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Published by candidadiet, 2021-08-17 07:52:52

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The CompleCtaenCdainddaidDaiDetieFt oFoooddLSishtopping List Brassica (best veggies for Candida) Animal Protein Dairy Alternatives Arugula Anchovies Almond milk Bok Choy Beef Flax milk Broccoli Bone broth Hemp milk Brussels sprouts Cheese (Goat’s Mozzarella, Feta, & Gouda Oat milk Cabbage are best) Other unsweetened nut/seed milks Cauliflower Duck Rice milk Collard Greens Eggs (chicken or duck) Unsweetened coconut milk Horseradish Fatty fish like mackerel Kale (be sure to cook or steam) Fish roe Fresh Herbs & Spices Kohlrabi Game meat (rabbit, venison, quail) Mustard greens Goat Anise Radishes Lamb Basil Rutabaga Liver Bay leaf Turnips Organic chicken Cacao Watercress Pheasant Cayenne Pork Chives Other Vegetables Sardines Cilantro/Coriander Turkey Cinnamon Artichoke Venison Cloves Asparagus Wild salmon Coriander Beet greens Cumin Celery Nuts and seeds Dill Chard Garlic Cucumber Almonds Ginger Dandelion greens Brazil Nuts Ground black pepper Eggplant Cashews Marjoram Fennel Chestnuts Mint Lettuce Coconuts Nutmeg Okra Flaxseeds Oregano Peppers Hazelnuts Paprika Spinach Nutmeats Parsley Sprouts such as lentils, alfalfa, broccoli, Pine Nuts Red chili flakes radish, or sunflower Pumpkin Seeds Rosemary Tomatoes Sesame Seeds Sage Zucchini Sunflower Seeds Sea salt Stevia Allium Vegetables Cultured & Fermented Foods Tarragon Thyme Garlic Miso Turmeric Green onions Plain unsweetened goat yoghurt Vanilla Leeks Sauerkraut Onions Sour Greek yoghurt Seaweeds Scallions Tempeh Shallots Unsweetened coconut yoghurt Arami Dulse Plant Sources of Protein Oils & Fats Hijiki Kelp Beans Coconut oil Kombu Chia seeds Extra virgin olive oil Nori Hemp seeds Flaxseed Oil Wakame Lentils Ghee Peas (green or yellow) Pumpkin Seed Oil Snacks & Other Quinoa Rice Bran Oil Sprouts Sesame Seed Oil (toasted or not) Apple Cider Vinegar Tempeh Sunflower Oil Buckwheat or millet cookies Tofu Walnut Oil Japanese rice crackers Muesli Fruits Grains, Pasta & Noodles Seaweed crackers Hummus & nut butters Avocado Brown rice, black rice, red rice, etc Bilberry Buckwheat Foods to try with as gut improves Blackberry Millet Blueberry Rice noodle Bananas Boysenberry Rice vermicelli Carrots Cranberry Soba Other fruits (banana & pineapple are some Currant Sourdough of the best for feeding good bacteria) Goji berry Udon Pineapples Grapefruit Whole oat flakes Potato & sweet potato (try different Green apple Wild rice methods of cooking) Kiwi Yeast free, gluten free, sugar gree breads & Sourdough & other grain products listed on Kumquat bread products this page Lemon Squash Lime Mulberry Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for Pomegranate professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the Raspberry advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any Strawberry questions you may have regarding a medical condition. © Eric Bakker N.D. Eric Bakker - The Naturopath |

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