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Published by Maman, 2020-06-21 11:17:27

Description: Huhuhu

Keywords: Makan


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MANUAL V1.1 ViewporterTM App Maker for Android

MANUAL V1.1 ViewporterTM App Maker for Android i

History of ViewPorterTM App Maker Date Desc. memo 2014.05.28 The first release ViewPorterTM App Maker MANUAL V 1.0 V1.1 2014.06.09 Change the step of “Purchase License Key” ii

ViewporterTM App Maker for Android

App Maker If you want to publish to Google Play Store, you need an APK(Android PacKage) file. You can easily publish from EPUB to APK file by ViewPorter™ App Maker(Android). When you open the App maker, you can see this screen at first. As you can see it, you have two choice 1. A single Books and 2. Multiple Books. *Also, you can check the version of ViewPorter™ App Maker(Android) when you click the question mark. 4

▸ Multiple Books When you click the “Multiple Books” box, you can see below screen. 1.Click the “+Add” to upload EPUB file. 2.When you click the “+Add” button, you can see another screen. Click the Browser and select an published EPUB and cover Image. Also, type the title and description. 9

3.After selected contents, you have to check total size. (If size of app is over 45MB, you cannot register this app on the Google Play store) 4.Type company name with logo and website address. (This is optional.) 10

3. Write you App name and Package name. * App Name: This is name of Android application the Android smart phone. * Package: It must be a fully qualified package namespace(following the rules for packages in Java) where all the source code will reside, and must have at least two components. - Examples: com.lightcone.myapp (It is normal for this package name to be all lower case). Choose this carefully, since it determines organizational structure for the project and is not very easy to change later because it ends up being used in various places. 4. Enter license key and e- mail address. Click the preview and check everything before move to next step. (You can download the license key from Orange 4D store - Refer to page 14 for details) 11

6. You will get this type of email. It include license key, information and order detail. Type the issued license key and email address to publish your Android App. 18

Upload to Google Play Store 19

▶ How to put your Viewporter™ EPUB3 App in Google Play’ If you are creating an application that you want to distribute to the public, the best way to do so is to upload your application to Google Play. 1. After you make Google Play Publisher Account or login, select “Publish and Android APP on Google Play”. 20

2. Enter your App name and click “Upload PK”.Click “Browse files” and select the 3. APK file of your APP which you published from Viewporter™ EPUB3 App 21

4. Now fill the details of your APP and upload resources. Following are compulsory to fill and upload. • Product Details: Title(APP name), Description • Graphic Assets: Screenshots(minimum of 2), High-res Icon(512x512 size icon) • Contact Detail: Website, Email • Privacy Policy: Link (if you are not having a privacy policy, tick “Not submitting privacy policy) After filling details click “Save” button at the top of the page. 22

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