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Impact Report 2016

Published by PixelSpoke, 2017-01-16 13:54:46

Description: Impact Report 2016


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Impact Report 2016

Our Mission Statement 4Our Core Values 5Governance 6Employees 8Financial Health 9Community 10Environment 11Credit Unions 12Looking Forward 17Recommended Reading 18Conclusion 19

Our Mission Statement Our purpose is to provide credit unions with the marketing and technology to compete with themegabanks and facilitate their mission to serve the underserved with quality financial services.

Our Core ValuesOur culture determines how we communicate withclients and each other, and everything we do isguided by our core values: 

GovernanceWith Authenticity as one of our core values, we striveto be transparent about everything we do. Bypracticing open book management with weeklyfinancial updates, all employees are aware of thecompany’s financial state and what they can do toimprove it.

4.6/5 To measure employee engagement, we conduct the Gallup Q12 survey several times a year. Gallup developed the survey after spending decades writing and testing hundreds of questions, yielding the 12 key components that drive employee engagement. Our goal was to have a score of 4.5 by 2018, and we ended 2016 at 4.6!2016 was the year of ourRemote Revolution. Toprovide more flexibility toemployees’ workdays, weembraced videoconferencing, upgradedcomputers, and meetingscompleted in what we call“Brady Bunch” mode.

Financial Health 
 20%2016 was our 3rd year ina row of 20% growth!No Debt Open Book Cash Management Reserves

CommunityWe are committed to helping 2,500people around the world achievefinancial wellness, and we donate5% of profits to help entrepreneursbuild their companies. We work with Kiva to provide microloans, and all repaid funds are immediately loaned out again. We made 1,302 loans this year, bringing our total to over 2,500 so far, and we are on track for our goal of 4,000 loans by July, 2018.At our annual retreat, weworked with local non-profitButterfly Boxes to assemblewelcome kits for five refugeechildren as they enter Portland.

EnvironmentAs a digital company, wealready have a low carbonfootprint, and wepurchase Carbon Offsetsthrough TerraPass toachieve carbon neutrality. In 2016, we reduced We’re lucky to live in Portland, the number of trash cans where recycling is already a part of daily life. in our office from This year we also started a10 to 2 company compost program – Dave made our compost bin and Fitz bikes it to a compost pile several times a week!

Credit UnionsIn November, the atmosphere in Portland was tense, to say theleast. Our client Point West Credit Union is progressive andpolitically active, and we saw an opportunity for them toauthentically share their values. They inspired us to craft aDeclaration of Beliefs that Point West and any other credit unioncan use free of charge.

Cameron served as the mentor for thewinning concept in Filene’s i3 prototypeproject: Bank on Family, a tool that helpspeople avoid predatory lenders.

103 In 2016, we proudly hit our two year mark of being a B Corp and were up for recertification. After completing an audit even more detailed than the normal assessment, we gained 5 points for a total of 103!Our CEO Camerondrove the initiative tocreate Portland’s first BCorp Board in January2016 and is currentlyserving a two-year termas Board President.

Looking Forward
We’re a team of people always looking for what we can dobetter (Continual Improvement is one of our core values!),so we’ve got big plans for 2017. • Employee Assistance Program that includes financial education, counseling, and will preparation • FSA • Paid Volunteer Time • Donation Matching Program • B Corp Inclusion Challenge • Diversity & Inclusion Training • Supporting the Rhino Foods Income Advance Program

Recommended ReadingYou can bet someone in the office is reading at least one of thesebooks at any given time –– “Curiosity with a Purpose” is one of ourfavorite core values (ok, they’re all our favorite).• Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty• Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World• Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success• Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t• Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

ConclusionNo one can predict the future, but 2017 is certainly going tobe a year like no other. We’ve always believed that creditunions are key to financial wellness, especially forunderserved communities, and now we are morecommitted than ever to helping them further that mission.We’re excited to move forward with hope – and action,using business as a force for good.To a better world,The PixelSpoke Team

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