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IBPL Quarterly Newsletter, BUZZ

Published by ibplcoms, 2021-01-31 08:31:25

Description: Q4 2020, BUZZ
Issued on : 31-01-2021


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Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Issued on : 31/01/2021 In this Issue: ZBW 2020 target achieved 2 3 LinkedIn Storytelling Session 4 Christmas & New Year Celebration 5 New joiners at IBPL 6 Annual Sports 7 Evaly Best Seller Award Celebrating Champions 8 CoBC Refreshers Training 9 Started our WWW journey মা প ন, িনরাপদ থাকু ন, িনরাপদ রাখনু Life at Coke & Beyond Lakeside to Food Village Welcome the little ones!! What are you reading? Click! Click!!

Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 02 2020 ZBW target achieved 2020 ZBW target is achieved with amazing idea of cost efficiency and its successful implementation despite the challenges faced due to pandemic. The 2021 ZBW promoters have already taken up their roles as promoters at the end of Q4, 2020. Actively contributing to the initiative, the team has already generated 201 draft ideas till now. IBPL ZBW Promotors for 2021 are the ones who will help drive improvements in the company by eliminating waste and optimizing on resources. otersZBW Project Head Soumyendu Sen Sarma Int2rod0uc2in1g ZBW PromCDEProject Coordinator Project Coordinator Sushanta Howlader Sharif Shajib Ahammed Commercial Finance Md. Abu Hannan Khondokar Saleem Mohammad Shibli Shams Saad Shanan HR & Admin IT Legal Logistics H. M. Shamsul Khandker Faisal Mahmood M Abdul Hannan Mohammed Monsur Arefin Majumder Bakth Chowdhury Logistics Plant Procurement Procurement Mamun Mahmudul Islam Muhammad Hafizur Md. Habibullah Md. Khorshed Alam Rahaman Sales Sales Sales Asrar Alam Mohammad Tanvir Hossain Md. Saiful Alam Bappy

Operations Buzz Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 03 Celebrating the KO Nov Champions Congratulations to the winning teams! You brought out the best and earned the prizes, praises and the evening. Evaly best seller award 2020 for IBPL IBPL has been recognized as one of the best sellers by the popular e-commerce platform, Evaly for the year 2020. Congratulations to the team for achieving the feat.

Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 04 LinkedInSLteoarryntineglling Storytelling is the ultimate shortcut to learning. LinkedIn Learning Storytelling was initiated in Q4, 2020. The objective of this engagement is to provide a platform where the learnings obtained from the courses in LinkedIn Learning can be shared and thus inspire others in personal development. The sessions were broadcasted virtually also for ensuring everyone's participation. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR CELEBRATION

Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 05 NEW JOINERS REEPA RANI DAS F. M. AFTAB MURSHED MIZANUR RAHMAN MD. HASIBUL HASAN Officer - Finance Assistant Manager - Sales Executive - Sales Executive - Sales SYED MD. ASADUZZAMAN MD. ROBIUL HASAN BIPLOB ABDULLAH AL MAMUN RUBYAT RADUAN AHMED Manager - Sales Officer - Finance Executive – Maintenance Officer - Production Annual Sports Advocating for the wellbeing of our people and a way to boost employee engagements every year Annual Badminton & Table Tennis Tournaments are held at our Bhaluka Plant. On 2020, total 40 teams participated in the annual Badminton tournament and 16 teams in Table Tennis. The Winners are : Badminton Champion - Single Md. Istiak Shahriar (Maintenance) Double Mamun Mahmudul Islam &. Abu Sufian (Shipping) Table Tennis Champion - Single Md. Khorshed Alam (Procurement) Double Mohammad Kamrul Hasan Bhuiyan & Mohammad Raisul Islam (QA)

Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 06

Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 07 Started our WWW Journey IBPL started its World Without Waste (WWW) journey in line with our global focus by inking an agreement with Mumanu Polyester Industries Ltd. to make sure packaging doesn't end up where it doesn't belong. Our initial target with this partner is to collect and recycle PET bottles from some of the urban/semi-urban areas in IBPL territory in the next 9 months. CoBC Refreshers Training M Abdul Hannan, Head-Legal Affairs, conducted a ‘Refreshers Training’ on Code of Business Conduct (CoBC) through Microsoft Teams to all the existing employees of the Company. He conducted training to 148 participants in total of five sessions.

Disclaimer: This is an associates’ corner and contents shared by associates reflect their own opinion. Lif&eat Coke Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 Page : 08 dnoye B Lakeside to Food Village by Md. Zillur Rahman, Executive - Sales পবূ াচল ২১ নং স ের একটা জনমানবহীন লক িছল। কািভড-১৯ এর কারেণ স ার পের মানেু ষর সমাগম এই এলাকায় িছল ায় শণূ । একিদন আমার ম ােনজােরর সােথ নতন দাকােনর স ােন এখােন যাই। দখলাম, দইু িতনটা টং দাকান আেছ আর চারপাশটা ঝাপঝােড় ভরা। এখােন বচােকনা ও কাে ামার কমন থােক তা জানেত চাইলাম। জবােব টং দাকােনর মািলক বলেলন, \"কাে ামার খবু বিশ আেস না তেব যতটকু আেস িবকােল আেস, স ার পেূ বই সকেল চেল যায়।\" তখন আমরা এই আউটেলেট িকভােব আমােদর কু লার ও িভিসিবিল াি ং কের িদেত পাির তা িনেয় ািনং কির এবং লক থাকায় দাকান মািলকেক এই জায়গা িনেয় িবিভ স াবনার ব াপাের পরামশ কির। যমন ভাবনা তমন কাজ, দাকান হেয় গল আমােদর এ িসভ আউটেলট। এরপর বশ িকছিদন পর দাকান মািলক আমােদর জানােলা কােকর সাইন বাড অেনক দরূ থেক দখা যায় এবং কােকর কু লােরর কারেণ তার িব য় বেড় গেছ ব ণ। সােথ আরও জানান বসার জায়গা থাকেব এমন নতন দাকান দওয়ার ব ব া করেছন। আমােদর অনেু রাধ করা হয় সই দাকােন আমােদর কু লার দওয়ার ব ব া করেত। আিম তখন তােক পরামশ করলাম আরও সু র কের নতন দাকান করার এবং আমরা সই দাকােনর এ িসভিল কাকা- কালা আউটেলট হওয়ার ব ব া করব। এই লকসাইড যখােন আমােদর কােনা ফু টি িছল না এবং মানেু ষর সমাগম িছল খবু ই কম, ২-৩ মােসর মেধ ই সই লকসাইড এখন এক ফু ড িভেলজ যখােন েত ক সা ািহক ছ র িদন েলােত পিরণত হয় মানেু ষর িমলনেমলা িহেসেব। liWttellecoomnees! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW PARENTS Nazwa Mahreen Ishraq Faiyaz Khan (Aniyah) Son of Daughter of Niran Sultana & Faysal Md. Khaled Hossain & Mahmud Khan Sayeda Nasrin Born on 08-10-2020 Born on 21-10-2020 Md. Atif Islam Prayonti Amayra Siddiqui Soyaib Bin Parisa Anahita Siddiqui Mamun Son of Mst. Ambia Islam Daughters of Son of Monalisa & Md. Abul Kalam Tanvir Ahsan Siddiqui Aktar Akhi & Mamun Born on 22-10-2020 Pavel & Nahid Zahan Akhi Born on 09-11-2020 Mahmudul Islam Born on 10-11-2020 Humasha Srestho Samadder Rahaman SoBnBooirsfnwMaojenigth0Sl3aam-1Ma2ad-l2da0ek2ra0r & Daughter of Busrat Born on 03-12-2020 Jahan & Muhammad Hafizur Rahaman Born on 16-11-2020

Lif&eat Coke dnoye Volume 7, Quarter 4, 2020 B Page : 09 What are you READING ?? It’s been a month that I have been reading Kaizen: The Review by : Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time by Sarah Harvey, Though I haven’t finished it yet. What Mousumi Ansari, nudged me to pick up this book is how slowly we can bring Executive Assistant some solid discipline in our lifestyles for good. Because I believe that discipline makes people to value his/her time & I really want to make my life more meaningful than ever been. The most fascinating part of this book is that, it stimulates me to improve my smallest unproductive habits of everyday that I want to improve for my better future. Surprisingly, while reading this book it made me realize that it’s a hard challenge to transform long-term behavioural pattern & then adopt new changes. The writer beautifully illustrates that the Kaizen approaches towards endless achievements is to make a move first. The key of Kaizen is making small incremental steps. Now I am trying to implement Kaizen in my life as well. So before going bed I engage myself for 30 mins in reading, which helps me to broaden my thinking capacity in a rational way & make me to look forward to the brand-new day. CClilcickk!!! Isolation Clicked by : S.M. Abdul Awal Pavel, Officer - Finance

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