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Published by Manish Soni, 2019-12-12 03:53:26

Description: Billa bong high international school


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FROM THE DESK OF THE CHAIRPERSON A school plays a central role in nurturing and developing the unique talent of every child as well as in shaping their character. In a fast-changing world, driven by technological innovations, the way children learn today and the way they will work tomorrow are redefining the contours of teaching and learning everywhere. Billabong High International School always remains firmly committed to venture beyond excellence. Our goal is to provide our students with good education, instilling in them a love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to pursue their dreams. We are an International School rooted in Indian “values” and we aim to provide an education that will help the children to grow up to be Global citizens. l

ACHIEVEMENTS AND AFFILIATIONS Billabong High International School is amongst the top CBSE, ICSE and Cambridge(CAIE) schools in India. At Billabong High International School we are committed to providing the highest standards of education, making us one of the top most and most trusted primary and secondary schools in India. This year the school has achieved the honour of becoming a Microsoft certified school. We were also awarded 'School Chain of the Year' at the global education awards 2019. The school has also become a SAT centre, being the only one in the city and the second one in Madhya Pradesh. Billabong High International School, Jabalpur, is ranked among India's Top 10 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) in the Education World Grand Jury Awards 2019-20. kkkkk A Grand Jury of well-informed educationists and educators including Meeta Sengupta (educationist and senior Advisor Centre for Civil Society, Delhi), Rohit Mohindra (Director of the Mumbai-based Raj Mohindra Consultants Pvt.Ltd), Damodar Prasad Goyal (President of the Society for Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan), Fatima Agarkar (Co-Founder of KA EduAssociates) and Dr.K.R. Maalathi (Founder- CEO of AUURO Educational Services, Chennai) and Sumer Singh, (celebrated former Principal of Daly College, Indore) rated and ranked over 1,000 nominated schools in 11 categories. These schools were surveyed on sixteen rigorous parameters.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH A QUICK GLIMPSE: FESTIVE OCTOBER AND SCINTILLATING NOVEMBER DUSSHERA CELEBRATION Friday, 4th Otober'19 On the auspicious occasion of the victory of good over evil, the children dressed up as Ram, Sita, Ravan and the Ravan was burnt making the children clear on the concept of Dusshera

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH GENERAL PHYSICIAN VISIT Friday, 11th Oct'19 Dr. Devika Vijian Jain, visited our Nursery class Children and interacted with them regarding following a healthy routine, healthy food habits, exercise and taking medicines etc.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH SENSE BOOTH DAY Saturday, 12th Oct'19 Senses are a gateway to Knowledge, taking the children through a journey of activities making them aware of the different senses.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH VISIT TO A RECORDING STUDIO Wednesday, 16th Oct'19 Aiming to introduce the children to the functioning of a radio station, Kangaroo Kids organized a visit to 94.3 My FM Radio Station, to show them how actually a Radio Jockey does his work

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH MUSICAL PARADE Wednesday, 16th Oct'19 Musical Parade was fun way of introducing sounds of different object to the kids wherein teachers used spoons, plates, tumblers to create a band and these little musicians thoroughly enjoyed the fun session.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH A HERMIT CRAB HOUSE Friday, 18th Oct'19 The Children Learnt about the special features of Hermit Crab and its habitat, Amazing facts about crabs and related to the environment around them. BEAUTIFUL BIRDS Monday, 21st Oct'19 Children learnt about the different types of birds, their nests, feet and beaks and learnt about the grasping, perching and climbing feet through birdie dance.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH MATH FUN DAY Tuesday, 22nd Oct'19 Math fun day was conducted as a part of PG curriculum wherein the prime focus was to instill basic maths concept which included fun way of reinforcing numerals 1,2,3,4 through activities like Sequencing beads, etc.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH TRADITIONAL PARTY Thursday, 24th Oct'19 As Kangaroo culture, Diwali was celebrated and Kids accompanied their parents to indulge in festivities with hands on art activities and yummilicious food to relish.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH WORLD OF OWLS Thursday, 31st Oct'19 Children learnt about the different types of owls and their habitats through PPT Slide show and made an owl's nest as an art activity.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION Thursday, 31st Oct'19 Children had some spooky fun in full Halloween spirit at the school. They dressed up and did an Art activity related to Halloween.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH LITTLE FISH DAY Tuesday, 12th nov'19 The Little fish day was conducted according to the theme of the month where the learners were introduced to marine life, their physical characteristics, habitat and the food they eat.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION Thursday, 14th Dec'19 On our 1st Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji's birthday, a trip to candyland was arranged for the children. In an endevour to make the day a memorable one for our children, turned Kangaroo Kids into a candyland, which was full of sugary delights and a lots of fun rides. Keeping our spirited children happy was so much fun. To add to the fun all the children were given gifts that made the day more memorable.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH SHAPE FUN DAY Monday, 18th Nov'19 Shape fun day had engaging activities which brought in the fun element along with learning basic shapes, square, triangle, circle. The activities included naming shapes, colouring and drawing shapes and making yummy fish shaped sandwiches using geometrical shapes.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH SLUMBER PARTY Tuesday, 19th Nov'19 Cudling up with your favourite toy after brushing your teeth, changing into your nightwear, helped the children to understand healthy night routine. Gazing at the stars, bedtime stories, added to the charm of going to bed on time. Promoting Healthy Habits.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Thursday, 21st Nov'19 A Special Day where the day long activities planned in the curriculum helped children in understanding how to access emergency services, what and how to give first aid during emergency situation. Inculcating life skills through hands on activities. They were taught how to react during an emergency and to handle the situation as they are very small children and get panicky fast, they got to know how to get out of emergency situations.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH ON THE AIRPLANE Friday, 22nd Nov'19 It was an exciting activity as kids had to dress up like airhostesses and pilots. They were told about different airlines and their working. Aviation sector is an upcoming profession which the children were told about and how it has the advantage of getting to visit and explore the world was discussed with the children.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH AUTOMOBILE DEALER Monday, 25th Nov'19 A field trip to help the children become aware about the buying and selling of cars and different parts of the cars and the availability of different models and colors of the vehicle was arranged to improve their concept of transportation.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH UNDERWATER ADVENTURE DAY Tuesday, 26th Nov'19 Children came dressed as underwater creatures and they explored many things about marine animals and their life under the sea. Improving identification of marine animals and understanding the similarities and differences between various marine creatures and also got to know about their special features.

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