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Published by Shubho Broto Das, 2018-07-16 10:17:53

Description: goTotallySocial is a boutique strategic design & communication studio. We are a source of inspiration for highly targeted creative social media campaigns, powerful website designs, efficient digital marketing & globally engaging branding activities.

Keywords: Branding,Design,Communication,Social Media Marketing,Digital Marketing


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WE THINK BIGTHINKfor people who BIGWEBSITE: WWW.GOTOTALLYSOCIAL.COM | EMAIL: [email protected] | PHONE: +91.740.622.6789

Do you know 3years from now, ifyou don't have1) a brand or2) a social mediapresence, thenPEOPLE AREN'TGOING TORECOGNISE YOU

Recognition = Opportunity It’s time toOpportunity = Advancement Go TotallyAdvancement = Rewards SocialWant your solution to be more rewarding?

WHAT PROBLEM WE SOLVE NO SOCIAL PRESENCE We have worked with dozens of startups,“What everyone wants to have is a dialogue with corporates and new accounts of legacy brands toa brand. And a dialogue happens because you’re begin growing social media from the grounds upengaged with your customers, you’re notmarketing at your customers.” NOT ENOUGH TRAFFIC Have a decent social media following but aren’t Greg Creed, CEO Yum! Brands getting the business results you’re looking for. That’s probably because you aren’t providing enough value and unique experiences for anyone to give a damn. We solve that. BRAND EXPERIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT Getting decent traction but not seeing enough of a response from your audience. That is because you aren’t asking the right questions. People love answering questions, so let’s craft some unique ways to engage them and test how they respond. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT Are people asking you questions on social media, but you don’t have the resources in place to respond and engage appropriately? Leaving one question unanswered is a costly missed opportunity. We never miss opportunities like that


WHO WE ARETRANSFORMING BRANDS FOR THE NEW-AGE:WE PARTNER WITH AMBITIOUS LEADERS TO RADICALLYEXPAND THEIR BRAND‘S GROWTH STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIAYou are a visionary, a disruptive We believe in building brands thatthinker. You want to leapfrog into the aren’t afraid to have a point of viewfuture. You want to be a positioned as — identities that can actually bea forward-looking, industry-leading identified in a competitor line up. Wepath-breaking brand. You want to tell call this Character & Conviction.your story, inspire your clients andextend your legacy. This is the era, where attention leads to engagement and engagement buildsIt’s not just our passion. It’s our trust. Our interaction driven branding isresponsibility to reveal the purpose for the absolute future of communicationbeing in every brand we touch, to that will give you the maximum edgeevolve and grow stronger businesses to fuel your growth story.on a human level – helping visionaryleaders in the midst of a shift.We are provocateurs – designers,thinkers, and storytellers – a group ofpeople who believe in one anotherand the collective opinion that everyindividual brand has an opportunity todo more.

HOW DOES IT IMPACTOur clients are able to transition from a commodityto a BRAND on SOCIAL MEDIA leading to an Increased margins Customers are now willing to pay a premium Greater Loyalty Led to long-term customer relationships Legal Protection Differentiation offered more control and power Higher Negotiation Power Enviable bargaining position with suppliers Massive Growth Driver Acted as a revenue multiplier in new markets Symbol of Quality Increased business value by reducing risks and saving time for customers, boosting recognition and building rewarding partnerships


WHAT WE DOWe are artisans and craftsmen of beautiful brands and bespoke solutions We work with you in full spectrum of brand management from creating identity with strategy, design and communication, website to marketing the identity using social media, influencers and alliances. We catalyze a brand for growth with strategic advantage, adding value where and when it matters mostPHASE 1: Brand Identity and User Touch-points PHASE 2: Social Media ManagementBRANDING, DESIGN & INTERACTION & WEBSITE, APP & DIGITAL SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY COMMUNITYSTRATEGY STORYTELLING MARKETING ENGAGEMENT COLLABORATION & Brand Audit Content Strategy Concept, Ideation & Wireframe Structured Monthly Story Roadmap EXPANSIONCompetitor Research Communication Planning User Experience (UX) & User Post Calendar Interface (UI) for web app Managing PR Activity Customer Journey Marketing Collaterals Targeted follower Acquisition (Paid Media) WIX Websites Experience Mapping 360 Degree Customer Touch- Campaign Landing Pages Ad Campaign: Planning, design & Managing Bloggers & InfluencersLeadership Story (Purpose, points implementation Pay Per Click Management Facilitating Invites & Brand vision, mission, proposition) Messaging & Copywriting Google Display Network Search Employee Branding Monetization Opportunities Visual Identity (Logo, color Ghost Blogging Ecosystem Benchmarkingpalette, typography, shapes, Engine Optimization (SEO) Managing Alliances Thought Leadership Curated and Trend Mapping Brand Photoshoot Google AdWords Print development icons, symbols) Created Content (Articles, insights, Email marketing & campaigns Online ReputationVerbal Identity (essence, quotes, facts, checklists, LIFT: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Video, Motion Graphics & Animationpersonality, promise, tone, infographics, how-to guide, video NOQ: News Platforms, Own-Blog voice, taglines) bytes, downloadables, milestones

LET'S UNLOCK YOURBRAND'S POTENTIALGoTotallySocial as much as YOU can,as far as YOU can, as fast as YOU can.

The Leadership Team at goTotallySocial bringsdeep design and communication expertiseTRANSFORMATION CATALYST: Shweta Kothari Shubho Broto Das Co-Founder & CEO Co-Founder & COOBUSINESS WITH DESIGN n  Responsibilities: Operations, n  Responsibilities: Sales, Products,n  Co-founders have known Communication, Customer Alliances & Strategy, Design each other and worked service, Finance, together for 5 years n  10+ years as business & design n  15+ years in marketing Consultant for McKinsey & Co,n  Co-founded 2 earlier Consultant for technology, Essex Lake Group (US) and startups: healthcare, financial services Ennovent (India). Supports and fashion. Co-Founder of entrepreneurs with business model q  Food Startup in Fresh Dream A Dream probiotics n  Bachelors in Commerce from n  MBA, Leeds University, UK; Hindu College, Delhi University q  High-end Luxury Gifting Bachelors in Marketing from Mt. brand Carmel, Bangalore 11

OUR PROMISEWe promise to dig deep into the soul of your company and extract enough information so that wecan embody your brand, understand your personas, reach your audience and build trust on yourbehalf. Our promise is to humanize your brand’s connection and inspire your end-consumer.OUR MISSIONBUILD CONTAGIOUS BRANDS PROVIDE VALUE ADDITION GROWTH MINDSET CREATE PASSIONATE FANSSocial media is a touch- Going above and beyond We live, eat and It’s not about selling one breath growth basedpoint: an opportunity to is now mandatory. Our strategies that gives product to one person, it’smake an impact. We help goal is to help you you a leading edge about getting a human to over your peer groupyou build loyalty through seamlessly navigate the love your brand forever,impactful brand ever-evolving digital and share their passionexperiences. sphere with the world.WHAT DEFINES USA TEAM OF ENTHUSIASTIC COLLABORATIVE & TRANSPARENCY BAKED PIONEERING SOCIALCOMMUNITY MARKETERS CONSIDERED STRATEGIESOur team is dying to make We work with our clients to INTO OUR SYSTEMS TRACKING METHODSan impression. Each of our develop customized socialcommunity managers are strategies, test and optimize Tools, team, and If it can’t be measured itsuper responsive, strives for them along the way toinnovation and always aims nurture the spirit of social company. We actually can’t be improved. Weto delight media as a marketing tool. show you exactly where make tracking our efforts your money is being and proving ROI a top allocated and how we priority are tackling your project.

IS THIS GET STARTEDWHATYOU’RE BANGALORE OFFICELOOKINGFOR? #66 Coles Road Unit 1 & 2, Second FloorIf you like our multi Frazer Town Bangalore - 05media-centric branding& communication T: +91 80-43029810approach that we're so D: +91 74062 26789proud of, give us a call E: [email protected] us an email with W: gototallysocial.comyour enquiry. F:'d love to start aconversation andexplore opportunities tocollaborate together.We’re nice folks andeasy to work with,promise.

DON’T WAIT TO BE DISCOVEREDGoTotallySocial Let‘s talk (+91) 7406226789 [email protected] .com Unit 1 & 2, Second Floor, #66, ColesWe think big for people who think big Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005 www.gototallysocial.comBranding, Social Media & Storytelling

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