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Lumiere Volume III No. 2

Published by Lumiere, 2020-07-07 10:20:24

Description: LUMIERE ISSUE NO. 2

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LUMIÈRE BRINGING EVERY DETAIL INTO LIGHT VOL. III ISSUE NO. 2 OFFICIAL ORGAN OF ST. BRIDGET COLLEGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY NOVEMBER-APRIL Perez unveils light atop Class of 2020 J-zel Adrei Bacal PEREZ Despite being filled with doubts and pressure, a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) student still managed to prove her will and determination as she topped the graduating class of 2020. Jianne Lora Perez excelled among 291 graduates, also to become Senior High School’s first student recognized with highest honors. Perez said that she felt relieved upon hearing the announcement. “I was anxiously waiting for the honor roll list because although I knew in myself that I worked hard, I kept thinking if that work wasn’t enough. However, when the news finally came out, it felt like all the burden in my shoulders were lifted.It felt good to see my name on top of the list but it felt better to know that my family and friends, who were my biggest support system, felt proud of me and were happier than I was.”, she stated. She had also recalled how she experienced hardships through the years and ALEA COMIA DISACULA how she got through it. REYES “ I started feeling pressure once I had heard criticisms that I did not deserve to achieve what I had accomplished back then. I carried this feeling and was afraid that I would not live up to the title and people’s expectations of me. I cannot say that I am thankful for what happened because it put strain on my well-being, but I can say that the situation helped me grow as a person, discover my true potential, and realize that I am more than what people paint me to be.”, she added. Moreover, Perez also expressed how unfortunate it was for their batch because they won’t be able to experience the graduation rites traditionally due to corona virus. Furthermore, more students have also proven their persistence and determination as they acquired the second highest academic excellence award. Herzie Anne A. Alea, Sheena Mae R. Comia and Anne Gywneth S. Reyes from the Accountancy, and Business Management (ABM) Strand and Arianne Faith Y. Ibon and Khailah Mikee L. Macalintal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand were recognized with IBON MACALINTAL high honors as well as Lady Charlene A. Disacgula from the STEM strand. Furthermore, students acknowleged as “With Honors” were: CONTINUE ON PAGE 4 TAKE A QUICK LOOK SHS launches Pouch for a Purpose Carlos Kim Raphael Perez OPINION DECEMBER 2019–The Senior High School improve in all aspects possible. P11 Level Administration initiated the Moreover, all the proceeds of outreach fund, “Pouch for a Purpose” to the mentioned outreach fund would UNSHAKEN BARAKOS help its very first adopted community in the all go to the adopted community City of Batangas, Barangay Calicanto Purok particularly the funding of the LITERARY 5 – Sitio Tramo. activities that would be very beneficial According to the community profile, for the community. P14 Purok 5 – Sitio Tramo is one of the six “sitios” As of February 2020, two that make up the whole Barangay Calicanto activities were already launched for the BELLA CIAO which is an urban community in Batangas community, the pre-confirmation seminar City and as of 2018, the population of and the gift-giving activity last Christmas. SPORTS Barangay Calicanto is 11,080. Meanwhile, the top donors were In an interview with the recognized by the Senior High School P16 coordinator of the Accountancy, Business community on December 16, 2019; the top and Management (ABM) Strand, Mrs. Maria individual donor was Jose Gabriel Soriano MAMBA’S Grace Contreras, the “Pouch for a Purpose” from HUMSS– Mo. Domitilla Larouse while was launched by the Senior High School the section who pledged the most amount MOMENTO administration in order “to provide the of money was STEM– Mo. Marguerite activities and the needs” of that particularly O’Keilley. community. After three years of helping The pouch bears the words “Share different communities in Batangas City such Because We Care” as an expression of the as Malitam, Wawa, and city jail, the Senior Senior High School Level’s initiative of High School level now has its own focus, helping the newly adopted community Barangay Calicanto Purok 5 – Sitio Tramo. DepEd eyes on academic ? adjustments for SY 2020-2021 J-zel Adrei Bacal In line with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) plan to AARON FAVILA With the impending threat of corona virus in the country, the Department of Education resume classes by August 24, (DepEd) addressed the challenge of learning in the midst of pandemic through proposals Grade 11 students were asked on different adjustments for the school year 2020-2021. if they were in favor of the said says-its-ready-opens-obe-brigada/ In an online press conference, Education Secretary Leoner Briones addressed the usual decision, regardless if online or concerns brought by parents and learners who might not have access to technology due to lack of resources. face-to-face. This was in line with DepEd’s decision to push through the opening of classes on August 24 despite several criticisms regarding the country’s readiness for the ‘new normal’ learning. 11% In favor with the In compliance with President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to prohibit face-to-face classes DepEd’s decision until a coronavirus vaccine is available, the sector sets on shifting to a distance learning approach to resume classes which makes use of alternative learning modalities like modular, television-based, radio-based instruction, blended, and online learning. 89%Not in favor with the Briones said that they will also provide Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) that will be DepEd’s decision delivered in printed format for schools and communities without access to internet or electricity. to resume classes Moreover, SLMs could also be accessed online or offline for households with gadgets and AUGUST devises. The integration of SLMs, according to Briones, will help DepEd ‘to ensure that all 24 learners have access to quality basic education for SY 2020-2021 with face-to-face classes MONDAY still prohibited due to the public health situation’. Morever, according to the Learner Enrollment and Survey Form (LESF) conducted by DepEd upon the online enrollment, the students’ most preferred options are printed modules or online classes wherein 2 million students want to learn online while 3.8 million students prefer printed materials, as presented in a press briefing on July 1. The learning delivery modalities for each region is yet to be finalized after the consolidation of LESF that has been extended until July 15. Furthermore, conducting sports fests, campus journalism events and other school related events that may produce massive gathering are still discouraged. The proposals done are still subject to change as DepEd ensures that learning will remain flexible and will be adjusted accordingly, depending on the situations that may arise.

2 NEWS DISASTER READY: Grade 11 students engage in First Aid Management and Basic Life Support Seminar Mary Lou Feliz Torino SAFETY FIRST After the untoward eruption of the Taal SHS calls out for a safety seminar to the Grade 11 students, February 15. Volcano, the St. Bridget College Senior High School Level stepped up and conducted a Mary Lou Feliz Torino seminar about First Aid Management and Basic Life Support on February 15. This was in line with the Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction (DRRR) subject, where all Grade 11 STEM students were required to attend. Four volunteers from the Philippine Red Cross Batangas Chapter led the said seminar and talked about the history of the organization of Red Cross, also discussing bandaging techniques and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and performing a demonstration. According to Ms. Jonalyn Ortiz, Grade 11 DRRR teacher, the seminar was planned for the Grade 11 students “to be open to the idea of immediate help when a calamity strikes.” She also stated that it \"intended to instill in the mind of the students the importance of human life and the knowledge of what to do in times of distress\". Amidst the impending threat of various disasters, students are expected to be alert at all times. Potentials reign ABM mobilizers delve supreme at ASMEPPS into cooperative industry Mary Lou Feliz Torino Sheena Mae Comia Proving their prowess in the fields of Mathematics Mary Consuelo Chuidian and Jaztine Yrra Aldovino of In order to gain substantial learning in the field of cooperative and Science, students of the Senior High School STEM – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chuidian placed 3rd and 7th management and manufacturing, the Accountancy, Business, Level ignited their torches of wisdom in various respectively. and Management (ABM) strand took part in the Soro-Soro Ibaba Association of Science and Mathematics Educators of Aside from the quiz bee, a Poster Making Development Cooperative (SIDC) Exposure Trip held on October Philippine Private Schools (ASMEPPS) competitions. contest was also held wherein Martin Justine Vinluan of 11, 2019. STEM – Mo. Constance Phelan and Jake Angelo Pasco ABM students gained a heads up about the management Regional ASMEPPS of STEM – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chuidian took part to of a cooperative as well as the background, history, features, and Select students bagged multiple recognitions represent in the said category. businesses of SIDC through a talk led by one of SIDC’s Department and awards in the regional level, October 31 at Saint Head. Francis of Assisi, Bacoor, Cavite. National ASMEPPS “I became aware of the different aspects of running In the Science Quiz Bee for Grade 11, Alexie Bridgetines once again demonstrated a cooperative. Before the only thing I know is that it involves Margaret Aguirre of HUMSS – Mo. Domitilla Larouse excellence as they proceeded in the national level, agriculture, but then I was enlightened of the other things a was declared as the champion while Angelee Atienza of January 31 at NasTech, Dasmarinas, Cavite. cooperative does,” said Lee Andrea Simon of ABM – Sr. Catherine STEM – Mo. Dorothy O’Connor as a final round qualifier. In the contest for Mathematics, Casao, Arandia, Loreto. In Grade 12, Joshua Andrei Clarete of STEM – Sr. Mary Disacula, and Aldovino bagged the 2nd, 8th, 3rd, and Afterwards, students were exposed to the management Concepcion Conti bagged the third place while Jianne 5th, respectively. and operations of a resort business during the day-tour around Lora Perez of STEM - Sr. Mary Immaculate Conception On the other hand, Clarete, Perez, and Aranza Soro-Soro Springs Resort which is one of the businesses of SIDC. Cahill and Jay Lorenz Aranza of STEM - Sr. Mary Lelia was held as the 3rd, 4th and 6th placers in the contest for To complete the learning experience of the future Hayes placed 4th and 7th, respectively. Science. mobilizers, ABM students were toured inside the SIDC Feed On the other hand, Justin Rae Casao of STEM – The Sangguniang Panglungsod, headed by Mills wherein they learned the management and operation of Mo. Cyra O’Kane ranked first, while Reia Nichelle Arandia Hon. Mayor Beverley Rose Dimacuha and Board Member the manufacturing system starting from the acquisition of raw of STEM – Mo. Constance Phelan placed 10th, and Hon. Councilor Claudette Ambida, recognized the materials down to the finalization of the product. Carla Francesca Dimaandal of STEM – Mo. Margueritte students who represented St. Bridget College and as well The said activity was co-organized by the Business O’Keilley also participated in the Math Quiz Bee for Grade as the City of Batangas in the contests held by ASMEPPS Association of Rearing and Compassionate Optimizers Ready to 11. For Grade 12, Lady Charlene Disacula of STEM – Sr. on February 17. Enrich the Society (BARCODES) and led by Mrs. Maria Grace D. Contreras, ABM Coordinator. SHS spreads love on Valentine's Day “bEveefruyldlayosfhLoouvlde Laila Joanne Ascan his was stressed by Mrs. Geraldin Vergara, Senior High School Prefect of Discipline and SHARE THE LOVE Rayla Katrina Torres from HUMSS 1 shares the love for her classmate on Valentine’s day T ”Students Affairs Coordinator, as she formally opened the Valentine's Day Celebration celebration, February 14. of the SHS Level at the St. Bridget College Gymnasium, February 14. With the theme \"Let's Love,\" the students gathered to enjoy the programs and Mika Isabelle Comia activities spearheaded by the Senior High Executive Envoy Panel (SHEEP) while wearing the shirts embodying various kinds of love as adherence to the \"Wear Your Heart Out!\" activity. The celebration started with a simple prayer service led by the SHEEP officers and was followed by the opening remarks of Dr. Dolores Borras, SHS Principal, wherein she shared her insights about love particularly on the \"Five Languages of Love\". Moreover, the highlight of the program happened when the students expressed their love to their teachers, fellow students, and friends by giving them stickers as token of appreciation. The seniors also took the opportunity to give flowers to the faculty members. To further build up the mood, the STEM Band gave exemplary performances as they serenaded the students through a couple of love songs. After the program, the students were given the chance to enjoy themselves in the comfort of their own classrooms as they bonded over movie marathons, mini games, and jamming sessions. Additionally, the celebration was conducted in the intention of the faculty to give the students a \"Rest Day\" after the implementation of the Saturday Classes.

NEWS 3 QUICK TIPS Young Filmmakers shine at CLICKULA Besides the corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), misinformation and fallacious news are our biggest Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas enemies during this pandemic. In line with that, here are some tips in order to keep your facts checked. RmT oeanskihienolgwL ,a ctnahdseeicCth LhoIeC , KahbeMilld uitltitehi smeoyefedtaiharelCy slCutuLbdICweKnitUth sLiAitnsftimlhmeod ffieeesrltaditvooafrl,f oiMlnmr. pa cotsrteesrs. title from the film “Keep Gino” which also won the best Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas Read the whole article, not just the headline. “Mga Araw na Walang Araw,” “Keep Gino,” and Get facts straight from World Health November 11, 2019. “Todo Esta En La Mente”, where the three top films in the said Organization, Department of Health, and other verified and reputable news With the theme “Pagbalik”, the films where divided category. authorities. into categories wherein Category A revolved around mental On the other hand, for Category B, “Momento”, bagged Double-check if the site is reliable through APFactCheck and Full Fact health awareness for the Grade 11 while the Grade 12 adapted the awards for best editing, best story, and best music score websites. and best directors with Miguel Honorio Reyes and Xyrus Aaron a particular 21st century literature for Category B. See if the information is timely. Always For category A, “Mga Araw na Walang Araw” received Castillo. check the date when the news was the awards for best editing, best cinematography, best story, Moreover, they also snatched the title “Best Actor” and published. best music score, and was chosen as People’s Choice Awardee. “Best Actress” with Moira Matthew Aclan and Paula Mae Guico, The film was directed by Rosa Soledad Ulayao and Alliah Erin respectively. Furthermore, “Best Cinematography” was awarded Cabiscuelas who were awarded as best directors. Moreover, the title for best actor was awarded to to “Pahina.”, “Best Poster” was won by “Mitsa,” while People’s Choice Award was given to “Mismo.” Sean Carlo Bathan for his distinct role in the aforementioned film. On the other hand, Guadette Zenei Magadia got the best “Sang Fei Lu Bin: Sang Fei Lu Bin Ren,” “Pahina,” and “Momento,” were among the top three films for Category B. PAO talents bring another Merry Bridgetine Christmas Mary Lou Feliz Torino Student-Artists from the Performing Arts Office (PAO) – Repertory Brigid (RB) and Institutional Culture and Arts Program (ICAP) once again gave the Christmas chills to the crowd as they rendered various song and dance numbers to celebrate Christmas the Bridgetine way on December 12-13, 2019 at the Manuela Q. Pastor Auditorium. The program opened with a Christmas medley performed by the PAO – RB, followed by the ICAP Violin Ensemble and Symphonic Band’s rendition of Avengers: Age of Ultron Theme, Overture, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town and then followed by a choir performance of the song “Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko” which was originally sung by APO Hiking Society. Moreover, the instrumentalists from ICAP played their hearts out with the songs Love of My Life by Queen, and Nobela by Join the Club, while some of the songs they rendered were interpreted by the RB such as Pink Panther Theme, Married Life from Up, Try by Colbie Colliat, Ikaw at Ako by Moira Dela Torre and ‘Di na Muli by Itchyworms. As a concluding performance, both PAO–RB and ICAP talents offered their last song, Pag-ibig sa Pasko, to the victims of typhoon Tisoy which affected some provinces in Southern Luzon. Acknowledging the ones who showcased their gifts, the ICAP talents continued to wow the audience as they play a hit from the original Lion King movie, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” GENERATION OF TALENTS Innovators engage SBC Performing Arts Office carries out another astounding performance held in the SBC Manuela Q. in ex pos ure trips Pastor Auditorium, December 13. J-zel Adrei Bacal CLICK Multimedia Arts Club SBC marks Red Wednesday With the goal of gaining substantial knowledge Carlos Kim Raphael Perez from the fields of their possible careers, the students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Even in a predominantly Catholic country like the Philippines, figures and estimates, Christians are the “most persecuted Mathematics (STEM) embarked on series of exposure Catholic Christians still face the threat of harassment or even religious group” in the African region and the Middle East. trips spearheaded by Ms. Kaycelyn Frane and Ms. death just because of attending mass or other related religious In a 2018 report of the Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Daisy Aguda, moderator and coordinator of STEM- LAMB. activities. more than 300 million Christians are being persecuted around The students inclined in the fields of Engineering and Mathematics ventured into the flying In the Philippines, the day of November 27, 2019 was the world in which the report stated that Christians “live in an world as they were exposed to the kinds of work in Basilio Fernando Air Base, Lipa City on October 8, as marked by the observance of a public awareness campaign called environment where they are violently persecuted, discriminated they were given an overview of what it is like to be a “Red Wednesday” in which more than 2000 Catholic churches and and prevented to practice the faith.” student in a flying school and were also permitted to The observance of the campaign is a way to show the roam around the said Air Force Base. schools around the country marked its observance. On the other hand, Science and Technology The Red Wednesday campaign was started by the Aid Catholic faithful’s appreciation to the defenders of the Catholic students acquired background on different medical- to the Church in Need (ACN), a Catholic charity dedicated to the Church and as an expression of support to the persecuted related careers as they were exposed to real life support of suffering and persecuted Christians, in 2016 at London faithful in many countries including the Philippines in which hospital situations during their trip in Jesus of the the faithful in the country’s south of Mindanao continue to be Nazareth Hospital on October 18, and also given the in the United Kingdom. chance to visit different facilities and encounter people victims of persecution and attacks against their faith. who they could possibly deal with in the future. St. Bridget College Batangas, as one of the many Furthermore, an exposure trip in the Pioneer Meanwhile, apart from the Senior High School level, Laboratory was also conducted the next day, October 2000 Catholic churches and schools that are scattered around 19, to provide students awareness of the various works the Integrated Basic Education and College levels also marked done in the said laboratory, and as part of the trip, the archipelago, were among those who observed the “Red the students were given the chance to try different the “Red Wednesday”, therefore making the “Red Wednesday” equipment and apparatuses for a more engaging Wednesday” campaign. experience, with prizes and freebies also awarded to the an institutionalized activity of the school upon the mandate of students. As the classes of the second semester started, the “It was very nice to become exposed to the the school president, Sr. Mary Clare Bagot, RGS. environment where I could possibly work in the near Senior High School students started the semester with the future because it’s more engaging and exciting rather Mr. Edwin Castillote, adviser of HUMSS – Mo. Domitilla than just learning inside the classrooms,” Tshomlee commemoration of the “Red Wednesday” campaign. Arellano, a STEM-MED officer, stated. Larouse, emphasized the importance of having true faith Clad with red t-shirts, the students remembered the martyrs who fought and defended the Catholic faith against the despite the presence of persecution. “One of the best lessons that we could learn from the martyrs persecutors of the faith. The color red symbolizes the blood that was shed by the is their being faithful to the teachings of Jesus despite the presence of persecutions. For us today, this would mean martyrs of the Catholic Church in order to defend the Catholic following our Catholic teachings and traditions though we hear faith against the enemies of the Church and other persecutors a lot of oppositions to our Catholic practices. Moreover, we who want to undermine the long-standing foundation of the should be living witnesses of forgiveness to lessen the troubles Catholic Church. that we face today,” he said. Red is also the color of martyrdom and according to

4 NEWS *Continuation: Humanities & Social Sciences Wilnorriene D. Caringal Citation — Basketball Jhustine Nicole L. Cueto Assessment of study habits of Senior High Jerod Collin M. De Chavez Mike Aydriel G. Peramo Vernice Ivan R. Cueto WITH HONORS School academic achievers: Basis for the Anthea Elaine C. Dela Guardia Beatrix N. Culla Trisha Joy J. Abdon Most Active Participation in Sports — Angela Gabrielle D. Acosta creation Jose Zolo A. Delas Alas Badminton Lea Patricia A. Custodio Rose Virginie C. Agtay of TUPA service organization Kimberly E. Ebreo Jae Malonie B. De Austria Charles Francis L. Aguila Abigail D. Dimaano Jerod Collin M. De Chavez Ma. Abegail T. Aguila Justine Louise D. Aldover Paula Angelyn D. Gargar Krista Marienne D. De Guzman Jaztine Yrra B. Aldovino Erica Jei P. Lopez Hannah Emmanuelle T. Ibon Active Participation in Sports — Kristine Joy D. De Guzman Danielle Louise U. Ambida Mariza C. Manalo Badminton Raniel Simon N. De Leon Jay Lorenz N. Aranza Christine D. Ramos Anne Victoria D. Ilagan Laila Joanne D. Ascan Veronica Mae E. Lalusin Jose Alberto P. Aguinaldo Lyka Jane G. De Lunas J-zel Adrei B. Bacal Vince Raphael C. Rizala Nhorie Anne S. Macatangay Tshomlee A. Arellano Angelica R. De Ocampo Cyrill Venn R. Badua Emman Aldwyn H. Magpantay Llander Aives N. De Torres Jan Elaine M. Baliwag STEM (Engineering and Mathematics) Active Participation in Sports — Chess Princess Dianne J. De Torres Jelian Paula R. Baliwag Potential use of rice hull ash as metal Marizze S. Malvar Kirsten C. Williams Hanz Brian L. Benoza Jose Paolo B. Munar Karolyn l. Del Mundo Ma. Cristalea A. Berania polish Christine D. Ramos Jose Vlademir M. Espino Anthea Elaine C. Dela Guardia Patricia Sheriel S. Bicol J-zel Adrei B. Bacal Mike Daniel C. Ramos Janna Marie M. Burgos Anton Emmanuel B. Barrion Calvin Franco P. Reyes Citation — Chess Nhadine Karla S. Dela Roca Jemima Grace C. Caguicla Len Aubrey Z. Cantos Ma. Elena Jean C. Ricablanca Justine Mae E. Matugas Abigail D. Dimaano Nien Carmela D. Caringal Marion Anne A. Madlangbayan Lee Andrea P. Simon Wilnorriene D. Caringal Nicole Yzobelle P. Perez Active Participation in Sports — Adrian Josef G. Dimaano Ethelle Nice E. Casa Active in Social Apostolate Taekwondo Erica Trish S. Dimaapi Carol Cayselli H. Castillo STEM (Science and Technology) Jaztine Yrra B. Aldovino Pamela Faye P. Chavez Antifungal activity of mimosa pudica Danica B. Atienza Tshomlee A. Arellano Andrich John Matthew V. Dimaculangan Joshua Andrei M. Clarete linn against trichophyton: Basis for the Carla Joyce B. Dimaunahan Janelle Rose P. Comendador Kaeio Zoe Victoria M. Castor MULTI MEDIA ARTS AWARD Raphael E. Dinglasan Jae Malonie B. De Austria formulation of Ma. Angela D. Enrile Outstanding Participation in Multi Media Lady Charlene A. Disacula Jose Zolo A. Delas Alas an organic athlete's foot remedy Brigett Mae U. Domingo Sofia Katrina A. Dilag Jose Vlademir M. Espino Arts Mark Justin D. Dones Brigett Mae U. Domingo Carol Cayselli H. Castillo Pauline Marie L. Marasigan Mika Isabelle R. Comia Rhayme Simon F. Dotig Carmela Concepcion Z. Ebora Mary Christian Noelle A. Gilera Kristian Cedric P. Mercado Gabriel Joseph M. Lualhati Marian Clarize M. Evangelio Carmela Concepcion Z. Ebora Jeremaine Fei M. Fallurin Joahna Marie C. Macalalad Arlen B. Reyes Most Active Participation in Multi Media Jed Steven B. Ebora Kylene Zaira Mae D. Faral Romulo D. Mercado Ill Arts Rod Allen A. Garcia Erick Gabriel M. Reyes Citation in Social Apostolate Rianne Angel N. Ebora Jared Louis B. Guico Luis Miguel S. Atienza Zach Anthony D. Arquiza Kimberly E. Ebreo Paula Mae V. Guico BEST INNOVATION Anton Emmanuel B. Barrion Vivien Sophia M. Guillo STEM (Engineering and Mathematics) JOURNALISM AWARD Maria Angela D. Enrile Jyasmin Rygel P. Herrera Coffea arabica grounds extract as aedes Most Active Participation in Journalism Aliah Marie M. Makalintal Marian Clarize M. Evangelio Hannah Emmanuelle T. Ibon aegypti larvicide: Basis for the design of Louis Julius D. Seno Anne Victoria D. Ilagan Sheena Mae R. Comia Justin T. Fajardo post Bernice Amanda A. Mendoza Active Participation in Multi Media Arts Kylene Zaira Mae D. Faral Lizalyn D. Libot coffee-treated sticky autocida/ ovitrap Jose Vlademir M. Espino Christian Rei Zencho D. Garcia Victory Emanuelle V. Lualhati Nathanael M. Monte Nhorie Anne S. Macatangay Charles Francis L. Aguila Citation in Multi Media Arts Rod Allen A. Garcia Chrysthel Klein A. Mendoza Active Participation in Journalism Avery Jade E. Carpio Paula Angelyn D. Gargar Aliah Marie M. Makalintal Kaye Anne C. Pagcaliwagan Herzie Ann A. Alea Al Mark D. Comia Mary Christian Noelle A. Gilera Marizze S. Malvar Roshel Jeanelle C. Gomez Mariza C. Manalo Jianne Lora M. Perez Aliah Marie M. Makalintal Lea Patricia A. Custodio Ken Shin L. Villena Hanjeriel D. Melchor Raniel Simon N. De Leon Joseph Ralph A. Gool Allison Anne D. Mandigma Lee Andrea P. Simon Ivimina Jack O. Dinglasan Niño James Russel D. Guce Joseph Francis C. Mandigma STEM (Science and Technology) Extraction of low calorie starch from Citation in Journalism Marizze S. Malvar Jared Louis B. Guico Aikie Deniel F. Medina Jose Alberto P. Aguinaldo Nathanael M. Monte Paula Mae V. Guico Bernice Amanda A. Mendoza jackfruit seeds Christine Danielle C. Perez Jan Kirsten M. Guillo Chrysthel Klein A. Mendoza Kristianne Joy B. Clarete Tshomlee A. Arellano Anchilla Vera Marie C. Silang Vivien Sophia M. Guillo Christian Rei Zencho D. Garcia Laila Joanne D. Ascan Jyasmin Rygel P. Herrera Kristian Cedric P. Mercado Nyle Raven M. Medina SPECIAL RECOGNITION Arianne Faith Y. Ibon Maria Ella Corinne B. Montalbo J-zel Adrei B. Bacal CERTIFIED MICROSOFT OFFICE Hannah Emmanuelle T. Ibon Lyza A. Puertollano Al Mark D. Comia Anne Victoria D. Ilagan Nathanael M. Monte Arwen Eilonwy A. Sanohan Mika Isabelle R. Comia SPECIALIST (MOS) Elaine Portia G. Ilagan Rheyana Marie D. Ona Sofia Katrina A. Dilag Angelica P. Abaño Rience John Fred B. Irinco Loraine Erika M. Panganiban MOST OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN Erica Jei P. Lopez Red'z Neil Kaye B. Abarintos Patrick John N. Iturralde SCIENCE Neil Andrej M. Abraham Craig Madison N. Lacsamana Lyza A. Puertollano PERFORMING ARTS OFFICE AWARDS Moira Matthew L. Aclan Arlen B. Reyes Joshua Andrei M. Clarete PAO Award of Merit — Silver Samantha V. Aclan Lizalyn D. Libot Angela Gabrielle D. Acosta Angela Gabrielle D. Acosta Jon Karlou C. Lontoc Miguel Honorio P. Reyes OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN SCIENCE Zandra Nicole A. Lobaton Rose Virginie C. Agtay Rhey Val V. Reyes Jay Lorenz N. Aranza Aliah Marie M. Makalintal Charles Francis L. Aguila Erica Jei P. Lopez Jianne Lora M. Perez Julia Marie L. Medrano Ma. Abegail T. Aguila Gabriel Joseph M. Lualhati Anchilla Vera Marie C. Silang Jose Alberto P. Aguinaldo Neil Andrei M. Lumanglas Lee Andrea P. Simon OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN PAO Award of Merit — Bronze Hoewell Ashley M. Alcantara Khailah Mikee L. Macalintal MATHEMATICS Veronica Mae E. Lalusin Bea Roselle M. Aldover Nhorie Anne S. Macatangay Juan Alfonso P. Soriano Wendhyl M. Manalo Justine Louise D. Aldover Jasmine Ross G. Tan Jaztine Yrra B. Aldovino Jaztine Yrra B. Aldovino Sedrick Miel H. Magadia Lady Charlene A. Disacula Best in Dance Herzie Ann A. Alea Jerome Andrei B. Magboo Shiela Marie P. Tolentino Zandra Nicole A. Lobaton Bien Joseph E. Alvarez Shaina Mira P. Magtibay Leidi Tintin A. Untalan St. Mary Euphrasia Award (Medal) Danielle Louise U. Ambida Geliane V. Villalobos Justine Mae E. Matugas INSTITUTIONAL CULTURE AND AJ Dnniell T. Aquino Marizze S. Malvar PERFORMING ARTS AWARD Bea Mae E. Aquino Lorenz Angelo G. Manansala Daniel Matthew A. Villena SCHOOL AFFAIRS AWARD Jay Lorenz N. Aranza Allison Anne D. Mandigma Outstanding Participation in School ICAP AWARD OF MERIT FOR LEADERSHIP Lanz Christopher A. Arellano Sean William Francis K. Marcos Leadership Award AND SERVICE Tshomlee A. Arellano Most Active in Leadership Affairs Zach Anthony D. Arquiza Kian Troy A. Masilang Al Mark D. Comia Miguel Honorio P. Reyes Laila Joanne D. Ascan Justine Mae E. Matugas Sheena Mae R. Comia Sheena Mae R. Comia Roi Wynn B. Asilo Anthea Elaine C. Dela Guardia Joshua Andrei M. Clarete ICAP Service and Outstanding Angelo L. Atienza Jovelyn V. Mauhay Participation Award Danica B. Atienza Aikie Deniel F. Medina Lady Charlene A. Disacula Most Active Participation in School Erick Gabriel M. Reyes Luis Miguel S. Atienza Nyle Raven M. Medina Victory Emanuelle V. Lualhati Affairs Bon Eliaj A. Bacal Vanessa Jane M. Medina Outstanding Participation in ICAP Cyrill Venn R. Badua Julia Marie L. Medrano Justine Mae E. Matugas Moira Matthew L. Aclan Emman Aldwyn H. Magpantay Mary Belle A. Baes Hanjeriel D. Melchor Bernice Amanda A. Mendoza Jay Lorenz N. Aranza Romulo D. Mercado Ill Kherl Vinzent A. Bagon Bernice Amanda A. Mendoza Kyle Andrei D. Bagos Chrysthel Klein A. Mendoza Nathanael M. Monte Lady Charlene A. Disacula Most Active Participation in ICAP Mark David Ymann D. Bagui Kristian Cedric P. Mercado Lee Andrea P. Simon Victory Emanuelle V. Lualhati Mary Belle A. Baes Jan Elaine M. Baliwag Mychal Matthew G. Merced Jelian Paula R. Baliwag Maria Ella Corinne B. Montalbo Active in Leadership Jianne Lora M. Perez Nien Carmela D. Caringal Mark Angelo M. Balmes Nathanael M. Monte Moira Matthew L. Aclan Miguel Honorio P. Reyes Kaeio Zoe Victoria M. Castor Angela Gaile G. Banaag Jose Paolo B. Munar Neil Vincent B. Narvas Herzie Ann A. Alea Lee Andrea P. Simon Jhustine Nicole L. Cueto Hillary R. Barte Rheyana Marie D. Ona Jay Lorenz N. Aranza Vernice Ivan R. Cueto Karl Russell L. Bejasa Tshomlee A. Arellano Active Participation in School Affairs Hanz Brian L. Benoza Lisandro E. Orayan Cyrill Venn R. Badua Charles Francis L. Aguila Christian Rei Zencho D. Garcia Ma. Cristalea A. Berania Kaye Anne C. Pagcaliwagan Francheska Marineth B. Castillo Jaztine Yrra B. Aldovino Julianne Marie D. Goingo Ainer Jendric M. Beredo Jerod Collin M. De Chavez Herzie Ann A. Alea Joahna Marie C. Macalalad Patricia Sheriel S. Bicol Armond l. Palillo Rod Allen A. Garcia Tshomlee A. Arellano Khailah Mikee L. Macalintal Loraine Erika M. Panganiban Anne Victoria D. Ilagan J-zel Adrei B. Bacal Enrico Jose H. Macasaet Karylle P. Bool Sofia Katrina A. Dilag Chrysthel Klein A. Mendoza Aeron Jev D. Boongaling Jordain Jed B. Panopio Mariza C. Manalo Aliah Marie M. Makalintal Kristian Cedric P. Mercado Mark Lorenz A. Boongaling Yurie M. Panopio Anne Gwyneth S. Reyes Bernice Amanda A. Mendoza Maria Ella Corinne B. Montalbo Jenelle M. Briñosa Adrian Aeron A. Parac Louis Julius D. Seno Nathanael M. Monte Kaye Anne C. Pagcaliwagan Russel B. Buenafe Jake Angelo O. Pasco Daniel Matthew A. Villena Louis Julius D. Seno Joseph Joshua A. Viloria Uzyel Leeam M. Buenafe Carlos Miguel A. Perez Janna Marie M. Burgos Christine Danielle C. Perez Citation in Leadership Citation in School Affairs Active Participation in ICAP Hans Albert A. Burog Jianne Lora M. Perez Sofia Katrina A. Dilag Danielle Louise U. Ambida Hoewell Ashley M. Alcantara Jemima Grace C. Caguicla Nicole Yzobelle P. Perez Julianne Marie D. Goingo Anton Emmanuel B. Barrion Hannah Nicole C. Caguimbal Hanjeriel D. Melchor Chynna M. Dela Rosa Renzo Miguel B. Calingo Alissa l. Periabras Mika Isabelle R. Comia Vica Vimiella M. Candava Marie Ann Nicole E. Pita Alissa l. Periabras Anthea Elaine C. Dela Guardia SPORTS AWARD Wilnorriene D. Caringal Ma. Nicole Z. Quiñones Most Active Participation in Sports — Wensler A. Caringal Jr. BEST IN WORK IMMERSION Chynna M. Dela Rosa Avery Jade E. Carpio Christine D. Ramos Rhayme Simon F. Dotig Volleyball Kaci Louise D. Carreon Mike Daniel C. Ramos Accountancy, Business & Management Kylene Zaira Mae D. Faral Moira Matthew L. Aclan Ethelle Nice E. Casa Ma. Jhichel C. Regalado Janelle Rose P. Comendador Angela M. Casao Richelle Andrea Sofia M. Resuello Humanities & Social Sciences Arriane Faith Y. Ibon Jan Kirsten M. Guillo Carol Cayselli H. Castillo Anne Gwyneth S. Reyes Kylene Zaira Mae D. Faral Hannah Emmanuelle T. Ibon Czara Amelisa C. Castillo Active Participation in Sports — Francheska Marineth B. Castillo Arlen B. Reyes Science Technology, Engineering & Marizze S. Malvar Volleyball Josierine E. Catusan Calvin Franco P. Reyes Mathematics Nhorie Anne S. Macatangay Joshmer H. Chavez Miguel Honorio P. Reyes Airan Claire J. Rodelas Joshua Andrei M. Clarete Hoewell Ashley M. Alcantara Wendhyl M. Manalo Ma. Alecxandra U. Claveria Rhey Val V. Reyes Maria Ella Corinne B. Montalbo Citation — Volleyball Janelle Rose P. Comendador Ma. Elena Jean C. Ricablanca BEST RESEARCH Rod Allen A. Garcia Al Mark D. Comia Accountancy, Business & Management Juan Alfonso P. Soriano Mika Isabelle R. Comia Vince Raphael C. Rizala Financial needs and stability assessment Kirsten C. Williams Most Active Participation in Sports — Sheena Mae R. Comia Ryalyn Madel D. Rojas Basketball Jhoas Lexus R. Cuasay of residents of Sitio Ferry, Barangay SOCIAL APOSTOLATE AWARD Rosel R. Rosios Kumintang Outstanding in Social Apostolate Bien Joseph E. Alvarez Mary Cellina Kim C. Salamanca Rhayme Simon F. Dotig Ibaba, Batangas City: Basis for community- Charles Francis L. Aguila Juan Alfonso P. Soriano Alessandra C. Saldua based livelihood program Al Mark D. Comia Louis Julius D. Seno Herzie Ann A. Alea Active Participation in Sports — Maxine Margarette S. Sia Nhadine Karla S. Dela Roca Justine Mae E. Matugas Basketball Anchilla Vera Marie C. Silang Anne Gwyneth S. Reyes Lee Andrea P. Simon Arlen B. Reyes Most Active in Social Apostolate Ainer Jendric M. Beredo Marian M. Teodosio Lee Andrea P. Simon Neil Andrej M. Abraham Kian Hendrix D. Manalo Shiela Marie P. Tolentino Ronce Emmanuel A. Villena Rose Virginie C. Agtay Leidi Tintin A. Untalan Bien Joseph E. Alvarez Ervin Yan C. Velasco Bea Mae E. Aquino Geliane V. Villalobos Tshomlee A. Arellano Jimwel Andrei B. Villena Ma. Cristalea A. Berania Ronce Emmanuel A. Villena Ainer Jendric M. Beredo Kirsten C. Williams Joseph G. Ylagan Antonette M. Zulueta

COMMUNITY NEWS 5 “VIVA STO. NIÑO!” Batangueños express gratitude to Sto. Niño ng Batangan amidst Taal crisis Lee Andrea Simon Despite the cancellation of fiesta RISING THROUGH THE ASHES celebrations due to the continued unrest Amidst the Taal eruption, priests from different parts of Batangas City held a eucharistic celebration which was presided by Most of Taal Volcano, the people of Batangas City Rev. Gilbert Garcera, DD. to honor the feast day of the city’s patron — Sto. Niño de Batangan. still found a way to demonstrate their strong devotion to Sto. Niño ng Batangan through Apollo Mutia other various festivities from January 7 to 15 to mark the city’s fiesta celebration on January 16. Novena Masses were held for nine nights in honor of the city’s patron saint and devotees joined the traditional fluvial parade from Cuta Duluhan to Calumpang Bridge. Moreover, series of prayers, chants, and display of fireworks greeted the procession upon its arrival at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, who presided the last novena, expressed his amazement to the Batangueños during his homily, that “even though the Church is still not yet knocking on the hearts of the people for our brothers and sisters who were affected by the explosion of the Taal Volcano, they had the initiative to help even though they were also affected.” Furthermore, a thanksgiving mass also pushed through by Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lipa, Most Rev. Gilbert Garcera. He expressed his gratitude not only to the Batangueños who unified and helped, but also to the local government units and the national government who extended assistance to the province. JAYWALKING NO MORE! HEADS UP, City implements ordinance for pedestrians BATANGUEÑOS! Lee Andrea Simon As of July 4, Batangas City has confirmed 79 cases of the In accordance with Batangas City Traffic Ordinance of 2020, Furthermore, according to Section 116, “In crossing Coronavirus Disease or COVID-19, with 10 current patients, the city government of Batangas implemented an ordinance roads, a pedestrian should be crossing only on the designated 64 recovered, and 5 deaths. As we are still under the modified aiming to instill discipline among pedestrians to ensure the pedestrian lanes and if traffic is controlled by traffic officers or general community quarantine, here are some essential contact safety of the Batangueños on the roads. manual or automatically operated signals, will only cross the information for updates, inquiries, and emergencies: This is in line with Article XVIII or the Rights and road when street traffic is flagged by a traffic officer's STOP or signal.” Palakat Batangas City Responsibilities of Pedestrians Section 115, which states, “The With the said implementation, traffic enforcers Facebook Page: Palakat Batangascity mobilized and disseminated information and awareness pedestrian has the right to cross highways and roads safely, and through megaphones around the community. This is the announcements page of the Batangas City government. Violators of the new ordinance shall be fined with Php During this pandemic, it is the way of our local government to drivers of vehicles need to take all precautions to avoid being 100.00. ensure that the Batangueños are informed of current events in the city such as the case count provided by the City Health Office, and hit and injured. A pedestrian should not get off the sidewalk to other important announcements. the road without first checking on approaching vehicles and should not interrupt in passing.” Batangas City Health Office Tel: (043) 723- 3103 The Batangas City Health Office safeguards the health of the Batangueños by keeping track of the cases of COVID-19 in the city, as well as providing protocols to ensure our protection against the virus. Philippine National Police Tel: (043) 723- 2030 With its function to enforce all laws and ordinance relative to the protection of lives and properties, the Philippine National Police ensures that the protocols and mandates of the national and local government are implemented during the enhanced community quarantine. Batangas Medical Center Tel: (043) 980- 1743 ABIDE FROM SIDE TO SIDE The Batangas Medical Center is the provincial hospital of Batangas. Boy Scouts of the Philippines - Batangas helps the city government in securing the safety and promoting discipline It upholds its mission to provide quality, advanced and equitable healthcare and related services to all, especially at times of medical of the Batangueno crisis like the COVID-19. Batangas City launches Eto Batangueño Disiplinado, Magkatuwang Tayo! Project Mary Lou Feliz Torino To instill discipline and values among Batangueños, the City Government of Batangas On the other hand, Congressman Marvey Mariño praised the said project as he stated successfully launched “Eto Batangueño Disiplinado, Magkatuwang Tayo!” project at the that the discipline would help in attracting investors and tourists in the city, having stressed Batangas City Convention Center, January 28. how discipline must start with the members and staffs of the city government. Several sectors were invited to participate in the said launching including schools, Furthermore, a prayer and pledge of commitment was done as support for the said senior citizens, government agencies, transport groups, and more. project. Mayor Beverley Dimacuha talked about how the Japanese culture became the The program was formerly known as “Eto Batangueno Disiplinado” and although inspiration for the said project, expressing her adoration towards the Japanese people for their renamed, the goal to instill true values and morals of Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan, at discipline that is reflected by their actions, cleanliness, and other aspects in their lifestyle. Makabansa remains. Moreover, she also said that she wants to start teaching good behaviour to kids at Aside from launching, the city also introduced a song and dance routine about the said young age through the use of ‘po’ and ‘opo’, and giving respect to others, also expecting schools project that would be played in the streets of the city along with the reminder to always display to lead and prioritize discipline among children. proper discipline in public.

6 OPINION MAIN EDITORIAL SCORCHING SILENCE It's deafening to increase the heat the Philippines and thrive is through online connections and technological ? undergoes every summer, but it's much worse this means. Removing ABS-CBN, one of the biggest news time around. How many Filipinos are stuck in their and information providers in the Philippines, when it is In light of the health crisis the country is facing right now, the grilling homes because of quarantine with nothing to most needed by the country is indeed one of the most government has received both supports and criticisms from its watch anymore? How would many Filipinos cope with senseless decisions during this crisis. While other news the intense perspiration, continuous bills, and the networks such as GMA and TV5 are present in most Filipino citizens. With this, we asked Grade 11 and Grade 12 students impending scare of infection of the coronavirus disease households, ABS-CBN is the number one TV network as if they think that the Duterte administration is doing great in (COVID-19) without their source of information and of 2019 with an audience share in of 44%. Likewise, when entertainment? And of course, how many Filipinos are TV Patrol, ABS-CBN’s evening news broadcast, premiered handling the pandemic. yet again silenced in a time where they are most needed online for the first time after their shutdown, roughly eight to have an opinion? million viewers were present. ABS-CBN, despite not being YES 3% Quarantine isn't easy at all, especially for those on its main broadcasting platform, continues to prove their who cannot afford to stay at home in order to feed their significance while serving the Filipino people. UNCERTAIN 10% families. However, the National Telecommunications Lastly, this abrupt arrestment is clearly against Commission may have possibly worsened their situation the freedom of expression and of the press. Even though NO 87% as they gave the ABS-CBN Corporation an order to cease the virus persists, a louder, more obvious virus called and desist last May 5 for not being able to renew their corruption may now prevail with the weakening of the ICARUS RISING franchise license. Sadly, the 11,000+ members of the power of the media, the fourth estate of society. President Bernice Amanda MendoZA company had no choice but to comply with the said order Rodrigo Duterte, in fact, stated his own grievances against and immediately signed off and shut down on television the corporation, quoting, “If you expect that (the franchise) screens nationwide that evening. But the entire affair begs will be renewed, I’m sorry. I will see to it that you’re out.” to ask the question: is shutting down press freedom in the Filipino netizens speculated that his quarrel with the middle of a pandemic the commonsensical thing to do? station regarding his claims of his paid yet unaired political Going over the facts, one may easily see how advertisements for the 2016 presidential elections lit the this sudden shutdown is somehow a pre-determined fuse for this shutdown. game of chess. Since 2014, the corporation has sent nine Admittedly, ABS-CBN and the government requests to renew their franchise license to the Congress, have had several disputes over the years, with ABS-CBN but all of them were either trashed or ignored. Not only being dubbed as biased towards the Liberal Party when that, even though their position was threatened back in it comes to political stances and the government siding March, ABS-CBN was still allowed to operate until May with the president and his dislike for the corporation. 2021 while requesting for a franchise renewal under House However, these fall outs and immature spite should not Joint Resolution 29. Now, why does this shutdown pose a be prioritized in the midst of the pandemic. While the threat to legal accountability, information dissemination, government continues to terrorize the corporation over and freedom of expression? their impending permanent shutdown, COVID-19 cases The root of this problem did not begin last 2014, but have soared to more than 11,000 as of May 12, with 2106 instead it began when Solicitor General Jose Calida filed recoveries and 751 deaths. Mass testing is still not available a quo warranto petition to shut down the corporation in the country as the government advises local units to as its license was starting to expire. Cagayan de Oro shift to a lighter mode of quarantine, even though the Representative Rufus Rodriguez even mentioned that curve has not gone any closer to flattening. Calida's petition \"had no basis in law,\" as ABS-CBN was Many student publications and networks also said to have complied with the requirements of the condemned the shutdown as an attack against press Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Internal Revenue freedom, using hashtags such as #DefendPressFreedom (BIR), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and and #NoToABSCBNShutdown to convey their messages the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their of support for ABS-CBN, its workers, and its impact and renewal. This only goes to show that, not only was the service to Filipinos all around the world. For now, it may shutdown irresponsible, it was also not grounded in facts. be a little quieter than usual, but it does not mean that the Moreover, one may consider this shutdown press will be silenced for good. It’s just a matter of time as an attack on information dissemination. Since the until the heat dissipates from the land of heatwaves and pandemic has locked everyone into their homes, the only typhoons, and so will the heat between the people’s voice way for businesses, classes, and corporations to progress and its governing body. Point of You Sheena Mae Comia Lost Hopes, Dreams, and Passions The hardest part of this journey towards adulthood arise. We might feel a little distracted, we might begins at that point of our lives where we do not question what we really want to do, we may feel bad know who we want to be, where we will start, and for the change we are feeling, and we might lose what end would we want to achieve. At this point hope that we can ever find the right track for us. It of our lives, confusion starts to arise. The feeling of is hard to go through all of these emotions bursting losing everything and the reality of life suddenly hit in our hearts specially if there are external pressure, us. With all of these feelings suppressed inside of judgements, and other negativities that surround us, I think it is important to understand what we are us. There are lots of questions that we might want really going through as a person trying to figure out to answer, there are many ‘what if’s’ and asking one his/ her identity, purpose, and role in life. self’s purpose or whether what we are doing now It all starts with assessing ourselves whether is really what we want to do. A lot of changes may we fit into something that we do. Sometimes it is occur and we may feel bad for it. We may falter and evident in our passions and hobbies. When we were fall due to the setbacks and failures we face. younger, we were so excellent at a certain aspect However, amidst all of these, it is but suddenly changed as we grow up. Some dancers important to understand that this is all part of the questioned whether they really danced well, some process. The course of our journey never stops. well-versed speakers became silent, and some writers Remember that all throughout, changes are unexpectedly lost passion for writing. It is saddening inevitable and the redirection might be God’s way how one’s passion feels like an obligation to fulfill of putting us towards the better path. At this point now. Sometimes, it makes us feel like a failure and of our life, we shall try to explore and take risks, we constantly feel frustrated of ourselves because it love ourselves more and try to identify what we is not how we used to be before. Others would try really love doing. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of to re-fit themselves with how they used to be and doing something that you really love, finding your continue what they started, however not all would own niche of creativity, happiness, and passion succeed. Some will go through the second stage of would put it all back together. The prize of self- their self-identity crisis by going through a massive accomplishment and fulfillment would be the change and redirection. At this point, we may feel the greatest feeling we’ll ever have. pressure from the environment and people around It is never easy to go through all of these us. Comparisons, frustrations, and hopelessness may but I tell you, you are are not alone. Lights of Different Colors There is a great lesson that I learned outside of school and it was from my favorite video game: Pokémon here who have stayed for 14 years, which is most of their lives, some for a good six years, and some even just for Emerald. In Slateport City, one of the key areas in the game, stands the Oceanic Museum, wherein one of two years. But all of those years have long yearned for us to fly, and if we spent years building our wings, then this the exhibits explains why seawater is blue. It may be a known fact to you already, but this is how the game departure is our test site. explains it: \"Light is composed of many colors. When light passes through water, most kinds of light lose color. Moreover, we've all done our best. I know a few people who can juggle academics, extra-curriculars, However, blue light retains its color, making the sea appear blue.\" and relationships at the same time, but I am always impressed by those who quietly strive for success. I was This was clearly not of great importance for some, but that one lesson about seawater being blue always a talker; I never knew how to shut up, yet I admired those who struggled silently. For all of us, there is only stayed with me the way blue light retained its color as it passed through water. This lesson made me love a single direction, no matter the struggle. learning: I competed in academic and non-academic competitions left and right. It made me love the sea: how Lastly, it's what we're set for. We're all different people made out of different letters, different stories, academics felt as free as the sea, as it helped me explore who I wanted to be. Lastly, it made me love the color different memories. It was what made us fall in line and wait for our turns. Leaving is painful, but it is destiny. blue, because, well, blue stays. Icarus never knew how to fly if he was not destined to leave. That's how I feel about SBC. SBC is not just any random color; it's the same kind of light that stays However, there’s a catch! No graduation, no seniors’ ball, no recognition day. We have never been despite going through water. SBC is in every painting, drawing, masterpiece that included the sea. SBC, simply angrier at cancel culture until now, when our own goodbyes were cancelled. Nonetheless, this does not mean put, is the light that stays. It is the light that guides people and makes sure that they stay on the right path as it there is no ending: we shall make our own endings. A batchmate even suggested a graduation through a video has always stayed for them. We are leaving, and this is approximately 700 words' worth of goodbyes. conference… so who knows? As in every column that I have made upon entering the journalistic setting, I have my thesis statement, In August, I will have walked away from the serenity this place provides similarly the way water has three main points, counter-argument, and rebuttal. For this one, the thesis statement will scream the one provided for me. I will be reaching for the new comforting blues that the sky has for me and the white clouds, but question in the minds of every Grade 12 student: where do we go from here? I am most certain that where we go unlike Icarus, I will not falter. First, I do not have wings. Second, I cannot actually fly. Third, I know my limits. But as I from here is nowhere but forward, no higher than upwards. reach for this beautiful sun, I know what I see: lights of different colors. For our three main points supporting this, here is the first why: we have long aimed for this. We walked When I look behind at the water that has borne me, all I will see is blue. into this school with the objective of learning how to make wings in order to soar high and fly. There are people

OPINION 7 Argus-Eyed AwD a evseeoeasrCntrlOhdVoEe,IudtwD itih-cdt1TG a.oo9ohtrIooiat,radsnsgrkdtiea havcyyeyetoos!iu cuvIuiriatratsnroim depernsoiecn.ntaoCiednioo estonnrsifst nuiatueanhenuptedeoobedsebhtati eiounyicwdg,nenagananorntftdeseiornywnnoao hslcurpoyiroicafriuoitnaspnitivdoainesuosgnrsLptwuScMteomiioonartniuryhoècinytrestatherrGhbmeeryoierilanugsybcctt!huueeyttsrroiVcreeua.hserrlRotnssoiott,obnlhlsgateeihnvstaeuentnadhwtthesivooeslanrwen?yodrd. Mary Lou Feliz Torino STEM 1 - Mo. Constance Phelan The Power-Bluff-Pres Letter to the Editor Sugar, spice, and everything nice. The Power Puff Girls accidentally had chemical X in their systems, t df g(d (s ojtos D mLwbbsy fNpawsrI UCuiihiurucueeyeeeearueesahhOSrntpshcrsmsaaeimrdtisaoVAhsaaetomavtpoiodardrsimI)ttiicS.lnlaornoiioèiDenksnooellnntIGhistdrnlryndt-mdifnckoey1terttgaheegotaedbriwoysa9 iaairo uletddiee)hoezåmtccaeennucfelyhnGA PIOIvlitfiiloeiadicenfdlcysenensnriaeetnncsencaa,,rraismdoeraerluhcrgssggtftttkb,seesmfievuesyesiys.u!iaioceihrapaetnoretorntnftteenehrccu,vesrsengaitrnohhocdba:tu agaimemdelnesegd tuforraeieuloyeune,prkeotanhgtangnidlnopsosnaocnIirtihaksSceniygonlgf euneehrneftayenloiwmgyetlod.erorslfgengntslco,iaenfi,xaoeIcefeopi,eiaatgsctormlolotqlStrciooowhtfhe.slor supfleyohunksfnwriahToxm elslTaenesnuneeddtaienrsescdtehphnjaatiisHtnhokiirtplkhhoymaeueorcskrtvsiwhPidsteh-ey,oooceotsremiirgshnihon secfoitfuowrwceo!eaeddthketSiobulHiaonfseolcdiufnsdctwlencsbt lribol,asoSoveooanisyhaiaiasg brlkleouIcarttnpizleitenhaclhee,,aahavedanlpohtssearaht.ovtdwvesieolritri,,ngmjarilEuhaAelreoonoourneIsafsr.atlmxlrlvnes,siHlriiuseu.saTtst dayepded.acaekiytsotyctTfnhhyocLterosgTnrhuohemrhpt,dtuteoeat scofiahrdureswiherpevtisifuatsnonakaselidosasrioutieerlSksessetegdsioaowvnslrclctuaniucpvthosrm,tepehatehaytvrfpnoopjpaepaihttoiaepyhoiyooeepppsdEtwirnhntdaistoyuhsoia feinootnehsdiedbhisssl,ooiazidhrraticvsneeasavumfmsreintiootepIdemhoayLuttefpn,i,sontoliyeeisFoisrpewtenyssrabGgltnslacdvnuiah,ypwshiuouurehlePagnleddspeocninuaaoaeyittaweailcmaikdtreonserotdcrtopdeionorhucettndntsa’vieeiftsveuiteioinnc.oht,imfe!srnehSnrhepllanthhtiooVstaarlesTidsrogdeehylEBginjhItr,sesinonnh(ysoreuzlioPSdeth.ggae,sutcdsde.pttsatysueHocirihPhhywnercehslhItndtotdntErsaprepoteords.eecciaosre,otiEigue,bueuutoiitsnooresoesacUiPsoIeltotptphcnbltpnmseg-rneennn)ielivuyrviripldey,eutptanhadnndiineniaeaaioreieAaobesBaoveteytrldgmrs-rgttinymmutlneespovnCteiioonah,ieatipyiarddimhnrseemgttunossmnfdtekccltno.auafgihnihirodaoaecbehaSaytnRdewrlkssrortsonueantthtsiooafGaiooanthef,fuiapttecnauddottlmc.tsorro,eo’clyitlsagAhrit’hiresrennoyhdneeokms.atiryaconsepdwugheogeayMpycltoostifawseae,eaoohehtuoretooywl,rmompmoksdntnpudeforossbiufDaarceeaeieaptsdtuothuorluorykssdeAgiftno,eohrr2ieotdmpsapntiemhfun.znbd0fmause.aueeskueiyOeiaIfo1byaedrlsctrsetnoiiitst9eetitdontearhinnph.g,thneeuosccsmesgga?Modefgaret,,ty, ’s while the Flash was suddenly struck by lightning and dark matter at the same time, but they all Lumière try to save the day from wreckage. But as an ordinary human in an ordinary reality, how could we attain powers? Special powers to be precise. DIPLoMATIQUE Last March 22, 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte sent a letter to the Congress requesting that he be granted Emergency Powers to deal with the 2019 Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic CARLOS KIM RAPHAEL PEREZ crisis effectively. Two days later, the Congress reached the verdict to grant him his request of power bringing Republic Act No. 11469 or Bayanihan to Heal As One Act into life. Instead of arguing, why not find solutions? It was the second week of March when President Duterte declared an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon. However, even after the declaration of ECQ, the rate of COVID-19 infected patients still rise, hence, the request of the emergency powers. But the real question is: Is it really necessary to exercise such emergency powers and how would the current administration handle the situation? Days after the approval, it is only rightful for the Filipino citizens to expect action plans from the administration. As we were expecting concrete plans which are to be implemented in order to serve the purpose of the emergency powers given, we were given threats instead. Threatening the lives of the citizens of the country is never a solution and it will never solve the pandemic crisis the whole country suffers from. Several delayed speeches were addressed to the Nation and none of it speaks about any concrete plans to suppress the crisis. Medical front liners are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. The public is pleading for Mass Testing to give chance to those who are experiencing and showing actual signs of the virus. Yet everything seems to play in a slow motion. If only the appeals of the public were given consideration, then the crisis won’t be worse, and Filipinos won’t suffer for the incompetence and passiveness of the government even with the emergency powers granted unto the President. Even if Section 7 of the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act puts this law above all existing legislation, it seems to be useless until the administration gives the Filipinos what is due to them, which is the aid they need in the pandemic crisis. If the appeals were listened to, the government would not resort to requesting the emergency powers. Nonetheless, whether the emergency powers were granted or not, it is pretty evident that the administration is constant in one thing: displaying their incompetence and passiveness. Assuming that the administration continues to do what they do best, the purpose of the emergency powers would be defeated. Imagine, everything would have been smooth sailing if it weren’t for the ignorance the government displayed when the pandemic started to startle other neighboring countries. Travel ban was pleaded at first, but the administration did not listen and still continued to welcome tourists as if proving that the tourism and economy of the Philippines is much more important than the health of the citizens and now, when emergency powers were granted, all of a sudden the process of the actions continue to move in a slow motion? How I wish the Flash would lend the government some speed to boost up the pace of the action plans for the crisis and if only the Power Puff Girls were present in our reality, then we would not have to suffer under the rotting system of our government amidst this pandemic crisis. As the request of power was granted unto the President, the Filipinos demand for concrete plans to suppress the pandemic instead of addressing us with death threats which just proves that the promise of Democracy is fading as Fascism enters the frame. For how long will we suffer under the Fascist-like system the administration is displaying? We live in a democratic country which means that the people of the Nation have more power than the rulers. This is the power that we possess in an ordinary reality and it is already a special power. LLUMUMIERIÈERE BRINGING EVERY Our world, truly traumatized, has faced a lot of basically; politics. Both nations have different VOL. III NO. I OFFICIAL ORGAN OF ST. BRIDGET COLLEGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY challenges particularly conflicts, wars, plagues, interpretations when it comes to politics and DETAIL INTO LIGHT recessions, etc. and truly, we have had enough both of them have their own style of governing OFFICIAL EDITORIAL BOARD VOL. III ISSUE NO. 2 OFFICIAL ORGAN OF ST. BRIDGET of everything. due to their different interpretations about S.Y. 2019-2020 COLLEGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY It is with no doubt that when the year politics with Iran being an Islamic theocracy while NOVEMBER-APRIL 2020 just started, an emerging conflict between the latter being a democratic state. the United States of America and the Islamic It is really a shame that we have world Bernice Amanda Mendoza Editor-in-Chief Mary Lou Feliz Torino Associate Editor Sheena Mae Comia Managing Republic of Iran erupted when a certain Iranian leaders like them who keep on arguing about Editor J-zel Adrei Bacal News Editor Carlos Kim Raphael Perez News Sub-Editor Sofia Katrina Dilag Feature general named Qasem Soleimani was killed political differences and yet they can’t even talk by a US Air Force drone strike near Baghdad about how they can address those differences Editor Avhy Chris Panganiban Feature Sub-Editor Herzie Ann Alea SciTech Editor Angelee Atienza SciTech Sub- International Airport. in order to promote peace and stability not only Editor Tshomlee Arellano Sports Editor Anthony Ilagan Sports Sub-Editor Lee Andrea Simon DevComm Editor Since then, it is with no doubt that these two between the US and Iran but also the world. countries are always engaged in those kind of The two leaders should remember that Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas DevComm Sub-Editor Erica Jei Lopez Literary (English) Editor Ma. Cristalea Berania military and diplomatic confrontations. Coming even though they dominate the scene of the Literary (Filipino) Editor Jose Alberto Aguinaldo Art Editor Alexie Margaret Aguirre Art Sub-Editor Aliah Marie from a diplomatic perspective, it is no longer new international political arena, such actions of their to me. Coming from a Filipino point of view, such own governments can lead to harm or chaos. Makalintal Photojournalism Editor Charmelle Chavez Photojournalism Sub-Editor Nathanael Monte & Kim confrontations between the two countries are In my own perspective, Iranians are Loren De Torres Layout Artists one of the many reasons why world peace will actually good people - it is just that, politics is Writers never be possible in mankind. just destroying the good image of the Islamic Both sides have accused each other of Republic of Iran. As for the United States of Trisha Joy Abdon, Kristina Angeline Arguelles, Laila Joanne Ascan, Angela Gaile Banaag, Carol Cayselli Castillo, trying to assert world dominance and apart from America, Americans are also good people for that, the United States keeps on accusing Iran me and a lot of us know that the Americans are Al Mark Comia, Arianne Faith Ibon, Victory Emanuelle Lualhati, Marizze Malvar, Hanjeriel Melchor, Jianne Lora for using nuclear weapons while Iran keeps on really dominating the world such that America is accusing the US of arrogance. Not only that but being considered as “the world’s most powerful Perez, Richelle Aandrea Sofia Resuello, Jasmine Ross Tan there are a lot more of accusations and basically, country” by some folks here in the Philippines. the relationship between the US and Iran is all And with that, as Filipinos, we cannot Cartoonists about accusations to each other. just be simply spectators in this conflict and we Karylle Bool, Edsel Bunyi, Mary Christian Noelle Gilera, Arwen Eilonwy Sanohan, Martin Justine Vinluan Actually, both Americans and Iranians should not engage ourselves with the attitude are victims. Americans being victims of massive that “anong pakialam namin, kanilang problema Photojournalists misinformation about the good image of the na yon!” We should always remember that Anton Emmanuel Barrion, Mika Isabelle Comia, Julianne Marie Goingo, Micah Jesse Remo Iranian people while the Iranian people being whenever something happens in this world, it victims of economic sanctions. not only affects them but also the rest of us. It is Advisers It is saddening about how these alarming. Miss Jean Valerie Collera and Miss Jazel Paula Blanco two nations are divided because of one thing Principal Dr. Dolores Borras Sco Pa Tu Manaa Sofia Katrina Dilag Satur-Yay or Satur-NaY? Due to unfortunate circumstances, like the typhoon Tisoy that only a shortened period and the dismissal for every Saturday is at noon. The abrupt change of the number of school days caused the students happened on December and the supposed eruption of Taal volcano, Although these make-up classes indeed have their purpose to become more prone in getting sick. It also caused a few family the school calendar was indeed a mess. All of these sudden events and helped not only the students but the faculty members as well, gatherings to be postponed or even cancelled. Many thought that caused weeks of suspended classes. Since both tragedies were less there are some flaws that caused the students to be more physically these make-up classes would lessen the tasks given but it actually than a month apart, it was difficult for every Batangueño to adjust to tired and mentally drained. What would be stated below would be a ended up to be the opposite of it. Some students even do school- the effects of the natural calamities. perspective of a student regarding these Saturday classes. related activities like group performance tasks during Sundays. Waking In order to make up for the numerous days of cancelled The Mondays to Fridays were okay. They are indeed up early morning is already not an easy task to some and realizing classes, almost every school in Batangas held Saturday make-up classes. considered productive. However, partly due to the Saturday class that those done during Saturday classes can actually be done at home St. Bridget College is one of those schools. Every grade level added a having a more shortened period, going to school during Saturdays makes it more of a hassle. day in school and some grade levels even made their dismissal a little felt more like a waste of time than staying at home. I even personally If I were to describe the Saturday classes with a single word, later than before. This Saturday make-up sessions started on February 8 encountered a Saturday class wherein I could recall only having class on the word would be hassle. However, all of these are just my opinions and was supposed to end on March 28. the first period and doing nothing on the rest of the subjects. I also had and some are my speculations from what my schoolmates’ comments For the Senior High School Level, the schedule was not an experience wherein I skipped a Saturday class for I was not feeling whenever this topic is brought up. We were able to make up for changed that much. The schedule for Monday to Thursday was still the well and when I asked my classmates on what they did for that day they the number of cancelled classes but were we really able to be more same while for the Friday that was supposed to be the “non-contact” would answer nothing relevant. productive on our Saturdays? Would it really be a big difference if we day, the subjects for Monday and Wednesday are also held on this day. If everyone would be honest, even the two-day weekend did not pursue the Saturday make-up classes? With these Saturday Saturdays took the subjects during Tuesday and Thursday, but it was is not enough to recover from the tiredness caused by the weekdays. classes, were your Saturdays considered a “yay” or a “nay”?

8 FEATURE BRBSSRBeeeeeerassassidtetrergaaecctirhrnheccese'hshs!! A BRIDG MISS Trisha Joy Abdon & Jianne Lora Perez FOR Select Grade 12 students from each Academic Strand exhibited excellence at the 2nd Multidisciplinary Research Festival (2nd MRF) with the theme: Celebrating the Transformative Power of Research. The event was organized by the Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions (SIMP) and Ascendens Asia (AA) Group, and was held at the Enderun Colleges on November 23. The 2nd MRF is a research festival that aims to celebrate Undergraduate and Senior High School Level researchers who continue to strive for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge enhancement for human development. Students with different backgrounds were given a chance to unite, have a platform to present their informative and innovative research works, and engage in intelligent discussions. The selected Senior High School Level researchers from St. Bridget College are as follows: Potential Use of Coffea arabica Grounds Extract as Aedes aegypti (Mosquito) Larvicide *Reviewers’ Choice Awardee (Promising Research Paper) & Oral Presenters Jianne Lora Perez, Charles Francis Aguila, Chrysthel Klein Mendoza, Kaye Anne Pagcaliwagan, Ken Shin Villena (STEM 6 – Sr. Mary Immaculate Concepcion Conti) Turns out coffee grounds have compounds that are lethal to mosquito larvae! These compounds are phytochemicals (alkaloids and tannins) that deter the larvae’s appetite, produce stomach lesions, and block essential body processes that contribute to their growth. The researchers extracted those compounds from used coffee grounds to utilize these wastes (As the researchers VIS think of it, free resources) derived from the coffee’s brewing process. Clams and Mussel Shells as partial concrete aggregate *Leadership Awardee (Ground-breaking Research Paper) Kherl Vinzent Bagon, Bien Joseph Alvarez, Andrich John Matthew Dimaculangan, Rhayme Simon Dotig, Joseph Ralph Gool, Calvin Franco Reyes (STEM 6 – Sr. Mary Immaculate Concepcion Conti) Clams and mussels are undeniably delicious, but after their meat is eaten, the shells are usually discarded. The researchers used this free resource as a partial concrete aggregate as they are rich in calcium carbonate, a renewable material as opposed to cement that is derived from limestone. The particles derived from the shellfish were also proven to have higher slump than concrete which increases its workability and durability. Rice Hull Ash as Metal Polish *Reviewers’ Choice Awardee (Promising Research Paper) & Oral Presenters J-zel Adrei Bacal, Anton Emmanuel Barrion, Len Aubrey Cantos, Marion Anne Madlangbayan, Nicole Yzobelle Perez (STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes) Since rice is a staple food for Filipinos, a lot of rice hull is also produced. These are the protective coverings of rice grains and are considered as waste. However, it is composed of silica, a hard compound that mainly consists rocks. It is this hardness that allows it to cut or scratch through a softer material like dirt on metals, making it shinier and more polished. Parasocial Relationships with Korean Pop Personalities among students in Senior High School Level Victory Emmanuelle Lualhati, Nathanael Monte, Aliah Marie Makalintal, Christine Danielle Perez, John Francis Javier, Mika Isabelle Comia (HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd) The interest in K-pop has grown massively among the Filipino youth. Fans tend to devote their energy and time on anything related to their K-pop idols even if it’s a one-sided process. However, it's important to remember that there's a difference between a healthy, growing admiration, and an unhealthy obsession. The researchers intend to look into the positive and negative fan activities among Senior High School Level students to determine the level of their engagement with K-pop personalities. Adaptive Coping Strategies of Children of OFW Studying in the Senior High School Level Hannah Emmanuelle Ibon, Danielle Louise Ambida, Kylene Zaira Mae Faral, Wendhyl Manalo, Angela Casao (HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd) Parents are one of the pillars of our lives, and it can be hard growing up when they are away from us. This is dictated by various circumstances, such as working abroad to provide for their family’s needs. The difficulty their children face can be eased by various coping mechanisms, such as being positive and having faith in God according to Senior High School Level students facing the same situation. Financial Needs and Stability Assessment of Residents in a Certain Local Community Herzie Ann Alea, Lee Andrea Simon, Anne Gwyneth Reyes, Arlen Reyes, Nhadine Karla Dela Roca, Ronce Emmanuel Villena (ABM 4 – Sr. Mary Catherine Loreto) Various factors contribute to the community’s economic progress, and fixing financial imbalances is one of them. To do this, there needs to be an assessment to know what discrepancies are there to balance for solutions to be immediately applied. Unemployment, low income, and insufficient government support were found to be the main factors that affect the economic stability of the researchers’ chosen local community. The aforementioned students enlightened their audience with information that can give substantial contributions in many aspects. Moreover, the prestigious event showcased the importance of the power of research to everyone not just for academic contribution but also to give a judicious look in life that can transform the world.

FEATURE 9 GETINE BE-YOU-ing SION of Grades: RA SBC Style! ION Avhy Chris Panganiban Feeling a little anxious lately? It’s that time of the quarter again! Whether you want to know or not, you have no choice, you have to be brave. Looking at your grades every quarter is terrifying. The ceremony of your adviser handing you your report card is a mixed emotion of excitement and fear. But what if your adviser doesn’t have to hand it to you physically? Would that mixed emotion still be present? Countries like the U.S and Thailand have been implementing online viewing of grades since the last decade. As our school takes a step higher by implementing online viewing of grades, it has been easier not only for us, students, but also for our advisers. Based on the interviews, teachers have stated that it is indeed easier to view grades online than giving cards physically, one by one. As a student, online viewing of grades is very efficient. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to view! Anytime and anywhere, you can view your grades without having to carry a physical copy every time you need it. At first, it might be strange not having a physical card on your hand. But as time goes by, you’ll get used to it. Feedbacks from online viewing of grades are rewarding. Since the school started this way of viewing grades, positive comments and compliments have been evident. In conclusion, online viewing of grades is a yes to many students, a continuous yes to success! how to get away with QUARANTINE Jasmine Ross Tan When the clock ticked 12 in the morning last March 17, the whole island of Luzon was placed on a lockdown or what the palace calls as an “enhanced community quarantine.” But what does quarantine mean? Quarantine is a state of isolation for a person who may have come in contact with a contagious disease and it helps to minimize the risk of getting other people infected with the disease. Since the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country is growing at a rapid pace, the government was forced to implement a community lockdown in attempt to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading any further. Therefore, all citizens were ordered not to leave their houses until further notice to avoid unwanted transmissions of the virus. In the meantime, since most of us can’t freely leave our houses, you can do these simple activities to keep yourself occupied and make your quarantine experience more bearable. 1. Get lots of sleep. Before quarantine happened, a lot of us are so caught up with deadlines that we’re starting to lose sleep and look like a walking zombie that’s why we can use this plenty amount of time to catch up on our sleep and recharge. Also, getting the right amount of sleep can help boost our immune system that can help our body to combat the virus. 2. Binge-watch your favorite shows. Since most of us have FOMO or the fear of missing out, we can use this time to watch our favorite shows and discover new series or movies that suits our taste. We’ve got plenty of time in our hands right now so why not use it to watch a handful of shows before our time runs out. 3. Watch Tiktok videos or open your own Tiktok account. Tiktok videos are the trend right now because it is very entertaining and netizens are very addicted to this app right now. So, why not open your own account and record videos that you can upload online to spread positivity in the midst of this global pandemic? 4. Clean your house and observe proper hygiene. This is the right time to start having a general cleaning of your house in order to fight off viruses lurking on the surface. Also, always practice proper hygiene and disinfect to minimize the risk of getting infected. 5. Pray. Prayers are everything and this is the time to strengthen our faith and ask Him to stop this virus from infecting thousands of people and spreading any further. We just have to continuously pray day and night because prayers can make miracles happen. We are very lucky that we are inside the comfort of our homes and not in the sidewalk or in the frontlines so the least that we can do right now is to obey the authorities because this is not to right time to complain since every life is in the risk of great danger. Being in quarantine is making us feel bored but we just have to be patient and trust our medical workers that work 24/7 to fight this virus and comply to safety measures so that we can return to our everyday lives sooner.

10 FEATURE BRIDGETINE MAGITING Sofia Katrina Dilag “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde If the act of volunteerism was to be explained with a quote, Oscar Wilde’s would be the perfect one. Volunteering is an activity wherein group of people from different walks of life would share their act of kindness, expecting nothing in return, to those who need it the most. There are many types of volunteering. There are some that requires training, like the medical volunteers, while there are some that anyone could join as long as they are willing to give their own time and effort. For the Filipinos, volunteering is not a foreign concept. Bayanihan, which means “being in a bayan”, is an act of service that promotes unity in a bayan or town. Filipinos are known for being patriotic and helpful. So whenever a problem in the town arises, expect that everyone would be willing to help in any way they can. In this article, Senior High School Level Bridgetines, who dedicated their time and effort to help the victims of the eruption of Taal volcano that happened on January, were featured and interviewed about their experiences of becoming a volunteer. Each one of them showed that even in their early youths, they could already be the simple act of kindness that could indeed change the world. How and why did you decide to become a volunteer for the victims of the eruption of Taal Volcano? Kaye Anne Pagcaliwagan of STEM 6 – Sr. Mary Immaculate Concepcion Cahill said, “Instead of staying at home and do nothing, I decided to help because most of our fellow Batangueño is affected in the eruption of Taal Volcano. Many lost their homes and has nothing to eat and by helping, I want to remind them that we are with them in this calamity so we will fight with them.” Louis Julius Seno of STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes answered, “I decided to volunteer because I am a Batangueño that is not affected by the Taal Volcano Eruption. I realized that I'm wasting every minute of my time when I stay at home and let my strength not be utilized for the good of the people in need. I told myself that I am capable of doing such things and that by doing them consequently removes the burden that is put on other people who are barely capable of lifting heavy loads. I would make myself useful for the community and the needy because it just makes me a proper human being that does the actual job and not the ones who are just sitting at home and complaining about the conditions they are facing.” Vera Khrizel Manalo from STEM 4 – Mother Margueritte O’Keilley replied, “I guess I could say that I decided to become a volunteer because of compassion and the thought of not knowing what could possibly happen. I wanted to show the evacuees that they are not alone and that despite of everything that has happened, there will always be hope. While I was volunteering, I had a conversation with an evacuee and she said that she was deeply devastated about what happened and she felt empty and hopeless. What she said made me more motivated to go to the sports complex during my free time and help them in any way I can. Even though it is tiresome, it felt so fulfilling because you can see the smiles and tears of joy of each family member, especially the kids and the elders.” What was the most memorable moment in your days of being a volunteer? HUMSS 1 – Mother Domitilla Larouse’s Elijah Anthony Page told us, “I would say that the most memorable part is the experience itself. Every day I met and helped new people. And though we were always there until late at night, not once did I feel tired. Knowing that what we were doing would help countless people really give the energy to push forward.” “Seeing the smiles of the other volunteers especially the ones who were also evacuees made my days in the Batangas Provincial Sports Complex memorable. All the fatigue and tiredness were erased as we met new faces and form special bond with them. We felt happy every time we are there because we witnessed the unity and compassion of Batangueños, including all of the Filipinos to those who are in need. I think that heroes during those times did not wear capes but wore red t-shirts screaming, ‘Batangas Magiting,’” said Rod Allen Garcia of STEM 7 – Sr. Mary Consuelo Chuidian. “I can say that my most memorable moment of becoming a volunteer is its every single day of being one. This is where we are able to lend a helping hand to those affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano. I do admit that sorting the relief goods, donations like sanitary products and clothes, and food for the evacuees are all tiring tasks but to hear the words of gratitude of the evacuees instantly lifts that tiredness and inspires me to even help them more,” Wildrielle Genella Panopio of STEM 9 – Sr. Mary Virginia Gonzaga answered. How does it feel to be able to shine your light in your own simple way to those in need? “It feels great to know that those who are effected are the ones who are offering their help. As a Batangueño, it feels good to help because even in simple things like repacking and organizing donations, we are able to help them.They know that our hands are more than willing to help wholeheartedly. Even if it takes us a whole night or even sleep at the Sports Complex, what truly matters to us is that in our own simple ways we became a source of light and hope to others. It is fulfilling to see the smiles of the kids and even the elders when they receive the donations. Knowing that you contributed in those donations that bring happiness to others signifies that we are always with them and will help them to rise up from the tragedy. Just like the text written on our shirts which is ‘Batangas Magiting,’ Batangueños are truly valiant and heroic in their own simple ways,” explained Ivimina Jack Dinglasan of STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes. Moira Matthew Aclan of STEM 9 – Sr. Mary Virginia Gonzaga elaborated, “Being able to help our fellow Batangueños enables me as a person to see the reality of life. That a light, does not need to shine too brightly to lead a path for others. What matters is how you use that light, and for whom does your light shine.” STEM 2 – Mother Dorothy O’Connor’s Viencee Bren Garcia replied, “Becoming a volunteer is overwhelming and it completes my heart because for me, helping is something that truly makes me happy. We should spread kindness to everyone because we never know what is truly happening in their lives. I would give all my best and effort in helping others because at the end of the day, all we have is each other. Helping them makes them feel less alone. Helping those in need has been my nature because I know how great the feeling is when someone helps me. If there is an opportunity to help, never let it past and do your very best when helping.” How can you encourage your fellow Bridgetines to join in activities such as volunteering and the like? “Volunteering is an act wherein you are offering yourself in service for a good cause. I think I can encourage my fellow Bridgetines by sharing our experiences in the relief goods area, that even though were helping a saddened community we have the obligation to share happiness to them. Interacting with evacuees, sharing stories and experiences with them, creating something stronger which is brotherhood and friendships. Also it is something we can call a great experience, because we are helping at the same time learning life long lessons and techniques from the coast guards and army that we can truly use in the future. I would also remind them that volunteering isn't something to build and uplift you name for something but being down to earth in helping because it is not the people in social media we serve for, but our fellow brothers and sisters who are affected by the incidents,” Ainer Jendric Beredo of STEM 10 – Sr. Mary Lelia Hayes told us. Dann Yzekiel Puri of the same section mentioned, “For me, I think it is best to start encouraging our friends to volunteer. We should tell to others the importance of helping the victims of the tragedy. We, Bridgetines, should continue to help others, spread happiness and enjoy the experience of helping others.” “Helping others is very satisfying. It is really a good opportunity to share our blessings to them especially our skills. I have also a lot of realizations that really helped me as a person to learn like, we should always be thankful for what we are and what we have because there are some people which are having a hard time to survive on their lives because of the struggles. Being a volunteer is a great experience. Everyone should try because for me, my life won't be complete without the experience of helping, showing my love and care for others and especially making people happy,” answered Wendhyl Manalo of HUMSS 2 – Sr. Mary Elizabeth O’Dowd. These students above are just a few of the many Bridgetines that shined their light to those in need. Some of them volunteered every day, even on the weekends, and some of them even stayed overnight just to help the evacuees. Folding clothes, repacking the goods, sorting the donations, carrying the heavy boxes, and giving food to the evacuees are all not an easy task but for these magiting Bridgetines, seeing the smiles of the evacuees quickly turns their tiredness into genuine happiness. For all the students that showed their true Bridgetine spirit by helping others in any way they can, you all deserve a pat on the back and always continue to let your light shine.

OPINION 11 Blaze UNSHAKEN -BARAKOS- Lee Andrea Simon & Alliah Erin Cabiscuelas After 43 years of peace, the Taal Volcano made its name roar the headlines again as it spewed ash last January 12, 2020. It affected thousands of residents, including their houses and livelihood. This devastating incident didn’t let the Barakos fall, as this strengthened unity even more. Each and every Batangueño had their own little “bayanihan” story, and here are some thoughts from our fellow Bridgetines on how they felt when they saw how the volcanic eruption didn’t even shook the unity and courage of Batangueños: Camaraderie has been absolutely prevalent among the Batangueños during the recent Taal Volcano eruption. As a young citizen of the place, I am very much proud to know that our fellow kababayans paved the way in extending a helping hand to each other, amidst the reality of having each own circumstances. May this distinct trait continually govern everyone’s being in as much as we spread good vibes to the community. (Danielle Louise Ambida, HUMSS 2) I think that this event showed how much Batangueños care towards their community. They still showed compassion and selflessness even if they were also affected. They didn’t care about the risk of the incident. They still provided help and provided comfort to those who were affected the most. ( Joseph Francis Mandigma, ABM 4) It only shows that we, Batangueños are compassionate. The Batangueño spirit has really been shown by our fellows and independence was portrayed because majority of the volunteers were Batangueños themselves. We earnestly wanted to help because we know the feeling of being the ones who are in dire need of help, we wanted to give even just a little for we know that it will matter for the ones who need it the most. We were lucky enough because we weren’t much affected, and it gave us the opportunity to be instruments of compassion and to extend our help to our kababayans. (Mikaela Maxene Aclan, HUMSS 1) It is overwhelming to see how Batangueños united to help and support those affected by the incident. It is heart-warming to know that despite being affected, they are still able to demonstrate heroism and compassion. Batanguenos showed that we can be united as citizens of the province not only by being passionate but also caring for others. (Micaella Pet Bay, ABM 1) The unity and bayanihan of the Batangueños made me speechless. The Batangueños are very well known for being tough but with this phenomenon it made me realize how soft are the hearts of my folks. I didn’t expect the amount of support and effort they will put on to help others in need. It’s not just about the monetary donations and foods but the way they volunteered and give sympathy to the evacuees also made me realize that this occurrence is also a blessing that made us realize that we got each others back to rise up and start again. (Nhadine Karla Dela Roca, ABM 4) What the Batangueños have shown during the incident was a bit surprising for me but at the same time, it’s very heart-warming. It’s because we batanguenos are oftenly seen as “matikas” but when the incident happen, all of a sudden, we became soft hearted for the people who are strongly affected. It puts a smile on my face to see how we are being united to help one another despite being affected too. With this, the darkness that the volcanic eruption brought was overshadowed by the light of the batangueños. (Jill Kimberly Iturralde, STEM 2) It was truly a heart-warming sight—seeing the immediate response of our fellow citizens to those affected, despite the fact that they were also experiencing ash fall and earthquakes. It’s also overwhelming how our fellow citizens stepped into action without waiting for assistance coming from the higher authorities or when only the barest minimum was provided. We witnessed acts of empathy and integrity from people of various ages, backgrounds, and professions. This goes to show how even little acts of kindness can make a big difference, and in my opinion, not everyone has the ability to walk a mile in the shoes of others and to do good when no one’s watching. (Amanda Noelle Medina, Alumna) I can say that we Batangueños are very selffless because on my first day as a volunteer, we were deployed to Mayasang, Lemery and we did not have lunch. But even though they lacked food and water in the area they still cooked fried liempo for us and we had cold soft drinks and water. I realized how happy and proud I am to be a Batangueño because they were very accommodating and hospitable even though they were the ones who were affected by the incident. (Michael Musico, Jr., Alumnus)

12 SCI-TECH NEW RULES BY SHS FT. WASTE DISPOSAL Angelee Atienza What do you do when something is too much and it’s starting to have negative effects? Naturally, we take specific measures for it to decrease in number, right? That is exactly what St. Bridget College Senior High School Level did as a response to the overflowing garbage in any trashcan you can find in each floor of the buildings. To answer to the increasing and seemingly “too much” wastes that Bridgetines leave behind every day for a whole school year, during their usual Monday morning assembly on February 10, it was announced that all the trashcans inside the building have been re- moved for the purpose of lessening the amount of waste that needed to be disposed of. Instead, they were put outside the school canteen and near the gymnasium to allow the learners to dispose of the trash they’ve accumulated after buying their food from different stands. In addition to this, the learners were asked to bring their own mess kit—which includes containers, spoons and forks, as well as tumblers—to increase the chances of decreasing the number of wastes thrown in the garbage cans. Waste disposal is an important matter of discussion, because garbage can be hazardous and can contaminate the environment if not dis- posed properly. Additionally, certain diseases can be contracted from poisonous trash due to its exposure to infectious substances. In some cases, improper waste disposal can also cause dirty garbage to get into different bodies of water, therefore contributing largely to pollution in general. Taking all of these into consideration, the SHS Department came up with this solution as they aspire to instill integrity among creations. Admittedly, this was a huge challenge for every Senior High School Bridgetine since we were used to having trashcans everywhere we go and to freely throw our garbage in them—at the canteen, on each floor of the building, even near the gymnasium. Before the implementation of no trashcans, we didn’t really realize how much waste we have to throw upon eating a single meal. Despite all of these however, following the department’s new rules would, no doubt, serve certain benefits to all. Molds more disciplined Bridgetines who care for our nature Nature is one of the biggest gifts of our Creator to us humans because it is where we get our resources for us to thrive, and where we started from when we began building the world and human civilization into how it is now. As children of God, it is our honor and part of our duties and responsibilities as stewards of nature that we dispose of our wastes in a proper and moral way. Through eliminating the trashcans in the building and the implementation of the “Bring your own mess kit,” Bridgetines are molded into young adults who practice good discipline in order to show their love and care towards nature. Cleaner surroundings As a result of more disciplined Bridgetines in their waste disposal and management, they have more chances of being clean when it comes to their surroundings especially their classrooms. Students learn how to implement rules inside the classroom on how to maintain tidiness despite having no trashcans in the building to throw their garbage to. Through these practices, cleaner surroundings can be achieved. Less waste disposal cost Waste disposal, due to huge amounts of garbage needed to be disposed of, is said to be of a high cost. For this reason, the implemen- tation of these new rules is also a way of saving money and use it for other causes that are more important and urgent. Better for the environment and society Not only is practicing these actions better for the environment and lessens pollution, it is also good for the society since some of its people, although still young, are already trained and disciplined to take appropriate actions when it comes to waste disposal and manage- ment. These are only some of the benefits that the SBC community can gain through the new rules given by the SHS Department among its students. We must always cooperate and follow the rules and regulations that the department and the student leaders propose for the bet- terment of the school, its students, and the environment we so dearly care for as a step towards achieving our vision of a renewed communi- ty and its surroundings. SCI-TECH EDITORIAL THE CALM BEFORE... THE ASHFALL The Alert Level for Taal Volcano is currently down to number 1, as the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) describes its activity and signs of eruption to be decreasing for a long enough time. Most people have returned to their homes, especially those who lived in the nearby municipalities, and all the affected families of CALABARZON are seemingly already recovering from the volcanic activity shown earlier in the year by one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the country. However, Filipinos shouldn’t let our guard down to a possible cataclysmic eruption waiting to happen, especially due to the continuous visible signs of magmatic activity in the whole volcanic field. According to state volcanologists, a volcanic eruption is still possible despite the said volcano being more silent these days. These warnings get their roots from the current occurrences that indicate continuous movement of magma along the Taal Volcano, its surrounding lake, as well as some of the lakeshore communities found near it. The volcano continues to belch out smoke and gas. There are also ground cracks that rarely appear and yet found along the 14-km danger zone surrounding the volcanic island. It has also come to the concerns of Batangueños that parts of the Pansipit River which connects the Taal Lake to the sea has dried up. Experts in the field of Volcanology have expressed their agreement that these phenomena indicate magmatic movement that could eventually lead to an unprecedented eruption-- full of power and completely damaging communities just like some of the previous eruptions that shook parts of the country. Certain grounds that are rising could transfer large amount of water from the lakes and potentially trigger a phenomenon that they call a volcanic tsunami. It is predicted by scientists that if it hit, even Tagaytay City could feel its impact. They are worried that the worst-case scenario which is what they call a “base surge” also known as a “lateral eruption” would happen. In this scenario, the volcano could send extremely hot volcanic fragments at 60 kilometers per hour towards nearby communities, putting them under lahar just like how Mt. Pinatubo did the same thing when it erupted in 1991. Volcanic eruptions are unpredictable, as what we already know through our experiences with numerous volcanoes in our country. Keeping these in mind, the government should always educate their people and give timely warnings to save the lives of those who are at the highest risk when an eruption suddenly takes place. The residents, on the other hand, should always be alert and ready for anything that could happen, as well as cooperate when the officials give reminders regarding any possible disaster. It is only if people continue to work together will they be able to overcome these catastrophes that occur in random and increasing numbers.

SCI-TECH 13 TRANSCIENCE herzie ann alea Missing: Veil of Ignorance Herzie Ann Alea A56-year old father who claimed to have indications of contracting the coronavirus In 2007, Cheng, Lau, Woo and Yuen, a group of Chinese scientists, published a study on the emergence and reemergence disease (COVID-19) committed suicide in fear of transmitting it to his loved ones whereas of coronaviruses. The study conducted diagnostic tests, animal models, antivirals, vaccines, and epidemiological and a senator and an expectant father who experienced initial symptoms violated the protocol, infection control measures in efforts of developing a strategic means of battling the viruses. It asserted how the continu- permeated the disease and endangered the lives of his family and other people. The senator ous Chinese culture of eating toxic mammals and capability of wet markets to sell wild animals can greatly contribute to remains unaccountable and free despite breaching the hospital protocol. This just shows the rise of future pandemics. Fast forward to the present and the anticipated emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syn- that while the global pandemic is claiming lives, the government system remained as it is – drome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is now a pandemic disease. The fast spread of virus and increasing in favor of the rich and empowered. death rate has sparked global anxiety and concern about the situation being a hopeless case. Ever since COVID-19 hit the Philippines, the national government turned into a But what are the realities behind the new coronavirus outbreak? We investigate. mass of clutter. Questionable statements were released. Unclear action plans were enforced. The president who should’ve been critical and analytical in addressing the disease banned Coronavirus is a type of virus that targets and strikes the mammals’ respiratory systems. It public transportation and entry-exit of workers while letting private sectors to move accord- ing to their own will. He praised senator Bong Go, the Philippine army and even the Chinese is ranked based on certain characteristics as alpha, beta, delta and gamma. Usually, alpha president Xi Jinping on a presidential speech last Wednesday, March 12, which should’ve been about the current conditions of the country and the implementation of the enacted communi- and beta ranks are the ones that inflict zoonotic diseases that normally emerge from wild an- ty quarantine. He even went off and cursed the “pasaway” citizens after they acted upon their natural instinct - to survive. Not only that, numerous senators and officials who should’ve put imals such as bats, civets and pangolins. Sars-CoV-2 is the novel type of coronavirus that causes first their people above else were the first ones to use medical test kits regardless of having no signs of infection. Truly, the government system has always and still has been tarnished by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). It is contagious among humans and has been privileged and the entitled. When matters couldn’t get any worse, the Congress who should’ve known better significantly dangerous for persons with weak immune system and underlying illnesses. provided the president emergency powers last Tuesday, March 24. Through the emergency powers, the president now has the authority over the narrower sectors of hospitals and public O transportation. He can direct private hospitals and medical facilities to house health care work- ers and serve as quarantine centers, and take over public transport operations to ferry front-line The strain was first discovered in the city of Wuhan, Hubei in Central China. The authorities suspected workers. The new law also gives him the power to reallocate items in the 2020 national budget for projects that would fight the spread of COVID-19. This makes the people vulnerable to the that the “wet market” in Wuhan which sells both dead and live animals with uncertain hygiene con- possible abuse of power and unnecessary military and police engagement. The local govern- ment officials who would like to express dissent over how best to combat the virus might face ditions is the epicenter of the transmission of viruses from animals to humans. Bats and pangolins which are Duterte’s iron fist governance. They might cower and submit towards the president’s bidding despite having strategic approaches and measures that can be favorable to the community. intermediary carriers are assumed to have been the sources of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, no actual evidences have Republic Act 11332 states that the non-cooperation of person or entities identified as having the notifiable disease will be punished accordingly. It also punishes the non-coop- been made to prove these speculations leaving the case open to numerous assumptions. eration of those affected by the health event of public concern. Due to this law, numerous citizens have been arrested by the cops. Whether they were resistant or not, all were jailed INDICATORS without further discussion. Yet, here is senator Pimentel who broke the law but didn’t get arrested. Instead, Justice Secretary Menardo Gueverra gave him compassion. Compassion that According to the WHO, the main symptoms of the coronavirus usually include dry cough, high temperature, was not given to the others due to the legal principle that ignorance of the law excuses no one. It is a shame that throughout these years the government system failed to obtain the veil of lethargy, and shortness of breath. Aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea ignorance. They failed to serve justice accordingly regardless of the socioeconomic status and identity of the persecuted individual. are also symptoms that one may experience to mildly and gradually begin. These indicators are similar to flu The government system is seriously prejudiced. The only way to fix this is if we altogether voice out our criticisms and disapproval against their faulty decisions and alarming and common cold thus one should consider their travel history and human contact among persons suspected of the verdict. It is time that the government strives to listen and to reach the demands of the disease. However, there are also cases that the persons infected are asymptotic. This means that they have contracted the people. It is time for them to be open and accepting of the complaints they receive to glimpse the realities of their people rather than enclosing themselves within their own judgment. It disease but have no signs of symptoms. People who are asymptotic are subjected to introspect on their daily is the right time to unite as one to rebuke the current system and to alter it towards a system that upholds justice obtained through veil of ignorance. During this time of crisis, all should be activities to cease the circulation of COVID-19. treated equally and respectfully regardless of whoever they may be in this society. Forget the social hierarchy. Use rationality. One of the best ways to prevent the infection according to the WHO guidelines is by practicing the best personal hygiene care to oneself. Social distancing and stay -at-home lockdown are also the best precautionary measures that should be applied. • Social distancing is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. Cancelling gatherings and staying at least six feet away from other people lessen your chances of catching COVID-19. • Stay-at-home lockdown on the other hand, is remaining inside the house to avoid human transmission. Keeping oneself inside the security of one’s home can stop the virus from finding a new host to go to. Unfortunately, there are no treatments for COVID-19 yet. Antibiotics don’t work against the virus. Everything has changed. All the things we know too well had suddenly turned treacherous. Nevertheless, there is an antiviral drug favilavir used to treat the symptoms of COVID-19. All the things we normally do had now became prohibited. The homes we tend to leave are now the only holy ground we can be in and the families we tend to take for granted are now the only persons we can lean on. There’s no denying it: Our lives have turned upside down. In a world where remaining at home is the only safe option, it is inevitable that we succumb into the stress of disconnection and loneliness and into the constant battle of Due to the growing epidemic disease in China, numerous Chinese citizens fled to other countries to avoid choosing between productivity and rest. Now is the time that we should stay healthy and getting infected. One of the countries with no travel restrictions and border shutdowns at the time was the Philippines, ready in order to fight off this disease and so here are some you can do in order to survive the leaving it vulnerable to the entry of such disease. quarantimes. Thus, on January 30, 2020, the first-ever coronavirus patient in the country was reported. It was revealed to be a • Wash, wash, wash as much as you can. Whenever you’re going to eat, sneeze and 38-yearold Chinese woman who came directly from Wuhan, the ground zero of the outbreak, together with her boyfriend cough or after using the bathroom, you should wash your hands thoroughly. This is to prevent oneself from contracting the coronavirus disease and from getting ill due to other viruses. Allot for a tour. Two days later, the first death from the disease in the Philippines was confirmed. It was revealed to be a 40-year- 20 seconds in washing your hands by singing the SBC hymn or even the chorus of Jolene by old Chinese man who also came from Wuhan. Dolly Parton. Number of cases gradually increased as Filipinos who came from foreign countries for a vacation were tested • Gone was any trace of work, now it’s time to finally clean. After being busy from positive. Later on, human transmissions through respiratory route via droplets from nose and mouth also oc- your studies and social life, why not give your home a bit of lovin’ by cleaning and organizing curred leading to a nationwide lockdown. desks, cabinets, shelves and rooms? not only do you keep yourself out of boredom, you’re also giving your parents the favor to finish such tasks. After all, a clean home is a happy home. • But on a Monday in your room, you start to begin again. This is the perfect time to learn new things and to enhance your skills once again. Why not instead of doing your usual routines, you try to learn new languages, maybe how to cook and bake a thing or two or even start gardening as well. It doesn’t matter if you stop in between as long as you get to feel a The Philippine government declared that the entire country would be under a state of calamity period last sense of balance in your life is all that matters. March 13, 2020 in efforts to provide the national and local governments power to access relief funds. They have also • This is the only time I’m asking you this, stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids adapted the nationwide lockdown measures to contain the transmission of the disease. Numerous travel restrictions helps our body to replenish and to flush out toxins. Through this, our organs would be able to and closure of educational institutions were enacted to reduce risks. The WHO revealed that there are treatments that are in development. Some scientists are experimenting function properly, our joints would remain lubricated and the quality of sleep, cognition and with antiretroviral drugs that are able to attack specialized molecule that coronaviruses replicate. Researchers have also found baricitinib, a drug to treat arthritis, promising due to the capability to disrupt the interaction between the mood that we have would improve. Remember to follow the 8x8 rule which means drinking virus and key receptors. 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water should be your quarantine buddy right now. • Right now’s the time that you forget about the deadlines. It's time – to spend quality time with your family. If before you frequently put aside your family due to the hustle and bustling life, now, you don’t have to, since you have all the time you need to make up for all the wasted moments with your family. Don’t miss out this opportunity and instead create fun memories with them. Play games, share stories, watch movies, and have karaoke sessions with them. After all, a family that’ll stay home together, will live better. • Tell yourself it’s time now, gotta work out. Exercising during this quarantimes is vitally important – no matter what your age is. Being able to do so enables a better flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and helps cardiovascular system to work efficiently. Not only can it boost up your energy and mood but also your mental health due to the better flow of blood after exercise. • Pray. During these moments where you feel lost, numb and empty, talk to Him. For QUANRANTIPS:in these moments of weakness is the Lord our God beside us. Praying to Him can relieve all the stress and worries you have in life and can push you to go through life. Never doubt the power of prayer. There are things we can control and things we can’t. Whenever we get the latter, Mini-guide in Surviving the Quarantimeswe should always accept that we can’t and instead, challenge ourselves to control the way we respond to what’s happening around us. Although being quarantined can be excruciatingly stressful, let us keep in mind the sacrifices that our front liners have to make just to keep us Herzie Ann Alea safe and sound. Stay home. Stay busy. Stay safe! Because lockdown is not just a requirement anymore, it has become a necessity.

14 LITERARY Ma. Cristalea Berania Victory Emanuelle Lualhati Hindi ko alam kung bakit walang kulay tingnan Though I am a virgin, I am Maeve. I am Maeve. para sa ‘kin ang mundo. Ang kahapon ko’y aking kasalukuyan at akin ding bukas; walang bago. Parang gumigising lang ako I have never been licked, nor sucked For I never trusted men, but risked for sa umaga para managinip sa gabi, hindi para mabuhay. Ang dami ring hadlang para makamit ang alam kong mag- and touched; romance; bibigay kulay sa kulay-abong mundo kong ito- kalayaan: kalungkutan, kawalan ng tiwala sa sarili, kawalang kasigu- I only wear dresses, seldom black, never For I fell with weak boys who cannot raduhan, kaduwagan. Kung kaya’t pinili kong gumawa ng sariling paraan gothic; counter my strength; upang masimulan na ang aking pagpipinta; pinilit kong luma- ya. I cannot bear face piercings, untidy hair, For I craved for protection— Walang pagdadalawang-isip ang mga tinahak kong landas upang maranasan kung paano nga bang mamu- and messed up make ups— Yet I am Maeve. hay nang malaya. Hindi ko na inalam pa kung tama ba o But I am Maeve. Because I was dragged by supposed hindi ang mga ginagawa ko. Ang mahalaga, sa huli- malaya: masaya, buo ang tiwala sa sarili, sigurado, matapang. Since my childhood was blurred with educators; Ngunit hindi nga ba kalayaan itong aking nalala- sap? Malaya na akong gawin ang lahat, walang kinikilalang smoke and drugs; Because I was empowered through bawal at mali. Muli ko nang makukulayan ang mundong kulay-abo, pero bakit kulay-abo pa rin? Since my blood runs dry as my parent fellow women; Hindi ko alam kung bakit walang kulay tingnan para sa ‘kin ang mundo. Bagamat naging malaya, gumigising dwelt in addiction; Because if we categorize the world lang ako sa umaga para managinip sa gabi, para mabuhay nang saglit. Inakalang malaya, ngunit hindi masaya, walang Since I once surrendered my life under according to Sex (Education)— tiwala sa sarili, hindi sigurado, at duwag pa rin sa huli. social welfare— I am Maeve. Marizze Malvar Behind the cities lies a life nobody Erica Jei Lopez Ito na, dumating na ang takdang panahon. bothered to uncover Ang panahon para ako’y magpaalam sa Nothing matters anymore, nothing ever mga kasanayang dapat nang pakawalan. Selfish, Uncontrollable, Impulsive, does. name it Pakawalan ang mga kasanayang sa loob ng bughaw na The sun would rise and the moon tarangkahan. It was as if the stars were aligned in would sleep again a way that Dapat nang magpaalam sa bughaw na tarangkahan. Today, Tomorrow and the following Magpaalam sa bahay na nakangisngan. Magpaalam No one could predict or foresee days are all the same - sapagkat dumating na ang panahon na dapat nang and maybe just maybe It goes around in circles – like a cycle – lumisan. One day it will finally agree as well a cycle that Ngunit bago lisanin ang bughaw na bahay. Nais mag- as the cosmos. paalam sa mga alaala ng tagumpay. Sa mga alaalang Needs to be broken and changed for Money, Bloodshed money, I want it the better and naghulma sa aking buhay. Like an appealing candy to a child’s Hindi ko labis asahan na sayang may kalakip na lungkot If it was unfortunate, let it do and be its ang mararamdaman. Gayunman hindi ko nais pakawalan eyes worst. I want it, I want it so bad more than at kalimutan ang mga alaalang nabuo sa bughaw na To you my old self, Goodbye beautiful panuluyan. Sapagkat sa akin paglisan, dadalhin ang mga anything. – Bella Ciao Fatalities, wounds, chaos, anything natutunan. I hope you won’t forget, Why and who Bughaw na bahay ang nagturo sa akin na ipaglaban for the Heist or that ang mga karapataan. Isigaw ang boses ng kabataan at Love, power, pain, as long as I get You were Silene Oliveira before you hangarin ang matamis na kalayaan what I want named yourself Tokyo. Bughaw na bahay ang nagturo sa aking mamuhay ng Richelle Andrea Sofia Resuello tama. Mamuhay sa araw araw ng may ngiti at saya. Mamuhay na ang umiikot ay ligaya. I’m your average girl and I’ve been told that I’ve got a smart mouth. Have you ever spoken up, I have. I tend to be blunt, maybe a little bit harsh, Ang mga alaalang ito’y mananatili sa ulo. ‘Pagkat ang bughaw na bahay ay nasa puso. At mananatili hanggang hmm…? What I am talking about is each individual is different, dulo. Opinions should be heard beyond your imaginary audiences, And you need believe your voice impacts people. I hope this statement makes you realize how vocally powerful you are. There is just something unique and special about us, we do things our way. No sugar-coated compliments should get pass through our own way of thinking. You got to live YOU in your life. Have you ever met a complete stranger? One whom you had one conversation, And the rest of your talks feels like music Due to the fluidity of your thoughts combining as one – That moment when your thoughts came out of his or her mouth? When in every aspect he or she is the total opposite of you, Yet you are in so much synchronization? It’s like finding your twin but maybe who you are thinking right now Is the person you like the most. Have you ever? I have, that’s all from me to you, Celia Leiberman out! Carol Cayselli Castillo What does it mean to be god? Arianne Faith Ibon Binuksan mo ang aking mga mata Unsullied wrath lay waste upon land, sa mga bagay na ‘di ko nakitaan ng halaga. decay? My homeland; Where does one draw the line between Ngunit sa aking pagkapukaw Since when did a god become so ay nawala sa paningin victory, ang pinakamahalaga – human? and death? ang makita ka. Devolved by the hunger for revenge, Left nothing but Hindi ko nakita A half-wolf, half-girl na ikaw ay nahihirapan. (Gods are destructible) Mortal child of a god; disgusting Hindi ko namalayan Yet, everyone wants to play god — Made a home in the shell of one, human, na sa bawat araw ako’y iyong tinuturuan, Bred creatures neither human, nor god Half-god, half-nothing. na magpatuloy Thick-skinned, hard-headed, barbaric — And the forest shall resurrect, New, foreign, unknown, na maaring makita sa panaginip Saviors for a price. Ripe for conquering and destroying, ang ganda ng realidad. Souls devoured by flames, corrupted Defended by an orphaned god/girl Tinuruan mo akong maniwala beyond reason hybrid — na may liwanag sa madilim na mundo I cry at the horrid scene: To nurture and protect, kung titingnan ng mas malalim at totoo. How come victory smells like blood and Listen and heal. Heto nanaman tayo, sasabak sa gera. Ange;la Gaile Banaag Al Mark Comia Isulat ang pangalan, seksyon at petsa. Kalma lang, balikan sa isip ang mga ikabubuti ko, papasa ako.” When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, Sa pasimple kong pagsulyap sa papel I think two things, really- as my heart skips a beat: inaral. Dear, a part of me wants to be real nice and sweet, Nagtatago, naghihintay. ng katabi ko, And the other wonders what her head looks like on a stick- real neat! Ang pagnanais ko na makapasa, Nabistado ako ni ma’am. Paano na Na mapunan ang bawat pahina ng I am a good person, I can assure you that. ito? If you see me in bars, I’d wave and tip a hat. mga sagot na tama. Pinalabas niya ako at habang naglal- Come close, if you’d like, come have a little slack- Magdadala sakin ito ng ganap na akad papunta sa opisina ng aming I’m your typical man who adores the little chit chats-- you hack. karangalan. punong guro, Oh just be thankful, you’re not the type I’d love to kill. Lumilipas ang oras. Iniisip ko ang mga rason na pwede But hey, I’m not as deranged as that “Buffalo Bill”-- Walang pagbabago. Wala ito sa plano. Or maybe I am, I don’t know. Maybe I’m far worse. Kakagat na ba ako sa tukso? kong gawing palusot. Mga minuto’y lumilipas na. Ngunit hindi nito napigilan ang kinahi- Maybe I’m just living the fantasies, the thrill of it all, the curse. Ayun! Dumaan na si ma’am, Ito na’ng pagkakataon. natnan ng aking pagkakamali. I love my people, oh I loved my mother too! At doon, ako’y tuluyan nang sumugal. Ginawa ko naman ito dahil ayaw kong Her nagging mouth, that stabbing tongue, as I’m all blue. Sa isang pagkakataong walang kasig- bumagsak. My God, she’s great a parent- a loving teacher too- uraduhan. Akala ko makakapasa na ako. That’s why I pick those co-eds, they all remind me of her-- the shrew. “Alam mong mali ito.” Pero ito pa pala ang magiging sanhi “Pero ginagawa ko naman ito para sa ng pagkasira ko. Huwag kang magalala, hindi pa ito ang katapusan. Hahanap ako ng bagong paraan.

SPORTS EDITORIAL SPORTS 1155 TOKYO OLYMPICS’ DILEMMA PLETHORIC VOID Anthony Ilagan The world is in the middle of the coronavirus disease the year before. The 1944 Summer Olympics was SEA Dogs 2019 (COVID-19) health crisis and everybody originally slated for London in the United Kingdom. But the war was still raging in Europe and Asia, so the The Philippines performed undoubtedly well in the recently held 2019 SEA is feeling and taking its toll. Sports in particular, Games were scrapped. games. The results were rather surprising and it made me proud of raising the And so, the concerned sports’ governing blue, red, and white flag. Out of the 5,630 participating athletes in 56 various is greatly affected, asthe world’s biggest sporting bodies still has to come up with a solution. As March sports, the Philippine team tallied 149 gold medals; 51 gold medals higher than is coming to a close, the IOC is urging the Tokyo Vietnam who is second with 98. In addition to that, we also reaped 117 silver event, the Olympics, scheduled these months of July Olympics officials to cancel the games as early as medals and 121 bronze medals to accumulate a total of 387 medal. There are also now. The COVID-19 pandemic is still in its early stages, honorably-acclaimed athletes like Hidilyn Diaz who’ve won her first gold medal and August in Tokyo, Japan, is in deep jeopardy. and slowing its spread depends on the world’s effort in the sea games and Carlos Yulo, who bagged an immense amount of 7 medals Some would see a cancellation of the Olym- to keep people from travelling and congregating varying from gold and silver. pics as necessary, as COVID-19 can be carried without through the coming months. How about this summer Despite being the overall champions and being virtuous with our achieve- symptoms. The World Health Organization recently and what could happen? The 24th of July is still ments however, there have been some awful rumors circulating around the web declared the status as pandemic, a disease epidemic months away, and based on the statements of the before the event has even begun. Unfinished bathrooms, delayed transportation, un- that has spread worldwide. The fatality rate of the virus organizers there’s something appealing about their comfortable resting environments, and unpolished press conference rooms are some is two percent which is quite low, and the Olympics insinuated suggestion that the world will be back to of these. The situations on the media was filled by embarrassed and frustrated Filipi- are still months away. Also, the Games will be held in normal by then. nos throwing hideous regards to Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano management. The hashtag the higher temperatures of summer, which according But the odds never favor that result. It is #SEAGamesFail circuited throughout social media outlets like twitter which topped to some health experts will eliminate the virus much quite clear that there is a stronger chance that even if the microblogging app’s most delivered tweet for a week in the Philippines. The ser- more easily. There is also clearly not enough time to infections significantly go down by summer, it would vices provided by the organizers was rather disappointing as it was not showcasing move the event to an alternate venue anyway. So, it still be too soon for flights to resume. Doing so could the major Filipino aspect which is hospitality. The government and organizers later is a choice between postposing, pushing through or reignite the situation and could help spread the virus responded that the terrible bathrooms and press rooms are actually old pictures of cancelling. Some suggest holding the events behind once again. Not to mention that doing so also harms the venue before construction. However, the opening ceremony is the horror-breaker closed doors, with no crowds. the athletes. It would be insensitive and definitely ir- when the show was filled with overwhelmingly nice, together with colorful presen- Another option would be to require strict responsible to forge on and continue with the games. tations and native dances. The ceremony also showcased the sports legends of the disinfecting protocols entering all venues, and even They could postpone the Tokyo games to a safer Philippines like Efren “Bata” Reyes, Alvin Patrimonio, Akiko Thompson-Guevarra, and require all spectators to wear personal protective period of time, to next spring when Japan’s cheery more. equipment, which poses as the soundest solution. blossoms are blooming. Probably by that time the The Philippines basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas, performed well in the com- Kaori Yamaguchi, a retired Olympic judo athlete, world is at a better place and all will be slowly healing. petition with a clean no-lose record. After the disappointing performance in the FIBA believes the International Olympic Committee is Why continue against all odds with the risk of having World Cup in the same year, the gold medal win in the SEA games is a good bounce “putting athletes at risk” by asking them to continue to to ultimately cancel the Games a few months from back to forget the trauma of the FIBA event. The Philippine Men’s Volleyball team also train, as usual, in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus now? Hold and delay the Olympics for a year or so, performed very well which was led by our young stars, the duo of Marck Espejo and pandemic. and do it now. Delaying the games right now while together with Bryan Bagunas. The team managed to defeat the reigning champions, Looking back, the modern Olympics have the world is fighting this pandemic would symbolize Thailand, but sadly lost to the more experienced and veteran team of Indonesia. More been cancelled three times. The 1916 edition slated for global solidarity and hope for a new day. Filipino athletes proved their worth and capability to compete in sports against other Berlin was cancelled due to the outbreak of World War countries in the SEA Games. Is this the beginning in the rise of the Filipino blood in 1. The Xll Olympiad was scheduled to be held in Tokyo sports? Or are we simply a South East Asian contender who’s fastened to the region in September 1940, but World War II had erupted but cannot compete in higher levels? Anthony Ilagan and Kristina Angeline Arguelles Volleyball will always have a place in my heart and that is the reason why I did not stop playing the sport even when I am no longer a varsity player,” said Rod Allen Garcia of the Shepherds Volleyball team. Always promising and passionate from intramural championships and now mo ha, magpaalam ka sa magulang mo.’ After I heard those words, I pushed myself to convince my once again into school leagues, Rod has always been in and out of the court and never parents that I deserve a chance to prove them, that this time, I can balance my academics and my stopped playing volleyball. Comeback is literally real for this person as he again plays passion,” Rod said. for the blue and white for his first and final one after six long years, rest assured the long He got the chance to play again and excel on his talent yet the pressure also stayed with years without official training did not stop him from being the leader and captain of the him and also with the rest of his teammates. When Rod was asked about how was their team’s team. performance this year on their last tournament, he said that the rookie team did finished the elimi- nation round second in their group with three and one win-loss record, with a win against Batangas He was a varsity player and played official school games and even reached region- State University, Sta. Teresa College and University of Batangas and a heart breaking loss against al level way back when he was elementary and that’s for sure how he developed and STI. “We entered the semi-final round against the champion team Batangas Christian School and we improved his skills. His interest started when he became a fan of a local volleyball team, unfortunately lost that game. On the battle for third we are up against STI again but with the same which paved the way into knowing and playing and that he even gets frustrated when- result we lost to that heart-breaking match once again that put us in the ending of the league as a 4th ever the team loses. When asked about it, he says, “I watched them a couple of times, placer,” he said. He added that they are still blessed, that even if they have not ended the games with but there was this one time that they lost a match and I got really frustrated. When I got a podium finish, they became semi-finalists. As the team captain, he said, “Even if we have lost the home after that game, I played with my small basketball and started hitting it against last games of the league, at least I know that we left good lessons and memories for the younger our wall. That was the very first time I played and I immediately fell in love with volley- batch of the team to motivate them to strive harder and to achieve the goals we failed to ball. I used that frustration as my motivation to learn different skills in volleyball and be accomplish.” a good player like my idols that time.” Rod also has been always very conscious of his grades. Shortly after graduat- “Because of my love for the sport I did not stop trying to be better in all the ing the elementary level he started focusing first in his studies. Being an achiever and opportunities that came along my way,” Rod said, giving inspiration to all the an athlete never gets easy, and for players like him, it is not be an effortless route. He ex- aspiring student-athletes out there. “It’s an honor for me that finally, after six plains that the past years where he focused in studying made him realize that volleyball long years I am once again playing for my alma mater but that feeling is also was really “something for him” and without it, something felt incomplete. It was only combined with pressure because of the responsibility that I carry as the team this school year that he had the chance and guts to comeback and be the best of both captain”. Furthermore, Rod admits that it is exciting to play for the blue and worlds, academics and volleyball. “When I played for the alumni against the current white, raising the name, and bringing the pride of the school. For his pas- team on a tune up game, our trainer talked to me after the friendly match and told me, sion and unending perseverance for volleyball, he surely is an example of ‘Alam mo utoy sayang ka, gustong-gusto ko pa naman yung mga bitaw mo…Pag-isipan someone who has a heart of a champion, very determined to play for the sport the he loves. It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. Improvement is a very long process that is not easily attainable,” as stated by Den Niel Alvarez of the Shepherds chess varsity team. Tactical mind and huge faith are the words to describe one of the best chess players in St. Bridget College. He had an inter- est in chess as early as the age of 7 back in 2nd grade. His whole family was playing the game which inspired him and later on giving him the will to also take part in the sport. He reminisces the times when his father and his brother was playing chess while he was just a mere spectator. The games he watched from his family taught him the basic moves which further developed his tactics. He began to participate in chess games with his family after learning, and he was also introduced into competing in intramurals and other compe- titions. “Chess is a game where it’s hard to determine who wins and who won’t since anything can happen with every turn,” he said. There are times when he thinks the game is over but, in the end, he still manages to draw or win the battle. Den has a lot of notable achievements from the beginning of his career in the elementary days up to Senior High. Some of these competitions are par- ticipations and wins in the Cluster Meet, USCAA, BCPRISA, and City Meet. But for him, the greatest achievement is getting to represent the white and blue, SBC Shepherds team. Alvarez finds extreme happiness when playing chess, especially when he is competing for the Shepherds. During competi- tions, there are little pressures disturbing him but despite that, he is not getting blinded by the pressure because of his determination to win the game and represent the pride of being a Bridgetine in every match he competes in. His biggest inspiration when playing is God, whom according to him, is always guiding him when playing and of course, his family who does not get tired of supporting him in every game. “My own formula for improvement is determination, inspiration, and trust,” added by Alvarez. There must be the deter- mination to learn and be better when playing chess which is key to improvement. There must also be inspiration, so during your improvement, you will not be alone. The last key element is trust because if you believe in yourself, every impossible thing can be made possible.

On January 26, 2020, the world was caught by surprise on the news of the tragic death of arguably one of the best basketball players who stayed loyal to the ring and his daughter. 24 years ago, Kobe Bean Bryant took his first step inside the court of the National Basketball Association, with the dreams and aspirations to become a basketball figure much like his father. With confidence and trust in his skills, Bryant decided ately qualified for the finals. Bryant eventually became the to try out for the NBA and with no doubt, he was drafted sole leader of Lakers with O’Neal being traded to another by the Charlottes Hornets as their 13th pick. As substitute team. This greatly affected the synergy and cooperation wearing number 8, Kobe patiently waited for his turns in the between the players. On the course of his playing career games. Only a year after, he was traded to Lakers where he that lasted 20 years, Kobe won 5 NBA championships and became a big shot, playing for the NBA All-Star games and numerous individual awards. His credentials and winning being crowned as the youngest All-Star. accolades made his name in contention for the greatest “Kobe!” is the famous name teenagers shout as they player of all time. Moreover, his Black Mamba mentality soared for a dunk. Back in 1997, a year after getting into NBA, endeared him to all striving athletes, making his mantra on Kobe Bryant won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, dethroning giving your all their personal motivation. the established NBA stars. All these achievements barely a To all of us who idolizes the “Mamba”, Kobe is not year from being drafted, Bryant sure did become the talk of dead. Bryant left us the greatest memento: the town. He was clearly a rising star. court, the place where we had all our eyes Bryant collided paths with one of the biggest basketball locked in awe every time he moves. It is figures at that time, Shaquille O’Neal. Both with astonishing where the meaning of Mamba Mentality ball abilities, they became the pillars supporting the whole was rooted, but as Kobe continued his life Lakers, representing Los Angeles. With Bryant playing as the and career, it became so much shooting guard and O’Neal as the center, the epic combi- more. nation of the two players brought home 3 consecutive NBA Undoubtedly, no one, MOMENTOTshomlee Arellano and Hanjeriel Melchor Championships, reigning from year 2000-2002. player Keeping his personal life together, Kobe married his high or not, has lived the most out of school sweetheart, Vanessa Laine Bryant, back in April of every day than Kobe as he 2001. From being a man carrying a team, Bryant became a worked and dribbled through father supporting a home. Aside from being an NBA Cham- life’s struggles and proving that pion, he became a father with his four daughters; Natalia nothing can get in his way. The Diamante Bryant, Gianna “Gigi” Marie Bryant, Bianka Bella best way to honor the Mamba Bryant, and Capi Kobe Bryant. MAMBA’Smemento and mentality is to live With his continuous rise to the top, the Lakers hit a bump and struggled much of the seasons and not immedi- the way he did, to embrace every day and push through all your goals in life. SPORTS LUMIÈRE ? Philippine Mens’ Volleyball sets Bored and stuck at home? Well, that certainly can’t stop you from playing sports! Among these classic stunning return to SEA Games and oldschool indoor sports go choose and vote for Tshomlee Arellano and Kristina Angeline Arguelles your personal favorite! Despite the power and tenacity that Philippine Men’s who spiked their way into the competition and managed to volleyball clearly has, there is no denying that they are get a well-deserved podium finish. still under the women’s volleyball team’s shadow, but that changes with all their recent accomplishments in the 2019 The team last experienced podium finish when they won Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, winning over defending SEA the 2005 SEA Games stealing the bronze medal, thus making Games champion Thailand in five stressful sets (17-25, 25-20, it 14 years before bagging another podium finish which is 23-25, 27-25, 17-15). winning the silver medal, as well as the adulation and respect of the volleyball-loving community. Bagging silver during the 2019 SEA games put them on As Ateneo Blue Eagles Spiker and national player Rex Intal equal footing with the Women’s Volleyball in terms of popu- said, “I hope we became instruments to inspire the younger generation for the improvement of men’s volleyball here in larity and models for inspiration here in the Philippines with the Philippines.” key players like Bryan Bagunas, Ranran Abdilla, and Marck Espejo blazing through and spearheading the 14-man team fist and kicks: the rise of mma Hanjeriel Melchor The days of hoops and nets have faded; sports enthusiasts are now gathered inside octagon rings, sparring with their headgears and fancy gloves. Over the past couple of years, the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) gained immense popularity, hooking numerous individuals to either enter the octagon or go all out supporting and cheering for their favorite fighters. The trend lives by its hype and successfully engulfed teenagers, including few of our schoolmates, to enter its pits. Since the MMA trend arose, Jose Alfonso Hernandez of STEM 8 – Sr. Mary Concepcion Conti joined the MMA craze and passionately trained his body. Together with a friend, Lorenz Angelo Manansala of ABM 3 – Sr. Mary Dominica Long, they both spent summer vacations inside the gym to train like professionals. Both Hernandez and Manansala com- peted in official amateur competitions. The Ultimate Knockout Challenge, supported by Bear’s Cave Mixed Martial Arts Gym, was dominated by Jose Alfonso Hernandez. As for Manansala, he boasted his skills during his Muay Thai and MMA fights. Hernandez topped the challenge with aggressive take downs and powerful ground and pounds against an older competitor. By age 17, he already gained his first official win in an MMA fight. Despite the age gap, Jose Alfonso Hernan- dez displayed the difference when it came to actual sparring skills. Hernandez shared that he was constantly watching UFC fights since his childhood. His interest in this field led him to becoming an avid fan of UFC, boxing, and Muay Thai. He enjoys the thrill and adrenaline of everything that is happening inside the octagon ring which eventually led to actually pursuing the sport. On the other hand, Lorenz Angelo Manansala kicked his way in and has already competed twice. His first com- petition was a Muay Thai Amateur Tournament that was held at the Amorato Sports Complex, Quezon City. Coming from Muay Thai, he then trained for MMA and was selected to compete in Bangasan Batangas at Dayton Food Park, Lipa City. Manansala’s skills and advanced techniques led him to be chosen for fights not only within the vicinity of Batangas but also its neighboring towns. Being able to compete outside your turf definitely mirrors one’s level of ability and skills. When asked about their personal reasons of enrolling in MMA trainings, with eloquence, Hernandez stated, “[I enrolled in MMA trainings ] to keep my body fit and healthy, and for me to gain for confidence with my physical appear- ance.” Aside from sparring and boxing skills, Manansala is proud to learn discipline and self-control from his training sessions. Lorenz Angelo, amateur MMA fighter, said that he only wanted to enroll for MMA trainings for the experience and because of his friend’s influence. Later on, he grew fond of his sessions and continued to spar with his coaches. All thanks to his hard work, “I have gained so much self-esteem. I am proud that I am now able to cut my weight or gain them with ease. I have gained full control over my body and my mind.” Hernandez and Manansala were able to go through all the rough training

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