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Drum Corps International 1997 Yearbook

Published by Drum Corps International, 2020-04-03 11:49:04

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Before you strike this dru-, tMre are a few things yot shotld llder- stllll clearly. TIie first is Its i1ti111idating pro;ectiol 111d S1perior response, a reS1h of Gutlone II snares and the durable 316 111 Ac11sticon R shell design. A shell so strong it has a rifetime warranty. Next, a patented sixteen-bolt (-damp tensioning system eliminates shell stress, allowing you to push the limits of tuning to the edge. For versatility, the removable top casting assembly can be used as a lightweight practice drum. The legato from Remo. You have been warned. LEGATO ---BV--- REMEJ® (805) 294-5600

Letter from the President of the United States .. .. 2 OCI Volunteer of the Year Award ... .. .... . .. 123 Letter from Walt Disney World . . .... .. . .... . .. 4 History of DCI . . .......... . ...... .. .... . .. 125 I and the Mayor of Orlando .................. 6 OCI Adjudication . .... . ...... . ...... . .... . 127 Letter from the Governor of Florida OCI Individual and Ensemble . . . . .... . ... ... 128 Letter from the DCI Chairman of the Board ...... 8 1997 Worldwide Schedule .... . .. . ... . .. . . .. 130 OCI Executive Director's Report .... . . ... .... . 10 1997 Contest Results OCI Board of Directors . . ... ..... . .. . ..... ... 13 Scores . ... . . . .. . . ... . . ... ... . .......... 131 DCI Atlantic Division .. ......... . .. . ... . 134 Drum Corps Midwest . .. ..... . . .......... 136 Thank you's and Acknowledgements ..... . . .. . 16 Drum Corps West ....................... 138 Drums Along the Rockies, Denver, CO ...... 140 OCI Member Corps U.S. Open, Marion, OH ....... .... . ...... . 140 Academie Musicale, Sherbrooke, Quebec ....... 18 Jersey Showdown, East Rutherford, NJ ...... 140 Bluecoats, Canton, Ohio . ...... .. . . .. ... .... 20 OCI Midwest Preview, Whitewater, WI ...... 141 Blue Devils, Concord, California ..... . .. ...... 22 OCI East Preview, Allentown, PA .... ...... 142 Blue Knights, Denver, Colorado ....... . ...... 24 OCI Focus Shows in Charlotte, NC Boston Crusaders, Boston, Massachusetts . ..... 26 and Atlanta, GA ......... ..... .. . ...... 143 Cadets of Bergen County, Bergenfield, New Jersey .28 OCI Championship Division II Prelims ...... 144 Carolina Crown, Charlotte, North Carolina ..... 30 OCI Championship Division III Prelims ..... 144 Cavaliers, Rosemont, Illinois . .. ... . . . .. .. .... 32 OCI Championship Division II/ III Finals . .. . 146 Colts, Dubuque, Iowa .. . . ... .. .. ... . .. ..... 34 OCI Championship Quarter-finals ...... . . .. 147 Crossmen, Newark, Delaware ....... .... ..... 36 OCI Championship Semi-finals . . . .. . ... . . . 148 Glassmen, Toledo, Ohio .. . .. ...... .. . .. .. ... 38 OCI Championship Finals ...... . . . ....... 149 Kiwanis Kavaliers, Kitchener, Ontario ......... 40 Les Etoiles, Dorion, Quebec . .. . .... .. ....... 42 25 Years of Drum Corps International DCI 1972 - Whitewater, Wisconsin .. .. .... . . 152 Madison Scouts, Madison, Wisconsin ......... 44 DCI 1973 - Whitewater, Wisconsin .. ... .. ... 154 Magic of Orlando, Orlando, Florida . . ......... 46 DCI 1974 - Ithaca, New York . .. . .. . ...... .156 Mandarins, Sacramento, California ... ... . .... . 48 Phantom Regiment, Rockford, lllinois . ....... .50 DCI 1975 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . ..... 158 Pioneer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... . . ... . . . . .. .52 DCI 1976 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . .. ... 160 Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, California . . 54 DCI 1977 - Denver, Colorado .. . .... . .... . . 162 Troopers, Casper, Wyoming . . ..... . ... . . ... .56 DCI 1978 - Denver, Colorado .. . . .. . . . ... . . 164 DCI 1979 - Birmingham, Alabama .... . ..... 166 Velvet Knights, Anaheim, California . ........ .58 DCI 1980 - Birmingham, Alabama ..... . .... 168 DCI Division II and III Mission Statement ...... 60 DCI 1981 - Montreal, Quebec . . . ........... 170 DCI 1982 - Montreal, Quebec .. . ... . ..... . . 172 OCI Quarter-Finalists DCI 1983 - Miami, Florida . .. ..... ... ..... 17 4 Golden Lancers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .. . . . 61 DCI 1984 - Atlanta, Georgia .......... . .. . . 176 Nite Express, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ... . .. .. .. . .. 63 DCI 1985 - Madison, Wisconsin . . .......... 178 Southwind, Montgomery, Alabama . . ...... . .. 65 DCI 1986 - Madison, Wisconsin .. . . . ... .. . . 180 Spirit of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia ............ 67 DCI 1987 - Madison, Wisconsin . ... ...... . . 182 OCI 1988 - Kansas City, Missouri ........... 184 OCI Division II Finalists Dimension, Levis, Quebec ......... . ... .. .... 69 OCI 1989 - Kansas City, Missouri . .... . ..... 186 OCI 1990 - Buffalo, New York .. . . ... . ... ... 188 Spartans, Nashua, New Hampshire ............ 71 OCI 1991 - Dallas, Texas ... ........ .. ..... 190 OCI Division III Finalist OCI 1992 - Madison, Wisconsin ........... .192 Blue Stars, La Crosse, Wisconsin ... . .. . ...... . 73 DCI 1993 - Jackson, Mississippi ..... . .... . . 194 East Coast Jazz, Malden, Massachusetts ....... 75 OCI 1994 - Boston, Massachusetts .. .... .... 196 Northern Aurora, Saginaw, Michigan . . ... .... 77 DCI 1995 - Buffalo, New York . . . .. . ...... . . 198 Patriots, Rochester, New York ........ ... ..... 79 OCI 1996 - Orlando, Florida . . ... .. . . .... . . 200 Raiders, Bayonne, New Jersey ................ 81 OCI Worldwide Affiliates .. .. ..... .. . . ...... 202 Other Drum and Bugle Corps ........... .. ... 83 OCI PBS Television Broadcast ...... . . ... .... 204 Friends of OCI ......... .. ................. 110 List of Advertisers . ...... . ... .... ... . . .. . . . 206 Walt Disney World/Orlando/Citrus Bowl . . ... 114 OCI Hall of Fame .. .. . .................... 120

THE WHITE HOUSE WA HI GTO Greetings to everyone gathered in Orlando for the Drum Corps International Championships. Musical performances celebrate the human spirit. Through long hours of practice and hard work, musicians learn the values of discipline and determination, earning the opportunity to display their unique talents. Music programs teach the important lesson that success achieved through teamwork is a rewarding and memorable experience. I salute the young competitors for their proven dedication to excellence and musicianship and the fans for their generous support. Best wishes to all for a memorable and exciting competition.


» {\" AttracHons, Inc. On behalf of the Cast of the Walt Disney World Resort, I am pleased to welcome back to Central Florida the participants in the Drum Corps International World Championships as well as many friends and fans! As our entire Cast celebrates 25 years of Disney magic at Walt Disney World, we salute DCI's 25 years of Drum Corps excellence. We have long been impressed by the music, creativity, showmanship and pure spectacle that is drum & bugle corps ... we share your passion for entertainment and pageantry. Our very own Future Corps at Epcot is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. As a musician, I appreciate and applaud the tireless dedication and commitment required of each performer. And, the success of these championships is not merely measured by scores, but also by shared experiences and friendships. Our Walt Disney World Resort guests and the residents of our great community are in for a treat during the week of the 1997 DCI World Championships. Enjoy the festivities! Judson Green President Walt Disney Attractions

STATE OF FLORIDA @Hice of tqe <iuuernor TI{ECAPITOI. TAU.AIIASSEE, A.ORIDA 3D99-«Xll LAWTON 00US GOVERNOO Greetings: It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 1997 Drum Corps International Summer Music Games. All participants are to be commended for their hard work, discipline and training in preparing to compete in this prestigious event. We are pleased you have chosen Orlando as the site of this year's championship events. Every region of Florida promises special memories to you, our guest. The Sunshine State abounds in natural beauty and challenging outdoor activities. I invite you to experience the world-class theme parks, sports centers and other entertainment offered in Central Florida. The beauty of our beaches, the hospitality of our people and the unique culture of Florida is unsurpassed. We are pleased to have you as guests of the Sunshine State. My best wishes are sent for an exciting Silver Anniversary celebration of Drum Corps International and a pleasant stay in Orlando. With kind regards, I am Sincerely, ~MA LAWTO CHILES CITY OF ORLANDO OH IUOt GLENDA E . HOOD M ,0-011 WELCOME! As Mayor of the beautiful City of Orlando, I would like to extend a personal welcome to the members of the Drum Corps International. Orlando is proud to have been selected as host city for your 1997 Summer Music Garnes. For those who are first time visitors, you are soon to discover that Orlando's community is rich with opportunities for recreation, cultural entertainment, educational resources, and business enterprises. You will also discover what many others have already noticed -- that is when it comes to service and hospitality, Orlando is second to none. I Again, thank you for visiting our community. Orlando is dynamic, full of energy, and the heartbeat of Central Florida. I hope you enjoy learning about our city, meeting our people ... and plan on visiting us again soon! Sincerely, ~e .. /4 f. ;¼oor Glenda E. Hood Mayor C!n II H.l • WO \",,H TH ORA.\",[ A\\I ,rr • OM\\ A,-;[)!). I IORIOA. HSOl· H0.2 PH•'\" 4U\"7,.H6-2111 • )-'.-,\\ 40<·l4(1·2S-12 • tfflP l \"V.\\\\.(l.t)IUA,DO~l.l'>

For information on ust a short drive from the Walt Disney booking your World® Resort, you accommodations to the will find friendly accommodations rangingfrom budget motels to suite- type accommodations, all at afford- able prices. All of the Walt Disney World® Resort Good Neighbor Hotels are located close to restau- rants, shops and entertainment. Or why not stay in the middle of the Magic? Dozens of fabulous re- at a wide variety of sorts lie right on the Walt Disney World® Resort property, including Orlando area hotels Disney's All-Star Resorts, where and resorts, call the giant music and sports icons such as saxophones, footballs, and top hats Walt Disney & canes make sure you don't miss a beat! A collection of three-story Travel Company at buildings with themes like Broad- way, Baseball, and Rock n' Roll 1-800-328-4389 make up these unique hotels.

Dear Fellow Drum Corps Fans, Welcome to the twenty-fifth anniversary season of Drum Corps International. A quarter of a century of continuous operation for any entity is quite an accomplishment. In that time span we have seen many changes in our beloved activity. Much of it has been exciting and very positive but we have also sometimes stumbled along the way and not always taken the right path. In this special year it is important that we joyously clCt celebrate our achievements since 1972 and share our good fortunes with everyone involved in our activity. At the same time we must all realize that it is the responsibility of each of us to contribute our thoughts and efforts to maintaining our strengths and finding solutions to our problems. Because of the unique, inherent value of the drum corps activity, I am confident that we will find a way to make the next twenty-five years even more special than the last twenty-five. Happy Anniversary DCI - I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the party! Scott Stewart DCI Executive Board Chairman

I hat a tremendous honor and pleasure it is members and Hall of Fame members, I hope you'll for me to welcome you to DCI' s 25th men and women have given to the drum corps anniversary season. As fans of this great join me in graciously acknowledging the gift these activity, we are truly fortunate to have the movement. best seat in the house for the worlds premier form Our society has changed a great deal over the past of outdoor pageantry. Well over 100 stadiums all 25 years. And so too has the drum corps activity. over the United States and Canada will be filled There are a few questions we can ask in order to with the spectacular sound, color and motion of identify where we are today in the measurement of drum corps as we celebrate this awesome our viability. Are we providing the best drum milestone. corps experience possible for todays youth? Are all As a marching member of DCI' s first 35th place of the corps' organizations focused on the corps, I can distinctly remember what it felt like to development of youth through a drum corps be a part of the bigger than life experience called experience or are they focused on some arbitrary the DCI World Championships in 1972. I can competitive placement? Are the corps boards, remember having an awareness that the formation volunteers, management and staffs focusing on of this new organization known as Drum Corps building sound non-profit organizations and International was significant. Certainly, at that age, making decisions based on more than a one year I had no idea of the magnitude of impact DCI return? Is there an awareness among volunteers of would have on the drum corps, as well as, the the activity that everyone who participates in drum competitive marching band and winter guard corps deserves the best, not just the members of activities. their corps? I know I risk offending many by I am very proud of the fact that I \"grew up\" as a asking these questions, but even if we believe in participant in the drum corps activity. The role something, often times our actions do not match models I've had through the years were quite the our words. cast of characters. The positive influence they've I have been asked the question, what would make had on my life was enhanced by a concept, an DCI successful over the next twenty-five years. entity, a family that was much larger than the Simply stated, the reality of DCI's success rests in drum corps I was in at the time. The fact that all the strength and stability of all of it's participating corps from all regions were a part of Drum Corps organizations. I remind you that DCI is a collective International had considerable meaning, and still of corps, not an entity itself. When you ask DCI to does. change, fix itself, lower prices, etc. you are We can certainly pick through and find a share of officially addressing 21 corps and as it is quickly mistakes that DCI has made over the years in it's becoming, most likely addressing all corps that role in the evolution of drum corps. If that is what allow themselves to be a part of the decision we need to do to make tomorrow better, I making process. My role, the office staff, and the encourage it. However, if we are going to continue judging system for instance, are all defined by the to analyze history to ensure that we do not make direction these corps set forth. Certainly, I take the same mistakes twice, I suggest then, that we responsibility for DCI's actions and influence the should simultaneously document all that was done process as a part of my role, but I do it with the correctly in order to ensure we do indeed repeat intent to serve the wishes of the collective corps. those actions. You see, much like a corps performance, the strength of the whole rests on the strength of each My writings here cannot do justice to the spirit of individual. thankfulness I feel for the founders of Drum Corps International and the many who followed them I, like you, am saddened whenever a long time during our first 25 years. Their quest of creating an corps has to make the decision not to participate as environment that would give drum corps' youth a part of the DCI tour. I ask, as I'm sure you do, participants the best quality experience is a large what could DCI have done, or what can we do in part of the reason why today we are in a position the future to make sure this does not happen. to establish a vision for the next 25 years. I am Again, DCI does not dictate to the corps how they humbled by the thought that I am responsible for should operate, how much they tour, or where providing the leadership of todays DCI with the they are permitted to recruit. The collective corps hope of living up to the great vision they had for that make up DCI must agree on how much what drum corps would someday become. When influence DCI as a collective should have on their we take a few moments in Whitewater and organizations. As you can imagine, this is where it Orlando to recognize DCI's founders, past board gets very complex.

Are corps, as businesses, stronger than activities throughout the world. they were 10, 15 or 20 years ago? Countries in both Europe and Asia have Absolutely! Most of the top 21 and a had drum corps for years along with majority of division II & III corps have youth band activities that operate like evolved into operations that are quite drum corps. I had the opportunity in impressive in terms of fiscal January to experience the All Japan responsibility and direction. While corps Marching Band and Baton Twirling have made significant progress in this Association Championships in Tokyo, regard, they are far from having Japan. My wife Linda and I were the everything they need and therefore guests of Mr. Nishiyama, Standing require a tremendous amount of Director of the association. We witnessed assistance. You, the fans in the stands, are some spectacular performances from a significant part of that assistance by some very dedicated young people in simply purchasing a ticket and this drum corps, marching bands and baton program book. Those of us who seek to twirling teams. Mr. Nishiyama and his find ways to fund the drum corps associates stated several times during movement are indebted to you. As a that visit that Drum Corps International collective, we will continue to work was the single most important outside towards earning your support on an influence on their activity. ongoing basis. As you may already know, many of your Because our collective success as an favorite corps have several members activity is based on the strength of the from Europe and Asia. All across the individual corps, I encourage anyone world there are youth who are interested reading this to get involved with a corps in the drum corps experience. In fact, in their community. We need to engage there will be three groups from Japan as many people as possible in the joining the DCI Tour this season. Please purpose of providing a quality drum show them a warm welcome when you corps experience at all levels for our have the chance to encourage their youth participants. Volunteers for the participation in DCI for future years to individual corps are most often the come. difference between a good organization While we were in Japan on a shuttle from and a great organization. It is up to you the airport to the hotel, Linda and I to make it possible that there can and noticed a familiar icon in the distance. will be a successful drum corps in your Sure enough, it was Cinderella's castle in area. We should never underestimate the Disneyland, Tokyo. It became very clear powerful potential one person to me how fortunate DCI is to have not involvement can have on the success of one but four internationally prominent the drum corps movement. sponsors. WALT DISNEY WORLD There is a gentleman in South Africa by the name of Johann Zietsman who has been working for years to find a way to start a drum corps activity in that country. He has done exhaustive research on the drum corps activity here in North America and has had several conversations with members of the drum corps community on how to accomplish his objective. He has recently acquired a significant sponsor to assist in his endeavor, and as a result, there are 20 neighborhood based corps now forming. One person had an impact on starting a nationwide drum corps activity. Dan Acheson Drum Corps International has had a Drum Corps International huge impact on drum corps and related Executive Director

Resorts, the Pearl Corporation, the Yamaha Corporation and IBM. These sponsors are not only a significant part of the dollars and cents of a summer tour, they have also added tremendous value to the drum corps movement through the promotion of our activity in their various circles of influence. Our best sponsors collectively are of course, you, the fans, but these four companies bring resources to the DCI project that are above and beyond any of our expectations of sponsorship. Please recognize their significant contribution in aiding the drum corps movement. Drum Corps International was originally formed to serve the top twelve placing corps. We have since evolved into an organization that services all corps in terms of scheduling, promotions and education. I have already addressed how today's DCI is much different than what it was in 1972. There is one aspect of how drum corps is the same now as it was then. The people who are a part of drum corps are just as impassioned and as dedicated as they were 25 years ago. As long as this continues to be the case, we will always have a very solid foundation to draw upon for future growth. The 1997 season should be a celebration of all the youth who have participated in OCI's first 25 years. When you think of all the moments we share in a season, and multiply it by 25, it adds up to one of life's true blessings. As we reflect on the accomplishments of Drum Corps International, and look forward with all the hope and promise that lies before us, let us come together as one drum corps family and participate in the joy of another magnificent season. A magnificence that can only be defined by witnessing the outstanding achievements of \"our kids\" through their performance. Thank you for choosing to be a part of one of the worlds great youth activities. Happy 25th Anniversary Ron Shultz Regiment Division II/Ill Representative Tom Hixon Dr. Bernard Baggs Velvet Knights Executive Board Advisor Ill

At-Large Director

Sue Kuehnhold Thom Eaton Show Promotions Marketing/Promotions Administrator Ernie Zimny Connie Las Jean Carter Elinor Campbell Shipping/Inventory Accounting Travel Coordinator Customer Service Control Roman Blenski John Turner Dr. David Kampshroer Division II/III Judges Administrator Contest Director Coordinator Michael Boo Tom Hope Tony DiCarlo DCI Today/Program Drum Corps West DCI Atlantic Writer Regional Representative Regional Representative

University of Michigan Georgia Tech University of Maryland Indiana State University University of University of Washington Nevada - Las Vegas APPARENTLY, THE BIG SOUND OF YAMAHA HAS QUITE A FOLLOWING. From our big, unmistakable sound, to our indestructible craftsmanship, Yamaha marching drums have a long line University of Kentucky of winners among our legions off ans. University of Iowa Of course, we like to think that the distinctive sound of Yamaha drums played some part in their success. It's the reason we put so much of our own time, effort and the very best materials into each one of our hand-crafted drums from our Power-Lite™ to the SFZ™ line. So if you'd like your band to be recognized, play the drums you can't miss. For more information on our full line of marching drums, consult your Yamaha dealer. Ohio State University YAMAHA® Iowa State University Indiana University University of Illinois © 1997 Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, PO. Box 899, Grand Rapids, Ml 49512 http// University of Oregon Michigan State University Central Michigan University University of Central Florida University of Oklahoma University of Missouri - Columbia Western Illinois University

D IBM Interactive Media rum Corps International wishes to thank Bruce Culbert, Bill Duquette all of the individuals and corporate contributors, volunteers and especially Corps Housing Chairman all of our fans for making the 1997 DCI Vic Kulinski SUMMER MUSIC GAMES - The Road to Walt Magic of Orlando Drum and Bugle Corps Disney World possible. TM Broadcasting WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort DCI Productions Walt Disney Travel Company Championship Television Broadcast Announcers Disney Magic Music Days Miachael Cesario, Dennis Delucia Steve Rondinaro Walt Disney Attractions, Inc. Tim Hill, Charles Thomas, Lori Wainwright, Drum Corps Sights & Sounds, Inc. Brad Mueller, Tim Heberling, Allen Cramer, Jeff Collins, Barb Loeffelholz, Steve Powers, Dave Westerskov, John Hart, Jeff Girault, Steve Vickers Jeff Ralls, Thomas Tryon, Tami Drury-Smith, The Orlando Sentinel Carol Liberti, Mike Davis, Marilyn Gray, Brian Collins Ryan Haanstra, Frank Ritti WTIU, Bloomington, IN City of Orlando Keith Klein Mayor Glenda Hood Jolesch Photography State of Florida Travis Sutton, Cammy Pradovich Governor Lawton Chiles The 1996 DCI Year in Review Orlando Centroplex, Florida Citrus Bowl Sean King, Sid Unser Bill Becker, Robin Hanlen, Greg Thompson, DCI Regional and Sanctioned Show Promoters Craig O'Neil DCI Santctioned Show Contest Coordinators Pearl Corporation DCI Regional and Championship Contest Crew George Barrett and Volunteers Yamaha Corporation Glenda Plummer Drum Corps International acknowledges our Lake County Public Schools gracious hosts throughout Florida for Orange County Parks and Recreation providing housing and rehearsal sites for the Orlando Naval Reserve 1997 DCI World Championships in Central Osceola County Softball Complex Florida. Because of their tremendous support, Osceola County Public Schools over 70 drum and bugle corps have been able Pinellas County Public Schools to travel the road to the Citrus Bowl and Polk County Public Schools experience the hospitality of Florida. San Pedro Center Baseball City Sports Complex/Kansas City Royal Seminole County Public Schools Central Florida Fair, Inc. The Florida National Guard Armories Central Florida YMCA Family Centers University of South Florida City of Orlando Parks and Recreation Deland Parks and Recreation Daytona Municipal Stadium Please note that, due to an early press deadline for this Florida Christian College publication, there will be additional hosts that could not Florida Expo Park be included here. We are grateful for the participation Indiana River County Public Schools and generous support of everyone who assisted with all of Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Fair the DCI events during the 1997 season. The 1997 Drum Corps Advertising Sales International Program Book Jeff Collins for Drum Corps Published by Drum Corps Sights & Sounds, Inc., Madison, WI, Sights & Sounds, Inc., Madison, WI for Drum Corps International, Lombard, IL Scanning, Photo Manipulation and Pre-Press Services Production Coordinator Bill Howard, Imagesetter, Inc., Madison, WI Steve Vickers for Drum Corps Sights & Sounds, Inc., Madison, WI Printing Scott Meyer, Times Printing, Random Lake, WI Graphic Design Laura Johnston Historical Research Peggy Kosin, Barbara Loeffelholz, Steve Powers, Editor Brian Tolzmann andSteve Vickers Thom Eaton Historical Photographs Writers Drum Corps World, Madison, WI Dan Acheson, Michael Boo, Thom Eaton and Steve Powers Photographers Anthony Aranda, Roland Dore, Roger Ellis, Harry Heidelmark, Christopher Lewis, Rocky Lewis, David Rice, Dan Scafidi, Sid Unser, Ron Walloch, Alan Winslow and Jolesch Photography

orthwestof ontmeet

I t's become a standard explanation by Championship television personality M1 Cesario, \"They're not 'boo· ' 're 'blueing.\"' Otherwise, of the DCI broadcast might not that greets l t

ve one of the most . . .

P.O. Box 506, Bergenfield, NJ 07621 Phone 201-384-8822, ext. 11 George Hopkins Drum Majors: Kyle Robbins and Bradley Green 1997 Repertoire: Celebration by Phillip Sparke Year of the Dragon by Phillip Sparke Program George Hopkins, Marc Sylvester, Jay Bocook, Coordinators: Tom Aungst, Jeff Sacktig Brass: Jay Bocook, Larry Markiewicz, Dave Eck, Ed Gobbet, Dwayne Hollenbach, Bill Kellerman, Ray Linkous, Donnie Van Doren, Marc Whitlock Tom Aungst, Willy Higgins, Neil Larrivee, Jamie Eckert, Jon Burbank, Steve Kieffer, Tom Rarick April Gilligan, Christine Higgins, Greg Lagola, Johnny Amos, Jonathon Scwartz, Denise Bonfiglio, Amber Saghy Jeff Sacktig, Leon May, Roger Floreska, Darryl Pemberton, Durand Thomas, Brad Barnes, Mark Silvernail Administration: Brian Walsh, Christine Higgins, Jill Waddington, Moe Latour, Antares Russell, Paul Robertson

he Holy Name Cadets were founded in 1934 and won their first national championship in 1940. Between then and 1965 they won ' ten more veterans organizations' national titles. In 1957 the corps became known as the Garfield Cadets and in 1988 changed their name to the Cadets of Bergen County. Today the corps has the distinction of being the oldest continuously-operating, nationally-ranked drum and bugle corps in the world. Cadets struggled to place in DCI World Championship Finals through the 1970s, often not making the cut. Prior to the 1980 season, Director Dr. Richard Santo put together a plan that he felt would move the corps up the competitive ladder toward international prominence. The plan encouraged the corps to start thinking about themselves as champions, allowing them to change perceptions of their potential. The corps advanced from fifteenth place in 1980 to seventh in 1981 and third in 1982. Then, in 1983, Cadets won the first of their six DCI titles, with other OCI titles following in 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990 and 1993. The corps has brought us some of the most intricate and sophisticated music ever presented on the field and introduced the concept of \"flex drill,\" featuring kaleidoscopic, fast-evolving, abstract formations. In recent years, Cadets have introduced drum corps to many new audiences by performing at the Statue of Liberty Centennial Rededication Ceremony, the Opening Ceremonies of the World Cup Soccer Tournament and the Closing Ceremonies of the Atlanta Centennial Olympics.

mpson reographer and capt, ah Ratliff on Coleman, Stev Ian Smith, Darre

I he Colts are an overnight success story several years in the making. Founded in 1963 as the Junior Dukes, the co s ha been declared \"Iowa's Ambassadors 1 Music\" by the Governor of the state many times. Most of their current staff has been together longer than some can remember. For years the corps toiled in the trenches, but never made it into DO World Championship Semi-finals. Then, in 1993, the corps blew right through semi-finals to place in finals and they've stayed put ever since. Part of the success of the past few years is attributed to the home-grown staff and the home-grown kids. In recent seasons, more than a third of the corps' ranks were trained in their feeder program, the Colt Cadets, and the vast majority of their members live in Iowa. While some corps on the verge of making finals would have sacrifi aw-thing to get in a few extra hours of rehearw, Colts chose to follow the course they had set for themselves years earlier. In 1993, within striking distance of being one of the top twelve corps in semi-finals the next day, the corps put away their instruments and went out to see a movie, a tradition they weren't about to forsake for a few extra tenths. It is said that act helped them bond together as a unit prior to semi-finals and it must have worked, as of all the seventeen corps in the show, Colts are the only one whose score went up from quarter-finals. With a belief that some things are more important than the final score, the Colts have proven that drum and bugle corps can have their cake and eat it too.

here are many examples in drum corps history of mergers that didn't work. Crossmen are a rare example of one In 1974, Harold \"Rob · \"Robinson w to bring tog~er the members, staffs and mana ements of two corps · of slip · into o · · the 50 Keys · as no ,__,,.._, o co s. bined 100 0 gmll'd •h,,.,.,..., quic old riv . Wh ed bleak n ulle d k~t eve ne-wh left busy later there signs left of the d corps an hlllllllanger single entity ros ade DCI World · · ·mes.

lassmen began rder to stretch their creative legs, provin emselves adaptable to a wide variety of usical styles. fter a short detour up ompetitive ranks in 19 to start a new string of f ces, looking torward one day shattering what the business world has been named \"the ceiling.\"

he Kiwani Anniversa open class

dinator: Joel Arpin : Gilbert Lamothe (brass), Joe e, Michel Gregoire (percussio urcotte (visual), Michael Watier asse, Jean Francois Valeo r, Louis Rene Rheaul oel Arpin, Michel Pilon, Daniel Gingras ·ne Belleville, Carmen Morin k Kosma, Anne Hamel, Chantal Ga cis Cloutier, Steve Collins

Obrion (The Star of ds of fans hey existed. With d bombast, they d then moved into in front of sever · shed in fifte r a corps t g-from-s cused o ven to f

Armistoso rt from \"The Ghost 1i · Whitacre de Station otive Revoluti

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