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Lauderdale County - September 2018

Published by TheCoolPublisher, 2018-09-04 06:57:39

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CCoo--SSppoonnssoorreedd BByy:: Hey! This Paper Belongs To: TMLauderdale County’s Fun Family Newspaper - September 2018 PPeeooppllee aanndd tthhee EEnnvviirroonnmmeenntt CCoommee oouutt && PPllaayy -- LLooggoorriiTThhee TTaajj MMaahhaall •• HHiiddddeenn PPiiccttuurree PPuuzzzzllee WWiillddvviillllee LLiioonn--TTaaiilleedd MMaaccaaqquueeFFoorr mmoorree ffuunn aanndd ggaammeess,, vviissiitt tthhee KKiiddssvviillllee NNeewwss!! WWeebbssiittee aatt 2018 KidsvilleAL #15059|53092 News! 1

Hi, Kids!liteiPttpsThtsaahIlrihRoeharcseIeamennhMeitpsfstwcdo’etaaisoy“ypcojarbWmmctueartfeoGlhsleameaideudyntiadtmnataoogrhaeaogztiubfwnilrnshiinyoasdnoah,Teegfggurwatoreseceneogt”nehxtadaoaePanohahsrsr.aytwseeuaaywbOt.vsclpcscaeatti.TtnpaanhgyshhiTeefmhogesiaentihann,pnttamostgehimdtnstwigmtiiau“soghnsoreCwlrtsagekeitaaotkegcnsahkIlPneaaglytideoaanrnslaboctaeespboawicocalapforwaalhturegliofdsicintaoeelsodtddecgokiinOwoatccdlaeus.fifiircyvnp”ld–iRatdbereedeebseaafeaaa.nreoianning.rmrItcuddd.eiet–tttp!Tcs“iimawaIotgwhAcan’aneaseatrknkstrssolndtesooetuoawfonawntawiiiklrsrhdctohsdteerIhtaaiotaaeftstaohwftfahmfwwpelnefoetl!ierefaahlaWdesutntecwinfyneizanoaic.G,trengrye.Darel.deAone?iidnafd”anTctdtyIhhooaludetoa’ksrntnsooecwdbarey!The TM ViewLocal kidslet us know.... What is a hero? someone who Do tYoOpUagwean2t2toanbdefilhl eouret.?.. saves the world Go Sadie DoWn’tefTo’Srlhglteeuut ysdoeuerynpohtoutQor!sWuienecsaKnt’iTtMiodpVrnsinvinetiwalwliteihroNeuteawp hso!to. Central Elementary 1st Grade a person who really helps other people, animals or the world Caroline Shoals Christian 3rd Grade2 Kidsville News! September 2018

Proud Sponsorof This Page Kingdom: Animalia Order: Primates Family: Cercopithecidae Phylum: Chordata Suborder: Haplorhini Genus: Macaca Class: Mammalia Infraorder: Simiiformes Species: M. silenus The lion-tailed macaque is a small old-world monkey native to India. They are the smallest of the macaques; they weigh between 6 and 22 pounds. They can only be found in the Western Ghats Mountains, which are along the southwestern coast of India. These mountains are covered in rainforest. They have a shiny coat of long black hair covering most of their body and a long naked tail with a tuft of black hair on the end. The most striking feature and the easiest way to recognize a lion-tailed macaque is the silver mane of hair that surrounds its face.Lion-tailed • They live in small groups that range their stomachs.Macaque between 4 and 30 members. • Males are larger than females. • The average lifespan in the wild • There is usually one dominant male in group. Larger groups could have up to 20 three males. • They get most of their water from licking • Their diet consists mostly of fruit, but dew from leaves. they also eat seeds, young leaves, flowers, • They are important to the forest because buds, lizards, small mammals and insects. they spread seeds around the forest, so • They gather and store food in their cheek new plants can grow. pouches. • They are also known as a “beard ape.” • There are 21 species of macaque. • The cheek pouches can hold as much as Lion-tailed macaques are the smallest and most endangered of the macaques. It is estimated that there are fewer than 4,000 in the wild and around 500 in captivity. Because these monkeys can only be found in a small region of India, they are incredibly threatened by the destruction of their habitat. The rainforests are being cleared to sell the trees for timber and make room for farming and homes. Today, only 1% of the original habitat remains. The rainforest, and therefore the lion-tailed macaques, are still found in 21 protected areas of forest. • The United States is the No. 1 trash-producing country in the world. • On average, every person produces about 1,609 pounds of trash a year. • This is 40 percent of the world’s waste. • 1/3 of the contents in an average dump is packaging. • It costs $30 per ton to recycle trash, $50 to send it to the landfill and $65 to $75 to incinerate (burn) it. • A glass bottle takes 4,000 years to decompose. • Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour. • If all newspapers were recycled, it would save Sept. 3 Labor Day celebrates 250,000,000 trees a year. American workers and their • The average American uses seven trees a year in paper contributions to the U.S. It’s aRecycling and the impact and wood products. national holiday, which means • 60 percent of materials that end up in a landfill could be schools are closed and manyit has on communities and recycled. people have the day off from work.the environment Recycling is taking waste materials like old water bottles and Sept. 9 is National Grandparents turning them into something new like shoes. Recycling keeps Day. It falls on the SundayDo you know where your garbage goes after trash out of landfills, and more importantly, out of the ocean. after Memorial Day. Let your you throw it away? Most people don’t think grandparents know you appreciate about this question, but the answer is very It can take thousands of years for many of these materials to them. Call them or send a card. Ifimportant. Americans produce a lot of trash every you are lucky enough to see them in person, give them a hug!year. What we do with it makes a big difference to degrade. Also, if we reuse products that already exist, there Sept. 21 is International Peace Day. The United Nations createdthe health of our environment. Most of the time, is no reason for factories to make more. Factories that use this day to help us remember as individuals and as nations, howtrash ends up in landfills or dumps all over the recycled materials instead of new materials generally use a important peace is. Even small actions can make a A dump is an open hole in the ground where lot less water and energy. Recycling helps to save the planet’strash is buried. A landfill is a designed structure built resources. Recycling is easy, but check with your local wasteinto or on top of the ground where trash is kept from management to find out exactly what they can recycle.the surrounding environment. This protects nearbysoil and 2018 Kidsville News! 3

This Page Brought To You By:Just a short walk on just about any beach can • 70% of marine debris sinks to the bottom of the ocean. reveal a big problem facing the world’s oceans • Trash from the coast of North America takes six years to reach today — garbage. It is easy to find plastic bags,cups and all sorts of other man-made litter in the sand. the garbage patch.This garbage on the beach is just part of the problem; • Most of the debris is fishing nets.there is also a large amount of plastic and litter in • This garbage patch is very dangerous for marine animals.the ocean that the average beach goer may never see. • The plastic can break down into micro plastic that fish eat.Because of the way that currents work, much of thistrash finds its way to the same area: the Subtropical People eat these fish and can end up eating the plastic.Convergence Zone. In this area of the ocean, warm • Scientists are not sure exactly how large the patch is, butwater from the South Pacific meets cold water fromthe Arctic. This is also where the litter that ends up they estimate that 67 ships working to clean up the garbagein the ocean and seas collects into the Great Pacific for one year would clean up less than 1% of it.Garbage Patch or Pacific Trash vortex that stretches • It is hard to measure how big the garbage problem is because afrom the west coast of North America to Japan. lot of trash sinks into the ocean. • There is more than one garbage patch in the world.Even though the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a bigproblem, there are people working on solutions. Oneof the first and most important steps is to stop makingthe patch bigger. This is something that everyone canbe part of in his or her daily life. Things like usingless plastic, recycling and using biodegradable plasticare ways to help. Kidsville News! September 2018

NORTH ALABAMA BMSYHIDWOWWAADSYE ADMISSIONSTATE FAIR $9 Adults ages 13 & upSept 18-23 $5 Children ages 6 – 12 FREE for Children ages 5 & under TICKET GATES & DAILY ENTERTAINMENT EXHIBIT BUILDING HOURS FREE Parking Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-10pm • Banana Derby Monkey Jockeys Saturday: Noon-10pm • Skin & Bones Comedy Circus Saturday, Sept. 22 Noon-4pm Sunday: Noon-6pm • Rocking J Pony Rides (no admittance after ticket gates close) FREE ages 12 & under & Petting Zoo MIDWAY HOURS Senior Citizen Day Sunday, Sept. 23Tuesday-Friday: FREE5pm - approx. 11pm FREE ages 65 & up • Games • Magician Saturday: • Clown & Balloons ARMBANDS Noon - approx. Midnight in Children’s Building $22 Tuesday-Thursday & SundaySunday: Noon - approx. 8pm $26 Friday & Saturday Saturday, Sept. 22 65 Sportsplex Drive COMBO TICKET Sold only thru Sept.17 KIDS DAY Muscle Shoals (Includes Admission & Armbands) Children 12 & under admitted FREE from Noon – 4pm $21 Tuesday-Sunday Armbands: $26 (Pay $2 extra at carnival ticket booth on Friday & Saturday) for more information: 256-383-3247 Lauderdale County’s Send It Hey Kids! Truman again. I wantFun family Newspaper YOUR ORIGINAL ART WORK, LETTERS & POEMS! We may print219 W. Tennessee St. Florence, AL 35630 them in a later issue or use them on our website! Just have your 256-764-4268 parents fill out this form and send it with your work to: EDITOR & PUBLISHER Kidsville News! • 219 W. Tennessee St. • Florence, AL 35630Thomas V. Magazzu [email protected] KIDSVILLE COORDINATORAndrea L. Gray [email protected] GRAPHIC DESIGNERSRussell Roden Jim Allen Gwyn JonesADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Name Age Judy Cox Sadonna MagazzuADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORSDr. David R. Curott Lee FreemanBilly Warren Patricia J. Weaver Address City KIDSVILLE NEWS! PRODUCED BY Merrigold Publications State Zip School NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, School Library MERRIGOLD PUBLICATIONS Other? Bill Bowman NATIONAL EDITOR Where did you get your copy of Kidsville News!? Stephanie Crider [email protected] Your Signature (This is my own work) ILLUSTRATOR Send your drawing in color and on UNLINED PAPER Cover & Truman - Dan Nelson Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature (Permission) KIDSVILLENEWS LITERACY & EDUCATION FOUNDATION CAN NOT PRINT WITHOUT THIS SIGNATURE Kidsville News! 5 [email protected] ©Copyright 2018 Merrigold Publications, All Rights Reserved. Truman is a service mark of Kidsville News! Inc., and the Kidsville News! logo is a registered trademark of Kidsville News! Inc. No part of this issue of Kidsville News! may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without permission of the publisher or the copyright holder. Neither participating advertisers nor the publishers will be responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors. The publishers reserve the right to edit any submitted material. Kidsville News! Inc. is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, or other material. Children’s submissions should include name, address, telephone number, and permission to publish signed by a parent or guardian. Product Printed by The Tennessean, Nashville, TNSeptember 2018

Fall Rebates $7900*FOR A LIMITED TIME!Are MonthlyBack! *BAacsteudalopnaayvmeerangt em2a5y0v0arsyq.. ft. house.Recieve up to$2,000 by replacingyour old HVAC unitor water heater today! Every HVAC unit includes: One After Installation Quality Inspection AND Two Follow-up Maintance Check-upsOffer valid thru Sept., 2018Disclaimer: Actual rebate is based on qualifyinganalysis as well as approved product purchase. 256-648-4893 AL #15059|53092 Come Out & Play India is a large and diverse • To set up, stack the seven stones in a pile country with a long history on the ground. It helps if the stones and many languages. People a flat in many different regions share similar games under many different • Draw a circle around the pile of stones. names. Every small village may You could use chalk or just draw in the have its own version and name dirt. for the same game. Because there are so many local histories about • Mark a line about 20 feet away. This is similar games over hundreds of the throwing line. years, it is hard to know exactly where the traditions started. • Toss a coin to decide which team is on Instead, it is much easier just to offense or throwing. enjoy the game and appreciate the long and colorful tradition • The goal of the throwing team is to use from which it comes. One such the rubber ball to knock down the pile game is from Southern India; it is of stones from behind the throwing line. called Lagori. It is al so known as Players can take turns throwing. Lagoori, Dikori, Lingocha, Pitthu, Pittu Garam and Dabba Kali. These • If the stones are knocked down, the are just a few of its other names. To defending team takes the ball and tries play, you need a tennis ball, seven to tag the throwing team by hitting them stones and two teams made of two below the knees with the ball. to six players. The teams should be evenly matched. • If all the players on the offensive team are tagged, the round is • At the same time, the throwing team should try to restack the pile of stones. When the pile is stacked, they shout, “Lagori!” and the round is over. • The offensive team earns a point by restacking the stones in time. • The defensive team wins a point by tagging out all the offensive players before they restack the stones. • Teams switch roles between rounds. • The first team to get five points wins. • Rounds can be timed to make it more challenging.6 Kidsville News! September 2018

Local History Written by Billy Warren the alumni who had worked so hard to make the Room happen, news reporters… all gathered in the hallway outside the Room to cut a ribbon Did You Know? as a signal that the museum was officially open. Once inside, the group was informed that one long wall tells the story of Florence City Schools A Museum Is Born from its origin in 1890 to the present day, while the main portion of the Room is divided into two sections – one for artifacts from BradshawWhat is the purpose of a museum? To tell a story of a period High School, the other from Coffee High School.of history? To create a safe place for rare things of value? To People who visit the Room today are pleased with the displays, and they are especially pleased that alumni from Bradshaw and Coffee wereshare with the world one-of-a-kind items such as original art? To so diligent in the work they did to preserve artifacts from these two important schools.preserve important things that might otherwise be lost? SOMETHINGWell, a TO DO:museum might 1. If you have not donebe set up for so already, considerany or all of starting your own “keeperthese purposes. box” in which you store smallThere is, for items that are important toexample, a you as you grow up.whole town in 2. Using a reference source, write a brief definition of these words: a. AlumniVirginia called b. Artifact c. MemorabiliaWilliamsburg Water Facts and Conservation Tips(have you Did you know...been there?) There is about the same amount of water on Earth now as there was thousands of years ago.that tells the Nearly 97% of all the world’s water is salty or otherwisestory of life undrinkable. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers. That leaves 1% for all our Colonial America. There is a museum in Tuscumbia known Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. It also helpsas the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art which has a wonderful regulate the temperature of the human body!collection of one-of-a-kind works of art. There is a museum in The average total home water use for each person in theFlorence called Pope’s Tavern that not only tells the story of U.S. is about 50 gallons a life in Florence but also displays items of great value. More water is used in the bathroom than any other place in the home.So, how does a museum come to be? As with so many other A dripping faucet can waste up to 2,000 gallons ofthings – a house, a bridge, an automobile, a school – it begins water a year.with an idea. Someone might say to another person, “We have a Brought to you by:great collection of antique furniture or postage stamps or musical FLORENCE WATER DEPT.instruments. To make sure that these things are preserved forfuture generations to enjoy, maybe we should create a museumto display them and keep them safe.” And that is exactly whathappened in Florence 14 years ago.When Bradshaw and Coffee High Schools merged in 2004 tobecome Florence High School, a group of alumni from bothschools said, “We must not allow important artifacts from ourschools to be lost. Let’s gather as many items as we can.” Andthey did just that! They collected yearbooks, band uniforms,jerseys from various athletic teams, cheerleader outfits, schoolnewspapers, creative writing magazines, printed programs fromathletic events, academic and athletic trophies, etc. They carefullypacked everything in boxes and placed them in storage.In 2010, work began for the creation of an actual museum todisplay as many of the collected items as possible. A big spaceabout the size of two large high school classrooms was set asidein the former Burrell-Slater High School building. A climate-control system separate from the system in other parts of thebuilding was installed. The space was repainted, with the ceilingand the window wall painted black to prevent sunlight frombeaming directly onto displays. Tables and shelves were installedto accommodate the displays. Then, when all of that was done,the two alumni groups worked hours and hours setting up theexhibits.In November, 2012, came the event that everyone had beenanticipating: the Florence City Schools Memorabilia Roomopened. School officials, City Council members, the Mayor,September 2018 Kidsville News! 7

What’s it like to be ...What does 4Ocean do? animals and fish – the kind we eat – eat the together. More than 400 people came outWe are actively cleaning the ocean and smaller fish that eat the microplastic. Through to help.coastlines while inspiring people to create bioaccumulation, we are now eating the plasticchange. We employ boat captains and crews and chemicals we have put into the ocean. How can people make a difference andaround the world to go out and remove plastic Here’s another example. Sea turtles eat a lot of keep our oceans and our planet clean?and trash – anything that doesn’t belong in the jellyfish. It is one of their main food sources. Rethink your daily actions. For example, theocean – from the oceans and coastlines. We When plastic bags and balloons end up in the use of single-use plastic bags or bottles. Bycurrently have headquarters in South Florida, ocean, they look like jellyfish. The turtles ingest using reusable bags and bottles you can keepBali, Indonesia and Haiti. it, making them sick and sometimes killing these single-use products from being made them. and keep them out of the ocean and landfills.What is your role at 4Ocean? Go out and clean your local beaches andI, along with our Community Cleanup team, What is something you wish everyone knew neighborhoods. Many people don’t realizeplan and run large volunteer cleanup and about our oceans? that 80% of all marine debris comes fromeducation events throughout Florida, the We get more oxygen from the ocean than from land-based sources. It washes and blows inU.S. and the Caribbean. I also go out into the all trees or rainforests on the planet. by the wind and rain from your neighborhoods,communities, (schools, summer camps, civic playgrounds and landfills and ends up in riversorganizations and festivals) to educate the What is your favorite thing about your job? and our oceans.public about the ocean and the marine What I love most is seeing the impact we are Never feel like one person can’t make adebris crisis. making by removing this trash and plastic but difference, it starts with one person. One person also seeing that we are inspiring people to make times 8 billion is a lot. Image the amazingWhy is this work important? changes – and inspiring them to care about and things we could do if we work together. MyNot only does the marine debris crisis affect understand the ocean. For example, we just third-grade teacher, Ms. Wheeler (now Mrs.the animals and the ecosystem of the ocean, worked with people of the island of St. Croix. It Sanders), used to tell us directly affects us as humans. For example, was impacted by the storms that came through She not only changed the way I think about andthe plastics that end up in the ocean absorb last year. We were able to help remove tons of see the world, but she inspired me tochemicals and toxins then break up into very trash from the ocean and the island’s coastline. take action.small pieces called microplastic. Smaller Volunteers came out from all over the islandfish and organisms eat these plastics. Larger to help. There were tourists and locals working September 20188 Kidsville News!

When cooking, for safety, always get help from anKitchenKidsville adult first.Serve banana coffee cakewith a twist!Waiting for bananas to ripen for baking can try Florence • Sheffield • Killenanyone’s patience. Laurie McNamara, authorof “Simply Scratch: 120 Wholesome Excellent Service, Expert AdviceHomemade Recipes Made Easy”(Avery), admits she doesn’t have thepatience for bananas to brown andthat roasting them in the oven speedsup the process. That process is ondisplay in McNamara’s recipe for “RoastedBanana Coffee Cake,” which makes a greataddition to breakfast tables and brunches. 1909 Florence Blvd., Florence, AL 35630 (across from Hobby Lobby) 256-767-3337 8 servings 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted Preheat the oven to 350 F. butter, melted & cooled, plusButter a 9-inch round cake pan 1 tablespoon at room temperaturewith the 1 tablespoon roomtemperature butter, dust with the for the pangranulated sugar and tip out 2 tablespoons granulated sugarany excess. 2 bananas 3⁄4 cup chopped pecans Place the bananas on a small 3 tablespoons dark brown sugarrimmed baking sheet and roast 1 teaspoon ground cinnamonfor 15 minutes. Remove and set 1 1⁄2 cups unbleached all-purposeaside to cool. In a small bowl, combine flourthe pecans, brown sugar and 1 teaspoon baking sodacinnamon. Set aside. 1 teaspoon baking powderSift the flour, baking soda, 1⁄4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmegbaking powder and nutmeg 1 cup granulated sugarthrough a fine-mesh strainer into 2 large eggs, lightly beatena medium bowl. 1⁄4 cup sour cream 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract In the bowl of a standmixer fitted with the paddleattachment, beat together thebutter and sugar on low speed until light and fluffy, 2 to 3 minutes. Addthe eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Scrape downthe sides of the bowl with a spatula, then add the roasted bananas, sourcream and vanilla. Beat until incorporated.With the mixer running on low speed, spoon in the flour mixture andmix until just combined.Pour the batter into the prepared pan and smooth the top with aspatula. Sprinkle evenly with the pecan topping. Bake for 40 to 45minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean witha few crumbs attached.Let cool for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.September 2018 Kidsville News! 9

Where in the World:New Deli is the capital • New Delhi is one of the largest cities in The smog issue is a complicated of India and is one of India. one for India to solve. It will the smoggiest cities likely take years of planning toon Earth. Smog is a type of • It is located on the Ganges river. completely fix it. In the meantime,dangerous air pollution that • Delhi is actually composed of two cities. the city is trying out unique ideasis a mix of smoke and fog. to make daily life more bearable.Smog can be a dangerous In the north there is the historic Old Delhi. One of the more popular ideas is aproblem. The small particles New Delhi is to the south. water cannon or “anti-smog gun.”stick to lungs as people breathe • The Himalayas are 100 miles to the north. These large cannons are brought inin the air. This can make it • Delhi has been a center of wealth and on large flatbed trucks. Then theydifficult to breath. It can also power in India for centuries. spray small droplets of water intocause long-term problems like • It has been inhabited since the 6th Century the air, up to 230 feet away. Theallergies, asthma and cancer. B.C. droplets of water merge with theThe thick pollution can also • The city has also been called Dilli and dust in the air. The water then fallsmake it difficult to see, which is Dhilli. like rain and brings the pollutiondangerous. All this pollution is • New Delhi has been the capital of India down to the ground.the result of vehicle emissions, since 1947.industrial emissions and nearby • It is rumored that Delhi has changed sitesfarmers clearing their crops by between 7 and 15 times.burning them. • The climate in the area is extremely dry, but there is a wet season. • It has a population of 16.3 Hidden Picture Puzzles Answers on Pg. 2310 Kidsville News! September 2018

This Page Brought To You By AL #15059|53092 What’s the Difference? There are 9 things that are different in these two pictures. Di erences: 1) Background color 2) Trumpet color 3) Hair color 4) pants color 5) Eye color 6) Plume/feather missing from hat Answers on7) Skin color 8) Music note color 9) Music note missing Page 23September 2018 Kidsville News! 11

12 Kidsville News! Hello! Sponsor this Want Your ARTWORK page... Or Your POETRY here? and reach all Shoals Send it to us. area students in We’ll print it in K-6th grade, parents, a future issue. and their teachers Fill Out in this award-winning the fun, family newspaper. Send It Please call Tom at 256-740-4701 form on page for more information. 5! Paul Hood 11 AndersonSeptember 20S1e8ptembe

er 2018September 2018 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY NOTES: 1 2 3 4 56 7 Labor Day Florence City Holiday Schools All Schools Out No School for Students 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Fall Begins 23/30 24 25 26 27 28 29Kidsville News! 13

Why QWERTY? Now back to the original question: why Look at your smartphone or was the qwerty keyboard computer keyboard and you will chosen? It has to do with see qwerty (pronounced ‘kwer- how a typewriter works. tee’) as the letters on the first line. When a letter key is For this reason it’s called a “qwerty” pressed, it forces a leverkeyboard. Have you ever wondered why the alphabet is all mixed up on to strike the paper andthe keyboard? If I had never seen a keyboard, I would have expected it leaves the letter impression. In the original typewriters, when twosomething like the picture below: adjacent keys (keys next to one another) were pressed, one after the other, the levers often jammed. To help avoid this from happening, The reason we have Christopher Sholes placed commonly used letter pairs like “st” and “QWERTY” is tied up in the “th” on keys which were not adjacent. Notice on the qwerty keyboard invention of the typewriter in 1867 the S and T, and the T and H, are on separate rows. Many other letter by Christopher Latham Sholes. arrangements were tried, but after several years, a later manufacturer, Mr. Sholes was a newspaper Remington, settled on our current “QWERTY” arrangement. When editor and saw the need for a personal computers were introduced in the 1980s, the same QWERTY “writing machine”. arrangement was chosen because that is what everyone was used to. Several more keys necessary for computers were added, like Ctrl, Alt and Arrows. Then smart phones also adopted the same keyboard. Computers and phones have no keys that can jam so any other keyboard arrangement would work as well, however people would have to relearn to type. Other more efficient keyboards have been proposed but tradition and habits are hard to change. Curiously, using the qwerty keyboard, many more words in the English language can be typed with the left Before there was a computer or a smartphone or the internet or a hand than using the right hand. Other languages, with different letters,low cost home printer, people used typewriters to write letters, to create need other keyboards. Here’s an interesting GREEK keyboard: Do youlegal documents like wills, and to print any document that everyone know the names of any of the Greek letters on the keys?could clearly read. A “writing machine” was especially necessary forbusiness. We all have different styles of handwriting and many times In 1932,handwriting is messy and difficult to read. When I was in high school, Professor AugustI saved my money to buy a typewriter like this so that I could write neat Dvorak at theschool papers. University of Wa s h i n g t o n , invented a more efficient keyboard arrangement of keys called the DVORAK keyboard (pronounced “dvor-zhack”). The keys were arranged such that a skilled typist could type faster and with less muscular stress. Since its invention 86 years ago, very very few people use the improved Dvorak keyboard because people are used to the QWERTY keyboard and don’t want to take the effort to change. The situation is like a change to a metric system. The metric system is easier to use with less complications but there is great resistance to such a change. As John Kotter said “Tradition is a very powerful force”. It's good to be progressive, but don't shun the good things about tradition. ------- Sangram Singh © 2018 Dr. David R. Curott, UNA Professor Emeritus14 Kidsville News! September 2018

INTRODUCING Explorer Rewards Cole Now members ages 5-14 can track savings and redeem rewards online. With Member since 2013 all kinds of rewards to explore—such as zoos, ball parks, water parks, and museums—this new program makes it easier than ever for kids to save money, earn rewards, and start exploring. ª Taj Mahal is one of • It took 22 years to build and was the most famous and completed in 1653. important landmarks inthe world. Located in India, • 22,000 laborers and 1,000 elephantsit is listed both as one of the were used to build the Taj Mahal.Seven Wonders of the Worldand is a UNESCO World • Shah Jahan is also entombed in theHeritage Center. While the mausoleum.Taj Mahal is breathtakinglybeautiful, the story behind it is • It cost 32 million rupees.a sad one. It was built by the • It is made almost entirely of whiteMughal Emperor Shah Jahan.He was married to the Persian marble.princess Mumtaz Mahal. They • Jade, turquoise, sapphire and diamondsgot married in 1612, but shedied in 1631 while giving decorate the marble.birth to their 14th child. The • During the Indian rebellion in 1857,emperor was heart-broken, sohe decided to create the Taj many of the precious stones were takenMahal so his beloved wife from the building.could be entombed in the • The British viceroy Lord Curzon orderedmost beautiful and impressive a massive restoration project in the latebuilding in the world. He 1800s.wanted to make a permanent • The restoration was completed in 1908.example of how much he loved • This remodel included the British-stylehis wife. lawns and gardens that people still enjoy today. These gardens cover 17 hectares. • The dome is 240 feet tall. • Verses of the Quran are inscribed intoSeptember 2018 the marble. • Three million people visit a year. • The complex includes a tomb, mosque, guest house and main gate. • The tomb is perfectly symmetrical. • One of the most beautiful views of the tomb is from the nearby river at sunset. Kidsville News! 15

The John Coffee Servants' Cemetery By Lee Freeman, Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, Local History - Genealogy DepartmentNext door to the new Wal-Mart store on Cloverdale Road lie two slaves humanely). Not all of the 130 people buried at Hickoryhistoric old cemeteries. One is very well-known, the other almost Hill would have been slaves (only a handful would’ve died on theforgotten. Most people who live in or near Florence are aware of the plantation during slavery—the rest would’ve been former slavesGeneral John Coffee family cemetery on the site of his old Hickory and descendants of former slaves). However at least three of theHill Plantation; it is the final resting place of Gen. Coffee, his wife Coffee slaves are buried there: according to the Florence EnquirerMary Donelson Coffee, several children, and numerous relatives. on Sunday, November 22, 1840:The other one, next to it, is less well known. This cemetery was “On Sunday last, as Mrs. J. Coffee’s overseer was crossing toestablished by deed for the African-American servants and family an island in the Tennessee River, with nine hands, in a canoe,of servants of the Coffees. by some means it got upset, and three out of the nine negroesThe 1902 and 1904 deeds to the old Coffee property allows all of [sic] were drowned. Two others were taken out of the water inthe land to be sold except “Exempt from this conveyance the land a dead state, but fortunately soon enough to be resuscitated.known as the Coffee family graveyard and graveyard for colored The overseer narrowly escaped.”servants, with the right of way to and from said graveyards. Each Another Coffee servant, former slave Webb Coffee, on his death wasof said graveyards containing 1 sq. acre, and the Coffee family laid to rest in the Coffee Servants’ Cemetery. Simon Jackson and hisgraveyard having as the center of the graveyard the monument of wife Sarah Lee Jackson are also buried there, as are Simon’s Parents,John Coffee, together with the appurtenances thereto belonging . . .” Richard and Winnie Coffee Jackson. Richard was well-known inIn other words, Robert Dyas, John Coffee’s son-in-law, could the area for his barbecue cooking skills. Another former Coffeesell all of the servant, familyold Coffee gardener Johnplantation Kemper is alsoexcept the buried there.two one-acre Two Coffeecemeteries: family housein Alabama, servantscemeteries are are buriedprotected by at Hickorystate law. Hill howeverThus “Uncle” Sandy,these deeds the familyacknowledged cook, ands e p a r a t e Left, one of the few marked burials in the Coffee Servants’ Cemetery; middle, ‘’Uncle” John Kemper (ca. 1838- “Aunt” Kearne,cemeteries both 1920), the Coffee family gardener who is buried there; right, one of the small stone crosses put down to mark burials the daughterfor the white by the Florence City Historical Board. Color photos courtesy of one of theCoffee family nurses, weremembers and for their former servants. In the 1920s a red brick wall regarded as family and are buried next to and just outside the whitewas built around the white cemetery. Up through the late 1970s it walled cemetery (in unmarked graves).was taken care of by descendent Mr. Edward O’Neal IV. It’s possible At the same time that Wal-Mart bought the adjoining property thethat he also looked after the servants’ cemetery as well however, Florence City Historical Board began efforts to preserve and restoresince there were few marked graves in the servants’ cemetery and both of the Coffee cemeteries. On Saturday, June 2, 2018, after severalfewer burials in it by the late 1960s, it eventually became forgotten. years of hard work, the white walled Coffee Cemetery was officiallyIt was “rediscovered” several years ago when a pharmacy bought dedicated as a historical site in an impressive ceremony completesome of the old Coffee property, then again five or six years ago with an honor guard and speeches by Historical Board Member Mr.when Wal-Mart was thinking of buying some of the property from Robert Steen and Florence Mayor Steve Holt. A historical markerthe local family that owned it. explaining the significance of the site was unveiled by HistoricalAfter the one acre servants’ cemetery was marked off (using the two Board members Mrs. Fran Nunnelly and Dr. Joe Flippen.deeds as guides), Dr. George Makowski of the University of North The Historical Board had planned to also dedicate the one acreAlabama History Dept., also a skilled surveyor and map-maker and Servants’ Cemetery on June 2, however legal complicationschairman of the Lauderdale County, AL Cemetery Rehabilitation prevented this and have currently halted clean-up and restorationAuthority, or LCCRA, probed the site after some of the trees were work in it though when work resumes the board plans to erect smallcut and brush was cleared; he identified some 130 unmarked burials stone markers with crosses at every unmarked burial, as well as toand about two marked burials put in steps, a paved walkway and a nice iron gate, as well as anotherWho were these people? Well, to start with, by 1830, three years historical marker. Thus the Coffee Servants’ Cemetery will look asbefore his death, General Coffee had about 80 slaves working at lovely as the white walled Coffee Family Cemetery.Hickory Hill (from everything we known Gen. Coffee treated his16 Kidsville News! September 2018

Knowledge Power Submitted By Patricia J. Weaver The Octopus 5. All octopuses have… A. Multiple brains B. Venom 1. How many different species C. Ability to regrow arms of octopus are there? D. All of the above A. 85 B. 154 C. 289 D. 351 6. When a male octopus mates with a 2. All octopuses have how many female, what happens? arms? A. She kills him B. He leaves to find A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 8 another female C. He stays to help defend the eggs 3. What color is an octopus’s D. He dies blood? A. Red B. Blue C. Green 7. How many bones does an octopus’s D. Clear body have? A. 0 B. 85 C. 123 D. 211 4. How many hearts does an octopus have? Answers on page 23 A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 8 Staying SafeWhen Flames Run HighDid you know that wildfires can have a kit is kept, as well as what your plan is in experiencing wildfires, now is the time topositive impact on the environment? While case of an emergency. put into action the emergency kit and planthey appear as destructive and damaging, Now that you’re prepared far ahead of time, that you developed ahead of time.they can also benefit forest landscapes! how will you know if your location ever is at Tune into a NOAA Weather Radio, otherWhen trees burn and decay, nutrients that threat of wildfires? The National Weather radio or TV stations and local governmentcan help nearby plants grow are released Service issues watches and warnings to let and emergency managers to get the latestinto the soil. Controlled fires can also you know what’s going on. Have a family information. If local officials order an actionmanage the amount of living and dead member or friend help you check the local such as evacuation, make sure to followvegetation in an area, which ultimately forecast at to see if you’re at these instructions. If you are not required tohelps prevent the chance of larger, more risk. Here are a few examples of what you evacuate, make sure not to light campfires,out-of-control wildfires. might see related to a wildfire: bonfires, candles or anything else that couldHowever, wildfires are a hazard that need RED FLAG WARNING This means start a fire if blown over. It’s also a goodto be taken seriously. While they benefit that fire conditions are ongoing or expected measure to bag up trash, clippings andparts of the environment, they can also be to happen within the next 24 hours and that other flammable objects as well as stowingdangerous to life and property. Fortunately, you should take action. important items in your car, in case of laterthere are ways that you can be prepared FIRE WEATHER WATCH Don’t panic, evacuation.long before a wildfire is a direct threat but be prepared. This means that weather Remember, in any sort of hazardousto your area. Kids can help parents by conditions could lead to wildfires in the next weather, it is important not to panic. Stayclearing tree branches and brush away 12 to 48 hours. alert, follow a plan and listen to localfrom the home and by putting together a If you find that your location is at risk of officials. To read more about wildfire safety,basic emergency supply kit. Make sure that visit in your family knows where theSeptember 2018 Kidsville News! 17

“ABC Monsters: The Complete Season” is a fun and I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for kidseducational experience for young children. It inspires them ages 1 to 5. I believe that this show will intrigue kids withto enjoy learning and even encourages them to participate its cute characters and interesting plotlines. It will get themin physical activity. It is creative and interesting all the way excited about learning, music and physical fitness. It will helpthrough. If I were a parent, I would use this DVD to help me parents teach their kids about spelling, grammar and phonicsteach my child about the alphabet and early language skills. while keeping them hooked and wanting to learn more. This show offers quality entertainment for young children who need I have reviewed other episodes of ABC Monsters previously to be introduced to the alphabet. Parents can feel confidentand enjoy how each episode is different. For example, one of about using this DVD to enlighten their little ones about thethe episodes is based on introducing kids to the letter “A.” In English language. It is available on DVD now so, check it out.this episode, the Alphabet Monsters are so excited about thearchery competition when suddenly, all the arrows go missing!Alice, Bryan and Cherry Berry (the protagonists) go on amission to find the missing arrows and the missing letter ofthe alphabet, which just so happens to be Letter “A.” On theway, they go on a lot of mini quests, such as helping Amy theAlligator find her armband and helping Farmer Alex find hisapple. At the end of the episode, Alice, Bryan and Cherry Berryreview everything we learned in the episode and include funlittle songs and dances for us to do and sing. Everything about this show is child-friendly and appropriatefor a young age group. The storylines are consistent withoutbeing repetitive and are quite easy to follow. This show wouldbe very entertaining for young kids. The visuals are bright andcolorful, which will attract young viewers. The music is upbeatand cheery. The characters are adorable and likable. I thinkthat all of these aspects are important in order for kids to enjoywatching a program.18 Kidsville News! September 2018

Gee Thanks! Kidsville News!-In- Education Sponsorsfor helping to provide Kidsville News! to Lauderdale Kids K-6th. AL #15059|53092 FLORENCE UTILITIES Friends of Kidsville News! • SIMPSON’S AUTO GLASS & WRECKER SERVICE • MIKE RANDALL, REALTOR® • McCUTCHEON & HAMNER, P.C. • EXCEL COMPUTER SERVICES • WILLIAM A. McCLANAHAN, D.M.D. QZVFFHGX MATHTIMEDraw the line Find all the right angles on the houseof symmetry below. Put a square on each one likefrom each of this:theseshapes.September 2018 Answers On Page 23 Kidsville News! 19

A Section Especially for ParentsBEGINNER READS Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing My Kindergarten Types By Rosemary Wells By Sharon Werner For ages 3-6 For ages 2 and Up Take a glorious month-by-month tour You've never seen an alphabet book through the kindergarten year with like this before. A is for alligator, but teacher Miss Cribbage, a guinea pig, as the accompanying picture is composed seen through the eyes of Emily the of hundreds of black A's. Each page rabbit, one of eight animal students. contains an animal — bat, camel, dog, You'll get to know all of them: Diane, elephant — rendered entirely in its Emily, Louise, Martha, Odysseus, Otis, initial letters.The giraffe's neck is so Roger and Terrance, snug in their little tall, the head is gate-folded on the top stchheoiroslhchoouoselhoonusCeraonnbCerrarynbIselarnrydIisnlaMndaine. and the legs accordioned on the in Maine. bottom! Unblieveably Boring BartPAGETURNERS By James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein Judy Moody Goes to College For ages 8-12 By Megan McDonald For ages 6-9 Invisible creatures are attacking the school, and 12-year-old Bartholomew Substitute teacher Mrs. Grossman Bean is the only one who can stop hands out candy to all of her students them! Okay, so maybe Bart is only a for good behavior, except to Judy, who hero in the video game app he created. is in one of her famous moods. Instead, But if he reveals his identity as the she hands Judy a note to take home to genius behind the game, he'll become her parents because of her inattentive- the most popular kid in school! Or he ness in math. The result? Mom and Dad could secretly use the game to get back get her a tutor. Judy is in a snit at the at his bullies. notion of being a \"tutor tot,\" as she calls it, until she realizes where she'll be going for her math sessions: to college.ADVANCED READS Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity Eleanor & Park By Dave Roman By Rainbow Rowell For ages 9-14 For ages 13 and Up Hakata Soy leaves his past as the In this convincing chronicle of first love set leader of a superhero team to attend in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1986, Rainbow Astronaut Academy, a school on a space Rowell introduces two high school station orbiting Earth. He hopes to students, Eleanor and Park. Eleanor is an make a fresh start in life, but his heroic outsider. She’s the new girl in town: past keeps catching up with him. All he redhead, tall, complex and abundantly sar- wants to do is study for his classes in castic; Park is the unwitting, low-key, Fire Throwing and Anti-Gravity average guy at school. When the two first Gymnastics, but when a lookalike robot meet on the bus, they hardly speak; arrives at Astronaut Academy on a though slowly but surely they begin to fall mission to destroy him, Hakata Soy just for one another. can’t do as he pleases.Kidsville News tIhnicpKs.ia,dprTstanvrgiuelelrmeotNaonnethwhaeisnsl,pdTprayuJgomaeumatdnoeisahsncePdloapvJtytaeeomrrusbedoosinoPsc’aksotstvReetrEhrsaoAbtnoD'kosKikRdIsDEstADhyDaOotKuRtIDhEloeDAvkODeidR.CaEsrAOyeoDMus.CulaOorrveMeetpaoarrleeeloapsvsuleeerae.dsteotdolotpovaer.tner on20 Kidsville News! September 2018

ParenTown’s KidSmartHow parents can helpchildren make friends Mike Randall, REALTOR® Associate Broker 256.366.9779 [email protected] Hey Kids Send It! Social connections are important for children’s growth and development. Don’t Forget ToSome children have a hard time fitting in and making friends, and these kidsmay just need a little extra help fostering friendships. Send us YOUR artwork, letters or poems! According to the resource Parenting Science, decades of research indicatesthat parents play a key role in teaching children how to make friends. But We will print yourssome parents may be concerned before they need to be. Eileen Kennedy- in Kidsville News!Moore, a clinical psychologist and author, says that parents begin to beconcerned about whether their kids are making friends before it becomes See Page 5 to find out how!an issue for the children. Psychologist Fred Frankel, author of the book,“Friends Forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Do you know about...Friends,” say girls may have a harder time making friends because of thecliques that can form among young girls. skirting high voltages ? Children often become conscious about friends around age seven, sayexperts. Both sexes can struggle making friends between elementary and When you are in thejunior high because of the many changes, including puberty, that occur vicinity of high voltage,during this period in their lives. The following are some ways parents and keep one foot of distanceother caregivers can help youngsters to make friends more readily. between you and the • Invite friends over and be a good host. Children can initiate social power source for each opportunities through their parents. The play date is a great way to introduce kids to other children in a comfortable setting. Parents can 1,000 volts. help model good host/hostess behavior, which includes putting guests For instance, stay 13 feet before oneself and paying attention to friends being entertained. away from a • Find fun activities. Kids often make friends when socializing with 13,000 volt other kids who share common interests. Parents can facilitate this by signing children up for sports teams, clubs or taking them to power play groups. source. • Try role-playing. Shy kids may have difficulty greeting others. Joel Thomas Parents can help kids practice making eye contact, smiling, engaging in conversation and other techniques as they are applicable to the McCutcheon & Hamner, Attorneys child’s situation and personality. SERIOUS INJURY, SERIOUS REPRESENTATION • Parents can be friends. Sometimes childhood friendships develop when kids are brought together through their own parents’ 2210 Helton Drive, Florence 256-764-0112 friendships. This can be helpful if everyone gets along. But parents should not force the situation or sacrifice their own relationships if Free initial consultation •  No fee unless we collect for you. their children and their friends’ children no longer get along. “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.” • Be supportive but not too involved. Children need to learn to find their own way. Parents can be a sounding board, but they shouldn’t meddle too much. Children’s friendships that are seemingly on the rocks may rebound the next day. So long as bullying or hurtful behavior is not present, letting kids work things out is often the best bet. Parents can help their children make friends by setting up social opportunities and being good role models.September 2018 Kidsville News! 21

TM ParenTown’s KidShapeThe View Help your kids get a good Student Questionnaire night’s rest Mail, bring by or email us YOUR PHOTO & your answers!Name G Fraaxd#e 256-76 0-961S8chooElm ail: ki dsville @cour ierjourn Mail: 219 W. Tennessee Street • Florence, AL 35630What is your favorite......Vacation place?Holiday?Place to eat?Cartoon? CANNOTHave you ever ridden a horse? PRINTName a famous artist? WITHOUT PHOTOWhat does a cowboy do? Adequate sleep is important for children’s health, states theHave you ever ridden in a convertible car? American Academy of Pediatrics. Quality sleep is just as importantHave you ever played in the snow? as well visits and protective immunizations.What is something you have learned to do lately?Do you like to drink water? Babies and young children may sleep between 10 and 18 hours per day, but by the time a child reaches school-age, he or she may be well-rested after getting between 9 and 11 hours. Sleep is vital for the body to recover and rebuild and for the brain to process new information. The Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital says that children who are not getting enough sleep may experience difficulty learning new tasks. Parents who want to foster good sleeping habits in their children can try the following strategies.What makes a good friend? • Set a smart bedtime and nap schedule. • Do not allow the use of electronicsWhat do you like to eat for breakfast? approximately one hour prior to bedtime.Do you like to read aloud? • Create a regular bedtime routine thatMUST HAVE includes winding down and cues that rest isPERMISSION coming. TO PRINT Parent/Guardian Permission • Stick to the same schedule every day of the week — including weekends.I give Kidsville News! permission to print my CHILD’S PHOTO & opinion on • Make sure kids get daily exercise, which can make it easier for them to grow tired aroundany questions listed above. I do realize my child’s first name, school and grade could bedtime. • Create a cool, comfortable and dark sleepingbe printed in this publication. I have enclosed or emailed my CHILD’S PHOTO. environment.Parent/Guardian SIGNATURE Date22 Kidsville News! September 2018

Dr. William A. McClanahan welcomes HELP! Truman Lost His Hat! Dr. Daniel H. Almon Maybe you can help him find it &to his dental practice at 2461 Helton Drive in Florence WIN A PLUSH MINI- TRUMAN OR PUPPET!* Daniel H. Almon D.M.D. (at left), is excited to return to Florence and join Dr. William McClanahan and his team in serving the Shoals Community. Somewhere in this Kidsville News! is Truman’s small red hat! Dr. Almon was born and raised in Florence and graduated from Shoals Christian School in 2008. He completed his undergraduate work at the This hat will not be on Truman. University of North Alabama, where he enjoyed playing football for the Lions. He recently graduated with honors from the University of Louisville School of Find only his red hat! Send us the Dentistry. Dr. Almon is committed to staying up to date on the latest dental advancements and techniques through continuing education and providing *Subject to form below for a chance to win! patient-centered care with a concentration on cosmetic and restorative availability. dentistry for the entire family. TLthhaesetnnmaemxotneitsohsf’ustehheoafwt KwiniadnssevorisnllwepiaNlgleebwe1s8i!n. William A. McClanahan, D.M.D. August Winners of a Mini-Truman 2461 Helton Drive • Florence Paul Hood Landen English 256-767-7141 of Lexington of Tuscumbia Pick yours up at the Courier Journal Office 219 W. Tennessee St., Florence Email to [email protected], Mail or bring entry to us by Sept. 24 Hat on pg. _________ Your Name Phone mail to: Address Kidsville News! Town 219 W. Tennessee St. School Florence, AL 35630 ANSWERS MATHTIME Knowledge Power17 right angles There are two squares and one rectangle making 12right angles. The bottom of the door meets the bottom of the house forming Answers:two more. The chimney has two obvious right angles at the top but also 1. Cforms a right angle where the right vertical line meets the horizontal line 2. Don the top of the house. Students may think the room forms a right angle, 3. Bbut if you measure with the corner of a piece of paper it is a little larger 4. Bthan a right angle. 5. D 6. DStudents’ understanding of symmetry is evident in this example as well 7. Aas their ability to draw the appropriate line.Answer: A Cat What’s the Difference? Di erences: 1) Background color 2) Trumpet color 3) Hair color 4) pants color 5) Eye color 6) Plume/feather missing from hat 7) Skin color 8) Music note color 9) Music note missingSeptember 2018 Kidsville News! 23

September is “Fruits & Veggies-More Matters” Month! It is so important for your health that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.Here are some tips on how to get more fruits and veggies into your diet: • Choose fruits and veggies as your snacks. Carrot sticks and ranch dip is an excellent after-school snack. • Try a salad as your side when eating at a restaurant. • Talk to a parent about trying vegetarian recipes for dinner. • Add fruit to your morning cereal. • Go shopping with a parent and choose your own fruits and vegetables.Try something new! • Freeze fruit on a skewer for a delicious snack. • Load up your pizza with veggie toppings. • Remember – you need AT LEAST 3 servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day! Check out our Brought to you by your friends at: new websitehelenkeller.com1300 S. Montgomery Ave. • Sheffield, AL •256-386-4196 • www.helenkeller.com24 Kidsville News! September 2018

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