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KG2- Newsletter- 17-21 November 2019

Published by saadya.s, 2019-11-21 07:15:34

Description: KG2- Newsletter- 17-21 November 2019


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 6 Issue 3 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 17– 21 November 2019 SNEAK PEEK Reminder: Glimpse of this week Collaborative learning  Kindly revise the portion Dunes international school ini- tiated a collaborative learning uploaded for the upcoming “Tajneed– The Capsule learn- program with Good Will Chil- PT2 Examination. dren Private school Mussafah ing moves” on 18th November 2019 with an objective to provide a range  Students should come in Our Tajneed leadership team at of opportunities, develop team building skills, initiate events, proper uniform. Only black Dunes conducted friendly outdoor build partnership, reflect on strengths and areas of im- hair accessories to be used games between the school team provement. for girls. School hoodies to and the school bus drivers. We ex- be worn during winter are press our gratitude for their con- available at Zeena tailors. sistent commitment to the safety  Take care and stay healthy, and well being of the students. in case of absence please send a mail to the class teacher. Inter school Talent Art Festival Little Dunites came up with outstanding results by winning prizes in Action song, Story time, Group Dance, and Dancing toes. The school was awarded with Genius Ever Rolling Trophy. Congratulations little stars 1

Jamboree A Grand Carnival Celebrated on 14th November was clubbed with children’s day. The event was flavored with food stalls, games, lucky draws, exciting gifts and some monumental acts. The evening was cherished by the staff, students and parent equally where they experienced fun– filled activities. Stage performances added to the splendors of the evening. Students learned the art of being the future entrepreneurs as well as their communication skills and a feeling of togetherness. 2

Entrepreneur Day Assembly by students of KG1H was conducted on Entrepre- neur day to focus on developing entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and behaviours. This includes building self-confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership skills. Students enacted to sell the canvas painting they made and earn a good profit from it. Anti bullying week Anti Bullying week was conducted at Dunes International School to raise awareness among students and to prevent our stu- dents from getting bullied and giving solu- tions on how to reduce the rising incidents of bullying. Students also took a pledge that they will raise their hand only to help and not to harm anyone. 3

Snap Shot KG2 A KG2B Community Singing Students reading KG2 C ‘long and short vowel words in the Library KG2 E Out oor Play KG2 D Outdoor Play Reading long vowel stories. 4

Snap Shot KG2 F National festivals—colouring the map of India KG2 G Library- Engrossed in reading KG2 H Assembly conducted on co- operation Watching assembly con- KG2 I ducted by KG2 H students. 5

Star of the week Students are awarded star of the week to honour them for overall academic achievement and those who model good citizenship and character. Congratulations to all the Star of the Week’ Ebrina KG 2 A Meenakshi Ajith KG2 B Fadi Rahman KG2 C Issac Reny KG2 D 6

Star of the week Pranesh KG2 E Riddhi Mistry KG2 F Rayan Mohammed KG2 G Akshath KG2 H Aarav Krishnan KG 2 I 7

Class Mascot Class mascot is given to encourages positive behavior in students. It is given in recognition of display of moral values in class. KG2 A KG2 B KG2 C KG2 D KG2 E 8

Class Mascot KG2 F KG2 G KG2 H KG2 I 9

English Students learned to identify, read and write “qu’ and ‘ng’ blends through fun activities. 10

English Students learned the use of ‘This’ and ‘That’ through various interactive and hands on activities. 11

Mathematics Methods of Addition and number Names Students learned to use different methods of addition. They used number lines, manipulates, dots, and fingers. To solve addition sums. Number names 31-40 was also introduced. Students expressed numbers in words. Addition done using number lines Students were able to use different methods to Addition done with various Solving addition problems using number lines. manipulates 12

Mathematics Students were able to use different methods to solve addition problems. Matching activity for number names 31-40 13

Science Festivals Students were able to identify the main festivals of India and U.A.E They were able to describe why these festivals are celebrated . Learning happened through co-operative group discussion and sharing. Students were introduced to the festivals of U.A.E Students learned more about the national festi- vals of U.A.E. Students are introduced to the national festivals of Students recalled plat life through drawing. India. 14

Science Learning more about the religious festivals of India Engrossed in colouring the map of India Recap of plant life Observing the plants to record their growth. 15

Arabic Learning Arabic allows students to gain confidence and self-esteem. Through the study of the Arabic language students can gradually gain understanding the culture of UAE. This week students were introduced to letter ‘Ayn’ and recap of all the letters taught so far were done. 16

Library The Junior library in our school equips students with lifelong learning skills and develops the im- agination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens. It is a place for learning and thinking. It also play a key role in supporting and developing literacy and the enjoyment of reading. 17

Physical Education Physical education is provided to increase the physical competence, health- related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity for all students so that they can be physically active for a lifetime 18

Swimming The benefits of swimming reach beyond the physical, providing several positive mental benefits as well. This week KG2 students learned breathing exercises under water , leg tapping and floating skills. 19

Creativity corner Pranesh Sundar KG2 E Mohammed Ibrahim KG2 H 20

Year of Tolerance Councilor’s Desk Year of Tolerance Bullying is defined as intentional and repeated aggression toward anoth- will focus to deepen er person that causes injury or discomfort. Bullying exists in many forms, the values of toler- including physical aggression, name-calling and spreading rumours. Pre- ance and co- venting and stopping bullying involves a commitment to creating a safe existence among cul- environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, with- tures by teaching the out being afraid. Studies show girls often engage in more relational bul- students the values lying, like spreading rumours to harm a peer’s reputation, while boys of tolerance .By tend to engage in more aggressive bullying, such as threatening or teaching tolerance, hitting peers. This is a serious concern given the impact of bullying. Chil- our students will dren who engage in bullying and those who are also victims of bullying begin to understand tend to report higher levels of depression and anxiety. There are pre- and accept one an- vention programs and school-based interventions to address bullying other for who they behaviors. However, parents can play an important role in bullying pre- are. vention. How often do we hear that behavior starts at home. In the case of bullying and society's attitudes to it, these often stem from the home environment. So the parental role in preventing and reducing bullying is vital. Tell your children regularly much you disapprove of bullying and why. Tell them you don't want them to take part in mistreating another student at any level, however small. Do not allow any type of bullying at home and deal firmly with any attempts by siblings to bully one another. Emphasize seeing things from another's point of view and the rights of others not to be mistreated. Assist them to develop effective ways of dealing with fear and anger instead of internalizing their feelings, taking them out on others or losing face in front of the peer group by allowing them to spill over. Raise children to be respectful and helpful. Regards Counsellor What Next….. 27.11.19– Commemoration Day 28.11.19- National Day celebrations—Students to dress up in UAE Tra- ditional dress or UAE Flag colour dress and bring extra snacks to share among their friends. 21

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