim-   ply a byproduct of us fulfilling our mission.” But it’s not all about cash flow and volume of sales for Rist.   The mission of his team is to facilitate abundant living In fact, profitability is the last thing the through homeownership – everywhere. For the team, Rist Group looks at when the yearly plans are this starts at home, ensuring that the business funds and made. It all starts with giving to charitable causes in the community. The team sets that target first IONprotects the most important elements of life, namely and then works from there to determine how much the team needs to bring in to accomplish that goal and be profitable. So far it’s working, with $1 mil- lion in GCI growth from 2017 to 2018.   It goes without saying that profitability must be achieved to keep the business going, but Rist is finding that focusing on the community mission is leading to higher sales and profitability. While many companies would be trumpeting this sort of • 9

approach for publicity, Rist is careful IT’S “We have a lot of fun with it,” Rist to make sure it’s authentic. His team NOT said. “When it comes to our goals, it’s doesn’t actively market the structured TO GET how much do we want to give away. giving program of their business to MORE With that, we determine how much potential clients.  BUSINESS. we want to do in business.”   IT’S JUST   Rather, the team identifies the SOMETHING With a business that is growing amount of money it wants to give to THAT WE DO. rapidly, Rist is no stranger to be- community causes, and then sets the ing ahead of schedule compared to annual projections and budget ac- Inc., Young Life, Safe Haven, and World Vision, most others. After homeschooling cordingly. The team members give a among others. It’s not to get more business. It’s just list of the community needs they are something that we do.” most passionate about or that they   feel are most important. At the end of The team’s goal is to continue to aggressively in- the year, a pool has been established crease the amount that they give each year. That’s that includes half of the amount al- the first goal that drives all other metrics for the located to community causes. Each Rist Group. Rist is proud that he has a team that is team member then is allocated an brought into the growth because of what it means amount, based on a point system that in terms of giving back to the community. factors seniority and other aspects,   and they can deliver a check to the cause they support.   “For us, the biggest thing is that when we said our mission is going to be fa- cilitating abundant living, my biggest fear was that it would be just another thing on the wall,” Rist said. “With many mission statements, it seems that they look good, but there is not a tangible metric that tells if a business is actually succeeding at that. We sought to change that by building our mission around a metric of giving and a weekly review of stories.”    That includes client participation. When a client signs on with the Rist Group, they get to actually select a cause from the list, and this will determine where half of the giving budget goes that transaction.   “When we hire someone on the team, that member has to bring a cause to the table that truly matters to them individually,” Rist said. “When a client signs up with us, they get a pro- gram handout with our team mem- bers causes, and it asks the clients where they want a portion of their transaction to go towards. Causes that clients and team members sup- port include Teen Challenge, Love 10 • February 2019

WHEN IT COMES TO OUR GOALS, IT’S HOW MUCH DO WE WANT TO GIVE AWAY. WITH THAT, WE DETERMINE HOW MUCH WE WANT TO DO IN BUSINESS. in the Brownsville area, where he “There’s a lot of providence in my story,” Rist said. As you might expect from someone grew up, Rist started college early by “I’m truly blessed. For example, I never saw the up- who bases an entire business philoso- taking courses through Linn-Benton stairs of the first home that I sold because my back phy on giving back, Rist is pretty down Community College at 15. When he issues kept me from walking too much before I had to earth. He doesn’t let any of the rapid earned his high school diploma, Rist surgery. Yet my first clients still gave me a chance.” growth or success go to his head. simultaneously picked up an associate     degree at age 16. He then transferred Rist and his wife of about five years, Alexis, have “There’s a huge amount of wins in my to Oregon State University, where a 7-and-a-half-month-old daughter named Maisy. story, but probably the most impor- he earned his Bachelor of Science in Outside of spending time with his family and caring tant difference between me and other Communications at 19. for the young infant, Rist is an outdoorsman. He people my age is I’ve failed a lot more   enjoys hunting, golf, hiking and mountain biking. than the other folks out there,” he said. After college, Rist continued to work He also enjoys pickleball and playing music. He’s an “I just did that a bit faster. I’ve had a in the painting business that he ran to avid guitar and piano player. lot of mentors and my wife and others pay his way through school. He grew   who have helped me from getting too his team to over 100 employees. He in- big of a head. That is an important ele- jured his back while running on the job ment of my own success. People have training, herniating a disc between his invested in me and taken the chance on L4-L5 vertebrates. The injury required trusting me. That includes my wife, my surgery to prevent him from perma- team, other people in my brokerage, nent nerve degeneration. Around that and a lot of past clients and mentors. same time, he was planning a wedding. I’m not as cool as I used to think I He had to get the surgery before the was. Time and repeated failures and wedding, so that was done in June of 400 real estate transactions later, I’ve 2014, and he was married just two learned that I’m just a normal dude.” weeks later in July. When the couple returned from their honeymoon, the • 11 real estate business began exploding.   

agents give back Photos by Pamela Hagedoorn, Silver Dreams Photography THE MONOLOGUES 12 • February 2019

ASHLEY CONTRERAS This year The Vagina Monologues to local organizations that directly with be showing at the Keizer Home- support women. Ashley first saw the grown Theatre on February 7th, 8th show when she was in college and she and 9th and proceeds will be given to was so impacted by the rawness of Safety Compass which is a non-profit the performances that she knew she organization that provides support for it was something she wanted to be survivors of commercial sex traffick- involved in. She even helped orga- ing. In the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 nize the show in Madrid, Spain one the show has collectively raised over year while teaching abroad. Ashley $8,400 and are on track to exceed is genuinely invested in the show $10,000 this year. and the empowerment and support is gives to women. “People shouldn’t Ashley is passionate about commu- underestimate the power of sharing nity and strives to make a positive their experiences and their authentic- impact here in Salem. She is involved ity” she says, “you never know when in many organizations including you might impact someone else’s life.” serving on the Clay Ball Commit- tee for the Salem Art Association, She was inspired to get into real sitting on the board for the RE/ estate after purchasing her own first MAX Integrity Foundation as well as home. She was so impressed by the the Moxie Initiative and performing independence and professionalism in and directing The Vagina Mono- by her real estate agent, who encour- logues. This year will mark her eighth aged her to become licensed, and she year participating in The Vagina was excited to learn something new Monologues and her fifth year being and begin a new chapter. After three a part of the team that organizes and years as a real estate agent, she con- directs the show. The Vagina Mono- tinues to have success and just ended logues is an episodic play written by last year with 25 transactions, which Eve Ensler which is based off real beat out both her previous years. She women’s stories. The show was first plans on exceeding that number this performed in 1996 in New York City year, but she exclaims that her main and is now performed all over the goal is “to make a lasting difference world. The goal of the show is to raise in [her] community by empowering awareness about violence towards women and all proceeds are donated • 13

[her] clients and helping them achieve their real estate dreams.” Ashley enjoys being able to meet new people and help them reach their goals and begin new chapters in their lives. She claims to be an “advocate at heart” and is enthusiastic about helping first time home buyers and assisting them through the ups and downs of the home-buying process. The real estate industry in Salem has always been passionate about creating a strong sense of community and RE/MAX Integrity agent, Ashley Contreras, is no exception. Her moti- vation in her business stems from the desire to build positive and authentic communities in the place she now calls home. A Southern California native, Ashley graduated with honors from University of Laverne and then moved to Salem about seven years ago where she now continues to grow and foster communities around her. 14 • February 2019 • 15


EFFICIENT OIL TANK DECOMMISSIONING BILL GOFF CONSTRUCTION OI L TA NK RE M OVA L • LO C AT I N G • T ES T I N G SOIL REMEDIATION • ABANDONMENT • CLEAN UP Turn to Bill Goff Construction for all your environmental consultation needs. Count on our licensed, bonded, and insured business for your environmental consultation. 503-559-8670 • CCB #52834 • 17

ETHAN THURSAM 18 • February 2019

on the rise Tell us a bit about you, your family, where you’re from, schooling, and interests. I am a third-generation real estate professional, and credit my interest and passion for real estate to grow- ing up in a real estate family. I was originally from Forest Grove, OR, and have grown up in the Willamette Val- ley, and now I live in Corvallis.  Ethan, I know your family has a rich history in real estate. Tell us a little bit about your mom, Patty Schmitz, and grandfather, Steve Schmitz, and their involvement with real estate. Growing up in a real estate family meant that from an early age I was tagging along at open houses and running around the office looking for my mom and grandpa. Both my mom, Patty Schmitz-Thursam, and grandpa, Steve Schmitz, have been in the real estate industry for decades and have both contributed to my success. How did their life in real estate influence you and your decision to be an agent? Having a family with deep ties in the real estate industry made the deci- sion to pursue a career in real estate a natural one. My experience growing up launched me into my own career and helped me to succeed in the beginning. Tell us about your interest in community involvement. How are you involved, and why are you involved? I’ve been a member of the Corvallis community for the last five years while completing my degree at Oregon State University. Becoming an agent has allowed me to connect deeply with the Corvallis community. I am also a member of the Downtown Corvallis Economic Vitality Committee, which • 19

Having a core group of people, you can rely on for support, questions and advice is an invaluable tool that allows for individual growth as an agent. meets to discuss the present and future of the downtown area and how it affects the city and the members of the community. I understand that you are both a full-time real estate agent and a full-time student at Oregon State University – how do you manage a busy schedule? I am currently enrolled full time at Oregon State University, finishing my degree in economics with minors in business and sustainability. Being a full-time student and real estate agent, I have made time management extremely important to ensure that everything gets done. I know you have a special interest in investment real estate – tell us why that gets you excited. Investment real estate is what gets me most excited. Real estate is a service-based tangible asset with good flexibility and tax advantages that I believe provides the best overall component to one’s portfolio. With just under two years under your belt as a licensed real estate agent, you’re off to a fantastic start. What have you found to be essential to getting a career in real estate off the ground and successful in such a short period? Diversification has been the most important aspect of my early real estate career. I try to learn as much as possible and take every opportunity to work in as many areas of real estate as possible, whether that is residential, multifamily or investment real estate. I know you are the youngest agent in your brokerage; tell us about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. How has that made you even more driven? Being the youngest agent at Town and Country has allowed me to grow into the agent I am today. As a young agent entering the business, there is not a lot expected from you initially, and this provides an opportunity to exceed expectations and provide new insight. 20 • February 2019

What would be your number-one piece of advice to a young individual looking to develop a career in real estate and be successful? The biggest advice I would give to young people looking to start a career in real estate is to surround yourself with the best people. Having a core group of people, you can rely on for support, questions and advice is an invaluable tool that allows for individual growth as an agent. How do you find the quality of life here in Corvallis?  Corvallis is a great place to call home. It is a very welcoming, supportive com- munity that provides a great environment for the full spectrum of community members, from students to families and retirees. There are countless opportu- nities to get involved in the community as well as get active in the outdoors. Finally, what do you find most gratifying about being a real estate agent? The most gratifying part about being a real estate agent is being able to help guide and facilitate, for most, people the biggest purchase of their life. • 21

Full Roof Replacements (Single, composition or metal) Roofing Repairs • Gutter Installation & Cleaning • Moss Removal 503-446-0918 Call for a fast quote today! MAID TO PERFECTION The health of your family matters. Giving your life back one hour at a time Up to 45% of the air you breathe Move-in, Move-out comes from your basement 1 Time Cleanings for Listings or crawlspace. Weekly & Bi-Weekly Services Call today for your free inspection. Tailored Services 22 • February 2019 Schedule a FREE Estimate Today! 541-257-5373 [email protected] Licensed, Bonded, Insured Your Professional House Cleaning Service • 23

24 • February 2019 AZUCENA’S CLEANING

business sponsor spotlight By Sonja Gumber Azucena grew up in Jalisco, Mexico, in a large fam- ily. Learning the art of cleaning by her parents, she helped around the house as part of her chores. Af- ter getting married in Mexico, she and her husband, Jose Najar, moved to the United States in 2000.   “When I moved to the U.S., I could not speak English, so I did a trade with the private Interna- tional School in Monmouth, OR, to learn English,” explains Azucena. “I became quite good at it and began to clean other businesses where I was getting recommendations for their family and friends to utilize my services and began to build my clientele. I also assist in fire restoration, offices and commer- cial buildings as well as residential.”   Azucena continues, “After getting my business up and running, my husband and I decided it was a good time to start a family. We now have three children, two boys, Brandon (14) and Emanuel (10), and their baby girl, Annabeth (2). Jose is a welder by trade but helps out on several of my jobs after hours.” The thing that sets her business apart is that the job is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is a must. “I really like to clean and have had many years of experience. I offer great service with exceptional results. I pride myself in being very professional. I am bonded, insured, licensed, and certified as a small merchant business owner in the state of Oregon. I offer free estimates as well as being bilin- gual,” she explains. On the days she’s not cleaning, she enjoys hanging out with her family. She tells us that her children are super smart, and they try to get out to ride their three horses together as often as possible as well as spending time at the lake or river fishing as a family. To contact Azucena on her services:  Azucena’s Cleaning LLC Azucena Alvarez            1887 Blackwood Dr. East     Monmouth, OR 97361 [email protected] • 25

calendar of events SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY FEBRUARY 27 28 29 03 04 05 10 11 12 MVAR – Government Affairs – Political Action Committee Meeting 12-1 p.m. 17 18 19 MVAR Board of WAOR General Directors Meeting Membership Meeting 8:30-10 a.m. 9-10:30 a.m. 24 25 26 26 • February 2019

WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 30 31 01 02 06 07 08 09 13 14 15 16 MVAR General Mem- PCAR Directors Meeting MVAR Executive bership Meeting  9:00 a.m. start time Committee Meeting 8:30-10 a.m. MVARCF Board of 8:30-10 a.m. 20 Directors Meeting 9-10 a.m. NWAR Board of Directors Meeting 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. 21 22 23 MVAR Professional MVAR Outreach and Public Re- Development lations Committee Meeting 9-10 a.m. Committee Meeting 12-1 p.m. PCAR General Meeting 11:45 a.m. start time 27 28 01 02 • 27

FEBRUARY schedule details Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Thursday, February 14, 2019 Wednesday, February 20, 2019 GRI - Sellers (EMAR) NWAR Board of Directors Meeting MVAR Professional Development 9 a.m.-4 p.m. CE: 6 hours 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Committee Meeting Speaker: Sheryll Fong Mt. Angel FestHalle 12-1 p.m. 500 Wilco Highway Northeast EMAR Classroom (Classroom, inside of the Mt. Angel, OR 97362 MVAR Office EMAR Office) 2794 12th St. SE Friday, February 15, 2019 Salem, OR 97302 501 NE Hood Ave., Ste 210 MVAR Executive Committee Meeting Gresham, OR 97030 Thursday, February 21, 2019 8:30-10 a.m. MVAR Outreach and Public Relations Tuesday, February 12, 2019 MVAR Office MVAR – Government Affairs – Political Ac- 2794 12th St. SE Committee Meeting Salem, OR 97302 9-10 a.m. tion Committee Meeting 12-1 p.m. Monday, February 18, 2019 MVAR Office MVAR Board of Directors Meeting 2794 12th St. SE Chair: Patrick Sieng MVGAC Director: Salem, OR 97302 Holly Sears 8:30-10 a.m. MVAR Office Thursday, February 21, 2019 The GAC meetings are open to all members 2794 12th St. SE PCAR General Meeting who are interested in getting an update on Salem, OR 97302 11:45 a.m. start time local issues that could affect your business. Oak Knoll Golf Course Tuesday, February 19, 2019 6335 OR-22 MVAR Office  CNE – CC Real Estate Negotiation Training 2794 12th St. SE Don’t wing it! Get professional negotiation training to Independence, OR 973051 Salem, OR 97302 instantly increase your confidence, persuasion and Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Wednesday, February 13, 2019 communication skills. GRI – Technology (PMAR) General Membership Meeting: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. CE: 15 hrs In this class we will cover everything you Speaker: TBA need to know about using technology to CE: 1 hour Member Cost: $399 prospect, market, and efficiently run your 8:30-10 a.m. RMLS 8338 NE Alderwood Rd., Ste. 230,  business. We will cover critical topics like data backups and security, to marketing Salem Scottish Rite Center Portland, OR 97220 and promotion systems, to emerging social 4090 Commercial St. SE Salem, OR 97302 Tuesday, February 19, 2019 media platforms. WAOR General Membership Meeting 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday, February 14, 2019 CE: 6 hours PCAR Directors Meeting 9-10:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. start time Adair Clubhouse  Speaker: Jimi Couture NW Clubhouse Pl. Portland English Language Academy All are welcome Windermere – Dallas Corvallis, OR 97330 2007 Lloyd Center Thursday, February 14, 2019 Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Portland, OR 97232 MVARCF Board of Directors Meeting MVAR Special Events Committee Meeting 9-10 a.m. 9-10 a.m. MVAR Office MVAR Office  2794 12th St. SE  2794 12th St. SE Salem, OR 97302 Salem, OR 97302 28 • February 2019

Do you have a new listing that needs cleaning? Residential & Commercial All Natural Products -One-Time Cleanings -Move in / Move Out -Weekly & Bi-Weekly Services 503-779-5906 [email protected] • 29

Real Estate Photos Video Home Tours Client Tessmonial Videos Aerial Services MarksInTimeBoPokhonloinetaot: Websites That Get FOUND! • Search Engine Oppmizaaon • Branding and Graphic Design • Copywriing and Content Creaaon • Photography and Video Produccon Foremost Marketing and Media 503-910-5686 30 • February 2019

CUSTOM KITCHEN SALES Willamette Valley Appliance Sales & Service All Major Appliance Brands! Refrigerators | Freezers | Ranges & Cook-tops | Washers & Dryers | Dishwashers | Microwaves & More! (503)390-0161 4101 River Rd N | Keizer, OR 97303 Factory Authorized Sales & Service • 31


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