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Integumentary System

Published by joshan.james.100, 2020-08-20 15:00:04

Description: Integumentary System


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Flipbook    Josh James  3B           

Table of Contents  Integumentary System (3-5)  Key Terms (3)  Function (3-4)  Vocabulary (4)  Diseases / Disorders (5)  Health Careers (5)  Labeled System (5)                      2

Integumentary System  Key Terms  derm/o - skin   kerat/o - hard, horn-shaped tissue  xer/o - dry  xanth/o - yellow  erythr/o - red  pedicu/o - fingernail, toenail  onych/o - nail  myc/o - fungus  pil/o - hair; hair follicle  lip/o - fat  rhytid/o - sebum which secretes oil  albin/o - white  Function  The integumentary system has four main functions. Protection, body temperature  maintenance, exertion, and perception of stimuli.  Protection: Physical barrier of underlying tissues to protect from physical damage,  ultraviolet rays, and pathogenic invasion.  Body Temperature Maintenance: Perspiration regulates the body’s natural temperature  3

Integumentary System  Exertion: Sweat glands also release waste products, containing, water, salt and organic  compounds  Perception of stimuli: Contains a large quantity of nerve endings that detect stimuli.  There are also tactile receptors that are responsible for touch.  Vocabulary  Albinism - Inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands that produce pimples on the  skin  Cicatrix - A scar left by a healed wound (lightened area on the skin).  Ecchymosis - Black-and-blue or purplish bruise caused by ruptured blood vessels  beneath the skin  Keloid - An abnormally raised, thickened scar.  Cyst - A closed, thick-walled sac or pouch containing fluid or semisolid material that  develops in a cavity or other structures in the body  Macule - Small, flat, discolored, lesion on the skin (freckle)  Papule - A solid skin elevation with distinct borders and a diameter less than one  centimeter (pimple)  Psoriasis - Chronic disease marked by itchy, erythematous skin with silver patches  Vitiligo - Loss of pigment in one or more areas of the skin, creating the appearance of  milky-white patches  Scabies - Contagious, parasitic infection of the skin with intense pruritus or itching      4

Integumentary System  Diseases / Disorders  Impetigo - Bacterial infection of the skin characterized by vesicles (small, fluid-filled  sacs), pustules (small, pus-filled blisters), and crusted-over lesions .  Gangrene - Necrosis or death of tissue, due to loss of blood supply, followed by a  bacterial infection.  Alopecia - Hair loss that results from genetics, normal aging, illness, or drugs used to  treat certain diseases.  Cyanosis - Appearance of blue/purple discoloration of the skin due to insufficient blood  oxygen or poor circulation. Many respiratory and circulatory diseases produce cyanosis.  Health Careers  Primary Care Physician (PCP) - A physician that gives the first contact of a person with  an undiagnosed health concern. Also, treats various medical conditions no matter the  cause.  Dermatologists - Medical practitioner ready to diagnose and treat the multitude of skin  disorders that can happen.  Labeled System    5

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