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Published by marketing, 2022-11-14 11:41:20

Description: Managing Assets & Services Across Industry

Keywords: Asset management


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EUR PA Managing Assets & Services A-Xross Industry

MASX | The Partnership | Core Strengths Combined Page Number MASX | The Partnership 4 MASX | Core Strengths Combined 4 MASX | The Benefits of British 5 MASX | Capabilities, Benefits and Scope 6 MASX | The Science Behind the MASX Page Number MASX | The Hardware 8 MASX | Full Circle 9 MASX | Core Elements Page Number MASX | Site Mapping & Asset Registration 11 MASX | Asset Mapping, Monitoring & Control 12 MASX | Remote and Site Control Capabilities 13 MASX | Bolt-On’s, Configurability, Evolvement & Sustainability Page Number MASX | Bolt-On’s / Configurability (Examples) 15 MASX | Asset Evolvement 16 MASX | Sustainability & The Future 17 MASX | The Process (Simplified) Page Number MASX | Our Process 19

MASX | The Partnership / Core Strengths Combined

MASX | The Partnership Working in partnership, CertOn, Europa and Osmium have brought together 3 distinctive and established capabilities to form MASX. CertOn, founded in 2018, works alongside Europa (established 1974) and Osmium (2012) and each have existing IP and experience invested into the project, alongside a commitment to the development of MASX. MASX | Core Strengths Combined CertOn’s experience in digital asset document management and transparency supports centralising work outputs, and drives efficiency whilst improving audit trail and H&S aspects in the workplace. Europa bring a wealth of experience in product supply, sourcing, design and assembly and produce solutions for an extensive UK market arena, including bespoke projects and have the skill to support with asset mapping. Finally, Osmium. The team enable the integration, control and monitoring of a variety of assets, across most industrial processes, remotely both on & offshore. In essence MASX helps to turn “dumb” assets into smart ones whilst providing the ability to monitor, control, replace and develop the process and achieve higher levels of productivity and improve visibility and cultivate a proactive maintenance stance. EUR PA

MASX | The Benefits of British The MASX partnership has taken a very “British” approach to retrofit operational problem solving. (Although we have an adopted clever Swedish National in the team!) By focusing on making sure it is relevant & flexible whilst remaining user friendly, adaptable but reliable, and locally designed, built and supported, we have combined the Best of British innovation & creativity with established proven technology. “The MASX partnership hasn’t reinvented the wheel, we’ve re-aligned it for todays industrial road, and varied terrain”. Combining digital asset documentation and recording, monitoring & control, associated and aligned services, MASX enables the most efficient work-flow and pro active / reactive operation in a new or retrofit environment. Couple this with user defined role relevant access and configurable reporting / alerts, MASX is your 24hr eyes and ears and on call support available just a second away. MASX can provide not just real time reporting, but based on historic built up data outputs, we will be able to make efficiency recommendations based on equipment performance trends over time to improve outputs, purchasing decisions and spares / maintenance planning. Coupled with flexible product construction, we have created a lithe system that can be adapted to multiple environments and needs. Finally, all partners are UK based, with Europa being Achilles UVDB and RISQS accredited in addition to holding ISO 9001 14001 45001 Certificates. Design, site services, construction and supply of the MASX solution are all UK based thus providing a truly local partner. UVDB SILVER PLUS

MASX | Capabilities, Benefits and Scope Compliance Certification Capabilities: Management Retrofit or new install in centralised or de-centralised operations Can include multiple site / customer specific fields Asset Bespoke design and configurable / upgradable Management Asset maximisation programme Site mapping Energy metering / monitoring Condition MASX Spare Parts Monitoring Ordering Managing Assets & Services Across Management Benefits: Industry Process Consolidates multiple functions across different operational disciplines Control Ease of use - engineer / admin friendly Remote access, monitoring and control Audit trail and historic data capture Preventative Visualisation of assets / process Maintenance White label branded option Scope: Plus, Factories & general manufacturing Much More Bakeries / Breweries What Do You Power Stations / AD Plants Distribution operations Need to Heavy Industry Control? Agricultural production locations Food & Beverage operations Energy Monitoring

MASX | The Science Behind the MASX

MASX | The Hardware TRB 140 | The Osmium Communicator Delivers our highly redundant, multi-channel IIOT communication stack, relentlessly maintaining the data channels necessary for the Edge device to do its work, linking users on their browsers to the devices they need to communicate with. It is itself a Linux computer and we are introducing Watchdog functionality, where the Communicator monitors the Edge Device and re-starts it if it stops processing for whatever reason. One more facet of the relentlessness referred to above and a major factor in providing resilience when power returns after an outage. The MASX Edge device. A versatile and highly functional mini-computer which allows us to monitor and control a wide range of types of sensors and equipment, allowing engineers, managers and asset owners to make contact with their machines with a fingertip level of granularity normally only achievable by making time-consuming, costly and environmentally harmful site visits. Because of its flexibility (for technical audiences the Edge device is a fully-fledged Linux computer) it can be used to carry out complicated jobs such as editing custom code on devices it is connected to. This can save not one site visit but several as the whole incremental development-test-release life-cycle can be carried out via Osmium. While it encompasses everything a SCADA system can do, MASX is much more than just another SCADA system. USB-RLY82 - 2 relay outputs and 8 analogue or digital inputs The USB-RLY82 provides two volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 1Amp each. It is powered from any standard USB bus and has an exceptionally low maximum current consumption of approx. 90mA with all relays on. The relays are SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) types. The normally open, normally closed and common pins are all available on the screw terminals. Eight inputs can either be used for analogue or digital requirements, the 10bit ADC (0-1023 result) can be configured to scale to the 5V USB supply, 4.096V or 2.048V references. The USB-RLY82 provides a red LED mounted immediately next to each relay to indicate whether it is in a powered state (LED on). There are also two LED’s next to the USB connector, the first is red to indicate the module is powered (USB supplied) and there is also a green LED to indicate reception of data from the USB.

MASX | Full Circle CertOn Pro | Digital Document & Asset Management By providing a QR based digital document system, operators and engineers using MASX have full visibility of any and all documents in one place at any time. Operating instructions, installation certificates, service logs, check-lists etc, all are instantly available both at site and remotely. Join this with contractor QR use, and you also have a H&S audit trail that tracks date lapsing certificates for both equipment & staff that supports enhanced site safety and audit trail. Europa | Design, Prototype, Build Having 40+ years experience in design, prototype, build and supply of electrical solutions, Europa are well versed in tailoring solutions to differing environments, requirements and applications. As this service is based from our HQ in Luton, we’re able to not only respond very quickly to requests, but also support customers with in-house training, meetings and prototyping that is easily accessible. Further expansion of the business’s physical size is in plan, as demand for bespoke and production build items continues to increase, this is also being supported by a focused growth in our supporting engineers, designers and compliance team to keep pace with requirements. With the ability to “white label” the MASX solution locally, it provides another option for those clients who require to either commercialise the solution or to clearly visualise their unique brand or organisation. Europa | Spares, Components, Mapping & Support Data outputs and condition monitoring / control from site are core to the MASX solution for any application. This then is supported (if required) by Europa stock holdings for immediate or scheduled call off in response to system outputs and equipment failures or emerging issues. By physically “asset mapping” the site with our customers, we are able to provide visual representation of assets in situ, that link not only to relevant operational documentation, but also to critical spares lists / BOM’s etc. This significantly reduces the opportunity for mistakes in replacement part supply, whilst speeding the process up to ensure down time is reduced. When then coupled with additional services (equipment rental / PPE supply etc), the efficiency gains are truly significant.

MASX | Core Elements

MASX | Site Mapping & Asset Registration A core element of the MASX system is the provision of a physical “asset map”, and the registration of all required assets enabling the visualisation of a site and its resources. The Process can include: • Site mapping of assets – asset linked map of individual site resources + full site asset registry • Tagged assets – assets and locations “tagged” and where needed condition monitored, date reviewed etc • Remote secure dial out from asset – real time diagnostics and fault information • Secure remote access & control – real time asset control and ability to manage settings etc • Pre-set controls & settings for users – preconfigured settings for drives / pumps / motors etc quick reset and start • Role defined access – role based access, manager/ engineer/contractor etc – time based also linked to valid permits etc • Audit & access – Traceable H&S audit (ideal for insurance protection) of access to confined or restricted areas/process • Reporting – customer defined reports and outputs on a wide variation of parameters / roles etc • Punch out catalogue – Instant access to order pad for spares / requirements etc – ability to deliver next day critical spares • “White label” option

MASX | Asset Mapping, Monitoring & Control MASX keeps your assets and data safe by using a highly secure dial-out only communication protocol which means that your equipment effectively stays off the internet and cannot be hacked into remotely. The platform can be retrofitted to existing assets, extending the lifetime of equipment which works perfectly well but lacks the capability for remote monitoring and control. It can also be fitted as part of a new build. By mapping the assets required and establishing communication with sensors and devices, you can obtain full control and remote reporting 24/7. MASX is highly configurable and we pride ourselves on our customer-centric development model which allows us to add new types of sensors and live video streams for remote inspection when required. We already provide a range of standard reports and graphs and we can tailor these and add new types to customer specification.

MASX | Remote and Site Control Capabilities With the MASX portal everything is in one place: • Visibility of asset performance / status • Control of assets & fault recognition • Condition or time-based pre-sets • Data logging & energy monitoring • Asset documentation and instructions (digital) • H&S audit & alerts • Configurable reports / charts etc • Email & text alerts • Role defined / permitted access • PC / PDA / Phone access • Access to aligned accounts (rental / PPE etc) – in one platform • Location and customised information

MASX | Bolt On’s Configurability , Evolvement & Sustainability

MASX | Bolt-On’s / Configurability (Examples) PPE | Consumables For MASX users with consistent PPE or consumable requirements for an allocated task, access “tiles” can be built into the programme allowing access to purchase directly from the programme. This reduces time, can be added to an inbuilt calendar and ensures that all the items needed are managed in one place (if required). Craneage | Major Equipment Likewise major equipment ordering portals can be included. This also can be adapted to have standard forms (RISQ assessment etc) included within the portal to ensure that all associated administration allocated to a task is completed and visually / readily available. Rental Equipment MASX is working with both innovative rental equipment developers and established national providers of rental equipment to provide an easy to use platform for equipment rental. This could also be adapted for existing customer rental agreements that are in place and will simply improve the efficiency of ordering & coordinating a plant for a project.

MASX | Asset Evolvement Asset Evolvement: • Utilising historic data selection of alternative or best performing assets can be made, ensuring the potential asset base is continually evolving • As part of a signed SLA, one KPI in place would be to recommend yearly an improvement / service / asset range / upgrade etc that improves or enhances efficiencies • Multiple areas of evolvement can be considered including: 1. Geo Fencing & RFID mobile asset tracking 2. Asset management of static non-plant (e.g. fire doors etc) 3. Service evolvement such as waste management / consumables

MASX | Sustainability & The Future Protecting the environment: The MASX partners take their commitment to the environment naturally very seriously, after all a major benefit of the MASX solution is its ability to reduce customer emissions / carbon footprint in 4 key ways: 1. Being Digital - Removing the need for paper based documentation – these are frequently lost, re-printed and subsequently lost again 2. Preventing failed service calls – having operators / service engineers forearmed with the right information, spares and service equipment will dramatically reduce not just operation costs and downtime impacts, but also remove the carbon footprint associated with it (travel / deliveries of wrong equipment etc) 3. Remote re-start & diagnosis – by utilising remote tech, frequently the need to physically attend site can be removed altogether – another carbon emission saving 4. Innovative partners – working alongside UK manufacturers and companies we are focused on integrating the latest developments in clean technology into the MASX offering such as renewable site power, and solar supported units

MASX | The Process (Simplified)

MASX | Our process A Robust Yet Simple Four Stage Process: u Scope | v Build and Label | w Test and Roll Out | x Review and Improve Scoping Working on site to determine the scope of the asset inclusion and any specific requirements. Sign off for the Scope of project including assets and anticipated deliverables (can be amended later) Build & Label Production of the site “map” including the full asset register On site asset tagging and logging – customer review and sign off Test & Roll Out Testing and validation of layout and assets Roll-out across full site – sign off Review & Improve TBC month review post go live Recommended improvements as part of contractual SLA

EUR PA Europa House, Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9NH

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