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Published by priscie_peach, 2021-04-30 09:12:11

Description: 20140821151025albi_tross_and_the_pilot_level_4_book1_20_05_2014_op_mc_sm


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and the PILOT This is a story of waves and a very large bird that sings the Mikado and songs about waves. The albitross are very large birds that spend most of there time at sea, Albi Tross is one of those birds Gilbert and Sullivan wrote comic operas between 1871 and 1896, they are popular because they have bouncy songs, the Makado is one of them. Tony on the Moon’s Children’s Picture Books

Tony on the Moon’s Children’s Picture Books Level 4 Book 1 Illustrated Story Books for Children All these books are royalty free and can be copied used printed and distributed, scrawled on walls, acted out in plays and told (very slowly) to your pet dog, if you don’t have a dog a cat will do, but hamsters do not listen as they only speak Spanish. They are designed to be easily read on a computer and can be printed on standard A4 size paper. The Books This is part of a series of small books is arranged in groups of difficulty ranging from 1 to 5. The easiest is group 1, the hardest group 5. It is not just that group 1's are shorter, they are the easiest to read or be spoken. They gradually rise to group 5 which have lots more text and much more complex concepts. There is no bad language or offensive words anywhere in these books. 1 - short simple big pictures 2 - longer stories with more text 3 - slightly higher level than 2 4 - more stories with pictures a lot more text 5 - short stories for teenage to adults mostly text Dodgy Publications

Albi Tross lives in a very wavy place, it is called the Pacific Ocean. It was a very big place and full of waves. Albi knows all about waves, far more than any one else he knew. This was not very difficult as he did not know many people. The Pacific ocean is such a big place the chance of meeting another Albatross were pretty small. Even when two albatross do meet the last thing they want to talk about is waves. Well, it was Wednesday morning. It could have been Thursday morning, Albi was not quite sure which, Wednesday and Thursday look very much the same in the Pacific Ocean. Well, it was one morning anyway and Albi was bobbing along on some very nice waves when a small rubber dingy came into view. Albi knew it was a rubber dingy because he had sat on one some time ago just off the Galapagos Islands. That rubber dingy one was bright yellow, this one was a dirty brown. After a few more bobs up and down on the waves the dingy was coming closer so Albi decided fly over and investigate. With a few flaps of his long wings Albi was sitting on the edge of the dingy. He sat looking at the dingy for a while, it was not very big, it was bobbing up and down on the waves and felt very nice and bouncy. Albi was quite enjoying himself bobbing up and down in the morning sun. He had just started to hum a tune from the ballad of the Ancient Mariner, when he noticed there was something in the dingy. The object had a brown leathery shiny head, two very big round staring eyes, a white floppy thing round its face and neck, a shiny leathery body and big hands with only two fingers. Page 1

\" An Albatross.\" said the object in a muffled voice although it did not move or seem to have a mouth. \" Did you say something.\" said Albi. \" And it's talking'\" said the object. The leathery creature reached across and put its two fingered hands together, it then pulled off one of its two fingered hands, inside the two fingered had was a pink hand with five fingers. This is a very strange creature thought Albi. The creature the pulled off the other two fingered hand and again underneath was another pink five fingered hand. What will it do next thought Albi. The creature then reached up and pulled off its two big round staring eyes. \" I'm off.\" said Albi when this happened. He started to stretch out his big wings. \" This is too scary for me.\" \" Wait can't we talk.\" said the creature. \" I'm not talking to any one who can pull his hands off and his eyes out.\" said Albi. \" They are only mittens and goggles.\" said the creature. \" I've got a hat as well. \" said the creature pulling the top of his shinny head off. A mop of reddish heir flopped out. \" Hay you're a sailor.\" said Albi \" I'm not a sailor said the man looking at the Albatross. \" I'm a pilot.\" \" You can't fool me.\" said Albi. \" You are in a boat bobbing up and down on the sea, so you are a sailor. Pilots fly aeroplanes up in the sky.\" \" Not if the wings fall off they don't.\" said the pilot. \"When that happens aeroplanes tend to want to try and be submarines.\" Page 2

\" Is that what happened to your aeroplane?\" said Albi. \" Did it fall out the sky?\" Albi tried to point at the sky with his wing but as he could only point sideways the gesture was rather lost. \" Sort of.\" said the Pilot. \" Anyway what I wanted to talk about was are we anywhere near land.\" \" How should I know.\" said Albi. \" I'm an Albatross.\" \" Well it says in my “Pilots crashing into the sea emergency hand book of survival.” the pilot rummaged about in the bottom of the dingy amongst all kinds of rubbish and pulled out a book. Pilot thumbed through a few pages then stopped at a passage and put his finger on some lines of text to read out aloud. \" Here we are.\" He said. \" You will be able to tell when you getting near land because you will come across seabirds.\" The pilot looked at Albi. \" You are a seabird aren't you.\" \" Well I am a bird.\" said Albi puffing out his feathers. \" And don't tell everybody but this stuff all around us is the sea. So I guess I must be a seabird.\" \" In that case, where is the land?\" asked the pilot. Pilot turned the book round to show Albi the page where it clearly said seabirds indicate the presence of land as seabirds always know where the land is. Albi looked at the page, it was full of words but there was also a pretty picture of a seabird. It seemed to be a picture Frank Murtle a rather grumpy Herring Gull he had once met in the North Atlantic. \"That's Frank\" said Albi. \"Frank.\" said the Pilot. \" What's Frank?\". \"That picture in the book, it's Frank.\" said Albi. \" I met him in the North Atlantic.\". \" I'm not interested in Frank.\" said Pilot. \" I want to know where the land is. The book says you know about things like that.\". Page 3

\" Well I don't.\" said Albi rather shirtily \" I could tell you about waves, although I don't like to show off, I know more than most people know about waves.\" \"Don't mention waves to me.\" said Pilot. \" I've seen more waves in the past few days than I want to see for the rest of my life.\". \" I know a song about waves.\" said Albi.. \" Is it a good song?\" asked Pilot.. \" I think it is. \" said Albi.. Pilot rummaged about for a while in the bottom of the rubber dingy until he found the emergency piano. As it was rather an old rubber dingy it was a rather old piano, the sort with brass candle holders screwed to the front. As the day wore on and the evening fell and the sun began to set. Pilot played the piano and Albi, sitting on top of the Piano, sang songs about waves. It began to get quite dark so Pilot lit two candles and put them in the candle holders on the front of the piano. Albi then sang the ballad of the Ancient Albatross. A song handed down through many generations of his family, it was about an ancient Albatross called Jason, who was condemned to wander the six seas until he found the golden feather. Page 4

In the morning Albi and the Pilot were lucky enough to come across a breakfast bloom. A strange phenomenon that happens when the first few rays of the morning sun hit patches of flowering Breakfast Seaweed. This only happens when there is an 'R' in the month. The seaweed will suddenly burst forth with ample helpings of bacon, eggs and marmalade toast. After breakfast Pilot returned to the problem of finding land. \"You are quite obsessed with this land thing.\" said Albi. \" Look.\" said Pilot lifting his foot in the air. \"Flat feet not made for swimming, feet like these are meant to be on dry land.\" \"Look\" said Albi holding his foot in the air. \" Webbed feet, these are made for bobbing up and down on waves.\" \" If you don't know where the land is then perhaps you could find someone who does.\" \" I know.\" said the Penguin. \" Where did you come from.\" ask Pilot of the penguin \"There is always a penguin.\" said Albi. \"You never see them but turn round suddenly and there will be the penguin.” The one trouble with penguins is that once they have made their presence known they never stop talking. Something perhaps to do with living in a very remote place. Penguin had already started talking. He talked about all the beaches he had been to around the world, he talked about icebergs and catching Krill. He also talked about pop music in the seventies, which for a penguin, he knew quite a lot about. Luckily Albi, who by this time had fallen into the bottom of the rubber dingy, had found the emergency dressing up box. Page 5

Albi wanted to try on some of the costumes. The box was full of colourful coats and hats. Also inside the box the was a large book of songs by Gilbert and Sullivan. “Parhaps we could sing a few songs from this.” said the Pilot flipping through the pages. Penguin found a small harmonica , which it seemed he could play quite well. Apparently all Penguins can play the harmonica. It's somthing to do with icebergs but nobody knows what. Albi and the Pilot persuaded Penguin to join them singing a collection of songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan songbook. Pilot looked in the emergency dressing up box for some suitable costumes. Penguin wanted to dress up as a cowboy. They did not hove a cowboy outfit so they all all dressed up as the three little maids form the Mikado. They then sang the Policeman's song three times. Page 6

\"Well now.\" said Albi. \"We have had the story, we've sung the song, now for the Nutmeg Shandy.\" \"We don't have any Nutmeg Shandy\" said Pilot. \" No Nutmeg Shandy, that's terrible.\" said Penguin but said it very quietly as he really did not like Nutmeg Shandy. \" You are both stalling.\" said Pilot looking very crossly at Albi and the Penguin.\" Now, where is the nearest land?\" Penguin asked if he could keep the hat from the dressing up box. \" The land.\" demanded Pilot. \"The nearest.\" ask Penguin. Pilots nose was almost touching Penguins beak as his looked hard into Penguins eyes. \"It's not always easy to judge the distance accurately.\" said Penguin. \"You don't have to be accurate to the nearest fish tail.\" said Pilot. \"Well in that case.\" said Penguin. \" I would say the nearest land is about two miles in that direction.\" Penguin pointed with a wing in a direction just over the port bow of the dingy. \"Two miles off in .....\" Pilot turned round and looked. Much to his amazement there was a small island just off the port bow. \" We're saved.\" said Pilot. Pilot took out a pair of small oars and started rowing as fast as he could towards the small island. The Rowing was made more difficult by the fact he was still dressed as Eckey Ling Ching from the Mikado. Even so the land got closer and closer. Page 7

Albi stood on the front of the dingy looking ahead to where Pilot was rowing. \" I wouldn't go there.\" said Albi. Pilot stopped rowing and looked round. \" Why not.\" said Pilot. \"Is it full of fierce cannibals, crocodiles or worse?\" \" If I was you.\" said Albi turning round to face Pilot.\" I would turn round and paddle in the other direction as fast as I could.\" \" What is wrong with that island.\" ask Pilot seriously. \" It's a lovely island.\" said Penguin. \" I've been there many times.\" \" I agree.\" said Albi. \" As far as islands go it is a very good island, sandy beaches, coconut palms, good fishing.\" \" But.\" said Pilot. \" But.\" said Albi. \" I would have thought you would be a lot happier paddling your little dingy to the town on the main land just behind us.\" Pilot looked around again, there not far away, rising out of the morning sea mist was a little fishing village sitting in a small rocky cove. Page 8

\" Why didn't you mention that.\" Pilot ask Penguin. \" You ask for the nearest land.\" said Penguin \" That's the trouble with Penguins.\" said Albi. \"They always take things too literally.\" The dingy had drifted toward the shore during the night while they were singing the Mikado. The singing had attracted the attention of a friendly fishing boat that was now heading towards them. \"I'd better go.\" said Penguin. \" Before anyone else sees me.\" The last Albi and the Pilot saw of Penguin was his Mikado hat floating across the water. \" Just before you're rescued.\" said Albi. \" I don't suppose there is time for just one more song.\" \" I have a little list from the Mikado.\" said Pilot, sitting down at the emergency piano. \" What could be better.\" said Albi. Page 9

The sound of the piano bounced around between the waves long after the Pilot had been rescued and the rubber dingy sunk beneath the waves into the deep. Albi, far out at sea again, kept hearing the odd bar of music bouncing around the waves for much longer than he thought he would have done. Albi gave a smile or would have done but beaks are not very good for smiling. As the music eventually faded away Albi came across a hat with a long pink feather in it. It was one the hats from the emergency dressing up box on the rubber dingy. Albi put it on, he rather liked it. Humming quietly to himself the accountants song from the Mikado, Albi in this feathered hat, bobbed up and down on the waves. Slowly the sun went down and the stars came out shining brightly. Just like in the Mikado, thought Albi. END

About these books This series of books was designed with two functions in mind :- Firstly as a reading resource for primary education at schools and for private tuition. They are graded from simple picture books to full text short stories. The layout is simple and designed to be fun and downloaded so they may be used without being connected to the internet. The layout and text is designed for easy reading on computer screens. Instructors and parents can be assured there is nothing in these books that not suitable for young children. Secondly or possibly primarily, somewhere for my contact - little cartoon characters to live. I have been a draftsman for many years and during idle moments and in meetings, especially in meetings, little characters get doodled. These characters seem to take on a little life of their own and hang around in the mind until they eventually find a home in a story. They then seem to go away until the next one comes along. These books and the original web site is somewhere to share these little cartoon characters with. If they give anybody a little enjoyment then I am well pleased. These original picture books are free to download, keep, copy, print and use quite freely without any restriction. Tony J Moon Tonys Fun Poetry There is also a series of illustrated poetry for children with levels from simple to complex which you may find interesting. Dodgy Publications from the moon revision 20-05-2014

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