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RACDS Yearbook 2015

Published by RACDS, 2016-08-02 21:25:14

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ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGEONSAddress P +61 2 9262 6044Level 13/37 York Street, Sydney, F +61 2 9262 1974 E [email protected] South Wales 2000 W www.racds.orgAustralia

CONTENTS Council & Staff 3 The College 5 6 President’s Report 8 CEO’s Report 10 12 Results and Strategic Priorities 15 College Pathways 18 Committees 19 26 Foundation Donors 30 Reports 32 33 Regional Reports 36 College Remembers 40 Queen & Australian Honour Recipients 41Awards, Honours and Honorary Fellows 42 44 50th Anniversary 47 Successful Candidates 61 Admissions to Fellowship 67 Admissions to Membership Life Fellows Fellows Members Financial Performance2 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

COUNCIL & STAFFRACDS Council David Sykes President 2014-2016 Patrick Russo President-elect Warren Shnider Censor-in-chief Paul Sambrook Honorary Treasurer Peter Gregory Executive Officer Francis Chau Immediate Past President Chris Callahan Councillor Peter Duckmanton Councillor John Fricker Councillor Nicky Kilpatrick Councillor Albert Lee Councillor Hugh Trengrove Councillor Richard Widmer Councillor Registrars General Dental Practice Liz Martin Specialist Dental Practice Neil Peppitt Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Julia Dando RACDS Staff Gary Disher Chief Executive Officer 2015 Tindal Magnus Director of Education, Examination and Accreditation* John O’Neill-Fuller Director of Education* Greg O’Brien Director of Professional Services* Michael Feliciano Financial Controller Emma Slattery Events Manager Nicola Ryan Executive Officer* Katie Lusinovska Executive Officer* Johanna Elaro Senior Administration Officer* Simon Janda Senior Education Officer (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) Wendy Rahtz Senior Education Officer (Fellowship)* Charlotte Anneveld Senior Education Officer (Membership) Sheridan Ahearn Senior Education Officer (Special Projects) Judith Thomas-Meulman Senior Education Officer (Examinations)* Hannah Everett Events Officer (Examinations)* Neil Devine Database Administrator Lian Yu Accounts and Membership Officer Maree Till Accounts and Membership Officer Sheree Simpson ICT Support Officer* Chris Ang ICT Support Officer Melissa Wray Administration Assistant/Receptionist* Evonna Lim Business Support Officer Staff with * have left the College during the 2015 calendar year. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 3

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2015 The Annual General Meeting of the College was held on 27 November 2015 at the College Office, Level 13, 37 York St, Sydney following the November meeting of Council. The Annual General Meeting accepted the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 21 November 2014 as a true and accurate record. The meeting also received the Annual and Financial Report for year ending 30 June 2015, the Presidents and Chief Executive Officers Report. There were no changes to the Constitution resolved.4 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

The CollegeMISSION STATEMENT OUR PHILOSOPHY“To promote excellence in the provision of dental education, At its heart, the business of the Royal Australasian College ofcontinuing professional development and a range of Dental Surgeons is education and examination.internationally recognised educational qualifications in allaspects of dentistry.” Through every stage of the College’s development there has been an ethos of gaining and sharing knowledge with theThe Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons is a goal of achieving the highest standards of clinical practice.postgraduate education and examining body establishedprimarily to improve the knowledge and skills of dental The Membership program is founded on this ethos: to helppractitioners. practitioners develop and improve general practice skills. The program is steadily gaining recognition in the widerThe College Constitution sets out the overriding objectives dental community, which confirms that the desire within theunder which the College was established to: profession to learn and teach has never been stronger thana) advance the science and art of dentistry it is today.b) encourage study and research in the field of dentalscience and cognate subjects To support the busy practitioner, the Membership program is unique in its flexible approach to education and assessment.The College’s mission is further described in the Membership Through a variety of learning methods, which can beHandbook: completed by distance and in the candidate’s own time, there is the ability to structure studies around busy life and“To promote the study of the science and art of dentistry; work bring together dentists for scientific discussions andclinical demonstrations; and to disseminate knowledge of Self-directed learning, with the assistance of supportivethe principles and practice of dentistry for the benefit of the mentors and high quality continuing professionalcommunity by such means as may be thought fit” development, means practitioners have access to a program that is not only clinically relevant but eminently achievable.ABOUT THE COLLEGE The Royal AustralasianSituated in the centre of Sydney’s CBD, the College office College Of Dental Surgeonsreceives applications from over 500 candidates each yearfor its various educational programs. With a global memberbase of over 3000, College staff are committed to providingindividual and professional customer service.With three divisions, including the Office of the Presidentand CEO, Professional Services and Education, the Collegetakes pride in its ability to deliver high quality programs andservices that specifically meet the needs of the professionand equip candidates and trainees with the skills andknowledge required to meet the challenges of working as adentist in modern society.The College also proudly hosts nine regional committeesthat are dedicated to meeting the needs of the Members,Fellows, candidates and trainees within their region. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 5

PRE Dr. David Sykes PresidentIt is with great honour that I submit the 50th Annual report formal joint relationship with the College of Dental Surgeonsfor the College Year Book, 2015. It has been an extremely of Hong Kong and the College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore.significant year in the history of the College in that 2015 This culminated in a Scientific meeting held in Hong Kongmarked 50 years since the College was formed in 1965. in December, 2014. Dr Paul Sambrook represented RACDSOriginally conceived as a proposal to support postgraduate as a Keynote Speaker and over 200 international delegateseducation opportunities by some senior colleagues in the attended the conference which, again, was extremelyAustralian Dental Association led by A Gordon Rowell, the successful.College was established as the only postgraduate dentaleducation organisation of its type in Australasia at the time. Whilst in Hong Kong, the College organised the first InductionOver the intervening years, it has grown to a membership Ceremony held outside of a traditional Convocation. Thisin the order of 2,500 and an annual candidate number of allowed Members and Fellows who might not have takenover 400. the opportunity to receive their Testamurs at a College Convocation, to experience the pomp and ceremony of anOur College has embraced a contemporary definition of official College investiture. I was able to host the event andAustralasia, unhindered by the traditional Australian and was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm the MembersNew Zealand geographical boundaries. Over the 50 years of and Fellows, both old and new, held for the College and theirits existence, the College has firmly established its education obvious pleasure at being able to receive their Testamurs inand examination programmes across the Asian region – the presence of their families. I must congratulate the AsiaHong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in particular. Regional Committee chaired by Dr CK Lee, for organising an extremely successful ceremony. It is a concept that shouldCouncil was determined to mark this milestone in an be considered for the future.appropriate way and, to this end, scientific meetings with theusual high standard of content were held in most Regional Council held a strategic planning meeting just before theCommittee areas in conjunction with celebratory dinners in Council meeting in February where it was clear that Councilwhich the contributions of Fellows from each Region were believes the College should be concentrating its energiesrecognised. These events culminated in a most successful on its local geographic region and placing less emphasis on50th Anniversary Scientific meeting and Ball organised by the traditional ties with the United Kingdom. That is not toa committee led by Dr Peter Gregory, ably assisted by the say that our excellent relationships with the United KingdomNSW Regional Committee and its chair, Dr Ian Sweeney. Colleges is not important. Indeed, our conjoint MembershipDr Gregory, Dr Sweeney and all the Regional Committee examination in orthodontics with the Royal College ofmembers from every region, are to be congratulated for the Surgeons, Edinburgh and our recent involvement in a diet ofenthusiasm and commitment they made to the year-long their Diploma in Implant Dentistry examination that was heldevent. This important recognition of our anniversary could in Auckland, illustrates that there continues to be commonnot have occurred without their hard work. educational themes where the skills and resources of our sister Colleges can be shared to mutual benefit.In keeping with the strategic planning objectives establishedby Council, our past President, Dr Francis Chau, established a6 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

ESIDENT PRESIDENT’S REPORTClearly, this also applies to our sister Colleges in the Asia moribund and unable to address the challenges our rapidlyPacific region and Francis Chau has established the kernel of changing profession faces.what I am sure will be a most beneficial working relationship.Another indication of the College’s aim to foster relationships Amongst other outcomes of the strategic planning meetingwith our sister Colleges in the region, was the signing of was a recognition that we need to provide more supportan MoU with my counterpart at the the College of Dental for both out candidates and our examiners. We rely heavilySurgeons of Hong Kong, Professor Edward Lo, for a conjoint on the auspices of the Regional Committees to assist ourMembership examination in Dental Public Health and candidates through their study and we should strive toCommunity Dentistry. empower them in this task. That means resource and logistic support at the very least and we recognise we couldWe have also been involved in the beginnings of a project do better in this the Pacific Island region. Dr Warren Shnider attendedthe Strengthening Specialist Clinical Services in the There is also a need to develop a robust guidance frameworkPacific conference in Fiji along with representatives of the for our mentors and for our examiners. These are not newAustralasian Medical Colleges. It is hoped that, from this considerations and much work has already been completedconference, our College can commence some involvement but it continues to be a work in the education of local Pacific Island clinicians as part ofCouncil’s belief that the College has a responsibility to the Candidate numbers remain pleasing despite the plethoraless fortunate nations in our local area. It is an educational of alternative opportunities for postgraduate study and, asarena in which our medical colleagues are already heavily always, my thanks must go to all our Registrars, Assistantcommitted and we can learn from their experience. Registrars, Examiners, Mentors and Boards of Studies members. Without these dedicated Fellows and Members,Closer to home, College relationships with local Australian we could not run the examinations or maintain the standardsand New Zealand educational and professional groups that underpin the ethos of the College.remain of paramount importance. I was extremely happyto re-sign our MoU with the Australian and New Zealand Underpinning this work is the support and logisticalAssociation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ANZAOMS) expertise provided by the College Office from the CEOrepresented by their President, Associate Professor Andrew down through all our dedicated staff. My sincere thanksHeggie, at the 50th Anniversary Gala Ball. goes to their efforts through 2015 in recognition that, again, without their outstanding efforts under sometimesThe College election held in November, 2014, resulted in trying circumstances, we could not operate the respected,the election of two new Councillors and the re-election of professional organisation the College has now past serving Councillor. Dr John Fricker has returned toCouncil and we welcomed Dr Hugh Trengrove and Dr Chis Dr David SykesCallaghan. It is extremely important to add fresh faces and Presidentminds to Council for without them, the College becomes RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 7

EXE Stephen Robbins Chief Executive OfficerOn behalf of the Committees of Council and the College the viva voce component was conducted in Sydney.staff, I am pleased to report on the 2015 core activities of In late November, 136 candidates from 5 countries presentedthe College. In particular, it should be noted that Mr Gary for the Primary Examination for Fellowship. The writtenDisher was at the helm throughout this year and progressed papers were conducted in most capital cities of Australia,several initiatives to conclusion. One example of this is the USM at Kota Bharu, Hong Kong and Singapore. The vivaintroduction of the Learning Management System which voce component of the examinations were held for the firstresides on the College website. This will hopefully become time at the Macquarie Graduate School of Managementa strong link of engagement for our Fellows, Members and (MGSM), Macquarie University.candidates. The intention of this on-line system is to enablethe College to deliver learning support materials, modules The interest in the College’s Membership and Fellowshipand CPD activities to those enrolled in its programs or Examinations in Specialist Dental Practice continues toparticipating in CPD. strengthen and our conjoint examinations further support the access to candidates seeking recognition with theOver the course of the year the College has celebrated its College. Throughout 2015, examinations were held across50 year milestone and reflected on its rich history. Several the disciplines in conjoint arrangements with the Universityevents marked the occasion including a cocktail party at the of Sydney, University of Queensland, the University ofCollege, Scientific Day (the foundation of our collegiality) and Western Australia as well as the Royal College of Surgeonsa host of fellowship activities including a food walking safari, (Edinburgh).Archibald Art Exhibition and high tea and a sailing regatta.The 50th Anniversary celebrations of the RACDS culminated The MRACDS(GDP) program continues to go from strengthon the evening of Saturday, 5 September 2015 with a Black to strength with 2015 recording its largest cohort of 29 newTie Gala Ball at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney. candidates from around Australia and New Zealand. ThisFellowship is alive and well. two year program has gained an enviable reputation as a valuable tool for general dentists wishing to strengthenExamination and Education their clinical knowledge and undertake evidence based learning. The introduction of CPD Masterclass has nowFollowing the pattern established in previous years, the expanded to Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand with allnumber of candidates presenting for the Final Examination presentations directly relating to at least one of the modulesfor Fellowship continues to remain high, with 81 registering in the MRACDS(GDP) program. All Fellows, Members andfrom 12 countries. In January of this year, written papers were candidates are also encouraged to attend these stimulatingcompleted in 6 venues within Australia and overseas whilst and invaluable sessions.8 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

ECUTIVE CEO’S REPORTThe Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Training Program, under Our Regional Committees are crucial to the College’s ethosthe management and guidance of the Board of Studies for of collegiality and I would like to recognise and thank allOMS, has taken great strides yet again in maintaining its high members of all Regional Committees for their ongoingstandard and compliance as an accredited program. The support and efforts in providing the important conduit toSurgical Sciences and Training (SST) Examination was held Fellows, Members and candidates. With significant changein the first half of the year with the Final examinations held in our processes and expected changes in committeethrough August and September. members, the College has a duty to provide ‘education’ about our programs and examinations to assist localAt the start of the year, a curriculum review was undertaken regional committee members in providing the service thatto assess the various modules and were subsequently is expected.updated and published in the program handbook. TheBoard of Studies also conducted a Train the Trainer course Our engagement with international institutions has beenwith a focus on ‘keeping the trainees on track’. outstanding and the most important benefit we could ever hope to achieve is the equitable sharing of information.Engagement Working together with organisations such as the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), the Royal College ofThe College thrives on engagement. This is what defines Surgeons (England), the College of Dental Surgeons of HongFellowship and Membership. Over the past year a number Kong and the College of Dental Surgeons Singapore, areof forums and meetings have been held with various internal examples of the international footprint which the RACDS isand external stakeholders to strengthen our governance. developing.Through planned management and communicationeveryone understands the direction that is required for This recognition in turn defines the College’s relevance andsuccess. In the coming year, there will be a renewed focus to reflects on the holders of all FRACDS and MRACDS.achieve this engagement. My congratulations and thanks to all the College staff for their significant and outstanding contribution throughoutTo achieve this, the past year has seen key improvements our major communication asset which is our website.Behind the scenes we are working diligently to provide Mr Stephen Robbinsfurther integration of our IT systems that will support this Chief Executive Officerengagement. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 9

RESULTS AND STRATEGIC PRIORITIESEducation and Examinations Outcomes Membership (SDP) by ExaminationThe College’s core business is education and examination. The The following table summarises the activity of the examinationfollowing statistics represent the education and examination for Membership in Specialist Dental Practice disciplines from 2013activity and outcomes in the twelve months since the 2014 Annual - 2015. These include conjoint examinations with the UniversitiesMeeting of Council with comparison to the two previous years. and The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.The Council is grateful to all Members, Fellows and academics whoassist in the provision of education and undertake examinations on SDP Candidates Pass ratebehalf of the College. Discipline presenting 2015 2014 20132015 Orientation Course and Primary Exam Endo - - 1- 2015 2014 2013 College - 21 Orientation Candidates Candidates Pass rate Endo - 21- - 100% - Course registered presenting Conjoint 78% Oral Med - 7 86 Attendees to sit 85% College - 100% 0% 7 7 112014 124 145 135 Orth - Conjoint 3-12015 90 143 136 3 -2 100% 100% - Orth – 1 -- RCS Edin 1 44 Conjoint - 112015 Fellowship (GDP) Final Exam - 25 100% 100% (6) 100% Paed – – Jun/ (6)Final Exam Workshop Registered to sit Overall Pass College 57% Sep Attendees (2014) 2015 Rate Paed – 100% 82% Conjoint 100% 100% (2) (9) 65 81 35% Perio - – Nov College 66% (2) 100%Final Exam Workshop Registered to sit Candidates ex- Perio – – Jun (1) Attendees (2015) 2016 pected to present Conjoint Pros – 75% (3) – 100% 43 57 for 2015 College Nov (2) Pros – n/a Conjoint -2015 Membership in General Dental Practice - MRACDS -(GDP)• 87 currently enrolled candidates• 32 candidates enrolled to begin 2015 100% - -• 85 graduates of the program 2007 – current - 44 of these graduates from Hong Kong 100% 100% 75% - 0% (3) achieving MRACDS through the conjoint - 100% 100% exam with CDSHK (1)Membership by Prior Recognition 100% (5)In 2015, four applicants were granted Membership in a SpecialistDental Practice discipline by prior recognition of qualification andexperience. The following table presents these and reflects againstthose presenting in 2013 and 2014. Successful Fellowship Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – candidates FRACDS(OMS) SDP Discipline 2015 2014 2013 Specialist Candidates Pass Rate Practice of presentingDental Public Health 313Endodontics --1 OMS 2015 2014 2013 2015 2014 2013Paediatric Dentistry 1-2Periodontics --- Surgical 14 12 14 79% (11) 75% (9) 79%Prosthodontics - -2 Sciences (11)Oral Medicine -1- & TrainingOrthodontics -2- Exam 14 13 12 71% (10) 85% 92% (11) Final Exam (11)10 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

RESULTS AND STRATEGIC PRIORITIESFellowship FRACDS(SDP) by Examination to identify and manage those known risks (IR). In its strategic planning, the ten key risks to the management and operation ofThe following table summarises the activity of the examination for the College identified by Council are:Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice disciplines from 2013 - 2015. IR1 Loss of relevance to our Members and Fellows resulting SDP Discipline Candidates Pass rate in loss of relevance of the College presenting IR2 Entry of multiple CPD providers leading to competition DPH in the market 2015 2014 2013 2015 2014 2013 IR3 Failure to capitalise in the growth of the overseas market Endo leading to lost opportunities for growth - 1- - 100% - IR4 Failure to attend to the clinical trends in our CPD leading Oral Med (1) to a lack of relevanceOrth IR5 Different culture of young dentists resulting in our -2- - 50% - offering not resonating with their needsPaed (1) IR6 Third party providers dictating practice leading to poor Perio patient outcomesFRACDS (Perio) --- - - - IR7 Poor utilisation of resources resulting from a lack of (Transitional) alignment in strategic intentPros -21 - 50% 0 IR8 Failure to meet the accreditation standards for OMS Special Needs (1) leading to loss of accreditation and reputation of the Dentistry College --- - - - IR9 Failure to maintain proper process leading to too many successful appeals 1 - 1 100% - 0 IR10 The College has a low profile in regulatory eyes - 44 - TBC 75% The College has established an international reputation for its high (3) standard of examinations and postgraduate qualifications.. --- - - - The focus continues on the delivery of services to members such as online learning, supporting members’ CPD to meet with anticipated --- - - - mandatory regulatory requirements in the near future, such as the revalidation of practising certificates. These education initiativesMembership and Fellowship Status – 31 December 2015 are also crucial for international membership growth. Provision of CPD appropriate to our members is essential to attract and sustainThis table summarises the size and composition of the College membership growth, both locally and internationally.membership as at 31 December 2015 compared with the data on25 October 2014. The College is progressing its presence in Asia with an alliance with the Singapore and Hong Kong dental colleges and the General Dental Specialist Dental establishment of joint scientific meetings. In addition, to further Practice Practice strengthen the College’s presence in the region, dialogue has begun with local dental personnel to explore the logistics of settingMRACDS 64 (45) 557 (539) up the FRACDS primary examination in Singapore.FRACDSTotal 1,407 (1227) 316 (304) Council has continued its focus on strengthening the governance of the College in order to meet with planned growth. This year 2,344 (2,115) the College has again seen a number of policies and protocols, sophisticated systems and functional structures introduced.Strategic Directions The College enjoys organisational and collegiate relationships withThe College continues to focus on its Strategic Plan with the many organisations in the dental sector throughout the Asia andidentification of eight strategic objectives (S) and ten identified Pacific region. Our relationship with the Royal College of Surgeonsrisks (IR) for the College. These strategic objectives are based on of Edinburgh and England also continues to be of great importancethe objectives of the College, built on the foundations of previous to the College.councils. Our relationships with colleges, universities, dental associationsS1 Membership growth and dental councils in the region focus on the delivery of educationS2 International footprint and conjoint examinations. These are all covered by a series ofS3 Broad and needed product offering Memorandums of Understanding (MoU). The College maintainsS4 Brand and leadership – patient outcomes and standards Memoranda of Understanding with:S5 Meet changing needs (currency of practice) • Universities of Sydney, Queensland, and Western Australia forS6 Right people, right roles, right resources, efficient process and management and good corporate governance conjoint examinations in MRACDS Specialist Dental PracticeS7 RACDS – Brand known for excellence examinations.S8 Engaged members • The College of Dental Surgeons Hong Kong, for MRACDS/ MGD conjoint examinations.No organisation is without risk to its management and operations.One of the key responsibilities of the Council is RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 11

COLLEGE PATHWAYSPathways to Membership and FellowshipThe following diagrams outline the various pathways to Membership and Fellowship of the College. These are reproduced in each of theHandbooks forPEadtuhcwataioynsatnodFEexlalmowinsahtioipn iwnitGhethneeCraollleDgeen. tal Practice Subscribe to RACDS PATHWAY 1 PATHWAY 2Apply for Exemption Enrol for the Enrol for the from Primary Primary MRACDS(GDP) Program Examination ExaminationExemption Orientation Course Orientation Day (optional) Granted (optional) Primary - 6 Subjects MRACDS(GDP) - 2 Year Program  Anatomy  Cell Biology & (120 hours CPD) Biochemistry 6 Core Modules  Histology  Infection Control  Microbiology  Diagnosis & Treatment Planning  Pathology  Practice Management, Law, Ethics & Risk Management  Physiology  Therapeutics in Dentistry, Pain & Pain Management  Medical Emergencies Primary Exam  Clinical Examination Technique & Dental Imaging  6 x Written 1 Assessment per module (Short answer questions) Examinations (1/ subject) Electives (3 of 6)  6 x Viva voce  Endodontics Examinations  Periodontics (1/ subject)  Restorative Dentistry  Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics  Oral Medicine and Surgery & Special Needs Dentistry  Dentoalveolar Surgery 1 Case Report per elective Viva voce Examination After completing modules and electives Membership in General Dental Practice MRACDS(GDP) Enrol for the Final Examination Final Examination Workshop (optional) Final - 2 Parts General Written Examination Elective Written Examination Viva voce Case Review   Viva voce    Fellowship in General Dental Practice FRACDS(GDP)12 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

COLLEGE PATHWAYS Pathways to Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice Completion of Primary Dental Qualification (e.g. BDS/BDSci/BDent) Subscribe to RACDS Primary Examination (Optional) PRIOR RECOGNITION MoU PATHWAY COLLEGE EXAM PATHWAY PATHWAY Registered in a Masters/ Completion of an approved^ Completion of a recognised* DClinDent Program with a Masters/DClinDent Program3 Masters/DClinDent/ Advanced University currently holding a Memorandum of Understanding Assessment of Eligibility to Training Program prior to present for Membership 30 June 20091 with the RACDS# Examination OR Completion of Program exit exam conjointly with the Completion of 10 years full-time RACDS specialist experience prior to 31 December 20072, including recognition as a specialist by the relevant authority Successful completion of all Membership Examination Program requirementsDental Public Health: Membership in Specialist Dental Practice MRACDS(SDP)1. Completion of a combination of 1 year minimum specialist experiencedegrees of 2 years full-time Assessment of Eligibility to present forequivalent at Australian/New Fellowship ExaminationZealand institutes, or international Fellowship ExaminationDeBinnostaatirtludPteousfbS(laitcusdHaieepsap)lrtophvr:ieodr by the Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice ^Approved: A 3 year-program to 31 FRACDS(SDP) accredited by the appropriate authority and/or from an4. DCeocmempbleetiro2n0o1f0a institution that has an MoU with the CollegeOcRombination of degrees of 22. aCySestoyADIuanmeaudersapssicpteriptetlfsrseuurma,ottfllieluvpiob-astlernelini-mdorpt/oiNrmre2bfito0eyaoesr1wptm3e0theoZ1qecineu3iDBaiai1mveloliaascualnteemrdpdmnrtooabaffcet1tri0c2e0,10 *Recognised: For specialistOR registration by the Dental35. .reADaCdaapetCeopidneordpdscooupyuncupv3omgrciatncr1moppaaropnacaprllDtvmilioctinmerlPioeeoeigeoetadnu/icdnr,ofnctabeeabaontd&tmlmhrinysmaccaoedeotbtiiafbiHnnhxomCeepiaipenenrntoxpbheaa2g2pBlroilertlon-e0etiifoyeohvag1rdteaninethe0eioiarscdoed,norrcoencfbaBinpepyonoltrifihnatinohererdethooeff Board of Australia or the Dental Council of New Zealand #University of Western Australia, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, RCS Edinburgh6. Studies RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 13

COLLEGE PATHWAYS Pathway to Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Medical Degree & Dental Degree General Registration for both Medical and Dental with AHPRA Surgery in General Year Selection into the OMS Training Program OMS 1 SST Examination OMS 2 – OMS 4 Final Examination Research FRACDS (OMS)14 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

COMMITTEESSTANDING COMMITTEES 201550th Anniversary Organising Committee National Awards CommitteeDr Peter Gregory Chair Dr Ross Bastiaan AM RFD ChairDr David Sykes Ex-Officio Dr David Sykes Ex-OfficioDr Patrick Russo Member Dr Clive Ross CNZM MemberDr Paul Sambrook Member Dr John Fricker OAM Member A/Prof John Dale AO MemberContinuing Professional Development Committee Dr Paul Scott MemberProfessor Ian Meyers Chair Prof Martin Tyas AM MemberDr David Sykes Ex-Officio Nominations CommitteeDr John Fricker OAM MemberProf Bernadette Drummond Member A/Prof Paul Sambrook Honorary TreasurerA/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member Dr David Sykes Ex-OfficioA/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick Member Dr Warren Shnider Censor In Chief Dr Patrick Russo ConvenorConvocation Scientific Committee BOARDS OF STUDIES 2015A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick ChairDr David Sykes Ex-Officio Board of Studies for MRACDS(GDP)A/Prof Werner Bischof Member Prof Ian Meyers ChairA/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley ChairDr Aditi Bhide Member Dr Warren Shnider CouncillorDr Patrick Oxbrough Member Dr Patrick Russo Ex-OfficioMr Gary Disher RACDS Dr Catherine Prineas Ex-OfficioMs Emma Slattery RACDS Dr Greg Miller Member Dr Errol Kilov MemberConvocation Arrangements Committee Sub-Committee -Dr Patrick Russo, Chair Examinations Committee MRACDS(GDP)Dr David Sykes Ex-Officio Prof Ian Meyers ChairDr Peter Gregory Member Dr Shalinie King MemberDr Mat Lim Member Prof David Manton Member Dr Michael Wyatt MemberMr Gary Disher RACDS Dr Catherine Prineas Member Dr Francis Chau MemberMs Emma Slattery RACDSConstitution CommitteeDr David Sykes Chair Board of Studies for FRACDS(GDP)Prof Martin Tyas AM Member Dr Geoffrey Borlase ExaminerEducation Board Prof Marc Tennant ExaminerDr Warren Shnider A/Prof Werner Bischof Ex OfficioA/Prof Liz Martin A/Prof Werner Bischof Ex-Officio A/Prof Liz Martin Ex-OfficioDr John Fricker OAM MemberDr Catherine Prineas Member Dr Catherine Prineas Ex-OfficioDr Julia Dando MemberDr Francis Chau Member Dr Hugh Trengrove MNZM CouncillorDr Chris Callahan Member Member Dr Warren Shnider Member Member Dr Paul Beath Member Dr Dimitra Mersinia Member Board of Studies in Dental Public HealthFinance & Audit Committee Professor John Spencer Member Professor Anthony Blinkhorn MemberA/Prof Paul Sambrook Chair Professor Michael Morgan RACDS NomineeA/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member Dr Patrick Russo Ex-OfficioDr Christopher Callahan Member Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-OfficioDr Francis Chau Member A/Prof Chun Hung Chu RACDS NomineeDr Peter Gregory Member Dr Peter Arrow Academy/ Society NomineeDr David Sykes Ex-Officio RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 15

COMMITTEESBoard of Studies in Endodontics BOARD OF STUDIES AND SUBCOMMITTEES FOR ORAL ANDA/Prof Peter Parashos RACDS Nominee MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY 2015Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-OfficioDr David Sykes Ex-OfficioDr Jonathan Christo Academy/ Society Nominee BoardDr Chun Yu Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof Jocelyn Shand Chair Dr Benjamin Erzetic Deputy ChairDr Alan Nerwich RACDS Nominee Dr David Sykes Ex-Officio Dr Julia Dando Ex-OfficioBoard of Studies in Oral Medicine A/Prof Andrew Heggie Ex-Officio Dr David Sherring MemberClin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-Officio Mr Bruce Austin Member Dr Jacobus Erasmus MemberDr David Sykes Ex-Officio A/Prof Paul Sambrook Member Dr Emma Lewis MemberA/Prof John O’Grady RACDS Nominee Dr Matthew Hawthorne Member Dr Christopher Sealey MemberDr Agnieszka Frydrych RACDS Nominee Dr Eileen Tan-gore Trainee RepresentativeDr Ajith Polonowita Academy/ Society NomineeDr Jonathan Tversky Academy/ Society NomineeBoard of Studies in OrthodonticsDr Julia Dando Presidents NomineeClin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-OfficioDr Patrick J Russo Ex-OfficioDr Shane Fryer RACDS Nominee OMS CPD CommitteeDr Stephen Langford RACDS Nominee Mr Bruce W Austin ChairDr Andrew Lush Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Kush Patel MemberA/Prof John Razza Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Robert Witherspoon MemberBoard of Studies in Paediatric Dentistry Dr Derek Goodisson MemberDr Nina Vasan RACDS Nominee Dr Kai Lee MemberDr Soni Stephen RACDS Nominee Dr Benjamin Gupta Trainee RepresentativeDr Patrick Russo Ex-OfficioClin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-Officio OMS Education CommitteeProf David Manton Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof Paul Sambrook ChairDr Vanessa William Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Kristian Van Mourik Trainee RepresentativeBoard of Studies in Periodontics Dr Andrew Cheng MemberDr Rachel Garraway Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof Dieter Gebauer MemberDr Susan Wise Academy/ Society Nominee Professor Robert Jones MemberClin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-Officio Dr Cameron Lewis MemberDr David G Sykes Ex-Officio Dr George Chu MemberDr Paul Gosling RACDS Nominee Dr Stuart Deane MemberA/Prof Christopher Daly RACDS NomineeBoard of Studies in Prosthodontics OMS Examinations CommitteeDr Suzanne Hanlin RACDS Nominee A/Prof Andrew Heggie ChairClin A/Prof Edmond Pow RACDS Nominee Dr Julia Dando MemberDr Patrick Russo Ex-Officio A/Prof Jocelyn Shand MemberClin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-Officio Dr Dylan Hyam MemberDr Simon Wylie Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Christopher Sealey MemberDr Stephen Travis Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof Anthony Lynham Member Dr Nathan Vujcich MemberBoard of Studies for Special Needs Dentistry Dr Martin Batstone MemberDr David Antunovic Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Christopher Poon MemberDr Kerrilee Punshon Academy/ Society Nominee Overseas Trained Specialists Assessments (Working Group)Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Ex-OfficioDr David Sykes Ex-Officio A/Prof Alf Nastri ChairDr Sharon Liberali RACDS Nominee Dr Christopher Sealey MemberA/Prof Gelsomina Borromeo RACDS Nominee16 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

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FOUNDATION DONORSThank you to the following Members and Fellows who have made a donation to the RACDS foundation in 2015.Dr Salwa AL-HABSI (Oman) Dr Albert LEE (HK SAR PRC)Dr Bruce AUSTIN (NSW, Australia)Prof Peter BARNARD OAM (NSW, Australia) Dr Siu Fai LEUNG (HK SAR PRC)A/Prof Martin BATSTONE (QLD, Australia)Dr Samuel BENNETT (WA, Australia) Dr Chung LO (HK SAR PRC)Dr Andrew BOCHENEK (WA, Australia)Dr Paola BOWER (NSW, Australia) Dr Michael MANDIKOS (QLD, Australia)Dr Louise BROWN (VIC, Australia)Dr Eric CARTER (NSW, Australia) Dr Peter MANSOUR (NSW, Australia)Dr Lap Yan CHONG (HK SAR PRC)Dr Stephen CHUNG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Andrew MARRIOTT (New Zealand)Prof Hedley COLEMAN (NSW, Australia)Dr Anthony COLLETT (VIC, Australia) Dr John MCNAMARA (QLD, Australia)Dr Paul CROWE (TAS, Australia)Dr Daniel DE ANGELIS (SA, Australia) Dr Kareen MEKERTICHIAN (NSW, Australia)Dr Stuart DEANE (NSW, Australia)Dr Nghiem DOAN (QLD, Australia) Dr Christopher MUIR (QLD, Australia)Dr Grant DUNCAN (SA, Australia)Dr Geoffrey FINDLAY (QLD, Australia) Dr Nymphia NAIK (nee SHEKARAN) (QLD, Australia)Dr Ross FOSTER (VIC, Australia)Dr Peter FOWLER (New Zealand) Dr Chi Hong NG (HK SAR PRC)Dr Matthew FRACARO (QLD, Australia)Dr John FRICKER OAM (ACT, Australia) Dr Katherine NGU (NSW, Australia)Dr Shane FRYER (NSW, Australia)Dr Siu Chung FUNG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Sarah ORME (VIC, Australia)Dr Paul HAGLEY (NSW, Australia)Dr Graham HALL (TAS, Australia) Dr Patrick OXBROUGH (TAS, Australia)Dr Andrew HOWE (NSW, Australia)Dr Leone HUTCHINSON (NSW, Australia) Dr Leigh PAGONIS (VIC, Australia)Dr Edward HSU (QLD, Australia)A/Prof Alexandra JONES (NSW, Australia) Dr Stephen PAK (NSW, Australia)Dr Shalinie KING (NSW, Australia)Dr Ricky KUMAR (VIC, Australia) Dr Manish PATEL (New Zealand)Dr Ka-Hung KWAN (HK SAR PRC) Dr Manjeet PATIL (VIC, Australia) Prof Chris PECK (NSW, Australia) Dr Edward PEEL (NSW, Australia) Dr Catherine PRINEAS (NSW, Australia) Prof Eli SCHWARZ KOD (United States of America) Dr Anthony SELVARAJ (NSW, Australia) Dr Heba SKAROS (NSW, Australia) Dr Bruce SOKEL (VIC, Australia) Dr Alan SOLOMON (VIC, Australia) Dr Bernard SPECULAND (United Kingdom) A/Prof Albert TAN (WA, Australia) Adj A/Prof Gerald THURNWALD AM (QLD, Australia) Dr Russell VICKERS (NSW, Australia) Dr Andrew WHILLANS (New Zealand) Dr Mathini WIGNES-WARAN (NSW, Australia) Dr Marcus YAN (NSW, Australia) The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Foundation Bequest Programme Financially supporting post graduate study, research and training in the field of dental science18 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REPORTS CENSOR-IN-CHIEF Dr Warren ShniderThe Censor-in-Chief is the Chair of the Education Board. I would like Is this all too confusing? Anecdotally, the flood-gates appearedto thank the contributions of the Education Board members over to be opening with a glut of applications flowing in requestingthe last year. They are: assessment for exemption of the Primary exam, FRACDS(GDP). This would suggest that the grapevine of candidates had alreadyA/Prof Werner Bischof Assistant Registrar (SDP) formed the opinion in their own minds that a qualification from the British Isles was becoming ‘the easiest route’ to achieve a primary Co-opted member exemption. The Education Board came to the conclusion that there was a marked disparity in the programs from the UK Colleges andDr Chris Callahan Councillor - Co-opted member our own Primary examination. There is no longer an easy line in the sand to identify equivalence/disparity. The Board has suggestedDr Francis Chau Immediate Past President that further consideration is needed and in the interim, a case-by- case forensic assessment of candidates and courses would suggest Co-opted member that ‘prior recognition’ is a necessarily more complicated process.Dr Catherine Prineas Assistant Registrar (GDP) Towards the latter part of the year the Education Board was busy with policy and procedure: Co-opted member • Minimum Candidate Numbers PolicyDr Hugh Trengrove Councillor – Appointed member • Observer Policy • Appointment of Examiners PolicyDr Julia Dando Registrar (OMS) –Appointed member • Academic Honesty PolicyProf Liz Martin Registrar General Dental Practice And further framework to support the rapid expansion of the MRACDS(GDP): (GDP) – Appointed member • Marking StructureA/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar Specialist Dental Practice • Mentoring Structure • MRACDS(GDP) Program Guide review (SDP) – Appointed member • 3 Strikes Policy StatementDr David Sykes President ex-officio Late in 2015 I attended a workshop run by EPEC, The Excel Psychological and Educational Consultancy. Professor JohnThe earlier part of the year was spent dealing with the recognition Barnard provided a one-day activity on Psychometric Analysisof prior learning, specifically with respect to exemption from the for Examiners. Essentially, any one diet of examinations has threeprimary examination, general dental practice. variables:Traditionally, the College has granted exemption from the Primary • The ability of the candidates:examination based on the award of a number of qualifications fromthe UK Colleges: The Royal College of Surgeons, England, the Faculty Example: Is this a particularly poor group of students?GDP(UK), The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and The RoyalCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. The structure of these • The cohort of Examiners:qualifications changed in 2007 with the Membership of the Facultyof Dental Surgery (MFDS), RCS England and MFGDP (FGDPUK) Example: Is Examiner A a tougher marker than Examiner B?combining to form the Diploma of Membership of the Joint DentalFaculties (MJDF), Parts I and II qualification, with the introduction • The assessment itself:of the Dental Foundation Training Curriculum (DFTC), publishedby Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors Example: Is this paper easier than the same paper last year?(COPDEND). The MFDS: RCSEdinburgh and RCPSGlasgow is still inexistence, and it should be noted that it is a different qualification to Psychometric analysis is a mathematical tool that may havethe former MFDS: RCSEngland and MFGDP: FGDPUnited Kingdom. the capacity to measure these three variables and provide a meaningful analysis of future diets of examinations. This tool hasThis is a classic argument of shifting sands: been used in previous College Examinations and it is a tool that may be considered and may prove to be advantageous when• The MJDF Part I is attained through a single examination of considering more automated assessment. One area of assessment that lends itself to this analysis is the prospect of MCQ’s (Multiple multiple choice questions and short answer items, across a Choice Questions) in the MRACDS(GDP) Module examinations. broad scope of dental practice as outlined in the DFTC, which is somewhat similar to the MRACDS(GDP) program I am looking forward to continuing these challenging and stimulating issues with the Education Board in 2016.• The MJDF Part II has changed in format again in February Dr Warren Shnider 2015 and now consists of a structured Professional Skills Censor-In-Chief assessment comprising 14 stations. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 19• The Part I MFDS: RCSEdinburgh and RCPSGlasgow is in the format of 2 x 3 hour written papers, assessing the DFTC• The Part II MFDS RCSEdinburgh and RCPSGlasgow can be attained following one year of further clinical practice with a 2 hour OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) of the DFTC.

REPORTS CHAIR, BOARD OF STUDIES FOR GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE Dr Adam Keyes-TilleyIn 2015, the MRACDS(GDP) program entered its ninth year with Turnitin, a similarity detecting software, was implemented in Junean overwhelming amount of interest. It was another busy and 2015. The program searches for matches between text in a studentproductive year, assisted by the continued support of Fellows and assignment and text from sources including the Internet, publishedMembers in the dental community. The Membership program works and assignments that have previously been submitted forcontinues to flourish and 2015 saw a number of changes and analysis. All SAQ’s and case reports are placed into Turnitin whichimprovements implemented for the benefit of candidates on the provides College staff and examiners a percentage of copied text.pathway to Membership in General Dental Practice. The advantages of Turnitin are that it can help markers identify cases in which students have copied text from an assignmentThe 2015 Orientation Day was held in the RACDS Centre for submitted previously by the same and/or another student. It canLearning, Education and Research and provided a welcome and also help markers identify the sources of matches with internetintroduction to the newest cohort of Membership candidates. We pages and journal articles etc. more quickly and easily than awelcomed 27 candidates into the program from across Australia marker might do by using other tools.and New Zealand and I would like to thank Dr David Sykes,Professor Ian Meyers, Dr Warren Shnider, Dr Catherine Prineas The College continued to support candidates in attaining theand Ms Sheridan Ahearn who presented on various aspects of required hours of continuing professional development (CPD) tothe College and program. Feedback was positive and participants complete the program. I am pleased to report that there have beenbenefited from the collegiality of the day. Candidates commented several CPD Masterclasses over the year ranging in topics fromthat the day assisted them in gaining a deeper understanding of Case and viva Preparation, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning,the program requirements and procedures and that they enjoyed Infection Control, Practice Management, Law, Ethics and Riskthe opportunity to network with other MRACDS(GDP) candidates Management and Pain and Therapeutics. These classes haveand College staff. the added benefit of being directly relatable to at least one of the modules in the MRACDS(GDP) program. All College Members,Three assessment rounds and three viva voce examinations have Fellows and candidates are welcome to attend to gain knowledgetaken place, resulting in 21 candidates successfully completing the from these stimulating and invaluable sessions.program and being admitted to MRACDS(GDP). The year has seena new cohort of candidates successfully undertake assessments; The College is proud of the significant development and successincluding short answer questions (SAQs) and case reports. Each of the program which has attracted a strong interest from theassessment round for 2015 was a success with the majority of profession. The College is currently looking to add to the examinercandidates gaining pass results across all modules. and mentor pools. If you have any interest in supporting these initiatives, we encourage you to forward your contact details.The Conjoint Membership Examination conducted with the Collegeof Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong was held in Hong Kong on 6-8 For more information about the program, please contact theMarch, where we welcomed 14 successful candidates who now College office at [email protected] joint Memberships with the Hong Kong College and RACDS.Our thanks go out to the examiners who travelled to Hong Kong Dr Adam Keyes-Tilleyto represent the College: Prof David Manton and Dr Michael Wyatt. Chair, Board of Studies for General Dental PracticeGiven the large number of successful completions this year, I amhappy to report that there have now been a total number of 102candidates who have successfully completed the program since itsinception. An encouraging element of the program is the numberof successful MRACDS(GDP) graduates who have furthered theirinvolvement in the College, by becoming examiners and mentorsfor new candidates in the program.20 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REPORTS REGISTRAR, SPECIALIST DENTAL PRACTICE Clinical Associate Professor Neil PeppittThe 2015 year has been both busy and productive in the Specialist Congratulations to all those Members and Fellows who wereDental Practice programmes. successful. I encourage you as new Members and Fellows to pick up the baton and contribute to the College in any way you canOne of the main roles of the Boards of Studies in the Specialty as either examiners, mentors, committee members or councillors. Idisciplines is to review applications from a wide array of candidates look forward to the implementation of the exciting new direction ofwho have applied for Membership and Fellowship. The three education within the College Strategic Plan and hope that this willavenues for Membership within the College include Prior continue to create interest in obtaining Membership and FellowshipRecognition, Examination with a conjoint University and External in the Specialist Dental Practice Disciplines of the College.Examination in the College office. Clin A/Prof Neil PeppittApplications for Membership by Prior Recognition continue to Registrar, Specialist Dental Practicebe received but in lower numbers to previous years. To date thenumber of Members approved by Prior Recognition in each fieldby the end of 2015 is as follows:Dental Public Health 26Endodontics 69Oral Medicine 14Orthodontics 174Paediatric Dentistry 43Periodontics 61Prosthodontics 75Special Needs Dentistry 3The eighth diet of the Membership Examination MRACDS(Orth)in conjunction with MOrth(Edin)l was held from 30 November – 2December in Adelaide. Three candidates presented for ConjointMRACDS(Orth)/MOrth(Edin) and I am pleased to advise that theywere all successful in achieving both College Memberships. Thisconjoint examination was also held in Edinburgh from 22 - 24 Juneand one candidate was successful at that examination.Membership Examinations were held conjointly with the Universitiesof Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia and James CookUniversity under the MoU arrangements in the Specialist PracticeDisciplines of Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontics,and Oral Medicine. There were 13 successful candidates whoon completion of their DClinDent Programs, will be eligible to beawarded Membership in their respective fields.In August 2015, external Membership and Fellowship Examinationswere held in the College office in Sydney. There were 4 successfulMembership candidates in the Disciplines of Periodontics andPaediatric Dentistry. There was 1 successful Fellowship candidatein the Discipline of Periodontics. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 21

REPORTS REGISTRAR, GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE Professor Liz MartinThe General Dental Practice pathway for Fellowship continues to The Orientation Coursegrow and evolve and in 2015 examiners and staff experienced a The Primary Orientation Course was trialled at Macquarie Universitybusy and productive series of Examinations, Courses and Programs from 6 July until 17 July. There were 89 candidates who attendedthat resulted in a high number of successful candidates completing the course and benefited from the engaging and clinically relevantthe Primary Examination and achieving Fellowship in the College. sessions covering the basic sciences. I would like to extend my thanks to the returning lecturers: Prof Marc Tennant (Anatomy), A/The Final Examination Prof Alex Forrest (Histology), Prof Jane Dalhstrom (Pathology), ProfThe Final Examination was conducted over a two week period in Joan Faoagali (Pathology), A/Prof Mike Nordstrom (Physiology), A/January with one of the biggest cohorts of candidates presenting Prof Phil Dickson (Cell Biology & Biochemistry), Prof Laurie Walshfor Fellowship to date. Written papers were held in 4 Australian and 2 (Microbiology) and A/Prof David Newby (Pharmacology).overseas venues on January 13 & 14, and the viva voce componentwas conducted at the Westmead Centre for Oral Health in Sydney Special mention should also be made of the additional supporton 19/21 January. We welcomed one new examiner to the group, received by College Fellows in the role of Coordinators over thisDr Lara Friedlander and Dr Catherine Collins returned to the panel period: Drs Lena Zhu, Catherine Prineas, Cigdem Kipel, and Shivafollowing a 6-year break from examining. I would like to extend congratulations and welcome to the 28 candidates who wereadmitted into Fellowship following this examination. The Primary Examination There were 136 candidates presenting from 5 countries for theFinal Exam Workshop Primary Examination in 2015 which was held in November/To support candidates in the successful completion of the Final December. The written papers were conducted in most capitalExamination, the College holds a Final Exam Workshop, which cities of Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore from 23-25was trialled at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management November and the viva voce component of the examinations werein Sydney. The FEW was conducted on 27 & 28 June and 44 held in Sydney, Hong Kong and Malaysia from 1-7 December. I amcandidates attended. This hands-on workshop is designed to enable pleased to report a pass rate of 85% for this cohort. We welcomedcandidates to improve their skills in presenting case analysis and two new examiners to the Primary examination team: Dr Lyndalltreatment, practice viva voce and writing techniques and network Anderson in Pathology and Dr Suma Sukumar in Histology. From allwith other candidates on the pathway to Fellowship. My thanks go reports, these new examiners enjoyed the experience and we lookto Dr Geoffrey Borlase, who convened the workshop, Dr Paul Beath, forward to welcoming them back for future exams.who presented and facilitated alongside Dr Lara Friedlander, A/ProfAlex Jones, Dr Heather Cameron, Dr Peter Salameh, Dr Aden Tran, Singapore continues to be investigated as a potential venue for theDr Geoff Young, Dr Suma Sukumar and Dr Peter Fowler. I would viva voce examination due to the increasing number of high-levelalso like to acknowledge Dr Cigdem Kipel who presented talks on candidates presenting from Asia. As the College presence in thestudy tips and suggestions to candidates preparing for the Final profession continues to gain high levels of recognition this needsexamination. to be supported by quality education programs presented through the College.Web Based Education ProgramThis year, the new and improved Web Based Program was trialled I look forward to another full year of courses and resources thatusing the RACDS Learning online program. While there were some aim to support education and foster advanced learning in Generalissues, it was agreed that this platform will benefit candidates and Dentistry.examiners in the following years and I would like to acknowledgethe contribution of Dr Geoffrey Borlase and the examiners who Prof Liz Martinsupported this program: Dr Paul Beath, Dr Lara Friedlander, Dr Registrar, General Dental PracticeAden Tran, Dr Peter Salameh, Dr Matthew Ma and Dr CatherineCollins. Due to its success over the past two years, the EducationalModule is currently available as a free resource to all Members andFellows and I encourage the College membership to undertake themodule.22 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REPORTSExaminers of the Primary Examination with the Asia Regional CommitteeFront row (L to R): Prof Marc Tennant, Prof Liz Martin, A/Prof Mike Nordstrom, Dr Suma SukumarBack row (L to R): Drs Rony Cho (Chairman, Asia Regional Committee) Albert Lee (Council Member RACDS), CK Lee (AsiaRegional Committee), Francis Chau (IPP RACDS), Professor WK Leung (Examiner in Micobiology), TL Wong (Asia RegionalCommittee), Jerome Yu (Asia Regional Committee) and SF Leung (Asia Regional Committee)Primary examiners - after the examiners' meeting at the MGSM, Macquarie University RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 23

REPORTS CHAIR, BOARD OF STUDIES FOR ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY A/Prof Jocelyn ShandThe Committees of the Board have been busy throughout 2015 Honorary College Awardsand the beginning of 2016. The Board of Studies most recently met Dr James Worthington, New Zealand, was awarded a Fellowshipon the 5th February 2016. without Examination, FRACDS(OMS), in 2015.Three members of the Board retired at the end of 2015. The Board A/Professor Andrew Heggie was awarded a Meritorious Serviceis grateful to Dr Benjamin Erzetic who was the Director of Training Award in 2015.(DoT) for the Queensland & Northern Territory Training Centre formany years. He is the Chair of the Trainee Advisory Committee, Selectionnow the Training Committee. In addition, Dr Erzetic was the Deputy The selection process for training involves three components:Chair of the Board of Studies from 2013-2015. assessment of the CV, performance appraisals and an interview. Representatives from the six Training Centres and threeA/Professor Andrew Heggie completed his most recent term independent members were involved in the interview process.on the Board of Studies OMS in October 2015 after 20 years of These were conducted centrally in Sydney on 22nd July 2015.involvement with the College as a committee member, examiner,Chair of the Court of Examiners for both OMS Examinations (SST Examinations& Final Examination) and finally as the Chair of the Examinations The Surgical Science & Training Examination was held on the 29thCommittee. and 30th May 2015 in Melbourne. The Chair of the SST Examination Panel was A/Professor Martin Batstone, Royal Brisbane Hospital,Dr David Sherring retired after several years on the Board as an and the co-ordinator was Dr Ricky Kumar.elected member of ANZAOMS. He is a member of the SelectionCommittee and has co-ordinated the Selection interview process Fourteen candidates presented for the SST examination and 10for a number of years. were successful: Peter Coghlan, Samuel Huang, William Huynh, Nigel Johnson, Susan Kok, Ragu Krishnamoorthy, Edward Nguyen,The Board would like to acknowledge A/Prof Martin Batstone who Krishnan Parthasarathi, Anna Raymond & Aaron Thomashas been the Chair of the Queensland & Northern Territory TrainingCentre for many years and who retired from this role in early 2016. The Final Examination was held in August & September 2014. The written papers were held regionally and in NZ on 10th & 11thIn late-2015, Dr Geoffrey Findlay was appointed as the DoT and Dr August and the Oral & Clinical Viva Examination was held at TheAnthony Crombie as the Chair of the Regional Surgical Committee Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital on the 1st and 2nd Septemberin early-2016 for the Queensland & Northern Territory Training 2015. The Chair of the Final Examination Panel was Mr Dylan Hyam,Centre. Canberra Hospital and the co-ordinator was Dr Edward Hsu.Dr Eileen Tan-Gore completed her term as the Trainee Fourteen candidates presented for the Final Exam and 11 wereRepresentative to the BoS and Dr Omar Breik commenced this role successful: Christopher Lim, Scott Borgna, Eileen Tan-Gore, Shivain October 2015. Subramaniam, Mehrnoosh Dastaran, Stephen Austin, Roland Barrowman, James Kim, Samuel Kim, Benjamin Gupta & BenjaminThe composition of the Board of Studies January - October 2015: Ghaly.Dr Jocelyn Shand Chair (DoT Victoria & Tasmania) AccreditationDr Ben Erzetic Deputy Chair (DoT Queensland & NT) The South Australian Training Centre accreditation visit took placeDr Chris Sealey Member (DoT New Zealand) on 27th July 2015. The Training Centre received full accreditationDr Bruce Austin Member (DoT New South Wales & ACT) for 5-years.Dr Emma Lewis Member (DoT Western Australia)A/Prof Paul Sambrook Member (DoT South Australia) A 1-year review visit was undertaken for Newcastle Hospital inDr Matthew Hawthorne Member (Elected) September 2015. A progress report is to be provided in 12-monthsDr Jason Erasmus Member (Elected) time to the Accreditation Committee.Dr David Sherring Member (Elected)Dr Julia Dando Registrar OMS (ex officio) Research Sub-committeeA/Prof Andrew Heggie President ANZAOMS (ex officio) Registrars commencing accredited training after June 2009 haveDr David Sykes President RACDS (ex officio) mandatory research requirements. The Board acknowledgesDr Eileen Tan-Gore Trainee representative the contribution and expertise of the members of the Research Subcommittee (Education Committee), Professor Frank Monsour, Professor Alastair Goss and Professor Robert Jones.24 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REPORTSMemorandum of Understanding New Fellow SurveyAn MoU was signed between the RACDS and Australian & New A new Fellow Survey was distributed to all of the Fellows whoZealand Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in September completed their training between the end of 2010-2014 to gain2015. The formal signing took place during the College 50th feedback about their training experience and to provide anAnniversary by Dr David Sykes, President RACDS, and A/Professor opportunity for feedback.Andrew Heggie, President Australian & New Zealand Association ofOral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. A/Prof Jocelyn Shand, Chair, BoS - Oral & Maxillofacial SurgerySelection Interview Panel WA VIC-TAS (clockwise from Left)Dr Kathy Robinson, Dr Emma Lewis, A/Prof Dieter Gebauer, Mr Warren Crossley, A/Prof Jocelyn Shand, A/Prof Alf NastriOral Pathology Course June 2015Back row L to R: Dr’s Robert Witherspoon (Consultant, Canberra), Mehnoosh Dastaran, Samuel Kim, ShivaSubramaniam, Edwin Ling, Roland Barrowman, Jameel Kaderbhai, Kenneth Wan, Kenneth Sun, Amish PatelFront row L to R: Dr’s Chris Lim, Stephen Austin, A/Prof Hedley Coleman, Jason Erasmus (Consultant, Christchurch),James Worthington (Consultant, Christchurch), Lee Kaing RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 25

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTSNew South Wales from the organisation role for the program. His commitment in providing educational assistance to dental students has seen himThe NSW Regional Committee has once again had a busy year receiving a meritorious award at the 26th Convocation in Hobart.supporting the continuing education activities of the College. His role has now been passed onto Drs Michael Yoon and Nigel Souter. Many tutors, who have volunteered their time, continue toThe highlight of the year was the very successful scientific day provide valuable assistance to the Final Year students. As usual, thewhich was held on Friday 4th September, preceding the 50th program was well received.anniversary celebrations. A change of venue this year saw theevent held at Doltone House in Darling Wharf. The very popular The annual scientific meeting and dinner were held in Sealifetheme for the day was “Restoration of form, function and aesthetics- Melbourne Aquarium. It was a special event to celebrate 50a comprehensive approach to oral health.” This year to celebrate years of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Multi-the 50th anniversary, the scientific day included a speaker from as disciplinary patient care and teamwork was the theme of themany regions as was possible given the time constraints of a one meeting. Speakers from both dental and medical fields were course. Our dinner speakers, Dr David Sykes, President of the College, and Lt Cd Kim Leong, provided our guests insights into teamwork in theDr Bernadette Drummond started the day discussing “The primary College and Navy.dentition - a foundation to the future”, and she was supported byProf Lakshman Samaranayake – “From pathology to health- the Dr Sarah Chin, our new student advisor, was in charge of therole of microbes and the immune system”, Dr Sharon Liberali - “Lots tutorial for Primary Examinations. Primary Examination candidatescan be done: meeting the fundamentals of special needs patients”, benefited from the small group tutorial, to help them to be moreDr Dae-Hyun Lee - “Challenges of preserving the periodontium”, Dr focused on key features of each area of study.Robert De Poi - “Restoring form and function with dental implants-are they for you?”, Prof Paul Abbott - “The value of preserving the MRACDS(GDP) viva preparation day held in Melbourne Dentalnatural dentition” and Adj/Prof David Roessler - “Achieving comfort School was the first held outside Sydney. Candidates from interstateand beauty- are they compatible?” and regional Victoria attended the preparation day. Prof Michael Burrow and Dr Warren Schnider facilitated the event.The scientific day also set a precedent for the College. A clashof times meant Prof Paul Abbott’s presentation in Sydney was at The Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Committee, with thethe exact time he was due to receive his AO award in Perth. Not assistance of Dr David Manton and Ms Charlotte Anneveld, held awanting to miss the opportunity to hear Prof Abbott, nor have him social event to facilitate networking amongst candidates, Membersmiss the opportunity to take part in the 50th anniversary meeting, and Fellows. Many candidates, Members and Fellows establishedthe Regional Committee decided to play a previously recorded a network of connections to assist each other in professionalvideo presentation. A special thanks must go to Prof Abbott for his development. It received so much positive feedback that theefforts in making this possible. Regional Committee will host another social event in September, 2016.Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous anddependable support of our sponsors who rose up to the occasion Finally, the Committee would like to express their gratitude towith an excellent trade display. Our thanks to Geistlich, Dentsply Drs Chris Callaghan, Sarah Chin and Michael Yoon, for providingImplants, Northshore BMW, Southern Cross Dental Laboratories, tutorials to Final Examination candidates with short notice, and allMindray, Ark Dental, Custom Dental Ceramics, Minimax Implant tutors involved in the Final Year student tutorial, AHP dental, Centaur Software, Osstem, Integrated Dentaland Inline Dental. Dr Sophia Jing Chair, Vic/Tas Regional CommitteeWe wish to pass on our congratulations and welcome to all newFellows of the College and to candidates who have succeeded in Victoria and Tasmania Regional Committee Scientific Meetingpassing their examinations. 2015. Committee Members, Past Presidents and Councillors.My sincere thanks to our marvellous committee comprising A/Prof Peter Duckmanton, Dr Dimitra Mersinia, Dr Soni Stephen, DrEmma Black and Dr Peter Mansour and Dr Vasuki De Lillo whosetremendous support, camaraderie and teamwork have ensuredthe ongoing success of the regional committee.Dr Ian P SweeneyChair, NSW Regional CommitteeVictoria & TasmaniaThe Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Committee is committedto providing ongoing educational support to dental students andexamination members.2015 began with the Final Year Dental Student Tutorial. After manyyears of running the program successfully, Dr Luke Moloney retired26 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTSSouth Australia We were also honoured to have the College president, Dr David Sykes in attendance. In the evening after the Scientific Day, a dinnerAn excellent Scientific Day seminar program was presented by was held at the Matilda Bay restaurant where Dr Sykes and thethree outstanding lecturers – Dr Allan Broughton, Local Fellow and Head of the UWA Dental School, Prof. Camile Farah were amongProsthodontist, Dr Sarah Thompson, upper GIT surgeon and Dr the 31 guests.Richard Holloway, Director of the Gastro intestinal Unit at the RAH- on the 30th October, 2015. The topic was GORD and it was both The WA Regional AGM immediately followed the Scientific Dayinteresting and applicable to all dentists. New research, various and the incoming Committee was elected with office bearerssurgical techniques, and new pharmacology were discussed. It was being finalised at the first ordinary meeting in August. The newsatisfying to see approximately 30 Fellows and Members attend. Committee is:The annual Dinner was held at Chloe’s restaurant and approximately Dr Raymond Lam Chairperson40 attendees were at the dinner. The President of RACDS and the Dr Peter Gregory (Federal Councillor) – Ex-officioCEO were welcomed and they presented an overview of recent Dr Dina Papas Treasurerdevelopments on a College level. Dr John Watson Secretary Dr Andrew Savundra Student AdvisorAt the AGM, elections were held for new SA Regional Committee Dr Andrew Bocheneckmembers. Four new members were elected with one previous Dr Phil Cockerillmember remaining on the committee. All other previous members Dr Sanjivan Kandasamydid not stand for re-election. I would like to thank those on the Dr Ahmed Salehpreceding Committee for their time and effort over the last few Dr Siva Vasudavanyears. Following the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, which were hailed byThe new Committee has a number of worthy objectives: those who attended as a fantastic and well organised event, the WA• Increasing numbers of local Fellows – since it seems they are committee attended to local matters. declining in SA On 27th August there was a function for all WA enrolled candidates• Therefore increasing numbers sitting the RACDS exams at the Byrnleigh Hotel. The event was well attended and candidates• Providing better service and value to local Fellows relished the opportunity to gain valuable insight from some more• Providing a service to the local dental profession senior Fellows. Federal Councillor Peter Gregory gave a rousingIn order to do this, the regional committee is aiming to: account of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations.• Increase RACDS brand recognition• Increase perception of RACDS value Our end of year function was held with 49 people attending the• Provide better value for Fellows and Members and for potential event at the Pan Pacific Hotel on October 31st. Members and Fellows took advantage and enjoyed the last College social event new Fellows of the year before the silly season was in full swing.• Assisting other members of the profession• Assisting and working with other professional groups – Drs Peter Gregory and Ahmed Saleh attended the University Dental Students Society Annual Dinner and had the opportunity to particularly educational groups address all students about the RACDS and the benefits of fellowshipWays to achieve these objectives have been discussed and action and membership.has now commenced to implement these goals. Our Student Advisor Dr Andrew Savundra, along with Drs DinaDr Dale Gerke Papas and Ahmed Saleh, also hosted a function at the DentalChair, SA Regional Committee School to make contact directly with final year dental students in a more casual college focussed environment.Western Australia The 2015 “RACDS Academic Prize” achieved by the UWA studentThe WA Region’s 2015 activities kicked off on the 6th March with a with the highest aggregate marks throughout their undergraduatewelcome function for new Fellows and Members at the Old Swan degree was awarded to Bolun Zhang at a ceremony attended byBrewery on the banks of the Swan River. A convivial evening was WA Regional Chairperson Dr Raymond Lam.had by all 43 attendees. We are also proud to note that the 2015 Kenneth J G SutherlandThe 50th Anniversary Scientific Day was held at the Hyatt Regency prize for the most outstanding candidate in the MRACDS(GDP)Hotel on the 19th June. The whole day was devoted to Oral Surgery program was shared by WA member Dr Michael Nguyenand was entitled “Oral Surgery in General Practice - The Pitfalls andHow to Minimise Risk”. The WA Regional Committee expects a busy 2016, including convocation and plans for our social and academic program whichThe presenters were all locally based Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeons are well underway.and the standard was excellent with a welcome combination ofpractical advice, technical advances and interesting possible future Dr John Watsondevelopments. Those presenting were Mario Alberghini, Dieter Secretary, WA Regional CommitteeGebauer, Evan Kakulas, Emma Lewis, Jacob De Looze, Paul Meara,Sophie Mougos and Nathan Vujcich.The event was attended by 194 registrants, with 30 of those beingFinal Year dental students. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 27

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTSQueensland New ZealandTo celebrate the 50th year of the College, the Queensland. 2015 was a busy year for the NZ Committee. We started with ourCommittee trialled a new approach to a Scientific Day / CPD course. annual study day in Wellington which was well attended by FellowsOrganised by Chairman of the Queensland. Committee , Emeritus and candidates. We had the pleasure to welcome the RACDSProfessor Newell Johnson for October 2015, three main strategies President Dr David Sykes to speak to us and attend a casual dinnerwere employed: for the 50th anniversary.1. To undertake a combined full Scientific Day in collaboration In 2015 Study Day, the Regional Committee decided to support our with local ADA (Qld) sub-branches in which the ADA gives dental colleagues working in rural communities. The inagural Rural logistic support for venue booking and catering to the College Study Day was attended by 25 rural dentists from all over the South organising team. Island of NZ. At that time an undertaking was made to produce high quality, inexpensive CPD for rural dentists in an informal2. To assemble a team of Dental Specialists to exhaustively cover format. Tekapo was chosen as the venue as it is a beautiful central topics and contemporary issues that the ADA members and region of the South Island. The local organising committee, Drs local Dentists have expressed a need for. David Coburn and Fraser Dunbar, put together excellent speakers included Dr Robyn Haisman-Welsh, Chief Dental Officer of the3. To repeat the presentation 2 - 3 times in Regional Centres of NZ Ministry of Health, Drs Sergio Salis and Dr Gavin Cumerpatch Queensland to help breakdown the “Tyranny of Distance” and Prosthodontists, General Dentists Drs Christine Holloway and decentralise from Brisbane. James Talbot, Orthodontist Paul Crowther and Dr Erin Mahoney Paediatric Dentist. The NZ Regional Committee would like to thankIn this case, the discipline of Oral Medicine was chosen, and three the speakers of the day as it would not have been possible withoutAcademics from each Qld. Dental School delivered lectures. The their agreement to speak and also the College for supporting thelecturing team are all Fellows of the College and consisted of: day financially.Prof. L. Samaranayake (UQ) Our past president, Professor Bernadette Drummond spoke onDr A . Ariyawardana (JCU - Cairns) behalf of NZ Fellows and Members at the 50th Celebration inProf. N. Johnson ( Griffith Uni – Gold Coast) Sydney in September and this was the highlight of the year for the NZ Fellows and previous Council members who attended.The Centres chosen, were Townsville, Rockhampton andToowoomba. This cooperation with the local ADA, has not been The final event on the NZ RACDS calendar was the annual lecturetrialled before in Regional Centres. Also to the best of the writer’s and informal gathering with College members, the student advisorknowledge, a “Road Show” to three Queensland regional cities with and final year dental students at the University of Otago in October.the same speakers has not been trialled before. This provided a great opportunity to meet our future Members and Fellows.Over 100 Dental colleagues and Dental Auxiliaries attended thecombined three day event, making it a successful and innovative Dr Erin Mahoneyexercise. Chair, NZ Regional CommitteeThe attendees were charged a very minor fee by the ADA for Asiacatering. Speakers were supplied as a gift from the College andtherefore the full cost of travel, accommodation and meals To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the College, a half-daywas borne by the existing Qld. Committee funds. This “gratis” Scientific Meeting was held in May 2015. Dr. Liang Lin SEOW wasarrangement, was a “one off” to celebrate the College’s Golden the invited speaker and the lectures were well attended by the localanniversary. dentists. The gala dinner was held in the evening after the Scientific Meeting. The President and all past regional Chairs in Asia wereDr. Dwight Elvery invited to join our local Fellows and Members and the event wasSecretary / Treasurer filled with good food, wine and joy.From L-R: Prof Samaranayake, Emeritus Professor Newell W A series of tutorials were arranged by the Asia Committee to assistJohnson, Dr Ariyawardana the local candidates in preparing their Fellowship examinations. Tutorials on Anatomy and Microbiology were delivered by Dr. Tipoe and Professor WK Leung respectively in early November. Dr. SF Leung and various past candidates organised a sharing session with the Final Exam candidates on 1st December. All candidates thought the tutorials were very useful in helping them to prepare, for their exam. The Committee met the President during his visit to Hong Kong on 1st November to discuss matters related to the College’s corporate entity. The Committee also joined the Examiner Dinner after the Primary Exam in Hong Kong on 5th December. In May 2016, the Asia Committee will co-organize a Scientific Meeting with the Hong Kong Endodontic Society, with Drs. Yoshitsugu Terauchi and Gracemary Leung as speakers. Dr Shiu-Yin (Rony) Cho Chair, Asia Regional Committee28 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTSAsia CommitteeBack row: Dr Robert Ng, Dr Francis Chau, Dr. LK Cheung, Dr May HoFront row: Dr LL Liang, Dr Regan and Dr David Sykes, Dr SK ChanAsia CommitteeFront row: Dr Michael Tsui, Prof Stephen Wei, Dr William YungBack Row: Dr SF Leung, Dr Albert Lee, Dr CK Lee, Dr Rony Cho, Dr Edmond Pow RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 29

THE COLLEGE REMEMBERS...Dr Elliott’s legacy to the dental profession is one of true professionalism, leadership, integrity, care and friendship. He will be missed.Dr John Arnaud BELL 1922 - 2015 Dr Brooke JollyJOHN ARNAUD BELL was an inaugural Fellow. He was a stalwartof the United Kingdom (UK) Regional Committee and his work Dr Thomas HIGGINS 1947-2015as the College representative will be greatly missed. John wasinvolved and supportive of the College and we always knew Tom Higgins passed away on January 24th and with his passing,our UK interests were in good hands with him at the helm. Australia lost a highly respected periodontist who was well known as a passionate lecturer and teacher as well as a caring and highlyJohn was a respected clinician, a worthy Fellow of the College and ethical clinician.a true gentleman. Tom graduated from the University of Queensland in 1971 andDr Elliot Thomas LANG 1924 - 2015 following service as an Army Dental Officer, completed hisElliott Lang was born in 1924 in Featherston, educated at Featherston Masters in periodontics at the University of Melbourne. DuringDistrict High School and Scots College Wellington, NZ. his career, Tom held appointments at the University of Michigan, the Institute of Dental Research in Sydney, the Sydney DentalAfter leaving school and a year with the Public Trust office in 1942, Hospital, Westmead Hospital, the University of Melbourne andElliott joined the RNZAF. the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. In Melbourne, he ran the Master’s program in periodontics and instilled in his students theHe served 3 tours of the Pacific theatre with the No 16 Fighter need to always base their clinical management on knowledgeSquadron Flying Corsairs and was ranked as Flying Officer. For his of the research evidence. He also taught them humanity andflying duties he was ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ for valuable service the ideal that all patients, regardless of socio-economic statusin the air. or geographical location, should have an equal opportunity to access dental services.Elliott, on his discharge from the RNZAF, entered Otago DentalSchool in 1947. After graduation in 1951, he was awarded the For the last 15 years of his life, Tom practised in Hobart and wasTravelling Scholarship in Dentistry and commenced study in the keenly involved in ADA affairs at both the state and federal levels.UK for postgraduate Orthodontics. In 2014, he was awarded the rare distinction of Honorary Life Membership of the ADA Tasmanian branch in recognition of hisIn 1952 he married Margaret Blennerhassett. They raised 2 children service to the profession. Tom was an enthusiast in everything– Bruce and Catherine. On his return to NZ, he commenced the he did, had a great sense of humor, was always the person to askfirst specialist Orthodontic practice in New Plymouth. the most searching questions and was never afraid to stand up for what he thought was right. The College extends its deepestIn 1967, he became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of sympathies to Michele and the family.Dental Surgeons. Elliott conducted a highly successful practice untilhis retirement in 1993. Dr Ronald MASSON 1934-2015Elliott became involved in the dental profession as a whole and was Ron completed his school life at Waverley College and startedelected President of the NZDA in 1980. Following his retirement, he Dentistry at Sydney University in 1952. He graduated with awas the Taranaki Healthcare visiting Orthodontist until 1998. Bachelor of Dentistry degree in February 1956. With his friend Dick Morris he travelled to England where they worked for anElliott served on the Vestry of the Holy Trinity Church, New enterprising dentist called Dr Maurice Swaine who employedPlymouth Yacht Club and for 6 years the North Taranaki branch of 10 Australian dentists at a time. On returning to Australia, Ronthe Crippled Children Society. In 1980 his wife Margaret died and bought a dental practice in Sutherland in December 1957 withseveral years later he married Helen Rasmussen. She has been a Dr Morris.loyal wife, companion and friend. In 1968, he commenced his post graduate degree in orthodontics under Professor Keith Godfrey and graduated with an MDSc in 1970, the year he was also registered as an orthodontist. His thesis was titled: “An Evaluation of .016 inch Orthodontic Light Wires” and this was the start of his interest in and subsequently great amount of knowledge about orthodontic wires and metallurgy. Ron became one of the founding members of the Orthodontic Arch Wire Standards Committee which looked at the quality of arch wires and other orthodontic materials. In October 1975,30 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

THE COLLEGE REMEMBERS...Ron and Dr Albert Ware published an article in the Australian Dr Leon GERSHENFELD 1969-2015Orthodontic Journal titled: “Physical Properties of OrthodonticWires”. It is with deep sadness that we heard of Leon’s illness and our loss. Leon was on his way up with his career, studies and future havingRon sold his dental practice in 1970 and together with Drs recently completed his post graduate training in PeriodonticsRay Miles and Paul Lewis, started an orthodontic practice in at the University of Sydney. I remember his excitement whenParramatta. The practice grew to include 3 other locations in he started his training in Periodontics, all the pre-thought andHurstville, Liverpool and Epping. Ron worked and co-ran the discussions we had prior to his entry into the program, hispractices with numerous partners until he retired in 2002. He learning milestones and above all, his commitment to living thestayed on for an additional year as a consultant and then he true spirit of being a Fellow of the College. I will always admire hisand Lawrie Scully decided to help out the Garden Island Navy zest for continuous learning.personnel doing orthodontics until 2007. Most of us remember Leon as a fresh face that came to SydneyRon “in his spare time” also tutored post-graduate orthodontic as a recent graduate from the University of Otago, New Zealand.students at the Sydney Dental Hospital. He did this for 25 years He joined the practice of Dr Glen Willey in Burwood, where heand hence has taught many of our current orthodontists. When continued to practise for 15 years. During this time Leon madespeaking to so many of my colleagues recently, all remember him many friends in the area, sat for his College exams obtainingfondly and told me that they had learned a lot from him. Ron Fellowship of the College in 2002, looked to furthering his studieswas a great teacher who always had time for his students and and practise by road testing many sub specialties in Dentistrywas happy to demonstrate any procedure to them. In treatment with local specialists and then finally embarked on his studiesplanning, he would always ask his students to consider “would in Periodontics with a very sound base in all aspects of Generalthey do this to your own child?”. He always put the welfare of his Dentistry. Leon led interesting discussions on what was new,patients foremost and taught his students to do the same. what his latest interests were and what he thought Dentistry needed. Between serious discussions, jokes and many laughs,Ron was passionate about orthodontics, especially The Begg the conversation was always about Dentistry.Technique and Wilcox wires. He frequently gave lectures onthese topics both in Australia and overseas. He was active in the Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. We will truly missAustralian Society of Orthodontists, serving as Treasurer in the him.NSW Branch for a few terms. He was a long standing memberof The Begg Society, the St.George Dental Association and the Dr Vasuki M DeLillo FRACDS(GDP)Catenians and a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College ofDental Surgeons and he frequently attended their meetings. Ron Also deceased in 2015was also keen on continuing education and attended orthodontic • Dr Basil Steeleconferences both in Australia and overseas. • Dr Brian Crisp • Dr Dennis McDonaldRon was a considerate and generous man – generous with his • Dr Gordon Hinrichsenmoney as well as his time. He was a devout Catholic and a family • Dr Jack Beresfordman who took an active role in bringing up his 8 children and in • Dr John Rasmussenlater life his grandchildren. He was a larger than life character who • Dr Julian Hirsthad a great sense of humour and always had a funny story to tell. • Dr Leonard NashRon passed away on February 15, 2015 after a long battle with • Dr Malcolm AitkenAmyloidosis. Ron is survived by his wife Patsy, his eight children • Dr Paul Harveyand his twenty grandchildren. • Dr Peter Price • Dr Richard CaseDr Kit ChanWarwick Wellesley HANSON1930 - 2015As an Inaugural Fellow, Dr Hanson was one of those peoplewho successfully launched the College and opened the pathfor many younger dentists to follow in his footsteps. He passedaway peacefully on 20 December 2015, late of Wentworth LaneOrange, NSW. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 31

AUSTRALIA DAY & QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY HONOUR RECIPIENTS In the Australian honours system, appointments to the Order of Australia (AO), Member of the Order (AM) and Medal of the Order (OAM) confer the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service. The College is proud to acknowledge the following Fellows and Members on their appointment in the Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday Honours lists in 2015. Australia Day Honours 2015 Dr Lawrence Maxwell SMART AM Myrtle Bank, SA For significant service to dentistry in the field of clinical orthodontics, through cleft lip and palate treatment and craniofacial surgery. Dr Smart contributed to the College as an Inaugural Fellow. Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015 Prof Paul Vincent ABBOTT AO Perth, WA For distinguished service to clinical dentistry, and to higher education, as an academic, researcher and author, to endodontics as a practitioner, and to professional organisations. Professor Abbott served the College as both the Chair of the Board of Studies and as an examiner in Endodontics. Dr Anthony John DICKINSON OAM Glen Iris, Victoria For service to dentistry as a practitioner and as an educator in prosthodontics, and to professional associations. Dr Peter Willoughby McKERRACHER, OAM Mount Claremont, WA For service to dentistry, to professional associations, and to dental education. Dr McKerracher contributed to the College as an Inaugural Fellow, as Censor-in-Chief, Councillor and member of Council Executive and as Chair and Secretary of the Western Australian Regional Committee. Prof Fredrick Clive WRIGHT AM Sydney, NSW For significant service to dentistry, particularly in the area of population oral health, as an academic, educator, administrator and research scientist.32 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

HONORARY FELLOWSHONOURS HONORARY FELLOWSHonorary Fellowship 1965 Prof Sir Arthur Amies CMG• Prof Martin Tyas AM 1965 Sir John Hall Best• Dr Francis Chau 1966 Prof A J Arnott CBE• A/Prof Braham Pearlman (posthumously) 1966 Prof T D Campbell 1966 Prof S F LumbDr David Sykes presenting Prof Martin Tyas AM Honorary 1966 Prof Sir John Walsh KBEFellowship 1968 Prof Sir Robert Bradlaw CBE 1968 Sir Terrance Ward CBEDr David Sykes presenting Dr Francis Chau Honorary Fellowship 1968 Prof F C Wilkinson CBE 1970 Dr G LeathermanHonorary Fellowship awarded to A/Prof Braham Pearlman 1971 Prof N W G Macintosh(posthumously). Medal accepted by Mrs Deborah Pearlman 1973 Mr A Docking MBE 1974 Dr W A Grainger CBE 1976 Sir Kenneth Adamson CMG 1976 Prof K W Cleland 1977 Dr P R Begg AO 1977 Prof G N Davies CBE 1978 Prof I R H Kramer OBE 1979 Dr R Harris AM, MBE 1979 Dr J F Lavis AM 1979 Brig A G Rowell AO, CBE, ED 1982 Prof Sir Paul Bramley 1983 Prof K J G Sutherland 1985 Dr H G Lamplough 1985 Mr W O Read 1987 Dr E H Bastian OBE 1987 D. S G Kings AM 1987 Dr J A Sagar 1989 Dr R Y Norton OBE 1989 A/Prof R M King 1991 Dr G Wing AM 1993 Dr J H Muller A.M 1993 HRH The Princess of Wales 1995 Dr R W Hession AM 1997 A/Prof J K Harcourt OAM 1997 A/Prof G H Hewitt 2000 Dr S C Warneke AM 2001 Dr J H Sinclair 2003 Dr K H Wendon 2005 Dr R J Bastiaan OAM 2007 Dr D H Thomson 2009 Dr N J J Peppitt 2010 Prof E C Reynolds AO 2011 A/Prof B K Drummond 2014 A/Prof W H Bischof 2015 A/Prof Braham Pearlman (posthumously) 2015 Prof M J Tyas AM 2015 Dr Francis Chau PRESIDENTIAL COMMENDATION In order that persons who have made a contribution of great significance to the College in its continuing development and activities, the Council has established a form of recognition that it is a privilege of the President to bewstow upon such a person. The Honour Roll 1998 William K R Mackenzie 1999 Ross L Taylor 2004 Noel D Martin AM 2005 Alastair N Goss 2007 Robert F Broadbent 2009 Les Wallace 2010 Nicola M Kilpatrick 2013 Stephen Robbins RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 33

MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDSMERITORIOUS SERVICEAWARDSIn 1983 the College instituted the Meritorious Service Award to beconferred on those who have rendered long and distinguishedservice to the College.The Honour Roll1983 Peter M. Gibbs Dr David Sykes presenting A/Prof Andrew Heggie with Meritorious1984 Wilfred J. Simmonds Service Award1984 Clarence J. Griffin1984 David G. Esler Fellowship without Examination1987 Peter Davies1987 T. Bruce Lindsay ED The following received the Award of Fellowship without Examination1988 Athol W.J. Lykke1988 Graham A. Thomas • Dr James Worthington (SDP)1988 Leslie P. Oliver DFC • Professor Laurence (Laurie) Walsh1988 Anthony H. Rogers • Professor Michael Morgan1989 John G. Waterson1990 Robert M. Cook AM Dr David Sykes presenting Dr James Worthington Fellowship without1991 Marnie E. Martin Examination1991 Nihill H. Somers1991 Noel D. Martin AM Dr David Sykes presenting Prof Laurence (Laurie) Walsh Fellowship1991 Christopher G. Daly without Examination1992 Michael A.W. Thomas1993 Lloyd G. O’Brien AO1994 John S. Lyell1995 Philip C. Crocker1995 James M. Scott1997 F. Elizabeth Martin1997 Peter W. McKerracher1997 Kornel Romaniuk RFD2000 Ann P. Collins2001 Peter Bradford2001 Michael F.S. Tsui2001 P Mark Bartold AM2001 Rakesh K Kumar2001 William C W Yung2003 E. Dell Kingsford Smith2003 Robyn Lupton2004 Jonathan P H Rogers2004 David Wiesenfeld2005 Norman Eizenberg2007 Alexis Smith2007 John K Harcourt OAM2007 David G Purton2008 Richard P Widmer2009 Leslie Snape2009 Frank Monsour2009 Marc Tennant2011 Philip A Cockerill2011 Hugh G Trengrove2011 Geoffrey W Borlase2014 Angus C Cameron2014 Luke Moloney2015 Andrew Heggie Dr David Sykes presenting Prof Michael Morgan Fellowship without Examination34 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

AWARDSRACDS Academic Prizes at Professor Kenneth Sutherland, AM, who endowed the KennethAustralian Universities J.G. Sutherland Award, considered the College more than just an examining body. He believed the College represented a pathwayIn acknowledgement of the academic success of talented final and incentive to encourage a dentist in achieving the goal ofyear students, the RACDS Academic Prize was awarded by several excellence in clinical practice and knowledgeuniversities Australasia wide, to the following recipients: The recipients of the award for 2015 are:University 2015 Dr Mathew Albert Wei Ting Lim and Dr Michael Toan Lam NguyenGriffith University Hasan Maki The award comprises a College Medal and a monetary amount ofJames Cook University Ingrid Blomberg $AUD500 each.La Trobe University Bethany Cunning (2014) Christensen Prize Priyanka Kotu Frederich George Christensen served the College in the formativeThe University of Melbourne Sung Suk Oh years as a Councillor, lecturer, examiner and Chairman of the Queensland Regional Committee. He found in the College anThe University of Queensland Lily Andersen admirable vehicle for using his talents in helping energetic and enthusiastic practitioners to achieve the status of Fellowship in theThe University of Sydney Shared College. Yunyang Wu It was not surprising that his death in 1969 did not mean an end Vincent Cheung, to his endeavours, for he ensured that a tangible expression of his Dale Quoc Hoang Do interests should persist in the form of a Prize for the successful Benjamin Chih-I Chang candidate with the highest marks with outstanding proficiency at the Primary Examination held by the College. The Examination isThe University of Western Bolun Zhang of a high standard and has achieved an international reputation.Australia The prize comprises of the College Medal and a monetary amount of AUD$500.Fiji National University Harshana Shika Singh The recipients of the award are: The University of Hong Kong Lee, Hiu Hung (2014-2015) 2014 - Dr Rushil Patel 2015 - Dr Michael Skilbeck and Dr Jason Chew The prize consists of a Certificate of Merit together with a monetaryamount of AUD$500.SUBJECT PRIZESOn the advice of the Examiners, Subject Prizes for the highest markscored in each subject were awarded to the following:-Anatomy SKILBECK, Michael & CHEW, JacobCell Bio & Biochemistry SHI, SonyaHistology CH’NG, JoshuaMicrobiology CHAN, FrancisPathology SHI, SonyaPhysiology SHI, Sonya & SKILBECK, MichaelKenneth J.G. Sutherland PrizeThis Prize was initiated by Professor Kenneth J.G. Sutherland AMof Western Australia as recognition for the candidate at the FinalExamination who gained the highest marks in General Dentistryand for demonstrating eminence in the elective section of theExamination. Not awarded for 2015Kenneth J.G. Sutherland MembershipAwardThe inaugural Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Membership Award is forthe candidate/s who, in the opinion of the Board of Examiners,demonstrated overall excellence in the MRACDS General DentalPractice programme. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 35

In 2015, the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons celebrated its 50th Anniversary. During the year, Fellows and Members of the College celebrated with a number of national and local events to acknowledge its history. A weekend of celebrations in September commenced on the evening of Thursday 3rd September to acknowledge the Inaugural Fellows and those who had contributed so much to the development of the College. A most convivial atmosphere, aided by the talents of a musical string quartet, added to the enjoyment of all present. The President of the College, Dr David Sykes delivered a stimulating and extensive history of the College. The Official Opening was then performed by the President of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Rick Olive. This was followed by the presentation of a book to the College by Inaugural Fellow, Dr Bernard Lilienthal, entitled “Reserches et Observations sur toutes les Parties de l’Art du Dentiste” (Researches and Observations on all Parties to the art of the Dentist), Mr. Ettienne Bourdet, First Edition, 1757. The following day, Friday 4th September, over 200 people attended the NSW Scientific Day which was held at Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf. The Meeting featured high profile speakers from each of our College regions including Professor36 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

Bernadette Drummond (NZ), Professor LakshmanSamaranayake (Qld), Dr Robert De Poi (Vic/Tas),Professor Paul Abbott (WA), Dr Dae-Hyun Lee(HK), Dr Sharon Liberali (SA) and Adj. AssociateProfessor David Roessler (NSW). The NSW RegionalCommittee, led by Dr Ian Sweeney, and supportedby members Vasuki DeLillo, Peter Mansour,Emma Black, Soni Stephen, Dimitra Mersinia andPeter Duckmanton are to be congratulated onorganising and executing such a fine day.Fellows, Members, partners and friends enjoyed avariety of social activities the following morning onSaturday 5th September. These included an ItalianFood Walking Safari in Haberfield, a day sailing onSydney Harbour or a visit to the Art Gallery of NSWfor the Archibald Art Exhibition and High Tea.The 50th Anniversary Celebrations culminatedon the evening of Saturday 5th September witha Black Tie Gala Ball at the Foundation Hall,Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests gatheredon the courtyard overlooking Sydney Harbourfor pre-dinner drinks and canapés, followed by anevening of fine food, wine and entertainment. DrDavid Sykes welcomed and thanked all presentfor supporting the College.This was followed by the signing of an MoU by DrDavid Sykes and A/Prof Andrew Heggie, Presidentof the Australian and New Zealand Association ofOral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, (ANZAOMS). Thenight was hosted by Michael Usher, 60 Minutesreporter, who also delivered an audiovisualmontage and presentation of his most interestingassignments as an international reporter.The night culminated in music, entertainment anddancing provided by internationally renownedmusician and entertainer, Alfredo Malabello, andhis big band. It was a night to remember. RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 37




ADMISSIONS TO FELLOWSHIP Fellowship without ExaminationMichael MORGAN - VIC Laurence WALSH - QLD James WORTHINGTON - NZDental Public Health General Dental Practice OMS FRACDS - General Dental Practice Nor Faharina Mohamed Hairulnizam David Che-Wei Ashwini ZoeABDUL HAMID AMER BAHARIN CHANG CHAPHEKAR COMMANDEUR Malaysia VIC Malaysia VIC VIC NSWHosam El-Deen Gwendolyn Ka Kit Cigdem Ka Shun Tony Alan ELHADDAD Lauren HUANG HUI KIPEL LEUNG MANN VIC VIC Hong Kong NSW SA SAHeidi Johanna Leba Michael Michael Tak Heba Chung Kit Alex Ruwan Kumar REID SARKIS Soon SENG SKAROS SUM WARNAKULA VIC NSW VIC NSW Hong Kong ACT Shu-En WIGHT FRACDS - Periodontics FRACDS(GDP) VIC Alex Peter Khai Quang Julio Cesar Gabrielle Janet ALLEN - SA Jawaad Ahmed ASIF - Malaysia KALOS NGUYEN RINCON AGUILAR Jenkin Jin -Chuen CHIU - NSW Shannon GODFREY - WA NSW NSW WA Jessica Qiao Kun HE - Canada Raymond Wai Kit IP - HK Amy Nguyen - NSW Elizabeth Ann REGAN - VIC Thomas VAN HEUMEN - QLD FELLOW - OMS Scott Charles BORGNA - QLD Benjamin John GHALY - NSW RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 41

ADMISSIONS TO MEMBERSHIP MRACDS - General Dental Practice Debra Sze Yan Chu Yan Yuk Keung Augustin Stephen Yan WingBROWN CHAN CHIANG CHOY CHUNG QLD Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong KongNishant Chung Chun Henry Ying Chee Mathew Albert Cheuk HeiHURRIA LAM LEE Wei Ting LIM LUK VIC Hong Kong Hong Kong VIC Hong Kong Karl Yadir Niranjan Eliezer Andrew Chun BonSCARPIN SINGH THOMAS TRAN WONG SA TAS VIC VIC Hong Kong MRACDS - Dental Public HealthMRACDS(GDP)Hung Bun CHOY - Hong KongWing Yee Letty CHU - Hong KongKa Wai LAM - Hong KongKai Sun LAW - Hong KongBernard Ming Hoy LIANG - Hong Kong Shilpi Noora Gabbriel Tse Feng AJWANI AL BLOOSHI CHONG NSW United Arab Emirates Singapore MRACDS - Paediatric DentistyRodney Gerad Marwa Saodi Abdelbaset Juliette Maree Rana JENNINGS Moh MOSTAFA SCOTT YAWARY WA VIC NSW WA42 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

ADMISSIONS TO MEMBERSHIP MRACDS - Orthodontics Seerone Mark Christopher Anél Anna Wai Yee Emily RuthANANDARAJAH BLANDY BLIGNAUT CHANG CLOSE SA QLD NSW QLD QLD Sophie Carolyn Lian Tat Jonathan Granville Tsang Tsang Edwin Wen Jun GRAY NG Estcourt ROOKE SHE TANNew Zealand VIC VIC Hong Kong VIC MRACDS - Orthodontics MRACDS - Jenkin Jin-Chuen CHIU - NSW Periodontics Jasyn Paul RANDALL - QLDMargaret Jung-Jo MRACDS - Periodontics Nabil KHZAM - WA WANG Mohammed VIC SHORAB QLDMRACDS - Endodontics MRACDS - Prosthodontics MRACDS - Oral MedicineFatima Augustin Yoon-Ho Sravan David Martin Kong MohammadALDHERFAIRI JANG CHUNDURU Guan GOH ALRASHDANUnited Arab Emirates WA NSW NSW Jordan RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 43

LIFE FELLOWS COAKLEY, Michael John - Sorrento, VIC, Australia COATES, Peter James - Yeronga, QLD, Australia LIFE FELLOWS COHEN, Maurice John - Benowa, QLD, Australia COLE, Russell - London, United Kingdom ABBOTT, Richard Henry - St Ives, NSW, Australia CONNOR, James Norman Esson - City Beach, WA, Australia ADAIR, Peter Harold - Turramurra, NSW, Australia COOK, Richard Graeme - South Perth, WA, Australia ADAMS, Donald Bertrand - Wellington, New Zealand COOK, Robert Malcolm - Middle Park, VIC, Australia ADDISON, Michael John - Cronulla, NSW, Australia COSGROVE, Denis James - Nedlands, WA, Australia ADEY, Alfred - Berrilee, NSW, Australia COSTELLO, Maurice - Mitchelton, QLD, Australia ADKINS, Ken Francis - Birkdale, QLD, Australia COWLISHAW, Vivienne Margaret - Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia ADLER, Edmond Arthur - Mt Lawley, WA, Australia CRAIG, Graham George - Balgowlah, NSW, Australia AITKEN, James Alexander - Avalon Beach, NSW, Australia CREEDY, Brian Edward - Collins Creek, NSW, Australia ALLCOCK, Brian Grant - Cherrybrook, NSW, Australia CRISP, John Cunningham - Essex, United Kingdom AMERENA, Vincent Conrad - Brighton, VIC, Australia CROCKER, Philip Cameron - Berry, NSW, Australia ANKER, John Harris - Mangerton, NSW, Australia CROXSON, Lawrence James - Turangi, New Zealand ASHBY, John Warwick - Christchurch, New Zealand CUMMING, Richard - Breakfast Point, NSW, Australia AVERY, Brian - Mordon, County Durham, United Kingdom CURTIN, Paul - Eastwood, NSW, Australia BARCLAY, John Keith - Otago, New Zealand CUTRESS, Terence William - Wellington, New Zealand BARNARD, Peter Deane - Lindfield, NSW, Australia DAENKE, Lachlan Lewis - Frewville, SA, Australia BARNES, Peter Byron - Greenbank, QLD, Australia DAGG, Keith Miles - Casino, NSW, Australia BARTLETT, Samuel Zane - Papatoetoe, New Zealand DALE, John William - Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia BAU, Dennis John - Cammeray, NSW, Australia DAWES, William - Mt Kuring-Gai, NSW, Australia BEHREND, Donald Albert - Toorak, VIC, Australia DIAS, Andrew Paul Lakshman Henry - Clifton Hill, VIC, Australia BELL, Marsden (William) - Auckland, New Zealand DINTE, Nathan Max - Avihail, Israel BELL, William Patrick Leslie - Auckland, New Zealand DOWNES, Arthur Maxwell - Isle Of Man, United Kingdom BENSON, Peter Ernest - Ingleburn, NSW, Australia DOWSETT, Michael Hutton - Kingston, ACT, Australia BERESFORD, Jack Stuart - Auckland, New Zealand DUCKMANTON, Norton Archie - Surry Hills, NSW, Australia BEVAN, Eric Mervyn - Dural, NSW, Australia DUNCAN, Roy Graham - Clear Is. Waters, QLD, Australia BISHOP, Roger Geoffrey - Swanbourne, WA, Australia DUNN, Adrian Arthur - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia BLACK, Clifford Graham - Auckland, New Zealand DUTHY, Lester Milton - Warrnambool, VIC, Australia BLACK, Owen Philip - Indented Head, VIC, Australia EDWARDS, Iain Greig - Woollahra, NSW, Australia BLOCH, Harry Martin - Melbourne, VIC, Australia EDWARDS, John - Waiheke Island, New Zealand BOA, John Thomas - Canterbury, United Kingdom ELLIS, Donald Hedley - Robina, QLD, Australia BOLTON, George Henry Philip - New Farm, QLD, Australia ESLER, David George - London, United Kingdom BOND, Keith - Norman Park, QLD, Australia EWART, Niel Philip - Auckland, New Zealand BOOTH, David Robert - Murdoch, WA, Australia FEATHERSTONE, John Lawrence - Braidwood, NSW, Australia BOWDEN, Boyce Darryle - Cape Schanck, VIC, Australia FENNELL, Lloyd Harold - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia BOWELL, Geoffrey Reginald - Brighton, VIC, Australia FENWICK, David Norman - Wallington, VIC, Australia BRADLEY, Denis John - Oatley, NSW, Australia FITZSIMONS, Robert Claude - Coogee, NSW, Australia BROADBENT, Brian Gordon - Tamworth, NSW, Australia FORTESCUE, Rex Edward - Vancouver, BC, Canada BROGAN, William Francis - City Beach, WA, Australia FREEMAN, Derek David - Potts Point, NSW, Australia BROWN, John Paul - Austin, TX, United States FROST, Paul Linden - East Southport, QLD, Australia BROWN, Tasman - Linden Park, SA, Australia FUNG, Hang Eric - Happy Valley, HK SAR PRC BROWNBILL, John William - Malvern East, VIC, Australia GAN, Robert - Parramatta, NSW, Australia BRYANT, Roland Warwick - Castle Hill, NSW, Australia GARDINER, Gavin Thomas - Middlesex, United Kingdom BUCHANAN, Gordon - Orange, NSW, Australia GATES, Robert Edward - Wyong Creek, NSW, Australia BURGESS, Peter Tilbury - Burnside, SA, Australia GEARY, Colin Patrick Maurice - Dunedin, New Zealand BURKITT, Harold George - Copmanhurst, NSW, Australia GIBSON, Horace James - Ipswich, QLD, Australia BURTON, Colin Ernest - Berowra Heights, NSW, Australia GILLIES, Robert Ian - Melbourne, VIC, Australia BUSHELL GUTHRIE, Phillip - Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia GILLINGS, Barrie Roderick D’Arcy - Turramurra, NSW, Australia CAMPBELL, Edward - Glen Iris, VIC, Australia GODFREY, John Lewis - Dromana, VIC, Australia CAMPBELL, John Pritchard Stewart - Highett, VIC, Australia GOLDSCHMIED, Felix - Kings Meadows, TAS, Australia CANDY, Geoffrey Thomas - Nelson, New Zealand GOSS, Alastair Norman - Adelaide, SA, Australia CANESTRA, John - Albert Park, VIC, Australia GOTJAMANOS, Theo - City Beach, WA, Australia CANNON, Jean - Toorak, VIC, Australia GOUNDAR, Satyanand Narainan - Herts, United Kingdom CANNON, Peter Douglas - Malabar, NSW, Australia GRAINGER, James Keith - Currumbin, QLD, Australia CAPPER, Brian - Merewether Hts, NSW, Australia GRANT, Alan Archie - Daisy Hill, QLD, Australia CHAN, Shun Chi Elias - Doncaster East, VIC, Australia GRAVE, Keith Cyril - St Georges, SA, Australia CHAN, Wing-Ho - Central, HK SAR PRC GREGG, Francis Alexander - Gordon, NSW, Australia CHANDLER, Donald Kenneth - Adelaide, SA, Australia GRUNDY, Geoffrey Esmond - Little Mountain, QLD, Australia CHAPMAN, John Henry - Bellingen, NSW, Australia HAIG, Donald Andrew - Sandringham, VIC, Australia CHARLTON, Douglas Edward - Annangrove, NSW, Australia HALL, Roger Kingsley - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia CHAU, Kai Kin - Central, HK SAR PRC HARDHAM, Richard George - Red Hill, VIC, Australia CHESTER, Ian Colin - Ascot, QLD, Australia HARDWICK, James Lyndon - St Ives, NSW, Australia CHEUNG, Peter Kwok Kuen - Clayton, VIC, Australia HARRIS, Geoffrey Stephen - Cheltenhan, NSW, Australia CHOO, Soo Bin - Beverly Hills, NSW, Australia HARRY, Michael Romilly - Adelaide, SA, Australia CHOW, Douglas Kam-Yung - Mid-Levels, HK SAR PRC HARVEY, William John - Wahroonga North, NSW, Australia CHURTON, Maurice Craig - Auckland, New Zealand CLARKE, Peter John - Hamilton, New Zealand44 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

LIFE FELLOWSHASTIE, Peter - Warwick Farm, NSW, Australia MARTIN, Anthony Peter - Mortdale, NSW, AustraliaHAWKINS, James Kell - Mosman, NSW, Australia MASON-COX, Joseph - Wagga Wagga, NSW, AustraliaHAY, Richard Henderson - Mittagong, NSW, Australia MAYNE, Lewis Harper - Ipswich, QLD, AustraliaHEITHERSAY, Geoffrey Sinclair - North Adelaide, SA, Australia MAYNE, John Ross - Coal Point, NSW, AustraliaHELLSTROM, David Roger - Lindfield, NSW, Australia MCCARTHY, John Joseph - Sydney, NSW, AustraliaHENRY, Patrick Joseph - West Perth, WA, Australia MCDONALD, David Francis - Busselton, WA, AustraliaHENRY, Robert Gordon - Pymble, NSW, Australia MCDONALD, James Peter - Edinburgh, United KingdomHEWSON, Drew Robert - Newtown, VIC, Australia MCGEACHIE, John Kerridge - Crawley, WA, AustraliaHICKS, Stephen Montagu - Bowral, NSW, Australia MCKERRACHER, Peter Willoughby - Mt Claremont, WA, AustraliaHIGHFIELD, Don Henry - Mont Albert, VIC, Australia MEIKLE, Murray - Cambridge, United KingdomHIGHFIELD, John Ernest - Sydney, NSW, Australia MERRICK, Alistair McClelland - Welby, NSW, AustraliaHING, Desmond Alexander - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia MESSER, Louise Brearley - Middlesex, United KingdomHINRICHSEN, Colin Frederick - Hobart, TAS, Australia MILES, Raymond Arthur - Main Beach, QLD, AustraliaHOLLIS, Michael John - Christchurch, New Zealand MILLS, Arthur Anthony - Orange, NSW, AustraliaHOWIE, John Stevenson - Auckland, New Zealand MITCHELL, Brian Newton - Cronulla, NSW, AustraliaHOWLE, Peter Creswell - Tamworth, NSW, Australia MOBBS, William Robert - Edgecliffe, NSW, AustraliaHUME, Wyatt Roderic - Alameda, CT, United States MOHAMED, Mohamed Yunus Bin - Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaHURLEY, Daniel John - Drysdale, VIC, Australia MOLLENHAUER, Barry - Ivanhoe, VIC, AustraliaHYDE, Peter Frederick - Reedy Creek, QLD, Australia MOLONEY, Francis - Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaINNES, Peter Bruce - Dunedin, New Zealand MONK, Roger Donald - St Albans, Christchurch, New ZealandJACKMAN, Michael Patrick - Mitchelton, QLD, Australia MONSOUR, Francis - Windsor, QLD, AustraliaJACKSON, William James - Mosman, NSW, Australia MOR, Gordon James - Norman Park, QLD, AustraliaJARVIS, Ross Geoffrey - Royal Exchange, NSW, Australia MORRIS, William Max - Auckland, New ZealandJEFFERIES, Richard William - Christchurch, New Zealand MOUNT, Graham Jaunay - Medindie, SA, AustraliaJENKINS, William John - Toronto, ON, Canada NELSON, Eugene Horatio - Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaJOHNSON, Newell Walter - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia NEUMANN, George - Bunbury, WA, AustraliaJOLLY, Mark - Killara, NSW, Australia NORMAN, John Edgar deBurgh - Strathfield, NSW, AustraliaJOLLY, Brooke Hunter - New Plymouth, New Zealand NUGENT, Michael Anthony Caroi - Kensington Garden, SA, AustraliaJOYCE, Kevin Peter - Paddington, QLD, Australia OAKLEY, Gavan Ray - Yarra Glen, VIC, AustraliaJOYSTON-BECHAL, Sally - London, United Kingdom O’BRIEN, Lloyd George - Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaKAFALIAS, Michael Constantine - North Willoughby, NSW, Australia O’DONOGHUE, Donald James - Brookfield, QLD, AustraliaKELLAWAY, Richard Wallys - Cleveland Dc, QLD, Australia O’LOUGHLIN, Ian Howard - Timaru, New ZealandKENNEY, Ernest Barrie - Los Angeles, CA, United States O’REILLY, Karol Joseph - Mornington, VIC, AustraliaKENTWELL, Peter Winton - Belconnen, ACT, Australia PARKER, Ines - Burnside, SA, AustraliaKESSLER, Selwyn - Parramatta, NSW, Australia PARKER, David Alan Scott - Burnside, SA, AustraliaKING, Ross William - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia PAUL, Stanley Peter - Brookfield, QLD, AustraliaKINGS, Eric William - Somers, VIC, Australia PEARSON, John Rupert - Harkaway, VIC, AustraliaKINSELLA, Philip - Killara, NSW, Australia PEAT, John Humphrey - Auckland, New ZealandKIRKWOOD, John - Northbridge, NSW, Australia PEET, Bruce Edward - Griffith, ACT, AustraliaKLINEBERG, Iven - Westmead, NSW, Australia PHILLIPS, Basil Wright - Adelaide, SA, AustraliaKNOWSLEY, Harley George - Christchurch, New Zealand POGSON OAM, Kenneth Erle - Moss Vale, NSW, AustraliaLAM, William Kui-Po - Wan Chai, HK SAR PRC PULLEN, Geoffrey John - Kooyong, VIC, AustraliaLAM, Timothy Yat-Wah - South Perth, WA, Australia PURTON, David Graham - Dunedin, New ZealandLANG, Elliott Thomas - New Plymouth, New Zealand QUINN, Neville William - East Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaLANGFORD, Anthony - Caulfield Junction, VIC, Australia RABEY, Graham Peter - Cambridge, United KingdomLAWRENCE, Henry Ernest - Belconnen, ACT, Australia RALPH, William James - Mornington, VIC, AustraliaLAWRENTSCHUK, Leon - Black Rock, VIC, Australia RATCLIFFE, Peter Harry - Alexandria, NSW, AustraliaLAWS, Alan John - Dunedin, New Zealand RATTRAY, Susan Frances - North Bawlyn, VIC, AustraliaLECHNER, Sybille Katherine - Fairlight, NSW, Australia RAY, Kenneth Richard - Berkshire, United KingdomLEHMANN, Gerald - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia REANEY, Philip John Richard - Havelock North, New ZealandLESTER, Keith Simon - Gerringong, NSW, Australia REINERS, John Alexander - Prospect, SA, AustraliaL’ESTRANGE, Peter - London, United Kingdom RENDELL, Colin Ray - Victoria Point, QLD, AustraliaLEUNG, Wing Ming - South Melbourne, VIC, Australia RICHARDSON, John Bennett - Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaLEWIS, Harris Keith - Bondi, NSW, Australia ROBERTSON, James Alastair McLean - West Footscray, VIC, AustraliaLILIENTHAL, Bernard - Phillip, ACT, Australia ROBSON, James Stanley - Hawthorn, VIC, AustraliaLIMBRICK, Michael John - Auckland, New Zealand RODDA, John Charles - Mosgiel, New ZealandLIU, Frank Ting-Pang - Westleigh, NSW, Australia ROPER, Mervyn Goldsmith - Aspley, QLD, AustraliaLUCAS, Douglas Russell - Box Hill, VIC, Australia ROSEN, Ernest Martin - Waverley, NSW, AustraliaLUND, Patrick George - Cleveland, QLD, Australia ROSENBERG, Ian - Dianella, WA, AustraliaMACCULLOCH, Reginald Douglas - Goulburn, NSW, Australia ROSS, Clive Bentley - Remuera, Auckland, New ZealandMACDONALD, Malcolm Ross - Leabrook, SA, Australia ROVEDA, Sidney Ivor Luigi - Townsville, QLD, AustraliaMACGIBBON, David John - Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia RYAN, Edward Henry - Lane Cove, NSW, AustraliaMACKIE, William James - Killara, NSW, Australia SAHHAR, Stan Costandy - Malvern, VIC, AustraliaMACKIE, (Robert) Colin - Warilla, NSW, Australia SAYERS, Peter - Auckland, New ZealandMANNING, Michael Francis - Rockhampton, QLD, Australia SCARFF, Anthony William - Kooyong, VIC, AustraliaMARK, Alan Ting Shu - Camberwell, VIC, Australia SCHULZE, Michael - Auckland, New ZealandMARTIN, Francis King - Paraparaumu, New Zealand SCOTT, John Macintosh - Havelock North, New Zealand RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 45

LIFE FELLOWS SCOTT, Barry - Auckland, New Zealand SCOTT, James Murray - Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand SEEMANN, John - Rose Bay, NSW, Australia SEYMOUR, Gregory John - Chapel Hill, QLD, Australia SHORT, Aubrey Gordon - Wellington, New Zealand SHRIMPTON, Blair Alan - Balnarring, VIC, Australia SIBRAA, Paul Douglas - Liverpool, NSW, Australia SMART, Lawrence Maxwell - Adelaide, SA, Australia SMITH, Roy Andrew - Deakin, ACT, Australia SMITH, Neville Henry Hedges - Killara, NSW, Australia SMYTH, Jonathon MacLeod - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia SMYTH, Jennifer Mary - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia SMYTH, James - Seaforth, NSW, Australia SMYTHE, John Davidson - , NSW, Australia SOMERS, Nihill Henry - Naremburn, NSW, Australia SOUTHWICK, John Havelock - Pymble, NSW, Australia SQUIRE, Bruce Edward - Melbourne, VIC, Australia STACY, Geoffrey Colman - Killara, NSW, Australia STALLWORTHY, Robert Arthur - Wellington, New Zealand STARR, Samuel Alexander - Glen Iris, VIC, Australia STRONG, Russell Walker - Tennyson, QLD, Australia SULLIVAN, Kerry Oral - Christchurch, New Zealand SUTHERS, William Dixon - Clifton Gardens, NSW, Australia SUTTON, Anthony John - Blacks Beach, QLD, Australia SWINBURN, Paul Frewen - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand TAYLOR, Ross Lawton - Claremont, WA, Australia THOMAS, Graham Arthur - Moruya, NSW, Australia THONARD, John Charles - Mount Compass, SA, Australia TROTTER, Lloyd Alfred - Merriwa, WA, Australia TURNER, Robert Bruce - Peppermint Grove, WA, Australia VADIVELOO, Victor Kandiah - Ashwood, VIC, Australia VALENTINE, Henry Blair - Lower Hutt, New Zealand VARTULI, Angelo Ralph - St Morris, SA, Australia VINCENT, Peter Fitzgerald - Brisbane, QLD, Australia WAGNER, Graeme George - Brookfield, QLD, Australia WAINWRIGHT, W Michael - Vancouver, BC, Canada WALKER, Elwyn Peter - Christchurch, New Zealand WALSH, Jeremiah Finbar (Barry) - Grindelwald, TAS, Australia WALSH-BUCKLEY, James - Aspendale, VIC, Australia WALTERS, Ian Paterson - Sydney, NSW, Australia WALTON, Dudley Frank - Portsea, VIC, Australia WAN, Kwok-Kuen William - Chicago, IL, United States WARDLAW, David Alexander - North Balwyn, VIC, Australia WATKINS, Keith - Kooyong, VIC, Australia WATSON, Donald Charles - Mindarie, WA, Australia WATTERS, Allan Robert - West Pymble, NSW, Australia WEI, Stephen Hon Yin - Central, HK SAR PRC WELLS, Neville Brian - Mona Vale, NSW, Australia WIDDOP, Fred Talbot - Sandringham, VIC, Australia WILLIAMS, John F H - Ballarat, VIC, Australia WILLIAMSON, John Joseph - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia WILLIS, Lloyd Everette - Auckland, New Zealand WILSON, Ian Brownlie - Redland Bay, QLD, Australia WILSON, David John - Edgecliff, NSW, Australia WINZAR, Clyde Francis - Corinda, QLD, Australia WOLTER, Glen David - Kenilworth, QLD, Australia WOODHOUSE, Anthony Dillon - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia WOODS, Robin George - Newport Beach, NSW, Australia WOOTTON, Raymond Olney - Heyfield, VIC, Australia WRIGHT, Fredrick Allan Clive - Drummoyne, NSW, Australia WYMOND, Geoffrey Michael - Sorrento, VIC, Australia YEUNG, Stephen Chung Hon - Sydney, NSW, Australia YEUNG, Peter Man-Fong - Melbourne, VIC, Australia YIP, Andrew Shing-Gaye - Vancouver, BC, Canada YIU, Eric See Yue - Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK SAR PRC YUEN, Wai Terence - Toorak Gardens, SA, Australia ZETTL, John Frederick - Hawthorn East, VIC, Australia46 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

FELLOWS BARNARD, Peter Deane - Lindfield BARRATT, Alexandra Brandusa - KillaraAUSTRALIA BAU, Dennis John - CammerayAustralian Capital Territory BEATH, Paul - Merewether BENSON, Peter Ernest - IngleburnCARTY, Glenn Victor Lucas - Bruce BERTRAM, Anthony Robert - MenaiCHIAM, Sher-Lin - Hackett BEVAN, Eric Mervyn - DuralCOOPER, Michael Alan - Braddon BHOLE, Sameer - West Pennant HillsDAHLSTROM, Stephen William - Garran BILSKI, Arthur Georg - LismoreDAWSON, Anthony Stewart - Deakin BILSKI, Wojciech Marek - LismoreDOWSETT, Michael Hutton - Kingston BLACK, Emma Victoria - Lane CoveDUONG, Ann - Yarralumla BLACKLER, Stephen Michael - SydneyEVANS, Richard Iorweth - Turner BOLAND, Thomas William - Lane CoveFRICKER, John Peterie - Manuka BOND, Emma Louise - PenrithGOSLING, Paul Thomas - Hughes BORLASE, Geoffrey - SydneyGREEN, Jesse Nicholas - Turner BRADLEY, Denis John - OatleyHAR, David John - Canberra BRANDSON, Steven John - ManlyHONG, Sunny - Canberra BRENT, Suzanne Faye - SydneyHYAM, Dylan - Deakin BROADBENT, Brian Gordon - TamworthHYDE, Michael Terrence - Canberra BRYANT, Roland Warwick - Castle HillKENTWELL, Peter Winton - Belconnen BUCHANAN, Gordon - OrangeLAWRENCE, Henry Ernest - Belconnen BUCHANAN, Susan - GreenwichLILIENTHAL, Bernard - Phillip BURKITT, Harold George - CopmanhurstLISING, Stephen Kwongee - Turner BURTON, Colin Ernest - Berowra HeightsMOUNTAIN, Keith John - Deakin CAMERON, Angus Crawford - WestmeadNATH, Neela - Mckellar CAMERON, Heather Margaret - OrangePACKIANATHAN, Manjara - Harrison CANNON, Peter Douglas - MalabarPEAKE, Gregory George - Belconnen CAPPER, Brian - Merewether HeightsPEET, Bruce Edward - Griffith CARTER, Eric Francis - Hunters HillSETHI, Bikram - O’Malley CASTRISOS, Timothy Victor - RosevilleSMITH, Roy Andrew - Deakin CHAN, Richard Wainin - Linley PointSTACEY, Geoffrey Douglas - Chapman CHAN, Ambrose Kwok Leung - StrathfieldVICKERS, Peter Gregory - Braddon CHAPMAN, John Henry - BellingenWARNAKULA, Alex Ruwan Kumar - Franklin CHARLESWORTH, Gregory Clark - SydneyWITHERSPOON, Robert - Kingston CHARLTON, Douglas Edward - AnnangroveWONG, Peter David - Deakin West CHEUNG, Monique Charlene - Naremburn CHEW, Kong Eng - WoollahraNew South Wales CHI, Jonathan Yi-Shao - Castle Hill CHIU, Jenkin Jin-Chuen - KillaraABBOTT, Richard Henry - St Ives CHOO, Soo Bin - Beverly HillsABDIOGLU, Hannah Hanife - Rozelle CHOU, Patty Peng-Chun - Castle HillABOUELENEIN, Mahmoud - Raymond Terrace CHOW, Allan Wilfrid King Yee - East KillaraADAIR, Peter Harold - Turramurra CHOW, Yvonne Yuen-Fai - Milsons PointADDISON, Michael John - Cronulla CHRONIS, Nicholas James - StanmoreADEY, Alfred - Berrilee CHURCHIN, John Anthony - SydneyAHMED, Kamal - Razorback COCEANCIG, Paul Lloyd Getty - NewcastleAHMED, Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Al Sai - Sydney COLLINS, Ann Page - WestmeadAHUJA, Rajiv - Castle Hill COLLINS, Catherine Jane - CheltenhamAITKEN, James Alexander - Avalon Beach COMMANDEUR, Zoe - WarriewoodALCAINO, Eduardo Augusto - Burwood CONNELL, George Russell - BowralALEXANDER, Sherene - Oatlands CONWAY, Richard - DrummoyneALLCOCK, Brian Grant - Cherrybrook COOLICAN, John Edward - ChatswoodAMDITIS, Constantine - Punchbowl CORNWELL, Helen Louise - BroadmeadowAMJADI, Mahyar - Randwick COULTER, Peta Beryl - MosmanAN, Qian - Allawah COUTINHO, Ajay - West BallinaANDREWS, Nectarios - Petersham COX, Stephen Clive - EppingANKER, John Harris - Mangerton CRAIG, Graham George - BalgowlahANKER, Anthony Harris - Miranda CREEDY, Brian Edward - Collins CreekANTONIOU, Chrysostomos - Kangaroo Point CROCKER, Philip Cameron - BerryAQUILINA, Peter Joseph - Rozelle CUMMING, Richard - Breakfast PointAU, Anthony Raymond - Warrawee CURTIN, Paul - EastwoodAUSTIN, Bruce William - Mosman CURTIS, Nigel - GosfordAZIZI, Milad - Macquarie Links DAGG, Keith Miles - CasinoBAHL, Adit - Northbridge DALE, John William - Bellevue HillBANNON, Michael John Benedict - Miranda DALY, Christopher George - Sydney RACDS YEARBOOK 2015 47

FELLOWS HOANG, Peter Duc - Bankstown HOFFMAN, Gary Russell - Broadmeadow DAVIS, Scott Murray - Woolgoolga HOGAN, Paul Francis John - Sydney DAWES, William - Mt Kuring-Gai HOGAN, Louise Margaret Ermina - South Coogee DAWSON, Kenneth Henry - Port Macquarie HONG, Jae-Man Zhuzhong - St Ives DAYMOND, Stephen Cunynghame - Sydney HOWE, Andrew Macdonald - Birchgrove DEANE, Stuart - Turramurra HOWLE, Peter Creswell - Tamworth DEANE, Sheryn Ann - Turramurra HUANG, Lincoln Luen-Keung - Seaforth DHANRAJANI, Parmanand - Strathfield HUQ, Shazia - Castle Hill DORNEY, Alan Brett - Pymble HUTCHINSON, Leone June - Birchgrove D’ROZARIO, Robin Henry John - West Wollongong IKRAM, Omar Hamid - Crows Nest DUCKMANTON, Norton Archie - Surry Hills IRVING, Mark Allan - North Parramatta DUCKMANTON, Peter Michael - Pennant Hills JARVIS, Ross Geoffrey - Royal Exchange DUNN, Adrian Arthur - Vaucluse JAY, Emma Elizabeth - Summer Hill DUNN, David Brenton - Sydney JOLLY, Mark - Killara EDWARDS, Iain Greig - Woollahra JONES, Alexandra Mary Reid - Nashdale EGGERS, Rebecca - Bella Vista KAFALIAS, Michael Constantine - North Willoughby ELLAKWA, Ayman - Seven Hills KAH, Melissa - Sydney EL-MASOUD, Bilal Mohammed Ahmed - Orange KALAS, Michael - Beverley Park ELSEYOUFI, Mohamed Gamal El Din - Fletcher KALOS, Alex Peter - Darling Point FATOURIS, Peter Nicholas - Waverley KANG, Hyun Beth - Camperdown FEATHERSTONE, John Lawrence - Braidwood KARTIKO, Yudith - Woodcroft FELL, Robert Allan - Westmead KARVE, Avanti Parul - Strathfield South FITZSIMONS, Robert Claude - Coogee KATHIRGAMATHAMBY, Sri - Strathfield FOO, Eugene Mun Hoe - Chatswood KEATS, Matthew Pittman - Lane Cove FREEMAN, Derek David - Potts Point KHAREL, Kamal - New Lambton FRYER, Shane - Wollongong KHOO, Swee Lan - North Rocks GALLAGHER, Fiona Elizabeth - Brighton-Le-Sands KIM, James Hyun - Wollongong GAN, Robert - Parramatta KIM, Ryan Woongki - Lidcombe GANTASALA, Mahesh Veera - Glenwood KING, Shalinie - Glebe GATES, Robert Edward - Wyong Creek KINGON, Angus Mackenzie - Wahroonga GEDDES, Christopher John - Helensburgh KINGSFORD SMITH, Elisabeth Dell - Mosman GEORGIOU, Anastasia Fotini - Glebe KINSELLA, Philip - Killara GERZINA, Tania Maria - Killara KIPEL, Cigdem - Lane Cove North GHALY, Benjamin John - North Parramatta KIRKWOOD, John - Northbridge GIBLIN, John Patrick - Hornsby KLINEBERG, Iven - Westmead GILLINGS, Barrie Roderick D’Arcy - Turramurra KTENAS, Paul - Coniston GLUHIN, Elizabeth - Longueville KWAN, Deborah Wai Ling - Chatswood GOSWELL, Anthony Clyde - Sydney KWONG, Davina - Bellevue Hill GREGG, Francis Alexander - Gordon KYAW, Emily Amarcho - Caddens GUAZZATO, Massimiliano - Pyrmont LAI, Kittie Kit Yuk - Baulkham Hills GUIRGUIS, Sam Adel - Boronia Park LAM, Patsandra Pui San - Botany GUNARATNAM, Kogulan - Concord LAN, Jennifer - Turrella HADDAD, Sami - Castle Hill LAPARDIN, Pavel - Strathfield HAGLEY, Paul Christopher - Tamworth LAU, Joyce Wing Suet - Killara HAPANGAMA, Narada - Wagga Wagga LAW, Amanda Wing Har - Mosman HARDWICK, James Lyndon - St Ives LECHNER, Sybille Katherine - Fairlight HARDWICK, Nigel John - St Ives LEE, Steven Moi Hing - Castle Hill HARGREAVES, Warren Scott - Rozelle LEE, Kok Beng - Epping HARRIS, Geoffrey Stephen - Cheltenham LEE, Alexander - Hornsby HARTY, Warwick John - Surry Hills LEE, Joseph Cho-Yan - Kingsdene HARVEY, William John - Wahroonga North LEE, Paulina - East Ryde HASTIE, Peter - Warwick Farm LEHMANN, Gerald - Vaucluse HAWKINS, James Kell - Mosman LEINKRAM, David Zachary - Bondi HAY, Richard Henderson - Mittagong LENEHAN, Hugh James - Epping HEAP, Keith Leonard - Malabar LESTER, Keith Simon - Gerringong HEARD, Fiona Margaret - Eastwood LESTER, Kerry Joseph - Woollahra HEE, Winston - Baulkham Hills LEUNG, Luke Ho Pan - Carlingford HELLSTROM, David Roger - Lindfield LEUNG, Alec Ching Lik - Peakhurst Heights HENRY, Robert Gordon - Pymble LEWIS, Harris Keith - Bondi HERRIOTT, Stephen Eric - Tweed Heads LIEW, Vincent - Bondi Junction HESSION, Reginald William - Pymble LIM, Lydia - Chatswood HEWITT, George Henry - Pennant Hills LITTLE, Fiona Patricia Margaret - Petersham HICKS, Stephen Montagu - Bowral LIU, Frank Ting-Pang - Westleigh HING, Desmond Alexander - Vaucluse LIU, Rex - Dundas HO, Cheung-Tak Gareth - Burwood HO, Teresa Yuen-Ting - Marsfield48 RACDS YEARBOOK 2015

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