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Published by Gracielyn Mendoza, 2020-11-27 11:10:40

Description: The Maayap School Paper


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SANTOS IN THE HOUSE. Dr. Mary Jane Pascual-Santos (center) walks on the red carpet as Maylinians welcome her on June 18 together with the Head Teachers, Mrs. Eloisa A. Pascua (left) and Mrs. Jenifer DC. Nagańo (right). WELCOME! SMILE OF SUCCESS. Ms. Joli- Maylinians embrace Dr. Santos na Rose E. Saragpon (left), Mr. Mark Anthony M. Salva (second By: Kryztelle Ashley R. Herrera from the left), and Mrs. Gracie- lyn S. Mendoza (second from the Every ending has its own begin- school principal on June 18, 2019 at songs and dance numbers. “Starting right) receive their certificates ning MNHS covered court. Each depart- today, as your new principal, Mara- from Mr. Allan David P. Valdez ment prepared performances as sign mi ang magbabago. Change is com- (right) on September 10 during Mayapyap National High School of their acceptance of the new prin- ing,” Dr. Santos said. She encouraged 2019 Division Training-Work- (MNHS), together with the faculty cipal. Students also gave their wish- Maylinians to cooperate with her shop for School Paper Advisers and staff welcomed Dr. Mary Jane es and messages through dedicating plans for the school. and Campus Journalism Coach- Pascual-Santos, newly-positioned es in Individual Writing Catego- ries. Mendoza, Salva stand out gSaPrAnesrtuawdeanrtdss in Journalism Training ‘19 By: Jaime Nicole R. Santos Mrs. Gracielyn S. Mendoza, vision Training-Workshop for School School Paper Adviser and Mr. Mark Anthony M. Salva, Editorial Car- Paper Advisers and Campus Journal- tooning Coach wrote the first best outputs in the recently held 2019 Di- ism Coaches in Individual Writing Categories last August 8-10 in Imelda Integrated School. -pg.4 Special Program in the Arts By: Yvan Q. Gabriel national Peace Poster Contest and ACT OF GRATI- (SPA) students from Grade 7 and will be trained again by Mr. Alberto TUDE. Wealand Grade 8 were awarded in the recent- (Grade 7) was awarded 1st place, Ge- Caraig Jr., SPA Teacher. Ferrer (right) PBB ly held International Peace Poster renlyn R. Gelacio (Grade 7) for 2nd Otso housemate, Competition (Club Level) this Sep- place and Jaxyn S. Lucas (Grade 8) These awards show that SPA stu- offers roses to the tember 30 in College of Research garnered special prize as Social Me- dents are continuously developing Mayapyap Nation- and Technology (CRT). dia Choice Award. their skills in their young age. al High School (MNHS) teachers Maria Leonora D. Pangilinan As winners of the top 2 spots, during Teachers’ Pangilinan and Gelacio will compete Day celebration this in the District Level of this Inter- October 4, 2019. Wealand Ferrer returns By: Ardee Roa M. Pulido SPREADING PEACE. Special Program in the Arts (SPA) students Jaxyn S. Lucas (3rd from the left), Maria Leonora D. Pangilinan (center) Wealand Ferrer, one of Pinoy Big knowledge they shared and for all the and Gerenlyn R. Gelacio (4th from the right) receive their certificates on September 30 in College of Research and Technology (CRT) for the Brother (PBB) Otso’s housemates efforts they had exerted to him and to Club Level of International Peace Poster Contest. joined Maylinians in their Teachers’ all the students. Day celebration this October 4, 2019. Ferrer is an alumnus in Mayapyap He offered roses to each teacher National High School (MNHS) who while the MNHS Band is serenad- graduated in 2014. ing them and also acted as one of the judges in the Copycat 2019 Compe- When he got on stage, he shared tition. all his experiences during his high school days in MNHS. Before he leave the school, he had a picture taking with the teachers and He thanked all the teachers espe- students. cially his former teachers for all the History Month marks History Students’ Night MNHS ver 3.0 SPORTS Green Fair see on see on see on see on see on page 4 page 5 page 6 page 12 page 10

2 THE MAAYAP EDITORIAL S.Y. 2019-2020 Too Lazy to be Homework: A Beneficial Tool for Learning Successful By: Maricris C. Galvez You will not waste time trying not to waste time. Homework has been a matter of public and scientific concern throughout. Although the concept of We students, complain even on small things but homework has been present for a long time, the role it plays in enhancing a learner’s achievement is not have too much time checking our social media accounts clearly understood. and mobile games, because honestly speaking, most stu- dents want to be successful but do not do anything to Does homework help or hinder learning? Government authorities have been struggling for long with achieve success. this question as they are trying to implement policies that will support and enhance learning. Parents are “It’s too hard!” They are too busy complaining just usually seen worrying about too less or too much homework and teachers are criticized for both. like this, although they are not even starting to do anything. Then, here comes the hater kind of students saying, During the past decade, leading educationists have been saying that homework is essential to enhance “I don’t like my teacher” without even realizing that these learners’ educational standards. Meanwhile, others claim that homework helps learners develop skills and teachers are doing their best to help them learn something responsibility and the ability to manage tasks. that they can use in the near future. “I’m bored.” This is also a student complaint, just Homework is beneficial as long as it is used as a tool for learning, motivation and as an opportunity because he does not want to do any school work. to cope with academic benefits. It may benefit learners under certain conditions. Older learners are seen “I’m too tired in the morning!” How are you going to have to have more benefit than younger learners. Doing homework can be a valuable learning experience for six to eight hours of sleep if you are staying up all night to some. It also has non-academic benefits like helping learners to build routines, develop skills and take talk to your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or your crush who responsibility. does not even care about you. Why don’t we prioritize our school works and do it Beyond academic achievement, homework may have other benefits too. It hones the learner’s ability with passion? Do you know that each work we make is a to be creative, responsible and well-disciplined. It also develops good study habits and attitude towards step closer to our success? So, think about it and try not to work and submission deadlines. It helps learners understand that studying should occur at home as well. waste time in complaining but in achieving success. Assignments can inculcate traits of independent learning and responsibility. Also, they give parents an opportunity to see the activities going on in school. The Fallouts of Parental Pressure Somehow, the way technology has made things easier for the 21st century learners makes it difficult By: Crisanto V. Razon to understand why and how they could afford to complain about homework. During those days of classi- cal education, there were no mobile phones or computers, so that the learners could only rely on books, Parental pressure on stu- their children the valuable physical research and libraries. Unfortunately, the “copy-paste” system nowadays is being enjoyed by dents to attain high grades qualities in relationships: some students. has already been proved thoughtfulness, effort and by different studies. Its ef- patience. They should show “No Homework Policy” aims to give the 21st century learners more time for themselves, and what fects are found even at the concern for the needs or might they do? Even when they are with their families, they are just playing mobile games, watching early stage of the children’s feelings of their children. As videos, chatting with friends or exploring anything in different social media platforms. Homeworks can education. Many parents role models, parents should pry children away from gadgets for a certain period after school hours. remained very much con- make their children believe cerned about their children’s that a serious attempt to do Harris Cooper, a Psychology professor, quoted that a good way to think about homework is the way grades. They pressurize for something is different from you think about medications or food supplements. If you take too little, they will have no effect. If you it as well. Parental pres- being competitive, careless take too much, they can kill you. But if you take the right amount, you will get better. sure can come in different and insensitive. ways: verbally expressing How dedicated are we in achieving extraordinary grades if we complain about our assignments? their desire for good grades, Some parents pressur- When we get up in the morning, let us not look at our mobile phones or computers because those gadgets physical punishment, and ize their children silently in will make us believe that homework is not important in our studies. We have to make right decisions. We silent pressure in the form the form of disappointment. have to stop making excuses. “No Homework Policy” should not be implemented. of disappointment. Some students say that their parents would be more Republic of the Philippines Some parents verbally proud of them for receiving Department of Education express their wish to their high grades on their report children for higher grades. cards than for receiving a Region III According to Confucius, at community service award. Division of City Schools home, a young man should A study from Penn State MAYAPYAP NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL be dutiful towards his par- University showed that out Mayapyap Norte, Cabanatuan City ents. However, he should be of 421 students, 19.4% con- careful in deeds and trust- templated committing sui- The MAAYAP Editorial Board worthy in words. Many of cide due to enormous pres- School Year 2019-2020 the students who experience sure from their parents to parental pressure usually produce exceptional grades. LOREA BELLE P. MANGULABNAN speak with sugar-coated Parents should remain calm Editor-in-Chief words and pretend to be when dealing with the ac- kind all the time. They are ademic problems of their SAMANTHA P. MATEO not aware of their ill-gotten children. They should not Associate Editor recognition because they fo- show disappointment when cus on the approval of their their children exerted efforts ARDEE ROA M. PULIDO GRACHELLE ANNE C. REYES parents. to their studies. KRYZTELLE ASHLEY R. HERRERA CYRUS HERO G. JACINTO Students who are facing Sports Editors Some other types of parental pressure to attain News Editors parents physically punish high grades may experience their children. According different levels of anxiety MARICRIS C. GALVEZ RHEYCEE CYRELL A. AGAPITO to Darling and Steinberg, and stress. Parents should CHRISTINA JULIA GALINDEZ ANGELICA MARIE D. GALLARDO parenting style is a kind of know that setting high basic environment in the goals, being a perfectionist Feature Editors Photojournalists family which includes a set and self-degradation may of attitude and values. Par- all cause stress and result in ENJELAINE E. SORIANO DAVEFFREY ADRIELLE O. FUENTES ents should not punish their depression. SAM OLSEN R. PADILLA ALEXIS JOSH A. ALVARAN children. They should teach KELVIN S. DIZON SONNY S. ANTONIO Layout Artists Editorial Cartoonists GRACIELYN S. MENDOZA SYDNEY RENZ R. GELACIO JAIME NICOLE R. SANTOS School Paper Adviser ARMIE LEIGH ANGELES JONALYN M. GAMUGDA Circulation Managers JAZZMIN GRACE DC. NAGAŃO Romniel Carlo Hora JANELLA MARIE A. BAUTISTA NOEL DG. SANTOS Co-adviser CHRISTINE DC. LADO STEPH DE GUZMAN JULIE ANN S. TANGHAL ERICA MAE B. RUFINO Pauline Joy R. Gelacio SHAIRENE M. SANTOS GERENLYN R. GELACIO English Critic RENIEL V. ESCUADRO GIO MIGUELLE E. DE GUZMAN YVAN Q. GABRIEL Writers Mary Joy V. Matamis ARABELLA GRACE C. DAGUNDON Filipino Critic GEORGE RUSSEL G. CASTILLO Researchers Crisanto V. Razon Jolina Rose E. Saragpon Mark Anthony M. Salva Carolyn DC. Lado Zamuel F. Manglicmot COACHES Mary Jane Pascual-Santos Consultant MNHS issues school paper at Computer Laboratory I

S.Y. 2019-2020 OPINION THE MAAYAP 3 AWARE Is Anti-bullying Measures Enough? By: Julie Ann Tanghal In today’s fast-moving world, and even in the social media. tects students from bullying and turn it into a whisper. We must we have encountered many injus- But as time goes by, Anti-bully- other form of violence that may spread anti-bullying awareness. tice and inconsistencies of peo- ing Acts arise. But is it enough to be inflicted by adults. Is anti-bul- This simple act can make a big ple. Bullying is one of that. It is lessen the bullying scenarios? lying enough to solve this kind of contribution to avoid these worst very common these days. Mostly, problem in our society? scenarios. students experience these kinds Do words cause damage? Be- of harmful doings. They are mis- ing bullied is the worst. It can These Anti-bullying measures Goal: Invest our strength to treated by others, they are being bring anxiety in every people. implemented are not enough to STOP BULLYING. Their voices judged because of their physical It can even cause depression or stop bullying. We need to be unit- need to be heard, not their muf- appearance, their race, gender trauma. So, we must act before ed in order to help the bullied fled screams, not their flowing it’s too late. Anti- bullying pro- people. We have a voice, don’t tears nor their shattered dreams. TRUTH A murderer’s act By: Maricris C. Galvez Fraternity provides a bond ly, it has been a common practice up as a form of punishment by Dormitorio is an example of that. across different schools. his fellow PMA upperclassmen Hazing is an extreme version away from problems at home because of a misplaced pair of Plain and simple, hazing can boots. He died because of the in- of bullying that includes serious and a stress reliever after a hell be dangerous because it kills in- ternal injuries he got from severe physical injuries. Youths are the nocent people. This causes phys- beating. It is clearly an offense stewards in building a better fu- week at school. However, this ical, mental, and emotional harm against the Republic Act (RA) ture for our world. But how will or distress. 11053, or Anti-Hazing Law Act they achieve a better future if this companionship involves hazing, of 2018. kind of injustice is just roaming Recently, the death of Philip- around? Hazing must be pre- a preliminary activity for every pine Military Academy (PMA) Authority should not be giv- vented and eliminated. Let us Cdt. 4th Class Darwin Dormito- en to upperclassmen over lower help hand in hand to protect our aspiring member. rio brought the hazing to popu- ones. This will only lead to abuse youth. larity again. According to the au- of power. As what happened to Hazing is an initiation process thorities, Dormitorio was beaten involving harassment. This ac- tion could, or may, in- tentionally or unintentionally endanger a student’s admission to an organization. Unfortunate- OPEN-MINDED Has Facebook Lost its Edge? By: Erica Mae B. Rufino Facebook is the largest and way to interact and connect to more, we can use Facebook it is continually connecting us most popular networking site the people around the globe. in our studies because 21st to others around the globe. As all over the world and 2.37 bil- century learners’ performance we grow up, we encounter lots lion out of 7 billion people in Dog is out. Facebook is is sometimes based on how of people around the world the world have Facebook ac- now our best buddy because many reactions, comments and and across different genera- count. Most of us have Face- it can tell our sentiments and shares they earned. Of course, tions. We are not sure if Face- book because this is the easiest experiences in just one post. we can use Facebook in com- book will stay forever but we People will see the updates, municating and building set of believe that it will continue to even if it is not that relevant. friends. multiply and influence more Today, we can express our- people. selves using Facebook and we Facebook never lost its can update our friends about edge, instead it is continuous- We should consider what what is going on in our lives. ly multiplying even though we Mr. Ryan M. Hoover said: have lots of social media ac- “Although Facebook may Facebook has a lot of pur- counts like Instagram, Twitter, have lost its edge, it hasn’t pose or usage. We can use it in Pinterest, Tumblr and many lost its value. Every social me- business or marketing by cre- more. Most of these accounts dia site loses active users and ating a page that will promote are connected to Facebook. Facebook is not an exception.” our product or service. We can post all the things that are re- As days go by, we see that lated to our business. Further- Facebook improved a lot and THE VOICE The generation nowadays is very different from the past in many ways, like the trends in clothing or fashion. The fashion or clothing before has a huge difference with the trends these days which are more creative and unique. The same goes with tech- MONSTER nology that affects many people, because before, there were no enough modern technology that could be used in daily living like MIRROR cellphones and the likes. By: Crisanto V. Razon Cellphones are very helpful for it can help in communication, entertainment and self-expression using the camera or captur- ing selfies, but is it only helpful? Or it can also be the reason of harmful effects to a person? There are many youngsters who are abusing the capability of a cellphone or called overusing mostly in selfies, just take pic- ture here, there and everywhere they go and it becomes the reason why they suffered from addiction. However, they do not know that selfie is very detrimental especially to those people who do not know what they are taking or doing and also to those people who just want to post anything they want to flex. According to the research, 93 million self-pictures are taken daily. In fact, there are 10 selfies that are posted to Instagram application in every 10 seconds, so do you think it is not an addiction that can affect you? In addition, selfie addiction can cause suicide just like the story of Danny Bowman who committed suicide after his desperation to take a perfect selfie that lasted in 10 hours. The real problem here is we are just focusing to go with a trend, by means of selfie, we are unintentionally becoming perfec- tionists. Selfie thought us not to be contented in what we did and what we have. It is like a monster mirror, you know why? It is a monster mirror because when you face a mirror, you can see your reflection like a selfie but it can be broken if you overuse it. This can have a harmful effect. Just like drug addiction, it is a monster that will slowly kill and eat you.

4 THE MAAYAP NEWS S.Y. 2019-2020 Mendoza, Salva stand out... Heroes honored on World Maylinians from page 1. Teachers’ Day emerge 2nd in Mrs. Mendoza, Mr. Salva and By: Gracielyn S. Mendoza NDRM ‘19 Ms. Jolina Rose E. Saragpon, News Writing Coach, partici- By: Erica Mae B. Rufino pated in the said training. Mrs. Mendoza awarded first in News Selected Mayapy- Writing- English and fourth in Copyreading and Headline Writ- ap National High School ing-Filipino while Mr. Salva bagged first in Editorial Cartoon- (MNHS) teachers emerged ing in two different outputs. 2nd place in Jingle Making “It’s my first time to join the individual writing training, for I and Singing Contest during attended group categories’ train- ing before and I’m so happy that the month-long celebration I have written two of the best out- puts in the training, this is another of the National Disaster Re- experience to be treasured”, Men- doza said. silience Month (NDRM) of School Paper Advisers and the Cabanatuan City Disas- Campus Journalism Coaches from Elementary and Secondary ter Risk Reduction Manage- schools were the participants in the three-day training, spearhead- ment Council (CDRRMC). ed by Mr. Glenn L. Agustin, Edu- cation Program Supervisor I (EPS TEACHERS’ LIFE. Students perform a role play of the daily life scenarios of teachers showing their sacrifices and hardships Mr. Jayson Villena, Mr. I) English-Secondary and Media. on the school’s Teachers’ Day celebration this October 4. Jayson Ramos, Mr. Avelino History Month To give appreciation to the teachers who play an important role in developing globally marks ‘History’ competent and values-oriented individuals, students paid tribute to their teachers through A. Aquino Jr., Ms. Queenie a program spearheaded by the school principal, Dr. Mary Jane Pascual-Santos and Su- By: Samantha P. Mateo preme Student Government (SSG) Officers together with their adviser, Mrs. Joan H. Fer- Flor T. Aguilar, Mrs. Julie nandez last October 4. SHOWCASING NATIONALITY. Ann S. Eclarinal, Ms. Rom- MNHS Teachers wear their ASEAN The special day of the teachers started with pampering and relaxation through body costumes to showcase different nation- massage, hot oil, haircut, foot spa, nail spa and videoke services sponsored by Mrs. Mari- alyn M. Aguinaldo, Mr. Cri- alities on the celebration of History lou Pascual-Chong. Month 2019 last September 3. santo V. Razon, Ms. Pauline The formal program started with the grand entrance of the teachers by grade level in MNHS’ first ever teach- the red carpet with the welcome salute of the marine students from Midway Maritime Joy P. Gelacio, Ms. Maria er-competition was held last Foundation and assistance of the ushers and usherettes. September 3, 2019 during Diana Florentino, Ms. Ha- the celebration of the His- Andrea Jodi Abesamis, Grade 9 SPA student, impersonated Dr. Santos in her welcome tory month with the theme, remarks. After the remarks, Wealand Ferrer from Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso arrived zel L. Villasan, Mr. Jeffer- “Kasaysayan: Bahagi ng and thanked the teachers, followed by the performance of other SPA students through Nakaraan, Gabay sa Kina- a theatrical presentation that showed the daily scenarios in teachers’ life, sacrifices and son Dela Cruz, Mr. Paolo bukasan” at Mayapyap Na- hardships faced in their work. tional High School. Ray E. Ocampo and Mr. A raffle draw was also conducted by the principal sponsored by Mayor Myca Elizabeth Selected teachers served Vergara and Governor Aurelio Umali. Albert C. Caraig conquered as the ASEAN ambassador or representatives for re- Prior to the program, chosen students represent teachers in the Mr. Copy Cat 2019, NDRM last July 10 at SM spective grade levels. wherein the students imitated their teachers’ action. City Cabanatuan. Ms. Ma. Jonafel E. Mar- Most Loved Teachers and Bet Kong Teacher 2019 were also recognized during the said quez, Grade 9 representa- celebration. The teacher received Certificate of Recognition from the principal. These are “Our victory was unex- tive and Ms. Pauline Joy as follows: Grade 7 Most Loved Teachers are Mrs. Mary Joy V. Matamis and Mr. Jayson R. Gelacio, Grade 12 rep- T. Villena, Grade 8 Mrs. Lenie T. Mateo and Ms. Romalyn M. Aguinaldo, Grade 9 are pected because there were resentative were crowned Mr. Kevin Jayson B. Serafica and Mr. Darwin M. Bondoc and for Grade 10, Mr. Genaro as the ASEAN ambassadors P. Matamis and Mr. Jayson G. Ramos. For Bet Kong Teacher, Grade 7 is Ms. Joy A. Pan- some problems that oc- together with Mrs. Gra- gilinan. Grade 8, Ms. Jolina Rose E. Saragpon, Grade 9 Ms. Maria Jonafel Marquez and cielyn S. Mendoza, Grade Grade 10 Ms. Maria Jesusa M. Sausa. curred during our final prac- 10 representative for 1st runner-up, Mr. Avelino A. At the end of the program, students led the giving of gifts to the teachers and greeted tice,” Aguilar said. Aquino Jr., Grade 8 repre- them a Happy Teachers’ Day. sentative for the 2nd run- The said competition ner-up while Mr. Jayson T. Villena, Grade 7 and Mrs. was conducted to showcase Maricel De Lara, Grade 11 representatives were the 3rd the talents of teachers in runner-ups. singing and dancing while Debate and Lip-synced Battle were also held during promoting disaster pre- the event with the students as the participants. paredness. The said event promot- MNHS teachers per- ed commemoration of the importance of the history to formed “Kaalaman sa Kah- the learner’s tomorrow. andaan” which was written by Ms. Carolyn DC. Lado, SPA Creative Writing Spe- Nutrition Month highlights students from LGBTQ+commu- cialist. Nutri-gay 2019 nity, wherein each section sent one representative who vied for “For me, this competi- By: Rheycee Cyrell A. Agapito the crown of Ms. Nutri-gay 2019 per grade level. tion was about gaining new Each Grade level had their experiences,” Ocampo said. personalized program on their assigned date. Candidates wore Florentino noted that the their best casual dress and gown with the touch of vegetables as- competition was fun, as well signed to them from July 17-21. as being helpful towards Winners were chosen after talent portion and presentation of equipping the students with attire. the knowledge, proper atti- The winners who will repre- sent each Grade level are Arthur tude and skills on what to do Basilan Jr. (Grade 7), Calvin Klein De Leon (Grad 8), Mark in case of an earthquake. Vincent De Guzman (Grade 9), Orlando Villasan Jr. (Grade 10), “I really enjoyed being Angelo Taruc (Grade 11) and Jer- icho B. Marasigan (Grade 12). able to perform and just do Winners of this pageant will what I love,” Razon said. be competing for the crown of Ms. Expressionista 2019 that will Villasan explained that a be held on the students’ night. lot of time and effort went WINNING POSE. Ms. Nutri-gay contestants from Grade 9 pose into getting ready for the as the evaluators judge their slogans, July 19 on the school’s celebra- tion of Nutrition Month. competition. Maylinians — Mayapyap this July 17-21 with the theme of “It was definitely a jour- National High School (MNHS) “Kumain ng wasto at maging ak- celebrated Nutrition Month with tibo… Push natin to!” ney to get this song to a per- its first ever Ms. Nutri-gay 2019, The pageant featured selected formance-ready state,” Vil- lena said.

S.Y. 2019-2020 NEWS THE MAAYAP 5 Ma’am Ipurong bids goodbye By: Samantha P. Mateo FLAWLESS MOVES. Ms. Expressionista contestants move along with the music on their production number on August 9 during Students’ Night ’19. TEARS OF GOODBYE. Dr. Mary Jane V. Ipurong cried as Diana Macapagal Expressionistas set fire the night (right), one of the SSG Officers delivers her message on her farewell ceremony held this June 17, 2019. By: Rheycee Cyrell A. Agapito “You always have a part Students and teachers On August 9, 2019, tion namely: Arthur Basilan ing ceremony of the newly in my heart” Dr. Mary Jane gave their messages for Dr. MNHS allowed students Jr. for Grade 7, Calvin Klein elected officers was held V. Ipurong cried, as she ex- Ipurong who served as the to express who they are as De Leon for Grade 8, Mark such as; PTA, SGC, and pressed her final words as principal of the school for they partied on student’s Vincent De Guzman for Faculty Officers, led by Mr. she parted ways with the six years. night 2019. Grade 9, Orlando Villasan Renato Torres, Brgy. Cap- community of MNHS on Jr. for Grade 10, Angelo Ta- tain and SSG officers, club June 17, 2019. They also prepared sur- The event’s highlight ruc for Grade 11 and Jericho and classroom officers, led prise presentation for the is the support given to Marasigan for Grade 12. by Mr. Ramon De Leon, The farewell ceremony principal before she bids the LGBTQ+ community EPS, Filipino. was spearheaded by the Su- goodbye. wherein they were the con- At the end of the com- preme Student Government. testants of the first ever Ms. petition, Jericho Marasigan Dance contest was in- Expressionista competition. was crowned as Ms. Ex- cluded as part of the pro- Brigada Eskwela pressionista 2019. gram. sustained Winners from the Ms. Nutrition gay were the con- Another highlight of By: Loreabelle Mangulabnan testants of the said competi- the night was the oath tak- Buwan ng Wika goes ultramodern By: Loreabelle Mangulabnan Brigada Eskwela or ny was launched with the BATTLE OF WORDS. Emerson Tomale (left) and Paulo Mendoza (right) deliver their speech during Flip-Top Competition also known as National opening remarks of Mrs. on Buwan ng Wika celebration on August 27. Schools Maintenance Week Jennifer DC. Nagaǹo, Head (NSMW), the yearly school Teacher III, who shared her Not bad for the first time. bo Tungo sa Isang Bansang making, sabayang pagbig- preparation and improve- piece of welcome and ac- MNHS celebrated Bu- Filipino”. kas and interpretative dance ment event of the Depart- knowledgement to the at- wan ng Wika with a bang, competitions were held. ment of Education (DepEd) tendees, followed by 2019 as it pioneered its first ever The said competition was accomplished on May Brigada Eskwela Coordina- Flip-top Competition on was a modern execution of Mrs. Mary Joy Matamis 20-25 in Mayapyap Nation- tor, Mr. Erwin Maique and August 27, 2019 with the Francisco Balagtas’ “balag- and Mr. Avelino Aquino al High School. messages from Dr. Marietta theme of “Wikang Katutu- tasan.” spearheaded the said pro- DC. De Lara, Head Teach- gram. Teachers, students and er III, Hon. Renato Torres, Also, slogan, poster volunteers gathered to pub- Barangay Captain of Maya- lic schools for Brigada Esk- pyap Norte and Mr. Rodolfo wela 2019, with the theme Manubay, the MNHS PTA “Matatag na Bayan para President. sa Maunlad na Paaralan,” It support long lasting stu- “Every year nagbabago dent whose good value and ang theme ng Brigada pero abilities empower them to iisa lang ang objective nito, contribute seriously to na- ang maihanda ang paaralan tion-building. para sa pagbabalik ng mga mag aaral”, highlighted by Mayapyap National High Dr. De lara during her mes- School was overflowed sage. The first day of Briga- with many students, parents da Eskwela 2019 ends with and other local organization concede of new perceptions who actively participated in to what a students’ home the yearly activity. should be. The kick-off ceremo-

6 THE MAAYAP FEATURE S.Y. 2019-2020 MNHS version 3.0 By: Christina Julia Galindez “The only constant in life is change”, this is a fa- mous line quoted by a Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. Everyone and everything can change in just a blink of an eye. As time goes by, nothing stays the way it is be- fore. Things like weather, climate, feelings and even people change. However, not all changes are tragic and heartbreaking. Some are destined to change to be a better and more developed version of itself. In our history, evolution exists; humans from Aus- tralopithecus becomes Homo sapiens. The old and simple living gets easier after transformation of tech- nology, and even the rural back then blooms into an urban after modernization. All of these are fruits of changes with the help of different leaders. After 45 years of being constructed and proclaimed as one of the official secondary schools in Cabanat- uan, Mayapyap National High School glows into a more excellent and more beautiful home of learners. It always has been a shelter of students since 1974 but as time passes with different leadership, different changes happen. Our loving, passionate, and brave leader today is no other than our Principal, Dr. Mary Jane Pascual-San- tos. Her love for the environment never ends. Envi- ronmental programs like Zero Plastic, Power Store and Eco-friendly canteen were conducted with her never ending support. These programs aim to teach students on maintaining cleanliness and respect for their surroundings. Because of this, MNHS becomes eco-friendly. The use of plastic cups were also prohib- ited. Canteen only sells nutritious foods to assure that everyone eat healthy. When it comes to buildings, the previous numbers of establishments back then were doubled. The newly constructed building for regular sections is four-floor high. MNHS also adapted K-12 and accepts incom- ing senior high schools students who desires to take the strands: HUMMS, ABM, TVL, and STEM. They also have their own building located near the covered court. They have their own located rooms which con- tain materials that can be used for elaborate learning. MNHS is currently being renovated. The faculty rooms of teachers are now per grade level. Every teachers has their own table and designated room. Even the small and boring library turned into a color- ful and peaceful haven of readers. More books were added. There are also updated newspapers located there. More transformations are expected. This is just the beginning of new system. Everyone is hoping that the good leadership of our new principal would continue. The change is really on its way and to face it means to welcome another better day.

S.Y. 2019-2020 FEATURE THE MAAYAP 7 Time is Gold By: Christina Julia Galindez Amazon’s Cry to the World In the Philippines, Fili- environment is full of tardy By: Samantha P. Mateo pinos being late is not new. people then he might be tardy Everyone is already used to as well. “Nature hides her secrets wild and endangered spe- Does this social media see Filipinos following the because of her essential cies. help to ease the fire away? Filipino Time. It is more like “Time is gold,” they say, loftiness, but not by means Does this posting can plant a tradition that Filipinos either and it seems to be true. No one of ruse.” Carbon dioxide is the en- trees? No, it doesn’t, so practiced or accepted. can bring back the time that ergy of every living thing, why do some nonsense if had passed. If there were time -Albert Einstein no one can live without this you can help and make a Filipino Time means be- machines that are for sale, A place where millions heavy colorless gas, this col- sense? Think wisely and tell ing late and having their own of wonders existed, variety orless gas that now paints a to your family, friends and clock not aware that the right it’s probably sold out within of lovely plants, amazing strokes of darkness. A med- acquaintances to be unit- time is the World Standard a day. Everyone must grab species of animals and stun- icine that can answer unan- ed in planting trees, saving Time. the opportunities and chanc- ning streams of rivers. A swerable deceases that turns electricity, reduce throwing es they missed back then and phenomenal place to be val- out to be the place needed trashes, recycled things to It somehow speaks about change the mistakes that they ued. It is like a paradise we to be cured. And the most be used and befriend the en- the characters of Filipinos. have done. always dreamed of, where astonishing and secured ter- vironment. The image of tardiness and numerous scenery can be ritory of wild and jaw drop- lack of discipline will be pic- The people of Philippines seen together with those ping animals became a hor- Don’t let the Mother tured out because of this stig- may be more productive if growing green trees, an au- ror and a home where they Earth shows her cruelty ma. It can describe what kind they will just be on time. Their tumn season leaves and a got killed, a security that and chooses to be evil. We of citizens the Filipinos are. It country is more successful calming breeze of air. It’s a now shouts danger. can be something to be the is like a brand that the Philip- now if they just had followed home entitled as the “Lungs way in building up again pines have. the World Standard Time and of the Earth”, where rare Horrifying disbelief this paradise. This night- stopped the tardiness that been creatures lived. drew in many people’s face mare will vanish if we will The first reason why Fili- their long-time sickness. There are lots of hidden after knowing that this rain- be awaked and aware that pinos follow the Filipino Time gems the Earth can offer, forest is surrounded by fire. the Earth is in the verge of is the traffic in their country. If they just give importance much more to discover and Millions of animals died dying. Once in a blue moon, Knowing that the road was on time, respect other people’s tons to learn. Amazon rain- without a fight, thousands our God gifted us this Ama- full of undisciplined drivers, time and become punctual al- forest is the finest asset of of trees passed away. And zon Forest to be the provid- Filipinos probably don’t want ways, then they must be en- our planet that can provide what do people do? They er not the other way around. to be stuck in the traffic and joying every time passing by countless needs for humans. post it in their social ac- Let us now join the team wait for minutes to hours be- without any feeling of pres- Carbon dioxide that we counts to pray for Amazon and be someone that will fore they reach their destina- sure and worries. They might breathe, medicines that can with a move of nothing, reconstruct the broken piece tion. have been welcomed a better heal and habitat that stand sharing post that only eyes of this masterpiece. world if they pursued being an as the home of numerous will benefit and blabbering The second one was the early bird. stuffs concerning Amazon. people they are interacting with. Once that someone be- comes constantly late, they would think that it is not nec- essary to be punctual because the people they are meeting is always late also. The third one is the type of environment they are living. If everyone around a Filipino is accurate or on time, he might do the same thing. But if his Why do we ask why? By: Christina Julia Galindez Each of us has something that puzzles our mind. As an aftereffect, we dig for answers that would grant peacefulness to our soul. Unfortunately, there are instances that answers are not to be revealed but to be found. The easiest way we think is to ask. Aside from “what”, “who”, “when”, “where”, and “how”, one of the hardest questions is “why”. It has been the most followed up ques- tion every time someone is being ask by ‘yes or no’. It is usually asked in pageants, interviews and interrogations. A very well explanation will surely make you win and bring home the bacon. Because of confusion, I asked myself, “Why do we ask why?” Being a kid possessing deep curiosity on surroundings, I tried to search for the keys that would end the mystery that keeps hunting my mind. At first, it was really unsatisfying not to know the path through dis- covery until I was lost in a paradise of answers. First, I learned that knowledge is the favorite weapon of everyone. Most of us believe that to ask is to learn. The main reason of asking “why” is our hungry minds wanting to know more about a certain thing or issue that may be unfamiliar to us. It is the shortest road we think just to earn an answer. Learning has always been the best trophy we’ve ever had. Second, we are always seeking for reasons; reasons why something happened or would happen. Through that, we can think of pos- sibilities why a situation occurs. Third, we always find purpose for everything. Not all things matter so a lot of people weighs the importance of something by asking why should it be like this/that or why should it befall in the first place. Fourth, we want to understand how an event begun in order for us to do something about it. The time we knew the answers, it be- comes easier for us to give a solution on any problems. Fifth, it has been the way of knowing someone’s background and views in life. The more they answer that, the more we consider their points and opinions. The more we ask, the more we learn. It is the gate, welcoming us to the world of great discovery. Our brain never stops functioning and even in our dreams, asking why exists.

8 THE MAAYAP LITERARY S.Y. 2019-2020 Complicated love A LETTER FOR ROMEO by: Gracielyn S. Mendoza (From the book Romeo and Juliet) CHRISTINA JULIA GALINDEZ Sometimes it feels like a fire in the prettiest attire, Cannot be expressed by simple words of desire; It took a lot of days for me to find you Exclaimed! Don’t dare to define or explain; But all you gotta do is find a ‘new’ Love is sometimes complicated and not too plain, Did you still remember the word ‘loyalty’? It is to be shown and not to be left behind, I thought you are already the man of my dreams living in It is like a treasure, sometimes it’s hard to find. reality Love is a gamble; it’s a cruel game to play, We’re both warriors, ready to battle There’s no hint or clue if you’ll win or lose today; For this love I thought would go well Am I the only one who’s still fighting? It is a glory from above! It is called love, But in the end, I know I’ll be losing You’ll like the feeling of love, like a flying dove; It’s the safeness you have when you’re feeling scared, What’s with Juliet that make you fall in love with her? When your mind stop but your heart aims to dare. Is that enough to leave and hurt me harder? Broken heart, miserable mind Love can conquer all when you feel you want to fall, Broken feelings, miserable life For the tears and smile, love is the greatest of all; Love is like a morning breeze a heavenly bliss, Every tear falling from my eyes Makes the pain severe twice The feeling is great each moment you want to freeze; I was born for no dramas Don’t complain about the world, just feel the sweetest kiss, But my love life makes it contrast There’s no feeling of emptiness; I promised. In this novel I thought I will become your one and only leading lady But no, I am not. Juliet flips the script and the story. Lucid Dreams HE (Reverse poetry) By: Alisa A. Macapagal By: Samantha P. Mateo In my dreams, He is just a pure stupidity Where you and I exist; I am wrong to say that I found it was a geez, But ended up a kiss. He will save me from my painful journey From the very beginning, He already abandoned me In my dreams, Where you learn to love me back; And its non-sense that Where you think I am the one, Love is always beside me You want to cherish all your life. Cause it is the only truth I’m nothing but a failure In my dreams, I am fool to believe that Where you are able to kiss my forehead; He cares for me, that he loves me Lay me on a bed, So I cage myself that And be with me ‘til the end. I don’t need their acceptance, His acceptance In my dreams, I was wrong to paint in my mind that That I badly want to happen; In every wish I hope But then, it was just a dream, That is meant to be forgotten. He lends his ears to me I understand now completely My hopes will stay as wish I’m fool to believe that I can count on him Because There’s no one I can cry on It is pure imagination, that He is there to be my armor Now I know who will save me My hope, my escape to this cruelty Is To believe means to be deceived I stopped to think that There’s a He

S.Y. 2019-2020 ENTERTAINMENT THE MAAYAP 9 10 THINGS STUDENTS WANT THEIR TEACHERs TO KNOW By: Pauline Joy R. Gelacio 1. Students want to spend the time to get to know them. They want to be understood. 2. Students want to learn the way they want. Also they want to have a voice in the learning process and want to share their way of doing things. 3. Students want to be respected and be loved too. 4. Students want to be “applicably” challenged with meaningful and appropriate learning experiences. 5. Students want teachers to know that they too have bad and off days. 6. Students want to be recognized especially when they did something they don’t usually do. 7. Students want to be partners with you when it comes to the learning process. 8. Students want teachers to be trustworthy because there are things that they cannot tell anyone. 9. Students want their interests and passions to be infused in the learning that occurs in the learning. 10. All students want to know that their existence matters and that they are important. They are more significant than anything. only MAYLINIANS will know! By: Enjelaine E. Soriano 1. Power Store 6. CCTV 2. Maylinians 7. ClayGo 3. Stub 8. Cleanliness 4. Eco-friendly 9. Beautification 5. Disciplined 10. Paging System

10 T H E M A AYA P SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY S.Y. 2019-2020 Say ‘NO’ to plastic By: Mark Anthony M. Salva As I walk through the aisle of every pathway, I am seeing them. They are crumpled and put into the edges of the walls. Sticky floors because of spilled beverages and unpleasant smell of flavored sauces were scattered. It was the dark days of our second home, Mayapyap National High School. Everything has changed. The old days were gone, change has come. Everything that has men- tioned was few of those phrases that we can incorporate with the new administration led by Ma’am Mary Jane P. Santos, our new principal. She has the wit as you listen to her lips whispering good deeds with a flavor of jokes that makes every Maylinian put into laughter. She has the feet of a true hardworking leader that will walk on the stony surface of the school grounds just to make sure it was clean and well maintained. She was like a mother to her children promoting cleanliness and discipline to her home as she believed that it is the start of gaining knowledge that they can use as they go outside the school premises. She started three environmental programs that surely keep the school an environment-friendly community. Plastic waste is one of many types of wastes that takes too long to decompose. Normally, plas- tic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. Why would we use plastic bags, cups and plastic bottles for it will live longer than human beings can do? Maylinians abolished using any type of plastic wares in their programs called Zero Plastic and Eco-friendly canteen. These programs ban the usage of any plastic material inside the school, especially those that are used in eating inside the canteen. As a substitute to these, students used food paper bags, paper cups and plates that are segregated after being used. Students also learn ‘CLAYGO” or Clean As You GO, where they clean the place they occupied in the canteen before leaving it. In addition, bottled wa- ter that were sold inside the canteen was collected. Colored papers and white papers were properly segregated in each classroom for it will be sold in the Power Store in exchanged with cleaning ma- terials that may be used in every classroom. Power store is a program that encourages students to collect recyclable materials in exchange to a cleaning material for each piece that each classroom can use in the entire school year. These are some of the projects initiated by our principal which make Mayapyap National High School more conducive to learning. Now as I walk through the aisle of every pathway, I don’t see them. Edges of the walls were clean. Floors are now a bit spilled of the dust not of those sticky beverages. I can now smell the breeze of the fresh air not of those stinky flavored sauces. Change has come. Maylinians are now living greener and cleaner. MNHS: Disaster ready! schools to implement DRRM, which could enhance existing By: Ardee Roa M. Pulido practices or require new ones. This project also shows activities According to Republic Act treatment to prepare students for and measures taken in advance to E-Warrior saves Earth 10121 (or the Philippine Disas- the drill. ensure effective response to the By: Grachelle Anne C. Reyes ter Risk Reduction and Manage- impact of hazards, including the ment Act of 2010), the Depart- Meanwhile, classroom advis- issuance of timely and effective Mayapyap National High and Poster making Contest, ment of Education (DepEd) has ers orient their advisory classes early warnings and the temporary an important role to play in the on the school evacuation plan evacuation of people and proper- School administrated Green Quiz Bee and Infomercial. country’s approach to Disaster and the school’s safe and danger ty from threatened locations. Risk Reduction and Management zones. (DRRM). DRRM lessons in K-12 cur- Since many risks associat- riculum are “contextualized” In line with the campaign of ed with hazards can be avoided according to local situations. In DepEd in equipping the students by the actions we take, School MNHS, students are taught how with the knowledge, proper atti- DRRMC Info Board Project to respond to frequent typhoons. tude and skills on what to do in is designed in MNHS to guide They are also taught how to re- case of an earthquake, Mayapyap school heads and administrators spond to earthquakes, the impor- National High School (MNHS) in facilitating the protection of tance of taking care of the envi- participates in the implementa- children, education personnel and ronment, and what to do during tion of National Simultaneous education itself. flash floods. Earthquake Drill (NSED) every quarter. Science and MAPEH In addition, this info board In terms of preparation, there teachers do class demonstrations project guides the development or is a need to collaborate with lo- of repairing the earthquake sur- improvement of existing DRRM cal partners and parents to ensure vival kit and applying first aid policies, practices, protocols and that DRRM teaching goes be- plans. The list of activities will yond the classroom and is applied serve as minimum guidance for in the community. Fair 2019 with a search for MNHS is now zero plastic Mr. and Ms. Earth Warrior at and they are recycling mate- MNHS covered court on Au- rials and building a nursery gust 23. made of recycled plastic bot- Mr. and Ms. E-warrior used tles. the recycled materials that can The winners of E-warrior be found in the school as mate- were Larenbelle Reyes and rials for their costumes. Jherron Jed Jasmin in Grade The conduct of Mr. and 7 while Ashley Osuna and Al- Ms. E-warrior contest was to henzo Josh Lamug for Grade spread awareness in cleaning 8, Alfred Gabriel and Rose and saving our environment Ann Peralta for Grade 9 and by reducing the use of plastic, Chrizelle Juat and Marion reusing and recycling them. Apan for Grade 10. MIGHTY WARRIORS. Grade 7 E-warrior candidates strike a pose as they presented their costumes made from recyclable Other contests included on materials during the Green Fair 2019 this August 23. Green Fair 2019 was Slogan

S.Y. 2019-2020 HEALTH THE MAAYAP 11 Pinoys should focus AFRICAN SWINE FEVER on prevention over curing diseases: EPIDEMIC expert ABS-CBN News By: Jonalyn M. Gamug MANILA - An infection their capabilities in dealing We are now living in the 21st tion of the contaminated meat. al, policing illegal imports from specialist on Sunday said Fil- with infectious diseases. century wherein we would en- Even though it would not affect pork products, giving sanitary ipinos should focus more on counter humps and challenges measures, having a healthy green prevention rather than curing “I think the infrastructure in in life. For instance, the African the human health, It will some- environment, etc. Since it may diseases as the country grap- the health care delivery may swine fever is now taking not how affect the people’s lives and be transmitted by the interaction ples with several outbreaks. not be adequate at this point. only our country Philippines, but also their economy. Some people of the affected to the unaffected We need to reinforce health also the whole world. depend their everyday lives by ones, those are least things we This after the Philippines centers, increase their capabil- selling pigs or pork to the markets can try to avoid and to stop the announced the resurgence of ity,” he said. As we all know, African swine so if their pigs contain the spread- African swine fever virus. polio in the country after near- fever virus is a highly contagious ing virus, then it is not allowed to ly 2 decades. The government “They are far-flung from the hemorrhagic disease affecting be sold. Thus, affected pigs must “Minds are the real estate of the earlier also declared a national city... and they lack the man- wild and domestic pigs. Based on be buried under the ground for 21st century,” So, we could use dengue epidemic and a mea- power to deliver what is really the research, ASF was discovered everyone’s safety. our thinking for the betterment of sles outbreak. important in terms of vacci- in Montgomery, Kenya 1921, the world. Improve ourselves to nation, preventive measures. went through Portugal in 1957, Prevention of the virus might improve the community. Disci- Dr. Rontgene Solante of the We lack diagnostics, that’s one spreads in European and Amer- get difficult to start with but if pline and action are all we need to San Lazaro Hospital said Fil- thing, the ability to diagnose a ican countries and now in some we would pursue our aim for our reach the ideal world that we’ve ipinos tend to act only when particular infection.” countries in Asia. Moreover, it country to be clean and peaceful, been dying to get. they’ve experienced symp- also said that the disease started then perhaps we would be able toms. Meanwhile, the current vac- in the East Africa by the introduc- to achieve it. We must ensure cine coverage in the country the proper waste food dispos- “We don’t prioritize preven- is only as high as 50 percent, tion as just that. We only pri- way below the 95-percent re- oritize when we have an infec- quirement. tion,” he told ANC’s Dateline Philippines. Solante warned more vac- cine-preventable diseases He added that health centers, could emerge once again. especially in provinces, should be improved to strengthen POLIO is back! By: Lorea Belle P. Mangulabnan MNHS conducts Pre-Physical Fitness 2019 By: Christina Julia Galindez Mayapyap National High measurement, Body Mass On September 19, 2019, an outbreak of Polio was again declared in the Philippines. Children are at risk School runs Pre-Physical Fit- Index, Zipper test, Sit and of lifelong paralysis because of this. ness 2019 from July 27-28 at Reach, 3-minute Step Test, the MNHS gymnasium with Push-Up, Basic Plank, 40-Me- Year 1894, the first region documented Polio outbreak occurs in Vermont, United States; 18 deaths and the governance of MAPEH ter Sprint, Standing Long 132 cases of permanent paralysis are reported. teachers and all the MNHS Jump, Hexagon Agility Test, faculty members. Juggling, Stick Drop Test, and Department of Health (DOH) confirms that Polio is reemerging in the Philippines, 19 years after the Stork Balance. country was declared polio-free by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2000. Grades 7, 9, and 11 students were handled for the first day The two-day activity aims Polio is an infectious disease which spreads rapidly. It can cause paralysis and can be fatal. There is no while grades 8, 10 and 12 stu- to test the abilities of the stu- cure for Polio. It can only be prevented with multiple doses of Polio vaccines that have been proven safe dents joins the activity on the dents when it comes to phys- and effective. second day to consider the ical health and activities by number of pupils gathering at introducing them the value of DOH strongly urge parents, health workers and local governments to fully participate in the Polio vacci- the program. fitness. nations. Polio vaccination is the only way to stop the outbreak and to protect children against this paralyzing disease. The program starts with a warm up exercise followed by But aside from immunization, everyone should practice good personal hygiene, wash hands, use toilets the activities and ended with a properly, drink safe water and cook food thoroughly. cool down. After the Dengue virus spread in the Philippines, we are now facing Polio. It is the time for us to be more Activities on the said event aware about today’s happenings and protect our health against these diseases. includes: Height and Weight

12 T H E M A AYA P SPORTS S.Y. 2019-2020 WINNING THROUGH BEAUTY AND WIT Dragons riors and serve by John Wayne bag Salva (Warriors) and attacked the By: Rheycee Cyrell A. Agapito ball with his powerful spike and Championship a block 23-18 but Dragons fought BEAUTY AND BRAINS. G. and Bb. Palaro candidates smile as they receive their awards during intramurals on July 30. back when Jm Patoc (Dragons) By: Grachelle Anne C. Reyes delivered his 2 aces that led his Maylinians — Mayapyap Na- was oozed with beauty and trimmed down to five girls and team won the first set, 25-18. tional High School held its annual charms, donning their creative three boys to participate in a Grade 12 Dragons seized the Ginoo at Binibining Palaro 2019, short attire. The competition was question and answer portion of throne of the championship in In- Warriors dominated the second July 30 at MNHS Gymnasium. tough among the lovely ladies the pageant. Questions are about tramurals 2019 Men’s Volleyball set with their good defense and The pageant featured 12 girls and and men for the awarding of the sports and how it can be connect- Finals of their best-of-five, 3-2 team work, ending the set, 16-25. six boys vying to win the crown special awards, Mr. and Ms. NEI- ed it to real life situations and after having a tight match with for this year. FL 2019 won by Leandro Andrew candidates gave heartfelt answer Grade 8 Warriors at Mayapyap Dragons collected their 8 Duenas of Grade 12 and Lovely for their specific question. National High School Gymnasi- straight points but Warriors The Masters of Ceremony are Mag-ampo of Grade 11, Mr. and um on August 1, 2019. fought back, the team lead with Maria Jonafel S. Marquez, Sci- Ms. John Francis De Guzman Ap- Finally it was the candidates’ 10-8 and Cruz deliver his re- ence Teacher and Avelino Aquino parel 2019 was awarded to Louis turn. The emcee announced the In a thrilling showdown against markable 2 spike and 4 blocks Jr., Filipino Teacher, respectively, Marion B. Apan of Grade 10 and winners for this year. The 4th their opponent, the Dragons and with the help of Bryan Patoc made the morning a pleasure for Janna Alexies C. Calanday of Runner-up was bagged by Cath- showed their championship poise with 3 aces and 2 dig that clearly everyone in attendance through Grade 8 and Mr. and Ms. Rising rina Hillary P. Quintana of Grade in hacking out a 25-18, 16-25, 25- led the top and finish the third set their humor, good nature and off- Era Dynasty 2019 won by Allen 9. 3rd runner-up was won by Ms. 20, 21-25, 18-16 victory over the with 25-20. the-cuff remarks. Domingo of Grade 8 and Elaiza Jamie Nicole R. Santos, while Warriors. Gem Nuevo, Grade 12. Mr. and those who were chosen as the Exchange of points were seen The judges for the pageant in- Ms. Multimedia Award were 2nd runner-ups were Ms. Lovey The Dragons were comfortably at the fourth set where both teams cluded Mrs. Maria Catherine L. Mark Xyffer De Guzman and Mag-ampo and Mr. Louis Mari- ahead, 7-3 in the opening set but gave their effort and improve their Valle, Ms. Aira Jane Pineda, Mr. Jamie Nicole R. Santos who are on B. Apan. Ms. Janna Alexis C. the Warriors fought back to tie the offensive attacks while Kennedy Matthew Mateo and the Chair- both from Grade 9 and Mr. and Calanday and Mr. Allen Domin- offensive attacks, 7-7. Mendoza (Warriors) commend man of the Board, Mr. John Fran- Ms. Photogenic grabbed by Allen go got the 1st runner-up title who his 4 aces in 21-25 that finished cis De Guzman. Domingo and Janna Alexies C. are both from the Grade 8. 10th The Dragons continue the the fourth set. Calanday of Grade 8. grader Mariella I. Sardillo and 9th game and it was see-saw when All the members of the compet- grader Mark Xyffer A. De Guz- the teams give their interchange- The Warriors are leading in the ing teams were present-shouting After careful selection of the man hailed as this year’s Ginoo at ably offensive attacks, 17-16. middle of the last set 12-11, but and cheering for their respective judges based on beauty and Binibining Palaro. the Dragons still tried to get clos- representatives. The candidates physique, the contestants were But when Ruel Cruz deliver his er and pulled away their back-to- walked across the stage in their 6 consecutive aces, 23-16 and on back points given by Ceejay To- production number. All of them his 7th serve it was unsuccessful lentino in 18-16 that led his team that commend the ball to the War- to clinch the championship. Titans pulverize Knights By: Cyrus Hero G. Jacinto Grade 9 Titans clinched the close the set, 25-9. championship after winning In the 3rd set, Knights and Ti- against Grade 7 Knights, 25-15, 25-9, 25-16 to sweep the school tans has their seesaw situational intramurals 2019 Women’s Vol- scores until Ladylyn Luna stop leyball finals at Mayapyap Na- that situation to step up the grade tional High School Gymnasium 9 by her drop balls and off speeds on August 1, 2019. and take their lead, 15-7, but the Knights still fought and try During the first set Titans came to tie the match but the grade 9 out with sharp serve by Crisa- find their momentum and seal the lyn Valerio to start the game by match, 25-16. 1-0, but the Knights gave them a tight match by the power spikes Crisalyn Valerio led the Titans of Rhian Guingon 13-13, but the handling 18 points, 12 attacks, 4 Titans came back using their digs, aces, and 2 blocks, followed by aces, and spikes resulting to close Diana Eugenio with 15, Luna the set 25-15. with 11, while Princess Diane Balazo and Trisha Dela Cruz con- Meanwhile, in the 2nd set the tributed combined 23 digs and strength of Titans prevail in the perfect receives to make their match when Diana Eugenio and perfect teamwork and seized the Valerio showed their power tips championship. and sharp spikes to totally en- Traditional and Recreational Filipino Games Team A blows-off Team B, nails first revived Teachers’ Volleyball Tournament By: Rheycee Cyrell A. Agapito By: Grachelle Anne C. Reyes Nowadays, youth are captivated with different foreign-influenced games and with the advent of Mayapyap National High tive points while Team B dom- technology, they drawn to the virtual space, apparently forgetting to play some “physical” outdoor School teachers of grade 7, 8 and inated their defense but Team A games. 9 teachers (Team A) trounced brought back to the top and made grade 10, 11, and 12 teachers an elusive run to snatch the first Mayapyap National High School (MNHS) celebrates their annual intramurals, where there are (Team B) on a Teachers’ Vol- set, 25-17. various events that can be attended and one of these is “LARO NG LAHI” (Indigenous Filipino leyball Tournament 2019, 3-1 at Games). This fortified the integration of culture in the physical education to develop students’ epis- school’s gymnasium. The second set started with temic beliefs and the notion of conceptual understanding through traditional games. The school, Team A as the leading but Team wants to bring back the old way of human learning and interaction with the nature by conducting MNHS Teachers conduct- B delivered their powerful attack this activity for the said event. ed a volleyball tournament for that end the second set. a friendly competition and also The said activity showcased and revived various Filipino traditional games such as hula hoop re- for them to be physically fit and On the third set, Team A gained lay, and Obstacle Relay, which were simultaneously participated in by the JHS and SHS Students. healthy. their consecutive 8 points and pulverized Team B with their “Millenials are now aware that old games played before by their folks are more entertaining and Angelito Soriano, TLE (Vi- great attacks with 25-12. physically challenging not like the online games which are easy to manipulate and can be cheated sual Arts Teacher), led his team sometimes,” expressed Mrs. Cynthia Valencia, faculty member of SHS Department. with 16 attacks and 4 aces (Most Team B came as close as one Valuable Player) while Lenie C. point 24-23, but Team A released Indeed, it was a successful event and students are looking forward to witness and experience Mateo, Science Teacher, added 6 their force with four unanswered next year’s Laro ng Lahi. kills and 4 blocks. points by Romalyn Aguinaldo, MAPEH Teacher, ending the Team A blew away a strong and frame. powerful start in their consecu-

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