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8 Types of Business Cards used by Different Businesses

Published by Eric Guerrero, 2020-09-23 03:58:40

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8 Types of Business Cards used by Different Businesses Created by Eric Guerrero

1) The trade business cards • People from trade usually carry their own cards. If you are into the making of plastic business cards there usually provided to your competitors, financiers suppliers or providers. These types of business cards are an epitome of a particular trade and represent their owners in a very sharp and dapper way. The design should represent the occupation of the person.

2) The classic business card • A standard format is used when you don’t have any creative idea for the business card. The information that is contained on the card is preliminary like the name of the company along with small logo the address of the organization the mail ID of the person holding the visiting card and the contact number of the organization as well as the person.

3) The wild format business card • Some organizations like to play with different formats of the cards. While some go with innovative huge hold format which turns the card into a sort of tiny brochure, others prefer to go small. In any way, these formats are catchy and get immediately get noticed when they are given to anyone.

4) The social business card • A social networkers business card tends to reflect his communicating habits. Traditional ways of contacting are usually not mentioned on the business card. These days a popular trend of printing QR codes on the business card has been followed by many social media networking professionals.

5) Sided business cards • These types of business cards are usually printed on either or both sides. For example, how business can be printed on one side and the other side may be kept entirely clean or the other side of the business card may be printed with the logo of the company.

6) Orientated Business Cards • Some business cards may be horizontal or vertical and the orientation of the card may be decided by the organization. The vertical business cards have an excellent way to stand out and make another bold statement there also perfect for writers, musicians or anyone with creativity.

7) Personal Business cards • A business card will not have the personal contact detail of the individual but will have a standard contact number where everybody can reach while the personal business card may have printed even the personal mail ID along with business contact details of the person.

8) Profession-specific business card • Some innovative companies have profession specific cards like a piano company will have a piano-key card which represents their profession as well as looks catchy or a tailor will have a business card printed on a shape of a tailoring machine, or a photographer will have it printed on a camera shaped business card.

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