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KG2- Newsletter-16th -20th February 2020

Published by saadya.s, 2020-02-20 06:07:39

Description: KG2- Newsletter-16th -20th February 2020


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 8, Issue 3 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 16-20 February 2020 SNEAK PEEK Reminder: Glimpse of this week  Access the digital Farm Visit for Parents  campus on daily ba- Dunes International school considers parental involvement as sis for assignment the key to a holistic development of the school. On 12th Feb- and notices. ruary 2020, our enthusiastic parents enjoyed a lovely trip to a  Kindly check the farm house wherein they enjoyed wholesome activities to circular for the strengthen their relationship with school community. Important dates for the academic year 2020-2021  Own transport stu- dents to reach the school before 07.45 a.m.  Prepare well for the upcoming exam. Roots and Shoots International Award 2020 Dunes International School is one of the recipi- ent of Roots and Shoots International Annual Award 2020, among the 12 selected schools across UAE. Our students were honored by the renowned Environmental Conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall’s Institute, UK) on 06th February 2020 in an award ceremony held at Park Hyatt Hotel Abu Dhabi. 1

SNAP SHOT-KINDERGARTEN AT A GLANCE. KG2 A— Practice for Annual Day KGKG22BB–—Colouring activity in the art book KG2 C— Creative writing KG2 D — Reinforcement of directional and po- KG E— Roll and read- er, or, ir words. sitional words. 2

Snap Shots –Kindergarten At A Glance KG2 F—Recapitulation of masculine and KG2 G — Framing sentences using of directional feminine words. and positional words. KG2 H— Revision of days of the week. KG2 I -Revision of skip counting by 2 with manipu- latives. 3

STAR OF THE WEEK Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good.’ Keep Smiling !!! Be Happy !!! KG2 A– RAJVEER KG2 B-ILAAN KADER KG2 C– HAZIM ABDUL KG2 D-SYED ABBAS 4


CLASS MASCOT OF THE WEEK Kindness is a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Our students got mascot of the week as they depicted the quality of being friendly , generous , considerate and responsi- ble towards their peers. KG2 A - EMMA KG2 B - SUFIYAN KG2 C - ESHAL KG2 D - SAI 6


Innovation Day Innovation day was allows students to showcase their talents and creative ideas through projects . The slogan for our Innovation day this year was ‘ Add some fun to your waste in our world’. Students enjoyed many fun filled games and activities related to the curriculum. All the materials used to make these activities were made from discarded stuffs like used bottles , bottle caps, cardboard, shoe box etc. KG2 A– Saying the before, and after number and KG2 B– Enjoying games on skip counting to number name by passing the cup the straw. reinforce the topic KG2 B– Football court made of cardboard. KG2 D- Students created football court using cardboard and straw and played with it. 8

Innovation Day Ball maze using shoe box cover and straws. Fun based activity with waste materials. Throwing ring on bottles labelled with sight words. Arranging sight words using bottle caps. KG2 I- Skill based activity made with shoe box and bottle caps. 9

English Students are gearing up for the final examination. 10


MATHEMATICS Reinforcement of backward counting from 100– 0 and number names 31-50 12

Mathematics 13

Science Recapitulation of days of the week , water cycle and our helpers. 14


Swimming Swimming allows a child to develop water safety and survival skills. This week KG2 students learnt breathing techniques under water and floating skills. 16

Annual Day Practice Annual Day celebration gives students an opportunity to showcase their various talents and interact with their teachers in a more informal environment. Dunites of Kindergarten section are rigorously practicing for their upcoming Annual Day. 17

CREATIVE CORNER The creative process allows a child to gain cognitive skills, scientific method, dexterity and exertion, problem solving and the ability to identify symbols, patterns and shapes. The most important aspect of creativity is the process of self-expression. FATHIMA ZANHA–KG 2 F AGNIVESH NAIR KG 2 H 18

CREATIVE CORNER Mix veg Paratha KG 2 E- Prachi Ashish Dadgale Very healthy, tasty and nutritious recipe. Very nice alternative for regular stuffed paratha. It's a complete and very filling meal by itself. Normally kids do not like to eat vegetable. But if made in an interesting way they may enjoy eating them. But if made in an interesting way they may enjoy eating them. .Good to go for kids in their lunch box or to eat on the way during picnics, outings. Ingredients 4 cloves of garlic 2 to 3 Green Chillies 1 tsp carom Seeds / Ajwain 1 tsp Cumin Seeds 1/2 cup chopped Spinach 1/2 cup shredded Paneer 1/2 cup shredded Cabbage 1/4 cup shredded 1/4 cup shredded Green Pepper 2 tbsp Spring Onion 2 tbsp Kasoori Methi 3 cups whole Wheat flour 1/2 tsp red Chilli powder 1/2 tsp Garam masala 1 tsp Cumin powder 1 tsp Coriander powder 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder Salt to taste. Method * Roughly crush garlic, green chillies, cumin seeds and carom seeds together in to a blender . Take all shredded, chopped mix veggies in to a bowl, to that add dry flour, crushed paste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt, coriander powder, kasoori methi and mix everything together really well. *Add water and start to knead semi stiff dough. *leave dough to rest for 15 minutes. Take small golf size ball from the dough, dip in dry flour and roll like paratha or roti. Roast on skillet from both the sides till it gets done. Apply ghee, butter or oil. * Serve hot with raita, yogurt, pickle. Tips This paratha stays good for 3 to 4 days, it is really good option to carry for picnic or travelling. 19

New logo to represent UAE for 50 Councilor’s Desk years Exam Tips The new logo that will represent the UAE to the world, as part of its nation brand.  Creating an Optimal Environment for Learning The design comprises seven lines that shape the UAE map, inspired by the coun-  Study in a clean , quiet and orderly room. Keep try's high-rise pillars and firm foundations, anything and everything away from where you are its strong spirit, its lofty dreams and its de- that may cause you to get distracted. velopment ambitions. The seven pillars form the foundations of the shared home  Organizing Your Learning and honour the seven leaders who united the dreams of the people under one na-  Say the answers to your questions out loud, as if you are trying to explain it to someone else. tional banner.  Studying Efficiently  Maintaining Your Motivation What Next….. 23.02.2020 — Math Wizard Academic enhancement Mathematics competition– Questions will be based on KG2 Curriculum 20

Dear Parent, Greetings ! As we approach the end of another busy year I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given both to your child and to the school. Thank everyone enough for your endless hours of volunteering, chaperoning, reading, organizing, donating and doing whatever was necessary to support students both at home and at school. Special thanks to our Parent Teacher Association who, as usual, went above and beyond the call of duty to provide whatever was necessary to add for our students’ rich school experience. I look for- ward to welcoming all students refreshed and ready for the challenges of the year ahead back to school. Let us gear ourselves up for a new beginning while drawing a curtain on the Academic Year 2019-2020. Warm Regards 21

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