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EDA Engineering Design and Analysis

engineering design & analysis Overview EDA Ltd. is an engineering design and analysis company providing services since 2003 for mechanical and aerospace engineering projects of various industries such as defense, aerospace and automotive. Company is located in the Technology Park near the METU Campus in Ankara Turkey. EDA finds innovative, cost and time effective solutions for difficult engineering problems of industry and offers consulting with its highly competent technical staff by means of its own computer aided TM engineering design and analysis software, CAEeda . Objectives The main objectives of EDA are: · To take part in engineering design projects related to the study of mechanical and aeronautical engineering. · To work on making optimization studies to solve complex problems encountered in engineering design and analysis. · To provide the consultancy and training services in the design and analysis projects for the defense industry companies. · To bring CAEeda and its modules that have been developed by EDA into use of the customers during the collaborative projects. · To update continously its knowledge and products’ capabilities in parallel to the world’s technological developments. 1

engineering design & analysis Capabilities EDA provides solutions to many complex engineering problems. The services pro- vided include advanced solid modeling and mesh generation, high performance solu- tions to large-scale CFD and CSD problems, structural design optimizations, aerody- namic shape optimizations, fluid-structure interactions and store separations. Edam's engineers continuously seek for cost and time effective solutions for design projects and utilize all levels of computational tools ranging from basic engineering methods to advanced high fidelity solvers depending on design requirements using their rich experience. With its highly parallelized software, EDA can provide solutions to large- scale engineering problems only in hours instead of days and months. CAPABILITIES Design and Design Optimization Capabilities Mechanical Design Airframe Design · Barrel assembly · Howitzer and armoured vehicles · Missile and projectile · UAV · Aircraft · Submarine Thermal Cooling and Heating Systems · Helicopter · Torpido Engineering Analysis Capabilities Computational Heat Transfer Computational Fluid Dynamics · Conduction · Convection · Radiation · Incompressible · Subsonic · Supersonic · Compressible · Transonic · Hypersonic Multi-physics Simulations · Aero-thermal elasticity · Aero-acoustics\" · Magneto-hydrodynamics\" Computational Structural Dynamics Computational Electromagnetics Store Integration and Separation Computational Ballistics 6DOF Trajectory and Flight Stability Computations Engineering Design and Analysis Software Development and Customization 2

engineering design & analysis Products TM EDA uses onlt its own software CAEeda for engineering design and analysis. It has following modules form solid modeling to design optimization-all integrated. This way EDA does not depend on any third-party software. By using Linux operating system, it is also independent of any king of proprietary operating system, under TM fully secure environment. Presently, CAEeda has the following modules: PRODUCTS CAEeda TM (Computer Aided Engineering Design and Analysis Software) CADeda MESHeda TM Computer aided design program Mesh generation program FAPeda TM TAPeda Flow analysis program Thermal analysis program SAPeda TM BALLISTICeda Structural analysis program Ballistic design anad analysis program FSIeda MIReda Fluid-solid interaction program Missile rapit solver SINeda FLYeda Search and interpolation program Flight simulation program PLOTeda Plotting program Advantages All capabilities required for engineering design and analysis studies in a single software package The modules being used independently as separate software as well as working with each other interactively Parallel computing capability with high efficiency User-friendly grahical user interface (GUI) Multi-language support Cost effective software Highly effective CAD and multi-physics design optimization capabilities 3

engineering design & analysis Services In order to find out the time and cost effective solutions for design and analysis pro- jects with many complex engineering problems, EDA performs research and devel- opment studies and provides consultancy and software development services on related fields of activity which include advanced solid modeling and mesh genera- tion, high performance solutions to large-scale CFD and CSD problems, structural design optimizations, aerodynamic shape optimizations, fluid-structure interactions and store separations. In this context, the services provided by EDA can be summarized below. SERVICES Computational Engineering Design and Analysis Fluid Dynamics (aerodynamics, gas dynamics, hydrodynamics) Heat Transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) Structural Mechanics (linear, deformation non-linear, material non-linear) Flight Mechanics Multi-Physics Interaction Problems Fluid - structure Interaction Fluid - flight Mechanics Interaction Store integration and separation Computational Engineering Design Optimization Topology Optimization Shape Optimization Size Optimization Computational Engineering Design and Analysis Software Development High Performance Computing (HPC) 4

engineering design & analysis R&D One of the missions of EDA is to follow new developments and discoveries in the world to be prepared for future demands of its customers and to upgrade its service quality and work efficiency. The research concentrates mainly on evolution of its design and multi-physics solution capabilities. EDA's research activities, in which scientists from national or US universities have taken part, are partly funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). Research and Development Topics Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Computational Structure Dynamics (CSD) Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) Computational Heat Transfer Unstructured Euler ve Navier Stokes Solvers Aeroelasticity Structured - Unstructured Grid Generation &Adaptation Aeroacoustics Computational Geometry- Topology Turbulence Models Fluid Structure Interaction Store Separation Moving Boundary Problems Parallel Computing Design and Shape Optimization by Generic Algorithms Multi-Disciplinary Code Coupling 5

Silicon Block No:22 METU Technopolis 06800 ANKARA Tel: +90 (312) 210 1991, Faks: +90(312) 210 1991 [email protected]

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