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VTM Credentials for Agency

Published by misslamnguyen, 2018-03-23 03:18:32

Description: VTM Credentials for Agency


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Who is VTM?

Vietnam Online Marketing Market Share (Mil USD)2 4 76 131 215 329 39065 Vietnam Media 27% 24% 33% 46% 67% 75%80% 43% 45% 37% 23% 3% 7% 31% 30% 30% 31% 22% 26% 2013 2014 201519% 201 2012 2016 Source: ANTS, FPT, VNG,2010 VCCorp,24H, Agencies, VECOM

Google Partner Certificate Facebook Partner Certificate

40,000+ Head: 35 Chua Lang, Hanoi Civi: F8, TNR Tower (Vincom), clients 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi 500+ staffs HCM office: 21 Nguyen Cuu Van, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City

WHYVTM? BIGGEST PARTNER OF GOOGLE, FACEBOOK VAT INVOICE ISSUED BEST PRICE We issue VAT Invoice for your Google, Facebook campaignsINTEGRATED ONLINE MARKETING PLAN LATEST UPDATEMulti channel Online marketing plan using Web design,  Latest advertising technologyIntegrated Online Media channels, Content…) from Google, Facebook  Google Insights by Industries TECHNICAL SUPPORT

WHY PDCA - Model to enhance Advertising effectivenessVTM? Plan Do• Identify target, target audience, • Campaign implementation budget, area to meet demand. • Detailed evaluation• Set up the plans, the channels will run• Make and allocate budget for each specific channel Action Check• If CVR is low ⇒ Change in content more or • Click and impression indexes come from less ? Change banner or target? ⇒ channels Improvement plan. • The amount of Lead earned• If the amount of Lead is low⇒ Determine • CPC, CPA, CTR, Average position where the reason came from? Change the • Lead conversion rate (CVR ) account structure, change banner, modify landing page? Review CTR, CVR ⇒ Plan Improvement.

What services?

Online Marketing Strategy & Planning  Performance Based Ads Strategy  Branding Strategy  Mobile Strategy  Content Strategy  Social Media Strategy  Analysing, Executing and Tracking  Content Direction  Content Building  Image Design  Fanpage/Website/Microsite Development Content Building

Fanpage Like IncreasingSponsored PostLink to WebsiteVideo AdvertisingLead CollectingApp InstallationInstagram Ads is an Affiliiate System borned by the co-operation betweenVTM Group and Value Commerce affiliates Advertisers (Brands) and Publishers(websites/blogs) and charges Advertisers by CPA instead ofCPC/CPM/CPD.

 PR & Banner Booking SMS Marketing Email Marketing

SOCIAL LISTENING SOCIAL LISTENING SOCIAL MARKET RESEARCH COOPERATION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT• To listen what the social is • To report, analyze the talking about the brand, market and feel the • Cooperate in the products, services behavior of consumers development of large through social networking data systems based on• To help the brand perspective. core competence in determine effectively the data. media efforts have spent • Listen to customer feedback on the brand. • Research User Profile• To follow and warn • Research AI • Find out the insight ofof social communication (Artificial Intelligence) consumers about one1crisis risk 2 3 market

Information Technology  Website, Microsite Design  Hosting, Server, VPS, Domain  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): GlobalSign  Zopim Chat for website

How to coorporate with VTM ?

WHOAGENCY ( Master plan) ATL, BTL Offline, Online IMC, Creative,…VTM (Online Marketing) Media plan KPI, Budget Execution

WHY WORKS WITH VTM? 1. Kinh nghiệm làm việc với các Agency trong nước và nước ngoài. 1. Experience with Agencies process (Global and Local Agency) 2. Hỗ trợ nhanh chóng cho các task hoặc vấn đề khẩn cấp. 2. Quick support with urgent task/problem 3.Nhiều giải pháp, kiến nghị, tham khảo 4.Cùng với Agency đi pitching 3. Solutions, suggestions , consulting 5. Giá ưu đãi 4. Pitching together 5. Best price 6. Google insight hỗ trợ cho việc lên kế 6. Google insight to support planning hoạchWIN WIN WINCLIENTS AGENCY VTM

PROCESS Teamwork với Marketing team VTM execute của khách hàng Agency execute AGENCY VTM & Agency execute BRIEF REPORT MEDIA PLAN, (Báo cáo) KPI, BUDGET REVISED (Xét duyệt)CONFIRM PAPERWORK PREPARATION EXECUTION OPTIMIZE(Xác nhận) (Thủ tục giấy tờ) (MATERIAL) (Thực hiện) (Tối ưu) (Chuẩn bị)

CPC CPM Kaizen method ( PDCA)PRICE REPORT EXECUTION(Gía) (Báo cáo) (Thực hiện)CPV Daily (Automatically- Google) Weekly (Power point/ Excel)

Case Study

SEM CAMPAIGN FOR A LEADING BRAND OF HOME ELECTRIC APPLIANCES- Client: Home Electric Appliances Brand- Channel: Google Search Network- Target: Reach the KPI of Click, Impression and Average position- Duration: 5 months- What we did? o Consulting Ads Text for 4 main keyword groups: Washing machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, E- Warranty. o Running the keywords using Google Adwords in TOP 5 to optimize the authority of user when searching keywords related to electronic devices- What we got? o Over 25.000 clicks in total (Over 23.000 clicks committed) o Over 450.000 impression in total (450.000 impression committed), 4 times higher than the previous agency result with the same click amount o >5.5% of CTR o <3.4 in Average position (TOP 5 committed) o The Client was very happy with the service and caring

YOUTUBE CAMPAIGN FOR A LEADING BRAND OF HOME ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - Client: Home Electric Appliances Brand - Channel: Youtube - Video: an MV by Singer Hien Thuc telling about the progress from a young girl becoming a mother. She uses Home Electric Appliances to take care of her family - Target: Reach the KPI of Trueview in Ads to have total view in Watch page around 600.000 views - Duration: 2 months- What we did? o Run the Youtube Ads for MV to celebrate the Mother’s Day o Optimize the video to viral more people, the aim is to get more organic view without Ads.- What we got? o Over 500.000 Trueviews in Ads o Over 610.000 Views in Watch page after the Campaign o Get nearly 13.000.000 Impression o The Client was very happy with the service and caring

SEM CAMPAIGN FOR A LEADING CONFECTIONERY BRAND- Client: Confectionery Brand- Channel: Google Search Network- Target: Reach the KPI of click in a very short time of running Ads for Tet holiday search time- Duration: 3 weeks - What we did? o Consulting the Ads Text for 5 main keyword groups o Running the SEM campaign during 1 month before Tet holiday one week o Optimize the total click to reach KPI, engage more and more people to the landing page and play Tet game - What we got? o Over 36.000 clicks in total (over 30.000 clicks commited) o Over 630.000 impression in total o >5.73% of CTR o <2.7 in Average position

FACEBOOK VIDEO CAMPAIGN FOR A LEADING INSTANT NOODLE CUP BRAND- Client: Instant Noodle Cup Brand- Channel: Facebook Video Ads- Video: an MV by Singer Noo Phuoc Thinh, who is so funny, strong to sing, dance for a school day after tasting a cup of noodle- Target: Reach the KPI of View by 300.000 using Video Ads of Facebook- Duration: 1.5 months- What we did? Run and optimize the video to get as many the organic view as possible.- What we got? o Over 190.000 paid views o Over 480.000 views in total (view shown outside of the video) o Organic view is higher than 2.5 times than paid views o VTR is nearly 20% o The Client was very happy with the service and caring

FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN FOR ONE OF THE LEADING COMMERCIAL BANKS- Client: Banking Brand- Channel: Facebook- Game: A mini game for summer that users have to go through 3 steps: Like Fanpage, Comment to answer the question and Share the post in public to get awards from the Bank. - Target: Get as many players for the game as possible. At least 1000 players. - Duration: 2 weeks - What we did? Run the sponsored post campaign, target by demographic, interest and behaviour of users. - What we got? o Reach over 56.000 Users o Over 2400 Likes, 2300 Comments, 2300 Shares o Over 2100 valid players, 2 times higher than first target o Award for 3 lucky random players

INTEGRATED ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR A JAPANESE FINANCIAL SERVICE LOCATED IN VIETNAM- Client: Financial Service- Channel: Google, Facebook- What we did? o Running Ads on SEM, GDN, Fanpage Like Increasing, Facebook Link to website Ads, Zalo and Coc Coc Ads o Consulting the methods to optimize the campaign constantly- Duration: >2 years- What we got? o Reach almost all of the people in Ho Chi Minh city, who are the target audiences of the campaign o Get over 6 Million impression each month of Ads on all channels o Get over 1000 contacts/month of people registering or emailing or calling to the center to ask for financial service. o Get over 70 contracts every month of people who are qualified of loaning money from this service o Open 14 branches of the company at almost every district in Ho Chi Minh City and new branches in Hanoi.

Civi CAMPAIGN FOR A JOINT VENTRURE BANK IN VIETNAM- Client: Joint Venture Bank in Vietnam- Products: Credit- Channel: Duration: 1 month- What challenges: Only form in 6 provinces in Vietnam accepted, otherwises decline.- What we did? o Set up the Affiliate campaign using o Consulting to design the banner and prepare the content on the landing page of the Client o Working and following with the Publishers to help them optimize the content/banners on their sites to raise the CVR of the campaign- What we got? o Get over 610 Leads after 1 month o 73% is qualified form (450 forms). Others are not in the accepted locations. o 450 users with real need of loans, save time and money for Bank when they only pay for real users and meet the conditions of the Bank.

Thank you

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