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5 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Business Through Social Media

Published by Buzz Interactive, 2017-12-22 07:11:52

Description: Social Media is one of the largest platform to interact with your audience and share your content. Millions of people check in daily which makes it possible to have your ideas shared with just one click to thousands of people at one time. Read more in the article…

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5 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Business Through Social Media Social Media is one of the largest platform to interact with your audience and share your content. Millions of people check in daily which makes it possible to have your ideas shared with just one click to thousands of people at one time. Digital Marketing Agencies rely heavily on Social Networking Sites for e-commerce business promotions as they have known that this is the fastest way to be dominant in the market; engage with thousands of audience, convert users into potential customers, and build brand recognition. Facebook is the first name that comes into the minds of marketers when talking about marketing their brand but each social media site has different strategies and helps different businesses in their dealings. 1. Fully Consider Networks for Your Kind of Business As we have mentioned above, Facebook is not the only medium to promote your business, different networks are used for different brand type. Let’s talk about it.• Facebook One of the largest platform for brand recognition, it is used for any brand type and can prove to be the fastest and the largest customer base booster. Most importantly e-commerce businesses can see a great improvement in their brand awareness.

• Instagram A largest platform for businesses that depend heavily on images like clothing etc., many growing clothing brands are using Instagram to boost up their customers.• Pinterest A great source to shout out for your brand like Jewelry etc., because research has shown many women are seen on this social media platform.• Google+ Need to reach people in technology industry? Join Google+ communities and share your ideas, products and much more.• LinkedIn Are you a manufacturer and looking to be a supplier for other businesses? Then this platform is a good source for you to reach out other businesses, what is called B2B marketing. 2. Share Valuable and Interesting Content Social Media is all about building relationship with your audience so share contents that are relevant yet interesting. It is important to have your audience engage with you and share your post because priority is given to have your brand recognized. Value content will allow you to engage with existing customers and attract new customers enabling them to link to your brand as it means something to them. Valuable content can include the following:• Promotions such as discounts for your product/service• Shouting out about any new product launch• Sharing helpful information that is related to your business There needs to be a balance when sharing posts, audience would not like to see serious topics all the time they get a post from your page on their news feeds, a little humour will keep your audience active and revive their energy. Memes are trendy and can work as a good way to get your audience to share the post and tag others. Note that, always share contents that comes in compliance with your brand image. Visual content proves to be the most engaging; almost all the businesses are working on sharing images and videos. Hiring Digital Agency for social media

promotion is becoming common as posts are professionally designed because theyreflect your brand image. Using gif image is another way to visually attractcustomers.3. Use Promotional CampaignsNew brands on social media are like a small piece of a puzzle, and it is really difficultto reach thousands of customers organically; it is not impossible but it may take time.The best part about social media is that you can spend little amount of money to getyour content a mega boost in reaching your targeted audience.Campaigns are intended to give incentives to your audience which will enable userparticipation.Contests can be carried once or twice a month and rewards can be given, e.g. if youare a cookware business, you may decide to give a free deep cooking pot to thewinner, this will not only help people engage with your brand but will also allow thecustomers to try out your product which can generate future sales.4. Market SegmentationSocial Media sites are really effective in reaching out audiences for your kind ofbusiness. It is however important because potential clients are only the ones whocan relate themselves to your product.Now it is easy as you can reach out specific targets by segmenting for your type ofbrand according to location, age, gender, interests and much more.5. Customer Experience and ServiceOne of the most important part of social media site, customers really take thebehavior of businesses into account and that attracts them the most.The quality that customers are provided with, sets an impression for your brandonline; try to give your customer with all possible information about your brandincluding your location, phone number, website link etc. Nowadays social mediasites are the largest platform used by people to acquire any e-commerce business’sinformation therefore you should provide the best customer experience.

Customer service really helps you improve your customer base, establish long termrelations and much more. A good service given to your customer works as a “word-of-mouth” from the customer satisfied by your service will market you all overhis/her social networking, and it is a good strategy to improve your brand image andawareness. Provide full information of the product that you have posted on yoursocial media page e.g. price, quality and all possible details of your product.Let’s say you entered an outlet, e.g. clothing, and all shirts are hanged without aprice tag or the size, what impression will it generate?Social Media is just like an online outlet for your brand therefore customer serviceshould not be overlooked.Other ways to provide customers with the best experience is to be really active, dealwith their queries really fast, always check for your inbox and reply them quickly. Summing up the informative SessionSocial Media Marketing is the best and most cost effective way to get your e-commerce business a great boost in its sales, brand image, brand awareness, brandrecognition and customer base.You can sell your products all over the world at any place and to any person and notjust in your local surroundings, furthermore consumers would pay even a little extramoney to get products right at their door step, therefore an online business with well-established links on social media is the best strategy to look into.Published On:

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