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My Ag Life Digital Guide | August 2020

Published by My Ag Life Digital Guide, 2020-08-27 12:35:40

Description: Read the August, 2020 issue of My Ag Life Digital Guide.


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MY LIFE Digital Guide AUGUST 2020

August 2020 This is the My Ag Life resource for all of your ag needs. The Digital Guide is a collection of our participat- ing vendor’s products and contact information all in one place. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or at 559-352-4456 We hope you enjoyed the conference! -JCS Marketing Inc. MY LIFE Digital Guide MY LIFE Digital Guide Chemical 36 Attune 43 Bayer Crop Science 32 Central Life Sciences 35 Corteva 30 Gowan 37 Marrone Bio 42 Pacific Biocontrol 34 PolymerAg 33 Semios 34 Suterra 34 Terramera 41 Trécé 31 TriCal, Inc. 40 Westbridge Fertilizers 16 Acadian Plant Health 26 Agro-K 29 AgroLiquid 22 Belchim 20 Blue Mountain Minerals 28 Cure Soil Consulting 24 EarthSol 20 Heliae 16 Liventia Equipment 53 Beeler Tractor Co. Organic 7 BioAg 6 Bio-Ag Services 11 California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. 6 Creative AG Products 13 Ferticell 9 HumaGro Fertigold 8 Kemin Crop Technologies 10 Live Earth Products 4 PureCrop1 10 Qualitech 4 Superior Soil 14 WRT 30 New Era Farm Service 17 Penergetic 23 Redox 18 Soil and Crop 21 SQM 25 Tessenderlo Kerley 20 UltraGro

August 2020 3 Processing 59 Buhler 61 Cablevey Conveyers 63 Carriere Farms Nursery 67 Agromillora 64 Burchell Nursery 66 Dave Wilson Nursery 65 KLR FARMS 66 Micro Paradox 63 Orestimba Nursery 69 Sierra Gold Nurseries 68 Wonderful Nurseries Association 70 American Pecan Council 71 CA Walnut Board 72 Western Ag Processors Association 44 Conservis 53 Cream of the Crop 46 Garton Tractor 44 Hilbers Incorporated 47 Jack Rabbit 54 JKB Energy 49 Key Dollar Cab 50, 54 Kraemer & Co. Mfg., Inc. 46 Krause Fabrication 48 Midland Tractor 44 Myers Bros. Well Drilling, Inc. 55 Nikkel Iron Works Corp. 50 Orchard Machinery Corporation 52 Orchard-Rite 51 PBM Supply & MFG., Inc. 45 Peterson Trap Co. 55 PG & E 46 Swanson Timber Company 52, 56 Texas Refinery 51 T.G. Schmeiser Co., Inc. 56 The Bee Corp 50 Tillage Management 46 Well Industries, Inc. 48 WiseConn 46 Wizard Manufacturing 58 CA Valley Nut Company, LLC. 62 G3 Enterprises 62 Grossi Fabrication, Inc. 63 Insort, Inc. 58 Ripon Manufacturing Company Inc. 62 Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers 60 Satake 58 Star Nut 60 WECO 57 West-Link

4 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic

August 2020 5 AG MARKETING SOLUTIONS Save The Date September 17-18, 2020 Interactive Conference • Virtual Conference (All Online) • Free T-Shirt • Interactive Seminars • Interactive Trade Show • Hard to get CCA Hours • A $125 Value (Only $65/Person) • Giveaways $65 ONLY for BOTH DAYS

6 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic Provides calcium, salmon oil, amino acids and crab and shrimp shell metabolites in a liquid foliar and soil fertilizer. O Helps microbes feed and defend the crop O Builds healthy fungal populations O Delivers plant-available calcium Builds Humus & Healthy Soil Pacific Gro feeds soil microbes and helps establish a healthy fungal balance. This produces soil that’s resilient and efficient at providing nutrients. And it increases humus and soil organic matter. Used as a foliar fertilizer — Pacific Gro’s salmon oil performs as a sticker oil, and the amino acids chelate nutrients to facilitate absorption. Produced by Creative AG Products Inc. 503-867-4849 A Monthly Newsletter for Crop Consultants CONSULTAN Bringing the latest in timely crop production to Certified Crop Consultants and Pest Control Advisors Brought to you by SUBSCRIBE TODAY AT:

August 2020 7 ORGANIC Organic The professionals’ top choice coast to coast for all root and foliar applications.

8 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic Calls Us at 559-352-4456 For More Information © Kemin Industries, Inc. and its group of companies 2020. All rights reserved. ® ™ Trademarks of Kemin Industries, Inc., USA. FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticides: These products are exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations. Kemin Crop Technologies partners with Laboratoire M2, Inc. to distribute THYMOX CONTROL . ® Copyright 2020 © Thymox | Biodegradable Disinfecting Technologies Manufacturer. Always read and follow label directions. Consult your Kemin representative or your state regulatory representative for approval of this use in your state, specific applications and labeling. Miticide-insecticide TetraCURB Organic and fungicide- ™ bactericide Thymox Control Organic are our lines ® of ZERO-Day PHI and ZERO-Hour REI botanical oil-based biopesticides. Add to your organic IPM program these effective OMRI-Listed tools to solve problems with mites ® and soft-bodied insects, as well as common fungal and bacterial disease issues. The products have active ingredients with ZERO known resistance and ZERO MRLs. Let’s have a summer with ZERO stress, spray TetraCURB and THYMOX Control! For more information visit or call our Sale Rep. 1-626-372-1153 EQUIP YOUR IPM PROGRAM WITH OUR BIOPESTICIDES! [email protected]

August 2020 9 ORGANIC Organic

10 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic The power to grow organically. • 800.328.5870 Q-Bio ® complexed nutrients for organic crops

August 2020 11 ORGANIC Organic California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. Producing Organic Fertilizers for over 28 Years We are available to help you develop an agronomy based fertility plan including Nitrogen Budgeting, food safety planning and/or crop quality improvement. We are Certified Crop Advisors and are very skilled in organic crop nutrition. If you are experiencing low yields, poor crop quality, soil health issues, excessive nitrogen usage or costs, or plant disease problems, give us a call. We can help. COFI offers free consultations, custom nutrient planning and in field evaluations for all - crops from alfalfa to zucchini. 10585 Industry Ave., Hanford, Ca 93230 800.269-5690 [email protected] ♦ ♦ ♦

12 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic MY LIFE A NEW PODCAST About Your Life in Ag Questions? Call us today at (559) 352-4456 or visit us online at | JCS Marketing  PO Box 27772, Fresno, CA 93729 Available On All Major Podcast Platforms And more. CLICK PLAY TO LISTEN NOW Interviews with Industry Professionals Articles from our publications available in audio format What is My Ag Life? My Ag Life is a brand new podcast powered by JCS Marketing, Inc. The publisher of the industry-leading ag publications, West Coast Nut Pro- , gressive Crop Consultant , and Organic Farmer. Our podcast brings you exclusive interviews with industry professionals, readings of special articles from our publications, and more! Visit our website for more information and to subscribe for updates, notifications for new episodes and more! Visit: SPONSORED BY

August 2020 13 ORGANIC Organic Sustainable...Compatible... Plant Available... The Key to A Successful Finish is How You Start... Guaranteed chain of custody Non-GMO ingredients Complete programs, proven in the field... Full line of organic & sustainable fertilizers Call (480) 361-1300 or visit @ferticell

14 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 ORGANIC Organic

August 2020 15 ORGANIC Organic BIOPESTICIDE Video not loading? Click the link below.

16 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers DO NOT PRINT FOR OFFICE USE ONLY McDaniels Marketing • Client: Acadian• “2020 Acadian Fundamentally Better Ad” Print Ad • #10997 • Ad Size: Half Page horz., 7.25”W x 5”H • 4/c • West Coast Nut, May 2020• Pub Deadline: 4/10/20 Chris Coolidge (Central CA) . . . . 559-779-3579 Duncan Smith (NorCal) . . . . . . . 209-471-2412 Annalisa Williams (CA) . . . . . . 805-801-5238 Jeff Downs (SoCal/AZ) . . . . . . . 559-285-8448 ACADIAN DELIVERS FUNDAMENTAL ® VALUE TO YOUR PROGRAM WITH: • Improved plant vigor • Enhanced root growth • Resistance to environmental stress • Higher yields When you’re looking to build your nutritional program – ask for Acadian ® . FUNDAMENTALLY BETTER Acadian Plant Health is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited. ™ Acadian is a registered trademark of Acadian Seaplants Limited. ® CONTACT US TODAY! 2.5659 6.9965 24.7473 3.4607 3.6872 3.7959 4.6958 4.4738

August 2020 17 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers 2.5659 6.9965 24.7473 3.4607 3.6872 3.7959 For Soil Activation For Plant Growth/ Development  4.6958 4.4738  ­€  ‚ƒ Strengthens & Boosts Resistance Promotes „ … INCREASES † ‡

18 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers • BACTERIAL Inoculants • Soil Products • Biological Food Products • Micro Nutrients • Foliar Nutrients WE WILL PUMP YoU UP with our mycorrhizal products POWER UP YOUR PLANTS Ask us about our other soil care products. Contact Us Today at 1-800-279-9567

August 2020 19 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Video not loading? Click the link below.

20 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers The water associated with soils contains both dissolved chemicals and undissolved suspen- sions of colloidal substances. The portion of the soil water containing dissolved substances is called the soil solution. The amount of plant nutri- ents dissolved in soil solutions is measured as the soluble nutrients on a soil test. Generally this number is much smaller than the exchangeable portion and is normally reported in parts per million (ppm). When looking at a soil report it is important to look at both exchangeable for long term supply of nutrients, and soluble for nutrients that are available today. Check your nutrients and seek advise from a certified soils advisor. Advertorial Guaranteed ROI, water efficiency, nut quality, and longer-term viability all with PhycoTerra . ® YOU STICK TO GROWING. WE STICK TO YOUR SOIL. > 4:1 ROI potential awaits. Visit for details. Ultra Gro is hiring. Need a career? Contact Craig Fourchy for more info: [email protected] IMMEDIATE OPENINGS IN MERCED, STANISLAUS AND SAN JOAQUIN COUNTIES Looking for 2-3 Crop Advisors to join our team. September 17-18, 2020 Interactive Conference AG MARKETING SOLUTIONS Save The Date Pre-Register at: CO-HOST POWERED BY • Virtual Conference (All Online) • Free T-Shirt • Interactive Seminars • Interactive Trade Show • Hard to get CCA Hours • A $125 Value (Only $65/Person) • Giveaways $65 ONLY for BOTH DAYS

August 2020 21 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers

22 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Other Innovative Products* From Belchim Crop Protection: Belchim Crop Protection USA, LLC 2751 Centerville Road | Suite 100 Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 855-445-7990 Email: [email protected] Move Water and What Moves In It! • PROVIDES Uniform Penetration and Lateral Movement of Water • ENCOURAGES Improved Rooting and Nutrient Uptake • ENHANCES Initial Wetting and Subsequent Rewetting of Soils • IMPROVES Distribution and E† ectiveness of Soil Applied Chemicals • SAVES WATER - Reduces Irrigation Requirements by Up To 25% Other Innovative Products From Belchim Crop Protection:

August 2020 23 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers

24 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Solutions for the Earth DON’T FORGET THE SEASOL... WATER SEASOL View the Full Study at Increases Nutrient Uptake Efficiency Increases Yield for a Bountiful Crop Decreases Saline Stress Improves Environment for Soil Microbial Activity Conventional and Organic Products Available

August 2020 25 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers KTS® (0-0-25-17S) is the liquid fertilizer California’s top growers depend on for healthy crops and better yields. No other liquid fertilizer delivers more potassium and sulfur than KTS®. KTS® blends well with other fertilizers and is easily injected, making it immediately available for plant uptake. Maximize your potassium applications this year with KTS® from TKI Crop Vitality. Crop Vitality Specialists can provide assistance regarding application, blending, field studies and technical data. KTS® liquid crop nutrition. That performs Potassium Start a Conversation today with Your Crop Vitality Specialist Call (800) 525-2803, email [email protected] or visit ©2019 Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. All rights reserved. KTS is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. ® PCC JULY 19 V2.indd 1 6/14/2019 4:15:14 PM

26 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Hull Split NOW sprays provide a great opportunity to increase this year’s nut size, splits and yield and set the stage for higher yields next season. However – many conventional foliar nutrient formulations do not penetrate well, especially from mid-summer onward after the pistachio leaf has hardened off and developed a thick waxy cuticle, making them ineffective. But Agro-K’s Sysstem and Dextro-Lac ® ® foliar product lines are designed to rapidly and completely move through even the toughest, hardened off, waxy pistachio leaf – even in late summer, making them extremely effective nutrient delivery tools. Agro-K’s penetrating formulations allow growers to capitalize on the freeride available with a summer Hull Split Navel Orange Worm spray to apply the right nutrients, in right form, at the right time, in the right mix and in the right place – the 5 R’s for foliar nutrition. Applying effective nutrients based on a “Science Driven ” approach which can penetrate ™ leaf tissue will help maximize nut size and splits on this year’s crop, increasing per acre returns. In addition, foliar nutrient programs added to Hull Split NOW sprays will also increase next year’s crop. Even though this year’s crop has not yet been harvested, by mid-season the tree is already building next season’s crop. Take advantage of the free ride to influence it! In an August trial a mix of Agro-K nutrients, both micro and macro, were applied to pistachio trees. Utilizing SAP testing methodology over standard tissue testing allowed for analysis of “free nutrients” only; meaning those nutrients currently mobile within the plant’s sap and immediately available for plant use. Conventional tissue testing measures what is already bound within the leaf structure and mostly immobile. Measuring sap nutrient levels effectively detects recent nutrient changes. The charts above show statistically significant changes in six different nutrients 7 days after application. Zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, potassium and phosphorus levels all increased statistically vs. the control in the week after application. This year, take advantage of your Hull Split NOW application to feed your pistachio trees the key nutrients they need to maximize yield this season and deliver higher yields next year. For more information, call 800-328- 2418 , visit , or email [email protected] . Your authorized Agro-K distributor and/or PCA can provide guidance on all Agro-K products. Call today. Hull Split N.O.W. Applications – A Increase Yield And Improve Yield 80 60 40 20 0 50 37.5 25 12.5 0 7 5.25 3.5 1.75 0 0.9 0.68 0.45 0.23 0 10500 10325 10150 9975 9800 600 450 300 150 0 n Untreated Agro-K Treated n n Untreated Agro-K Treated n n Untreated Agro-K Treated n n Untreated Agro-K Treated n Data by Bisabri Ag Research n Untreated Agro-K Treated n n Untreated Agro-K Treated n a a a a a a b b b b b b 7 DAT (8/31/17) 7 DAT (8/31/17) 7 DAT (8/31/17) 7 DAT (8/31/17) 7 DAT (8/31/17) 7 DAT (8/31/17) Baseline Baseline Baseline Baseline Baseline Baseline Zinc PPM PPM PPM PPM PPM PPM Manganese Copper Moly Potassium Phosphorus

August 2020 27 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Great Opportunity To Consistency Year Over Year. Products Available At: ® AGRO-K CORpORAtiOn 8030 Main Street, NE • Minneapolis, MN 55432 • 800-328-2418 • Science-Driven Nutrition ™ Take advantage of the free ride available with your Hull Split Navel Orange Worm spray to apply nutrient formulations that have been tested and documented to penetrate thick waxy pistachio leaves even during the heat of summer. Applying effective nutrients based on a “Science Driven” approach will help pistachio growers maximize nut size and splits on this year’s crop, increasing per acre returns. In addition, foliar nutrient programs added with Hull Split NOW sprays will also improve yield consistency as well as next year’s total yield. Even though this year’s crop has not yet been harvested, by mid-season the tree is already building next season’s crop. Applying early-season peak demand nutrients like zinc, phosphorus and boron with your Hull Split NOW spray helps build bud strength and provide critical nutrients that can be stored for next year’s developing buds so they are available when the tree breaks dormancy next spring. Agro-K’s Sysstem LeafMax – zinc/ manganese phosphite provides eight key nutrient including magnesium, iron and copper in a highly systemic (phloem and xylem mobile) mix for complete chlorophyll development. Along with other materials like AgroBest 0-20-26 and Top Set D.L. Agro-K designs specific nutrient programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your crop. Our pistachio programs focus on the 5Rs – Right Nutrient, Right Form, Right Time, Right Mix, Right Place. Building key nutrient levels during Hull Split NOW spray timing works to maximize yield this season while also benefiting next year’s crop. Building nutrient levels in the buds this year, leads to more uniform bud break, faster early growth with larger leaves that have more photosynthetic capability and stronger flower buds for increased nut set next season. Ensuring peak nutrient demand timing is met leads to higher nut set and retention. The end result… larger, heavier nuts and increased yield and yield consistency!. Building nutrient levels this year sends trees and buds into winter with more strength and carbohydrate reserves that will be available to the tree next spring at bud break when cool soils limit uptake and nutrient availability. Poor chilling hours have a direct impact on blanks and yield the following year. Chilling hours cannot be controlled but growers can increase carbohydrate levels in the tree by using their Hull Split NOW spray to increase late season photosynthesis leading to increased carbohydrate reserves going into the winter. Incorporate a science driven nutrient program that can penetrate pistachio leaves. Addressing nutrient needs at this time with Sysstem-LeafMax., AgroBest 0-20-26 and Top-Set D.L. helps minimize blanks and alternate bearing issues. Starting to manage next year’s nutrient needs during Hull Split NOW spray timing drives yield increases and yield consistency. For more information, call 800-328- 2418 , visit , or email [email protected] . Your Agro-K distributor and PCA can provide guidance on all Agro-K products. 3 Year Trial Increases Yields 350 lbs Annually Bisabri Ag Research - ‘Gold Hills’ Pistachio - 2017-2019 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 n Average Annual Yield per acre over 3 years Soil Program Only Soil Program and a Agro-K Foliar Program 3719 4065 Reported lbs/acre

28 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers Your favorite monthly newsletter delivering original, relevant content about orchard management and best practices Sign up to receive it at Now comes twice a month Brought to you by MY LIFE A NEW PODCAST About Your Life in Ag Interviews with Industry Professionals Articles from our publications available in audio format Visit: Listen To An Episode Now

August 2020 29 FERTILIZERS Fertilizers There’s nothing quite like California agriculture, and successful growers need a nutrition plan that meets the unique goals, climate and challenges we face. Get precisely the advanced products and agronomic knowledge you need to support your crops, your soil and a sustainable future. Find an AgroLiquid dealer near you. Apply less, expect more? Sure-K® and Kalibrate® are registered trademarks and PrG is a trademark of AgroLiquid. © 2020 AgroLiquid. All Rights Reserved. ™ 50778_AgroLiquid_FullPgAd_Almonds_WEST COAST NUT_FA_ps.indd 1 50778_AgroLiquid_FullPgAd_Almonds_WEST COAST NUT_FA_ps.indd 1 2/5/20 11:01 AM 2/5/20 11:01 AM

30 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Fertilizers FERTILIZERS / CHEMICALS BROAD SPECTRUM MITE CONTROL - IRAC Group 21A - FRAC Group 39 - Rapid mite knockdown - Controls adults and immature mite stages, selective activity on eggs - Disease suppression Alternaria, Rust, Shothole and Scab - 12 hour REI; 7 day PHI 800.883.1844 For More Information Magister® is a registered trademark used under license by Gowan Company, L.L.C Always Read and Follow Label Directions FEATURING: O ce: 559-686-3833 Fax: 559-686-1453 2904 E. Oakdale Ave. | Tulare, CA 93274 Helping Farmers Grow NATURALLY Since 1974 Fertilizers / Chemical

August 2020 31 Chemical CHEMICAL The best way to manage pathogens before they become an issue. TriClor is chloropicrin based and can be used as a standalone or as a com- plement to Telone® depending on your orchard redevelopment needs. When targeting soil borne disease and nematodes, TriClor and Telone® can be applied in a single pass. This reduces application costs, promotes early root development, and improves soil health. For more information about TriClor or to schedule an application contact TriCal, Inc. *TriClor and Telone are federally Restricted Use Pesticides. 669-327-5076 TRICAL, INC.

32 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Chemical CHEMICAL To learn more about Extinguish ® Professional Fire Ant Bait and to find a list of regional sales representatives near you, visit or call 800.347.8272. Always read and follow label directions. Extinguish is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. Central Life Sciences with design is a registered trademark of Central Garden & Pet Company. ©2019 Wellmark International. • Approved for all crops • Cost-effective ant control • Sterilizes the queen(s)/destroys the colony • Available in economical 25 lb. bags • A usage rate of 1-1.5 lbs. per acre GET AHEAD OF FIRE ANTS TREAT NOW WITH EXTINGUISH ANT BAIT ®

August 2020 33 Chemical CHEMICAL

34 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Chemical CHEMICAL Order from your PCA or local Ag Retailer / Crop Protection Supplier *One application of Anti-Stress 550® will remain e ective 30 to 45 days, dependent on the rate of plant growth, application rate of product and weather conditions. 559.495.0234 • 800.678.7377 • [email protected] Additional Environmental Stress Conditions that the product is useful for: Frost & Freeze • High Temperatures & Extreme Heat • Drought Conditions • Transplanting • Drying Winds Anti-Stress 550 ® Beat the Heat & Care for Your Crops with: Optimal application period is one to two weeks prior to the threat of high heat. A foliar spray that creates a semi-permeable membrane over the plant surface. The coating of Anti-Stress becomes eective when the product has dried on the plant. The drying time of Anti-Stress is the same as water in the same weather conditions. What is Anti-Stress 550®? When to apply Anti-Stress 550®? When is Anti-Stress 550® most e ective? Maximize Quality and Yield Spray CheckMate NOW-F to ® Control Navel Orangeworm • Proven to reduce NOW damage • Easy to deploy liquid formulation • Fights conventional insecticide resistance • Does not harm beneficial insects • Minimal re-entry and pre-harvest interval 541-388-3688 [email protected] Proven broad-spectrum control for major insect pests and diseases ONE PRODUCT, TRIPLE CONTROL FUNGICIDE + INSECTICIDE + MITICIDE NEW Always read and follow label directions for use and application rates. RANGO is a trademark of Terramera, Inc. Protecting your crops from start to harvest Better handling with premium suspension stability for over 48 hours. SUPERIOR STABILITY: Use right up to day of harvest with 4-hour REI and 0-day PHI. GROWER FLEXIBILITY: Works on contact or by ingestion, as antifeedant, insect repellent and growth inhibitor. MULTIPLE MODES OF ACTION: For field trial data and more information visit or call your territory manager at 1.805.788.8167. Try RANGO today. ™

August 2020 35 Chemical CHEMICAL When cloudy, grey skies appear during bloom, DuPont Fontelis fungicide will ™ ® help protect your almond trees. Fontelis controls key early-season diseases like brown rot blossom blight, Anthracnose, jacket rot and shothole. The single active ingredient (FRAC Group 7) gives you the exibility to rotate, or tank mix, with other modes of action. With Fontelis, you and your trees are ready. Storm, I’m ready for you Visit us at ® ™Trademarks of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer and their af liated companies or respective owners. Always read and follow label directions. ©2019 Corteva

36 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Chemical CHEMICAL C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

August 2020 37 Chemical CHEMICAL BETTER PROTECTION © 2020 Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc Learn more Broad spectrum protection against sucking and chewing insects, e.g. Lygus, Mites, & Armyworms Easy on pollinators and beneficial insects E ectively controls Spotted Wing Drosophila Multiple modes of action 4 4 4 Better yield and harvest quality for conventional and organic strawberries Stimulates plant immunity and prevents disease such as Powdery Mildew & Botrytis Increases root growth and root quality 4 4 4 FOR HEALTHIER STRAWBERRIES 4 Act Now to Protect your Strawberries from Pests and Diseases

38 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Popular Progressive Crop Consultant Conference Goes Virtual

August 2020 39

40 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Chemical CHEMICAL ORGANIC Contains Auxiliary Soil & Plant Substances ® Prepare your Nut Trees for Next Season with the Westbridge Post-Harvest Program (800) 876-2767 ® Program Includes: • Organic TRIGGRR ® • Organic BioLink Cal-Plus 7%* ® • Organic BioLink 3-3-3 Fertilizer ® • Organic BioLink Micronutrients ® ORGANIC ® Plant Nutrients The Westbridge Post-Harvest Program is designed to increase root growth and improve nutrient uptake of fall fertilizers, preparing trees for next year’s growing season. Apply a soil or foliar application within 30 days after harvest to: • Improve winter hardiness • Increase root growth and perennial wood • Improve fruit bud vigor, which can lead to reduced alternate bearing. *When plants are in need of more nitrogen, Organic BioLink® Cal-N can be substituted for Organic BioLInk® Cal-Plus 7%

August 2020 41 Chemical CHEMICAL INSECT PHEROMONE & KAIROMONE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED ® Your Edge – And Ours – Is Knowledge. MATING DISRUPTION PRODUCT FOR NAVEL ORANGEWORM IN ALMONDS, PISTACHIOS & WALNUTS Contact your local supplier and order now! Visit our website: or call: 1-866-785-1313. Navel Orangeworm Control! Mating disruption product for conventional and organic California tree nuts!! • Up to 80% or more potential reduction in damage vs. current insecticide program • Season-long control through post-harvest • Easy application with ready-to-use carrier pack • No moving parts, no batteries, no gummy deposits • Removal not required © 2019 , Trécé Inc., Adair, OK USA • TRECE, PHEROCON and CIDETRAK are registered trademarks and TM is a trademark of Trécé, Inc., Adair, OK USA • TRE-1578B, 7/19 Navel Orangeworm, Amyelois transitella THE SECOND FLIGHT IS HERE & HULL SPLIT IS IMMINENT! IT’S NOT TOO LATE! ™

42 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 Chemical CHEMICAL SCIENCE FOR SOLUTIONS Pheromone Ma ting Disruption Simple Deployment! 1 Mist Unit/Acre Use Rate ISOMATE Mist NOW 225+ Days Pheromone Release Navel Orangeworm 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Egg Pheromone Average NOW / Trap / Season Grower Standard ISOMATE Mist NOW Replicated 4x - Chico, CA - 2019 in Traps 46% Reduction 99% Reduction 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Average NOW Infested Nuts (%) Replicated 4x - Chico, CA - 2019 75% Reduction Grower Standard ISOMATE Mist NOW PACIFIC BIOCONTROL CORPORATION ISOMATE is a registered trademark of Pacific Biocontrol ® Jeannine Lowrimore Northern California 209.603.9244 Christeen Abbott-Hearn Central California 559.334.7664 - Almond Harvest ® ®

August 2020 43 Chemical CHEMICAL Movento insecticide is the only foliar application with downward movement ® within the tree to protect roots by suppressing nematodes. With Movento, trees will show improved vigor and produce high yields year after year. For more information, contact your retailer or Bayer representative or visit © 2019 Bayer Group. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer, the Bayer Cross, and Movento are registered trademarks of the Bayer Group. Not all products are registered for use in all states. For additional product information, call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at Bayer CropScience LP, 800 North Lindbergh Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63167. CR0319MOVENTB045S00R0 THAT’S HOW ALMONDS FEEL WITH MOVENTO. ® FORTIFIED

44 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 EQUIPMENT Equipment Manage Harvest in Real Time, from Load Tracking to Yields. 209-232-5882 | Deploy crews and equipment where and when they’re needed. Track crops from the moment they leave the field to final delivery. WELL DRILLING, INC. 8650 E. Lacey Blvd PO Box 1283 Hanford, Ca 93232 Lic. #548214 Fax: 559-582-5744 MYERS BROS. Agriculture Commercial Municipal Test Hole Well Abandonment Well Rehab Serving the Central Valley for 60 Years Your favorite monthly newsletter delivering original, relevant content about orchard management and best practices Sign up to receive it at Now comes twice a month Brought to you by


46 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 EQUIPMENT Equipment T5 100-PTO-horsepower [email protected] 530.342.1861 • Ca Lic. # 1036445 COMPLETE PLANTS Built to Fit Your Needs 209-754-9636 3474 Toyon Circle, Suite 333 Valley Springs, CA 95252 Complete Walnut and Pecan Hulling And Drying Systems AGRICULTURAL COMMERCIAL MUNICIPAL DOMESTIC NEW & USED PUMPS MOTORS & CONTROL WELL DEVELOPMENT REHAB & REPAIR -- WATER WELL DRILLING -- -- LOCAL SALES & SERVICE -- PROUDLY SERVING NORTHERN & CENTRAL CALIFORNIA SINCE 1990 WELLINDUSTRIESINC.COM | MEMBER OF BOTH CGA & NGWA | 3282 HIGHWAY 32, CHICO, CA CALL US TODAY! (530) 891-5545 LIC # 812678 LIC # 534959 FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED

August 2020 47 EQUIPMENT Equipment 471 Industrial Ave. • Ripon, CA 95366 • 209.599.6118 • Stick Jack Preharvester De-Sticker/Conditioner • Eliminate sticks in a single pass. • Unload sticks with a flip of a switch. • Increased harvesting productivity. • Adjustable ground clearance. • Adjustable crowders for even windrows. • Optional walnut fan & PTO pump available. Remove sticks, reduce labor and increase harvester performance in a single pass. Contact Us Today for More Information.


August 2020 49 EQUIPMENT Equipment “Celebrating over 35 Years of Orchard Cab Innovation” (800) 481-0876 Introducing the Precision Fit 8 Cab (exclusive to John Deere) • Ceiling Mounted Climate System • Improved Serviceability • Greater Visibility • Roomier • Quieter

50 My Ag Life Digital Guide August 2020 EQUIPMENT Equipment Kraemer & Co. Mfg., Inc. Almonds • Pecans • Pistachios • Walnuts Let Kraemer & Co. Design and Build the Facility that is Right for Your Needs Nut Drying & Storage Facilities 3778 County Road 99 W Orland, CA 95963 530-865-7982 │ Fax: 530-865-5091 CA Cont. Lic. #485-547 │ Web: • Burners • Fans • Drying Systems • Storage & Handling • Custom Manufacturing • Spiral E-Z Let Downs • Installation & Service Bin Features • Knock Down Kit • Modular • Corrugated / Galvanized Construction • Do-It-Yourself Option • Low Lead Time • 6 Ton Capacity Walnut Drying Bins

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