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KG2-Newsletter-28 Oct to 31st Oct 2019

Published by saadya.s, 2019-10-31 11:15:15

Description: KG2-Newsletter-28 Oct to 31st Oct 2019


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 5, Issue 3 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 27 — 31 October, 2019 SNEAK PEEK Reminders Glimpse of this week  Send a story book “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” daily for your ward to read during free The Kindergarten Dunites set the stage on fire for time. the Solo Dance Competition with great enthusiasm. The platform had given them an opportunity to  Practice for the up- explore their talents and express their feelings with confidence. The partici- coming English pants rocked the show with their energetic and Weekly Test.( Portion awesome performance. has been shared by Please note: Photographs are shared by your your ward’s Class wards class teacher. Teacher)  Annual Sports Day “Dunes Mini Olym- pics” will be held on 6th of November. (Circular and e- invites for the same is shared through the school portal) NUTS/”FRIENDSHIP AT ITS BEST” Dunes International School organized a “Night Under The Stars (NUTS) for girls grade 5 to 12 and “The friendship at its best” for grades 1 & 2 on 24th October, where they’ve learned the skill of being independent bonding with peers and teachers. The students organized many activities and showcased their talents in the platform under the leadership of senior students and guidance of teachers. It was a fulfilled programme and provided direct learning experience. Sports and games, Swimming, Treasure Hunt, Morning Prayers, Exercise and Yoga were included in the Program. Students enjoyed inspiring movies displayed on the newly arrived Dunes Big Screen at night. It was an unforgettable experience in their lives. 1

Tajneed — The Capsule Learning Moves The Tajneed leadership team of Dunes conducted a Breast Cancer awareness program for the bus monitors. The goal of breast cancer awareness campaigns is to raise the public's \"brand awareness\" for breast cancer, its detection, its treatment, and the need for a reliable and permanent cure. 2

Dunes Xpression — “The Learning Footprint” Learning becomes eternal when there is engagement, collaboration and participa- tion. “Dunes Xpression and Exhibition” aimed to boost student’s critical thinking, communication and collaboration. The “Globe Theatre” exhibited Shakespeare’s renowned plays, and Islamic Education, Arabic, and SST mingled together with their astounding idea of Quranic Garden. Overall the exhibition was a treat to watch and a productive learning experience for students. 3

Snap Shots –Kindergarten At A Glance KG2 A— Matching Long Vowel words to its picture KG 2 B- Sequencing according to picture on ICT KG2 C - Revising the concept of Tens and Ones KG2 D - Reinforcing the Long Vowel words and KG2 E - Celebrating Diwali framing sentences 4

Snap Shots –Kindergarten At A Glance KG2 F - Understanding the importance of seasonal clothes KG2 H - Warming up for the upcoming Sports KG2 G - Interpreting the knowledge of clothes by playing ‘Dress up the Teddy’ online game KG2 I - Reading Long Vowel ‘e’ words with flashcards 5

Parent Teacher Conference Parent Teacher Conferences play a crucial role in enhancing a child’s education. Parents along with the teachers can play an active role in their child’s education and can further encourage and influence their child to do well in school. Dunes PTC plays a major effective role to interact and discuss about their child’s progress. Parent teacher meeting helps parents about the activities and academic progress of the child evaluated through regular assessments, assignments and observation. On the other hand, it also helps parents to properly com- municate and coordinate with the teacher about participation of the child in class and in different activities. 6


Star of the week Congratulations to all the Stars of The Week!! At Dunes, this is a great achievement and the tiny tots feel immensely proud of themselves. It is their time to shine! Our children are chosen as ‘Star of The Week’ for being excellent in all academic and co-scholastic activities. Keep up your good work!! KG 2 A —The Confident Leanna Rodrigues KG 2 B — The Elegant Sameeha Qureshi KG 2 C — The Confident Jaaisujan Sudhakar KG 2 D — Amazing Sai Ganesh 8

KG 2 E - The Curious Samanth KG 2 F — Polite Mohd Osman KG 2 G — The Charming Vaishnavi KG 2 H — The Obedient Aston KG 2 I — The Delightful Nabeeha 9

Class Mascot The class mascot is given to responsible children who exhibit moral values. Children feel proud to take the mascot home. It instills the values of positivity and responsibility in their behavior. KG 2 A - Active Sumaiya KG2 C-Ambitious Sahaj KG2 B- Friendly Ehan KG 2 D- Elegant Pranav 10

Class Mascot KG2 E– Polite Pranesh KG2 F-Respectful Sheza KG2 G- Creative Fatima KG2 H -Courteous Fatima KG2 I—Dutiful Akshay 11

Diwali — The Festival Of Lights Diwali is a festival celebrated every year, also called “festival of lights.” Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The Kindergarten Dunites celebrated the importance of Diwali with exhilarating joy. They came dressed in traditional Indian attire and brought sweets to share among friends. 12


English Students were able to create and demonstrate long vowel words and sentences using cards ,letter combinations and various digital activities. 14

English Students were able to recognize how a vowel says its name with the presence of Magic ‘e’ at the end of the word and practiced mind blogging activities with full of enthusiasm. 15

Math Students learnt the concept of counting numbers from 71-80 in a fun and exciting way with the help of different activities, using number tiles and walking forward /backwards as they say the numbers aloud. 16

Math Students learned the concept of measurement through experiments and with real objects which they use in their day-to-day life. 17

Science To implant the curiosity of learning opposites the KG students were given examples of matching real life words such as hot and cold, light and heavy, big and small etc. 18

Science Students demonstrated their under- standing of the clothes they need to wear according to the type of weather conditions in the place where they live through role play. 19

Arabic The KG students explored the world of Arabic letters through creative activities so that they can discover more about the people, language and culture of the place they live in. Students were given revision for the letters ‘daad’ and ‘saad’. Letter ‘thaa’ was introduced and they wrote independently on the ICT board. 20

Library Developing reading skills in kindergarteners makes it easier for them to read fluently once they enter higher grades. A well-developed library helps teach new words and improves the vocabulary strength of the child. The students enjoy being in the library and reading various books related to their lessons. 21

Physical Education Sports develop a sense of friendliness and improve the mental and physical strength of the children. Students were able to develop their physical competence and knowledge of music and movement, and showcase their sporting ability by practicing for the upcoming Sports Day. 22

Swimming Swimming activities in young children strengthens their motor skills, builds balance and the ability to propel and navigate. The tiny tots of Dunes were trained in various types of swimming strokes, breathing exercises and leg tapping using kicking board and dumbbells. 23

Creativity Corner Creativity along with curriculum helps students to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. In fact, creative expression plays a key role in a student's emotional development. In Dunes the children are encouraged to showcase their creative skills which enhances their learning process. BHAKTI MANU - KG2 C 24

Creativity Corner Recipe shared by: Abhinaya Senthil, KG2 C Atta Ragi Pancakes Ingredients: i. Ragi flour-1/2 cup ii. Wheat flour-1/2 cup iii. Powdered sugar-1/4 cup iv. Egg-2 v. Ripe banana-1 vi. Butter-2 tbsp. vii. Milk-to adjust consistency viii. Salt-as per taste ix. Baking Powder x. Honey/Chocolate syrup-for serving Method: i. Mix all the dry ingredients. ii. Add butter and mix well iii. Add egg, ripe banana and beat well. iv. Add milk little by little to adjust the consistency of the batter. It should be like dosa batter, not too thick or too runny. Let the batter rest for 5 minutes. v. Heat a pan on medium flame, drizzle some oil or butter and pour a ladle of batter as per desired size. vi. Let it cook properly on one side, then flip over. vii. Pancakes are ready to be served. viii. Drizzle with honey or chocolate syrup. 25

Dunes Football Cup “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” ― Pele - Brazil Football Legend Our school conducted the 1st 5 a Side Football tournament – DUNES FOOTBALL CUP (DFC) on 31st October 2019. Totally six schools have took part in this tournament and displayed tremendous sportsmanship throughout the event. The tournament was played on the basis of league cum knock out. Feedback The staff members of our school served whole heartedly throughout the tournament to make this as a grand success. The participant’s schools ex- pressed their gratitude as they appreciated our school hospital- ity and tranquil organization of the tournament. This tournament would not be possible without the support of our principal sir. He has given elbow room of freedom to the staff members to do their work. What’s Next…..  UAE Flag Day will be observed on 3rd November, to remember the efforts of the founders of the country.  Sandwich Day also to be held on 3rd November. Bring homemade sand- wiches for your breakfast. Parents can share recipe of their sandwich with your wards class teacher.  Sports Day will be conducted on Wednesday,6th November 2019. 26

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