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9. Turbocharged_Sep'21_Magazine

Published by Hemchandra Suyal, 2021-12-03 13:47:11

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ABOVE: The footpegs can be adjusted for reach. in the wet and are spot on when it comes to the BELOW: The ` 9,999 Essential kit adds a backrest performance. The most impressive part of the 502C’s and plastic protectors, all across underpinnings has to be the braking setup though. Despite having a smaller 280mm disc (Leoncino 500 gets a 320mm rotor), the front brakes offer good bite and help shed speeds quickly. At ` 4.98 lakh ex-showroom, the Benelli 502C is the most affordable middleweight cruiser in India. The only other cruiser with forward-set pegs and a canted-over riding position in this segment is the Kawasaki Vulcan S that costs a whopping two lakh rupees more. The typical Indian customer’s primary requirements for opting for a cruiser are looks, road presence and comfort. The Benelli 502C checks two of the three boxes. It’s got the (inspired?) looks, is packed with adequate features and the newbie- friendly motor is powerful enough to cruise at triple-digit speeds. However, the patchy ride and the uncomfortable seat means you’ll be able to enjoy it best on short city roundabouts at max. Want to take it continent-hopping? Probably get a larger and a more comfortable seat to start with. ITS TWIN-BARREL EXHAUSTS DELIVER A DELICIOUSLY RASPY SOUNDTRACK September 2021 101

[ REVIEW ] WORDS ABHISHEK WAIRAGADE PHOTOGRAPHY GAURAV CHANDRASHEKAR TVS APACHE RR 310 BTO The RR 310 is the first motorcycle to feature TVS’ Built To Order custom kits that lend it a fully adjustable suspension, race-spec ‘bars and much more TVS APACHE RR 310 BUILT TO ORDER Engine: 312.2cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled Power: 34PS @ 9,700rpm Torque: 25.8Nm @ 7,600rpm Gearbox: six-speed Weight: 174kg Price: ` 2.6 lakh ex-showroom 102 September 2021

VS Motor’s flagship has been constantly used to adjust the damping settings of the forks. under its R&D scanner with a slew of The 312cc, single-cylinder DOHC motor continues updates being introduced at least once every year. Last we rode the RR 310 back to power the RR310 and outputs haven’t changed at in February 2020 with riding modes, a TFT all. The delivery feels a lot smoother and the low/mid- display and a lot of under-the-skin updates range is great as ever with less vibes even towards the limiter. What hasn’t changed either is the tractability T that made for a really potent machine. of the motor. Even if you’re in a higher gear or two, However, trust TVS to better their best! the RR manages to lug through it all. The exhaust This time round, they’ve lent it the Built To pretty much sounds the same even in higher revs Order (BTO) treatment that brings with it a couple of which is quite disappointing. kits inclusive of several ‘hardcore’ updates! The RR 310 was already good around corners, The BTO platform is India’s first factory and thankfully TVS has retained the Michelin Road5 customisation programme that lends the bike fully- setup. During the previous ride, most of the journos adjustable suspension, footpegs, handlebars, race ended up scraping the footpegs through corners decals and a race number too. There are two kits on and yet it felt that the tyres could endure more. offer — Dynamic and Race. The Dynamic kit features Thankfully, TVS has taken the feedback to heart and fully adjustable Kayaba forks, a fully-adjustable lent it revised pegs and exhaust which gives it extra monoshock and brass-coated chain. The Race kit cornering clearance. The lean angle has gone up by a comes with aggressive ‘bars and knurled footpegs massive 4.5 degrees and I’m not surprised. Never did that have been raised by 30mm. There are additional the pegs scrape, not even once! upgrades including red-coloured alloys and a special Race Replica colour scheme too. The BS6 RR 310 had The smart folks at TVS sent us out on the first two a corner-clearance problem so TVS has also altered laps with the suspension in stock mode. The RR is the mounting of the exhaust for remedy. They’ve already a potent corner carver and the feelsome front- even lent it a racier soundtrack but more on that end is a chatterbox. After the first stint, I tried out the later. There’s also a machined key that can also be suspension in the firmest setting to understand how it fares on the racetrack. The damping has 20 clicks of September 2021 103

ABOVE: The suspension can be adjusted using adjustment and there are 15 clicks for preload for both the all-new machined key as well! BELOW: Notice the forks as well as the monoshock. The firmest setup the base white paint? It looks delicious in the made it slightly difficult to tip the RR into corners but flesh especially in the Race Replica scheme that’s the beauty of the package. You can alter settings on the go easily and depending on your ride environment — 104 September 2021 be it the racetrack or Ladakh even — you can always be in maximum control. The handlebar has been lowered and also been canted towards the rider. This makes for a committed riding position and if you’re a fan of the Daytonas and the RC 390s, you’ll love it. Never has any Indian manufacturer gone to such extents to deliver a product that is worthy of being called as the best entry-level race machine in the country. TVS Racing’s pedigree of over 39 years shows in the treatment of its flagship. The RR 310 is a brilliant package that has also seen a price correction in the latest guise. The base machine starts at ` 2.6 lakh and the Dynamic kit costs an additional 12,000 rupees while the Race kit costs ` 5,000, making it affordable for all. The best part is, everything can be retrofitted on any RR 310 that has been in the market for the last four years. TVS will be limiting the production to just 100 units a month starting with 150 units for only the first two months. The whole build will take anywhere from 30 to 60 days. However, for a sum of approximately 3 lakh rupees, you’ll be getting features that are mostly seen in superbikes that cost upwards of ` 10 lakh. I’m super excited to see what the BTO platform brings to the RTR and the NTorq. Bring it on!

[ FEATURE ] WORDS BENJAMIN GRACIAS PHOTOGRAPHY ROSHNI MANGHANI THE QUICKEST INDIAN? The TVS NTorq 125 Race XP is India’s only 125cc scooter with more than 10PS power and riding modes. Is it the best performance-oriented scooter in the country then? TVS NTORQ 125 RACE XP Engine: 124.8cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled Power: 10.2PS @ 7,000rpm Torque: 10.8Nm @ 5,500rpm Gearbox: Automatic Weight: 116kg Price: ` 84,025 ex-showroom 106 September 2021

T he TVS NTorq 125 has been the favourite it comes to features, the NTorq has always been a scooter of the auto journo cohort for its loaded scooter with its digital dash offering data like enthusiastic motor and sporty handling. acceleration and lap times. The NTorq Race XP adds Even the Ed has one in his garage. In more tech to the mix in the way of the Race XP app fact, every time TVS sends the long-term, that offers ride statistics and voice assist features. ranks are pulled to get hold of its keys. Another major update is the inclusion of two ride However, the BS6 update robbed the modes which is a feature never seen before on scooter of its performance causing a hue scooters. Christened Race and Street, they alter the and cry among enthusiasts. Thankfully, power delivery. The Street mode offers a milder state TVS has taken the feedback to heart and launched of tune with reduced power in the interest of fuel the unhinged variant of the NTorq aptly named Race efficiency while the Race mode offers full power. XP. Besides racy looks and comprehensive feature updates, it now gets a more powerful motor too. In However, the most important change is to fact, it is the only 125cc scooter on sale that offers the powertrain. TVS has fettled with the 124.8cc more than 10PS along with functional riding modes. fuel-injected motor and the Race XP now delivers Has TVS done enough to satiate the enthusiast’s 10.2PS and 10.8Nm, 0.8PS and 0.3Nm more than needs like the BS4 NTorq did? the standard NTorq 125. Not just that, TVS has even managed to shed two kilos off the Race XP’s weight. Now, to make it look ‘racy’ as the name suggests, TVS has given it a few cosmetic updates. It gets a dual- Does that make for a quicker scooter then? During tone red and grey paint job and ‘Race’ emblazoned the VBox tests, the Race XP reached 60kmph from across the side. It also gets sporty red alloys! When standstill in 7.79 seconds and 80kmph in 15.09 seconds. That makes it 0.37 seconds quicker to September 2021 107

[ FEATURE ] THE PERFORMANCE IS SO GOOD THAT THE RACE XP QUESTIONS THE 23,000 RUPEES PREMIUM THAT THE APRILIA SR 160 ASKS, OVER THE TVS 60kmph and 0.14 seconds quicker to 80kmph than the BS4 NTorq 125, which was the performance benchmark back then. Similar to the standard BS6 NTorq 125, the Race XP’s performance feels concentrated in the mid although it feels a lot stronger. The grunt seems to be delivered better at both ends as well. Performance seems to taper off post 80kmph although the Race XP also has a higher top speed. TVS claims 98kmph and the speedo goes way beyond 106kmph, when given the space. When ridden back-to-back with the BS4 Ntorq, the power delivery doesn’t feel as linear though. However, blame the regulations for it and not TVS we’d say. 108 September 2021

The additional horses also make the Race XP a hoot to ride in the city. Throttle response is sharp while acceleration is zestful making overtakes surprisingly easy. In the city, you are never lacking for power and the enthusiastic motor eggs you to wring the throttle every time you see an open stretch. The underpinnings are carried over and you still get that firm and sporty suspension setup. Coupled with the wider tyres, the Race XP is an eager handler with quick steering which makes it fun to ride in corners. It is quite stable too, both in corners and at highway speeds as well. The suspension has a firm edge owing to its sporty intentions although it crashes when the scooter runs over speed bumps. Another highlight is the strong braking package which adds to the scooter’s race cred. Priced at ` 84,025 ex-showroom, the NTorq 125 Race XP costs ` 12,000 more than the standard BS6 NTorq 125. The extra money gets you more performance, features and a better ride experience than its BS4 predecessor. In fact, the performance is so good that the Race XP questions the ` 23,000 premium that the Aprilia SR 160 asks over the TVS. The Race XP is now the performance benchmark. Pair that with the practical nature and you have one of the best scooter packages in the country! CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: LED lights offer good illumination and spread. New features include a Race XP app and two ride modes. The Race XP looks the part thanks to a dual-tone paintjob and red wheels! FAR LEFT: Brakes offer strong bite September 2021 109

[ FEATURE ] PHOTOGRAPHY GAURAV CHANDRASHEKAR, DSG WORDS YVONNE JACOB DREAMS TO REALITY Meeting Harjeet Singh Makkar, who helped make the Suzuki Hayabusa a cult motorcycle in India and also introducing thousands to motorcycle riding gear 110 September 2021

ack in 1999 when Suzuki launched the ABOVE: Harjeet Singh Makkar is the man behind Dream GSX 1300R Hayabusa globally, its focus Bikes and Dream Suzuki. BELOW: The original ‘Dhoom’ was clear – to build the world’s fastest bike from the movie parked alongside the new, third- production motorcycle that would unseat generation Suzuki Hayabusa at Dream Suzuki in Pune the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. In case you didn’t know, Hayabusa in B Japanese refers to the peregrine falcon, a bird that hunts and eats blackbirds and can attain speeds of around 300kmph in a vertical dive! Clearly, Suzuki didn’t want to mince words about its new superbike’s performance or its intent! The Hayabusa gained popularity in India as the ‘Dhoom’ bike though. The Bollywood flick Dhoom really did introduce Indian audiences to big bikes and more importantly to the Suzuki Hayabusa. We recently caught up with the man behind ‘casting’ the Hayabusa in Dhoom, Harjeet Singh Makkar. In fact Harjeet, the man behind Dream Bikes and Dream Suzuki in Pune also acted as a catalyst to a change that was much-needed for enthusiasts in India, that of motorcycle safety gear. “Sanjay Gadhvi (director, Dhoom) wanted me to help procure the bikes and guide them how to shoot the movie and we brainstormed over which bikes to use. There was nothing better than the Hayabusa, the most powerful bike at the time, which we decided to use, besides the Suzuki Bandit 1200 S and GSX-R 600. The main challenge was to get the bikes to India. I knew the laws and ways of importing a superbike and September 2021 111

[ FEATURE ] “OUR RIDING GEAR GOT BURNT, HELMETS WERE CHARRED AND WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” imported the bikes including the Hayabusa, which was one of the first Hayabusas to come to India.” Harjeet also tells us how an accident while shooting damaged all the bikes and the riding gear used by the lead actors including John Abraham. “We had two days to repair the bikes to continue shooting. Our riding gear got burnt, helmets were charred and we didn’t know what to do. I flew to Singapore overnight and got new riding gear, so we could continue shooting.” According to Harjeet, this was where he realised the lack of riding gear in our country. In 2005, Harjeet approached Alpinestars and became its India distributor. However not everyone could afford Alpinestars which is a premium brand and DSG (Dream Sporting Gear) turned out to be the solution, his own riding gear brand, which is one of the oldest and biggest homegrown brands today. He was also involved in procuring motorcycles 112 September 2021

for Dhoom 2 and in a way, also had a hand in getting the laws changed to allow importing superbikes into India. Harjeet explains, “When we finished Dhoom 2 we realised we had to fight to get superbikes in. Suresh Babu and I started Dreambikes together. We worked with the Government and got the law changed in 2008, which is when manufacturers started launching ‘big bikes’ in India”. For Harjeet, it was never about the credit but the fact that he wanted to make sure people ride safely. It was about making the riding community grow and to aid this, he worked and reworked to perfect DSG’s products. “It was a learning curve. We learnt a lot from Alpinestars and took hints from them and understood their techniques and bettered our products. In 2017, I had the good fortune of Amol Talpade joining our company. With him, we redesigned the company and launched our wholly Indian collection. Now all DSG products will be made in India and at very affordable prices, while also using the most premium materials that Alpinestars uses too.” Today DSG has a huge product portfolio and Harjeet also takes pride in the quality of the riding gear they make, which is comparable to international brands. We asked Harjeet about what it feels like to play such a big role in the betterment of the riding community, to which he simply smiled and replied, “This is what I am ya. This is what I love. I made my passion my business. What else can a person want?” September 2021 113

[ FEATURE ] WORDS GLEN FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHY MOMENTUM MEDIA & TVS RACING FIRST BLOOD A rookie’s account of missing the podium in his first-ever race! 114 September 2021

Every time I watch a MotoGP race on 110-section rear tyre to our race-spec Apache RTR television, I wonder what goes on in racers’ 200 4Vs for better top speeds, in addition to the bike’s heads as they line up on the starting grid, free-flow exhausts and retuned suspension. So I also waiting for the lights to go green. Whatever had to ‘re-learn’ the bike. Yet again, I was getting off it is, it certainly must not be easy. Last the throttle late or selecting the wrong gear at times month I got the opportunity to put myself which meant I could have clocked quicker lap times, in their shoes. My first ever track outing but didn’t. I headed straight to HK Pradeep from TVS while training for TVS Motor’s Young Racing for advice. He simply shrugged his shoulders Media Racer Program (YMRP) was fun, but my first exclaiming, “If you think you’re doing something race weekend was a very different experience. The wrong, go back to the basics. Trust the motorcycle, MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track) paddock was a get your body position right and keep the throttle beehive of activity this time, as the YMRP is a support wide open!” championship for the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship. I was excited but nervous I heeded his advice, and was a lot quicker and was too – I’ve heard enough and more stories about the also carrying a lot more momentum into corners. ‘dogfights’ in races. Adding to that was the fact that Following the Ed’s advice, I consciously avoided the last time out we only rode on the ‘short loop’ and thinking about my lap times and turns out, I qualified not the full, 3.71km circuit. fourth! Qualifying on the front row would have been nicer but I was glad I was able to shave off as much And that wasn’t good news, since I only had a as four seconds as compared to the practice session! 30-minute practice session to learn the circuit, The next morning I couldn’t wait to line up on the followed by a 15-minute qualifying session before grid but was also feeling nervous, especially about my race! TVS Motor also decided to add a skinnier the race start. That’s when the realisation hit me – I September 2021 115

[ FEATURE ] I RETURNED TO THE PITLANE, JUST HAVING GOT A TASTE OF WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO MISS THE PODIUM BY A WHISKER. ONE MINOR MISTAKE HAD COST ME THE SILVERWARE ABOVE: Look where you want to go they said. Should wasn’t able to practice launches at all! I couldn’t let have taken notes clearly. BELOW: The podium finishers the thought bother me though and headed out to - Soham, Ajinkya and Vishal line-up for the start. Anxious, I mumbled a quick prayer as the 1-minute board was displayed. At five seconds I held revs at 5,000rpm and dumped the clutch as the lights went off. Thankfully, I got it right and was able to pass two riders right at the start! Approaching turn 1, I avoided braking, rolled the throttle off momentarily and pinned it again. I nailed turn 2 as well to hold position, but the race leader seemed a lot quicker and was pulling away. This continued for the next lap and half and I could feel the pressure, as a minor mistake could cost me a position or two, instantly! 116 September 2021

TOP : The RTR 200 4V Race can achieve top I was doing fine, but started feeling fatigued by the speeds in excess of 150kmph! ABOVE: Our third lap. Two riders were quick to catch up as I could eyeballs were glued to the television in the pit hear their exhausts right behind me. I was pushing hard garage when the the pros were racing to hold fort but so were they and I’m sure our dogfight would have been a spectacle! The fifth and final lap saw me lose focus for a fraction of a second and brake early at turn 2. This was all the opportunity they needed and I got passed by both riders! I tried hard to regain at least one position, but before I could realise, I was at the last corner and saw the chequered flag. I returned to the pitlane, just having got a taste of what it feels like to miss the podium by a whisker. One minor mistake had cost me the silverware. The very next instant I was smiling, having just completed my first ever race! The feeling was mutual and most of us were quick to hug each other – suddenly, the results seemed immaterial. We had survived the dogfight and come back unscathed – and quicker! I sure have a better idea of what to do in my next race and hopefully, climb the podium too! September 2021 117

TAIL ENDERS A TALE IN THE END This month, the Ed says goodbye to his favourite two- wheeled long termer — the Hero XPulse 200, while Abhishek welcomes the Royal Enfield Himalayan to the TURBOCHARGED fleet the only way he knows best! September 2021 119

[ GARAGE ] WRAP-UP HERO XTREME 160 R I’ve been having a blast, Time has come for what has been us would practice stunts on our own bikes but unfortunately, it’s time one of my favourite steeds in the back then. The Xtreme 160 R is certainly a to bid farewell TURBOCHARGED garage, to head good motorcycle for someone wanting to back. The past nine months with learn the art of motorcycle stunting! The WORDS the Hero Xtreme 160 R have been bike has also been very impressive to live ABHAY VERMA fun, despite it being the smallest with – it has had no issues, despite clocking capacity motorcycle in office. I close to 5,000km. Two routine services GARAGE UPDATE even plead guilty of pulling wheelies on including oil changes were all that it has Total: 4,877km it at every possible opportunity! With its needed over the tenure, besides which it Previous: 4,024km peppy bottom-end grunt and light weight, has been running flawlessly. This month: 853km this little Hero is always willing to be Fuel: 18.3 litres ridden on one wheel and feels more adept If I were to nitpick, all I can think of is Mileage: 46.7kmpl than any other 160cc machine at the task. that the front brake could do with more Pros: Engine performance, build quality In addition, throttle response is crisp and bite. Besides that, the Xtreme 160 R is a Cons: Front brake needs more bite fueling is precise, allowing for easy throttle brilliant everyday motorcycle, given its modulations. performance, refinement and comfort. Fuel efficiency has been impressive too, despite Pulling wheelies on the Xtreme 160 R all the hard riding (and my wheelies!). I’m also took me down memory lane on many certainly going to miss it and I know most occasions, reminding me of the days when I of the team will too – I know that every time was part of RSA or Rubber Smoking Angels, I was traveling, the Xtreme’s keys would get a Pune-based motorcycle group. Many of whisked from my drawer! 120 September 2021

[ GARAGE ] NEW ARRIVAL ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN There couldn’t be a It’s been five years since the for weekend trails of which there are many better machine for the Himalayan’s debut. A lot has changed around our HQ in Pune. The Tripper has monsoons! for Royal Enfield’s adventure tourer never disappointed me with its navigational since then. Well, it still looks the same skills. The fuel gauge has a mind of its WORDS but RE has quietly slipped in several own though and always tilts towards E ABHISHEK WAIRAGADE updates under it’s skin. In the early even when the tank’s holding five litres of days, it was plagued with several issues fuel. The accelerator cable snapped once GARAGE UPDATE including chassis breakage! However, the although it was immediately replaced Total:1,750km BS4 upgrade made it a lot better and we thanks to the good folk at the Kings Previous: NA could finally recommend it to our friends Autoriders dealership in Pune. On the last This month: 1,012km and family. With the current-generation outing, even the check engine light started Fuel: 31.62 litres example, Royal Enfield seems to have flashing but that was only after having Mileage: 32kmpl ironed most of the major issues without taken the ADV through deep, whitewaters. Pros: A multi-tool! ridding the ADV of its charm. I must’ve Once the water rolled out though, it was all Cons: Quirky fuel gauge tested at least a dozen examples of the fine. Considering the abuse the machine Himalayan till date and the RE continues has to go through, it’s a given. For now, I’m to surprise with each iteration. My long- enjoying the monsoons to the fullest thanks termer is a gem! It looks classy in the silver to the Himalayan taking me to places I’ve shade and I’m also loving the fact that the never been to. Going by the performance, Tripper actually works in the real world. it definitely seems to be an ADV for all The RE has been my constant companion seasons and not just monsoons for sure! 122 September 2021

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[ PRODUCT WATCH ] ARAI RX-7V NICKY HAYDEN RESET ` 79,990* Arai has launched a new Nicky Hayden Reset colourway RX-7V helmet, as a tribute to the late racer, also known as 'Kentucky Kid’, on his 40th birthday. The graphic features a subtle black camouflage, overlaid by his iconic race number – 69. At the top, the lid gets a ‘Reset and Push Harder’ button-like design, while the back gets Hayden’s sword and shield logo. The RX-7V has been Arai’s flagship race-spec model globally and features a PN-SNC outer shell with SNELL certification, a variable axis visor system and an odour resistant liner. To increase its aerodynamic capabilities, Arai has also given the RX-7V a tiny adjustable spoiler to smoothen airflow and reduce drag. Helmets don't get cooler than this! SAMSUNG * Prices excluding duties and taxes GALAXY Z FLIP3 5G ` 84,999 onwards The latest iteration of Samsung's Z Flip has been unveiled. It comes equipped with a foldable 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the foldable phone gets a 1.9-inch screen on the back as well. The processor is a 2.84GHz octa-core unit with two storage configurations - 8GB + 128GB or 8GB + 256GB. In terms of cameras, the Flip3 gets a 12MP ultra wide + 12MP wide camera setup at the back and a 10MP selfie camera. The battery pack is a 3300mAh unit that comes with both, wireless and wired fast charging. 124 September 2021

THOR PRIME HERO RED/WHITE ` 20,344* Thor has been a name that's widely associated with motocross racing and the Prime Hero line of jerseys and pants have been the brand's flagship products since 2014. For 2022, the Prime Hero Jersey gets an all new chassis, polyster/spandex sleeves that come with four-way stretchability and laser perforations for maximum airflow. The pants also get an all new chassis, a rachet closure system at the waist that gives you the best fit and laser cut perforations for optimum airflow. The inner panels on the knee get a leather patch to reduce abrasion due to the rubbing knee guards. It also gets an inner mesh liner with spandex stretch panels to provide maximum flexibility. RAY- BAN SCUDERIA FERRARI ` 10,890 onwards Ray-Ban has introduced a new range of sunglasses in collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari. You have an array of designs to choose from with their range consisting of wayfarers to sporty, wrap-around units. These sunglasses feature steel hinges and a carbon fibre finish with the Prancing Horse on the stem to add an extra touch of uniqueness. It also gets a carbonfibre brow bar and rubber nose pad inserts in Testa Rossa Red or Modena Yellow. The lenses feature the trademark laser etched logos of Scuderia Ferrari and Ray-Ban. September 2021 125

[ WAIT A MINUTE ] HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION ORLINSKI TITANIUM The 40mm Classic Fusion comes with a dial that reflects the faceted style found in all of Orlinski’s work. Inside you’ll find the HUB1100 — a calibre that Hublot used in watches that were produced in conjunction with Berluti. It is based on the SW300-1 and finished by Hublot using an open rotor. The hands are polished and pop up against the textured dial. The 40mm titanium case fastens with a black rubber strap with a secure deployment buckle that makes this beauty easy to wear. Once you strap it on your wrist, it sits in a perfectly snug manner and doesn’t feel too heavy either. It is powered by a reliable automatic movement and protected by sapphire crystal glass and is also water-resistant to 50 meters. ₹ 8.61 lakh LONGINES HERITAGE AVIGATION A-7 1935 The Longines Avigation Type A-7 1935’s dial is noticeably off by 40 degrees from the centre and the mono-pusher crown sits in line with the 12 o’clock mark. The round stainless steel case measures 41mm in diameter and houses the column- wheel chronograph movement calibre L788.2. The self-winding mechanical movement features 27 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vph, and 54 hours of power reserve. The solid case-back ensures water resistance to 30 meters (3 bar) and is also engraved with an aviation-themed motif. It comes mounted on an old-school, brown leather alligator strap, keeping up the retro feel of a classic strap and buckle fastener. ₹ 2.57 lakh TAG HEUER AQUARACER PROFESSIONAL *All prices excluding duties and taxes The new Aquaracer hits the sweet spot between a professional sports watch and a watch that can be worn over something that’s not, well, a wetsuit. The new collection features upgrades to almost all the signature features of the original Aquaracer. The case, unidirectional rotating bezel and metal bracelet have all been slimmed down. This makes it feel fairly light on the wrist while maintaining the sober style. The hour hand is now wider and the minute hand is slimmer — making it easy to distinguish the hands in low-light conditions underwater. The bracelet also gets an integrated design that allows it to be easily lengthened or shortened by up to 1.5cm. The 43mm watch features the brand’s latest calibre five-movement and is water-resistant to 300 meters. ₹ 2.50 lakh 126 ASuegputestm2b0e2r12021

BREITLING PREMIER B01 CHRONOGRAPH The Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 is versatile, remarkably well finished and makes for a classy fashion statement too. Measuring 42mm wide and 13.65mm thick, the case is water- resistant up to 100 meters. The combination of the striking blue dial and the stainless steel bracelet is staged beneath a dome- shaped sapphire crystal that gives off a subtle retro charm. The Premier logo on the dial too is a nod to the past. With a power reserve of 70 hours, this watch can be easily taken off the wrist and set aside without any worry of it stopping. It feels heavy on the hand, but that’s just how chunky dials with stainless steel straps feel. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that this watch is undoubtedly good-looking. ₹ 6.53 lakh CHOPARD MILLE MIGLIA GTS POWER CONTROL GRIGIO SPECIALE The Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale revisits the characteristics of classic racing cars. It has a 43mm diameter case in shot-blasted titanium which makes it feel super light on the wrist. The dial is held together by an integrated strap in Cordura. It gives off a slightly rough and rigid feel but that’s what you can expect from a fabric that is also used to make driver race suits. The screw-in case-back ensures water resistance up to 100 meters. It houses a 01.08-C calibre that is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) and comes with up to 60 hours of power reserve. This contemporary timepiece is issued in a 1,000-piece limited edition. ₹ 6.55 lakh* GRAND SEIKO SBGY007 The Grand Seiko SBGY007 from the Elegance Collection takes inspiration from the frozen waters of Lake Suwa. The dial gets ice water like texture that, according to legend, is the ‘Omiwatari, or where the Gods walk over the ice. Measuring an ideal 38.5mm-wide and 10.2mm-thick, the watch houses the manual-wind 9R31 Spring Drive movement. It has a dual mainspring and ±1 second per day accuracy. It also comes with a 72-hour power reserve indicator on the movement that is visible through the caseback. The soft blue rippling textured dial is perfectly sized and the crocodile leather straps wrap around the wrist snugly. This one is a definite piece of art! ₹ 6.9 lakh WATCHES COURTESY: CT PUNDOLE SeptAeumgbusetr 2021 127

[ FUTURE MOBILITY ] WORDS SHASHANK SINGH SOLID STATE BATTERIES EVs will soon feature batteries that can be charged within a coffee break! Even though modern electric vehicles (EVs) What makes SSB sound like a superhero among are fast becoming a lucrative prospect, batteries? Inside a conventional battery, you have a a chief hurdle to owning one is range liquid electrolyte. This electrolyte facilitates the flow anxiety. Though the new crop of EVs of ions between the cathode and anode during the deliver ample range within city limits charging and discharging cycles of the battery. The (Tata Nexon EV or Hyundai Kona claim a fast movement of ions in high powered batteries range of more than 300 kilometres), they like lithium-ion makes its flammable electrolyte to do not provide a meaningful highway heat up sometimes to the point of self-combustion if range. The range is mostly limited to batteries. the heat remains uncontrolled. This can happen in Despite current lithium-ion battery technology instances of overcharging or a short circuit. being leap years ahead of lead-acid batteries, it is In SSBs, the electrolyte is made up of inflammable expensive and easily susceptible to heat and fire solid substances such as ceramics of sulphides, damage. The batteries do come with active and glass, lithium orthosilicate, etc. This makes it passive safeties to keep them from self-destruction stable while being more energy denser than a but that adds to cost. This makes them even more liquid electrolyte. This translates into more power expensive to own and replace even despite a long 10- storage and consequently a farther range at a much year shelf life. affordable cost. The rest of the battery internals How about a battery that’s not prone to self- is more or less the same as any other battery. destruction and offers around 500km of range with SSBs have been under development for a very long just 10 minutes of charging? This is neither fiction time and were expensive to manufacture until a nor a distant prototype. In fact, Toyota is set to decade ago. Thanks to commercialisation push from introduce their first EV prototype this year which carmakers like Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and claims to do just that. The star of the show here is Hyundai, this technology is becoming viable and a Solid State Batteries or SSB. It makes an EV offer commercial prototype is just around the corner. By practical, real-world range and charging times as 2025, solid state batteries are highly likely to become short as a coffee break. a standard fitment in all upcoming EVs. 128 September 2021

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[ OUT OF FOCUS ] Counter balanced weights make I don’t need no sleeves When even 500 litres of boot space Yvonne a brilliant ‘handler’! to pull wheelies! doesn’t suffice... Taking the selfie game to a different How to get featured on this page every Ben’s a brilliant mentor. level altogether! single month? Ask Ben And Anvay is a quick learner! Why did the chicken cross the road? Always check your surroundings for safety. Ben: This doesn’t look like pani puri at all. To meet its hell-mate! Especially when Gaurav’s around Abhishek: Because it’s bhel puri! Mr. Chandrashekar is one of the most Laurel and Hardy: Massage function: ON. Voila, suddenly down to earth people in office A TURBOCHARGED Special Roshni is ready to take on the world! 130 September 2021

Technical partner Developed with All-new Multistrada V4 Rule All Roads Price starts at ₹ 18.99 lacs (Ex-Showroom India) Sportier, stronger in off-road use and easier in urban action. Lightweight and compact, with the new 170 HP V4 Granturismo engine for a sporty and exciting ride on mixed terrain. Ready for long journeys thanks to the navigation-system that can be viewed on the dashboard and the innovative rider assistance radar-system, it will offer you excellent riding comfort and a main service-interval only after 60,000 km. And when the asphalt ends, fun will continue thanks to the high ground clearance, the electronic suspension, the surprisingly fluid power delivery and the perfect ergonomics for stand-up riding. Displacement 1,158 cc | Power 170 hp @ 10,500 rpm | Torque 125 Nm @ 8,750 rpm | Dry weight 215 kg New Delhi (+91 70425 72000), Mumbai (+91 91670 99561), Bengaluru (+91 91089 51140), Ahmedabad (+91 99790 58900), Kochi (+91 85899 89939), Calcutta (+91 90078 92222), Chennai (+91 95511 11105), Hyderabad (+91 91600 59090) & Pune (+91 89568 06314). *All specifications are not binding and subject to change without prior notice and Ducati India Private Limited reserves the right to modify specifications at its discretion.


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