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Japan Vs France

Published by friend.pn_3-3, 2017-01-06 12:37:04

Description: For the people who want to know about culture of Japan and France and this book has culture in each month.

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Japan VS France ปก SINCE 2016

Preface This report is belong to Computer subject. it is about Educaion project which have a kind of festival in France and Japan in 12 month. we hope everyone enjoy reading. whether have any problem or misunderstand some details in this report we please apologize to everyone. Organizer

Content Page January 1 ­ 1⽉ ­ Janvier February 3 ­ 2⽉ ­ Février March 5 ­ 3⽉ April 6 ­ 4⽉ ­ Avril May 8 ­ 5⽉ ­ Mai June 10 ­ 6⽉ ­ Juin

July 12 ­ 7⽉ ­ Juillet August 14 ­ 8⽉ September 15 ­ 9⽉ Octerber 16 ­ 10⽉ November 17 ­ 11⽉ ­ Novembre December 19 ­ 12⽉ ­ Décembre Bibliography 21 Member 22

おはようございます My name is Akiko Yamakushi. I'm from Japan. Have you ever been there before? and Have you ever join Japan's festival? I will show you what you have to do in each festival so Let's go! よろしく おね がいします はじめまして

Me présante france J'aime bien le français Bonjour ! My name is Louise. I'm french and now I'll tell you about my culture. Are you ready ? Let's go !!!

1⽉ New Year's Day Coming of Age Day (20 years old) -Go to the temple for make a wish Festivities include coming of -Clean the rooms. age ceremonies held at local -Give money for children and prefectural offices, as -Eat Bento( home-packed meal well as after-parties amongst common in Japanese cuisine) family and friends. How to say \"Happy New Year.\" akemashite omedetou gozaimasu

JANVIER They will celebrate since last day of December until 6th of January with the special dinner Vocab BONNE ANÉE (Bonne-nannay) Happy New Year BONNE SANTÉ (Bonne- songtay) Have a good health REVEILLON (ker-vei-yong) Celebrate NewYear

2⽉ Winter Festival Setsubun Famous building or person from the Accompanied by a previous year special ritual to cleanse away all the evil 雪 yuki snow ⿁ oni giant

Février Mardi gras A fantasy dress And Carnival parade during the winter holidays Vocab! L'hiver (li-vare) winter Le vacances (ler-va- kong) holidays

3⽉ Girl's Day (hinamatsuri) Most family take their beautiful collection of dolls out of the closet around mid febuary and put it away again as soon as Hina Matsuri over. ⼥の⼦ onna no ko the girls ⼈形 ningyou dolls

4⽉ OHANAMI to enjoy the beauty of flower 花 hana flower

AVRILes Pâqu Pâques or Easterday is a festival of Christ Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Vocab Le chocolat L'œuf (lerve) (ler chocolar) egg chocolate

5⽉ THE CEREBRATION OF CHILDREN KODOMO NO HI To decorate with carp flag to wear kimino Fold a piece of paper (helmet) ⼦供 kodomo children 帽⼦ boushi helmet

MAI La fête du travail On the National Labor Day of France, all the people and government officer will stop working VOCAB Le Muguet (ler-mu-gay) Is the symbol of the national labor day in France

6⽉ Uniform Changing \" SEASONAL CHANGE OF CLOTHES\" 征服 seifuku uniform

In festival of JUIN La musique (la-mu-sic) music of France, song There is amateur L'instrument de and professional musique (lang-sa-tru-mont) music playing Instrument Vocab outdoors La fête de la musique

星 ほし hoshi Star 織り おり ori Weave 7⽉ 姫 ひめ hime Princess 七 ⼣ 祭 T A N A B A T A FORTUNE Decorating colourful paper progress lamp and put a bamboo in front of your house success HAPPINESS

Fête National Juillet TRAVEL & LEISURE Have a parade from L'Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concord. Fête National National Day L'Arc de Triomphe Triumphal arch Place de la Concord The Place de la Concord

8⽉ Hanagasa Matsuri YAMAGATO Yassho! A parade with 10,000 people will wear a Makkasho! straw hat that have a artificial flowers. This suit is made for this festival ! People will say ‘Yassho! Makkasho! with the rhythm drum! ダンス Dansu Dance ぼうし Boshi Hat

9⽉SUMO Position “Yokotsuna” ”Oseki\" ”Makunoushi\" ”Zekiwake\" ”Komutsubi” \"Maekashira (Ordinary Sumo)” Rule Who is eliminated from circle space will be lose this game We also have Bento , Grilled Chicken and Sake available # 1 G O L D E N T I M E S B E S T S E L L E R

10⽉ Nagasaki Kunchi ⾧崎くんち \"Dragon Dancing\" for praying Chuwa temple at Nagasaki. There also have a ancient dragon carnival too! Motte Sugoi! 語彙 ⿓ ryuu Dragon (神社) chinja Temple

11⽉ SHICHI GO SAN Celebrating 3 , 5 and 7 year-old festival On this day, Parent will be going to take their children to temple for paying about health and usually wear Kimono さんさい Sansai 3 years old ごさい Gosai 5 years old ななさい Nanasai 7 years old

Novembre La Toussaint They will go to the church and pray for the saints and put chrysanthemum on the graves. chrysanthèmes chrysanthemum

12⽉ Kasuga Wakamiya On マスク Masuku Mask ふるい Furui Ancient びびしい Bibishi Beautifully Offering sacrifice for traditional show and also having a ancient carnival, Actor in parade will wear a mask

Décembre low down It's a day for family. They have dinner with their ,eat special foods and give the presents. Joyeux Noël Noël Christmas Cadeaux Presents

BIBLIOGRAPHY Japan - JNTO : Japan National Tourism Organization France - วันสําคัญของฝรั่งเศส - วันชาติฝรั่งเศส - การเฉลิมฉลองเทศกาล คริสต์มาสในฝรั่งเศส 2013/12/blog-post.html

Member THE LOW-DOWN Miss Rujinan Morikawa Kanthong M.6/8 No.18 Miss Wassamon Rattanadumrongpinyo M.6/8 No.19

Miss Apinya Success M.6/8 No.22 Miss Araya Tangpan M.6/8 No.23

Traditional Battle THE END ปกหลัง SINCE 2016

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