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Summer Catalogue 2022

Published by The Wholesale Stationery Company, 2022-06-30 10:33:07

Description: The Wholesale Stationery Company's Summer Catalogue 2022! Featuring new and exclusive ranges and a variety of arts & craft, education, children's, books and stationery.

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CONDITIONS OF SALE To make an order for enquire or more information about our ranges, please contact [email protected] or call 01279 505411 for additional information. Trade price refers to single items unless supplied in displays. Please refer to pack size for minimum quantity supplied. Packaging may vary slightly from that displayed. Orders can only be accepted at prices ruling at date of despatch. Due to price increases, we will aim to match the prices displayed in this catalogue, however this cannot be guaranteed. All trade prices are subject to a VAT rate of 20% except where stated. All items available while stocks last E&OE. MINIMUM CARRIAGE PAID ORDER: Mainland England, Wales & Scotland (except highlands & islands) - £200.00 Northern Ireland - £500.00 Scottish Highlands & Islands - £600.00 Channel Islands - £750.00 Small orders will be subject to a handling, post & packaging charge of £8.50 Payment - Net monthly account, payable before 30th of month following invoice date. The Wholesale Stationery Company Ltd. Reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding invoices that remain unpaid under our agreed trading terms. 22

CONTENTS 4-23 CRAFT 24-63 64-75 Markers, Felt-tip Pens, Paints, Face Paints, Stencils, Sand, Art 76-89 Sets, Constructables, etc. CHILDREN’S BOOKS AND EDUCATION Sticker Books, Colouring Books, Drawing Books, Activity Books, Handwriting Books, Story Books, Posters, etc. ACTIVITIES Rock Painting Kits, Puzzles, Magnifiers, Adult Colouring Books, etc. NOTEBOOKS, ART BOOKS AND PADS Notebooks, Watercolour Pads, Sketchbooks, Paper Pads, etc. 90-105 STATIONERY Ring binders, Storage boxes, Cutting Mats, Rulers, Pencil Cases, Calculators, Whiteboards, etc. 3

1+ CARIOCA BABY 42815 TEDDY MARKERS 1+ Box of 6 BABY Teddy 1+ markers. Super safe felt tip pens designed to be the protagonists of games and stories. Ergonomic shape designed for the hands of children from 12 months. SuperWashable, non-toxic ink. Washable from skin and fabrics. Dermatologically tested. 42956 TEDDY CRAYONS 1+ Coloured Teddy Bear Shaped Crayons. Suitable from 12 months of age. Designed for digital grip training. Made to facilitate the first approaches of children with drawing. Each colour identifies an emotion. 43179 BABY DOUGH 1+ Modelling dough for babies from 12 months. For their first tactile experience. Dries in the air. Bright colours that can be mixed together. Contains Wheat. 42815 (MARKERS) 42956 (CRAYONS) 4 44 43179 (DOUGH) PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 RRP £7.99 RRP £5.99 RRP £5.99 TRADE £3.75 TRADE £2.75 TRADE £2.75

2+ CARIOCA BABY 42817 43174 3 in 1 CRAYONS/SHARPENER 1+ FINGER PAINTS 2+ 3in1: Pencil, wax and watercolour in one crayon. Extra Finger paints ideal for little ones who are not yet large body (diameter 10mm). Easy to hold. Water- able to use the brush. Washable from the skin and soluble if mixed with water and a brush. Sharpener most fabrics. Non-toxic and odourless. Maximum included in the pack. Bright colours. Set of 6 crayons. creativity and fun for smaller hands. Set of 8x50ml. 42819 42892 BABY PENCIL 2+ WILD CRAYONS 2+ Easy to hold maxi pencil. Resin body. Wood-free. Super soft baby crayons. Extra large body for easy handling. Bright and washable colours. Water-soluble Super fall resistant lead. Does not splinter. Set of if mixed with water and a brush. Set of 8 crayons. 10 pencils 42817 (3in1) 43174 (FINGER) 42819 (PENCIL) 42892 (WILD) PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 RRP £11.99 RRP £14.99 RRP £5.99 RRP £5.99 TRADE £5.75 5 TRADE £7.00 TRADE £2.75 TRADE £2.75

CARIOCA FELT TIP PENS 40957 42909 42265 FABRIC MAXI FELT TIP FABRIC FINE FELT TIP BICOLOR FELT TIP PENS (12pk) PENS (12pk) PENS (10pk) Box of 12 BiColor Superwashable Felt Tip Pens. One felt tip pen. 2 Felt tip pens for fabric. 6mm diameter maxi tip. 2.6mm fine tip. The colours, Non-toxic super colours once used become indelible. To maintain greater durability and washable ink. Conical tip for a colour brilliance it is suggested to iron the back of the finished design. double stroke of writing. 42989 42968 PERFUME MAXI FELT TIP PENS (10pk) SUPER BRUSH FELT TIP PENS (20pk) Perfume felt tip pen. Non-toxic scented and Super Brush Felt Tip Pens. Brush tip, soft and washable ink. The aromas have been rigorously flexible. Washable ink. Super bright colours. Perfect selected to recall the natural essences. It does not for calligraphic designs. contain traces of allergenic substances. Conical tip. 40957 42909 42265 42989 42968 (FABRIC MAXI) (FABRIC FINE) (BICOLOR) (PERFUME) (BRUSH) PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 RRP £12.95 RRP £6.99 RRP £6.99 RRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 TRADE £6.00 TRADE £3.25 TRADE £3.25 66 TRADE £3.75 TRADE £7.00 6

JOVI JOVI WATERCOLOUR SETS Jovi watercolour paint sets supplied in 12’s or 22’s, including brush & clear plastic lid. JOVI SOFT DOUGH 2+ SET OF 5 Jovi Soft Dough features a range of colours which can be mixed together. Harmless, with an unpleasant taste to prevent children from putting it in their mouths. Ideal dough for starting out in modelling. Very soft texture. TERRACOTTA WHITE JOVI AIR HARDENING CLAY Jovi air hardening clay in white and terracotta. Air-drying with no need for an oven. Available in 500g White or Terracotta (packed 12 of 1 colour) and 1000g White or Terracotta (packed 6 of 1 colour). WATER- WATER- 7 SOFT DOUGH CLAY CLAY COLOUR-12 COLOUR- 22 5 x 110 gram 500 gram 1000 gram PACKED 12 PACKED 6 PACKED 10 PACKED 5 PACKED 6 RRP £4.99 RRP £8.95 RRP £9.99 TRADE £2.25 TRADE £4.25 RRP £5.99 RRP £8.95 TRADE £4.75 TRADE £2.75 TRADE £4.25

2+ JOVI PLASTILINA JOVI PLASTILINA MODELLING JOVI EXPLORE PLASTILINA JOVI EXPLORE PLASTILINA CLAY 2+ 2+ NATURE COLOURS 2+ MULTI-CULTURAL Not to be mistaken for Fruitella, Nature Colours: a new range of Jovi Plastilina is a 100% individually wrapped modelling Plastilina modelling clay colours. 6 vegetable modelling clay to play clay, packs of 15. Available in new assorted colours of nature with, in fun colours, very assorted colours. tones in the world. An original way mouldable, suitable from 2 years old and gluten-free. Compared to explore nature by modelling. Suitable for home and classroom to mineral modelling clay, it allows you to make figures with projects; learn to model while greater volume. In addition, you having fun. can play non-stop, because it never dries. Set of 6 assorted. 15 PACK NATURE CULTURAL PACKED 12 RRP £5.99 PACKED 12 PACKED 12 TRADE £2.75 RRP £2.49 RRP £2.49 TRADE £1.25 TRADE £1.25 8 88

5+ JOVI EXPLORE PAINT WITH PLASTILINA DISPLAY STAND COOL CANDY CRAZY MONSTERS FUNNY EMOJIS JOVI PLASTILINA vegetable-based modelling clay that never dries. Exclusive and original packaging design kits: reusable storage folder included. Each kit contains: reusable storage folder, 8 bars of 50g Plastilina, 3 pre designed templates, 2 free use templates, 1 white paper frame, 3 modelling tools, 1 roller, 1 instruction sheet. Packed in point of sale counter display of 6 kits (2 Cool Candy + 2 Crazy Monster + 2 Funny Emojis) DISPLAY OF 6 (2x3 titles) RRP £14.99 TRADE £45.00 9

3+ JOVI JOVI EXPLORE PASTEL POSTER PAINT JOVI EXPLORE POSTER PAINT SET OF 7 Our Gouache Tempera is available in a fantastic range Set of 7 x 35ml poster paints with natural- of fun, mixable colours, that will transform any paper, based ingredients which are easily mixed card, wood, fabric, modelling clay or pottery surface, with other colours. Fast-drying and easy to wash off, set includes a brush and a separate into a work of art. Set of 6 x 35ml pots and brush. pot for water. JOVI EXPLORE POSTER PAINT SET OF 12 Set of 12 x 35ml poster paint pots with a brush. An ideal set for children to develop creative painting skills. Fast-drying and easy to wash off, gluten-free and free of the main allergens. Usable with any base material such as: paper, card, wood, fabric, modelling clay or pottery surface. PASTEL SET OF 7 10 1100 SET OF 12 PACKED 6 PACKED 6 PACKED 3 RRP £9.99 RRP £9.99 RRP £14.99 TRADE £4.75 TRADE £4.75 TRADE £7.25

2+ JOVI JOVI PLAY FINGER PAINT SET OF 5 Finger paint, based on natural ingredients, with assorted colours. Paint with a jelly texture that is very pleasant to the touch. Washable and very easy to remove from hands and surfaces. Gluten-free and free of the main allergens. Non-toxic. Set of 5 includes: Green, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow. JOVI PLAY PASTEL FINGER PAINT JOVI PLAY FINGER PAINT SET OF 6 Set of 6 x 35ml finger paints based on natural A fantastic range of fun colours that can be ingredients with pastel colours. Paint with a jelly mixed; stimulates motor coordination and fine texture that is very pleasant to touch. Washable and motor skills of hands and fingers. Can be applied very easy to remove from hands and surfaces. Gluten directly with fingers, brush, roller or spatula for -free and free of the main allergens. Non-toxic. 2+ the most spectacular results. Set of 6 x 125ml includes: Green, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow, White. SET OF 5 PASTEL SET OF 6 PACKED 6 RRP £5.99 PACKED 6 PACKED 3 TRADE £2.75 RRP £9.99 RRP £17.99 11 TRADE £4.75 TRADE £8.50

DERIVAN FACE & BODY PAINT STAND GREEN ORANGE PURPLE YELLOW WHITE BROWN BLUE RED BLACK Derivan Face & Body Paint is a safe, non-toxic paint for use on the face and body. It is designed as a drama and theatre paint which can also be used for fetes, fairs, children's parties and wherever face and/or body painting is required. Stand contains 10 of each colour. 40ml tubs. DISPLAY OF 90 TUBS RRP £3.99 TRADE £166.50 12 1122

DERIVAN FACE & BODY PAINT STAND COLOURS WHITE YELLOW ORANGE RED PURPLE BLUE GREEN BROWN BLACK Tubs from the stand are available to purchase individually by colour. Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, White, Brown, Blue, Red, Black PACKED 5 OF 1 COLOUR RRP £3.99 TRADE £1.85 13

DERIVAN FACE & BODY PAINT GOLD SILVER METALLIC GOLD & SILVER FACE & BODY PAINT Metallic Gold & Silver Face & Body Paint It is designed as a drama and theatre paint which can also be used for fetes, fairs, children's parties and wherever face and/or body painting is required. GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER CRYSTALINA GOLD SILVER DERIVAN FACE & BODY PAINT 36ml TUBES Water-based, non-toxic Glitter Face & Body Paint in 36ml squeeze tubes. METALLIC PAINT SQUEEZE TUBES 1144 PACKED 5 OF 1 COLOUR PACKED 5 OF 1 COLOUR RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.25 RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.25 14

DERIVAN FACE PAINT SETS PIRATES & STARTER SUPERHEROES BUTTERFLIES & FAIRY PRINCESS COWBOYS FLOWERS CONTAINS: CONTAINS: CONTAINS: CONTAINS: CONTAINS: 1x White, 1x White, 1x White, 1x White, 1x White, 1x Yellow 1x Yellow 1x Yellow 1x Yellow 1x Red, 1x Red, 1x Red, 1x Red, 1x Red, 1x Blue, 1x Brown, 1x Blue, 1x Green, 1x Purple 1x Glitter Majestic 1x Black, 1x Black, 1x Black, 1x Blue, Purple, Sponge Applicator, Sponge Applicator, Sponge Applicator, Sponge Applicator, 1x Glitter Aqua, 2x Brushes 2x Brushes 2x Brushes 2x Brushes Sponge Applicator, 2x Brushes STARTER PACK: PACKED 3 OF 1 SET 2 EACH OF 5 SETS RRP £19.99 TRADE £9.50 15

STENCILS FRUIT VEGETABLES LETTERS & NUMBERS FLOWERS SEA Craft stencils in packs of 6 assorted designs. Each supplied in retail hang packs. 14cm x 14cm PACKED 5 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK: RRP £5.99 2 EACH OF 5 TITLES TRADE £2.75 16 1166

COLOURED SAND FLUORESCENT PASTEL SPARKLE These coloured sands are great for kids activities and ideal for many Arts and Crafts projects including card making, collages – creating textural effects and sand painting. The coloured sand is also a fantastic tool for supporting children’s development in Early Years – by adding a few extra materials, using the sand as a resource in small world play it’s possible to extend the learning further to support personal, social and emotional development. FLUORESCENT 220gm 17 PASTEL 220gm SPARKLE 220gm PACKED 2 EACH OF 6 PACKED 2 EACH OF 6 PACKED 2 EACH OF 6 RRP £3.49 RRP £3.49 RRP £3.99 TRADE £1.60 TRADE £1.60 TRADE £1.75

ART SETS COMIC BOOK ART DRAWING TECHNIQUES Through six insightful chapters, explore all Make illustration as easy as lifting up a pencil! This aspects of comic book creation with professional highly comprehensive kit explains how to achieve advice to guide you. Learn how to communicate life like drawings on almost any subject. Lessons any story through this dynamic medium. 48 page range from how to hold the pencil to drawing still life, flowers, animals, landscapes and portraits. 48 instruction book, 64 page sketchbook, 8 dual page sketchbook, 48 page instruction book, 10 grey ended markers, over 30 stickers, fine liner, eraser, pencils, 2 charcoal pencils, 1 eraser, 1 fine liner, 3 black marker, pencil. tortillons, 1 pencil sharpener. PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE PRICE MARKED 10% VAT RRP £14.99 TRADE £7.75 £19.99 18 1188

ART SETS CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING CALLIGRAPHY Delve into beautiful and traditional art with A fun and easy way to learn the beautiful craft this Chinese Brush Painting set. With simple of calligraphy, the comprehensive 48-page book instructs you on how to master classic instructions to guide you through all the alphabet scripts and design letters to create essentials, you will be painting like a pro in no your own individual calligraphic styles, including helpful tips. This kit features all the time! Include seven stunning projects. 48 tools you need: a calligraphic pen with three page instruction book, 25ml traditional black ink, 2 Chinese art brushes, 5 paints, 5 sheets different sized nibs, 12 ink cartridges, a drafting pencil, a putty eraser and a practice pad. of Xuan paper. PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE PRICE MARKED RRP £14.99 10% VAT 19 £19.99 TRADE £7.75

COLOUR & CARRY ACTIVITY KITS DINOSAUR UNICORN Unleash your creativity with these deluxe, boredom-bursting activity cases, packed full of activities, stickers and stationery enclosed in a durable carry-case making it perfect for on the go entertainment. The eye- catching design on the case can be coloured-in to completely customise the case to your own liking. Includes 1x 32-page colouring book, 1x 32-page activity book, 2x sticker sheets, 10x felt-tip pens, 5x dual- ended colouring pencils, 2x gel pens. PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE PRICE MARKED 2200 10% VAT RRP £11.95 TRADE £6.00 £14.99 20

WASHABLE ARTY CRAYONS 3 creative uses - can be used as Crayons, Pastel and Watercolours. Wider diameter so they are easier to hold. 12 vivid colours. Smooth easy glide crayons. Responsibly sourced premium materials. Available in 12 pack. Recommended for children age 3-9 years. Water-soluble - washable with water. A must-have item for future artists. The wider diameter and core encourage the correct tripod grip. Easy glide. No mess, no waste. Twist barrel with hard case. SET OF 12 CRAYONS 21 PACKED 5 RRP £11.95 TRADEN£O5.7V5AT

6+ MINIATURE CONSTRUCTABLES- 24 Piece CDU Real tools, real stainless steel part and real fun are what this range is about with its miniature nature adding a level of collectability. Includes educational benefits such as fine motor skills, shape recognition, manipulative ability and creative thinking. Ages 6+ Models Include: Car, 4WD, Tank, Motorbike, Mine Truck, Cement Truck, Excavator, Forklift, Goods Truck, Go Cart, Train and Race Car Each Kit Includes: 1 Model, Special Tools, Full Instructions DISPLAY OF 24 22 222 Each kit: (2x12 MODELS) 14.5cm x 11cm RRP £4.99 TRADE £55.00

6+ 23

SCRATCH, DISCOVER & LEARN ANIMALS DINOSAURS 9781801052498 9781801052504 HUMAN BODY SHARKS 9781801052511 9781801052528 Scratch away the special cards to seek, find, and discover full colour pictures underneath. Each scratch picture features hidden illustrations to discover and learn about. Includes over 100 facts, colouring pictures and 12 scratch cards with wooden scratch tool. STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £9.99 TRADE £5.75 NO VAT 24 2244

SCRATCH AND DRAW DINOSAURS FARM ANIMALS HORSES AND UNICORNS 9781787007185 9781789584370 9781787007161 PRINCESSES UNDER THE SEA MERMAIDS 9781787007192 9781789580471 9781801052344 Rainbow colours and foil patterns hide beneath the black coating - use the included wooden stylus to cleverly reveal them with a simple scratch! Also includes step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw amazing pictures. Finish the brilliant scratch art adventure story included. Over 2 million scratch and draw copies sold worldwide! NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £7.99 2 EACH OF 6 TITLES 25 TRADE £4.75

PUFFY STICKERS DINOSAURS ANIMALS UNICORNS 9781789589245 9781789589238 9781789589269 LOL CUTE CUTE PETS MERMAIDS 9781789589252 9781801053051 9781801053068 Adorable sticker activity series with 20 puffy stickers and 150 colourful stickers. 3 puffy stickers include fun goggle eyes! Includes spot the difference, word searches, mazes and more! STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 6 TITLES RRP £6.99 TRADE £4.25 NO VAT 26 2266

FELT STICKERS SPACE DINOSAURS ANIMALS 9781789589245 9781789589238 9781789589269 OCEAN DIGGERS FARM 9781789589252 9781801053051 9781801053068 Novelty sticker activity series with felt stickers, colour stickers and play scenes. Includes 20 innovative novelty felt stickers not seen before in an activity series. Felt stickers feature colourful illustrations on sticky-backed play felt. NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £6.99 2 EACH OF 6 TITLES TRADE £4.25 27

SOFT PLAY FELT CONSTRUCTION SITE DINOSAURS UNICORNS 9781787004344 9781787007482 9781789580310 WILD ANIMALS OCEAN ANIMALS FARM ANIMALS 9781787005235 The soft felt clings securely to the pages and can be used time and time again - perfect for hours of imaginative play. The felt pieces can be stored in the integral clear vac tray at the top of the book. Over 20 play felt pieces in each title. STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 6 TITLES RRP £7.99 TRADE £4.75 NO VAT 28 2288

SOFT PLAY FELT COLOURS UNDER THE SEA FIRST WORDS ON THE FARM 9781801052771 9781801052795 COUNTING WILD ANIMALS SHAPES ON THE CONSTRUCTION SITE 9781801052788 9781801052801 A best-selling format, now with popular early learning content! Teach important key skills with the 20+ soft felt play pieces and simple story. When play is over, keep pieces safe in the tray at the top. NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £7.99 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES 29 TRADE £4.75

BUSY PLAY OCEAN THINGS THAT GO 9781801052269 9781801052276 CONSTRUCTION SITE FARM 9781801051439 9781801051446 Includes themed reusable play pieces, activities, stickers, play scenes to complete, and press-out models to make. The 20 reusable play pieces can be used as window stickers. Chunky window play pieces are child-friendly and 100% reusable. STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £6.99 TRADE £4.25 NO VAT 30 3300

WATER PAINTING SEARCH AND FIND DINOSAURS UNICORNS 9781789584394 9781789584400 ANIMALS UNDER THE SEA 9781789585032 9781789585049 Create amazing animal pictures with these paint with water books, then search and find the things that are hiding on each page. Simply apply water with the special pen, leave to dry, then paint your pictures and search and find again. 5 paint with water scenes, refillable water pen, case bound board books. 24.1cm x 20.2cm NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £7.99 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES 31 TRADE £4.75

MAGIC WATER COLOURING BABY ANIMALS FARM 9781789589054 9781801051415 UNDER THE SEA MERMAIDS 9781801051422 9781789581140 Create colourful pictures with magic water colouring. Simply paint with water, leave to dry, then paint your pictures again. These books include lots of magic water colouring pictures to paint with water and amazing facts with more pictures to colour with pencils and crayons. STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £7.99 TRADE £4.75 NO VAT 32 3322

MAGIC WATER COLOURING HORSES AND UNICORNS ANIMALS 9781787009585 9781787009622 MACHINES DINOSAURS 9781789580754 9781787009608 Just add water with these super fun water colouring books! Avoid the mess of traditional painting by letting the magic of these pages fill with colour, and then once dried, just paint them again. With a range of exciting themes, interesting facts and more pictures to colour with pencils and crayons. NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £7.99 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES 33 TRADE £4.75

MY PRECIOUS PLANET BEING KIND TO THE WORLD HELPING SAVE OUR ANIMALS 9781800582019 9781800582002 CARING FOR OUR OCEANS LOOKING AFTER NATURE 9781800584457 9781800584464 These activity books will open children's eyes to the wonders of the world and the animal kingdom and teach them about conservation, endangered species, habitats, climates and more. Styled like a children's magazine, the comic strips, simple infographics, activities, facts and crafts on each page will bring awareness to the ways we can all help to save the and animals on our precious planet. Each book is 48 pages. STARTER PACK : PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £5.99 TRADE £3.50 NO VAT 34 3344

MY FIRST I CAN DRAW IN THE OCEAN MAGICAL CREATURES 9781800581968 9781800581944 AMAZING ANIMALS MY WONDERFUL WORLD 9781800581951 9781800581975 Learn how to draw magical unicorns, awesome dragons and more in this fun drawing book My First I Can Draw Magical Creatures introduces children to drawing enchanting creatures and objects in simple, easy-to -follow steps. Then, practise your drawings by filling the fun scenes at the back of the book. 32 pages. NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £4.99 2 EACH OF 4 TITLES TRADE £2.75 35

I CAN DRAW –STEP BY STEP GUIDES I CAN DRAW ANIMALS I CAN DRAW ANYTHING This delightful book proves that absolutely This colourful, charming book makes art anyone can be an animal artist! Just follow utterly accessible! Just follow the simple, step -by-step instructions to create fun characters the simple, step-by-step instructions to create really wild portraits and nature scenes and exciting scenes that you will love showing to friends and family. Whether you that you will love showing to friends and want to portray a pirate, doodle a dinosaur, family. Whether you want to doodle a dog, illustrate an iguana, or copy a crocodile, here or sketch a superhero, here you'll find you'll find everything that you need to get everything that you need to get drawing. drawing. Come join the arty party! Ideal for Come join the arty party! Ideal for children children aged 6+. 96 pages. aged 6+. 96 pages. PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE NO VAT RRP £6.99 TRADE £3.95 36 3366

HOW TO DRAW DINOSAURS FARM ANIMALS PETS Anyone can learn to draw with these engaging, fun books. Featuring simple step-by-step instructions, tips to develop your skills, and pages for your own drawings, this book is perfect for budding artists of all ages! 8 practice pages included, perfect for getting started and for drawing on the go. NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.75 37

JUNIOR ARTIST COLOUR BY NUMBERS DINOSAURS UNICORNS ANIMALS MERMAIDS Junior Artist Colour by Numbers for ages 5+. Each design features a completed page to provide extra guidance and get children started. PACKED 3 EACH OF 4 TITLES NO VAT RRP £2.50 38 3388 TRADE £1.25

BRAIN GAMES ACTIVITY BOOKS OCTOPUS KOALA PANDA PENGUIN Packed with awesome activities—dot to dot, mazes, colouring, spot the difference and more! Perfect for journeys, holidays, days out, and at home too. When the puzzles are complete, it’s time to colour everything in! NO VAT PACKED 3 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £2.50 39 TRADE £1.25

MAGIC PAINTING BOOKS FAIRY FUN BEACH FUN FARM FUN DINOSAURS All the fun of painting, but without the mess! Just use a wet brush and watch the colours appear! Ages 3+ 280 x 210mm 16 pages PACKED 12 NO VAT (3 each of 4 titles) 40 4400 RRP £2.99 TRADE £1.75

DOT TO DOT DOT TO DOT COUNT & COLOUR 1-10 DOT TO DOT COUNT & COLOUR 1-20 DOT TO DOT COUNT & COLOUR 1-50 Children will enjoy the challenge of the count and colour puzzles to reveal the final image which they can colour in. Ideal activity books for encouraging literacy, fine motor skills, and mindful play from an early age. Repeated learning boosts confidence, builds literacy skills, develops pencil control and hand-eye co- ordination. 32 pages. NO VAT PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £2.99 4 EACH OF 3 TITLES TRADE £1.75 DOT TO DOT ABC & COLOUR UPPERCASE DOT TO DOT ABC & COLOUR LOWERCASE Follow the upper and lowercase letters and join the dots to complete the hidden pictures. Youngsters will love the challenge of complete the puzzle to reveal the final image which they can colour in. Each image builds on previous learning so that by the end, your little one has learnt the whole alphabet! 32 pages. NO VAT PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £2.99 3 EACH OF 2 TITLES 41 TRADE £1.75

BIG AND SMART/EASY QUIZ CROSSWORDS KIDS CROSSWORDS Packed with over 50 crossword puzzles for kids, and pictures to colour. This fabulous book helps to boost vocabulary and literacy skills, while providing hours of engaging crossword and colouring fun! STARTER PACK : PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE NO VAT 3 EACH OF 2 TITLES RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.75 DOT TO DOT ABC DOT TO DOT 123 Featuring alphabet and number dot-to-dot puzzles to boost letter recognition and counting skills while having fun! Ages 4+ STARTER PACK : PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE 3 EACH OF 2 TITLES RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.75 NO VAT 42 4422

BIG AND EASY COLOURING BOOK-CAR COLOURING BOOK-TIGER COLOURING BOOK-TORTOISE Bumper books full of simple pictures for children just starting to colour. Ages 2+, 280 x 210mm 96pp NO VAT PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £4.99 4 EACH OF 3 TITLES TRADE £2.75 AMAZING ACTIVITY BOOK AWESOME ACTIVITY BOOK The Big & Easy Amazing and Awesome Activity Books are packed with engaging activities from mazes to spot the difference, dot-to-dots to search and find. This series provides hours of fun and entertainment. NO VAT PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £4.99 3 EACH OF 2 TITLES 43 TRADE £2.75

BIG AND EASY WORD SEARCHES PARROT WORD SEARCHES DINOSAUR Packed with over 50 word search puzzles to complete and pictures to colour. Guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours! Ages 3+ STARTER PACK : PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE 3 EACH OF 2 TITLES RRP £4.99 TRADE £2.75 NO VAT 44 444

COLOURING BOOKS Get creative with this T-rific colouring book, packed Packed with pictures of beautiful unicorns, with over 50 species of dinosaurs and prehistoric fabulous fairies and marvellous mermaids creatures for hours of ROARsome fun! Simple to for hours of magical colouring fun! Great for improving artistic and concentration understand graphic icons show the period when and skills and captivating imaginations. Ages 3+ where each species lived and what it ate, and phonetic spellings for every dinosaur name will 280 x 210mm 64 pages encourage and inform all young dinosaur fans. NO VAT PACKED 6 OF 1 TITLE RRP £4.99 45 TRADE £2.75

CHILDREN’S CLASSIC COLLECTION BLACK BEAUTY CALL OF THE WILD SET OF 4 IN HARD BACKED SLIP CASE 222x172x85mm PRICE MARKED £52 THE JUNGLE BOOK THE SECRET GARDEN Four of the most beloved stories in children’s literature are presented as gift editions. With stunning jacket effects and beautiful illustrations throughout. Hardback with foil, metallic ink, and embossing. 160 pages 220x170mm Stunning cover effects and illustrations bring these classic stories to a new generation of readers. Ages 9+ PACKED 1 SET OF 4 TITLES NO VAT RRP £29.99 46 4466 TRADE £17.50

CHILDREN’S CLASSIC LIBRARY PETER PAN ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND SET OF 4 IN HARD BACKED SLIP CASE 222x172x85mm PRICE MARKED £52 THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ PINOCCHIO Beautiful illustrated classic children’s books to get children fascinated with reading and classic literature. With these beloved stories, anyone can relate and enjoy, offering a bonding experience. Four hardback books including foil metallic ink and embossing with 160 pages. 220x170mm. Ages 9+ NO VAT PACKED 1 SET OF 4 TITLES RRP £29.99 47 TRADE £17.50

I CAN... BOARD BOOKS I CAN EAT I CAN FEEL AVAILABLE AS SET OF 4 IN HARD BACKED SLIP CASE PRICE MARKED £28 I CAN MOVE I CAN TRY I Can Boxset is collection of four board books about first experiences that you can share with your baby or toddler. Enticing illustrations of bold, bright animals to talk about. Encourages interaction with easy to handle fold-out board pages. Thick board pages for durability and easy handling. 22 pages. PACKED 1 SET OF 4 TITLES PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE NO VAT RRP £19.99 RRP £4.99 4488 TRADE £12.00 TRADE £2.75 48

WONDERFUL WORDS ON THE GO AT HOME PRICE MARKED £12.99 MY FOOD Wonderful Words Books are packed with lots of bright illustrations and labels to help your little one discover different things as well as the assortment of wonderful words that go with them. 48 pages. Words are grouped into categories to improve your toddler's vocabulary and encourage discussion. Questions help you to explore numbers, colours and shapes with your child. A colourful wall poster gives you a fun 5-minute word recap whenever you need it NO VAT PACKED 3 OF 1 TITLE STARTER PACK : RRP £9.99 2 EACH OF 3 TITLES 49 TRADE £5.75

STICKER BOOKS FLAGS OF THE WORLD THE UNIVERSE Packed with over 350 stickers, this sticker book Discover everything you need to know about the features every nation’s flag and capital city universe in this sticker book which is simply out of this world! Includes giant pull out solar system making a brilliant way for children to learn about flags! (280x216mm)Including wallchart. 6+ poster (844x540mm). 6+ TELL THE TIME TIMES TABLES Including over 100 exciting stickers, children will Make learning easy with this ‘Tell the Time’ sticker love to learn their times tables with this easy to book including over 100 stickers to help children follow sticker book. Featuring a giant times tables learn the important skill of telling the time. With wall chart. giant tell the time wall chart. STARTER PACK : PACKED 5 OF 1 TITLE 3 EACH OF 4 TITLES RRP £5.99 TRADE £3.25 5500 NO VAT 50

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