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Two Rivers Board of Trustees Meeting April 19, 2022

Published by mkimso, 2022-04-08 23:00:39

Description: Two Rivers Board of Trustees Meeting April 19, 2022


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April 19, 2022

Agenda-April 19, 2022 Time Item Topic Purpose 6:00pm ❖ Call to Order ● Approval of agenda For information and 6:10pm votes 6:40pm Executive Director Report For discussion and 8:00pm ❖ Executive Director ● Brief Operational information Report Update For discussion and ● SY 22-23 Goals information For discussion and Preview information Board Committee Reports For discussion and information ❖ Development ● General Update For information and votes ❖ Academic ● Annual Spring Excellence Academic Update ❖ Governance ● General Update ❖ Finance ● 1st review of SY ❖ Adjourn 22-23 Budget ● Contract Approval ● Vote This meeting is governed by the Open Meetings Act. Please address any questions or complaints arising under this meeting to the Office of Open Government at [email protected] Bylaws Next meeting: ● May 10, 2022

Board of Trustees March Committee Summary Committee Meeting Date Attendees Topics of Discussion Executive Committee 3/22 Ash Zachariah Finance Malik Husser Committee Eli Schlam Saumil Shah Development Matt Steenhoek Committee Academic 3/30 Saumil Shah Excellence Committee Theo Thompson ● Discussed progress on budget Governance Matt Steenhoek Committee Alex Mackey Driss Belachen Gail Williams Kristina Kyles-Smith 4/4 Tricia Eisner ● Gala Post Mortem John Phillips Theo Thompson Sam Swiller 3/10 Jenny Bradbury ● Participated in an abridged High Dereck Pierce Quality Work Protocol Malik Husser Ahnna Smith Kenneth McCants-Pearsall Maraget Troyer 3/24 Eli Schlam ● Board recruitment Penelope Thornton-Talley ● Risk update Ash Zachariah Malik Husser Michael Murphy Aurora Steinle Kristina Kyles-Smith

____________________________________________________________________________ TO: Two Rivers Board of Trustees FROM: Kristina Kyles-Smith, Ed.D, Executive Director DATE: April 19, 2022 SUBJECT: April Development Update ____________________________________________________________________________ PURPOSE: This memo updates the Board of Trustees on the current status of the board’s development department and development committee. This update is for informational and discussion purposes. BACKGROUND & CONTEXT: Our development department’s fundraising efforts are designed to expand unrestricted revenue for Two Rivers. Annually, the Development Team organizes several fundraising events and campaigns that support our school and organization in various ways. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Framing the Future Gala, is a highlight of the year at Two Rivers — our biggest celebration and fundraiser, held each spring annually. The event includes a showcase of student artwork; a raffle with fabulous prizes; and an auction of student artwork, local artisans’ creative works, class baskets, staff experiences, gift cards, etc. This year, our 18th Annual Framing the Future Gala looked a bit more like past years, and we were able to celebrate the fantastic learning and spirit of crew in our Two Rivers Community! Here are some highlights: ● The Gala was in person and offered an online engagement opportunity ○ We hosted 213 checked-in guests at our live event located at Eden’s of Union Market ○ We hosted eight households who utilized Livestream from home ○ We have had a large amount of positive feedback from parents, staff, and attendees ○ We celebrated our Community Partner of the Year, Kevon King of The Village BUDGET SNAPSHOT: ● Expenditures totaled approximately $50,000 and included the cost of services such as Dock5, DMV Productions, Catering, Bar, Decor, Auction, and others. ● We cut $13,000 from our budget by using items owned by Two Rivers items such as tables, chairs, laptops, computers, other electronic devices, etc. ● Our INCOME from the event are as listed below ○ Raffle: $14,675 ○ Admission Tickets: $27,800 ○ Silent Auction: $30,000

○ Donations: $750 ○ Sponsorships: Committed $27,500; Received $10,000 ○ Approximate Total: 100K ANTI-RACIST & INCLUSION IMPACT: To make attending the gala and its related experiences more accessible, the development team put a few action steps into place. ● We offered $50 Admission tickets for staff members and their spouses/SO ● We provided a $300 Family Sponsorship which enabled families to purchase an admission ticket to be gifted to a teacher or staff member ● We allowed sponsors who were unable to attend to donate their tickets so teachers could participate in their place ● There were 91 donated and/or sponsored tickets this year!. ● There were two Staff Experiences collectively purchased through donations from our community and gifted to our school students - “I hike it like that” & “Ice cream and the works”- raised $750 ○ This new idea, expressed to us by a teacher, Kai Blackwood, permits the hosting teachers to choose 8 ES and 8 MS students to participate in a fun Staff Experience that might otherwise be overlooked due to limited capacity in the Silent Auction ○ Thus, the competition of the auction is removed and allows anyone who wants to donate any nominal amount towards supporting this experience to do so ○ Our TR Board of Trustees contributed in total an amount of $2,485 RECOMMENDATION & RATIONALE: N/A ACTIONS: No board actions are required at this time. ATTACHMENTS: C: Patricia Eisner, Senior Director of Development Aziza Temple, Development Manager

____________________________________________________________________________ TO: Two Rivers Board of Trustees FROM: Kristina Kyles-Smith, Ed.D, Executive Director DATE: April 19, 2022 SUBJECT: Academic Updates ____________________________________________________________________________ PURPOSE: The purpose of this memorandum is to provide the the TR Board of Trustees regarding academic progress. BACKGROUND/CONTEXT: Several times a year, Two Rivers engages in a series of assessments to measure how our students are mastering the knowledge and skills prescribed by the Common Core State Standards for their grade level. An overview of our assessments is attached. During our winter assessment window, we assessed students on the following standardized assessments: Grade Level English Language Arts Math Preschool - Pre-K Circle Reading Circle Math K-2 1-8 Skills Block Curricular Assessments mClass Math (K) Measures of Academic Progress Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) (MAP) In addition to these assessments, we administered unit assessments through our Bridges curriculum to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Statewide Assessments This year, we will also resume the administration of the following statewide assessments: English Language Science English Language Arts/Math DC Science Proficiency Partnership for Assessment of ACCESS for English Language Readiness for College and Learners Careers (PARCC) Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate ACCESS for English Multi-State Alternate (DLM) Language Learners Assessment (MSAA) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: There are several bright spots in our mid-year data: ● 46% of students met their growth goal in math, an increase of 6% from last year ● The percent of PS and PK students at or above benchmark increased for almost every subgroup (including Black students, SPED, and at-risk) in math ● The percent of ECE students at or above benchmark in Phonological Awareness increased for every group of students from BOY except SPED (who maintained 75% at or above) ● 27% of students grew at least 3 microphases at MOY (goal is to grow 3 by EOY), and 39% have already grown 2 microphases. A microphase is a discrete set of literacy skills that students are expected to practice and master in order to become proficient readers. Microphases are sequenced learning goals based on Literacy Common Core State Standards and mapped towards mastering essential reading tasks needed to be an independent reader. ● 57% of students are meeting or exceeding expectations for oral reading fluency ● Students’ mastery of standards in Kindergarten and first grade is above 70% and above 60% in 2nd grade ● Growth in proficiency based on math pre- and post-tests increased for 3rd-5th grade Grade 3rd 4th 5th Pre-test mastery 18% 4.3% 8% Post-test mastery 77.5% 48% 70%

While there are many areas to celebrate, there are still areas of growth: ● Overall proficiency in both reading and math (as assessed by MAP) are down from last winter. Overall proficiency also decreased from fall to winter of this year ● Proficiency of students with IEPs continues to remain stagnant and/or declining BUDGET SNAPSHOT: N/A RECOMMENDATION/RATIONALE: N/A ACTION: (Describe the intended/requested outcome) No Board Action Requested ---for awareness only. ATTACHMENTS: Academic Presentation PPT Academic Assessment Overview C: Kenneth McCants-Pearsall , Chief Academic Officer

____________________________________________________________________________ TO: Two Rivers Board of Trustees FROM: Kristina Kyles-Smith, Ed.D, Executive Director DATE: April 19, 2022 SUBJECT: Contract for Psychological Evaluation Services ____________________________________________________________________________ PURPOSE: To seek approval to contract with DWW Psychological Services to provide services for psychological evaluations, potentially exceeding $25,000. BACKGROUND/CONTEXT: Two Rivers is committed to the success of every student and embraces all students. To better ensure student success, we embrace all student needs and provide the necessary support to ensure their success as learners and community members. Our continuum of supports services begins with our student support team, which is available to all students in need and sometimes includes access to psychological evaluations completed to assist Two Rivers in determining what services would be most helpful for the student in question. This year, we have had an increased number of students needing access to psychological evaluative services. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In September of 2021, Two Rivers contracted with DWW Psychological Services to support in conducting evaluations and functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) for special education. Anticipating that the cost for these services would eventually exceed $25,000, in December 2021, Two Rivers began the PCSB-required procurement process. Two Rivers issued a request for proposals on December 10, 2021. Advertisements were placed in the DC Register, Washington City Paper, and Washington Informer. We received one response, from DWW. We have since then continued to use DWW Psychological Services to supplement our internal school psychologist’s work. Based on the increased number of upcoming evaluations to be completed in the coming months (this is typically a busy time as it relates to evaluations) as well as the increase in FBAs to be completed, we are estimating that we will spend close to if not more than $25,000 by the end of the year. Two Rivers is requesting approval to contract with DWW Psychological Services in excess of $25,000. These services are needed to ensure compliance with special education processes, particularly this year as we work to clear the backlog of evaluations across the network. Our goal is

to complete the majority of evaluations internally. However, we have been satisfied with the quality of services provided by DWW, and plan on continuing to partner with them in the future to supplement our internal capacity. BUDGET SNAPSHOT: This contract will likely meet or slightly exceed the $25,000 threshold and will be paid from the special education budget. ANTI-RACIST/INCLUSION IMPACT: DWW is a minority- and women-owned company. Additionally, the services provided support our identification of potential and ongoing treatment of our special education students, allowing them to have equitable access to our instructional program. ACTION: Approve the use of DWW Psychological Services in excess of $25,000. ATTACHMENTS: Proposal for Assessment Services-Two Rivers PCS(21-22 SY) C: Kenneth McCants-Pearsall, Chief Academic Officer

To: Two Rivers Board of Trustees From: Kristina Kyles-Smith, Ed.D, Executive Director Date: April 19, 2022 Subject: Two Rivers School Year 2021-22 Budget (FY23) PURPOSE: The purpose of this Budget Memo is to request approval of the Two Rivers budget for the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23). BACKGROUND/HISTORICAL CONTEXT Each year in the spring, the Mayor releases a proposed budget for the District, which is ultimately considered and approved by the D.C. Council. This year, the Mayor’s budget process was delivered in a timely manner and allowed our finance team to also create a proposed budget in a more timely manner. In February of 2022, Mayor Bowser announced that her proposed budget would include a 5.9% increase in the foundation amount of the uniform per-student funding formula (UPSFF) and several other encouraging increases. Building on the release of budgetary information from the mayor and the Office of the State Superintendent for Education (OSSE) regarding FY23 funds, Two Rivers has engaged in its planning process for the upcoming fiscal year. Two Rivers budget planning is led by Two Rivers’ Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, who works with the Board’s Treasurer and other members of the Finance Committee to develop a strong budget proposal for consideration by the entire Board. After initial review and feedback, the budget is amended and returned to the board for a final vote. The approved budget must be submitted to the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB). This year the approved budget must be submitted to DC PCSB by the end of July 28, 2022. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Two Rivers FY23 budget reflects continued priorities that we have engaged in for some time and new priorities that reflect the evolving needs of our program and students. Additionally, this budget begins to contract some of the staffing expansions made to accommodate in-person instruction during FY22. Two main budgetary priorities for this year include: 1. Middle School Expansion 2. Fair and Competitive Salaries for TR Staff These continue to be non-negotiables moving forward. In addition, we have identified several new priorities. A gap analysis conducted with the Two Rivers Board and staff identified several key areas that we think would significantly impact equity and excellence in School Year 2021-22. These areas, combined with the continuing need to respond to COVID-19 and unique reentry challenges, led to the following list of continued priorities for School Year 2022-23.

1. Responding to the Need for Enhanced General Education Student Supports - Enhancing Tier 1 and 2 student supports to increase our ability to meet our mission and goal. 2. Responding to the Need for Enhanced Teacher Content-specific Feedback and Coaching - Creating roles and capacity to provide needed content support. The current budget reflects these priorities while maintaining a strong financial stance. This includes: ● Maintaining step increases for assistant teachers and teacher leaders and COLA increases for non-instructional staff. ● Maintaining a healthy number of days of cash on hand Timeline ● April 19th – Finance Committee Submits Budget to the Board for First Vote ● May 10th – Final Board Vote on Budget ● By end of July – Final Budget must be filed with PCSB RECOMMENDATION/RATIONALE: N/A ACTIONS: For discussion and the provision of Board recommendations ATTACHMENTS: TR Summary Financials TR Report 2.6 C: Gail Williams, Chief Operating Officer Saumil Shah, Treasurer, Board of Trustees Treasurer

FY23 Budge Budget ve

et Summary ersion 2.6

Background & Trustee Responsibilities This presentation contains informati FY23 budget. Trustees are responsib When making financial decisions, tru 1. Does the decision benefit our stu 2. Does the decision make Two Riv 3. Is this decision fiscally responsib The board of trustees’ fiduciary resp and approval of an annual budget be

ion about the proposed Two Rivers ble for governing the organization. ustees should consider: udents? vers a better place to work? ble? ponsibilities also include the review efore it takes effect. 2

FY23 Proposed Budget Executive Summary Two Rivers’ finance team worked wit and EdOps to create this version of This budget more closely resembles no anticipation of occupancy restrain sunsetting of federal pandemic relief QALICB Note for FY23: ● ST CDE A Loan: $2,040,600. W ● CURE CDE A Loan: $4,081,2 ● ST CDE B Loan: $959,400. W ● CURE CDE B Loan: $1,738,8

th Dr. Kristina, budget managers, an FY23 budget. our pre-pandemic operations with nts. Consequently, FY23 includes a f funding. Will be paid in Dec. 2022. 200. Will be paid in Dec. 2022. Will be forgiven in FY23. 800. Will be forgiven in FY23. 3

Major Budg

get Drivers 4

Foundations of Budget M ● Two Rivers’ 2022–2023 operat ● Expectation that COVID-19 o ● Enrollment of 1,057 students ○ Student enrollment increas ○ Final year of middle schoo ● Staffing changes to accommod ○ Staff level remains at 207 ○ Final year of middle schoo ○ Elimination of 8 of 9 pan

Modeling tional plan occupancy constraints end by October 2022 count-date sing 6% from 997 to 1,057 ol enrollment expansion date operational changes ol enrollment expansion ndemic-related positions 5

Projections: Revenue Drive ● QALICB loan forgiveness: $2.69 ● 5.9% increase in UPSFF revenue ○ FY22 foundation level: $11,7 ○ FY23 foundation level: $12,4 ● Carryover of pandemic-related f ○ $717,349 of ESSER III carry ● Increased development revenue p ○ Increased Beyond the Basics ○ $65,000 of private grant carr

ers 9 million e (awaiting Council approval) 730 419 funding yover projections s target to $75,000 ryover (actual & projected) 6

Projections: Expense Dri ● Final year of middle school ex instructional staff members: $ ● Capital projects applied to New

ivers xpansion, including up to four $355,224 w Market Fund (bond): $60,000 7

Budget Year C

Comparisons 8

Summary of Major Changes Revenue FY22 Budget Ordinary Expenses November 2021 Net Ordinary Income Extraordinary Expenses $26,388,512 Net Income $23,306,898 $3,081,614 $4,539,457 ($1,457,843) Changes to Cash FY22 (Reforecast) Change in Cash ($788,316) Ending Cash Balance $8,328,316

FY23 Budget Change Value % Proposal March 2022 $28,637,294 $2,248,782 8.52% $24,253,732 $946,834 4.06% $4,383,562 $1,301,948 42.25% $4,281,178 ($258,279) (5.69%) $102,384 $1,560,227 107.02% FY23 (Proposed) Change, $ Change, % 9 ($562,464) $225,852 28.65% $7,511,143 ($817,173) (9.81%)

Relief Funding Summary Any unspent funds from FY22 will be carried over Source (All COVID-19 Relief) FY20 CARES Act $59,148 CARES Act II — PCS Reopening Grant — ESSER II (Initial & Supplement) — ESSER III (Initial & Supplement) — PCS Reopening Facilities — ARP IDEA — COVID-19 Positive Case Response — Emergency Connectivity Fund — Total: $59,148

r into FY23. FY22 FY23 FY21 $0 $0 $0 $140,570 $0 $0 $350,378 — $0 $0 — — $952,431 $0 — — $1,434,698 $717,349* — $490,948 $327,869 $0 $41,121 $0 $30,000 $0 $126,513 $0 $2,912,632 $717,349 10 * = Projected carryover

Chang Key Performan

ges to nce Indicators 11

Summary of Changes to Key Perform Indicator: FY22 FY22 Current February Operating Financials Budget 122 Days of 108 Cash –6% Gross –6% Margin Debt 1.36 1.34 Service Coverage Ratio

mance Indicators FY23 FY24 FY25 Projection Projection Projection 104 77 54 0% –11% –11% 2.21 0.51 0.51 12

Key Performance Indica Reforecasted budget - November 2021

ators 13

Key Performance Indica February 2022

ators 14

Key Performance Indica Projected FY 23

ators 15

Budget Im Student E

mpact Area: Enrollment 16

Enrollment and Revenue Two Rivers’ primary source of inco funding formula (UPSFF) payment our October 2022 count-date. Our impact the budget planning process Projected Enrollment UPSFF S in FY23 Contingen 1,057 1% Historically Two Rivers planned for a

ome are universal per-student ts based on student enrollment on projections about enrollment s. Shortfall Budget’s Projected ncy Rate Enrollment in FY23 % 1,047 (-10 students) a shortfall of between 0% and 1%. 17

Enrollment Summary by Grade Level FY23 Enrollment Projections FY22 St Progre Number of % of Total to Next Students Enrollment 8 PS3 84 8% 9 9 PS4 94 9% 9 9 K 100 9% 9 9 1 100 9% 9 10 2 100 9% 9 94 3 100 9% 4 100 9% 5 95 9% 6 100 9% 7 95 9% 8 89 8% Total 1057 100%

tudents Number of Current On Pace essing Seats Waitlist to Fill Grade? t Grade Offered 270 Yes 83 141 Yes 92 84 159 Yes 97 24 126 Yes 99 16 114 Yes 98 8 132 Yes 93 5 101 Yes 95 4 69 Yes 95 11 97 Yes 01 17 66 Yes 95 20 52 Yes 48 8 1327 — 0 197 18

Bond an

nd Loans 19

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