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9. Turbocharged_Sep'21_Magazine

Published by Hemchandra Suyal, 2021-12-03 13:47:11

Description: 9. Turbocharged_Sep'21_Magazine



[ EDITOR'S NOTE ] I’m noticing Greener pastures ahead how several manufacturers No, I’m not referring just to the rising number of are shifting focus electrification plans and EV launches! and broadening their spectrums That EVs are the future has been the writing on the wall and to adapt to the unsurprisingly, we’ve reviewed more EVs in our past three evolving needs of issues than the six before them! This is apart from a number of manufacturers announcing electrification plans, like Audi and buyers Hyundai this month. Then there’s newbies like Ola and Simple Energy vying for attention and both seem keen on changing the way we look at scooters. But at the same time, I’m also noticing how several manufacturers are shifting focus and broadening their spectrums to adapt to the evolving needs of buyers. And this month I cannot think of better names than Hyundai, Mahindra and Harley-Davidson. Indians don’t really associate Hyundai with performance, but the Korean manufacturer has been working hard to overhaul its image from that of just a mass market car maker through its WRC program and N and N Line range of cars. So as an enthusiast, I am excited about the Hyundai i20 N Line, the car you see going sideways across our ninth cover! It may not be the full- blown N car but marks a big change in Hyundai’s India strategy. Affordable performance cars have been non-existent in our country, so the i20 N Line is certainly welcome with its sportier dynamics. More importantly, it commands a negligible premium over the regular i20! I’ve already had tuner friends call me to enquire about it and I’m certain they are planning to use the i20 N Line for building hot hatches! Mahindra’s XUV700 on the other hand has been launched at a shocker of a price, impresses in every department and is sure to shake things up in the Rs 15-20 lakh SUV space. Then there’s the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250. It may be Harley’s first ADV ever but has me in awe of its abilities, especially off tarmac. We’ve also reviewed the impressive new Royal Enfield Classic 350 and TVS Apache RR 310 ‘Built To Order’. Then there’s one of my personal favourites, the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS that’s a proper hooligan. That’s not all, there’s many more cars and bikes inside that are thoughtfully (and tastefully!) engineered, keeping in mind buyers who enjoy their time behind the wheel or behind handlebars. Clearly, there are greener pastures ahead for us enthusiasts! Abhay Verma [email protected] | @abhay_v September 2021 3

[ COLOPHON ] FOR ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONS [email protected] Volume #01 | Issue #09 FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS @turbochargedmag [email protected] CO-FOUNDER, EDITOR & PUBLISHER PUBLISHED & DISTRIBUTED BY Abhay Verma Supercharged Publishing LLP FOUNDER & CEO 304, Shaileshwar Apartments, Opp Fatima Convent, Fatimanagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411013. Tel. +91 7020196361 Sangram Pawar The publisher and editors make every effort to ensure accuracy of the content. However, ASSISTANT EDITOR no responsibility can be taken for any effect from errors or omissions and for any decisions taken on the basis of the information provided. The publisher also does not take Abhishek Wairagade responsibility for any claims made in the advertisements carried. All material published in this magazine is copyright protected and unauthorised ROAD TEST EDITOR reproduction is prohibited without written permission of the editor. Printed and published by Abhay Verma on behalf of Supercharged Publishing LLP. 304, Benjamin Gracias Shaileshwar Apartments Fatima Nagar, Pune - 411013. All rights reserved. Editor: Abhay Verma. Printed at Thomson Press India Limited CORRESPONDENT 18.35, Delhi-Mathura Road, Faridabad - 121007, Haryana. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is strictly prohibited. All prices are correct at the time of going Glen Francis to press but are subject to change. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Pune only. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR This magazine contains 132 pages. Cover price: `150 Halley Prabhakar 4 September 2021 CONTRIBUTORS Yash Somaiya Shashank Singh COPY EDITOR Yvonne Jacob CREATIVE DIRECTOR & IMAGE EDITOR Jitendra Chillal PHOTOGRAPHER & VIDEO EDITOR Gaurav Chandrashekar PHOTOGRAPHER Roshni Manghani ILLUSTRATIONS Shweta Pasarkar JUNIOR DESIGNER Yashika Hayaran MARKETING Hem Chandra Suyal

CONTENTS VOLUME 01 | ISSUE #09 26 HOT 'N' SPICY! N is a powerful letter, especially when associated with a Hyundai. We are only getting the N Line to begin with though. How much N is the new i20 N Line? 6 September 2021

SPEEDSHIFTING 11 Lamborghini has revived the Countach name plate after 50 years, Nissan has unveiled the new Z, MG has given us a sneak-peek at the new Astor while Audi is intending to go all-electric. Back in India, Volkswagen has commenced production of the Taigun, a new type of numberplate has been introduced while a new scrappage policy is formed REVIEWS 26 The Ed gets behind the wheel of Hyundai's latest performance-oriented hatchback for India – the i20 N Line, Mahindra's XUV700 and Skoda's Kushaq 1.0 AT. Abhishek takes the F-Pace prowling up the mountain roads while Ben samples the Tata Tigor EV and the facelifted Honda Amaze F E AT U R E S 6 0 The Ed's been busy spending quality time with Citroen's likeable SUV – the C5 Aircross. He also gets in conversation with the Bernie Eccelstone of India – Sanjay Sharma, the big boss at JK Tyre TAKE TWO 71 KTM has unveiled the all-new RC range with a host of tech upgrades, Triumph has teased two new Tigers and Ola's much anticipated S1 scooter has debuted. Abhishek has managed to swing a leg over the tall saddle of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS and also the TVS Apache RR 310 BTO. Ben has traveled back in time to get a closer look at the all-new Royal Enfield Classic 350, tried out Benelli's muscle cruiser – the 502C and also the TVS NTorq 125 Race XP. Glen has taken part in his first race of the TVS Young Media Racer Programme! Abhay has taken a trip down the 'Dhoom' lane with Dream Bikes Dream Suzuki, Pune TAIL ENDERS 119 This month, Abhishek takes his beloved Royal Enfield Himalayan trail hunting while the Ed says goodbye to the Hero Xtreme 160R. Of course, there are lots of cool products that we've featured for motorcyclists and tech-geeks. Love watches? You don't want to miss the Wait a minute section! September 2021 7

{COLUMN} EL PRESIDENTE Illustrations by: Shweta Pasarkar (@whiffler_whims) VIR Why Royal Enfield is more than just a motorcycle manufacturer NAKAI Traveller and A s I write this column, I’m sitting isolated, waiting for yet another co-founder of COVID-19 test result (caught a cold, hence another test even Helmet Stories though I am fully vaccinated). I had some time, so I got thinking about the Royal Enfield’s #BeReborn campaign on Instagram virnakai for the new Classic 350. I thus realised that almost every motorcyclist in India has a story about a Royal Enfield and thus, I MAY HAVE MORE a deep connection to the brand. I was posting pictures of my first OF A CONNECT Enfield on Instagram and started getting messages like “This WITH ROYAL is my 500 in Australia, my Dad in India couldn’t afford one so as soon as ENFIELD THAN college was over I got myself one here!” One was, “Wish I had pictures MANY OTHERS AS of my dad with his bikes. Back in the day he would buy brand new RE MY DAD HAD ONE bikes, polish them up, do some tweaks, break the engines in to perfection WHILE I WAS A KID so it would run perfectly. At the end of the year there was always some strapping tall Pathan who would be waiting to buy the bike, because they knew the bikes were running in excellent condition.” Another was, “Here’s a picture of me as a child on my dad’s bike, forty years later here I am on the same bike, still riding it!” I may have more of a connect with Royal Enfield than many others as my dad had one while I was a kid. He refused to buy me anything else when it was to be my turn to own one. There was no conversation and no choice it had to be an Enfield. But that’s where we all came from, a time where we didn’t have a wide range of enthusiast motorcycles to pick from. Either we had commuters or something a little faster and less conservative on fuel that we would all try and make go faster and then we had the Enfield. Also, back then there were two camps of motorcyclists: those who loved their Enfields and those who didn’t. 12 years back when we started Helmet Stories, I was riding a cast iron 500cc and Harsh was riding one of his brilliant LB500 customs. To think of it, all the hard memorable rides have been on our Enfields and they have moulded us into the motorcyclists we are today. I mean, I learnt how to bungee a carb (carburettor for you young ‘uns) to the bike and ride it for 14 days! I don’t know where else I would have got that learning. The new generation Enfields are amazing. They have evolved leaps and bounds (I hear some of you sneering, but you know it’s true) and will continue to by the looks of it. What I truly hope is that when my daughter Gia is as old as me and Royal Enfield launches a new bike, she will have some of these feelings of excitement and also shake her head at the colour choice of brown. I guess only time will tell. Meanwhile, my test results are out and it’s negative so I guess I need to leave my room and re-join society! 8 September 2021

{COLUMN} THE VISOR VIEW Illustrations by: Shweta Pasarkar (@whiffler_whims) HARSH Motorcycling, as I have known it for about four decades! MAN RAI T his month I will be eligible for senior citizen benefits. When Ex-journo and I started riding – I won’t bore you with how many decades co-founder of ago – I didn’t know how motorcycling was going to fit into Helmet Stories my life years and miles down the road. What I know is what harshmanrai I want from riding has changed as I experience more and more motorcycling. The bikes I lusted over as a scrawny GOING FORWARD AS urban kid drooling over the opuscule presence and effortless A MOTORCYCLIST sophistication of the Benelli Sei 900 (pronounced Say, Italian for “six”) in fold-out, pin-up posters from the Junior Statesman DOESN’T magazine look nothing like the dual-sport, dirt and adventure bikes I find NECESSARILY myself spending hours over online these days. Above all, my changing MEAN GETTING tastes came from authentic experiences with motorcycles and as I went INTO MORE on to learn about the kind of riding I liked best, not from some self- EXPENSIVE BIKES styled, know-it-all motorcycle gurus who seem to abound in these times. Anyway, in those days finances dictated that the first few bikes I bought were second-hand piles of junk and bringing them back to life necessitated turning thriftiness into an art form. Repairing and maintaining your own motorcycle can be extremely soul-satisfying and makes you feel like your bike is so much your own. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when your bike starts and runs smoothly after you’ve poked around to fix something. Be it changing a spark plug or even employing your own hack to try to restore the mirror finish on the engine cases – like I did last month on my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. There’s something to be said for buying your first bike even if it turns out to be a mistake, because it’s the first step toward learning what kind of bike you really need and want as you grow as a motorcyclist. You’ll figure out your sweet spot and find out if you really want to make motorcycling a bigger part of your life. These days I can’t imagine my life without a variety of bikes and pieces of bike gear in it, and I would gladly sell my car or other possessions to keep feeding my love for all things with two wheels. Just don’t tell the wife... My point is that, going forward as a motorcyclist doesn’t necessarily mean getting into more expensive bikes. In my view, people who can fix pretty much anything on their bikes to get up and go are as authentic as any motorcyclist on the planet. So go ahead and make that first emotional motorcycle purchase and buy that ` 30,000 RX100 or that newly-minted ` 21 lakh Indian Chief. I know it will get your foot in the door and learning motorcycling’s worth in our lives is a lifelong discovery which will take us to several unexpected places. See you on the road, for that’s where you’ll find me, even way past my super senior days. Inshallah... September 2021 9

{COLUMN} HANDBRAKE Illustrations by: Shweta Pasarkar (@whiffler_whims) HALLEY The beauty of turbocharging PRABHAKAR O f late I feel cars powered by turbocharged petrol engines are the most Contributing exciting to drive. The TURBOCHARGED wave came to India a little late Editor (you know what I’m also hinting at, right? Hehe…) but quite a few cars in India are now being offered with turbo petrol motors. Affordable @halley.27 enthusiast cars have come and gone as they don’t really appeal to the masses, but the BS6 norms that came into force April 2020 onwards have A CAR WITH A made things interesting in a way. Almost every carmaker in the country WELL-TUNED has had no choice but to offer forced fed engines in petrol-powered cars, TURBOCHARGED in a bid to make sure the cars are as powerful and still pass emission ENGINE CAN MATCH tests. Electric cars are coming, especially the ones that are going to be quick and THE ACCELERATION fun to drive but that’s still some time away. What we know for sure is that every AND ROLL-ON other car offered today and in the coming years will use boost and may even get FIGURES OF hybrid technology. Frugal turbocharged diesel engines have been around for eons SPORTSCARS now, but I feel it’s finally time for petrol engines to reclaim that throne. Turbo-powered cars are fun to play with too though the factory ECU calibrations are done to better handle the boost pressure and various other sensors. An aftermarket electronic controller can significantly bump up the boost and various other values to make the motor a lot more responsive and powerful. This is the reason why you see a Skoda Octavia with a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and certain add-ons keep up with cars that use larger, naturally-aspirated motors and are a lot more powerful too. A car with a well-tuned turbocharged engine can match the acceleration and roll-on figures of sportscars or at times beat it too. But we are talking about more mass-market cars – most of them feature a tiny little turbocharger, but there is a lot more potential for these cars as compared to an equivalent car with a naturally aspirated engine. I own the eighth generation Honda Civic, it is nice to drive effortlessly but I’d like it to be quicker and more responsive. Unfortunately, there’s not much one can do to its 1.8-litre motor in terms of bolt-on performance. I can add a cold air intake, an exhaust and probably a pedal tune (a bolt-on part that works with the throttle position sensor and improves throttle response, like a quick throttle on a motorcycle). Despite these, performance gains will never be as good as a turbocharged petrol motor would, with just an ECU tune. Working on Turbocharged cars is only going to get easier and quicker and most importantly, every horsepower gained will cost a lot less. At times I wish this had happened earlier, I could have got myself a quick turbo hatchback, increased boost and stayed happy. It still isn’t very late though – I’m wondering which hatchback it shall be... 10 August 2021

SPEED SHIFTING ALL ABOUT FOUR WHEELS The iconic Lamborghini Countach has been reincarnated after 50 years! MG’s upcoming Astor promises several segment firsts including AI. We've driven Mahindra’s highly-anticipated XUV700, the Hyundai i20 N Line, Tata Tigor EV this month, as also the updated Jaguar F-Pace and Skoda Kushaq 1.0 TSI September 2021 11

[ SPOOLING UP ] WORDS YVONNE JACOB NEW-GEN POSTER BOY The Countach is reborn and is set to take over your bedroom wall. Again! L amborghini was known for its tradition of the idea to name the car Countach as a joke and naming cars with references to bulls and surprisingly, it stuck and it just made sense. That bullfighting. Be it the Miura, Murciélago, was the birth story of the iconic Countach. Gallardo or Aventador, they all had a connection to the incredibly famous Spanish About 31 years ago, Lamborghini tucked the contest. The Countach name has been an Countach to sleep. Made from 1974 to 1990, the exception made by the Italian supercar maker Countach defined the supercar genre at that time though. In fact the Countach was not only an and in a way, set a template for all Lamborghini exception but also went on to become one of the supercars. You could call the Countach the most iconic models from Lamborghini. godfather of all latter Lambos. 50 years later, the Countach nameplate has been revived and brought According to Countach’s designer, Marcello to us in a not-so-subtly reimagined form. Gandini, the name actually came from a Piedmontese who used to work with Lamborghini The limited-edition Countach LPI 800-4 was to make locks. One of his most-used exclamations unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering, was ‘countach’, which literally translated to plague USA, as a way to commemorate the Countach’s 50th or contagion — a phrase often used to express anniversary. It features the iconic wedge-shaped amazement. According to Gandini they used this design similar to the original Countach, its front- phrase often while working late nights, just to end characterised by a long rectangular grille and keep their spirits up. They happened to bounce off headlights. At the rear, the LPI 800-4 features a carbon fibre rear diffuser, a 3D printed movable air 12 September 2021

vent and also a photochromatic roof that changes from opaque to transparent with a push of a button. The Countach LPI 800-4 will probably be the last of the V12 Lamborghinis to go on sale. Underneath the carbon fibre skin is the hybrid powertrain borrowed from Lamborghini’s Sian: A 6.5-litre V12 engine and an electric motor. Together, the powertrain delivers about 814PS and 755Nm that’s transferred to all four wheels via a seven-speed AMT gearbox. The new Countach claims nought to 100kmph in 2.8 seconds and can reach 200kmph in 8.6 seconds. Claimed top speed is 355kmph. Unfortunately for most of us, the 2021 Countach will remain a poster car. The 50th anniversary Countach is limited to only 112 units to pay homage to the original Countach internal project name — LP 112. Despite its heady, USD 2.64 million (` 19 crore) price, all units have been lapped up by billionaire hedge fund owners and oil tycoons! THE COUNTACH TIMELINE LP400 (1971): The LP400 was the first Countach revealed at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. Designed by Marcello Gandini, the LP400 is notable for its periscope-like system for improved rearward visibility. Later models came with more traditional rearview mirrors. LP500 S (1982): This Countach was the first Lamborghini to feature an updated 4.8-litre V12 engine. There were not many upgrades on the exterior except for larger side indicator lights. The interior had a re-profiled glove box and a redesigned centre console. LP5000 Quattrovalvole (1985): The most significant Countach update had the engine enlarged to 5.2-litres and featured four valves per cylinder. Its fuel-injected models delivered 420PS! The European QV’s engine cover came with a bulge to clear the Weber carburettors. 25th Anniversary Edition (1988): The final hurrah for the Countach featured a heavily revised styling crafted by Horacio Pagani. Its side skirts and front bumper were larger and incorporated aerodynamic elements. The most noticeable feature was the gigantic spoiler that helped make the Countach the coolest car of its time. September 2021 13

[ SPOOLING UP ] SMART PUPIL The upcoming MG Astor promises to be the smartest mid-size SUV in the country with several first-in-class features M G gave us a peek at its upcoming Astor SUV, in-car functions like music, navigation or sunroof along with a lowdown on its new Artificial operation. The AI assistant also depicts human- Intelligence, ADAS (Advanced Driver like emotions and voices. It will engage with people Assist System) and connected features. To in the car and is powered by i-Smart Hub, a digital begin with, the name Astor comes from platform through which you can perform several Raytheon Sentinel, an airborne battlefield and tasks on the go. i-Smart Hub has partnered ground surveillance aircraft, formerly operated by with Jio, Map My India, Park+ and Koinearth. the Royal Air Force, UK. The Astor is essentially the Through i-Smart Hub, you can reserve your fossil-fuel powered version of the ZS EV electric SUV parking space beforehand or save and share your and will be launching soon, with a different face. vehicle data with insurance companies to get a The Astor gets a larger grille with chrome elements lower premium. ‘Smart cars’ starting to feel like and projector LED headlamps with prominent an understatement already? DRLs. Inside, the dashboard gets the same layout as the ZS EV but with a brown leather finish on the The Astor is equipped with Bosch level 2 ADAS lower half. The big reveal however, comes in the including Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision form of first-in-class connectivity features. Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure The new Astor comes with an AI assistant, Prevention, Intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC) and a tiny robot on top of the dashboard that responds Rear Drive Assist (RDA). These could make Astor the to Hinglish voice commands and is also capable safest SUV in its segment. It will be interesting to see of reading out the news and controls some where the Astor is priced, given the feature list. 14 September 2021

[ SPOOLING UP ] DIAL Z FOR FUN The new generation Z is an ode to the original in many ways T he wraps are off the production-spec Nissan 3.0-litre, twin-turbo petrol V6 pushing out 410PS Z well before its global launch, due sometime and 475Nm. That’s 70PS more than the 370Z! Even next year. The new generation Z features the peak torque produced is almost 30 percent higher. iconic silhouette of the original 1969 model Gearbox options will include a six-speed manual with the long front and short rear — both or nine-speed automatic and both will have launch hallmarks of the model line. control. The manual models feature a carbon fibre composite driveshaft and a downshift rev-matching The new Nissan Z gets LED headlamps with function for better track performance. We really C-shaped DRLs that give an appearance similar to wish, but it is unlikely to come to India! the 1970 Fairlady 240ZG. It gets an aerodynamically- honed front splitter, while the higher-end Z performance models will feature a rear spoiler too. Inside the Nissan Z gets classic Z design elements like three dials on top of the eight-inch touch screen centre console. Nissan says it took inputs from racing drivers to build an interior layout that can be seen in the 12.3-inch customisable digital instrument cluster configuration. Seats are styled in line with the GT-R and feature suede — intended to suppress lateral shake on the body and increase comfort. The Z will come in Sport and Performance-grade models. Powering the rear-wheel drive Z is a new 16 September 2021

COMMANDING PRESENCE The Jeep Commander (Meridian) has been unveiled! J eep has revealed its seven-seater Compass- gets a more upright rear end that differentiates it based SUV, the Commander, for South from the Compass, while the slim tail lamps are American markets. The SUV will come to joined by a chrome strip. Overall the Meridian India as well and will be called Meridian here. is longer, wider and taller than the Compass The Commander features rectangular LED and feels like an SUV from a segment above. headlamps and slim tail lamps, styled in line with the new Grand Cherokee. The bumper design is Inside, the Meridian’s dashboard follows the different as well and gets large faux vents and fog same design cues as the Compass, sporting a 10.25- lamps along with a chrome strip running across inch digital instrument console and 10.1-inch free- plus a large skid plate. At the back the Meridian standing touchscreen. It gets a dual-tone black and brown suede finish that looks quite premium. The infotainment system gets in-built navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also gets Adventure Intelligence, Jeep’s exclusive connectivity platform which includes Alexa integration and also acts as a WiFi hotspot. Other features include wireless charging, a panoramic sunroof and a premium nine-speaker Harman Kardon music system. Overseas the Commander is offered with a 2.0-litre diesel or flex-fuel 1.3-litre turbo-petrol engine. The Commander (Meridian) is set to go on sale in South American markets and will be locally manufactured in India by mid-2022. September 2021 17

[ SPOOLING UP ] VORSPRUNG 2030 Audi’s new future strategy promises an all-electric lineup by 2033 A udi has unveiled its future strategy called e-tron GT, the first ‘luxury electric car’ in India. ‘Vorsprung 2030’. The German carmaker has This new announcement effectively spells the confirmed its commitment to have a full- electric lineup by 2033. 2026 onwards, all new death knell for ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ and Audis will only feature electric powertrains. some iconic Audis. We will surely miss the Audi R8 Starting now the carmaker will start phasing out V10. The R8 could be reincarnated as an electric its internal combustion models gradually. The year supercar (remember the R8 e-tron?) but we will be 2033 will mark the end of production of internal deprived of the V10’s sensory experience for sure. combustion engines at Audi’s Ingolstadt factory. Under its new strategy Audi intends to focus on new This also means Audi will be pulling out of a world mobility that includes a host of autonomous few racing series. That’s a shame, considering its driving softwares. impressive track record in motorsport. The news also means we won’t see Audi’s iconic Le Mans R18 Audi has already commenced the introduction of TDI race cars howling down the Mulsanne straight its line of electric vehicles in India with the e-tron ever again. Come 2023, Audi Sport will debut a and e-tron Sportback and the soon to be launched hybrid racer for Le Mans. Its upcoming Dakar entrant will feature an electrified powertrain. 18 September 2021

*T&C Apply COMMANDING POWER DOUBLE BARREL EXHAUST BENELLI BRAKES UNMATCHED ERGONOMICS ULTIMATE URBAN CRUISER Price Starts at ₹ 4.98 Lakhs* Book now at ` 10 000* 3-Year Unlimited KMS Warranty* Designed to make an intense rst impression with its sleek, aggressive lines and long yet low stance. The 502c gets cruiser-friendly ergonomics perfectly positioned for the rider to take full command of the road ahead and do so with swag. Adishwar Auto Ride India Private Limited : Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033 Contact: +91 7328903004 | E-mail: [email protected] *Accessories, colours and tments shown may not be part of standard speci cation September 2021 19

[ SPOOLING UP ] OPEN SHOP Volkswagen commences production of its ambitious new Taigun SUV Volkswagen has commenced production of Taigun at it’s Chakan plant near Pune and started accepting bookings, ahead of the SUV’s launch this month. Deliveries slated to start from this month onwards as well. Buyers can book the SUV either at Volkswagen’s dealerships or through the Volkswagen India website. Just like its cousin the Skoda Kushaq, the Volkswagen Taigun sits on the developed for India MQB-A0 IN platform. It is powered by Volkswagen’s 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI petrol engines, while transmission options include a six-speed manual, six-speed torque converter automatic and seven-speed DSG. The DSG is exclusive to the 1.5 TSI only. The Taigun will compete with a bunch of SUVs, primarily the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos besides the Kushaq. We reviewed the Taigun last month itself in our August issue, but you can read the review on our website too! WHAT’S IN A PLATE? T he Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has introduced a new Bharat series (BH) registration plate. These number plates will be accepted pan India and vehicles bearing BH number plates will not have to re-register at the local RTO after the owner relocates to a new state. This facility will allow free movement of personal vehicles across state/union territories of India upon relocation in other state/union territories. That said, the BH plates will not be available for all but for defence personnel, public sector employees and companies having offices in four or more states or union territories. 20 September 2021

[ CAR LAUNCHES ] THE X FACTOR Kia has launched the Seltos X Line - a sportier variant of its premium SUV Kia launched an upgraded version of its Seltos, dubbed the X Line that will sit above its range topping GT Line trim. There are two versions on offer: the X Line 7DCT petrol (` 17.79 lakh ex- showroom) and X Line 6AT diesel (` 18.10 lakh, ex-showroom). Kia had displayed an X Line concept at the 2020 Auto Expo as well. The production X Line gets new additions and upgrades inside-out. Unlike the previously launched Seltos Anniversary edition, the X Line will not be a limited edition model. Starting off, the SUV variant gets a special coat of paint called ‘Xclusive Matte Graphite’ with black and orange accents on the bumpers and sides. It runs on 18-inch crystal cut Matte Graphite coloured alloy wheels as well. Inside, the cabin has been given some cosmetic updates in the form of plush Indigo Pera Leatherette seats with a unique honeycomb pattern while the dashboard has a dual-tone black and grey finish. The Seltos X Line petrol is powered b the same 1.4-litre turbo- petrol motor offering 140PS and 242Nm. The diesel uses the same 1.5-litre motor pushing out 115PS and 250Nm. Both powertrains come with an automatic gearbox only. The petrol motor features a seven-speed DCT while the diesel gets a six-speed torque converter gearbox. SCRAPPAGE BENEFITS T he Government of India has given a green light to its vehicle scrappage policy in an attempt to phase out unfit and polluting vehicles. The policy will initially focus on heavy commercial vehicles. These will require mandatory fitness tests from April 1, 2023, onwards. Other vehicles, including private ones, will have to undergo mandatory fitness tests from June 1, 2024, in phases. Vehicles that have exceeded their registration period will come under this policy. This policy does include many benefits for old vehicle owners as well. People who opt to scrap their vehicles would be eligible for getting a scrap value between four to six percent of the ex-showroom price of the vehicle. In addition to this, manufacturers have been advised to allow a discount of five percent on purchasing a new vehicle. This may not come into effect immediately though given the current situation where manufacturers are facing higher commodity prices. The government will also allow a rebate of up to 25 percent on your next vehicle’s road tax and the registration tax on your next car would be waived off completely. September 2021 21

[ SPOOLING UP ] 61ST SIAM CONVENTION The annual SIAM convention focused on the future of the automotive industry T he Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The event was attended by (SIAM), hosted its 61st annual convention with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport a series of virtual sessions that shed light on the & Highways, Government of India, RC Bhargava, revival and future of the automotive industry amidst Chairman, Maruti Suzuki India and Venu Srinivasan, the pandemic. Commenting on the efforts to get the Chairman & MD, TVS Motor Company industry’s growth trajectory back on track, Mr Kenichi Ayukawa, President, SIAM and MD & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd mentioned that focused efforts are to be made. He said, “SIAM and ACMA have together worked out a localisation roadmap with a target of about 15-20 percent further localisation in the next two to five years. SIAM has prepared an approach paper for a long term regulation roadmap that takes care of all aspects and gives clarity on future investments and the industry is working hard on new powertrain technologies.” He also thanked the Government of India for announcing the vehicle scrappage policy and the new PLI scheme. The theme for the first plenary session was Enablers for Sustainable Growth of Auto Industry in India, which was graced by Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, Hon’ble Union Minister of Heavy Industries, Government of India. Dr Pandey said that the Ministry is working consistently for the growth of the automotive sector. He also acknowledged that increased localisation supported by the PLI initiatives of the government would make the industry more robust. He also stressed on the importance of developing EV charging infrastructure and also focus on manufacturing quality products so that the Indian automobile industry can be the best in the world. Mr T V Narendran, President, CII & MD, Tata Steel Ltd, said, “India can still become a five trillion dollar economy by 2025 - 2026 if it is provided with the right kind of policy support. For Atmanirbhar Bharat to be successful, it is important that the Indian manufacturing sector is strong, and for that, the Indian auto sector plays a pivotal role. The auto sector should focus on six key areas going forward. These are, electric vehicles, circularity, urbanisation, resilient supply chain that is not affected by extreme weather and geopolitical issues, reap in functionality and embed sustainability.” The 61st SIAM Convention spread the message that EVs are definitely the future and India needs to be ready to embrace the shift and have the infrastructure to support the same in order to facilitate the productivity of the Indian Automobile Industry. 22 September 2021

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[ SPOOLING UP ] HONDA AMAZE HYUNDAI i20 N LINE ` 6.32 lakh onwards ` 9.84 lakh onwards Not much has changed save for a nip and A less known fact is that Hyundai also tuck on the exterior and a few feature makes sporty cars. While the full-blown N cars are still a distant dream, we will be additions on the inside. Don’t discount it getting the milder but zesty N Line ones yet. The compact sedan offers a brilliant starting with the i20. It looks sportier and ride, has spacious interiors and is offered is powered by a 120PS 1.0 turbo-petrol. with petrol and diesel engines both. Read Turn to page 26 to read our review. our review on page 56! TATA TIGOR EV MAHINDRA XUV700 ` 11.99 lakh onwards ` 11.99 lakh onwards Currently the most affordable electric car in India, the Tigor EV also makes a strong Mahindra’s new flagship SUV is finally out. case as the most sensible compact sedan. It promises to be a game changer with an It looks good, is feature-packed, offers good performance and boasts an ARAI array of connected and safety features certified range of 306km. You can read and new engines. Pricing is aggressive, our detailed review on page 40! though the full price list is yet to be revealed and deliveries will commence only next month. Review on page 32. (All prices ex-showroom, New Delhi) 24 September 2021

[ REVIEW ] WORDS ABHAY VERMA PHOTOGRAPHY GAURAV CHANDRASHEKAR HYUNDAI I20 N LINE Hyundai is charting new territory with its first ever performance offering in India HYUNDAI i20 N LINE DCT Engine: 998cc, Inline three-cylinder, turbo-petrol Power: 120PS @ 6,000rpm Torque: 172Nm @ 1,500rpm-4,000rpm Gearbox: six-speed iMT/seven-speed DCT Weight: NA Price: ` 9.84 lakh ex-showroom onwards 26 September 2021

T hink Hyundai and most minds will performance cars have been the equivalent of conjure images of mass market cars finding healthy food at McDonald’s for Indian packed with features and technology. enthusiasts. Hyundai is a car maker known to study But not many (especially in our country!) segments before entering them and when prodded, know that the Korean carmaker has been Hyundai officials said they’ve done their homework making serious strides in motorsport and are looking at a long term plan with the N Line. globally, including winning the WRC That’s good news for petrolheads as Hyundai has 11 in 2019 and 2020! Alongside, Hyundai N Line models in its portfolio globally! has also been developing a line-up of performance-oriented versions of its cars, badged So what sets the i20 N Line apart from the regular N and N Line. Unless you’ve been living under that one? Not much has changed in terms of the exterior proverbial rock, you will know N is to Hyundai what design and tweaks are subtle, but help distinguish AMG is to Mercedes-Benz or M is to BMW! the N Line version and make the i20 look sportier. It begins with the more aggressive front bumper The full-blown N cars with their bigger, more that also gets red highlighting at the bottom. The powerful engines may still be a distant dream, grille is different, wears an N Line badge and also but the launch of the i20 N Line in India marks gets cleverly integrated chequered flag elements. a sea change in Hyundai’s strategy. Affordable Admittedly, the new i20’s design looks polarising September 2021 27

[ REVIEW ] but the N Line treatment makes it look far more well. Hyundai clearly hasn’t skimped in terms of appealing, especially in this exclusive shade of creature comforts in the name of sportiness. The blue. The red highlighting continues on the side instrument cluster is the same, fully-digital display skirts, adding more flair. The car runs on 16-inch N as the regular i20’s Asta variant too. Line wheels, though I wish Hyundai had equipped it with 17-inch ones given the sportier positioning. The steering is a sportier-looking, three-spoke The rear is where the N Line is easiest to distinguish wheel with N Line badging and while it looks good, from the regular i20 – you get twin, chrome-finished I would have preferred a flat-bottomed unit to add exhaust tips, a faux diffuser and deflectors along to the sporty feel, especially in conjunction with with a spoiler. the large paddle shifters in the DCT version I drove. The drive selector lever looks sporty and gets red Interiors are the same as the i20’s top spec Asta highlights as well while seats are black with red (O) variant, but the cabin does feel sportier thanks to piping and also get the N Line insignia. The range- the red accents and ambient lighting. The ambient topping N8 version also scores higher on safety as lighting and 10.25-inch touchscreen display (straight it is equipped with six airbags and gets discs brakes off the Asta variant) are exclusive to the range- all round. topping N8 variant though. You also get a sunroof and Hyundai’s usual gamut of features including There’s no change to the powertrain and the smartphone connectivity, two USB ports, wireless i20 N Line has the same, three-cylinder, 1.0-litre charging and BlueLink connected technology via turbocharged petrol motor under the hood, mated smartphone app and smartwatch connectivity as to the same seven-speed DCT. Outputs are the same too, at 120PS and 172Nm. Before you sneer, the 28 September 2021

ABOVE: The familiar i20 dashboard has been retained but gets sporty red accents on the air-con vents, climate control buttons, door panels and gear shift lever. It even gets red ambient lighting. The N Line also borrows the 10.25-inch infotainment screen and all the connected features from the regular i20 Asta (O) TWEAKS numbers make the i20 is the most powerful car in ARE SUBTLE, its segment and in fact 120PS is higher than several BUT HELP bigger sedans and SUVs! This coupled with the car’s DISTINGUISH relatively lower weight and compact dimensions THE N LINE make it enticing, especially given the claimed VERSION AND 0-100kmph time (for the DCT version) of 9.9 MAKE THE i20 seconds! Besides the DCT you can only have the i20 LOOK SPORTIER N Line with Hyundai’s six-speed iMT, the clutchless manual transmission. So just like the regular i20’s turbo version, you cannot have the N Line with a proper manual gearbox, though I do know there will be a lot more takers for a three pedal version. The DCT is nice and paddle shifters add to the sportiness, especially with the sportier exhaust note. Slightly quicker responses from the gearbox would have been more welcome though, especially when giving it the stick. I also like the exhaust note. The enthusiast in me would have wanted it to be slightly louder still, but Hyundai has got the decibels right from an overall standpoint – the N Line isn’t too loud but you can hear the exhaust note once you build revs. Stick it in Sport mode by moving the drive selector lever to the right and the gearbox will also ‘auto blip’ on downshifts, sounding sweeter. More importantly power delivery is linear and there’s barely any turbo lag, which adds to the September 2021 29

[ REVIEW ] ABOVE: In Sport mode, the DSG gearbox auto joy of driving the i20 N Line hard. blips during downshifts. BELOW: The rear That said, bottom end and midrange grunt are bumper gets a faux diffuser and deflectors as well as a sporty twin-tipped exhaust excellent, but power delivery tapers off towards the top of the rev range. Engine performance was impressive on highways too and holding triple digit speeds is a cinch. In fact, every time I found an open stretch I couldn’t resist the temptation to go faster and the engine performance and gearbox both made me imagine how much fun the car would be around a racetrack. Of course, the dynamics have a major role to play in that. The suspension has been tweaked and is firmer than the stock car. My first impression was that the i20 feels even more European now! You can feel more of the undulations on the road but ride quality is reasonably good and never gets uncomfortable. 30 September 2021

ABOVE: Sporty looking black leatherette seats More importantly, you have a better idea of what’s get red piping with a red checquered print and N going on around all four corners. Hyundai’s steering insignia on the seat back systems usually feel a little too light, but the i20 N Line’s steering feels more weighted and offers better feedback. The more direct and connected feel adds to the joy of driving the car hard and the tweaks from Hyundai’s motorsport division are certainly telling in the handling department. The N Line version not only feels more confident than the regular i20 but also has a sense of sportiness to it all, the way I would like it. Like I mentioned, affordable cars that please enthusiasts have been extremely rare in our country and the i20 N Line is sure to delight everyone who likes driving. It is inspired by Hyundai’s successful WRC program and the difference in its dynamics as compared to the regular i20 is big. Hyundai has kept things subtle to ensure the car feels familiar, while ensuring it will also tickle enthusiasts’ taste buds with its eager performance and sportier dynamics. It’s a shame our market hasn’t welcomed performance hatchbacks like it with open arms in the past. The limited success such cars have enjoyed has seen most car makers shy away from offering sportier versions of their cars. Hyundai has serious plans and it’s nice to see a manufacturer perceived as one that caters to the masses branch out and venture into the performance arena. The N Line version will be sold exclusively at Hyundai’s ‘Signature’ outlets only, though regular dealerships will display the car as well. Hyundai has also got the pricing spot on. Prices begin from ` 9.84 lakh ex-showroom, roughly what you’d pay for any premium hatchback, including the regular i20. The DCT version is of course the one to go in for as it costs just ` 50,000 over the top of the line version of the regular i20. And that’s what really sweetens the deal further, for a car that is so much fun to drive! THE N LINE VERSION NOT ONLY FEELS MORE CONFIDENT THAN THE REGULAR i20 BUT ALSO HAS A SENSE OF SPORTINESS TO IT September 2021 31

{ REVIEW } WORDS ABHAY VERMA PHOTOGRAPHY GAURAV CHANDRASHEKAR MAHINDRA XUV700 Mahindra’s big, bold SUV packs in a hefty punch and has been priced disruptively! MAHINDRA XUV700 DIESEL MT Engine: 2.2-litre, Inline four-cylinder diesel Power: 185PS @ 3,500rpm Torque: 420Nm @ 1,600rpm-2,800rpm Gearbox: six-speed manual Weight: NA Price: ` 12.49 lakh onwards (ex-showroom) 32 September 2021

The ` 15-20 lakh SUV segment has been Mahindra’s new ‘twin peaks’ logo, which is quite a witnessing serious action. Cut-throat radical departure from the erstwhile Mahindra logo! competition has only seen the offerings The XUV700’s face is dominated largely by the grille get better and this meant Mahindra had and headlamps, while the bumper design is simple. to ensure the replacement for its highly The SUV runs on 18-inch alloy wheels that look good successful XUV500 would be a stonker. and are proportionate to its side profile. I also like It’s been a bit of a wait, besides which the the door handles, as they sit flush and pop out when COVID-19 pandemic was also a spanner in you unlock the SUV. the works for Mahindra’s most ambitious SUV yet. Finally, the XUV700 has been unveiled and The sides are also where you notice the similarity launched though. And with prices beginning from ` to the XUV500 – the rear three-quarter particularly, 11.99 lakh onwards it does seem to entice! given the flared haunches. The tail gate design is a little too busy for my liking, though I do like the The XUV700 is quite a looker, especially when arrow-head styled tail lamps. Interestingly, there’s lot viewed head-on, as the design looks very cohesive of weight-saving measures all round, part of which is and proportionate. Few of the design elements are an the tail gate that’s not made of metal but composite evolution of the XUV500’s design and are not all-new. plastics. Needless to mention, the XUV700 has The grille is new and bold looking and also holds passed homologation tests, but unlike a metal tail September 2021 33

{ REVIEW } MAHINDRA XUV700 PETROL MT Engine: 2.0-litre, Inline four-cylinder, turbo-petrol Power: 200PS @ 5,000rpm Torque: 380Nm @ 1,750rpm-3,000rpm Gearbox: six-speed automatic Weight: NA Price: ` 11.99 lakh onwards (ex-showroom) ABOVE: The cabin exudes a sense of premiumness and feels from a segment above. FACING PAGE BOTTOM: Large glass slab on the dashboard houses two 10.25-inch displays 34 September 2021

gate that could be repaired, this one might just need The AX7 variant we drove is equipped with a music to be replaced entirely in case you get rear-ended. system from Sony that offers crisp notes. Mahindra claims the sunroof is the largest in class and adds The interiors reflect the efforts gone into to the cabin’s airy feel. Seats are comfortable and ensuring that the XUV700 feels luxurious and more legroom and kneeroom in the second row are expensive than it is. This is easily the best cabin from impressive, given the 2,750mm wheelbase. The Mahindra yet. That said it’s easy to notice that some third row is a bit of a squeeze as usual but third row of the elements are inspired by other manufacturers’ occupants get dedicated blower control. Second row designs. For instance, the glass slab housing the occupants only get centrally located vents though infotainment and instrument cluster screens (both and a set of vents on the B-pillar would have been 10.25-inch displays) and the seat adjustment controls nice. Cabin insulation is excellent and NVH levels positioned on the driver door remind of Mercedes- are very low, which should add to occupant comfort. Benz cars. The displays look cool with their crisp resolution and are sure to become a highlight. The One of the biggest highlights is the adoption of dashboard looks appealing with its clean design too. radar-based tech. Dubbed ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System) these include adaptive cruise control, There’s cleverly designed spaces in centre console high beam assist, lane keep assist, autonomous to hold two phones, one to store and one to charge emergency braking and more. These will be exclusive wirelessly. Nicely done! A BMW iDrive-style rotor lets to the top variants but even then they’re unheard of you access the infotainment screen and you also get a at the XUV700’s price and their inclusions mark a sea sliding armrest with a cooled glove box underneath. September 2021 35

[ REVIEW ] ABOVE: The silhouette carries over from the XUV500 although the size is that of a larger SUV. BELOW: Second row is spacious. The third row is quite cramped for adults, but gets dedicated blower control 36 September 2021

change in Mahindra’s strategies. This is something ABOVE: The XUV700 is the first SUV to carry I’m confident will have other manufacturers take Mahindra’s twin-peaks logo. Mind you, this logo notice and follow suit too! is limited to SUVs only! Of course, the biggest highlights are the petrol and responses. There’s very little turbo lag in the diesel diesel powertrains. I drove the diesel manual version and in fact, the surge of performance from about during our brief drive, followed by a very short stint 1,400rpm onwards is very linear. Mahindra also in the petrol automatic. The diesel is the updated claims the XUV700 will be the most fuel efficient and more powerful version of Mahindra’s 2.2-litre SUV in its segment. Another major highlight is the mHawk engine that offers 185PS now along with handling and again, the XUV700 is easily the best 420Nm (manual) and 450Nm (automatic), making from Mahindra yet. The independent suspension at the XUV700 the most powerful SUV in its segment. both ends makes for a very planted feel at high speeds The engine will offer 155PS in the base variant and body roll around fast corners is well-controlled though, which is equal to the XUV500. The manual for an SUV that offers a very comfortable ride. The six-speed gearbox is slick with a reasonably light XUV700 also gets AWD on demand. Mahindra had clutch but more importantly, engine performance setup a small course for us to try it out and the SUV is brisk and power delivery linear. We got a chance impresses with its prowess. It is no mud plugger, but to put pedal to metal at Mahindra’s world-class test will let you head off tarmac should you wish to. facility near Chennai and the engine impresses with its refinement, performance and NVH levels. I only got a little taste of the XUV700 but initial impressions are that it has been worth the wait. Speeds above 150kmph are easy to attain and Prices begin from just ` 11.99 lakh ex-showroom sustain given the strong engine performance and for the base variant. It may not get many of the this is easily the best oil burner from Mahindra yet. aforementioned features but at the price, it costs just The new mStallion 2.0-litre petrol engine impresses as much as sub-4 metre SUVs and that’s a big deal. even more, offering 200PS and 380Nm! Its power Mahindra hasn’t revealed prices for the seven-seat output rivals bigger SUVs and the petrol version versions yet but at ` 14.99 lakh ex-showroom the is an absolute delight to drive given the top notch mid-level AX5 petrol manual is great value given the refinement and power delivery. While we didn’t really brilliant powertrain, dynamics and comfort. Seems test the XUV700 at the test track, fellow journalists did like things in the premium SUV segment are set to strap their testing gear on and I hear the diesel clocks heat up further! 0-100kmph in just over 10 seconds while the petrol manages a sub-10 second time, which is excellent for a two-tonne SUV! The petrol does not get driving modes but the diesel does, interestingly called Zip, Zap and Zoom. Zip limits the power output to 155PS while Zap and Zoom offer the full 185PS, with varying throttle SPEEDS ABOVE 150KMPH ARE EASY TO ATTAIN AND SUSTAIN GIVEN THE STRONG ENGINE PERFORMANCE. THIS EASILY IS THE BEST OIL BURNER FROM MAHINDRA YET! September 2021 37

[ REVIEW ] WORDS BENJAMIN GRACIAS PHOTOGRAPHY ROSHNI MANGHANI TATA TIGOR EV Is the most affordable consumer-centric EV in India also the most sensible of them all? 40 September 2021

TATA TIGOR EV Engine: PMSM electric motor Battery pack: 26kWh Li-ion Power: 75PS Torque: 170Nm Gearbox: single-speed Weight: 1,235kg Price: ` 12.99 lakh ex-showroom TOP: Compact footprint makes it easy to drive While the world is moving towards electric and park in city. ABOVE: Fully-digital instrument mobility, mainstream Indian carmakers cluster is informative and displays charge level, are yet to warm up to the propulsion range, power meter and battery regeneration of the future. You might say that Audi, levels as well and is easy to read on the go Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz have electric offerings for India but they are all niche products. If you want the masses to warm up to the idea of owning an electric car, you first need to have an affordable electric car on sale. Mahindra was the first to do it years ago with the E2O. Tata Motors followed it up with the Tigor EV that was directed towards fleet owners. However, the Nexon EV has caught the imagination of mainstream consumers and has been bringing in good numbers as well. Thus, it was obvious for Tata to bring the same package in an even more practical form. Now, the facelifted Tigor EV has been launched for consumers and it not only September 2021 41

[ REVIEW ] features the same architecture as the Nexon EV but touchscreen Harman infotainment system. It also is priced more leniently as well. The daily running gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Tata’s IRA costs are almost comparable to that of a premium connected tech that offers geofencing features such entry-level 350cc motorcycle. Does it make for a as remote locking, vehicle tracking and even helps more sensible package then? you locate the nearest charging station. Now, coming to the design, it looks rather The new-generation Tigor EV gets the new Ziptron conventional, sharing all the bodywork with the ICE- architecture, first seen on the Nexon EV. It packs in powered Tigor. Almost everything is the same except a new powertrain, larger battery pack and a more for the closed grille and electric blue accents that efficient battery management system and of course, can be spotted on the grille, the wheel caps and the fast charging as well. bootlip. The cabin too is identical to the regular Tigor save for the blue accents on the air-con vents and Propulsion comes from a Permanent Magnet instrument cluster surround. There are sporty black Synchronous Motor that delivers 55kW (75PS) and fabric seats and a rotary gear-shifter dial instead of a 170Nm. The USP of an electric motor is its ability conventional lever. While fit-finish levels are good, I to offer maximum torque from zero rpm onwards. would have loved the selector knob to have a more As a result, the Tigor EV feels sprightly in traffic. ‘clickety’ feel. It has a creep function which is very useful in stop and go traffic. It gets two driving modes — Drive The fully-digital instrument console is quite and Sport. Drive mode offers upto 75 percent of the informative and shows charge level, range, power performance and softer throttle responses for better meter and battery regen level as well. The top-spec range efficiency. In this mode, performance feels XZ+ variant we drove is equipped with a seven-inch substantially blunted while battery regeneration feels 42 September 2021

MAIN IMAGE: The Tigor EV sports a distinctive face. BOTTOM LEFT & RIGHT: You can charge the electric compact sedan either via a 15-ampere socket or any 25 kW DC fast charger THE TIGOR EV PACKS IN A NEW POWERTRAIN, LARGER BATTERY PACK AND A MORE EFFICIENT BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND FAST CHARGING September 2021 43

[ REVIEW ] IN SPORT MODE, PART-THROTTLE RESPONSES ARE IMMEDIATE AND PERFORMANCE IS MORE ZESTFUL TOP: Familiar dash gets Electric Blue accents to more intrusive. To better enjoy the car, it is best to stick it differentiate it from ICE Tigor. ABOVE: Harman in Sport mode. In this mode part-throttle responses are infotainment system has Apple CarPlay and immediate and performance is more zestful with very Android Auto. It also gets 35 connected features little intrusion from the battery regeneration system. In accessible by ZConnect mobile app terms of performance the Tigor EV feels more powerful than regular, ICE-powered compact sedans. Out on the highway, there is enough juice to overtake vehicles at speeds of 80kmph. 100kmph is easily achievable and the top speed is capped at 120kmph. The Tigor EV gets a new 26kWh lithium-ion battery pack and more efficient battery management system. Tata Motors claims an ARAI tested range of 306km which is 6km short of its larger EV sibling. In the real world though the Nexon EV delivers around 220km of range so expect a range of around 200-210km in the Tigor EV. You can recharge it via a regular 15-ampere household socket but the fastest way is the DC fast charger which will charge your car from zero to 80 percent in 65 minutes, which is time for a cup of coffee and social media browsing. Out on the road, you will have to rely on one of the few fast charging stations. Charging stations can also be located via Tata’s ZConnect app. 44 September 2021

An impressive aspect of the Tigor EVis its comfortable ABOVE: Drive selector dial looks cool but could ride. Low-speed ride feels supple and the Tigor EV takes have done with a more ‘clickety’ feel. BELOW: care of ruts and speed breakers without bothering Those aren’t alloy wheels but smartly-integrated occupants. On the rare occasion when the suspension plastic wheelcaps! bottoms out you hear the thud, but don’t really feel it. However, the supple ride comes at the price of handling. Though it is fairly stable at highway speeds, the Tigor EV exhibits body roll around corners despite having a low centre of gravity. The electric-assist steering feels light at city speeds but feels vague so changing lanes at high speed can feel disconcerting. Brakes have a good bite and despite the Apollo Amazer XP low-rolling resistance tyres, the Tigor EV stopped well even on the soaking wet roads we drove on. The Tata Tigor EV looks attractive and boasts a good list of features. It even scores four out of five stars in Global NCAP safety tests, the same as its fossil-fuel powered sibling. In fact it is the first EV in the world to achieve a four-star rating! The electric powertrain offers good performance (in Sport mode) and delivers an acceptable range too. There is also the lightweight steering and compact dimensions that make it easy to drive and park in tight spaces. However, the problem here is the price that starts at ` 11.99 lakh and goes up to ` 13.14 lakh. The larger, quicker and better-equipped Nexon EV starts at ` 13.99 lakh and makes for a far better proposition. The Tigor EV is definitely a great EV for the urban jungle although Tata seems to have missed the mark when it comes to the pricing, for now. September 2021 45

[ REVIEW ] WORDS ABHISHEK WAIRAGADE PHOTOGRAPHY GAURAV CHANDRASHEKAR JAGUAR F-PACE The driver-friendly SUV gets more show to match its go! JAGUAR F-PACE P250 Engine: 1,997cc, Inline four-cylinder, turbo-petrol Power: 250PS @ 5,500rpm Torque: 365Nm @ 1,300-4,500rpm Gearbox: eight-speed auto Weight: 1,897kg Price: ` 69.99 lakh ex-showroom onwards 46 September 2021

There are bland and boring SUVs and then The F-Pace is broadly based on the same there are the X5s, the Macans and the aluminium chassis as the XE and XF and that’s why F-Paces. You cannot dismiss them like the rear cab silhouette. However, that’s not a bad most of the other jacked up crossovers. thing at all! The XE is a charmer and when the F-Pace The BMW handles like a sportscar, the was launched back in 2016, it was applauded for Porsche is a 911 on stilts and the Jag, well the design as well. Thankfully, Jaguar hasn’t altered it feels the most special of them all. It’s a much except for sharpening of some key elements. bonafide British car with a certain poise The headlamps for example are now leaner, infused and composure through winding roads. with adaptive LEDs. The grille too feels a lot more Show it a set of corners and it’ll certainly give a few premium now thanks to those large mesh-patterned sedans a run for their money. However, going by the elements. The bumper now features larger air sales numbers, it’s clear that luxury SUV buyers are intakes that add to the sportiness while also helping looking for more than just having some fun behind the radiators gulp in even more air. the wheel. The F-Pace forms the financial backbone of Jaguar as it prepares to fight the German giants and The interior is equally beautiful and finally that’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that big bucks matches the glamorous exterior! Our test car came have been spent on this midlife update. The basics bathed in red leather, spread over the seats and the haven’t been tinkered with but Jaguar has completely split dashboard too. Jaguar has tastefully thrown revamped the interiors and thrown in a few fresh bits in loads of aluminium touches, be it on the centre onto the exterior as well. Are the updates enough to console, the door sills, the dash or even on the paddle take on the competitive luxury SUV market? shifters which add to the premiumness. To aid richness, Jaguar has even picked up a few parts from September 2021 47

[ REVIEW ] FACING PAGE: Interiors are all-new with dollops Range Rover’s inventory. There are a lot more touch- of leather and aluminum inserts all of which adds based controls as compared to earlier models including to the premium quotient. BELOW: The centre mirrors and even the stereo. The AC controls are way console has flush switches too complex though and you literally have to snap the rotors out of their position to adjust the air flow. Similar application can be seen on the drive mode selector too although it’s fairly intuitive to use. The centre console is thoughtfully designed with a neatly tucked in start/stop switch, drive mode selector and the posh gear lever. The large, 11.4-inch, widescreen Pivi Pro touchsreen sits at the centre and offers a high-definition display with seamless transitions. It’s quite sensitive to the touches although skimming through the menus is slightly difficult and there’s no wireless Apple CarPlay which is a sore miss. The driver’s display is all-new as well and feels premium without losing on the practicality. The powertrain hasn’t been altered at all and that’s no bad thing. The 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-petrol that we drove churns out a healthy 250PS and 365Nm. There’s also an updated 2.0-litre diesel with mild-hybrid 48 September 2021

tech but that’d call for another story. The petrol is away from the joy of driving a Jag. Thankfully, a sprightly motor that loves to be revved! Despite there’s the brilliant Meridian stereo system to take being turbocharged power delivery is very linear and care of the concern. The ZF-sourced eight-speed there’s no lag which adds to the Jag’s sporty nature. torque converter unit seems to have been upgraded Jaguar claims a 0-100kmph time of 7.3 seconds which though and it isn’t dim-witted anymore like on the may not be blisteringly quick but is quick enough predecessor. The shifts are smoother and rather for overtakes on highways. If you want something intuitive too. quicker, there’s the V8-powered SVR which packs in 550 horses and is capable of hitting 100kmph in The aluminium chassis derived from the XE also just four seconds. I digress. The Dynamic mode on gets the all-wheel drive system. It might sound like the P250 that we drove unleashes all 250 horses with a key effort to keep the F-Pace’s weight down but minimum intervention and even makes the F-Pace 1,897kg kerb speaks of its efficacy in that regard. loud, treating the audiophiles. However, there’s a The lack of air suspension aids the cause although lot of ambient noise that filters into the cabin taking there are no adaptive dampers either. However, the handling is still very sharp and very XE-like despite TUCK IN THE NOSE, GET ON THE POWER EARLY IN THE CORNER AND THE F-PACE SLINGSHOTS THROUGH THE EXIT LIKE A SPORTSCAR September 2021 49

[ FEATURE ] ABOVE: The cab silhouette is a derivation of the this being a full-size SUV! It’s properly agile and can XE/XF and doesn’t look disproportionate like hold a candle to its sporty brethren. Unlike the modern many other SUVs. BELOW: The all-new 11.4-inch steering units, the F-Pace gets a heavy and feelsome Pivi Pro infotainment has a widescreen, 16:9 ratio steering that offers a lot of feedback and the faster you go, the better it gets! The body control is tense and the ride is relatively firm, unlike its Range Rover cousins. It’s remarkable, the way it handles corners and belies its size and bulk. Turn in hard and the F-Pace stays astonishingly flat and there’s almost zero understeer. Tuck in the nose, get on the power early in the corner and it slingshots through the exit like a sportscar. The AWD-system is rear biased although the front tyres are called in to help when the acceleration is more pronounced. It’s not the most tech-laden AWD system but makes for a rather involving drive that’s certainly a lot more fun than its rivals. Now, talking about the price, the F-Pace is sold only in the R-Dynamic trim that costs ` 69.99 lakh ex-showroom for both, petrol and diesel options. At this price point, the Jag comes with USB 3.0 and Type-C ports, a customisable instrument cluster, auto headlamps and wipers (slightly low IQ), 12-way powered seats, climate control with four zones, a massive photochromatic sunroof, powered tail gate, wireless charging and ambient lighting. The list is definitely long and considering the price, it slots in rather comfortably between the X3 and X5. The interiors are plush and roomy while the exteriors are as James Bond-y as ever! If you’re someone who prefers to be in the driver’s seat rather than being chauffeured around, the F-Pace would definitely steal your heart. 50 September 2021

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