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Andrea Gray - Lauderdale County - November 2018 (1)

Published by TheCoolPublisher, 2018-11-02 09:58:36

Description: Andrea Gray - Lauderdale County - November 2018 (1)


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CCoo--SSppoonnssoorreedd BByy:: Hey! This Paper Belongs To: TMLauderdale County’s Fun Family Newspaper - November 2018 AArrtt:: IItt''ss IImmppoorrttaanntt WWhheerree iinn tthhee WWoorrlldd iiss FFrraannccee?? CCiittiizzeenn SScciieennccee:: mmPPIINNGG ••CCaavvee PPaaiinnttiinnggss WWhhaatt''ss IItt LLiikkee ttoo bbee aa SSlleeeepp DDooccttoorr?? WWiillddvviillllee -- TThhee AAllppiinnee MMaarrmmoottFFoorr mmoorree ffuunn aanndd ggaammeess,, vviissiitt tthhee KKiiddssvviillllee NNeewwss!! WWeebbssiittee aatt 2018 KidsvilleAL #15059|53092 News! 1

Hi, Kids!oFa–kurnntaOtdoInhinwcnosedeuoot“.smohnCafe’aIuntttldttpkshupwrn?reeeao!atoswlmt“pCylCooaeorsobcnitnhgoonniauoefnevtlacacemtnltylieiyooobownuuneass,se”w.ncab”atarudyatstsrltkamlIsetwuo.ilasonIebmvgtuoea’muaskttnseoadsiaoncgcrmorottlele,ohoarrettoionafwsognto.tdorhfrloemdyraoi–ktsldhecetohhstuethescainkkLngndosiouts.wvronDefiddiyrneayawoPruainsrgiss, Have you everEurope and have seen a marmot? Me neither. They live inread more about been around since the them in “Wildville.” last Ice Age. You can Have a Happy Thanksgiving, kids! Do you want to know what Iam thankful for? I’m thankful for you!Knowledge Power Submitted By Patricia J. Weaver The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round1. Riding a school bus to school is safer than traveling by 8. All school buses in the United States are True or False True or False2. A standard school bus can carry a maximum of 100 9. In the state of Alabama, the fine for passing a schoolpassengers. True or False bus when lights are flashing is up to $200.00 and/or imprisonment for 30 days and 3 penalty points on your3. From 2006 - 2015, only 113 school buses occupants died driver school transportation-related crashes. True or False True or False4. A standard school bus is between 8 - 9 feet wide 10. In the state ofincluding the mirrors. True or False Alabama, you must always stop when a5. The largest school bus in the world located in China can school bus has lightscarry up to 300 passengers. True or False flashing. True or False6. The tall seats on a school bus are designed to preventfighting on the bus. True or False Answers on page 237. The first school bus in United States was a horse drawnwagon. True or False2 Kidsville News! November 2018

This Page Brought To You By: 3D PRINTINGHumans have been creating art for thousands of years, and technology has had a huge influence over the way that we create. To create cave paintings, early humans crushed up stones and colored clay. Egyptians and Greeks created paintsfrom bee’s wax. One of the newest ways technology has changed art is the invention ofthe 3d printer. A 3d printer is a way to make an object based on a 3-dimensional digitalmodel. Instead of printing the image on a piece of paper, these printers make objects bylaying down thin layers of a material. Plastic and metal are some of the most commonmaterials used.• Dr. Kodama made some of the first attempts at 3d printing in the 1980s.• Because the 3d printer is still so new that engineers, doctors and artists continue to explore all of the machine’s possibilities.• 3d printers cost as little as $1,000.• Some artists are using 3d printers that print with clay to create new pottery.• 3d printers can be used to create anything from miniature sculptures to entire rooms.• NASA also uses 3d printers. It allows astronauts to build specific tools in space.• Clothing has also been made by 3d printers.• Sugar can also be used in a 3d printer.In addition to making new art, 3d printers are used to protect and preserve older pieces of art.Some artifacts are incredibly delicate or in danger of being destroyed. Archeologists can workwith scientists to create detailed 3d scans and then print exact replicas of the artifacts. Thesereplicas allow researchers to preserve history and perform tests that could have damagedor destroyed the originals. It is not a perfect process, but this new technology could play animportant role in how museums and historians preserve and explore art for future generations. 2018 Kidsville News! 3

Proud Sponsorof This Page Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Sciuridae Tribe: Marmotini Genus: Marmota Species: M. MarmotThere are 15 species of marmot • They live 400-500 meters above the forest in the mountains. that can be found all over the • They build burrows in the hard, frozen ground. world, but each species is • Alpine marmots are known for being very friendly.unique. The alpine marmot is native • They live in small family groups made of a breeding pair and 15-20 of their the Alps in Europe. They can be • Members of the family take turns grooming each other and looking out for predators.found in France, Italy, Switzerland, • Hibernation starts in October and ends in May. • Burrows are usually 8-10 feet deep. A marmot’s size changes drasticallyGermany, Austria and Slovenia. based on the season. In the early spring,Marmots are small mammals related • Families hibernate together. they are small because they have usedto squirrels. They have been living • Their body temperature drops from 97 degree to 5 degrees while in hibernation. their stored fats to survive the winter. Thein the mountains since the last Ice • This temperature drop helps the marmots conserve energy. average male could weight 3,000 gramsAge. They are well adapted to living • All of the marmots in a den will wake up every 10 days to warm themselves up a and females would weigh 2,900 grams. The marmots use the summer and fall toin harsh, cold climates. They have little. store as much fat as possible for the winter • During hibernation, they will take 2-3 breaths in a minute. This is a slow breath rate. months. In the fall, the average weightspecial claws for digging. They • Adult marmots will cuddle the younger ones to help them control their body of a male marmot is 4540 grams, and the average female weighs 4355 grams.burrow into the cold ground andhave a thick layer of fur to keep them temperature.warm. To avoid the harshest weather,they hibernate. and how they reflected their societiesArcheologists and historians have a difficult job. disk. It is 40,800 years old. NOV. 11 is Veterans Day. It’s a dayThey work to understand ancient civilizations, • Cave art has been found in Indonesia from 35,400 to honor everyone who has served in the United States military – Army,but usually the older the civilization, the less years ago. One of these pieces of cave art is the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Some people confuseevidence and artifacts there are to work with. Ancient oldest example of a hand stencil. Memorial Day, which is in May,humans often used tools made of products like wood, • This ancient art is usually found in caves because with Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day honors people who died whilewhich doesn’t survive hundreds of thousands of the rock walls protect the art from being destroyed serving in the military. Veterans Day honors everyone who hasyears. One thing that has survived is cave paintings. by the erosion and weather. served in the military – and many ofThe cave art is so important because it can show us • Cave paintings can be found all over the world, them are still living!how ancient humans thought in a way that can’t be anywhere early humans lived. NOV. 22 is Thanksgiving. • Early humans also used stone or flint tools to Thanksgiving started as ashown with tools. No one is exactly sure what the celebration to give thanks for the harvest. Today, people still celebratepaintings are for, but they represent creativity, an engrave art into the hard walls of caves. Thanksgiving with a lot of food andability to learn from the past and an understanding of • The oldest depicted animal is of a pig. It is in give thanks for everything good in their lives. This year, in America,how symbols work. This sets ancient humans apart Indonesia. Thanksgiving is Nov. 22. Many other countries celebrate similarfrom other animals. Scientists call this “higher order holidays, including Canada, Liberia, the Caribbean Islands, Germanyconsciousness.” Animals are commonly depicted in cave paintings. and Japan.• Animals are the most common things depicted in Some of the most common animals were cave lions, November 2018cave art. mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses and bears. These• Stencils of human hands are also very common. were large and dangerous animals. Archeologists• The oldest cave paintings in Europe are in France; believe that these symbols may have had to do withthey are 32,000 years old. early religion because these animals were not what• The oldest cave painting ever discovered is a red early humans usually Kidsville News!

The TM View Local kids What do you like to let us know.... eat for breakfast Waffles Do tYoOpUagwean1t7toanbdefilhl eouret.?.. Tobi Go Central DoWn’tefTo’Srlhglteeuut ysdoeuerynpohtoutQor!sWuienecsaKnt’iTtMiodpVrnsinvinetiwalwliteihroNeuteawp hso!to. 1st Grade Do you love the weather? Are you Weather Pack Please just leave a comment where you used interested in participating in the science by taking observations? data immediately goes into a database at the kcaP rehtaeW National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and is displayed on a map that is accessible liquid and frozen types of precipitation. Even though radar data gives forecasters a good idea Well, citizen science may just be for you! to everyone. Meteorologists at the National of what is occurring, ground truth reports, such as from mPING, are critical to help protect life Citizen science is a form of open collaboration Weather Service also utilize mPING reports to and property.ti deipsnruowcuhesiocshytoaenarydodenrheeswcsarnetantla-ekwmeoprmladrtopirncotbahleeemsvcsi.aenetilfitcsuj edhsuealrpinemglPasienvtearien situational awareness, especially MPING data are also used to improve weather. The mPING system weather computer models, predict ground icing for road maintenance and aviation operations You can help by taking real-time weather was deployed in 2012 and developed through and predict the potential for in-flight icing. Many NWS forecast offices display the data on observations, alerting officials about severe or a partnership between NOAA/NSSL, the large monitors and use the reports to fine-tune their forecasts. winter weather occurring where you are and University of Oklahoma and the Cooperative To learn more, visit contributing to NOAA research using an app on Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies. Kidsville News! 5 your phone. Citizen science involves everyday Meteorologists across the United States people and plays a vital role in protecting lives also use radar imagery from the enhanced and property. network of dual-pol radars. All National Meteorological Phenomena Identification Weather Service radars have been upgraded Near the Ground (mPING) is a project designed with dual-pol, a technology that is sensitive to to collect weather information from the the horizontal and vertical measurements of public through their smart phone or mobile an object as well as its content (liquid water, device with GPS location capabilities. Using ice or a mixture). Dual-pol gives forecasters the free mPING app, anyone can submit an estimate of the size and shape of an object, a weather observation anonymously. The making it easier to tell the difference between November 2018

Local History Written by Billy Warren construction of Pickwick Dam in the 1930’s, a large portion of the island was permanently flooded and is now underwater. Therefore, its size is Did You Know? much smaller than its original seven miles. Boaters will anchor there as a place to rest and do some exploring. Fishermen will drop anchor Islands In The Tennessee River for a while in hopes of a fine catch for the day. The island has, it seems, returned almost to its natural state. As is true of almost any large body of water, the mighty Tennessee River has islands, both large and small, within it. SOMETHING TO DO: Locally, the two that are most well-known are: Patton Island and 1. If you have the opportunity to take a boat ride on the Tennessee Seven-Mile Island. River, ask the adult who is driving the boat to take you near either Patton Island or Seven-Mile Island. Write a paragraph about what you Patton Island was named in honor of Alabama Governor Robert see there. M. Patton who was so beloved by the local community during the years that he and his family lived in the beautiful Sweetwater 2. Write a short poem about the beauty and/or the power of the Mansion in Florence. His name was carried forward when the Tennessee River. first tax-payer-sponsored school in Florence opened in 1891 and, more recently, when the newest bridge connection of Colbert and 3. Use your cell phone to make your own documentary about the Lauderdale Counties was completed several years ago. First called Tennessee River. Be sure to include Wilson Dam and the three local Patton Island Bridge, its name was changed to Singing River bridges that cross it: Wilson Dam, O’Neal Bridge and Singing River Bridge to reflect the local Native American traditional belief that Bridge. the Tennessee River sings as it flows along beside the hills and valleys between the two counties. 4. Using a reference source, write a brief definition of these terms: a. Archaeologist Seven-Mile Island ha a really fascinating history, too. It got its name because, originally, it was approximately seven miles long. b. Evidence While Patton Island is located near Wilson Dam, Seven-Mile c. Splendor Island is near where the river literally makes a huge turn, known locally as the “Bend of the River.” Natural Gas Safety First for Kids From a study done by archaeologists in 1914 came the discovery of post holes on the island. The archaeologists recognized that SMELL, LEAVE & TELL posts anchored in the holes formed the bases for primitive houses, thus letting them know that Native Americans had small villages IF YOU SMELL GAS: on the island. Further proof was the discovery of arrowheads, bits A bad odor is added to natural gas so you can smell if it’s leaking. of pottery and other such evidence. It smells like a skunk or rotten eggs. In more recent years – all the way up to the 1930’s, in fact – LEAVE THE HOUSE: Seven-Mile Island has contributed interestingly to local history. At times, sections of it have been privately owned by individuals If you smell gas, tell an adult! If no adult is around, leave and take who built houses and lived on the island. For example, Mr. Claude everyone with you. DON’T turn on the lights or use the phone. Seales was so impressed with its beauty that he moved from DON’T use a flashlight or match. Birmingham, Alabama, and built a grand house on the island. The newspaper account at the time went into great detail about TELL AN ADULT: his house, his collection of books and his intention to live in splendor. (See the accompanying article that first appeared in the Go to neighbors that you know, and tell them to report the gas leak Birmingham Age-Herald and then was published in the Florence to the gas company. Herald on March 9, 1899.) Just two years later, in 1901, without NATURAL GAS SAFETY TIPS Florence Utilities going into the details, another Never try to find a gas leak yourself. Call your newspaper article noted that his gas company for service at 256-760-6490. plans had fallen apart. Don’t hang things from gas pipes. Much of the island has been used for farming over the years. Never swing from pipes or play with flexible gas Landowners were amazed at the pipes leading to water heaters or ranges. richness of the soil which was made even richer by flooding In the event of an emergency, call us anytime 24/7 that occurred almost every year. Florence Gas Department • 256-760-6490 There are records that indicate thousands of bushels of corn were produced annually on the island, loaded onto boats and shipped to various places. But what about Seven-Mile Island today? Well, with the6 Kidsville News! November 2018

Fall Rebates $7900*FOR A LIMITED TIME!are MonthlyBack! *BAacsteudalopnaayvmeerangt em2a5y0v0arsyq.. ft. house.Recieve up to$2,000 by replacingyour old HVAC unitor water heater today! Every HVAC unit includes: One After Installation Quality Inspection AND Two Follow-up Maintance Check-upsOffer valid thru November 30, 2018Disclaimer: Actual rebate is based on qualifyinganalysis as well as approved product purchase. 256-648-4893 AL #15059|53092 Lauderdale County’s Send It Hey Kids! Truman again. I wantFun family Newspaper YOUR ORIGINAL ART WORK, LETTERS & POEMS! We may print219 W. Tennessee St. Florence, AL 35630 them in a later issue or use them on our website! Just have your 256-764-4268 parents fill out this form and send it with your work to: EDITOR & PUBLISHER Kidsville News! • 219 W. Tennessee St. • Florence, AL 35630Thomas V. Magazzu [email protected] KIDSVILLE COORDINATORAndrea L. Gray [email protected] GRAPHIC DESIGNERSRussell Roden Jim Allen Gwyn JonesADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Name Age Judy Cox Sadonna MagazzuADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORSDr. David R. Curott Lee FreemanBilly Warren Patricia J. Weaver Address City KIDSVILLE NEWS! PRODUCED BY Merrigold Publications State Zip School NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, School Library MERRIGOLD PUBLICATIONS Other? Bill Bowman NATIONAL EDITOR Where did you get your copy of Kidsville News!? Stephanie Crider [email protected] Your Signature (This is my own work) ILLUSTRATOR Send your drawing in color and on UNLINED PAPER Cover & Truman - Dan Nelson Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature (Permission) KIDSVILLENEWS LITERACY & EDUCATION FOUNDATION CAN NOT PRINT WITHOUT THIS SIGNATURE Kidsville News! 7 [email protected] ©Copyright 2018 Merrigold Publications, All Rights Reserved. Truman is a service mark of Kidsville News! Inc., and the Kidsville News! logo is a registered trademark of Kidsville News! Inc. No part of this issue of Kidsville News! may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without permission of the publisher or the copyright holder. Neither participating advertisers nor the publishers will be responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors. The publishers reserve the right to edit any submitted material. Kidsville News! Inc. is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, or other material. Children’s submissions should include name, address, telephone number, and permission to publish signed by a parent or guardian. Product Printed by The Tennessean, Nashville, TNNovember 2018

MMAATTHHTITMIMEE What is thWehrautlies?the rule?bbIIufuftattaotllolnlnccssllowowttheheerreeses whwheeiittrrhehe,, aazznniippddppaaeellrrllssccwwllooeetthrhreeeeshshweewrrieiteth,h, 66 111 1122 1177 2200 2255 5500 555what wowuhldatgwooiunldthgeomiddle? Rule: in the middle? Rule: Clothes with buttons and zippers. Identifying attributes can be Add five. The pattern shown in this chart is the addition of five to each number. Extensions a powerful tool to help students make logical distinctions between and might include giving other numbers and asking the student to apply the rule asking, “What among ideas and concepts in mathematics. String circles, yarn circles orhula hoops make it easy for children to see and manipulate objects during number comes before if the rule gives us the number?” sorting activities. Answers On Page 23 T he Louvre was originally built • The Louvre’s collections grew by 5,000 pieces under Napoleon Bonaparte because as a castle in 1190 by Phillippe the French army took art and archaeological items from the places that it conquered. Auguste. He had it built because he wanted to protect Paris as France • Much of the plundered art was returned after Napoleon’s defeat in 1815. was about to go to war. When it was • 1993 was the first time the entire Louvre was devoted to being a museum. built, the Louvre was on the outside • The museum was officially created on August 10, 1793. of Paris, but the city grew, and now • When it first opened, the museum had 500 paintings. it is located near the center. Most of • Today, it is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. the French monarchs after Phillippe II • It takes 2,000 employees to maintain the museum and the artwork. continued to expand the Louvre and the • 8.8 million people visit every year. royal art collection. Charles V turned • It houses 70,000 pieces of art. the fortress into a palace, and King • There are 650,000 feet of gallery space. Henri IV added the Grande Galerie to • The Louvre has 380,000 total pieces, but there are not all on display to the public. house the royal art collection. During • The “Mona Lisa,” by Leonardo da Vinci, is only 21 inches x 30 inches. It is the most the French Revolution, the Louvre palace was turned into the Museum of famous painting in the Louvre. It is protected by body guards and bullet-proof glass. the Louvre. • In World War II, the Nazis used the Louvre to store all of their stolen art work. • The Louvre has eight departments: Near Eastern Antiquities; Egyptian Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculptures; Decorative Arts; Paintings; and Prints and Drawings. © source image by Pipiten - Flickr November 2018 Kidsville News!

Where in the ? • Today, the country is officially called World is... the French Republic. France is a European country and one of the oldest • The capital is Paris. nations in the world. Humans and early relatives of • The population is 66,259,012. humans have lived in France for almost 2 million • The official language is French. • It is 210,026 square miles, which makes it the largest country in Europe. years. Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons arrived as early as 300,000 B.C. Humans migrated from central Europe, • The major rivers are the Seine, Rhine and Rhone. and then Romans took control of the area in 51 B.C. The • One fourth of France is covered in forest, and 50 percent Romans called the area Gaul. France is named after the is covered in countryside or farmland. Germanic Franks who came to the area, along with other • France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in tribes such as the Visigoths and Vandals, around 400 A.D. the world. More than 75 million people visit every year. when Rome started to collapse. • The nickname for Paris is “City of Lights.” • Paris has a population of 2.2 million people. • The motto is “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite,” which means “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” • Some of the most famous places to visit in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles and the Arc de The Lascaux Cave is a very special place in France. cave walls have 600 of some of the most famous prehistoric cave paintings and engravings in the world. These paintings have made the area a UNESCO World Site. This means that the area is important to human history and should be carefully preserved and studied. Most of these paintings show animals. The paintings date to 1500 B.C., which is called the Upper Palaeolithic period. The cave was discovered in 1940 when four boys were looking for their lost dog. No one is sure what the paintings mean, but the caves give a unique look in to the lives of ancient humans.November 2018 Kidsville News! 9

Florence • Sheffield • Killen Did You KNOW?Excellent Service, Expert Advice The most popular electric car model of 2018 is the BAIC EC- Series. Manufactured in China, the BAIC EC-Series sold more 1909 Florence Blvd., Florence, AL 35630 than 15,000 units in January and February of 2018, unseating the Nissan Leaf as the most popular electric car across the globe. (across from Hobby Lobby) However, the Leaf remains popular as electric car buyers made it the second most popular electric car model in the world in the 256-767-3337 first few months of 2018. The Leaf also remains the best-selling electric car in the world since it was first introduced in 2010, a function of its performance as well as its widespread availability. For electric car buyers with some money to spend, the third most popular model of 2018, the Tesla Model S might do the job. Starting at around $75,000, the Model S can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds, and its 100 kWh battery allows it to run 315 miles before needing to be recharged. Come Out & Play • To play there should be two teams. • Teams can be made of 1-3 players.O ne of the oldest • Players also need six steel balls, one traditions in human history is competing small wooden ball and a large outdoorto see who can throw or space in which to play.roll an object the closest • The balls should be marked so thatto a marker. This type they can be told apart.of game has been played • The best space to play is hard, packedin the Mediterranean for earth covered in sand or gravel.centuries. In Italy it is • Each team should claim three of thecalled bacci, and in France steel is called boules. Pétanque • Team A should draw a circle in theis a version of this tradition sand. This is called a le rond.that dates back to around • All players must keep both feet in the1910. Jules LeNoir invented le rond when they throw.this version after he was • From the le rond, Team A should tossparalyzed from the waist the wooden ball called the cochonnet.down. He was an excellent • The farther away they throw theboules player, but he cochonnet, the harder the gamecouldn’t play the traditional will be.versions of the game in his • Team A then throws their boulewheel chair. He changed towards the cochonnet.the rules a little and created • Team B throws its boules and triesPétanque so that he could to place them closer to the cochonnetcontinue to play. than the other team. • The team with the boule closest to cochonnet gets a point. It also gets a point for every other boule they closer to the wooden ball than the other teams closest boule. Kidsville News! November 2018

This Page Brought To You By AL #15059|53092 Crossword Puzzle Answers on Page 23November 2018 Kidsville News! 11

12 Kidsville News! Want Your ARTWORK Hello! Sponsor this Or Your POETRY here? Send it to us. and reach all Shoals area students in We’ll print it in a future issue. K-6th grade, parents, and their teachers Fill Out the in this award-winning Send It form fun, family newspaper. on page 7! Please call Tom at 256-740-4701 Your Name Your Age Your City for more information.November 20N18ovember

r 2018November 2018 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY NOTES: 123 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 Veteran's Day Lauderdale 23 24 County & 18 Nov. 19-23 Florence City NO SCHOOL 30 Veteran's Day Observed 19 25 ALL SCHOOLS Out Thanksgiving Holidays 29 26 27 28Kidsville News! 13

Nine TN River Dams Here are photos of the nine Tennessee River Dams. What features do you see in common in each photo? At one side of each dam there is a structure that looks like a big building. That holds the electrical generators.The The water flows through theShoals area turbines (a propeller like“sits on” structure) and the spinningthe Tennessee River and the history of the area has been profoundly turbines turn the generatorsinfluenced by that mighty river. Before the dams were built on the which “generate” electricity.Tennessee River, the annual terrible floods destroyed crops, buildings, If more water must be released and many lives. from the dam, like during a Our Wilson Dam was flood, gates are opened which planned during World allow the water to flow OVER War I to make electricity the dam, down the spillways. for nearby ammunition Also, at one side or the other, (Nitrate) plants. Wilson there is a lock or series of Dam wasn’t completed locks which allow boats to be until 1924, years lowered to the down-river side after that war. Then or raised to the upstream side. the Tennessee Valley The wonderful fact of hydro-Authority (TVA) was created in 1933 to provide flood control, create electric power (electricityelectricity for the Tennessee Valley, and aid navigation by creating Locks from dams - see picture below)which allow boats to travel through the dammed areas. In the years since Guntersville Dam is that it is a very “green”1933, TVA has built nine dams on the Tennessee River and many more power which does not directlyon its tributaries (smaller streams which flow into the Tennessee). I’m pollute or contribute to globalsure you recognize Wilson Dam in this photo. In 1924 it was called warming. The power basically“America’s Greatest Dam”. Because of its great historical significance, comes from the Sun. TheWilson Dam was declared a National Historical Landmark on Sun warms water, causing itNovember 13, 1966. to evaporate, then the vaporIn 1936, Wheeler Dam, 15 miles to the east, was completed and two condenses in droplets asyears later Pickwick Dam, about 50 miles down river from Wilson Dam, rain, flows into rivers, moveswas completed. These three Dams (Wilson, Pickwick, and Wheeler) downhill toward the sea. Thesuccessfully covered the low water shoals and allowed river traffic to Sun lifted the water, givingpass unhindered all year long. it “potential energy”, andHere is a profile of the height of the river at the various dams. As the dam-generators captureyou know, the river flows “downhill”. It “starts” at Fort Loudoun, to the that energy as the water east, at a height of descends. The only cost is the 816 feet above sea construction and maintenance level. The next dam, of the equipment. For example, Watts Bar Dam, is it might cost a million dollars a lower at 745 feet year to operate a hydro-electric above sea level. dam but the dam could yearlyEach downstream dam is at a lower height and we see the water behind generate 500 million dollarsour Wilson Dam is 508 ft above the sea. You might notice that Wilson worth of electricity. Nature has much tois the highest dam on the Tennessee River. The water drops almost a offer!hundred feet through Wilson Dam. It has the highest boat lift lock east © 2018 Dr. David R.of the Rocky Mountains. Curott, UNA Professor Here’s a map Emeritus showing the 9 Tennessee Dams: Fort Loudoun, Watts Bar, Chickamouga, Nickajack, Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson, Pickwick, and Kentucky Dams. Since the Tennessee River is a majortransportation route, each of these dams has locks to permit boats to passthrough.14 Kidsville News! November 2018

Hey Kids Send It!Don’t Forget ToSend us YOUR art work, Mike Randall, REALTOR®letters or poems! Associate Broker We will print yours 256.366.9779 in Kidsville News! [email protected] mikerandallhomes.comSee Page 7 to find out how! 22001188 HHaalllloowweeeenn CCoolloorriinngg CCoonntteesstt WWIINNNNEERRSS!!A Special Thanks To Everyone for taking part in our 2018 Halloween Coloring ContestAges Ages Ages 2-4 5-7 8-101st 1st 1stRose Bradford - 4 - Killen Kaegan Lindley - 7 - Florence Anna Simone - 10 - Florence2nd 2nd 2ndMcKenna Hunt - 3 - Muscle Shoals Evee Allen - 6 - Florence Caroline Hunt - 9 - Florence3rd 3rd 3rdDavid Burgess - 2 - Florence Emma Roberson - 5 - Florence Piper Cody - 8 - Killen Top 3 Winners In Each Age And a Trick-or-Treat Pick Up Your PrizesGroup, Pictured Above Receive: Large Pizza AND Basket Filled With Beginning Tues. Oct. 30 from Domino’s Goodies! HONORABLE MENTIONS:2-4 Age Group: Ava Crittenden, Krisalee Hensley, Rhaniyah George, Dylan Smith, Maren Harrison, Noe Kropelin, Lily Richard, Jason Copeland, Mila Hamm. 5-7 Age Group: Lauren Hiliding, Colton Simmons, Kingston Fore, Aubrey Fields, Koen Pate, Landon Fields, Myleigh Larrimore, Madeline Hodges. 8-10 Age Group: Jaylie Parker, Emily Becker, MycahBeth Ray, Emma Dawson, Molly Senf, Emmaline Streetman, Alissa Fields, Joey Lane, Tyler Senf,Jordan Chambers, Abby Johnson, Maggie Garner, Gracelyn Weitz, Rose Patel, Emely Arguedas, Claire Bradford, Toccoara Bates, Gavin Brewer, LeLand Miles. AND Special Recognition for the entry of Rachel Griffin.WINNERS MAY PICK UP PRIZES at the Courier Journal, 219 W. Tennessee St., FlorenceNovember 2018 Kidsville News! 15

What's it like to be... a sleep doctor? Shalini Paruthi, MD Please tell our readers a little bit about mean, clumsy, miss out on good learning at behavior, learning, memory, emotional yourself. school, have accidents and break bones, and regulation, quality of life and mental and have headaches. They can also be sleepy, physical health. I am a sleep doctor. I live in St. Louis, which sometimes looks like droopy eyelids andMissouri, and work at St. Luke’s Hospital. I yawning, or the opposite, i.e. very restless or Regularly sleeping fewer than the number oflove to teach, so I have taught medical students, hyperactive because they are so sleepy so they recommended hours is associated with attention,residents and sleep fellows at Saint Louis keep moving to stay awake. behavior and learning problems. InsufficientUniversity. I also teach at regional and national sleep also increases the risk of accidents,conferences to help other doctors and nurses What happens to our bodies when we don’t injuries, hypertension, obesity, diabetes andlearn the best ways to help kids (and their get enough sleep? depression. Insufficient sleep in teenagers isparents) get a great night’s sleep every night. associated with increased risk of self-harm, With a group of pediatric sleep experts and suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. What does a sleep doctor do? researchers, I looked at this exact question and There are 74 known sleep disorders. My job found that for kids: Regularly sleeping more than theis to know about all 74 of them. Kids or their • Infants 4 months to 12 months should recommended hours may be associated withparents come to my office because something adverse health outcomes such as hypertension,is wrong with their sleep, and they need help sleep 12 to 16 hours per 24 hours (including diabetes, obesity and mental health problems.figuring out the problem. Together, we can naps) on a regular basis to promote optimalmake it better. Some of the most common health. Parents who are concerned that their child issleep problems I see in kids are snoring, sleep • Children 1 to 2 years of age should sleep sleeping too little or too much should consultapnea, restless legs syndrome (growing pains), 11 to 14 hours per 24 hours (including naps) their healthcare provider for evaluation of ainsomnia and narcolepsy. I also educate my on a regular basis to promote optimal health. possible sleep disorder.patients a lot about their sleep. When they learn • Children 3 to 5 years of age should sleepmore about how important sleep is and why 10 to 13 hours per 24 hours (including naps) What Is Something You Wish Everyonesleep problems happen, we can often come up on a regular basis to promote optimal health. Knew About Sleep/Getting Enough Sleep?with some great solutions to improve their sleep. • Children 6 to 12 years of age should sleep I wish that everyone knew how important 9 to 12 hours per 24 hours on a regular basis it is to get enough and good quality sleep Why is this work important? to promote optimal health. every single night. I wish that everyone could It’s important to know what normal sleep • Teenagers 13 to 18 years of age should prioritize sleep just as we pay attention andis and what abnormal sleep is. It should be sleep 8 to 10 hours per 24 hours on a regular do our best to eat healthy and get enougheveryone’s goal to get a great night’s sleep basis to promote optimal health. exercise. Also, interestingly, we really do mostevery night. When kids don’t get enough sleep Sleeping the number of recommended hours of our growing when we are sleeping. Growthor get good quality sleep, they can be grumpy, on a regular basis is associated with better hormone is made in our brains at night when we health outcomes, including improved attention, sleep. Kids can grow up to a half inch overnight.16 Kidsville News! November 2018

Dr. William A. McClanahan welcomes TM Dr. Daniel H. Almon The View Student Questionnaireto his dental practice at 2461 Helton Drive in Florence Mail, bring by or email us YOUR PHOTO & your answers! Daniel H. Almon D.M.D. (at left), is excited to return to Florence and join Dr. William McClanahan and his team in serving the Shoals Community. Name Dr. Almon was born and raised in Florence and graduated from Shoals GFraaxd#e 256-76 0-961S8chooElm ail: ki dsville @cour ierjourn Christian School in 2008. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of North Alabama, where he enjoyed playing football for the Lions. Mail: 219 W. Tennessee Street • Florence, AL 35630 He recently graduated with honors from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. Dr. Almon is committed to staying up to date on the latest dental What is your favorite...... advancements and techniques through continuing education and providing patient-centered care with a concentration on cosmetic and restorative Vacation place? dentistry for the entire family. Holiday? William A. McClanahan, D.M.D. Place to eat? 2461 Helton Drive • Florence 256-767-7141 Cartoon? CANNOT Have you ever ridden a horse? PRINTDo you know about... Are you a good listener? WITHOUT mule train PHOTO munchies? What does a cowboy do?When using horses and mules as mountain pack animals, you will need to feed each Have you ever ridden in a convertible car? one three quarts Have you ever played in the snow? of grain every What is something you have learned to do lately? morning and night and ten pounds Do you like to drink water? of hay per day. What makes a good friend? What is instrumental music?Joel Thomas Do you like to read aloud?McCutcheon & Hamner, Attorneys MUST HAVE PERMISSION SERIOUS INJURY, SERIOUS REPRESENTATION TO PRINT Parent/Guardian Permission 2210 Helton Drive, Florence 256-764-0112 I give Kidsville News! permission to print my CHILD’S PHOTO & opinion on Free initial consultation •  No fee unless we collect for you. any questions listed above. I do realize my child’s first name, school and grade could“No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.” be printed in this publication. I have enclosed or emailed my CHILD’S PHOTO. Parent/Guardian SIGNATURE DateNovember 2018 Kidsville News! 17

Courtview/Rogers Hall The Old Floyd Hall Science Building Flowers Hall The Old Girls’ Dormitory Name that Place — UNA Edition!Irvine Place/Coby Hall The Old Gymnasium/Modern Communications BuildingBy Lee Freeman, FloTTrhheeenPOcellad-nLKeaitlaubrydiueSmrcdhaoloel Public Library, Local History - Genealogy Department The President’s Home Below are photos oTf hseomOeldbSutiulddienngtsUthnaiotnarBeuoilrdiwngere on the University of North Alabama Campus. WilSlineeghifamyoHuaclal n match the photo with its name/location.The Amphitheater _______The Old Band Lodge ______ 1. 2. 3.Collier Library _______ 5. 6.Courtview/Rogers Hall _____ 8. 9. 11. 12.Wesleyan Hall _____ 4. 14.The Old Floyd Hall Science Answers On Page 23Building _______Flowers Hall _______The Old Girls’ Dormitory 7._______Irvine Place/Coby Hall _______The Old Gymnasium/Modern 10.Communications Building _______The Old Kilby School _______The Planetarium _______The President’s Home 13._______The Old Student UnionBuilding _______Willingham Hall _______ 15.18 Kidsville News! Answers: November 2018 1. Floyd Hall

Gee Thanks! Kidsville News!-In- Education Sponsorsfor helping to provide Kidsville News! to Lauderdale Kids K-6th. AL #15059|53092 FLORENCE UTILITIES Friends of Kidsville News!• SIMPSON’S AUTO GLASS & WRECKER SERVICE • MIKE RANDALL, REALTOR® • McCUTCHEON & HAMNER, P.C. • EXCEL COMPUTER SERVICES • WILLIAM A. McCLANAHAN, D.M.D.Hidden Picture Puzzles QZVFFHGX Answers on Pg. 23November 2018 Kidsville News! 19

A Section Especially for ParentsBEGINNER READS Olivia By Ian Falconer Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the For ages 3-7 Bed By Eileen Christelow The first captivating book about the For ages 0-6 piglet, Olivia, begins, \"This is Olivia. She is good at lots of things. She is very good \"One fell off and bumped his head. The at wearing people out. She even wears Mama called the doctor. The doctor herself out.\" Olivia trundles stoically said, ‘No more monkeys jumping on through her days, building a sand Empire the bed.’\" This one will be a bedtime State Building at the beach, dancing favorite unless you mind your toddlers instead of napping, and painting a jumping up and down, shaking their Jackson Pollock-style mural on the wall. index fingers gleefully, chanting, \"No more monkeys jumping on the bed.\"PAGETURNERS Pie By Sarah Weeks Max Einstein: For ages 8 and Up The Genius Experiment By James Patterson When Alice’s Aunt Polly, the pie queen, and Chris Grabenstein dies, little Alice is sure no one misses For ages 8-12 her as much as she does. Except maybe Aunt Polly’s ornery cat Lardo, whom she Twelve-year old Max Einstein is not loved so much, she named him after your typical genius. She hacks the her favorite shortening. Aunt Polly computer system at NYU to attend swore by that shortening when making classes and builds inventions to help her award-winning pie crusts. Alice’s the homeless. But everything changes mother says the recipe is worth millions when Max is recruited by a mysterious and is anxious to get her hands on it. organization. Their mission: solve the Apparently, other folks want it, too! world's toughest problems using science - with the help of a diverse The Fault in Our Stars group of young geniuses from around By John Green the globe. For ages 13 and UpADVANCED READS Hazel Lancaster dropped out of school at 13 to concentrate on getting well. Now 16, Escaping from Houdini she’s survived a diagnosis of stage IV By Kerri Maniscalco thyroid cancer, but with collateral damage: For ages 14 and up her lungs don’t work well. To please her parents, she reluctantly agrees to attend a Audrey Rose Wadsworth and her weekly support group with other teen partner-in-crime-investigator, Thomas cancer patients. It is there she meets Cresswell, are en route to New York to Augustus Waters, a former basketball help solve another mystery. Embarking player who’s lost a leg to cancer. Their on a weeklong voyage across the connection is instantaneous; both banter Atlantic on the opulent RMS Etruria, with razor-sharp wit as if it’s second nature. they're delighted to discover a traveling troupe of circus performers and fortune tellers and a certain charismatic young escape artist entertaining the first-class passengers nightly.Kidsville News Inc., Truman and James Patterson’s READKIDDOREAD.COM are pleased to partner on this page to help you discover books that kids you love are sure to love.20 Kidsville News! November 2018

ParenTown’s KidSmart Learning disabilities can 6723make it difficult for kids to /,77(5reach their full potential. Suchdisabilities can sometimes be <RXU6KRDOVhard to spot, and youngsters <RXU&KRLFHmight be hesitant to self-reportsymptoms or problems they’re HELP! Truman Lost His Hat!experiencing out of shame or afear of being seen as different Maybe you can help him find it &from their classmates. WIN A PLUSH MINI- Dyslexia, which the Child TRUMAN OR PUPPET!*Mind® Institute notes isnow part of the diagnosis Somewhere in this Kidsville News!“specific learning disorder,” is Truman’s small red hat!an umbrella term that groupstogether reading, writing and This hat will not be on Truman.math disorders, is one type of learning disability that can compromisestudents’ abilities to perform in the classroom. Find only his red hat! Send us the The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity notes that the *Subject to form below for a chance to win!signs of dyslexia can appear as early as preschool. Such signs availability.may differ depending on the age of the child, but parents can TLthhaesetnnmaemxotneitsohsf’ustehheoafwt KwiniadnssevorisnllwepiaNlgleebwe1s8i!n.look for the following ones that might indicate the presenceof dyslexia. October Winners of a Mini-Truman PRESCHOOL Gracelyn Rikard Jaxon Cornelius Preschool-aged children may exhibit various symptoms that may be of Rogersville of Tuscumbiaindicative of dyslexia. Difficulty learning and remembering the namesof letters in the alphabet and an inability to recognize letters in their own Pick yours up at the Courier Journal Office 219 W. Tennessee St., Florencenames are such symptoms. Children who mispronounce familiar words,continue to speak in “baby talk” and experience trouble learning common Email to [email protected],nursery rhymes also may be experiencing dyslexia. The Yale Center for Mail or bring entry to us by Nov. 26Dyslexia & Creativity also notes that dyslexia tends to run in families, soparents who had their own difficulties reading or spelling words should Hat on pg. _________ Your Name Phonepay special attention to how their children handle these tasks. mail to: Address Kidsville News! Town KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE 219 W. Tennessee St. School Children in this age group who disappear when it is time to read or Florence, AL 35630complain about the difficulty of reading may do so because they aredealing with dyslexia. Another potential indicator is reading errors thatshow no connection to the sounds of the letters on the page. For example,children who say “puppy” when an illustration on a page is a dog. Difficultysounding out simple words like “cat” also may indicate dyslexia. SECOND GRADE THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL Symptoms that appear during these years of a child’s life may includeslow, awkward reading; trouble reading familiar words and oftencompensating by making wild guesses because the child cannot sound outthe word; and an unwillingness to read out loud. Kids in this age groupwho are dealing with dyslexia also may not have a strategy for readingnew words. Children in this age group also may exhibit signs of dyslexia throughtheir speech. For example, the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity sayssome may search for a specific word only to end up using a vague term,such as “stuff.” Hesitation when speaking and language peppered with“um’s” is another potential indicator that a child might be dyslexic. Dyslexia cannot be cured, but it can be overcome. Early screening,diagnosis and intervention can help young people become successfuladults. More information is available at 2018 Kidsville News! 21

When cooking, for safety, ParenTown’s KidShape always get help from anKitchenKidsville adult first. The sandwich is the quintessential portable food and one that has How to Foster Your Child’sscores of incarnations. Creativity Through Play The modern concept of a sandwich that combines meats, cheeses Playtime is the perfect time to foster your children’s self-expressionand vegetables between slices of bread can be traced to 18th-century and creativity. Here are a few fun ideas to try at home.Europe. The sandwich is purportedly named after John Montagu,the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Rumor has it that, around 1762, Montagu BUILD A FORTasked for meat to be served between slices of bread so that he coulddine without interrupting his gambling game. Others soon ordered Children get to be builders and architects when they construct thefoods served “the same as Sandwich,” and the name has stuck ever perfect fort from pillows, blankets and other materials found at home.since. Whether it’s a castle that’s guarding a secret treasure or an igloo in the North Pole, once built, kids can let their imaginations run wild. A Many people argue that there is no beating a classic reuben when childhood staple, fort-building is a classic way to get creative at homeit comes to sandwiches. A reuben is made of corned beef that is through role play.piled high and swiss cheese served on rye or pumpernickel bread.Sauerkraut and Russian dressing give this sandwich its tangy kick. KARAOKE!Enjoy a “Classic Reuben Sandwich,” courtesy of Classic Recipesfrom Boar’s Head®. Karaoke is not only a blast, it lets kids take center stage and pretend to be their favorite stars. Consider a karaoke machine built specifically forClassic Reuben Sandwich kids that’s packed with engaging content. For example, the new VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine features games, sound effects and voice Makes 4 sandwiches effects for creative musical expression. Its Music Magic feature allows 1 pound sauerkraut kids to turn down the main vocal track so they can be the star and works 2 tablespoons thousand island dressing with MP3 files, streaming music services and karaoke videos, so there’s 8 slices of pumpernickel or dark rye bread no limit to their inspiration. A recording feature with fun voice-changing 1 pound corned beef, sliced thin effects gives kids an opportunity to hear their performance. 4 slices Swiss cheese Softened butter Host a music theme night, birthday party or a special concert. With a disco light that twists 180 degrees for colorful light effects and audience Drain, but do not rinse, the sauerkraut and combine with thousand sounds such as applause, cheering and laughter, kids can truly feel likeisland dressing. Top four halves of the bread with the sauerkraut they’re on stage.mixture, then 4 ounces of corned beef, followed by 4 ounces ofSwiss cheese. Close with a second slice of bread. Spread the top and Want to take the show on the road? Consider something portable, suchbottom of the sandwich with soft butter. Grill on both sides until as Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone, which connects to MP3 playerswarmed through and the cheese melts. Serve hot. and mobile devices and is packed with games and voice effects. For more information, visit GO EXPLORING With simple tools such as a camera, binoculars, magnifying glasses and a compass, kids can become daring explorers, making important discoveries in the backyard or a nearby park. With a notepad or digital diary, they can record their observations, create maps, take journal notes and more. At the end of the day, let them present their findings to you. Creative role play can help boost imagination and self-expression. Be sure playtime at your household includes plenty of opportunities for kids to shine.22 Kidsville News! November 2018

INTRODUCING Explorer Rewards Cole Now members ages 5-14 can track savings and redeem rewards online. With Member since 2013 all kinds of rewards to explore—such as zoos, ball parks, water parks, and museums—this new program makes it easier than ever for kids to save money, earn rewards, and start exploring. ª ANSWERS MATHTIMEClothes with buttons and zippers. Identifying attributes can be a powerfultool to help students make logical distinctions between and among ideas andconcepts in mathematics. String circles, yarn circles or hula hoops make it easyfor children to see and manipulate objects during sorting activities.Add five. The pattern shown in this chart is the addition of five to each number.Extensions might include giving other numbers and asking the student to apply therule asking, “What number comes before if the rule gives us the number?” Crossword Puzzle Knowledge PowerThanksgiving DInner Answers: The Amphitheater 4. 1. T The Old Band Lodge 12. 2. F (72 passenger maximum) Collier Library 6. 3. T Courtview/Rogers Hall 10. 4. F (8-9 feet wide NOT Wesleyan Hall 5. including mirrors) Floyd Hall Science Building 1. 5. T Flowers Hall 15. 6. F (They are for safety) The Old Girls’ Dormitory 14. 7. T Irvine Place/Coby Hall 13. 8. T The Old Gymnasium/Modern 9. T 10. F (on divided highways Communications Building 3. only cars traveling in direction The Old Kilby School 9. the bus is traveling have to The Planetarium 8. stop) The President’s Home 7. The Old Student Union Building 11. Willingham Hall 2.November 2018 Kidsville News! 23

Happy Thanksgiving!Helen Keller Hospital wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. The holidayseason is full of fun…AND FOOD! Here are some tips to keep you from goingoverboard at Thanksgiving dinner.1. Make a healthy breakfast part of your Thanksgiving festivities. Eatingbreakfast will make you less likely to indulge on sweeter, higher fat foods later.2. Choose low-calorie snacks before dinner. Choose vegetables and hummusinstead of chips and dip.3. Sneak in some veggies. Help the adults plan the meal and suggest vegetabledishes, such as roasted sweet potatoes, squash casserole, or mashed cauliflower.4. Enjoy dessert–within reason! Don’t stuff yourself, but allow yourself yourfavorite dessert. Add fruit if possible!5. Get off of the couch and get outside! Don’t sit around and watch TV.Encourage your family to go for a walk. Go play touch football instead ofwatching football.Here’s a great recipe to try!Sweet potato chips make a tasty appetizer. Grab anadult and make these together.You’ll need: Sweet potatoes, salt (to taste), and oliveoil (to coat the chips).Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Rinse, dry,and slice sweet potatoes into chips. Tossslices in olive oil and salt. Place chips in asingle layer on a baking sheet. Bake for 2hours, turning once halfway through.Let rest for approximately 10 minutesbefore serving! Brought to you by your friends at: Check out our Brought to you by your friends at: new websitehelenkeller.com1310300S0.SM. Moonntgtgoommeerryy AAvvee..,•SShheefffifieelldd,, AALL•2•5265-63-8368-64-1491696• w• wwww.hwel.ehnekleelnlekre.clolemr.com24 Kidsville News! November 2018

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