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Summer Promo 2018 - Early Years Catalogue

Published by Browns Books, 2018-04-30 07:00:49

Description: Summer Promo 2018 - Early Years Catalogue

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t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

A little bit about us... Resources at your Print & Digital Customers First fingertips We supply every UK book in Our Customer Care & Sales Lists and collections print; we have the largest Team are here all year hand-picked by our stock holding in the UK round to help you withexperienced team, from with 800,000 titles held any query, we can placecurriculum resources andtopic collections to Book in stock and 700,000+ orders for you, find your Banding, Accelerated educational eBooks. We are titles, build collections Reader & best-selling or come and see you to fiction collections. the UK’s leading supplier demonstrate any of our of books and eBooks to services on our website or our VLeBooks platform. schools & colleges.Consolidated Orders Departmental Ordering SeparationYou can put together all of You can order through ouryour orders for us to send Ordering for everyone? Our website or through in one delivery, departmental separation you can pick up the phone which is perfect for your and place your order there can be used to deliver and then and receive the summer text orders. separate orders to up to 40 different departments from invoice on delivery. one account. Library Servicing History Online Ordering Tool We can provide a full We have been trading With lots of user friendly range of servicing books for 35 years! features including List Manager, allowing you tailored to meet your Our customer focused to create and share lists specification. We can family business is with staff membersoffer you Plastic Jackets, or with your SchoolLaminates, Date Labels, unrivalled, check our excellent credit rating. Librarians Network. View Barcodes, Security outstanding line reportsTriggers and much more. and quotes anytime. Giving You More Special Orders Free UK Next Day Delivery We are offering better Need a specialist title?discounts across the board Contact our Customer Free next day delivery with up to 40% discount Care Team who can assist service available on all sourcing resources for stock items on orders on promotional titles. over £50, when ordered your classroom. before 2pm.pDtr.isic+ciln4agi4m. Ae(lrl0:t)Pitrl1eics4ess8ha2orwe3nac8inc4utr6hai6tseb0aototkhaeretimsuebojefcgtotiongqutaoneptnrietqysscu,hbiarunitgesesu@banjedbctmrotaowycbhneasnobgufets,op.fclseotao.sucekku. sVeiswitwthwe.bwreobwsnitsebffosb.rcrtoio.tulwek ifnnofsroburmpfstao.tciodona.t.uek

Book servicing Service Your MARC Record EDI Ordering Existing Stock We provide Marc Record EDI messages provide We offer the option for Response, where Order a seamless transition customers to have stock Specific information is through the ordering added to the Marc Record not supplied by BBFS, process. serviced. Particularly we inc. Price, Quantity, see customers who adopt Line References, and the AR scheme, may want Customers Location, Loantheir whole Library serviced Type & Budget Codes.with AR Labels rather than having to replenish the whole library. Shelf Ready Finance management Selection Support & Servicing systems & De-duplication You can place an order e-procurement All Customers, when with your bespoke logged into their account We pro-actively work and search for a title, can Servicing requirement. with current customers view whether the item has Customers that require previously been purchased. barcodes to be added to to identify their Further to enhance this, the titles; can now have Finance Management / customers can view other the barcode information eProcurement systems and entered into the MARC progress integration to suit formats for the title available on the same Record data file. the customer. screen. By clicking on Therefore the books are the ‘Other Formats’, you “Shelf Ready” and can be are also able to check ifput straight onto the shelf. another format has been purchased and the invoice and delivery information for the titlePaperback Jackets and Hard Laminate and Barcodes Fiction Spine Labels Non Fiction DeweyHardback Dust Jackets Soft LaminateSecurity Trigger RFID Tags Date Label Plain or Ownership Stamp Grid Stamps Date Label printedt. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

40% 2394 DISCOUNT TITLESRead with Oxford Six clear Welcome to Read with Oxford – a brand new series stages from Clear of home reading books for children aged 3–8! first steps to navigation independent of the reading • Brand new, clear, and simple levelling with next steps easily visible. journey—next • A wide range of stories, activity books, flashcards, and activity kits reader to cater for all reading requirements. Clear steps are easily • Online advice, free eBooks, and fun activities to support the print resources. descriptions visibleNEW AGE 3–8 explain each 68 titles stage out now1S TA G E 2S TA G E 3 4 5 6STAGE STAGE STAGE STAGE 1S TA G E 2S TA G E 3S TA G E 4 5 6STAGE STAGE STAGE First steps Early reader First steps Early reader Growing reader I am starting to use letter sounds to read simple words I can use letter sounds to read simple words and short sentences1S TA G E 2S TA G E 3S TA G E 4S TA G E 5S TA G E 6S TA G E 1 2STAGE STAGE 3S TA G E S TAGE STAGE Early reader Growing reader Gaining confidence Growing reader S TA G E 4 5 6Gaining confidence Becoming independent I am starting to read more words and longer sentences with less help I sometimes read by myself, and I can read lots of everyday words1S TA G E 2S TA G E 3S TA G E 4 5STAGE 6S TA G E 1S TA G E 2S TA G E 3S TA G E S TA G ES TA G E S TA G E Independent reader S TA G E Gaining confidence Becoming independent 4 5 6Becoming independent Independent reader I can read and enjoy a whole story by myself I can read and understand longer chapter books by myselft. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

40%UPTO 1315 DISCOUNT TITLESCollins Big CatComplete support for early reading through 60 fully decodable books fully aligned toLetters and Sounds and hundreds of high quality fiction and non-fiction.Busy Ant Maths FoundationPlanrnesinogurscueppsohretetasnd Hometwoolersksoacntivpitlaienss link praeOcatpricplyeorlaetnaudrnnictinioegsnsgtooolaidlsateBe creative with BelairNurture early learning with a wealth of creative and practical ideas for learningthrough play in Belair Early Years.t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

40% 844 DISCOUNT TITLESMAGICAL BOOKS TO SHAREHello, Horse A First Book of the Sea Where Is Little Fish? Count with Little FishHB • £11.99 • 9781406349948 HB • £14.99 • 9781406368956 BB • £5.99 • 9781406374186 BB • £5.99 • 9781406374193When the Moon Smiled Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes A Lion Is a Lion Counting with Tiny CatBB • £6.99 • 9781406382419 BB • £5.99 • 9781406377873 HB • £11.99 • 9781406371536 BB • £5.99 • 9781406378351My Green Day I Do Not Like Books Anymore! We’re Getting a Cat! CRASH! BOOM!PB • £6.99 • 9781406377149 HB • £11.99 • 9781406369137 HB • £11.99 • 9781406372915 HB • £11.99 • 9781406380514Maisy Goes to the Bookshop Maisy Goes to a Wedding PlayPB • £5.99 • 9781406377071 HB • £8.99 • 9781406378511 PB • £7.99 • 9781406380071t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

Fantastic stories from 40BLOOMSBURY CHILDREN’S B7O5OKDISSCOUNT % TITLESEARLY YEARS FRPOICMTURMEABOCOKMS ILLAN CHILDREN’S BOO5–K7 SAND TWO HOOTS 31.05.18 28.06.18 17.05.189781408888926 HB £11.99 9781408879238 HB £12.99 9781408864906 PB £6.99 9781408880968 HB £11.99 9781408889312 PB £5.99 9781408886137 HB £9.99 9781408880975 PB £6.99 7–99781509855131 9781509869329 9781509892419 9780753442678 £5.99 | BB £5.99 | BB £5.99 | BB £7.99 | BB 9781408877753 PB £5.99 9781408887066 PB £5.99 9781408881774 PB £6.99 9781408877142 PB £6.9917.05.18 NON-FICTION 9–119780753442692 9781509825226 9781509827435 9781509837335 £7.99 | BB £6.99 | PB £6.99 | PB £6.99 | PB 9781408884553 PB £6.99 9781408854877 HB £12.99 9781472929488 PB £6.99 9781408889756 HB £12.99 9781408878897 HB £11.99 9781408882191 PB £7.99 9781408878903 PB £6.99Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 12.07.18 12.07.18 on 2nd July 2018 with Hogwarts House Editio1n2s..0A7.v1a8ilable in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin colours. 14.06.189781509871346 9781509821440 For activity packs for many £6.99 | PB £6.99 | PB 978£b16l4.o9497o2|m7P4sBo0bf0u1trhye.caobomv/ectliat9ls7es£8sr11,o25v.o09i9s9mi8t|5gH7u2Bi7d2es9781408898154 HB £14.99 9781408898109 PB £7.99Available from 28th June 2018t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

You’re never too young to enjoy, discover and share poetryNational Poetry Day 4th October 2018 Colou r this in! Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; All the King’s horses and all the King’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again. Get involved – for poems, ideas, competitions, free resources and more.#nationalpoetryday #poetryforachange [email protected] +44 (0) 1482 384660

CrrCeerraaeeaaddttiinneeggaaccuullttuurreeScottish Book Trust is a national charity that believes books, reading andSwcriotitntigshhaBvoeokthTerupsotwiseratonacthioannagleclhivaersit.y that believes books, reading andwWreitwinogrkhawviteh develop a love of reading and writing,Wwiethwinonrkovwaitihvetecalachsserosotmo inresspoiruerccehsil,dcrehnildtoredn’esvbeoloopkaprloizvees,obf oreoakdlinsgtsaannddwlivrietinagu,thorewvitehnitnsnborvoautgivhet cdliarescstrloyotmo srcehsoourlsceasll,ocvheilrdSrecno’stlabnodo.kHperrizeeasr,ebjouoskt alisfteswaonfdthliveewaauytshorweveecnatsnbhreolupg. ht directly to schools all over Scotland. Here are just a few of the wayswe can help.Book Week Scotland Authors LiveiBnotoekrgWeneeerkaSticoontalal nwdriting AAuuthtohrsoLrisveLiisvaeseries ofcinatmerpgaeingenrational writing AauthorsevLeivnetsissatresaemrieesdolifve ainupthaortrneevresnhtips swtirtehamed liveRcaebmel pReabiegl,npick up yer pen iBnBpCarStnceortslahnipdwLietharning. BExBpCloSrecotular nfrdeeLeoanrlinnieng.Rebel Rebel, pwieckwuapnyt etar epeknen Elibxrpalroyreofoouvr efrre6e0onlineGReebt eyloRurebpeulp, iwlsecwhaatntitntgawe ikthenother generations–Gteatlkyotuorppaurpenilstsc,hgarattnindgpwariethntosthoerrregseindernatstions wliborarldrycolaf sosveerv6e0nts byf–rotamlkytooupr alorecnatlsc,agrreahnodmpaeretontgsaothr ererstirdueents Dwaovrlidd cWlaasllsiaemvesn, Jtsulbiay DaonviadldWsoanlli,aMmisc,hJauelliafrom your local sctaorreiehsoomf eretboeglliaotnhearntdruseubmit DMoonrpauldrsgona,nMdicmhaneyl more at stotrhieesmobf yre5beOllciotnobaenrd2s0u1b8m. Aitll theenmtribeys 5wiOll catpopbeearr2o0n18o.uArll sMcoortptuisrhgbooaonkdtrmuastn.ycommo/rae uatthorslive. ewnterbiessitwe iallnadpapesaerleocntionur weillbbseitepaunbdlisahesdeliencatinon we-iblloboekpfuobr lBisohoekdWineaenk Learning Resources Sec-botolaonkdfo(1r 9Bo–o2k5WNeoevk LOeurawrenbisnitge isRpeascokeudrwceithsbrilliant cross 2S0c1o8t).laMndor(e19in–fo2rm5 aNtoiovn at sc2o0t1ti8s)h. bMooorketirnufostrm.coatmio/nreabtel. Ocuurriwcuelbasr irtesiosupracecskefodrwailtlhabgerislliawnrtitcteronss cbuyrtreicauclahreressaonudrcliebsraforiraanlsl.aVgiesist written sbcyotettaischhbeorsoakntrdulsibt.rcaoriman/sre. sVoisuitrces stocodtisticsohvbeor oskotmruestht.icnogmne/rwesfooruyrcoeursschool.Live Literature to discover something new for your school.LLiivveeLiLteirtaeturrae tisuarefantastic, affordable way tobLirvinegLaituetrhaotursreaisndaifllaunstarastoicr,sainfftoordyaobulreswchaoyotlo,ebarirnlyg yaeuathrsorosr afunrdthiellur setdrautcoartsiointoseytotinugr !sAchpopolyl,feoarrlsyuypepaorrsteodr feuvrethnetsr eadnudcfautlliyo-nfusnedtteindgs! cAhpopolylrfoesr isduepnpcoierstetdhreovuegnhtosuatntdhefuylleya-fru. Fndineddosucthmoolrearetssidceonttciisehsbtohrookutgruhsotu.ct othme/ylievaer-.lFitienrdaotuurtem. oreat ookkttrr/suucossttittsh..bccooooktmmrust@scottishbktrust /scottishbooktrustt. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

THE BOOK BUSEDUCATIONAL BOOK SHOWROOMfrom Browns Books for Students OeOgsTdruTuidetuohvruirhpiestreersclMeedpeqBpalaaeosouoltotrcaoirwricbotorsctyopheeinkeialwnmeracdtsdBiglhtrlseeeEdleueeiocvncdtiassnosekvhtuttgsowleeacchaorrabnaohasrfrn4etelineseticidsho0wtclhabeehene0avecnmisai0bsravtettrlieeuoioisnolpBvasnctndnheoobtktiserssycolsas,meiskfnikwhnaitietocettesnthSooedan,fldohofdlwslbwiorrtbubdewrmehwiasoroteaiaetdhetoridrhonroidketsioynoeohtsbpwvistsfmn.eyaeo,oUhottroorsscainsenct4ryhviaudloshnoe0eedieuogmcud0derartore0riaoncontollhsbictangnbmbseeilaiolridctoencsanesooebasmrdarskyunmimhotels.bceoroebioelfdneoswatemeiatndrrdosrligmasointtnechayocstgkuce,otlpminukopscaeeridcrltecwabdryeasevtouibdnfeltsioioechunb,rriavwkwnsmer1itas7criiwv, +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

3 AsGySacSvohuentaouotidtiyrcloaakFollbibEvbusl/leicrersHaaficttonroEoyrnmbPeomrrisomutknoafirtcoyyrre,cyaSooteneucnoryeneocdvuteeardnrytt/o 3 S4TdeCew,o0-haBow0etoi0cnenokglpsekothacauptyritrrlesoaosiacntrafdioclermtrmitselefdeosetriomnnngeobxsnoptsaatdrrcaadeytsions3 selections 3 delivery 3 3 3 3 3 Call NOW to arrange a visit! tel: +44 (0) 1482 384 660t. +4e4n(q0)[email protected]

USBORNE 40% 4133 DISCOUNT TITLESAdorable books for little ones9781474942959 BD £6.99 9781474933759 BD £6.99 9781409587583 BD £6.99 9781474945547 BD £5.99 9781474936781 BD £5.99 9781474936798 BD £5.999781474941105 BD £5.99 9781474945578 BD £5.99 9781474945585 BD £5.999781474928915 BD £6.99 9781474928922 BD £6.99 9781474937146 BD £9.99 9781409540571 HB £9.99 9781409597643 HB £9.999781474937207 BD £9.99 9781409582472 BD £9.99 9781409597834 BD £9.99 9781474937191 BD £9.99t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

Books to spark a love of reading and discovery 40% 86 DISCOUNT TITLESPbk: 978-1-911341-67-3 I £7.99 Pbk: 978-1-911341-64-2 I £7.99 Pbk: 978-1-911341-66-6 I £7.99 Pbk: 978-1-911341-65-9 I £7.99A wonderfully engaging first words series specially created to support the Early Years Foundation Stage.Pbk: 978-1-78856-023-8 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-78856-024-5 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-78856-025-2 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-78856-026-9 I £6.99Get answering all those tricky BIG questions that young children love to ask.Pbk: 978-1-78856-018-4 I £4.99 Pbk: 978-1-78856-020-7 I £4.99 Pbk: 978-1-911341-61-1 I £4.99 Pbk: 978-1-911341-27-7 I £4.99Choose from a delightful range of book-banded readers for those children who are ready to read.Hbk: 978-1-910549-52-0 I £10.99 Hbk: 978-1-910549-48-3 I £10.99 Hbk: 978-1-910549-42-1 I £10.99 Hbk: 978-1-910549-56-8 I £10.99Pbk: 978-1-910549-53-7 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-910549-49-0 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-910549-43-8 I £6.99 Pbk: 978-1-910549-57-5 I £6.99Discover all about the lives of children from different cultures and countries around the world.t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

403%5% 399 DISCOUNT TITLESWORDSWORTH EDITIONS9781853261220 9781853261190 9781853261183 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

40% 220 DISCOUNT TITLES Books for TITCHY toddlers TM & © 2018 Eric Carle LLC. All rights reserved. © The Roald Dahl Story Company Limited / Quentin Blake 2018 A perfect introduction to the colourful EwLoMrldEoRft. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

9781474254038 | £19.99 40%UPTO 9781474231909 | £19.99 9781472932280 | £19.99 528 DISCOUNT9781350003095 | £22.99 TITLES Achieve your best practice with the latest books from new Bloomsbury edition A key resource for all schools, Reflective Playwork covers key values and principles to show how you can support and enhance children's play, giving practical advice based on research and real-life scenarios. We also recommend new for august 9781472938312 | £19.99 9781441172044 | £24.99 9781474264273 | £21.99t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected] @BloomsburyEd

9781472946652 | £14.99 40%UPTO 528 DISCOUNT TITLES NEW for 2018 Explore outdoor learning with our choice of Featherstone books “With common sense advice and some truly fabulous activities, this is a great addition to any staff book shelf. Many of the ideas require few or no extra resources, which is perfect for a busy setting.” – Dandelion Education, Nursery of the Year and Enabling Environment of the Year at the Nursery World Awards 2017 We also recommend9781472938350 | £19.99 9781472911032 | £14.99 9781408193174 | £19.99 9781472906076 | £19.999781472954282 | £9.99 9781472940568 | £9.99 9781472938367 | £9.99 9781472919205 | £9.99t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 @BloomsburyEd [email protected]

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 30%Essential Resources for Early Years Teachers 1948 DISCOUNT TITLES£22.99 ISBN-9781785922237 £14.99 ISBN-9781785922893 £15.99 ISBN-9781785921438 £14.99 ISBN-9781785922084£14.99 ISBN-9781785923357 £14.99 ISBN-9781785921759 £16.99 ISBN-9781785922657 £14.99 ISBN-9781785922985£16.99 ISBN-9781785922626 £9.99 ISBN-9781785920264 £14.99 ISBN-9781785920653 £18.99 ISBN-9781909391222£12.99 ISBN-9781785920486 £14.99 ISBN-9781785921797 £16.99 ISBN-9781785920592 £14.99 ISBN-9781785920851t. +44 (0) 1482 384660 [email protected]

.99 £23.99 40302 %UPTO TITLES DISCOUNT 9781526432094 £21.99 3 learning theorists who in uence Early Years practice todayJohn Jean-Jacques JohannLocke Rousseau Pestalozzibelieved that children are born as believed that children are born good believed that children shouldblank slates and saw the primary and saw the primary function of learn through actively engaging inpurpose of education as that of education as a mechanism through activities with their environments,instilling within children the need for which children would come to bene t seeing spontaneity as a key featurea strong sense of virtue. His theory the societies in which they lived. His of children’s learning. His theoryis relevant to early years practice theory is relevant to practice today, is relevant today, as practitionerstoday, as he believed that play as he saw the primary role of the in early years settings take greatwas an essential part of children’s teacher to be one of channelling care to support positive social anddevelopment and argued strongly those drives, needs and impulses emotional development of theirthat adults should take care not to that children are born with, in a children, taking time to listen tohinder children in their play, nor from positive and purposeful way. them, observing and guiding them‘being children’. in their attempts to collaborate and build relationships with their peers.You might also be interested in…9781473925335 9780857258175 9781473905900 9781473955806 9781446272183 9781473906464£18.99 £22.99 £22.99 £22.99 £24.99 £23.99ts. +a44g(0e) 1p48u2 b38.4c66o0 .uk/[email protected]

Powered by...700,000+ available eBooks including fiction & textbook content from: Collins • Bloomsbury • Cambridge University Press Oxford University Press • Penguin Random House • Macmillan and many more...Download to PC, Create and share Integrated Open multiple Store core titles Content restricted Mac or Mobile notes dictionary eBooks in bookshelves by year group Designed for Education VLeBooks has been created with schools and colleges in mind. Our intelligent platform takes care of everything, allowing teachers to concentrate on delivering outstanding digital lessons and allowing librarians to seamlessly blend physical and digital resources into the library or LRC. “I have loved using the BBfS VLeBooks platform, it is easy to use, simple to navigate, bright and attractive!” - Leicester High School for GirlsSearch ‘VLeBooks’ ontt..++4444((00))11448822338844666600 eennqquuiirriieess@@bbrroowwnnssbbffss..ccoo..uukk bbrroowwnnssbbffss..ccoo..uukk 9 781845 798116

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