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KG1- Newsletter 19th -23rd Jan 2020

Published by saadya.s, 2020-01-23 07:53:15

Description: KG1- Newsletter 19th -23rd Jan 2020


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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 7, Issue 3 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 19th -23rd January 2020 SNEAK PEEK Reminder: Glimpse of this week  Sunday Dunes International School believes in scrubbing the innate talents of the stu- 26.01.2020 will dents and Annual Sports Day is a perfect occasion to achieve that. This year’s be non instruc- sports Day will be jointly celebrated with the 71st Indian Republic Day on the tional day for 26th January,2020. The students are intensely involved in making this day a Kindergarten memorable one. They are al into honing their sporting skills, showing their ath- section. letic prowess and getting ready with their floats for the republic day parade. The audience present will surely be mesmerized by some wonderful acts on that  All parents are auspicious occasion. Here is a glimpse of how they are shaping towards making invited for Re- the day a memorable one. public day Cele- bration. E- invite is upload- ed for the same.  Kindly note that school time is 7:45 am for walkers. Please send your ward on time.  Students should wear ID Card daily  Kindly check “Dunes helping hands” circular for details. 1

Farm Visit Visiting local farms give students educational experiences away from their regular school environ- ment. By visiting local farms, children can learn about different professions, ideas, and opportunities when they travel outside from their home. A field trips can awaken the desire to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams. The increase of community interaction can help motivate students, to learn more about food production and food safety by facilitating community vegetable plots and gardens. Improve relationships with farmers and local community and sharing in agricul- 2

They enjoyed a lot it seems !!!! 3

Snap shot Warm up in the morning. Performing assembly on penguin awareness. Tracing the number on the sand. Busy in reading the story books. Pretend play– Opposite of under—over. Counting of objects in the group. 4

Snap Shot Designing the letter “W “with the strips. Practices makes perfect. Blending and reading the sentences. Watching the video on the penguin awareness. 5

Mr. RIAAN The Kindergarten students KG1 .B receive the ‘star of the week ‘every week for the improve- Ms. SAMARA ment in academics. It is a proud KG1 .I moment for the kindergarteners to receive the star of the week. This also encourages the other students to receive for the same. Ms. AKSHAYA KG1 .H Mr. ONISH KG1. G 6


Class Mascot The young Dunites receive the class mas- cot on their moral values. Every week one of the student in each class receive the class mascot. 8

Class Mascot 9

Literacy Literacy means the ability to read and write. It is devel- oped through talking, singing, reading, writing and play- ing. In kindergarten students learnt the sounds of the letters and apply their phonetic knowledge to blend and read words. I can teach my friends…. 10

Numeracy Numbers were reinforced through different games and hand on activities. The concepts of number value and number sense were practiced with the help of manipulative. See Dunites are counting objects... 11

Understanding of world Cardinal Directions are the most commonly used forms of direction. and include North, South, East and West. Students have learnt the directions through picture talk and different activi- ties. They are happily engaged with their peers. Showing the opposites through gestures. 12

Penguin Awareness Penguins are fun and inter- esting animals that are unique in many different ways. How- ever, what most people don’t realize is that penguin numbers around the world are dwin- dling. Every year, the penguin population shrinks at an alarm- ing rate and most of the world doesn’t realize this because they don’t get to see “real” penguins in their natural habi- tat. Main focus of Penguin Awareness Day is to educate people on their situation, learn how climate change has affect- ed them and also learn about the different species and where they live. Kindergarteners adored this wonderful day through a spe- cial assembly and the message was reinforced in their class- room via you tube videos. 13

Library Reading is important because it helps the students to grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. Reading books increases your knowledge and makes you smarter. SMART Kids 14

Physical Education Sports develop a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. They help the children to develop the mental and physical toughness. Sports shape their body and make it strong and active. 15

Mud Kitchen Mud kitchen, is one of the best resources for little ones to play outside as kids playhouse. ... They are in fact great learning opportunities for younger children, helping them to enhance their creative, imagina- tive as well as sensitive faculties. It encourages role play, sharing and turn taking. 16

Kindly join us for the Republic Day Celebration Date: 26.01.2020. Time:8:30 AM Venue: Armed Force Officers Club,Abu Dhabi Creativity Corner Writing creatively is the process or act of setting down text that results in literary works that ex- hibit creativity. Students of Dunes International school are motivated to bring our their creativi- ty in different ways. Students are able to create sentences on their own. 17

The year of 2020 will be a year of preparation for the UAE.. The UAE will be turning 50 — a time of great celebration and recog- nition of how far this wonderful na- tion has come. An exciting and marvelous journey of UAE have travelled together from that historic gathering in the Union House nearly five decades ago. Al- ready there is so much to look for- ward to in the coming year, which has been declared as '2020: To- wards the next 50'. UAE will show- case this nation to the world during Expo 2020 Dubai . What Next….. 1. Republic day and Annual sports day celebration on 26th January 2020. 2. Inspire your heart with Art “Zen tangling” — Pencil colors. Create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns on 30th January 2020. 18

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