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Clay Co. Preparation Checklist

Published by delores.milligan, 2017-07-19 11:39:50

Description: Clay Co. Preparation Checklist


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Customer Clay Co. Agent HVAC SolutionsThank you for purchasing a Nortec Humidification System. We are a proud leader in the design and engineering ofhumidification technology and are pleased to welcome you as a customer.In order to ensure a efficient installation of your Nortec Humidification System, please complete the following checklist andreturn to our office. Installation will not be scheduled until the completed checklist is returned. Pumpstation 208 VAC 3-phase will require a neutral (5 wires /3 legs, neutral, and ground) 120-volt wiring for (2) Princess units (1 amp each) utilizing 10 amp. twistlock plugs and receptacles – supplied by customer (Customer performs wiring and connecting to units) 120-volt wiring to transformer and 24-volt wiring (16-2) from transformer to (2) Solo2 Units (Customer performs wiring and connection to units) (2) 4” square junction box 6’ A.F.F. with conduit stub to ceiling (for sensor) 2” drain prepared at pumpstation no higher than 6” above finished floor with 4” open cup on top - within 10’ of the RO equipment Fully charge scissor lift available for Nortec technician RO System Full port ball valve with female threads to handle 5 gallons per minute at 50 psi - not to exceed 100 psi, use backflow preventor (if required) Obtain salt for softener – Minimum of 200 lbs of solar salt (not rock salt) Special Instructions/Hours of Operation/Safety Requirements Hours of Operation Safety Requirements Special RequirementsPlease advise Nortec of any security clearance documents or procedures that must be met.When all items are complete and ready for installation, please sign below and email to: [email protected] to complete the above tasks prior to our arrival could result in additional charges.Signed Printed DateOur project manager will contact you shortly to schedule your installation. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 262-884-4669.Thank you again for your business. We are proud to welcome satisfied customers and look forward to many years of workingtogether.Nortec Humidity Inc. 2700 90th Street, Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177 Tel 262.884.4669 Email [email protected] Member of the Condair Group

Sturtevant, WI Contact ListTechnical Support, Warranty, Sales Management Spare Parts Riley Weidner Chris Moore Account Manager 262-504-2610 Manager Tech Support/Safety/Quality [email protected] 262-504-5755 David Hanson Inside [email protected] 262-884-4669 [email protected] Technical Support, Nortec Humidity Business Support Scheduling, Spare Parts 2700 90th Street Delores Milligan Sturtevant, WI 53177 Office Manager Ryan Greene 262-884-4669Manager Project Services 262-504-2280 262-504-2611 [email protected] [email protected] Technical Support Andy Christensen Technical Service Manager 262-504-5757 [email protected] 2

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