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Lauderdale County - October 2018

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CCoo--SSppoonnssoorreedd BByy:: Hey! This Paper Belongs To: TM Lauderdale County’s Fun Family Newspaper - October 2018Are You Healthy? WWhheerree iinn tthhee WWoorrlldd iiss NNeeww ZZeeaallaanndd?? HHooww DDooeess RRaaddaarr WWoorrkk?? •• YYeellllooww--EEyyeedd PPeenngguuiinnss WWhhaatt''ss IItt LLiikkee ttoo bbee aa YYooggaa IInnssttrruuccttoorr??FFoorr mmoorree ffuunn aanndd ggaammeess,, vviissiitt tthhee KKiiddssvviillllee NNeewwss!! WWeebbssiittee aatt 2018 KidsvilleAL #15059|53092 News! 1

MATHTIMEFor his birthday, Are you square? Measure yourself to findOliver gets four out! You may have a friend mark yourpairs of shorts height and arm span, but be sure you do(red, blue, black, the measuring! Please use centimeters.and green) andthree new shirts SQUARES have equalwith green, yellow heights and arm spans.& beige coloredbuttons. How many TALL RECTANGLES havedifferent outfits can heights that are longer thanOliver make withhis new clothes? arm spans. “How did SHORT RECTANGLES this even have arm spans that happen?” are longer than their heights. Answers On Page 23Gee Thanks! Kidsville News!-In- Education Sponsorsfor helping to provide Kidsville News! to Lauderdale Kids K-6th. AL #15059|53092 FLORENCE UTILITIES Friends of Kidsville News!• SIMPSON’S AUTO GLASS & WRECKER SERVICE • MIKE RANDALL, REALTOR® • McCUTCHEON & HAMNER, P.C. • EXCEL COMPUTER SERVICES • WILLIAM A. McCLANAHAN, D.M.D. 2 KidsvilQleZNeVwFs! FHGX October 2018

Hi, Kids! ofphgtbmngieeehsoonTyhattedoWghtlhybdittuieeinhho.ositsngydaaMpsmstnsyleat.ay’te.osannnTeenMtyodeyhdteugtoohhe.sagr.ussetcTheirteranhaholsffettahtnlra!rhetheguvT’“sk,TyiheWtihsehanayeyaneigdtltbdyvhdiictmienevravaggiydoirerlselrseegenateseu”lalaoosittbavlsfoarsbielemeiboyhotciloipautntoeouvtoionsuoNreresineatteb,varaofwoiiwetnfotnd?taeoZlty“imdIthkCelsooiieeoasnloolnaestoakavnnahnleieddatbndaceticttegttsaahyxhi–tnroreeeedrfneplmrmolisseocelt,.plnw”iaestesogthd-ivnbuenaesaiewgytnincebilhotaasdiihflrtepuietlseowpnyecfiue.miktetTerdphsehiooeepirnynnt’gotttassuantrstholitubikfnereookdries sitfnthraoatTyhtmhehaeicerrlMaeowlttanehhoaaeyrtvs!iiivRnptegeeo,toafoptdihlstemehhyioentriurreNaspehaesobwt.mohTZueehtelapeainltylaadninm.ntdNa“tkuCooestuemlgotraunpekrllyaaaentldtdCousrosittnnehonkeoeswfyctettuhaihsoaveenetsffhe.”llevaaelxxpryfptitlhbaheneimntrsg Stay healthy, kids!WWhorelrdeIisn..t..h..e..... New Zealand?he ancestorsofthe Irnan2k0ge1ed6t,tsiNencgeownendZoeauasglaahncsdoleeuernspt.rwyeirne Maori were the firstT people to settle New • The name comes from a Dutch mapmaker who named the island Nieuw Zeeland.Zealand. They were known • The Maori call the land Aotearoa.for their extraordinary • Aotearoa means “Land of the Longnavigation skills and found White Cloud.”the island while they were • Rugby is the most popular sport.exploring the Pacific Ocean • The capital is Wellington.between 1200 and 1300 • The population is 4,401,916.A.D. The first Europeans • The official languages are Englishto discover New Zealand and Maori.were the Dutch. An explorer • The area is 103,883 square miles.named Abel Tasmen found • The country is considered youngit in 1642. Europeans didn’t because it is only 23 million yearsstart regularly visiting the old.island until whalers, sealers • Australia is the nearest neighbor andand traders started coming in is 1,000 miles away.the 1830s. The British wanted • A nickname for people from Newto stop the lawlessness in the Zealand is “Kiwis.”area and keep the French from • New Zealand is made of two mainestablishing a colony. They islands, North Island and Southalso started taking land from Island, and about 600 smaller islands.the Maori, which started a war • New Zealand was the first country tofor control of North Island. give women the right to vote. ThatIn the 1870s, the British sent was in 1893.thousands of settlers to New • It gained independence from BritainZealand. in 1947. Getting enough sleep is a very important part of staying healthy. It affects emotions and how well the brain functions. Eight hours is the recommended amount of sleep someone should get in a day. In most countries, people do not get enough sleep, in New Zealand people average 4 more minutes than the recommended There are many factors that could influence how many hours someone might in a day, but it is important to make it a personal priority.October 2018 Kidsville News! 3

This Page Brought To You By:K eeping a body healthy is important food has vitamins and minerals our bodies need niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12 and work that must be done every day. Think to stay healthy. It took scientists many years to folate. Without them, humans and animals can about it – we ask a lot from our bodies. understand the importance of vitamins. There become very sick. Most of these vitamins can beLike a machine, one of the most important things are 13 essential vitamins required for the body to found in different foods, which is one reason itour bodies need is fuel. For humans that means work and grow properly: A, C, D, E, K and the is important to eat a healthy diet with plenty offood. In addition to giving our bodies energy, B vitamins, which include thiamine, riboflavin, variety and lots of fruits and vegetables.• There are two categories of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble.• Water-soluble vitamins don’t get stored in the body. They are either used up in the body or filtered out through the bladder.• Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in fat and can stay in the body for up to six months.• Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble.• Vitamin A helps form healthy teeth, bones and skin. It can be found in carrots and sweet potatoes.• Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium for healthy teeth and bones. It can be found in milk and is made by the body after being in the sun.• The B vitamins work together to help give your body energy. They do everything from helping your metabolism to making red blood cells and helping you think clearly.• Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It helps the body use vitamin K. Almonds and spinach contain vitamin E.• Vitamin C supports the immune system. It helps the body heal and keep from getting sick. You can get vitamin C from eating oranges.Vitamins are not the only part of keeping a healthy body. It is also important to get enough sleep and exercise. Having a healthy, strong and well-rested body affects every part of daily life like emotions, how quickly you can think and how fast your reflexes work. Sleep and exercise are bothimportant to keeping the brain and body functioning at its very Kidsville News! October 2018

Hidden Picture Puzzles Answers on Pg. 23 Lauderdale County’s Send It Hey Kids! Truman again. I wantFun family Newspaper YOUR ORIGINAL ART WORK, LETTERS & POEMS! We may print219 W. Tennessee St. Florence, AL 35630 them in a later issue or use them on our website! Just have your 256-764-4268 parents fill out this form and send it with your work to: EDITOR & PUBLISHER Kidsville News! • 219 W. Tennessee St. • Florence, AL 35630Thomas V. Magazzu [email protected] KIDSVILLE COORDINATORAndrea L. Gray [email protected] GRAPHIC DESIGNERSRussell Roden Jim Allen Gwyn JonesADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Name Age Judy Cox Sadonna MagazzuADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORSDr. David R. Curott Lee FreemanBilly Warren Patricia J. Weaver Address City KIDSVILLE NEWS! PRODUCED BY Merrigold Publications State Zip School NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, School Library MERRIGOLD PUBLICATIONS Other? Bill Bowman NATIONAL EDITOR Where did you get your copy of Kidsville News!? Stephanie Crider [email protected] Your Signature (This is my own work) ILLUSTRATOR Send your drawing in color and on UNLINED PAPER Cover & Truman - Dan Nelson Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature (Permission) KIDSVILLENEWS LITERACY & EDUCATION FOUNDATION CAN NOT PRINT WITHOUT THIS SIGNATURE Kidsville News! 5 [email protected] ©Copyright 2018 Merrigold Publications, All Rights Reserved. Truman is a service mark of Kidsville News! Inc., and the Kidsville News! logo is a registered trademark of Kidsville News! Inc. No part of this issue of Kidsville News! may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without permission of the publisher or the copyright holder. Neither participating advertisers nor the publishers will be responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors. The publishers reserve the right to edit any submitted material. Kidsville News! Inc. is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, or other material. Children’s submissions should include name, address, telephone number, and permission to publish signed by a parent or guardian. Product Printed by The Tennessean, Nashville, TNOctober 2018

Proud Sponsorof This PageKingdom: Animalia Yellow-Eyed In New Zealand, seeingPhylum: Chordata Penguins native penguins is aClass: Aves popular tourist attraction.Order: Sphenisciformes This is good for theSuborder: Haplorhini penguins because itFamily: Spheniscidae encourages peopleGenus: Megadyptes to protect these birdsSpecies: M. antipodes and their habitats. The Recovery Plan is aThe Antarctic is not the only place to see penguins. project working to protect They can also be found in much warmer homes and help the yellow-eyed like New Zealand. In fact, eight species of penguins so they don’tpenguins can be found on the various islands that make go extinct. Locals also help protect the penguinsup New Zealand. Some fossils found on the islands • The Maori name for the yellow- • Their favorite prey is small fish by training their dogs and squid. to chase away localsuggest that penguins may have originated in New eyed penguin is hoiho. This In 2000 there were 7,000 predators during breeding yellow-eyed penguins. season when the chicksZealand and that the yellow-eyed penguin might be translates to noise shouter. • They are threatened by are most vulnerable. predators like ferrets andthe most ancient species of penguins still alive today. • They are very shy and build humans, who destroy their habitat.The very first ancient penguins, which are now extinct, their nests in private areas away • They are named after the yellow band of feathers that surroundsevolved 62 million years ago. Their fossils were found from other penguins. their New Zealand. Most of the ancient penguins were • They might dive 200 times amuch larger and taller than the ones that are alive today. day to catch prey on the seaThese ancient penguins have been extinct between 24 floor. • and 25 million years. • They can dive up to 492 feet • In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is a new law called the Minneapolis Health Corner Store Initiative. ItAhuge part of living a healthy life is determined requires corner and convenience stores to have a certain OCT. 5 is World Teachers Day. Itby what we eat. However, for many • amount of fresh fruit available. was created by the United NationsAmericans, eating a healthy diet is difficult Some communities have started community gardens. Organization for Education, Science and This is a cheap and easy way for people to grow their Culture in 1994. Take time to tell yourbecause they live in food deserts. These are areas own fresh produce. teachers you appreciate them! There are over 18,000 community gardens in the OCT. 8 is the day we celebratethat don’t have large grocery stores or access to fresh United States. Christopher Columbus coming tofoods nearby. Food deserts often occur in small rural • Many cities also offer mobile produce trucks that make America. Columbus Day is a federal stops in underserved areas. holiday, but it is not celebrated in everycommunities or in poor neighborhoods in large cities. These refrigerated trucks make stops all over cities state in the country. Instead, many statesMore than 2 million people in the United States live • like Detroit, Michigan, to sell affordable fruits and choose to celebrate Indigenous People’s vegetables. Day.more than a mile away from a grocery store and do There are also programs that will help grocery stores OCT. 31 is Halloween. If you havenot own a car. Families might only be able to shop for • open in underserved areas using loans and grants to ever been trick or treating, you might be help them get started. interested to know that it is a traditiongroceries at small convenience stores or gas stations. In Oakland, California, there is a new People’s that goes back to ancient times when Community Market. It is a neighborhood food store Celtic people celebrated the end of theWithout access to larger stores with healthier options, and a health resource center that is helping 25,000 year by dressing up. people live healthier lives.there is nowhere to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. • October 2018So, families rely what is around them. That is usuallycheap processed and unhealthy foods from places likefast food restaurants. This kind of unhealthy diet is • linked to obesity and diseases like heart disease anddiabetes. More communities in America are trying tosolve the problem of food Kidsville News!

Did You Dr. William A. McClanahan welcomesKNOW? Dr. Daniel H. AlmonAccording to the National Sleep to his dental practice at 2461 Helton Drive in FlorenceFoundation, certain foods may helppeople fall asleep faster and sleep Daniel H. Almon D.M.D. (at left), is excited to return to Florence and joinmore soundly while others may Dr. William McClanahan and his team in serving the Shoals Community.compromise a person’s ability toenjoy a restful night’s sleep. In lieu Dr. Almon was born and raised in Florence and graduated from Shoalsof white bread, refined pastas and Christian School in 2008. He completed his undergraduate work at thesugar-laden baked goods, all of University of North Alabama, where he enjoyed playing football for the Lions.which can reduce serotonin levels, He recently graduated with honors from the University of Louisville School ofthe NSF recommends whole grains. Dentistry. Dr. Almon is committed to staying up to date on the latest dentalThe buildup of serotonin in the brain advancements and techniques through continuing education and providingduring periods of wakefulness can patient-centered care with a concentration on cosmetic and restorativecontribute to the onset of sleep later dentistry for the entire the day. If serotonin levels in theirbrains are disturbed, then people William A. McClanahan, D.M.D.may experience difficulty fallingasleep. The NSF also recommends 2461 Helton Drive • Florencealmonds and walnuts, which 256-767-7141contain melatonin, a hormone thathelps to regulate the sleep/wakecycles. In addition, foods that arehigh in lean protein that containthe amino acid tryptophan alsomay increase the production ofserotonin, potentially contributing toa restful night’s sleep.The TM ViewLocal kids Can you namelet us know.... a famous artist Pablo Do tYoOpUagwean1t7toanbdefilhl eouret.?.. Picasso Go Ella DoWn’tefTo’Srlhglteeuut ysdoeuerynpohtoutQor!sWuienecsaKnt’iTtMiodpVrnsinvinetiwalwliteihroNeuteawp hso!to. Forest Hills Elementary School 4th GradeOctober 2018 Kidsville News! 7

Do you know about... monitors at a glance? To protect your eyes from strain, make sure the screen is just beyond arm’s length.Joel ThomasMcCutcheon & Hamner, Attorneys SERIOUS INJURY, SERIOUS REPRESENTATION 2210 Helton Drive, Florence 256-764-0112 Free initial consultation •  No fee unless we collect for you.“No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.” Come Out & Play Ki o Rahi K i o Rahi is a The inner circle should have a large traditional Maori like a trash can called a tupu. The ballgame that is still circle should have seven markers, - (pictures shown) played by children and adults sticks stuck in the ground, called pou. today. The invention of the • The size of the circles depends on the size game is traced back to a story of the teams and the fitness of the players. about the Maori god Rahi. His • Teams alternate between playing as wife, Ti Ara, was kidnapped Kioma and Taniwha. by the trickster Te Puhuru. • The Kioma score by touching the pous Rahi want on an epic journey with the ball and then touching the to rescue his wife, and at the ground in the inner circle. end of the story, two warring • The Taniwha score points by hitting the tribes decided to make peace. tupu with the ball. To symbolize the peace, they • Specific team members are required to created a game that told the stay in certain zones of the circle, so story of Ti Ara’s abduction passing is a very important part of the and rescue. The game is Ki o game. Rahi. It is still played today, • Kioma must stay in the outer circle and though each tribe has its own around the inner circle to defend the tupu. version of the game. They must pass over the middle circle • The name loosely called Te Roto. • The game is played in two timed halves. translates to Rahi’s ball. The times should be decided before the • To play, there should be game starts. • The teams switch their roles at halftime. two equally sized teams. The team with the most points at the end of • Each team should have at the game wins. least seven players. • Ki o Rahi is played on a large field marked with four concentric circles.8 Kidsville News! October 2018

INTRODUCING Explorer Rewards Cole Now members ages 5-14 can track savings and redeem rewards online. With Member since 2013 all kinds of rewards to explore—such as zoos, ball parks, water parks, and museums—this new program makes it easier than ever for kids to save money, earn rewards, and start exploring. ª eaving was an • Flax flowers were used to important part sweeten food and drinks. of everydaylife for the Maori in New • Flax root juice was used as aZealand. Weavers made disinfectant on wounds.many everyday objectslike clothes, mats, baskets, • Flax leaves are very strong, butfishing nets and eel traps. if they are treated right, they canThey used flax in a lot of also be as soft as silk.their work because flax is acommon plant all over the • Women were usually theisland. The bushes have weavers.very strong and durableouter leaves that the Maori • Weaving was a very spiritual artwould use for weaving. form for the Maori.After the European settlersarrived with different • Hineteiwaiwaa is the Maorifibers like wool and cotton, goddess of weaving.weaving flax was not asimportant for surviving the • She represents the house ofcold winters. Now many weaving (te whare pora) andMaori practice weaving other arts typically pursued byagain to keep the tradition women.alive and to connect withtheir ancestors. • Weavers had to go through initiation ceremonies and years of intense practice. (photo shown) • Part of this practice was learning the many kinds of weaving.October 2018 • Taniko is a weaving technique that was used to decorate the borders of fine garments, like those worn by chiefs. • Arapaki was uses to decorate walls. • Piupiu used flax to make garments for around the waist. • Whatu produced fabric. • Whiri was used to make headbands. • Raranga was used for bags and baskets. Kidsville News! 9

What's it like to be...Yoga InstructorLena Hershey?Please tell our readers a little bit about rich 5,000-year-old tradition that originated Is yoga safe for kids?yourself. in India and is now practiced all over the Absolutely! More and more schoolsMy name is Lena Hershey, and I am a yoga world. In a yoga class, a yoga instructor are introducing yoga, meditation andteacher in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In January teaches their students not only postures, mindfulness into their curriculum, and2018, I opened my own yoga studio called but also meditation, breathing techniques, the benefits those practices provide areAnahata Yoga and Mindful Movement principles of yogic living and more. amazing. They include, just to name a few,where I now teach together with a few other a better focus, cultivating kindness and loveyoga teachers. I have been practicing yoga Why is this work important? toward self and others, reducing anxiety andfor almost 20 years; sharing this practice Yoga is a practice of self-awareness, self- depression and improving overall health.with others is my life’s work. I have moved acceptance and kindness – of peace withto the United States from Russia in 2011. I yourself and with others. I believe this work What is something you wish everyoneam also a certified personal trainer. is important in our modern world so that knew about yoga? we can pay more attention to things that are I wish everyone knew that you don’t have toWhat does a yoga instructor do? truly important. Are we kind to ourselves be flexible or even in shape to benefit fromYoga instructors teach yoga classes and and others? Do we live in a way that yoga. I also wish everybody knew that yogawork with people one-on-one to help them contributes to peace and freedom for all? In is so much more than poses on the mat. Ilearn the practice of yoga or help them order to live that way, we must start with wish everybody would attend at least threerecover from an injury or just get a little self-study and self-love. And that is exactly yoga classes in their lifetime to find out forstronger and more confident. Yoga is a lot what yoga teaches us. themselves how yoga can change their life.more than postures on the mat though. Itis a philosophy and a way of living. It is a10 Kidsville News! October 2018

This Page Brought To You By AL #15059|53092 What’s the Difference? Answers AnswoenrsPaongeThere are 4 things that are different in these two pictures. Page 23October 2018 Kidsville News! 11

12 Kidsville News! Want Your ARTWORK Hello! Sponsor this Or Your POETRY here? Send it to us. and reach all Shoals area students in We’ll print it in a future issue. K-6th grade, parents, and their teachers Fill Out the in this award-winning Send It form fun, family newspaper. on page 5! Please call Tom at 256-740-4701 Braylon Johnson 7 Mt. Hope for more information.October 201O8ctober

2018 October 2018 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY BOO! 1 2 3 4 5 6 Lauderdale Lauderdale County Schools County Schools 1/2 DAY NO SCHOOL Early Dismissal 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 30 31 Florence City Florence City 27 Schools Schools Oct. 27 No School for FALL BREAK 10AM - 6PM Students 26 Alabama 25 Renaissance Faire Florence City Downtown Florence Schools Wilson Park FREE Parent Teacher 28 29 Conferences Oct. 28 NOTES: Noon - 6PMKidsville News! 13 Halloween Alabama Renaissance Faire Downtown Florence Wilson Park FREE

Knowledge Power Submitted By Patricia J. Weaver Jobs C. Ski Patrol Officer D. Fortune Cookie WriterThis month we’re just going to have funwith unusual jobs and see which one we 4. What are the firefighters that fight wildmight want to try in the future. All thejobs listed in this article are real jobs.1. Of the jobs below, which one pays the fires called?biggest salary? A. Smokejumpers B. HotshotsA. Lego Master Model Builder C. Firefighters D. All of the aboveB. Video Game DesignerC. Toy Designer 5. Which of these weird jobs pays theD. Amusement Park Ride Tester best? A. Snake Milker B. Armpit Sniffer2. If a company wanted to develop C. Dog Food Tester D. Disney Facestrategies to reinforce the company’s Characterrecruitment, on-boarding, team-building and recognition,who would they hire? 6. If you worked as a Sommelier, what would be yourA. Ethical Hacker B. Professional Lip Reader expertise?C. Chief Culture Officer D. Event Coordinator A. Food B. Bread C. Desserts D. Wine3. Which of these fun jobs make the largest salary? Answers on page 23A. Commercial Diver B. Private Island CaretakerHave you ever wondered how directions as the radio wave bounces off the horizontal and vertical directions, making meteorologists are able to detect object. These objects can include rain, snow, it easier for forecasters to measure size and precipitation? The primary tool hail and ice pellets that are falling. Some of shape of precipitation. This also meansused is called radar, which stands for Radio the scattered energy is returned to and sensed it’s easier to distinguish between types ofDetection and Ranging. This technology is by the radar. Meteorologists can use the precipitation like rain, snow and sleet!pretty old, since the idea for it began in the time it takes for energy to be transmitted andlate 1800s! In World War II, militaries used returned to learn about the distance from Radar is one of many tools thatradar to scan for incoming airplanes. When the radar to the precipitation. The radar can meteorologists are using and continuouslythey used it for this purpose, something also keep track of the differences in shape, developing to improve observations andstrange would happen – they saw different position and form of the radio wave that forecasts. Learn more about radar systemssignals during periods of heavy weather. leaves the radar compared to the energy and everything weather at the NWS OnlineAfter investigating this problem, analysts that is transmitted back. This is known as School for Weather, JetStream:found that the strange signals were due to a phase shift, and these differences tell us From then on, radars began if precipitation is moving towards or awayto be tested and developed to detect and from the the weather. But what exactly are radarsystems and how do they work? During the 1980s, the NOAA National A radar antenna emits beams of energy Severe Storms Laboratory began developingknown as radio waves. Radio waves are a and testing a system of radars called Next-part of the electromagnetic spectrum, just Generation Radar. Today there are 160like visible light is. We can’t see radio waves operational NEXRAD radar systems locatedwith our eyes, but they travel from the radar throughout the United States and someand through the atmosphere. However, when overseas locations. A more recent addition toone of the radio waves hits an object in the the technology has been a dual-polarizationatmosphere, its energy is scattered in all of the radio wave emission. This means that the radar can send out radio waves in both14 Kidsville News! October 2018

2018ColoringContestChild’s Name Age 3 Age Groups: 2-4 • 5-7 • 8-10 TOP 3 WINNERS IN EACH Entry Deadline: THUR., OCT. 25 NOON AGE GROUP RECEIVE:Address Winners will be announced in the Courier Journal Oct. 31 Large 1 ToppingCity State ZIP issue & the November Issue of Kidsville News. PizzaPhone Drawings are judged by our staff on the from Domino’sNumber basis of talent of the child’s age ability. IT MUST BE COLORED BY THE CHILD. And A Trick-or-Treat Basket Entrant information must be completed to qualify. Winners are not selected at random. One entry per person. Filled With Goodies! One winner per family. You may also download and print this entry form from our website: Mail or Bring Entries to: Courier Journal • 219 W. Tennessee St. • Florence, AL 35630 Cut Here Happy Halloween!The Professor Says To Spread The Word! “Shop Smarter!” If you really want to know what you’re getting, get it from someone local. No passwords, security risks, or outrageous shipping fees to worry about. And it’s safer, faster, more reliable, and less expensive! 219 W. Tennessee Street Florence • Sheffield • KillenBuy Local, FlorenceSell Local 256-764-4268 www.courierjournal.netOctober 2018 Kidsville News! 15

A Brief History of the Alabama Renaissance Faire By Lee Freeman, Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, Local History - Genealogy DepartmentOyez! Oyez! (Medieval French for “hear ye!, hear ye!”) Once Nelson Starkey, the Alabama Legislature recognized the Alabama upon a time, a group of local educators, artists and businessmen Renaissance Faire as Alabama's official Renaissance faire. In 1995, we wanted to sponsor a Renaissance Festival in downtown Florence, were proud to host as our special guests, Dr. Alberto Tirelli, Vice-SindacoAlabama. A couple of years earlier, in 1985 Downtown Florence Unlimited (vice-mayor) of our sister city Florence, Italy, and his wife Cristina.sponsored the first of two annual “Renaissance Festivals,” which were not Though called Renaissance faires most faires celebrate aspects of bothactual Medieval/Renaissance faires, but festivals dedicated to the rebirth the historical Medieval (ca. 410-ca. 1500 AD) and Italian Renaissance(“renaissance” means “rebirth”) of art, literature, dance, film, drama and (ca. 1330-ca. 1530 AD) periods (there was much overlap between the two)music. and some even incorporate the much later period (1718) of the PiratesThe organizers of the Alabama Renaissance Faire were aware that the of the Caribbean. Our all-volunteer, non-profit Faire centers around thefirst Renaissance faire in the United States was organized in Los Angeles, historical periods of the European Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance,California in 1963, by schoolteacher Phyllis Patterson and her husband Ron; with an emphasis on the Italian Renaissance, though we fudge just a bitthey designed the faire held in the backyard of their Laurel Canyon home and also include elements of the 17th century. Throughout the wholeas a living history experiment and fundraiser for their local radio station. month of October, which since 1987 has been re-christened “RenaissanceThey primarily recreated Month,” there is a host of fun16th c. Commedia dell’arte and educational activities,(”comedy of the profession”) from the sonnet-writingan Italian theatrical form that contest in the schools, to ourflourished throughout Europe costume-making workshop,from the 16th through the 18th to our Sunday lecture series,century. That faire known as to our Royal Autumn Feast“the mother of all Renaissance held on the third weekendfaires” grew larger and larger of the month, to the actualvery quickly. By 1987 Ren- faire itself. For the two daysFaires existed in several cities of the faire, Wilson Park inand states. However most downtown Florence becomesof these faires were and are Fountain-on-the-Greene, siteprimarily commercial, for- of His Royal Majesty’s parkprofit ventures. The educators, and trade faire. Admissionartists and businessmen of is free and there is much todowntown Florence had see and do: you can visit thea different vision. They Scenes of Faires Past children’s pavilion, watchenvisioned a non-profit, all- armored knights at combat,volunteer, community-based Renaissance Faire that would be geared listen to wandering minstrels playing their lutes, citterns, recorders andchiefly towards education and the arts, with a whole month of Medieval hammered dulcimers, see a scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays or buyand Renaissance themed activities in October that would tie in with the a piece of jewelry, pottery, a shirt of mail armor or a nice sword. If youcurriculum in the city schools on Medieval/Renaissance history and like you can sail one of our ships around the fountain. The high point ofliterature. Downtown Florence Unlimited and Kennedy-Douglass Center the two days is the coronation of the new monarch on Sunday afternoonfor the Arts Volunteers were the principal sponsors. The Tennessee (As part of our storyline because of a curse put on an evil king of theRenaissance Faire started in 1986 by Mike and Jackie Freeman in Triune, Kingdom of Firenze [Italian for Florence] by the pious bishop Brath, longoutside Nashville (you need to go, if you haven’t), helped the Alabama ago, King Vordydd’s descendants, Florence’s monarchs reign for onlyRenaissance faire get started. one year). Faire-goers are encouraged to create a Medieval-RenaissanceThe organizers decided Florence was a suitable city to host such an event persona and come in costume.due to the fact that according to tradition Florence, Alabama was surveyed Also in September and October look for us (your humble scribe is aand named by Italian surveyor and engineer Ferdinand Sannoner, who member of the group) at First Fridays, where we’ll have Renaissance–named the new town after Florence, Italy, the capital of his native Tuscany, themed posters, mugs, tee-shirts, books, etc. You can chat with some ofwhich was also the birthplace, around 1330, of the Italian Renaissance (a our folks and learn more about the group and our feaste and faire.“rebirth” of interest in classical Greco-Roman knowledge, and actually In its over 30 year history the Alabama Renaissance Faire has grownthe last of three within the Medieval period.) from a small festival with a dozen craftsmen and vendors to one withAnd so, an all-volunteer committee of nine would form the nucleus of some 100 craftsmen, vendors, actors, singers and Medieval re-enactors,what later became the Round Table (which name was coined by Jim Lake, with an annual attendance of some 30,000 people over its two days. Onea member of the group). Led in 1987 by Mike Curtis and Billy Warren and of the only non-profit faires, numerous times it has been listed as one ofsince then by Billy Warren, the committee now boasts approximately 35- the top 20 attractions by the Southeastern Tourism Society. So come and40 members from all walks of life—students, teachers, librarians, retirees, join us! His Royal Majesty King Paulus looks forward to seeing you!artists, homemakers, etc., who volunteer their time and effort to plan, not In the meantime, you can check us out on the internet at our officialonly the Ren-Faire, but all the activities of Renaissance Month. A board website and Facebook page: directors oversees this volunteer committee. org/photos/?ref=page_internal and at: 1988, through the efforts of Senator Bobby Denton and Representative16 Kidsville News! October 2018

TM The View Student Questionnaire Mail, bring by or email us YOUR PHOTO & your answers! Name GFraaxd#e 256-76 0-961S8chooElm ail: ki dsville @cour ierjourn Mail: 219 W. Tennessee Street • Florence, AL 35630 What is your favorite...... Vacation place? Holiday? Place to eat? Cartoon? CANNOT Have you ever ridden a horse? PRINT Are you a good listener? WITHOUT PHOTO What does a cowboy do?Excellent Service, Expert Advice Have you ever ridden in a convertible car? Have you ever played in the snow?1909 Florence Blvd., Florence, AL 35630 What is something you have learned to do lately? Do you like to drink water? (across from Hobby Lobby) What makes a good friend? 256-767-3337 What do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you like to read aloud? MUST HAVE PERMISSION Mike Randall, REALTOR® TO PRINT Parent/Guardian Permission Associate Broker I give Kidsville News! permission to print my CHILD’S PHOTO & opinion on 256.366.9779 [email protected] any questions listed above. I do realize my child’s first name, school and grade could be printed in this publication. I have enclosed or emailed my CHILD’S PHOTO.October 2018 Parent/Guardian SIGNATURE Date Kidsville News! 17

The Bridge to Nowhere train was carrying 6 times that. The bridge was rebuilt with the much stronger iron This structure that you see today instead ofbridge the previous wooden structure.which crosses the Streetcar service wasTennessee River just to the begun in 1904 betweeneast of O’Neal Bridge has a Sheffield and Florence:long history and has earned Sheffield to Tuscumbia 10¢,a venerable place in the Sheffield to Florence 15¢.story of the “Shoals”. The bridge used to span the entire river with the The northernmost sectionnorthern end in Florence. However, around 1988, the northern section of had a pivot-span: the sectionthe bridge was removed so now the bridge can only be accessed from the swung out of way whensouthern end in Sheffield. boats needed to pass through. In 1962, the pivot span was replaced by a lift-span which lifted out of way, when needed, giving boats greater clearance. The railroads stopped using the bridge in the late 1980s. The lift-span was sold to the Norfolk- Southern Railroad, removed, and floated down river and installed in Hannibal, Missouri, crossing the great Mississippi River. In 1990, The Old BridgeFlorence has always been situated on a major thoroughfare, north to/ Company was formed tofrom the south. Two centuries ago, the Florence Ferry was near the present “preserve, restore, andbridge site, but in 1832, the Alabama Legislature charted the building of a develop the historic sectionbridge which did open in 1840. It was later seriously damaged by storms of the bridge”. To pay forand tornados. I remind the reader that the present-day nearby O’Neal repairs and upkeep, The OldBridge wasn’t built until a century later so the Railroad Bridge was a Railroad Bridge Co. gladlymajor Tennessee River crossing. The bridge had two levels, the upper accepts donations.level for train traffic and a lower level for animal and wagon traffic. Recently a local artist, Scott Campbell, painted a beautiful mural on the concrete wall at the south entrance to the bridge. The photo below doesn’t do it justice. You must see it in person! There is no charge to stroll onto the bridge for a wonderful view of the Tennessee River. To the east is the historic Wilson Dam and to the west is a beautiful expanse of downstream river. Be sure to visit \"the bridge to nowhere.\" The Shoals is an amazing place!During the Civil War (1861-1865), the Union forces came through © 2018 Dr. David R. Curott, UNA Professor EmeritusFlorence and saw no threat so they left the bridge untouched. It’s ironic thatit was a Rebel force that later burned the bridge, not wantingto leave it as a benefit for future Federal Troops movingthrough. After the war, the bridge was rebuilt in 1870, thenblown down again by a tornado of 1874. In 1892, a train withcars of heavy limestone, crashed through the bridge falling55 feet into the river, which fortunately was low at the time.Unfortunately, the engineer, fireman, and brakeman diedfrom injuries. The conductor heard the bridge giving way andjumped to safety. It was determined after the crash that thebridge had been designed for 5 ton loads and the limestone18 Kidsville News! October 2018

Local History Written by Billy Warren Street, Florence; 2. Sunday, October 7, Sunday, October 14, and Sunday, October 21, Did You Know? (2:00 p.m. each of the three Sundays) – Presentations on the Renaissance Renaissance Month In The Shoals at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library; In the summer of 1987, a group of people got together in 3. Saturday, October 20, 7:00 p.m. – Renaissance Feast in the Florence- Florence to consider the possibility of staging a Renaissance Faire in October of that same year. After a series of careful Lauderdale Coliseum, Florence, and discussions, the decision 4. Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28 – Alabama Renaissance Faire, was made to actually move forward with the idea even Wilson Park in downtown Florence. though October was just three months away. SOMETHING TO DO: Why, you might ask, was 1. Visit this website: www. a Renaissance Faire being considered? Two reasons You will find all were the deciding factors: kinds of information related to 1. The planners wanted a festival of some type to take the Renaissance such as an art place during the school year since most festivals seem to contest for students in grades occur in the summer months. K-6. You will also find pictures 2. The planners wanted an event that would reflect to color on-line or to print and as many subjects taught in schools as possible. color. A Renaissance Faire was 2. Using a reference source, the perfect solution! It would celebrate the historical period known as the Renaissance write two sentences about each which began in the 13th century in Florence, Italy. During that period of history, there was a rebirth of interest (the of these leaders of the Italian word “Renaissance” means “rebirth”) in subjects such as Art, Architecture, Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Philosophy, etc. Florence Park Renaissance: And so many of the people whose names and accomplishments a. Leonardo da Vince we know today were the leaders of the rebirth. Examples are: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Galileo, Dante, & Recreation b. Copernicus and Petrarch. c. Galileo Then the planners of the local Renaissance Faire discovered Rd.EFGibIoSnTacEciR ONLINE @ that Florence, Alabama, was named for Florence, Italy. This discovery led the planners to conclude that such a Faire was INDIVIDUAL: WWW.FPARD.COM almost meant to be in Florence, Alabama! Florence ParkYOUTH BOYS LEAGUE October 1st - November 4th Following the first year’s successful event in October, 1987, the people in charge decided that the Faire needed statewide attention &(1Rste-6cthrGeraadet)ion BASKETBALLREGISTER ONLINE@ in order to attract visitors to the Faire from all parts of Alabama REGIWSWTWR.FAPTARIDO.CNOM and beyond. So, they asked Mr. Bobby Denton and Mr. Nelson YOUTH GIRLS LEAGUE Starkey, the local representatives in the Alabama Legislature at the time, to try to get the Faire designated as the official Alabama (1IsNt-D6tIhVGIDraUdeA)L: Renaissance Faire. These two gentlemen introduced the idea in the State Legislature; it passed in 1988 and was signed by the Youth Boys League Governor, making it official. And it still has the honor even $(315stP-6EtRhPGLrAaYdEeR) today. Because of that, the Alabama Renaissance Faire can be BASKETBALL found in the on-line Encyclopedia of Alabama hosted by Auburn University and in numerous other sources. REGISTRATIONYouth Girls League (1st-6th Grade) Since the Faire’s beginning, each October has been known locally as Renaissance Month, with a series of events scheduled $35 Per Player FOR MORE each year. Here is the schedule for 2018: TEAM: INFORMATION 1. Saturday, October 13, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. – Free costume- For More making workshop in the studio located in the rear yard of FASTBREAK LTEEAGAUME: Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, 217 East Tuscaloosa InfCoArmLLation (AGES 19 +) 2(25566)-77C660a0-l6-l6626828 Fastbreak League MEN’S & W(AOgMesEN1’9S+) LMEAeGnU’sE& Women’s League $350 P$E3R5T0EPAeMr Team (Regist(RraetigonisetrnadtsioNnove.n2d6s Nov. 26)October 2018 Kidsville News! 19

A Section Especially for ParentsBEGINNER READS How I Became a Pirate By Melinda Long My Animals For ages 3-7 By Xavier Deneux For ages 0-3 Building a sand castle at the beach one day, young Jeremy Jacobs encounters Here is a board book for newborns and Brain Beard and his motley pirate crew. toddlers, who will appreciate the stark He joins them aboard ship as their official contrast of the mostly black and white digger, and off they sail to find a safe glossy illustrations, with just the tiniest place to bury their treasure chest of gold touch of color. Adults are drawn to and jewels. Jeremy learns pirate lan- bright colors and flash, but the young- guage (\"Aargh!\") and pirate manners est readers will gaze with great con- (they don't have any) and tries to teach centration and fascination at pictures the scurvy dogs to play soccer. rendered in plain old black and white. CoralinePAGETURNERS By Neil Gaiman For ages 9 and Up Earwig and the Witch By Diana Wynne Jones Coraline has just moved with her par- For ages 7 and Up ents to a flat in a big old house where the other tenants are eccentric and odd. Earwig was left in a basket on the door- Behind the big, carved wooden door at step of St. Morwald's Home for Children the far corner of the drawing room is a with a note suggesting she had been wall of bricks. At night, she dreams of left there by a witch. Choosing to ignore shadows that gather under the moon. the note, the headmistress renames the They sing to her in high voices: \"We are baby Erica Wigg and treats her like all small, but we are many / We are many the other children. In her prickly way, we are small / We were here before you Earwig uses her \"strange abilities\" to rose / We will be here when you fall. “ get what she wants from her favorite lunch to a new red sweater.ADVANCED READS Stalking Jack the Ripper Daughter of Smoke and Bone By Kerri Maniscalco By Laini Taylor For ages 14 and Up For ages 12 and Up Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wad- Karou is a young art student living in sworth was born a lord's daughter. But Prague. Her adopted family is chimera, between the teas and dress fittings, she with medusa-like snake tendrils, horns and leads a forbidden secret life. Against her creatures’ bodies. Although she doesn't live father's wishes, Audrey often slips away with them, she occasionally does errands to her uncle's laboratory to study the for them. While on an errand for Brim- gruesome practice of forensic medicine. stone, her mysterious father figure, Karou When her work on a string of savagely encounters Akiva, a stunningly-gorgeous killed corpses drags Audrey into the in- seraph. He is as intrigued with Karou as vestigation of a serial murderer, her she is with him, but the chemistry goes far search for answers brings her close to beyond superficial attraction her own sheltered world.Kidsville News Inc., Truman and James Patterson’s READKIDDOREAD.COM are pleased to partner on this page to help you discover books that kids you love are sure to love.20 Kidsville News! October 2018

ParenTown’s KidShape How to prevent sports injuries in young athletes • Speak With Your Young Athlete About Pain. Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends parents discuss pain with their young athletes, encouraging them to speak up and seek help if they feel pain or if any part of their bodies does not feel right after playing sports. • Emphasize safety during practice. It’s easy to overlook sports practices when considering sports-related injuries, but Safe Kids USA notes that 62 percent of organized sports-related injuries occur during practice. In spite of that, Safe Kids reports that one-third of parents do not have their children take the same safety precautions during practice that they would during a game. Parents and coaches can emphasize to children that sports safety should be a priority during both practice and games. • Get a sports physical. Preseason physicals are typically required for scholastic athletes, but that might not be so for recreational athletes. Even if leagues don’t require sports physicals, Johns Hopkins advises parents to schedule such exams anyway. Such examinations can determine if kids are fit to play and may uncover injuries or conditions Sports are a great tool to teach Unfortunately, many of those • that may make kids vulnerable to injury.young people various lessons. young athletes suffer injuries • Encourage adequate rest. Johns Hopkins notes that the most commonSports can instill a sense of while participating in sports. injuries among young athletes are overuse injuries that involve softteamwork and responsibility in Injuries might be seen as an tissue. These injuries affect bone, muscle, ligaments and/or tendons.youngsters while promoting a almost inevitable by-product of Overuse injuries can lead to stress fractures characterized by a lackphysically active lifestyle that can participating in sports, but the of swelling and feelings of pain and tenderness during movement.benefit kids into adulthood. CDC notes that more than half of Encourage rest between practices, games and events, and make sure to all sports injuries in children are schedule an offseason for young athletes so their bodies have time to The Centers for Disease Control preventable. Parents and children recuperate before the next season.and Prevention estimates that can work together to prevent Young athletes’ injuries are often preventable, especially whenroughly 30 million children injuries. parents and children work together and communicate about any aches orparticipate in youth sports in pains kids might be feeling.the United States each year. PALS of Colbert County HELP! Truman Lost His Hat! MUSCLE SHOALS- Maybe you can help him find it & DannyAllison of (PALS) People AgainstALittered State, visited firstand second grade students from Webster Elementary. He discussed and WIN A PLUSH MINI-answered questions about litter. Allison has done this for over 25 years TRUMAN OR PUPPET!*on his own time. He travels to any school, receives no compensation -all for his love of children. He has also been a past president for over Somewhere in this Kidsville News!30 years for Colbert is Truman’s small red hat!County PALS.DaannnsywAerlliinsagobnqououeftsPltiAitotLenrSs. This hat will not be on Truman. Find only his red hat! Send us the *Subject to form below for a chance to win! availability. TLthhaesetnnmaemxotneitsohsf’ustehheoafwt KwiniadnssevorisnllwepiaNlgleebwe1s2i!n. September Winners of a Mini-Truman Levi Rikard Roselyn Bailey of Killen of Leighton bSAfPgLWmSolchfyreailaneahlnogLfdbdcotaisciohsrebe,oilstlsleeelefnts.hsrraritsaeotnougyEnmalldiMsdeldtnee.esedlmnmus,irteAtssStessc,cetnbolaafreet,rnrtaouedrmey Pick yours up at the Courier Journal Office 219 W. Tennessee St., Florence Email to [email protected], Mail or bring entry to us by Oct. 24 Hat on pg. _________ Your Name Phone mail to: Address Kidsville News! Town 219 W. Tennessee St. School Florence, AL 35630October 2018 Kidsville News! 21

When cooking, for safety, ParenTown’s KidSmart always get help from an Different generations can learn and benefit from one anotherKitchenKidsville adult first.Get creative with apples In the not-so-distant past, extended families frequently lived in closethis fall proximity to one another. Such families shared meals and experiences and essentially grew up together. Nowadays, families separate for Autumn is apple-picking season, various reasons, such as job opportunities and cost of living concerns. and many farmers markets, grocery stores and even roadside apple While there are advantages to spreading out, there are also some stands are chock-full of delicious disadvantages, namely that grandparents and grandchildren may not apples this time of year. That see one another frequently enough. Even though people of different age makes fall the perfect time to whip groups may not entirely have the same interests, the interactions between up some apple-inspired foods. This generations can benefit both young people and their aging relatives. recipe for “Elsie’s Stewed Apples” from Laurey Masterton’s “The Finding Renewed Vigor Fresh Honey Cookbook” (Storey) Senior living and active lifestyle communities provide invaluable care requires a tad more effort than traditional applesauce recipes, but the and amenities for seniors. While being around like-minded individuals extra work is well worth it in the end. When shopping for apples in can be handy, it’s also limiting. Seniors who continue to age in place in advance of preparing this recipe, avoid apples that have a mealy texture mixed-age communities can extract joy from watching youthful children as well as those that are overly sweet. and young adults growing up, playing and socializing. Being around multiple generations also can spark interesting conversation, and all 6 to 8 servings parties involved can learn something from one another. 2-3 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 pounds apples, peeled, Planning for the Future cored and cut into thick slices Younger generations may not understand the concept of “hard times” 1⁄2 cup honey, preferably sage or “doing without” like a person who has lived through various ups honey and downs. Passing along advice about economic cycles, saving for the 1⁄2 cup white wine future and maintaining stability is one area of expertise at which many seniors excel. Zest of 1 lemon Juice of 1 lemon Practicing Interpersonal Skills Fresh sage sprigs All the technological savviness in the world cannot compensate for for garnish the power of strong interpersonal skills. Being able to address a group of people or speak one-on-one is essential in the workplace and in life.1. Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the apples, When younger generations speak to older adults, they may become turn the heat to high and sauté until they begin to brown on the stronger at verbal discourse and have greater perspective of different edges, about 5 minutes. If some are getting too well done, remove points of view. them and place on a plate while the rest continue to cook; then return them to the skillet when all are done. Learning New Technology Younger generations can impart knowledge of technological2. Reduce the heat to low and add the honey, wine, lemon zest, lemon devices to older adults. People with skills are usually happy to share juice and 1⁄2 cup water. Cover and allow to cook until the apples are their knowledge. Even if seniors aren’t ready to purchase tablets or tender but still firm; you don’t want them to turn into applesauce. smartphones, they may be excited to have their grandchildren teach them about the latest gadgets.3. Serve this in a bowl, tuck in a couple sprigs of fresh sage from your garden, and tell your guests all about sage honey. Providing Sense of Purpose Both seniors and younger generations can realize a greater sense of purpose when interacting with one another. That person may be the reason the other one greets the day with a smile. Visits from grandchildren can reduce the likelihood of isolation and depression in older adults. And younger generations can discover the benefits of personal social interaction rather than communicating exclusively through social media apps. Fostering intergenerational connections is a great way to broaden social circles, improve communication and learn new things.22 Kidsville News! October 2018

Fall Rebates $7900*FOR A LIMITED TIME!are MonthlyBack! *BAacsteudalopnaayvmeerangt em2a5y0v0arsyq.. ft. house.Recieve up to$2,000 by replacingyour old HVAC unitor water heater today! Every HVAC unit includes: One After Installation Quality Inspection AND Two Follow-up Maintance Check-upsOffer valid thru November, 2018Disclaimer: Actual rebate is based on qualifyinganalysis as well as approved product purchase. 256-648-4893 AL #15059|53092 ANSWERS MATHTIME Knowledge Power12 outfits. Students may use cutouts of shirts and shorts or someother manipulative to explore the possible combinations. They Answers:need to keep a record of all combinations. 1. DAnswers may vary. After measuring their height and 2. Carmspan, students will need to refer to the information as 3. Bsquares, tall rectangles, and short rectangles in order to correctly 4. Dcategorize themselves. 5. A 6. D Answer: A Zombie A Jack-O'-Latern What’s the Difference?October 2018 Kidsville News! 23

Have a Healthy and Safe HALLOWEEN! Fall celebrations are a fun time, but Helen Keller Hospital wants to make sure you are happy, healthy, and safe!!!! • Make sure that costume accessories (such as swords and knives) are short, soft, and flexible. • Don’t trick-or-treat alone! Go with a group and/or with a trusted adult. • Have something reflective something on you. Attach reflective tape to your costume and bag. • Limit your sweets. Don’t gorge on your treats. Pick out one or two of your favorites to have Halloween night and save the best for later. • Carry a flashlight! • Be careful crossing streets. • Wear well-fitting costumes and shoes to avoid trips and falls. • Serve healthy treats and fruits and vegetable trays at your Halloween party. Check out our Brought to you by your friends at: new websitehelenkeller.com1300 S. Montgomery Ave. • Sheffield, AL •256-386-4196 • www.helenkeller.com24 Kidsville News! October 2018

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