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FOY Newsletter Vol 1 2020-21

Published by ghimirevivek9, 2020-09-27 13:04:17

Description: FOY Newsletter Vol 1 2020-21


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Table of Contents Vol 1 I September 2020 3 Editorial Message 4 Message from President 5 Message from Area Director 6 Message from Division Director 7 Club Info 8 About Toastmasters International 9 Meet the Excom 2020-2021 10 Leaders of FOY 11 Welcome New Members 12 An Opportunity during Adversity -By TM Anagha 14 Club Meetings Review 17 But Oh My Darling What If You Fly -By TM Sonali 19 Toastmaster of the Month Award 20 Club Status as on 30th September 2020 21 Life Audit Question – Why Toastmasters? -By DTM Aravindakshan 23 Members Achievements

Editorial Message Vol 1 I September 2020 There is solution for every problem. I had TM Vivek Ghimire VP Public Relations joined Toastmasters to get solution of my fear of public speaking. After joining toastmaster I come 3 to know that it is much more than public speaking. I have joined Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club in August 2018. I got the opportunity to be part of club Excom as Club Secretary 2019-20. I did not want to miss any opportunity so I nominated myself for Vice President Public Relations for 2020-21 tenure. I am fortunate enough to be VPPR. I have learned to prepare the meeting flyers and this newsletter and build social media presence. This first quarter tenure of 2020-21 is special for Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club (FOY). FOY has completed 14years in September. We have achieved 22 educational awards and 8 DCP points during this period of July to September 2020. The title of this newsletter is selected by inviting suggestion from club members and voted by Excom Members. “The Friday 8:00AM “ suggested by TM Anil had got highest vote. It will not be possible to release this newsletter without the combined efforts of Excom members and club members. I thank TM Anagha, DTM Aravindakshan and TM Sonali for their contribution to this newsletter by sharing the articles. TM Sonali also contributed by reviewing the articles. Special thanks to Area Director TM Lisbella, Division Director DTM Dinesh for sharing their message. I also like to thank President DTM Hashim for his guidance and support.

Message from Area Director Vol 1 I September 2020 My Dear Friends of Yoga Toastmasters, In 2006, when my brothers and I were compelled to get out of bed at 7am on a Friday morning to attend Friends of Yoga Toastmasters (FOYTMC) meeting, we tried everything to make the torture stop. At one point my father, TM Sebastian Joseph said that we could stop attending the meetings if we felt that we didn’t learn something new during the meeting. 14 years later, here I am. Even after 650 plus meetings, there has not been one week where I have regretted waking up early and spending my mornings at FOYTMC. According to the first female According to the first female Toastmaster and Past International Toastmaster and Past President, Helen Blanchard “If you get out of toastmasters all that International President, Helen there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Blanchard “If you get out of Toastmasters!” FOYTMC is the perfect example of this. The energy, toastmasters all that there is quality and diversity has always been the strengths of FOYTMC. The to get out of Toastmasters, dedication each member puts into create memorable meetings is also you’ll never get out of the reason we continue with the same conviction. Toastmasters!” FOYTMC is I am so honored and proud to see the club growing stronger during the perfect example of this. adversities and producing champion speakers and leaders for the Area 53, Division F and District 105. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Past Presidents for always guiding the club, the Executive Committee members for always holding the Toastmasters values high at FOYTMC and the wonderful members who constantly support the club by doing their part with cent percent sincerity. Wishing Friends of Yoga Toastmasters all the best for the future and many more years of waking up at 7am on a Friday Morning. Yours Truly, Lisbella Sebastian, TM Area Director Area 53, Division F, District 105 5

Message from Division Director Vol 1 I September 2020 Dear Leaders and Members of Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club, Many Congratulations for achieving many accomplishments in less than 3 months from the start of this academic year 2020-21. Achievements like Select Distinguished Club status, 100% COT-1 Training, Top 1st Club in terms of education awards (20 awards) in D- 105, Smedley Membership awards. FOY TMC has always been a role model club for our Division F in many aspects like producing many champions speakers, leaders. FOY TMC is really gifted with very committed Toastmaster members & leaders. FOY TMC leaders, past & present term leaders including Area Director TM Lisbella, Asst. Division F Director Program Quality DTM Aravindakshan, Club President & Immediate Past Area Director DTM Hashim’s contribution to Division F is much appreciable and we are looking many more leaders from FOY to take Division F to next level. My Dear Club Excom leaders, I wish to convey one message each for the Club Excom leaders and in each Excom role there is a Club Members. My Dear Club Excom leaders, in each Excom role there unique leadership skill and is an unique leadership skill and please consider this 1 year as a crash please consider this 1 year as course and great opportunity to learn that leadership skill. Please plan a crash course and great to apply these skills in personal and professional life and please aim to opportunity to learn that be a role model for your club members and family members and office leadership skill. colleagues. My Dear Club Members, you are very fortunate to have very committed leaders in FOY who always takes you to the next level. Please pursue the pathway with more passion and please apply the learning of each level in your personal and professional life to see the real value or benefit of it. Happy Toastmastering. I am really confident that this year FOY will come out with flying colors in all the categories & my best wishes to FOY. Regards Dineshkumar N, DTM Division F Director 2020-21 District 105, Region 11 6

Club Info Vol 1 I September 2020 FRIENDS OF YOGA TOASTMASTERS CLUB Club No. 00946137 Area 53, Division F, District 105, Region 11 Club Chartered Date: 29th September 2006 MEETING TIME MEETING VENUE Every Friday 8:00AM to 10:00 AM Dubai, UAE (Gulf Standard Time) Currently online via Zoom SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Facebook: LinkedIn: Youtube: Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club Email: [email protected] EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS CONTACT President Vice President Education DTM Hashim Haleem TM Vinod Aravindakshan 056 656 1406 056 241 6840 Vice President Membership Vice President Public Relations DTM Shanmuga Sundaram TM Vivek Ghimire 058 812 3723 056 754 0436 Secretary Treasurer TM Anupama Yegnamurthy TM Anil Kumar 050 856 2136 050 883 6392 Sergeant at Arms TM Rajesh Kovval 050 636 9873 7

About Toastmasters International Vol 1 I September 2020 What is Toastmasters? Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization's membership exceeds 364,000 in more than 16,200 clubs in 145 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Toastmasters International Mission We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. District Mission We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. Club Mission We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Toastmasters International Core Values  Integrity  Respect  Service  Excellence A TOASTMASTER’S PROMISE As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise • To attend club meetings regularly • To prepare all of my projects to the best of my ability, basing them on the Toastmasters education program • To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments • To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations • To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow • To serve my club as an officer when called upon to do so • To treat my fellow club members and our guests with respect and courtesy • To bring guests to club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers • To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition programs • To act within Toastmasters’ core values of integrity, respect, service and excellence during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities 8

Meet the Excom 2020-2021 Vol 1 I September 2020 President EXECUTIVE DTM Hashim Haleem COMMITTEE 2020-21 VP Education TM Vinod Aravindakshan VP Membership VP Public Relations Secretary DTM Shanmuga Sundaram TM Vivek Ghimire TM Anupama Yegnamurthy Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Immediate Past President TM Anil Kumar TM Rajesh Kovval DTM Aravindakshan Ediyillam 9


Welcome New Members Vol 1 I September 2020 New Members Joined Friends of Yoga Toastmasters Club (July 2020 to September 2020) 11

An Opportunity during Adversity Vol 1 I September 2020 TM Anagha Yegnamurthy Member Since : March 2020 During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is Joining Toastmasters is the first step in personal growth only human nature to fall into a pattern of thinking and development. By that we are losing many opportunities. I felt the continuing my journey in same way because I had to take a gap year before I Toastmasters, I know that I could resume my studies again. will reach greater heights in terms of my communication But it all changed when I joined Toastmasters. and self-development. Joining Toastmasters is the first step in personal growth and development. By continuing my journey in Toastmasters, I know that I will reach greater heights in terms of my communication and self-development. I joined Toastmasters particularly when the COVID-19 pandemic began. This opened up windows of opportunities for me. Due to the pandemic, there was a switch to virtual meetings. Hence, I gained the privilege of attending various toastmasters meetings in and outside of the UAE. The experience of attending these meetings has been enriching. One such meeting was of a Toastmasters club in Nassau, Bahamas. I also attended the ‘BFM Diplomats Toastmasters Club’ meeting. They were warm and welcoming. I was really inspired by the way the members spoke so confidently and fluently. I also feel that, this exposure has helped me become more aware of the communication styles and cultures of different people. After attending a few of their meetings, I invited the members of their club to attend the Friend of Yoga Toastmasters meeting. Many members of their club attended our meeting and later expressed how delighted they were to join us. They even gave an idea of having a collaborative meeting with our club, which I think will be a great success. 12

An Opportunity during Adversity…. Vol 1 I September 2020 The best part of virtual meetings is that we By joining such meetings, I got can have combined meetings of the opportunity to meet new Toastmasters clubs from different regions. I people. Toastmasters has also attended two other meetings of clubs helped me communicate in India. Despite the pandemic separating effectively with them. Now in us, we are connected to each other with every Toastmasters meeting, the help of Toastmasters meetings on be it of my home club Friends online platforms. Joining other meetings, of Yoga or any other club also made me realize that though we are meeting, I am always thrilled from different regions, one thing that binds to express my ideas and also us all together is Toastmasters. It gain knowledge from others. celebrates people’s uniqueness and instills respect for people from different regions and cultures. I felt that the main problem I faced during this pandemic was the lack of socialization. By joining such meetings, I got the opportunity to meet new people. Toastmasters has helped me communicate effectively with them. Now in every Toastmasters meeting, be it of my home club Friends of Yoga or any other club meeting, I am always thrilled to express my ideas and also gain knowledge from others. In times like these, I have learned to appreciate that every cloud has a silver lining. I can interact with many people and get a myriad of new ideas which I can use in my life. I have absolutely no regrets of taking a gap year because this year has helped me enhance my personality, thanks to Toastmasters. It has helped me realize that there are always many opportunities waiting for us. It is in our hands to communicate effectively and grab those opportunities. 13

Club Meetings Review Vol 1 I September 2020 657 3rd July 658 10th 659 July 17th July 660 24th July 14

Club Meetings Review Vol 1 I September 2020 661 31st 662 July 7th Aug. 663 14th 664 Aug. 21st Aug. 15

Club Meetings Review Vol 1 I September 2020 665 28th 666 Aug. 4th Sept. 667 11th 669 Sept. 25th 668 Sept. 18th Sept. 16

But Oh My Darling What If You Fly Vol 1 I September 2020 TM Sonali Lokhandwala Member Since : March 2014 Failure followed her as a faithful companion all She maybe a scholar but Simi’s a nervous type, we throughout college. Simi couldn’t fathom what was need a confident leader. happening. Her bright prospects dimmed into So Simi lost out on one depression just like her faded photos. more chance. “Fantastic job. We rocked it Tribe” Bob, the leader showered compliments on his theatre group for a grand success of a show. All were in a jubilant mood, their laughter bellowing across the hall, high-fives and hugs being exchanged generously. But amongst all this revelry, she felt all alone fighting back tears, her face wore a laughing mask, her heart crestfallen at her own performance. ‘Oh why do I always have to put a foot in my mouth? “Why can’t I think of funny or witty things to say? Everyone does better than me. What’s wrong with me? How do I change?” Flashback! “So who shall we make the head-girl? Simi? Teachers were deciding whom to choose as student leaders. Eavesdroppers never hear good things about themselves. “She maybe a scholar but Simi’s a nervous type, we need a confident leader. So Simi lost out on one more chance. Her subconscious printing an image with caption in bold “I am not good enough”. It was her turn for a coffee with Mr. Princi. A sombre expression on his face, he seemed a tad uneasy. “Sorry Ms. We are restructuring the team… The management has decided to… We regret to inform you that… . She sat in a daze. His droning fell on deaf ears. A déjà vu sensation flitted across her mind. “Haven’t I heard that before? Am I being kicked out again? When am I ever going to achieve anything in life?” 17

But Oh My Darling What If You Fly…. Vol 1 I September 2020 Purely…her papa’s pet, a papa she loved, a papa who did not realise the wounds he inflicted on her tender mind. She was lying on the cool couch, a little bemused. The therapist gently lulled her into a hypnotic state. “Deep sleep. Go back to when you felt put down, the very first time. What do you see? Papa is irritated. “You can’t do it. You don’t understand.” Even when in hospital and could not talk, he still said it in gestures. He always told that” “So did your papa love you?” “Yes, I still remember that night vividly, the last moments of his life. He gazed at me with such a feeling in his eyes, I realized no one can ever love me so. “Your papa would never hurt you. Maybe he was conditioned to behave so” “Yes I understand” “Do you love yourself?” “I don’t know” “See yourself as a child…a smaller you. Tell her much you love her.” She saw a cute little herself, looking lost. “I love you” Simi hugged her, her acceptance and empathy overflowing through tears. That cute little girl with her bundle of bungled beliefs finally grew up. Yet she doubts, ‘What if I fall?’ But now she reminds herself fondly, ‘But oh my darling what if you fly?’ 18

Toastmaster of the Month Award Vol 1 I September 2020 Friends of Yoga Toastmasters has introduced for the first time Toastmasters of the month award 2020-21 (TMOM) from August 2020. This award is initiated with the objective to encourage members to take up roles in the club and to participate in Toastmaster events. Point based criteria are set up to select Toastmaster of the Month. Whoever secures highest point at the end of the month will be awarded TMOM. Points of every months are accumulated and total points are calculated to award Toastmaster of the Year. Toastmaster of the month for August 2020 is awarded to DTM Aravindakshan. 19

Club Status as on 30th September 2020 Vol 1 I September 2020 20

Life Audit Question – Why Toastmasters? Vol 1 I September 2020 DTM Aravindakshan Edayillam Immediate Past President Asst. Div Dir. Program Quality The auditing profession is popular in the finance field and some of its purposes are applicable for life management as well. For example, in a management audit assignment, an auditor focuses on efficient utilisation of valuable and scarce resources, achievement of objectives and identification of wastages. It is a fact that the Covid19 crisis has brought business and salary income to the rock bottom for many people. They became their own auditors to review and reduce the expenses as much as possible. Among toastmasters, there is possibility of a question - why do I have to invest my time and energy in toastmasters? How would you answer this question? I believe we have to answer this question using a long-term approach, by understanding how we would live, work and interact during the present and post Covid world. We also have to approach this question to add required level of competencies in our profession to meet the challenges of the future. Our reaction to the pandemic and its positive impact on our members See how effectively Toastmasters clubs worldwide The ability to adapt and reacted to the pandemic when it became impossible to respond to the conduct physical meetings, the very backbone of its situational need, is a programme. We swiftly shifted to an online venue and survival skill and we can empowered our members to organise the meetings online, master it by continuing manage the tools and challenges of various virtual meeting to practice toastmaster applications making the new way of communication a skills. piece of cake. What is the result? We toastmasters have become the champions in our organisations, in managing the work from home (WFH) model. So many toastmasters shared their sweet success stories with me on how the online meeting experience helped them gain confidence, improve performance and enhance relationships with team members. The ability to adapt and respond to the situational need, is a survival skill and we can master it by continuing to practice toastmaster skills. Surely, we can learn to utilise our time and energy effectively for the overall success of our personal and professional life. 21

Life Audit Question – Why Toastmasters?.... Vol 1 I September 2020 Pathways is a golden treasure with more than 300 unique competencies I am not sure whether the pioneers of the “Yes, investment in ‘Pathways Program’ of Toastmasters had envisioned a toastmasters is really crisis like Covid19. However, I am sure that the ‘Pathways worth it. It is Program’ has the required resources and strength to impossible to achieve toughen us to manage bigger challenges. Personally such a stupendous speaking, after doing level 5 of the ‘Presentation level of competency, Mastery Path’, one of the 11 pathways, I upgraded my confidence and confidence and knowledge in presenting keynote camaraderie in any addresses related to my domain of expertise. I addressed other programme at more than 300 members of the Institute of Chartered this level of Accountants of India Dubai Chapter in a professional investment.” seminar. I feel proud to see my speech video on the YouTube channel of the Institute. It gave me enormous satisfaction and sense of achievement on seeing the positive feedback and appreciation received from the audience. In one of the panel discussions on Pathways, I heard a toastmaster testify how it enhanced his logical and analytical skills boosting his sales. Pathways is a golden treasure if we approach it with utmost sincerity, study its online education materials and demo speeches, and do the specific tasks related to each project. Surely, the achievement of required competencies in our profession keeps us competitive and relevant all the time. Why toastmasters? It is an audit question related to life management. I request all of you to answer this question with your eyes and heart wide-open. Certainly you will conclude your audit on a positive note like “Yes, investment in toastmasters is really worth it. It is impossible to achieve such a stupendous level of competency, confidence and camaraderie in any other programme at this level of investment.” 22

Members Achievements Vol 1 I September 2020 Friends of Yoga Toastmasters club has received 22 educational awards from July 2020 to September 2020. These awards are contributed by club members by completing various levels in Pathways and one award by DTM Saju being DTM in Pathways program. Level DTM Shanmuga Sundaram Effective Coaching (EC5) DTM Hashim Haleem TM Bindu Rajesh Engaging Humor (EH4, EH3) Team Collaboration (TC1) Strategic Relationships (SR2, SR1) TM Anil Kumar TM Rajesh Kovval Effective Coaching (EC1) Dynamic Leadership (DL4, DL3) TM Sonali Lokhandwala DTM Aravindakshan Edayillam Motivational Strategies Presentation Mastery (PM4) (MS1) TM Anupama Yegnamurthy TM Shabin Mohammed Leadership Development (LD3, LD2) Dynamic Leadership 1 (DL1) TM Mohammad Rubel TM Anagha Yegnamurthy Motivational Strategies (MS2) Innovative Planning (IP1) TM Naresh Kumar TM Ruchi Goel Presentation Mastery (PM2) Presentation Mastery (PM1) TM Bhaji Bhadran Visionary Communication (VC2, VC1) TM Shaji Joseph Presentation Mastery (PM1) 23

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