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Going Global

Published by sandra.zv, 2015-08-15 01:33:18

Description: Toronto Consulting Practicum


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10% Enrolment Rate for 40% Placement Rate at High Class Quality Leading Consultancies50 Minimum Cases 3 MBB Class Practiced Per Candidate Instructors 1

Additional Support forStudentsLarger Alumni andStudent NetworkExtended Reach forTCP 2

Canada: 8.7% Growth Rate Europe: 6% Growth Rate United States: 8.5% Growth RateNorth America EuropeAverage Salary: 85,695 Average Salary: 74,244Market Size: 210bn Market Size: 97.7bn

China: 12.3% Growth Rate TOP SCHOOLS FOR MANAGEMENT Asia CONSULTNG Average Salary: (by 2013 placement rate %) 62,574 NORTH AMERICA Market Size: 1. Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University (40%) 38bn 2. Yale School of Management, Yale University (40%) 3. Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario (40%) EUROPE 1. Insead, Europe Campus (30-40%) 2. London Business School, University of London (30%) 3. Said Business School, University of Oxford (21%) ASIA 1. Peking University (23%) 2. Insead, Singapore Campus (20%) 4

Top Cities (by # top-ranked firms) Global Market Share EUROPE is the 2nd largest management consulting market worldwide, led by 1. Paris (19) 36% German-speaking countries with an average 2. London (18) revenue of 20b+. It has experienced slow 3. Munich (16) 2nd Largest Consulting Industry growth in the past few years, ranging just at $98bn Market Revenue around 2%. MBB and other prestigious firms tend to recruit from Insead and the London School of Business.Best European Consultancies Top Market Distribution, Salary and Ranking 1. Germany (33% of total European Market)(by 2015 vote, VAULT) 2. United Kingdom (20% of Total European Market) 1. BCG 2. McKinsey & Co 3. Bain & Co 4. Roland Berger S.C 5. Strategy& 6. Oliver Wyman 5

Top Cities (by # top-ranked firms) Annual Growth Rate NORTH AMERICA is the largest management consulting industry in the world, given the 1. Chicago (13) 5.2% US economy and a significant number of 2. New York (12) powerful firms. The Kellog School of 3. San Francisco (12) The Largest Consulting Industry Management comes in top, placing over 4. Toronto (11) at $210bn Market Revenue 40% of its students in consulting services. In Canada, Toronto leads as the centre of consulting opportunities.Best American Consultancies Top Market Distribution, Salary and Ranking(by 2015 vote, VAULT) 1. U.S (95% of Total North American Market at $201bn) 1. Bain & Co 2. Canada (5% of Total European Market at $9bn) 2. McKinsey & Co 3. BCG 4. Strategy& 5. Deloitte 6. PwC LLP 6

Top Cities (by # top-ranked firms) Annual Growth Rate Asia is a fast-developing market for management consulting. Top candidates 1. Shanghai (18) 12% often come from prestigious universities 2. Tokyo (16) such as Peking University and University of 3. Beijing (15) The Fastest- Growing Consulting Hong Kong. The consulting market is highly Market, headed by China competitive, dominated by the largest firms and places the greatest importance on reputation.Best Asian Consultancies Top Asian Countries for Management Consulting and Salary 1. China (55% of Total Asian Market at $21bn)(by 2015 vote, VAULT) 2. Hong Kong 3. Japan 1. McKinsey & Co 2. Bain & Co 3. Strategy& 4. A.T. Kearney 5. OC&C S.C 6. Oliver Wyman 7

The vital assessments you need to make for a successful international career Although top consulting firms have standardized interview format and language (English), having business proficiency in the native tongue is a leg-up. Given the client-orientation of management consulting, firms will look for candidates that can understand their clients and respect cultural values in a business setting. Recruitment periods will vary by industry and function. Networking is extremely important, especially in Asian regions where firms will host events that may not be posted on public calendars or test you more on math/technical knowledge during interviews. In these cases, it is crucial to develop relationships with professionals who can help gain you the \"inside track\" to resources. Some of the best opportunities available for consulting prospects in Europe and Asia are with firms that do not operate extensively in North America. This includes OC&C, Roland Berger and Arthur D. Little. MBB may have the prestige you're looking for, but they may not always be considered the top firm in another country. 8

The typical career ladder of a global management consulting firm after your role as an Intern Consultant Associate Consultant Senior Engagement Principal PartnerConsultant Consultant Manager - analysis and - daily leadership - owning client- focus on research-heavy - solving and - \"on the ground\" of client projects relationshipsgrowth and - basic problem structuring managers -participate in - drive strategiclearning solving problems - drive building the vision of the firm- supporting - interacting - communicate successful business - having financialsuperiors with clients and synthesize project - expert status impact- assigned - basic ideas completion on particular - deliver complextasks under understanding - develop - give insight and sectors client engagementsparticular of key business analysis, assistance to - shared success - close deals andindustry terms research plans partners on engagements ensure profitability - focus more on - manage - lead and - build and lead people relationships manage teams across management with senior consulting geographic and clients engagements organizational - boundaries 9

How to crack the case Industry/Data Analysis: You are a research analyst for X company. Your Increase Sales/ Market Share: manager gives you information on three How would you increase X company's sales from companies - what can you make of this data? $500m to $1b? Quantitative Analysis Market Entry X Company has Y employees in each field. The Client X is very interested in pursuing an expansion activities in which they are involved comprises X, opportunity in location Y. Should they proceed or Y and Z% of the work. How many of X employee pass? need to be added to accomplish Z? Mergers & Acquisitions Math Drills: PE firm X is considering taking private The Number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the US last year manufacturer Y of Z products. Should they? Why or numbered 72,000, up 60% from the year before. Why not? How many Wifi hotspots were there the year before? Reduce Costs: The CEO of X company has hired your firm to 10 investigate if the costs of Y can be reduced. What recomendations do you give?

Career options based on educationUNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: MANAGEMENT The paths people have taken professionally to reach their first full-time job, visualized in a Sankey diagram. The relative thickness of each line indicates the number of people who have had prior experience in that industry. For example, most FT management consultants with a degree in Management have previously worked in Marketing roles during their undergraduate term. Top undergraduate work experiences were in marketing, research, accounting and consulting.Research compiled by the 2015 Employment Intern Team

UNDERGRADUATEDEGREE:FINANCEORACCOUNTING Key Performance Weighted Indicators Avg. # of Work Experiences: 3.59 # of Extracurriculars with 1.00 Executive Position: # of Volunteer Experiences: 1.75 # of Competitions with 4.67 Distinction: # of Projects: 2.00Full-Time Consultants: Former Experience Breakdown # of Academic 5.75 Awards/Scholarships:Marketing experience 29% *Each candidate possesses x # ofResearch 29% experiences in each categoryAccounting experience 14%Consulting experience 14% 12

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