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Published by mhong1995, 2016-04-10 22:40:52

Description: Portfolio book


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HMIOAIANMOG MULTIMEDIA DESIGNERUIUX Design | Website Design | Motion Graphic

FPIRLOE MIAO HONG MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER A passionate, punctual and hardworking individual who is daring to try out something new and different. A well scheduled person always finishes task given on time with maximum quality.

WIHDAOTUI DESIGN WEBSITE DESIGN 3D + MOTION GRAPHICUser Interface Design is the Web design encompasses Motion graphic is animationdesign of websites, computers, many different skills and technology to create theappliances, machines, mobile disciplines in the production illusion of motion or rotation,communication devices, and maintenance of websites, combining with audio to createand software applications including standardised code a perfect match. 3D design is awith the focus on the user’s and proprietary software. process of developing a three-experience and interaction. dimensional object.


GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the correct use of typography, space, image and color. I start learning computer software for design in this stage.

Album Cover Design A album cover designed for “Angela Chang” album.

Standing Card Design A standing card design for McDonald’s

Postcard DesignA post card design with the title oftraditional in Malaysia.

Banner GraphicA banner graphic is created for ECOTINT AR App, including thetutorial part.

Tee DesignA tee design with the theme of candy land during the Christmas festive.My idea is using a cat and bulf filling up with candy.

Brochure DesignA brochure design is designed for Ice Estate Cafe.The purpose of is to promote a newly opend cafe in Penang.


UIUX DESIGN User intrface design is a process of visually guiding the user while user experience designdeveloping and improving of quality interaction. A journey of UIUX design is where i start to learn about hireachy, layout and grid.

App Interface Design This project is a collaborative team project with PlayMe AR. This app will be used in Penang Peranakan Mansion with bringingNyonya’s life to the real life. My task for this project is app interface design.

Game Interface Design This project is a game design by using javascript. It is about a story that a doll being experimented that she can become a human. Now, she start her advernture.

Website DesignA website design for airbnb campaign.This website is used to promote the campaign and make announcement.

A website rebranding project with the category ofcommercial website. Tesco is chosen as the website forme to rebrand it as it have the strong brand identity.

This project is a game design by using javascript. It is about a story that a human posses her soul into a doll. What’s going to happen next?


3D + MOTIONGRAPHIC 3D design is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any 3D surface of an object. Motion graphic is combining of animation and graphic to create illusion of motion and rotation.This is such an experiencing design journey for me.

Motion Graphic3D motion graphic design for the theme of logo.

A 10s countdown leader forChistamas by having the conceptof cookies.

This project is a 3d title sequencedesign.The Imitation Game is an oldhistorical movie about the story offirst computer.

3D Modeling A traditional instrument, Er Hu is chosen as my model object. A poster and video is created to promote.


INTEGRATED MEDIA Integrated media is a innovative digital ,encouraging an interdisciplinary exploration of media practices. This is a very challenging and exciting journey where I have experience my design in different kind of media, no matter online or offline. I will show my major project here.

BrandingThis project is a brand building multimedia project, promoting the companycreatively through media. A complete set of branding design is done. [email protected] © 2016. IM’Miao Multimedia Designer

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