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BP Media Kit 2022

Published by bluedalepublishing123, 2022-02-18 09:31:27

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KL The Guide kltheguide Primarily created with the perspective of foreign travellers in mind (although locals can certainly utilise it too), this comprehensive travel guide is perfect for first-timers who wish to experience a glimpse of the best that Malaysia has to offer via the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Apart from including a run- through of KL’s history and fun facts, there are tons of popular historical sites, modern buildings and artsy spots to explore. Other sections cover child-friendly entertainment areas, gastronomy, night life (pubs, bars and night markets), shopping, culture, beauty and spa, accommodation (luxury and budget hotels as well as homestays). Apart from including a medical tourism section, there are also useful contacts listed in the back to assist in times of emergency. On top of that, the guide also explores two or more of the other states of Malaysia with the Beyond KL section to provide extra information on possible nearby destinations that readers may want to visit after KL. klangvalley4locals Klang Valley 4 Locals Considering Klang Valley 4 Locals is developed with local and localised travellers in mind, expect to find less locations that are typically flooded with foreign tourists and more hidden gems that are dispersed throughout the Klang Valley. Expanding across the 13 districts of Klang Valley sans Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, this exhaustive travel guide includes historical sites, museums, eco- tourism, agro-tourism, photographic spots and places of worship under the sights and attractions section. There are also segments devoted to kid’s entertainment as well as sports and recreation which include extreme sports centres, theme parks as well as parks and gardens. This book also encompasses shopping (malls, night markets and flea markets); food; night life; beauty and wellness; medical tourism; and accommodation. Moreover, there is a Beyond Klang Valley section that covers several of the surrounding states or districts for those keen on taking exciting day trips. 22

Melaka The Guide melakatheguide Developed with the outlook of both foreign and local travellers factored in, Melaka The Guide is an exhaustive guide book that is suitable for those visiting the state for the first time. Within the introduction chapter, find the history, calendar of events and fun facts about this ancient state as well as the ethnic communities residing here. In terms of sights and attractions, there is an abundance of historical sites, cultural centres, museums and places of worship that are steeped in both local and colonial influences. Other exciting attractions that shouldn’t be missed are wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks and interactive museums. Furthemore, the book provides extensive coverage on eco-tourism; agro-tourism; arts and culture; food (including specialty items); shopping (includes handicraft shops); night life, beauty and wellness, accommodation (boutique hotels, homestays and Airbnbs). klangvalley4locals Klang Valley 4 Locals Delving into Kuala Selangor The Guide, discover everything you need to know and more to navigate your way around this seafood-oriented district. Packaged in a format to appeal to local and foreign travellers, the pertinent information inside this comprehensive guide book is divided into the top 8 sub-districts and towns within it. The introductory chapter covers the history, population, area as well as the transportation. Each section roughly includes the introduction to the area, places to visit (including unique natural wonders), places to eat and the places of worship. Additionally, the medical services have been inserted, thereby covering pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. kualalangattheguide kualalangattheguide Split into a copy that provides both an English and Bahasa Melayu translation, Kuala Langat The Guide stands as a dual-language travel guide book. Created to appeal to both local and foreign tourists, this thorough guide book consists of many interesting historical sites, heritage and cultural tourism, eco tourism, agro tourism as well as sports and recreational tourism within the sights and attractions section. Regarding the gastronomic section, dive into an explanatory list of traditional local dishes and discover popular eateries, including top seafood spots. Other topics covered are shopping and accommodation (hotels, resorts and homestays). 33

seremban the guide seremban the guide If both foreign and local visitors are looking forward to experiencing an authentic glimpse of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban The Guide is the perfect travel guide book to fulfill this aim. Within the introduction section, find out more about the history, population and area of Seremban before learning about the culture of its residents. Aside from providing detailed content on the ways to get there, a map of the region has been included too. Must-see locations are covered under historical sites, heritage trail, cultural centres, eco and agro spots, sports and recreation (includes extreme sports activities, bird-watching sites and theme parks) and places of worship. Regarding the food, discover the must try snacks and dishes as well as the places to try them. This guide book concludes with sections dedicated to shopping, accommodation and medical services. Uzbekistan The Guide uzbekistantheguide If both foreign and local travellers are deeply keen in exploring Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan The Guide is the perfect travel guide book to fulfill this aim. Firstly, this exhaustive guide book will guide readers through the stunning Republic of Uzbekistan, from its deeply rooted history to its rich arts and culture, economy as well as the fundamental agricultural scene. Next you’ll get to know their states and their hidden gems. From Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, Ferghana Valley, Khiva and Shakhrisabz. Despite the recent developments, this country is rich with centuries of history that are very well maintained. This book can be particularly handy for tourists who are planning to visit this country for the very first time. Taiping The Guide taipingtheguide Taiping The Guide is an outstanding endeavour to add value to tourism activities and promote Taiping as an excellent tourist destination. In fact, this is the very first tourism guide book published in Perak. The Taiping guide will serve as a useful reference book for both foreign and local tourists who are keen to explore the historic city of Taping, Perak. This informative travel guide book will guide you throughout your journey starting from in depth history of Taiping, beautiful sightseeing destinations, art and crafts, cuisine hotspots to shopping malls. Moreover, useful information such as accommodation and essential contacts are also included. A complete map of Taiping is there to give a clear picture of the routes. 44

Keningau The Guide keningautheguide As the fifth largest town in Sabah, Keningau is a stunning hidden gem that awaits exploration. If both foreign and local visitors are looking forward to experiencing an authentic glimpse of this sleepy little town, Keningau The Guide is the perfect travel guide book to fulfill this aim. Within this comprehensive guide book, find detailed content about the exciting yearly festivals held along with the history, culture, sights and attractions, sports and recreation as well as places of worship. Other sections cover shopping, food, nightlife, accommodation and essential information. In addition, maps of Sabah and Keningau have been provided to give a clearer picture of the region. Tawau The guide tawautheguide Considering Tawau is the third largest city in Sabah, there is undoubtedly much to see and explore. In order to help both foreign and local visitors navigate their way with ease throughout this beautiful old town, check out Tawau The Guide. Within the initial sections of the travel guide, discover in-depth content on the history, transportation, annual festivals and ethnic groups of Tawau. After that, peruse the exciting historical, cultural and eco locations (includes wildlife conservations and waterfalls) around the region. Other topics covered are sports and recreation, places of worship, shopping, nightlife, food and accommodation. Furthermore, there is a Beyond Tawau section that involves two other nearby districts. Tambunan The Guide tambunantheguide If both foreign and local visitors are in search of the right guide book to help assist in travels to Tambunan in Sabah, look no further than the all-inclusive Tambunan The Guide. With the help of this guide book, find out more on the history, transportation, annual festivals and culture of the People of Tambunan. In terms of exploring the beautiful sights and attractions in the area, take a look through the historical, cultural and eco sites before delving further into the places of worship and sports and recreation sections. Furthermore, the book also ensures to cover other exciting aspects of travel such as shopping, food, nightlife and accommodation. Additionally, useful contacts and essential information has been inserted in case of emergencies. 5

Johor The Guide johortheguide Constructed with the outlook of both foreign and local travellers factored in, Johor The Guide is an exhaustive guide book that is suitable for those visiting the state for the first time. It makes for the perfect travel companion to find out more about the cool places to see and the exciting activities to partake in while you are in the southern state. Get to know Johor up close and personal with this guide book. From exploring the beautiful sites scattered around the region to tasting their unique and tasteful food combos, everything you need to know is packed into this book. Johor The Guide is a free guide book which includes fun places to eat, must-see sights, the best places to shop, and more. Tourists can find this book very helpful in navigating this busy city. Perak The Guide peraktheguide Developed with the perspectives of both foreign and local tourists factored in, Perak The Guide is an exhaustive guide book that is perfect for those planning to visit the state for the very first time. Within this considerably large region, the historical Perak has many intriguing and unique places to offer, especially in relation to nature. With the help of this guide book, get to know the exciting sights and attractions located in the six district clusters within the states – this includes pristine beaches, limestone caves and historical ruins. In addition, the guide book also provides comprehensive content on food (incorporates a series of Instagrammable cafes), accommodation and souvenirs. Hulu Selangor The Guide huluselangortheguide Created with the outlook of both foreign and local travellers factored in, Hulu Selangor The Guide is an exhaustive guide book that is useful for those visiting the district for the first time. Beginning with a complete map of the district, the guide book continues with detailed content on transportation, history, city trail, demography before moving into cool eco and agro joints (includes natural hot springs and stargazing spots). Apart from international outdoor events, the remaining sections cover arts and culture (encompasses street art), sports and recreation, food and accommodation. 66

DISTRIBUTION POINTS: KLIA, KLIA 2 Foreign Embassies in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) All Malaysian Embassies & High Comission Offices ( Mainly Around Klang Valley) KKIA (Kota Kinabalu International Airport) Malaysian Tourism Offices (Regionally & Globally) PIA (Penang International Airport) Selected 4 & 5 Star Hotels, Universities & Colleges in Klang Valley KIA (Kuching International Airport) Cafe & Restaurants (QR Code Poster) LIA (Langkawi International Airport) MATIC (Malaysian Tourism Information Centre) & KL Gallery GET YOUR COMPANION GUIDES AT THESE LOCATION AND PLATFORMS. DOWNLOAD Our App at: 77

DATA AND STATISICS Age Group Of Traveller BY STATISTA 18 - 21 Years 22-30 Years 31 - 40 Years Malaysia is expected to receive roughly 4.33 million tourists in 2020. With its Visit Malaysia 41 - 50 years 51 - 60 years >60 years 2020 campaign, Malaysia intended to increase visitor arrivals. The COVID-19 epidemic, which Occupation resulted in international travel restrictions, has put an end to this campaign. Main Purpose Of Visit Courtesy By Gender Maritial status About our Publication Area of interest Travel Arrangement Frequency of visit Repeat Package Independent First Time 88

Arrivals By Mode Of Transportation Tourist Arrivals & Receipts to Malaysia 35% 59% 5% 1% Year Arrivals Receipts (RM) 2020 4.33 Million 12.7 Billion 86.1 Billion 2019 26.10 Million 84.1 Billion 2018 25.83 Million 82.1 Billion 2017 25.95 Million 2,088 States Visited 2019 RM 0.6B 14.8 million RM5.2 Billion 11.0 million RM4.8 Billion PERLIS 14.2 million 6.0 Billion PULAU PINANG 15.4 million 524 RM 0.4B 6.7 Billion KELANTAN PERAK TERENGGANU SABAH 21.1 million PAHANG 18.5 million 22.0 million 7.8 Billion KL 7.6 Billion RM8.1 Billion SELANGOR NEG. 13.3 million SARAWAK 33.6 million SEMBILAN RM5.1 Billion RM 15.5B DOMESTIC VISITORS TOTAL RECEIPTS 22.6 million MELAKA 19.8 million RM 8.7BILLION RM 12.1 Billion 13,979 JOHOR RM 6.4B 14.3 million RM 7.4 Billion Major Activities Engaged Main Purpose Of Trips Shopping Information Breakdown Of Domestic Tourist In Malaysia By Age Group 26.4% 15 - 24 years old37.8% 24-39 years old 40-54 years old24.1% 55-70 years old11.7% 99


Rate of Investments Publication Months: ( 3x / Year ) KLTG November - February / March- June /July- Octorber KV4L April - July / August - November / December - March Yearly SEREMBAN KENINGAU TAWAU UZBEKISTAN MELAKA JOHOR TAIPING TAMBUNAN PERAK HULU SELANGOR KUALA SELANGOR KUALA LANGAT 6,900.00 5,900.00 6,900.00 6,900.00 6,900.00 6,900.00 6,900.00 210 mm 4,900.00 3,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 210 mm 4,900.00 3,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 4,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 270 mm 135 mm 3,900.00 2,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 22,,990000..0000 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 Double Page Spread Full Page 3,900.00 2,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 3,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 1,100.00 3,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 105 mm 2,200.00 1,900.00 1,100.00 1,000.00 2,900.00 1,100.00 1,100.00 1,800.00 1,600.00 1,000.00 900.00 2,200.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,600.00 1,400.00 900.00 600.00 1,800.00 900.00 900.00 800.00 660000..0000 600.00 1,200.00 600.00 600.00 135 mm Half Page ( Horizontal) 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 2,900.00 210 mm 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 105 mm 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,900.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,600.00 1,600.00 1,600.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 1,200.00 990.00 990.00 990.00 990.00 990.00 990.00 990.00 850.00 850.00 850.00 850.00 850.00 67.5 mm 67.5 mm 850.00 850.00 690.00 690.00 690.00 690.00 690.00 690.00 690.00 500.00 490.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 Half Page ( vertical) Quarter Page ( vertical) 490.00 490.00 290.00 290.00 290.00 290.00 290.00 290.00 290.00 Online 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2[(W) 300 X (H) 250] Mid Rectangle [(W) 300 X (H) 250] No. 1 2 3 11 240px Button L1in2k0ptox 60px website c6li0epnxt’s Wide Prime Minister’s Tourism Malaysia Tourism Melaka Tourism Malaysia Tourism Melaka Wide 240px SkyOffice Prime Minister’s Sky WidSec60r0appxerOffice Ministry of Ministry of Tourism 600p2x40pxChief Minister’s Office Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Culture Malaysia of Melaka Ministry of Tourism Chief Minister’s Office Ministry of and Culture Malaysia Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Melaka

- All advertisment must adhere to the Malaysian Code Of Advertising Practice. - All advertisments pertaining to medicine, infant food, health product and treatments affecting the human body must comply with the medicines (Advertisment & Sales) Act 1956 (revised-1983) and the medicine Advertisement Board Regulations 1976. - All advertisements on residential properties must bear necessary approval code number from the Ministry Of Housing & Local Goverment. - All Tour Enterprise Incorporated in Malaysia must be registered with the Malaysian Tourism & Promotional Board (M.T.P.B) and their advertisement must bear the enterprise’s registration Number. - All discounts/sales ads must bear the approval code from the Ministry of Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs. - All discounts/ Sales ads must bear the approval code from the Ministry of Domestic Tourism. - Specific positions will be charged loading fee rates. - UZTG : The appropiate prevailing USD rate is applicable. - Frequent Discounts ( for 1 year agreement ) Please check with us BOOKING DEADLINE THREE (3) weeks prior to publication month MATERIAL DEADLINE THREE (3) weeks prior to publication month CANCELLATION THREE (3) weeks prior to publication month Call Us For Better Packages! Email : [email protected] OUR PARTNERS : Tel : +603-7886 9219 / +6012-2200 0622 No.31-2, Block F2, Level, 2, Jalan PJU 1/42a, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 12

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