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End of Year Message 2018

Published by katarzyna.szablowska, 2018-12-21 05:27:56

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2018END OF YEAR MESSAGEFREDRIK SEASON’S GREETINGS EXECUTIVERÅGMARK MANAGEMENT As another year comes to an end, we wantedCEO to take the opportunity to say thank you for TEAMMEDICOVER your hard work, dedication, and the excellent customer service you provide at all times. ANDREW CMO We are grateful to you for your tremendous efforts and send our best wishes to you ANTHONY and yours. Have a well-deserved rest and a CIO rewarding, joyous New Year. Thank you for the pleasure of working with you! Fredrik, CEO Medicover & Executive Management TeamDEAR COLLEAGUES,Time is flying; yet again I have the advantage, but also increased public the hallmarks of the winners in serving us to serve our existing customers BENEDIKTprivilege to write to you my end of year awareness through bigger exposure all our customer groups, and gives more completely and effectively. COO, Diagnostic Servicesmessage. 2018 has been a busy and of the company. The adoption of me additional confidence that we will There are a lot of examples of howsuccessful year for Medicover, with listing standards, like transparency, continue to succeed. we explore the opportunities on the JENNYcontinued strong organic growth in also helps drive trust and brand following pages, including John talking General Legal Counselour core businesses, and several new reputation. However, it also means Taking account of these key growth about why we decided to enter India,additions to our business portfolio. we are more restricted in sharing drivers, we shall continue to develop Adrian covering our expansion in JOE forward looking information, even our businesses in the countries and Romania, or Stefan referring to the CFOMedicover is now approaching € 700 internally. Personally, I strongly believe regions where we are already strong, new capabilities we’ve acquired inmillion in annual revenues, and we’ve in openness and transparency, in line and with our core operating models, genetics to serve our customers more JOHNmaintained historic organic growth with Medicover’s culture and values, including our funded integrated completely and effectively. COO, Healthcare Servicesrates in double digit percentages. We but if any information is judged to be employer-paid model in Poland andhave almost 20,000 employees across price sensitive, it is classified as insider Romania, various lines of specialty Information technology and LISELOTTEour different geographies. Medicover information until it can be publicly services, among others, fertility, dental data management have always HR Directorhas doubled in size every 4-5 years over disclosed, and many restrictions apply and orthopaedics. We’ll continue been competitive advantagesthe past ten years, and that growth rate to how we must handle it. to grow our diagnostics businesses, for Medicover. They will be even PAULAcould become even higher, given the extending our laboratory and blood more important in the future, Director Corporatenumber of opportunities open to us. What will Medicover look like in drawing point network across current and we are investing both in the Communications & IRWe’ve also had a number of challenges, 5 years’ time? I know that many of you geographies, and we will keep on further development of our coremost significantly in Germany, in our want to understand this better, as you adding to our broad panel of tests, systems, and in new IT capabilities,publicly financed business, following told us in the recent Employee Opinion currently some 4,500 different tests. sometimes through partnership withreimbursement reforms. Survey (EOS). I can describe our high- new technology-based firms that level strategy to you in this way: We will also acquire additional complement what we can already2018 was our first full calendar year as a capabilities, where these provide provide internally.publicly traded company, following our • W e operate in high growth new growth opportunities or enablesuccessful listing of Medicover on the healthcare services markets: both MEDICOVERNasdaq Stock Exchange in Stockholm countries and regions where dynamic THANK YOU! FOUNDATIONin May 2017. Let me take this GDP growth is expected to continue,opportunity to share some thoughts on driving overall growth in healthcare I hope these examples give Last, but not least, I would also like tothe key questions that I’ve been quite spending, and also in segments of you a sense of why I am so acknowledge all the wonderful workfrequently asked: the private health market which excited about Medicover’s which is being done by the Medicover are expected to be high growth, future potential. The Foundation, and in which many ofWhy did you list Medicover on the reflecting the inability of public glue and DNA to realise you are directly involved. The PoZdrostock exchange? healthcare budgets to meet the ever this potential is all our and In-Cerc projects for screeningOur reasons were different from rising demands for more and better fantastic people, that is all schoolchildren in Poland and Romania,those of many other companies who healthcare. of you. I can only say how and helping those at risk of developingdecide to be listed. Typically, a stock impressed and grateful I lifestyle related diseases, are havingexchange listing is to allow existing • O ur customer base is diversifying. am, for the commitment a ground-breaking impact. But thereshareholders to sell a significant part Corporate customers paying and enthusiasm you show, are many other initiatives each year,of their shares, thereby providing them for employee healthcare, and each day of the year, to engaging more and more of you,with liquidity. That was not the case in institutional customers, such as service our customers in through which we demonstrate howour situation, where none of our larger hospitals and clinics, will remain the best possible way. much we care about giving back to theshareholder sold any shares. The Jonas very important to us. At the I’d also like to thank you communities in which we are present.and Christina af Jochnick Foundation same time, the individual is an for your feedback in thetogether with members of the increasingly important decision Employee Opinion Survey As always, never hesitate to ask meaf Jochnick family remain our majority maker. There is more ‘consumerism’ (EOS) conducted in 2018, any additional question you may have.shareholders, thereby guaranteeing the coming into healthcare, as with where you told us both If I am able to answer, I promise I willstable ownership that is so important so many other parts of society. what you liked about do my best!to our long-term growth strategy. Patients educate themselves and Medicover and which areasAll the money that was raised in the make their own choices to a much you thought we needed to With my best personal regardslisting went straight into Medicover, to greater extent, and we need to improve. I’d like to express to you all, Fredrikstrengthen our balance sheet, and to provide them with the tools and my commitment to you [email protected] us to take advantage of further services they need to support their that I will always listen andgrowth opportunities whilst also health-related decision making. take all your feedback veryensuring we have a strong and sound I expect the fact that we are an base to build on. integrated provider of a broad range of healthcare services will be anWhat are the consequences of being increasingly important advantage ina listed company? meeting individual customers’ needs.Most of the consequences arebeneficial. As listed above, the The value of strong and trusted brands,financial benefit in the form of and the delivery of quality healthcareraising capital is the most distinct in a modern and efficient way, will be

2 page BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS JOHN Can you tell us more about infrastructure, and health is one of STUBBINGTON MaxCure Group? those areas that keeps pace. If you are in the countryside you might COO, HEALTHCARE MaxCure is a group of 11 hospitals not have access to a doctor, so SERVICES in Andhra Pradesh, Telegana and pharmacies are often the desired recently Maharashtra whose brand location to seek help but in majorOUR PRESENCE is strong in these regions of India. cities there are many facilities ofIN INDIA Most hospitals are multi-speciality all different standards. Some make and offer a sophisticated level of you cry and you think surely peopleIn this interview, John will give you a glimpse into our business medical care, including major trauma, deserve more, while others makein India, responding to the questions you most frequently ask. road traffic accidents and even you go “WOW, this is amazing!”. But transplants. The business tends to that’s India…it’s a land of extremes. focus on cardiology, orthopaedics, Extreme wealth to massive poverty. neurology and care for women and children, but we aim to move What key difference do you see into cancer care in 2019 with the as a manager between India and construction of cancer machine Europe? bunkers being built as we speak to enable this. We have some 2000 Many – Europe is highly developed beds with our biggest hospital being and as such you see that in the around 400 beds. way we work vs. India that is not developed and the country wants to How does the healthcare market establish itself. India never sleeps, if look in India? I mail at 11pm which I have a habit of doing I will often get a reply (so There are many different Indias it’s around 3am). There are lots of with so many languages, religions resources, lots of people, and lots and cultures and each state can be of traffic with no rules. You drive quite different, almost like a new around and people will drive on the country. Cities are also big, if you wrong side of the road and don’t take Delhi as an example and the think anything of it. Car horns sound surrounding area, it is almost as big constantly as it’s part of the code of as Poland in population. The country how they do things. Its crazy chaos is developing very fast in built up and I love it! areas with lots of investment in INFERTILITY SITUATION SRI-NAGAR IN INDIAEnd of Year Message: Isinfertility really a problem 220M LUDHIANA JALANDHARin India? TOTAL WOMEN CHANDIGARHYes, quite a big one IN REPRODUCTIVE AGEdriven by lifestyle and the NEW DELHIenvironment. There is also ahigh cultural aspect as once R O H TA K GHAZIABADpeople get married thereis an expectation to have GURGAON NOIDAa family and newly-wedsfeel a pressure to conceive. 27.5MFemale fertility also slowsdown faster than in the west INFERTILE COUPLESdue to genetics. So, there IN INDIAare around 30M people withfertility issues – a sizable ONLY 1%market. INFERTILE COUPLES NASHIKHow strong is our fertility COMING FOR EVALUATIONbusiness in India? NIZAMABAD 65,000We started in 2016 and SANGAREDDY K ARIMNAGARopened our first centre in COUPLES AVAILING IVFMay. Now, two years on TREATMENT HYDERABAD VISAKHAPATNAM(2018), we have 18 centresin total. We are in ten cities 150,000 KURNOOL MaxCure Hospitalsacross the northern part of NELLORE MyCure HospitalsIndia in the Delhi NCR region IVF CYCLES IN INDIA Simhapuri Hospitalsand in the Punjab as well as IN 2017in Hyderabad in south India. Shree Balaji Medicover HospitalsDo we follow exactly thesame standards as in our Ashoka Medicoverclinics in Europe? HospitalsYes, we do. Our operating Medicover Fertilitypractices are amended forlegal and cultural reasonsbut the backbone of whatwe do is exactly the sameand our clinical standardsare very high. So, forexample, we focus more onbasic education re: healthyliving as India shows higherprevalence of obesity +diabetes due to diet andgenetics.INFERTILITY INDIA FACES A HIGH BURDEN FEMALE FACTOR ACCOUNTS INDIA IS EXHIBITING ADISEASE OF INFERTILITY, DETERIORATION OF RISKBURDEN FOR 40% – 50% OF INFERTILITY WITH 22 TO 33 MILLION FACTORS THAT ARE KEY DRIVERS AMONG INFERTILE COUPLES, WHILE MALE FOR THE HIGH BURDEN OF COUPLES IN THE REPRODUCTIVE AGE FACTOR, WHICH IS ON THE RISE IN INDIA, INFERTILITY SUFFERING FROM LIFETIME INFERTILITY ACCOUNTS FOR 30%-40%

BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS 3page BENEDIKT PRE- OUR FUTURE: VON ANALYTICS SERVICES INSIGHTS BRAUNMÜHL Counselling Collection Point TODAY: Data Analytics COO, DIAGNOSTIC Network RESULTS Prevention SERVICES Quality test & Monitoring Logistics results ServicesOUR QualityEXPERTISE IN ANALYTICS Test ResultsDIAGNOSTICS Laboratory Medical Staff POST-In this interview, Benedikt will give you a glimpse into our Reagents ANALYTICSDiagnostic Services expertise, responding to the question Medical Customeryou most frequently ask. Service Sample Storage Result Delivery • Value Driver • Cost DriverCan we start with the difference Spending is expected to be driven CUSTOMER LABbetween ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’ by aging and growing populations, SEGMENTS NETWORKdiagnostics? emerging market expansion, clinical and technology advances, and rising CLINIC NETWORKS HOSPITAL LABIn vitro diagnostics refers to tests labour costs. (Source: Deloitte, 2018 EDUCATION SPECIALISED LABperformed on biological samples Global health care outlook) CONTRACTsuch as blood, urine and tissue taken DOCTORS CENTRAL LABdirectly from patients and analysed in The diagnostics market is driven PATIENTS REGIONAL LABa lab. In contrast, in vivo diagnostics by several forces: PRE-ANALYTICSrefers to those procedures performed ANALYTICSon the patient, such as ultrasound • T he move from volume to value,imaging diagnosis, CT, MRI. Diagnostic that reflects into the meaningfulServices conducts only in vitro insights and added value I wasdiagnostics, which is paramount to mentioning before,To accelerate innovation is one KEY SUCCESS PATIENT KEY SUCCESS FACTORSof the Diagnostic Services goals, FACTORS IN ANALYTICStherefore innovations are a key IN PRE-ANALYTICSpillar of our strategy. One example High Volume Routineis the innovative diagnostic field Provide a Strong BDPs Testingof microbiome testing, which is an Networksemerging area in medical practice. Broad Test Menu Efficient BDPs Network Capabilities Diversified Network Base In Advanced Diagnostics International Lab Network Integrated IT Systemhealthcare provision, as doctors rely • The shift from treatment (the POST-ANALYTICon accurate test results to make the “break-and-fix” model) to CUSTOMERbest treatment decisions for the prevention and wellbeing. It makes SERVICESpatient. clinical and financial sense to invest in keeping individuals healthy by RESULT INTERPRETATIONWhat is the scope of Medicover’s offering lifestyle and preventive WEB SERVICESdiagnostic services offer? testing options, DATA STORAGEDiagnostic Services offers a broad • The quantified-self which involves POST-ANALYTICSarray of diagnostic tests and services, self-tracking via data: i.e. healthranging from routine blood tests, such apps for blood glucose tracking, • The companion diagnostics: when Can you give some example of understanding the composition ofas cholesterol to complex molecular paired with targeted therapies, it innovations within the Diagnostic the community of microorganismstesting. We also provide interpretation • The emerging of point-of-care helps doctors to select the best Services that can differentiate us inhabiting our gastrointestinalof test results that supports doctors testing (PoCT) that provides results treatment, avoiding trial-and-error from the competition? organs is playing an important roleand clinics when they strive to better in real time. If you are given a PoCT prescription. in prevention and treatment ofdiagnose and monitor patients. We go and diagnosed with influenza, your To accelerate innovation is one an increasing number of diseases.beyond the lab reports with reference doctor can explain why you don’t As healthcare becomes more of the Diagnostic Services goals, Another innovation I would like toranges for tests. Our strategy is to need antibiotics, but an antiviral consumer-focused, we witness new therefore innovations are a key mention is the e-Commerce strategictransform the results into meaningful medication, kind of partnerships and collaborations pillar of our strategy. One example initiative that focuses on using allinsights. within and across healthcare sectors: is the innovative diagnostic field the online tools to facilitate the • The digitization of patient consolidation / M&As, joint ventures, of microbiome testing, which access for the patient to our services,What drives diagnostics market experience: the digital solutions, public-private partnerships and other is an emerging area in medical increase our revenue and optimize thenowadays? like the pre-registration services alternative care settings. practice. Both in health and disease, workflow. we have already implementedGlobal healthcare spending is in Ukraine or the e-Commerceprojected to increase at an annual initiative tackle the increasingrate of 4.1 per cent in 2017-2021, up need for more personalizedfrom just 1.3 per cent in 2012-2016. therapeutic tools,

4 page BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTSULIANA ADRIAND O R O F E Y E VA PEAKEMEDICAL DIRECTOR GENERALINTERSONO, MANAGER,H E A LT H C A R E MEDICOVERSERVICES, ROMANIA,UKRAINE H E A LT H C A R E SERVICESCOLLABORATION WITHIN STRONG GROWTHTHE MEDICOVER FERTILITY OF MEDICOVERCOMMUNITY ROMANIAEnd of Year Message: What is some new insight available. We are to hold international meetings This year, we have managed • Spitalul Pelican and its 3 clinicsthe Medicover Fertility Society? currently working on a potential form annually. In 2018, we organised to take important steps for our in Oradea. to publish scientific articles together. our 1st International Conference growth in many regions, strength-Uliana Dorofeyeva: The in Lviv, Ukraine. Over 150 IVF en our position in Bucharest and Phoenix is one of the largestMedicover Fertility Society was How do you usually collaborate? doctors, mostly from Ukraine, plus see record numbers of patients in healthcare providers in Craiovaset up in 2017 to integrate the from all the Medicover Fertility Medicover Hospital. and the region of Oltenia. With acommunity and facilitate the We arrange Skype conferences markets participated in it. Lectures network of 7 clinics and one hos-exchange of experience and with our colleagues from all IVF were delivered by colleagues from I am proud to share with you pital, Phoenix compliments ourknow-how among Medicover IVF markets (Ukraine, India, Poland, InviMed (Poland) and Medicover this year’s Medicover Romania’s existing business by adding bothfacilities in different markets, Germany). Each time, we select a Fertility (India). External experts achievements focused around continous and day hospitalisationas well as to formulate a joint different topic for discussion (e.g. from Israel were invited to bring geographic expansion, strength- and an additional 94 patient beds.development strategy and common optimising an ovarian response, the top level of scientific evidence. ening our expertise and positionstandards. optimal endometrium preparation, Medicover’s Chief Medical Officer in the market as a leading health- Pelican is the highest rated private care provider: hospital in terms of clinical com-To raise Medicover’s profile as an expert in the infertility plexity and the leading healthcaretreatment, we have decided to hold international • Our clinic network increased by provider in Northwest Roma-meetings annually. In 2018, we organised our 1st 50 per cent to 37; nia, operating a fully equippedInternational Conference in Lviv, Ukraine. hospital (130 beds, 5 operating • We will reach a quarter of a theatres, imaging diagnostics andHow did the whole idea start? etc.), and share both the best - Andrew Vallance-Owen and our million members by the end of supporting activities). Additionally, practices and difficulties we scientific consultant - Anat Safran the year; it will expand its premises and addWe just wanted to use the full encounter. Additionally, quite - supported the meeting as well. 4,000 m2 in a newly-built adjacentpotential of Medicover’s highly often we consult each other • The Hospital Team have led a facility, providing for extra 100qualified specialists as there is an personally. When and where will the breakthrough year in perfor- beds and a research unit.extra value in incorporating various second conference be mance;perspectives into practice. For Do you reach out to the organised? Today, Medicover Romania isexample, now, all our IVF clinics professional community outside We also completed the acquisi- widely recognised for the highestmonitor the same quarterly KPIs Medicover? We plan the next conference to tions of: quality of services in Romania andcreated by our scientific consultant, take place in Warsaw in April/ is the only international operatorAnat Safran. Since the practices To raise Medicover’s profile May 2019 and everyone working • Centrul Medical Phoenix in in healthcare sector in Romania. Iof getting the highest result differ as an expert in the infertility for Medicover Fertility across our Craiova (in South of Romania) – would like to once again welcomea bit in each clinic there is always treatment, we have decided markets is welcome to join! a medical provider recognised on board our new colleagues throughout the region, espe- that joined our Romanian team in cially for excellence in endocri- 2018. Together we will continue nology; bringing Medicover’s highest stan- dards of healthcare to as many • A cademica clinics in Bucha- people in Romania as possible. rest – a specialist provider of healthcare services; PROUD OF OUR GENETIC TESTING EXPERTISE AND SERVICES STEFAN Medicover Genetics is looking Together, we have made genetic counsellors across our MEHRLE back to an exciting year 2018! extraordinary progress, offering territories, we are standing on state-of-the-art genetic testing the side of our patients to explain HEAD OF MEDICOVER We have grown from our humble solutions to our clinical partners the complex findings a genetic GENETICS BUSINESS UNIT, beginnings in Germany, marked and patients alike. We are proud diagnosis might present. In DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES, by the acquisition of a laboratory to offer a complete in-house conclusion, we feel well prepared GERMANY in Berlin back in 2017, extending portfolio produced in our labs, for 2019. our geographical reach towards tailor-made to our customers’ Munich and even Cyprus, to our needs and ranging from classical Let me close with a promise: We position today. cytogenetic analyses, molecular won’t stop here, we will continue pathology solutions, rare disease to update our test portfolio, Dr. H.G. Klein & the Klein, Rost testing, microbiome sequencing incorporating clinically relevant & Colleagues laboratory as well to NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal findings from researchers around as Prof. P. Patsalis & the team in Testing) solutions. Moreover, the globe to improve and extend NIPD Genetics, welcome to the with more than 20 certified our genetic solutions also in 2019. Medicover family!

BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS 5page RAINER W I O L E T TA METZGER JANUSZCZYK HEAD OF SYNEVO MANAGING DIRECTOR, CENTRAL LABS (SCL), DENTAL SERVICES, DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES, HEALTHCARE SERVICES, MEDICOVER POLANDMEDICOVER INTEGRATED DYNAMIC GROWTHCLINICAL SERVICES – OF DENTALREDEFINITION OF BUSINESSDIAGNOSTIC SERVICESOFFER How fast is the business growing? What is the focus of Medicover’s dental care?Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS) is part of The dental business has grown three-Diagnostic Services which has emerged from fold over the last three years by To deliver all dental services under oneSynevo Central Labs to realize our full potential and expand shifting more towards fee-for-service roof. Patients’ convenience and timemarket reach. MICS incorporates four major pillars: (FFS i.e. paid directly by patients) are key, thus we decided to invest in revenue both through an organic locations with minimum 4-6 chairs with growth and acquisitions. In 2018, full diagnostics, delivering all range of 67 per cent of total revenue is FFS services from preventive to aesthetics. versus 47 per cent of just two years We are also creating the first integrated ago. Currently, we operate 107 dental network of prosthetic services in Poland. chairs in 31 locations. In order to ensure that our dentists can focus fully on patients’ needs, we are Central Central Banking Banking Clinical Research DATA DATAClinical WResheaatrcmh akes our dental network building a new dental system, which is NETWcoOmRpKetitiAvnea?nlysis Ananlysis going to become a game changer for us. LAB LAB BIO BIO NETWORK Has your personal perception ofCentral lab Bio-banking We want to become an dental services changed after you unquestionable leader in dental started managing dental care?coordinates every aspect of the clinical trial offers access to a large variety of healthcare services, not merely inlaboratory part, from the study set-up to samples remnants from healthy terms of the number of chairs or The vision of whom we want to becomethe final laboratory submission. donors to deceased patients. revenue generated. We want to and achieve remained the same. What I change the way the dentistry is constantly adjust is the way to get there.Banking Clinical Research DATAClinical Research DATA perceived and delivered today. We I’ve realised the dental environment want to build strong relationships is very homogenous and relationshipsBIO NETWORK NETWORK Ananlysis Ananlysis with our patients, engage them in are very important. I also thought that the treatment process and become dentists are the main driver for thisClinical research network Data analysis an educator in oral health. We want business, now I am recognising that as our patients to trust us, feel safe and important as dentists are the dentalprovides highly trained investigators delivers a wide service range which taken care of when visiting us for the nurses and receptionists who are at ourwho coordinate all study related includes database design and setup, data treatment. Our main advantage is our front line. It is very exciting to be in thisactivities. management plan and quality control. people, who create Medicover Dental business and be able to create something and investing in them is our main that challenges the current status quo.MICS OFFERS NEW FUNCTIONS THAT INCLUDE: priority.• access to a broad variety of samples from healthy donors or diseased patients, and• a large network of highly trained investigators who manage and coordinate all study related activities and information from respective functions linked with databases for data retrieval and interpretation.The organization is focusing on new growth areas, including precision medicine andgenomics to target emerging trends in high growth areas.Precision medicine takes into account individual Genomics is a branchvariability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for of molecular biologyeach person, allowing doctors and researchers that studies theto predict more accurately which treatment and genomes (organism’sprevention strategies for a particular disease will complete set of DNA).work in which groups of people.Monitoring of patient stratification in and data reporting tailored to pharma and Beata Strączyńska Krawczyk, MD, at Medicover dental clinic.oncology and chronic diseases will further biotech companies’ needs.strengthen our service portfolio thatis going to be delivered through a one Building on our strong base in Centralstop shop function, offering a full range Eastern Europe we will further expand toof clinical services from provision and global regions and into disease areas of highmanagement of biosamples, logistics, medical need and sophisticated diagnosticspecific analytics, project management applications.

6 page BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS — OUR EXPERTISEINNOVATIVE KNEE Tomasz Piontek,INJURY TREATMENT MD, PhDKnee injuries, entailing collects bone marrow, saturates it cells from fat vessels. Thanksconsiderable loss in the joint with a special collagen membrane to the arthroscopic use of thecartilage in particular, have and applies it onto the damaged AMIC method in the knee jointlong been a challenge. How area. The method has been in substantial loss and chronicto simultaneously operate the subject to modifications for two damage, patients regain rangeinjured cartilage, meniscus and years. Another step is to check of motion much faster. Thecruciate ligament so that the whether this kind of treatment method prevents also arthrosis.patient can fully recover without requires the use of bone marrow The AMIC procedure hasfeeling fatigue after surgery. or perhaps matrix-multipotential attracted considerable interestThe method referred to as so dr Piontek regularly coachesAMIC dates back to the 1980s, orthopaedic surgeons fromhowever a team supervised around the Tomasz Piontek, MD, PhDfrom Rehasport Clinic hasdeveloped a special techniquefor arthroscopic elimination ofconsiderable loss without theneed to open the knee.Dr Piontek does not drill andperform micro-fractures, but INNOVATIVE LIMB LENGTHENING AT MEDICOVER Partnership in Warsaw between of problems and disorders related to technology gives patients the best Rehasport Clinic at Medicover the human skeleton. The first and most chance for the successful outcome of Hospital and Paley European important step is the right diagnosis. the long term treatment they have to Institute has led to the emergence Some of the patients will go through a endure. of the first world centre that deals number of operations until their adult with motor organ deformations, age and that is why the first preparatory J. Michał Deszczyński, MD, PhD limb lengthening and paediatric operations are so important. They give with his patient orthopaedics all in one facility based the fundaments for the best possible in Poland. J. Michał Deszczyński, outcome at the end of the treatments. MD, PhD, together with Dror Paley, Large number of orthopaedic disorders MD, FRCSC, and David Feldman, MD requires the team members to be skilled from Paley Orthopaedic and Spine in diverse reconstruction techniques Institute in West Palm Beach, treat that allow the surgeons to shape congenital and acquired skeletal the bones and create the new ones. system defects among adults and Synergy of the surgical expertise with children. Both teams understand that the Medicover Hospital facilities, and the access to the latest orthopaedic there are effective solutions to any kindINNOVATIVE ONE STOPCOMBINED URO-GYNAECOLOGYPHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICEWomen’s health physiotherapy is a physiotherapists like Krystyna Tober from Krystyna Tober,specialist service offered by Rehasport Rehasport Clinic (Healthcare Services, Rehasport uro-gynaecologicalphysiotherapists and Warsaw Poland) help patients strengthen their pelvic physiotherapist.Medicover Hospital gynaecologists for floor muscles and speed up recovery. One ofthe assessment and management of a methods used in physical therapy in additionrange of conditions which affect the to standard care, following epistomy orlower urinary tract and musculoskeletal C-Section delivery, is ‘scar treatment’ whichsystems particularly useful for women guides women through the scar healingafter gynaecologic surgery or following process. Through early physiotherapy,pregnancy and child birth. mothers in their postnatal period avoid significant impact the symptoms have onThanks to customized techniques and their quality of life, relationships, and abilityworkout programme, urogynaecological to care for their baby.

BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS — OUR TECHNOLOGY 7pageLABORATORY SELF CHECK-INSAUTOMATION WITH PAYMENTSWITH ROCHE We reach a new milestoneHIGH-TECH in the adoption of self-SOLUTIONS service technologies in the healthcare sector,Facing the challenges related to We can now increase patient launching a pilot schemeboth increasingly sophisticated safety by applying state-of-the-art of self check-in systemscustomers and qualified staffing automated sample quality checks for patients that enableshortages, Diagnostic Services has at an early pre-analytical stage. not only check-ins but canlaunched a CCM (cobas connection All incoming sample images are also be used for paymentmodules) project for optimization stored for documentation purposes collection. Now, our FFSof laboratory workflow. and image-based classification (fee-for-service) patients algorithms are applied for auto in three Medicover clinicsOur labs in Łódź and Gdańsk (Poland) detection of the non-conformant in Warsaw are able to payhave been equipped with Roche specimens. their bill, this way reducingautomation solutions that allow to front desk wait times, andperform an extensive inspection The Roche CCM will also be our staff is freed to greetof samples for maximum workflow implemented in Kiev central patients and focus attentionefficiency at sample reception, laboratory, while in Bucharest on more complicatedsorting & aliquoting of tubes, central laboratory a similar solution questions, therebyautomated transport line to the was implemented in autumn 2018. enhancing the patientanalysers and finally sample archiving. experience. There are new functionalities we are still developing, which we believe that by next year we will have in all our clinics, not only in Poland.DA VINCI Dorota Rojek, MD, performs a hearing test at Medicover clinic.AT MEDICOVER! HEARING AIDSFirst cardiac surgery using the The Hearing Aids business line of hearing loss due to exposureda Vinci robot in Poland. has been launched in one of the to noise in recreational settings. Healthcare Services clinics in WHO estimates that by 2050The first cardiac surgery using Poland, but there are plans for one in every ten people will havethe Da Vinci robot in Poland further development. Hearing disabling hearing loss. People withtook place this year November at problems are growing rapidly each hearing loss benefit, among others,Medicover Hospital. The mitral year not only in older generations from early identification and usevalve surgery was performed by (60+), but also in younger ones. of hearing aids, or other assistiveProf. Randolph Chitwood Jr., MD, 1.1 billion young people (aged devices or forms of educational anda renowned American cardiac between 12–35 years) are at risk social support.surgeon, who operated with a teamof Medicover Hospital doctors. Theadvantage of this type of surgeryis its minimal invasiveness, fasterpatient recovery, and better clinicalresults. This surgery was a majorturning point for Polish medicine.At the Medicover Hospital, the DaVinci robot will be used in cardiacand urology surgeries.

8 page BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS — SUSTAINABILITYMEDICOVER RECOGNISED FOR:WELLBEING!Medicover Poland of transport, with Paulina Lasocka- basic blood tests as well as blood Feeling inspired? ANTHONY CAMERONhas won a nationwide Wysoczańska, Divisional Legal pressure and body composition CIOcompetition for Counsel as an ambassador. Our measure, promoted by Ireneusz Would you like to lead a similaremployee wellbeing colleagues from IMD in Germany Urbanke, head of Medicover’s project at your work place? See WGHDAPTRIS?initiatives — have also been promoting this emergency medical services. how Aleksandra Mielniczuk,WELLPOWER 2018. means of transport. Talent & Development Project GDPR is the European Union’sThe winning project — ‘Wellbeing and Mental Manager/ Wellbeing Project General Data Protection‘Health Throughout ‘Stop the flu and colds’, Health’ are among the key Manager, describes her role on Regulation which gives citizensthe Year’, was first the Wellbeing Team: greater rights and control overimplemented in 2017, promoting free vaccination among assignments of EU’s Public Health I see it primarily as a facilitator their personal data.and has been run by employees to prevent the disease area. Between 2015 and 2018, and inspirer. I also takethe interdisciplinary itself, but also reduce the risk of flu European countries have been care of the resources and How does GDPR impactMedicover Wellbeing complications. The first one to have working on seven priorities, among ensure that participants have our business?Team in Warsaw. The been given the vaccination was others: preventing depression & the opportunity to learn,aim of the project is the campaign ambassador, Bożena promoting resilience, mental health experience new things and GDPR has a significant impactto foster a culture of Walewska-Zielecka, MD, Medical at work, developing integrated make the most of their unique on all companies includinghealthy living among Director. governance approaches. potential. In addition, I make Medicover because, foremployees. sure that our activities are example: ‘Reading at Medicover’, consistent with the company’sSeveral internal campaigns have mission and strategy. This way • We are now required by lawbeen launched at Medicover encouraging reading and of working really brings great to obtain permission fromPoland as part of the programme, bookcrossing, promoted by Kamila results, as evidenced above all individuals to possess andamong others: Skorupińska, HR Director. by the high level of employee process their personal data, engagement.‘Cycle to work’, ‘Your blood matters’, • W e may only use it for the Find out more about the project! declared purpose,promoting the everyday use of offering the possibility of free [email protected] bicycle as an environmentally • We must ensure that wefriendly, useful and jam-free means protect it - for example, by ensuring that it is onlyECO-MANAGEMENT! accessible by persons who have a legitimate need toIMD Labor Oderland and IMD • c onsidering the environmental • donating to climate protection If you want to find out how our access it.Labor Greifswald – medical aspects in procurement processes projects to offset our CO₂ colleagues from Germany managelaboratories which are part of (recycled products, energy or emissions. environmental issues, please What happens if we don’tMedicover’s Diagnostic Services – water consumed by the diagnostic get in touch with Thomas. comply with GDPR?are among the finalists of ‘EMAS equipment, wastewater and Eco-Management & Audit SchemeAwards 2018’ and remain the packaging, electricity from (EMAS) is the world’s most demanding Thomas Herfort, A breach of GDPR, be itonly EMAS (Eco-Management renewable resources and internal environmental management Environmental Manager, identified through an auditand Audit Scheme) validated car policy), system developed by the European Diagnostic Services, Germany or through a complaint by anmedical laboratories in Germany Commission for companies to [email protected] individual such as an employee,and Europe! • involving employees in evaluate, report, and improve their customer or patient, could environmental management environmental performance. The result in significant financialFor IMD Labor Oderland and IMD (internal environmental audits, 2018 European EMAS Awards penalties and damage toLabor Greifswald, EMAS is the tool training of employees on programme recognizes companies Medicover’s guarantee true environmental environmental issues, ‘IMD Bike’ - that excel through their exemplarycommitment. That means: using a bicycle instead of a car to environmental management. How does GDPR affect me commute to and from work), and by as a Medicover employee or contractor? Each of us has an obligation to ensure that we comply with GDPR and always treat the personal data of our fellow employees, our customers and patients with the same respect and confidentiality as we would expect for our own personal data.„LET’S CARE MORE” – THANK YOU!Thank you for being with us – we know we „Let’s Care More” is a project under the • improve health and wellbeing in our localcan always count on you! Your response, lead of Fredrik Rågmark, CEO Medicover, communities where we operate.engagement and creativity of the ideas launched in the autumn of 2018, which aims atsubmitted for „Let’s Care More” are really supporting initiatives with potential to: As part of the project, every Medicoverinspiring (the submission closed at the end of employee or team (including both HealthcareNovember, 2018). We are now looking forward • make our business more sustainable and and Diagnostic Services), could submit theirto bringing the best ideas to life in the New environmentally friendly through how we ideas related to the two areas listed above. work and operate, or, The winners will be announced soon.Year. We will keep you updated.STAY TUNED FOR VALUABLE COMPANY INSIGHTS AND UPDATES! MEDI COVER.COM company/medicover

1 page LIFESTYLE INSERT‘TOGETHER It has become a tradition that when summer starts, we exchange our Medicover cycling team office suits for cycling jerseys and unite in one initiative: protecting the reached the finish lineAGAINST TYPE 2 public against one of the most lethal worldwide epidemics: diabetes. in Gdynia on 1.07.2018, The first team, led by Agnieszka Matusik (Healthcare Services), supported by guest6DIABETES’ departed from Zakopane (24.06.2018), while the other, run by riders, among others: Daniel Hefel (Diagnostic Services) started from Berlin two days later.THE EDITION OF Fredrik Rågmark, MEDICOVER CEO Medicover FOUNDATION’S BIKE RALLY! Benedikt Braunmuehl, COO, Diagnostic Services June 24 — July 1, 201850 RIDERS FROM Per-Olof Berggren,5 COUNTRIES: GDYNIA Professor of Experimental Endocrinology, Karolinska InstituteGermany, Poland, Romania, BERLINSweden & Ukraine ZAKOPANE Lisa Berggren, Professor, senior consultant,1 600 KM COVERED MD, PhD, Karolinska Institute2 ROUTES: Adrian Peake,Berlin – Gdynia General Manager, Medicover Romania,Zakopane – Gdynia Healthcare Services8 BLUE TOWNS L aurentiu Luca,ON THE ROUTE Managing Director Romania & SEE,2 800 PEOPLE Diagnostic Services, RomaniaSCREENED2 PARALYMPIC Radu Perianu,GOLD MEDALISTS Commercial Excellence Director,AGAIN WITH US! Diagnostic ServicesAleksandra Tecław Marcin Łukasiewicz,& Iwona Podkościelna Head of the Inpatient and FFS, Healthcare Services.The tour organization was of a high stan- I am very proud of my team. It’s the team A huge plus of this rally is to draw attention It was great to be part of thisdard, the route was well thought out and captain’s responsibility to bring everyone safe of the audiences, how widespread and insid- amazing team. Great teamworkthe blue towns were always waiting for to the finish line in Gdynia and we had no ious diabetes is. Prevention and the healthy and perfect atmosphereus on time! Also, the support of the tour accidents, no flat tires and no quitters during lifestyle are the most effective weapons – to continue fighting diabetes.participants proved to be irreplaceable. the 5 days of cycling. regardless of gender, age and the origin. George Istrate, Dominik Starachowski, Daniel Hefel, Tatyana Shtogrina, Medicover Association, Healthcare Services, Poland Diagnostic Services, Germany Diagnostic Services, Romania. and Berlin’s team capitan Ukraine 6 3 Don’t let the autumn and winter stop you 4 If you’re hesitating between long 6 Good eyewear will also7 2 from cycle training. Here’s how you should and short sleeves/trousers, you can come in handy, from approach the long distance cycling in 1 always opt for jerseys and trousers sunglasses to clear glasses, 8 with removable sleeves/lower legs. protecting your eyes from They take up little space and are the wind. terms of clothing and equipment: indispensable gear for cold mornings. When it gets warmer, the detachable 7 Cycling gloves will bring elements can be quickly removed and relief to your hands. stored in your jersey’s back pocket. 1 Bike journeys lasting for a few days 5 Remember the weather can 8 Cycling shoes with cleats will be more enjoyable if you get in change during the day, which is will give you an additional shape beforehand and have your bike why it is a good idea to pack a boost by engaging your serviced. 2 You should also have the right cycling light and breathable waterproof muscles also in the upper outfit. Every cyclist needs a breathable overcoat, too. part of the stroke. bike jersey from a quality fabric to ensure ventilation as well as a warm long sleeve jacket for cooler days. Shorts with braces and silicone padding also increase cycling comfort when you pedal continuously for several hours. 3 Furthermore, a helmet is a must. Nobody looks particularly attractive wearing it, but safety must come first.

LIFESTYLE INSERT BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS 2page In 2018, runners from different a team. The runner finishing one →→ RMR – key facts Medicover countries joined relay leg passes on a baton (or other →→ & figures: races in four markets to run together object including a chip) to the next and network with local colleagues. runner while both are in a marked →→ 4 host cities: Warsaw, No matter which division we work exchange zone. →→ Stockholm, Kiev & Bucharest. in, we play as ONE team! Baton: a stick that is passed from one 10 countries involved! (Belarus, With their shorter distances (one runner to another in a relay race. Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, leg between 5 and 13 km), relay Germany, Moldova, Poland, races were also a great opportunity Bib: The sheets printed with Romania, Sweden, Ukraine). to encourage our less experienced numbers (called “bib numbers”) used colleagues to join the project. to identify each runner in a race. 5 countries on RMR for the first time! Relay race: a track-and-field sport Chip: A small plastic piece that’s consisting of a set number of legs, used to track a runner’s progress More than 50 non-host each run by a different member of and record times during a race. country runners. →→ 21 ‘Together, as ONE’ teams. →→ →→ 1 sprained ankle →→ 1 lost luggage 1 Thor-like runnerLET OUR RUNNERS SPEAK Anton_Ivanov / It was a running pleasure to join I loved my RMR experience During the first event in Warsaw, Sprains are ligament’s stretches the Medicover team in Stockholm. so much that I encouraged my our colleague from Belarus or tears. Ligaments are a tissue Many wonderful people there from younger colleagues to join it! And showed what teamwork really that stabilises and supports all over Europe – it’s a very good Patrycja, who works with me in means. Despite having her our body’s joints. For example, feeling to work for this company! Katowice Medical Centre, was ankle sprained during her part, ligaments in the knee connect qualified! Oksana continued her leg of the upper leg with the lowerAndreas Barthel, MD, the relay to ensure her team is leg, allowing us to walk and run.Diagnostic Services, Germany Elżbieta Zuchowicz, not disqualified because of her Most sprains are minor injuries Healthcare Services, Poland condition. that heal with home treatments I could say that it was just an like rest and applying ice, PRICE amazing competition in beautiful In Stockholm, we ran in 3 teams As soon as she reached the protocol (Protection, Rest, Ice, Kiev, but I have recently realised with a manageable 5 km per finish line, her colleagues Compression and Elevation) that during this trip I have beaten person and I was amazed by a rushed her to the Medicover and ankle brace. However, if my other Personal Best: in making couple of the Medicover runners Wilanów Hospital where she was your ankle is very swollen and new friends! who ran the distance in half the immediately provided with the painful, or if you have troubles time I did! What a motivation! highest standard of orthopaedic with walking and standing, visitKerstin Ekhdal, care. A big thank you to Marcin your doctor! Don’t neglect even aMedicover, Belgium Soran Gameel, Łukasiewicz and our Hospital’s single incident – repeated sprains Medicover, Sweden medical team! can lead to ankle arthritis, I was so inspired by Stockholm a loose ankle or tendon injury! RMR atmosphere that I decided For me RMR is all about team One of our doctors, Łukasz to bring an extra team for the last spirit and overcoming obstacles! Nagraba, MD, PhD who Oksana was brave and full relay race in the series. Together, Although I was injured during my examined Oksana, explains the of team spirit, but always we made excellent results, as ONE! stage, I felt empowered by my relay risk of such injuries. remember, your health should team’s support and made it to the be more important than any ofDmitri Simonov, finish line! And I am still running! Łukasz Nagraba, MD, PhD: the prizes!Diagnostic Services, Moldova Oksana Kotiash, There are three most popular As a doctor I do value a healthy lifestyle. Diagnostic Services, Belarus injuries that may affect your This year, not only have I joined the ankle joints: you can have it initiative as a runner, in the Stockholm This event was so emotional! I am sprained, strained or broken. relay race, but also as a volunteer, very proud of my team – together While strained and broken supporting other runners struggling we achieved impressive results in ankles are caused by mechanic during the Bucharest run! the Bucharest relay race. It was also damage and require immediate great to see the impressive hi-tech assistance, the sprained ankleBogdan Popescu, MD, lab of Synevo Romania. is one of the most commonHealthcare Services, Romania runners’ syndromes. Anna Panpayan, Diagnostic Services, Georgia We wouldn’t be able to continue this project without our CEO, Fredrik Rågmark Listen to his message at: I am not a professional runner, but It was an excellent idea to add shorter …. or scan the whole experience made me feel distances to the RMR initiative, because like one! It was just a short distance, not everyone is ready to face the 21 km 03:12 / 05:00 but with a greater purpose (UNICEF run. This also allowed us to bring 6 extra charity race), and this just gave me runners for Warsaw Ekiden Relay! This an extra pair of wings. team spirit and the enjoyable celebration will always stick in our minds!Kameliya Dinkova,Diagnostic Services, Bulgaria Ihor Kyschak, Diagnostic Services, Ukraine.BE PART OF MEDICOVER TEAM AND FOLLOW US AT:

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