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SEPT 4-final

Published by Athena Altiche, 2020-09-04 05:16:36

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INTIAL PLANS FOR SEPTEMBER MODEL UNITED NATIONS Tasks and AGENDAs Target Time 3rd Meeting with MUSHS SSC Officers September 4, 2020 and MUN Soc Aspirants September 11, 2020 1. Structure of the Positions September 18, 2020 2. Initial Plans for September to September 25, 2020 September 28, 2020 October 3. Draft of MUN Electoral Process October 23, 2020 4. Application Process 5. Final Draft Guidelines 6. 1. Calendar of Activities 2. Proposed Preparation and Drafts 3. Updates about Initial Plans 4. Clarifications and Concerns 1. Finalization of platforms of aspirants 2. Additional Arrangements for MUN 3. Clarifications and Concerns DELIBERATION MEETING FOR ALL ASPIRANTS ELECTORAL PROCESS INAGURATION OF FINAL OFFICERS To be continued in coordination with MAMUN Soc aspirants and MUSHS Social Sciences Circle Advisers.

GENERAL GUIDELINES 1) The name of this committee shall be the Model United Nations Committee and shall be under the Mapua University Senior High School Social Sciences Circle club or MUSHS SocSci Circle of BOTH Intramuros and Makati. 2) All officers and members under the MUN committee must be willingly active in all activities planned and proposed under this committee. 3) Activities done under the committee are subject to approval by the Social Sciences Circle, regardless of campus. OFFFICERS 1) The officers of this committee shall accept his/her roles and shall be held liable for all the duties done independently. a. All officers shall willfully and truly fulfill their responsibilities and duties. b. Deliberation will be made about giving up the position immediately if failed to do so. 2) TRANSPARENCY IS A MUST. The officers of the committee are strictly prohibited from withholding any information or updates regarding their agenda for activities. 3) Officers of the committee are given an automatic membership within the Social Sciences Circle for the A.Y. 2020-2021

ACTIVITIES 1) The MUN should provide a proposed plan of action and schedule of activities done for the enjoyment of mapuan students for the school year. 2) All proposed plans of action and schedule of activities are subject to approval by the executive committee of the Social Sciences Circle. a. Any activity without the approval of the executive committee shall be prohibited from implementation. 3) The MUSHS Social Sciences Circle must be updated by the MUN committee strictly at all times and consult every decision that will be done. a. If it needs an urgent decision-making, they must inform the Executive Committee right away. b. They have the right to accept options and opinions but have no right to have the final decision. c. The Executive Committee should be able to advise and interfere when the MUN Department starts having problems especially when things go wrong. 4) All activities under the MUN committee must not interfere with the schedule of the Social Sciences Circle.

APPLICATION PROCESS FOR ASPIRANTS 1) Aspirants interested in running for any position of the MUN committee shall pass a resume format and a written interview to the Social Sciences Circle of Intramuros and Makati for review. 2) A format for the resume and written interview will be provided by the officers of the Social Sciences Circle. 3) The aspirant should NOT be an officer in any club or organization of Mapua University, regardless of campus. 4) He or she shall not have a position in the MUSHS Student Council, regardless of campus. 5) All application papers are subject to review by the Executive Committee of the Social Sciences Circle.

FINAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE MODEL UNITED NATIONS COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES CIRCLE Patron - The patron shall act as the representative of the MUN committee. He or she shall represent the committee by lending their names to other well-known organizations to promote the integrity and values of the committee and add to its credibility. - The patron shall consist of the student advisers and presidents of the Social Sciences Circle.

President - The president is the director of the MUN committee. He or shall oversee the operations of the MUN and must be held accountable for any actions done within the committee to the Social Sciences Circle, the principal and the general public. Secretary General - Will oversee the planning of activities and its implementation. Together with the president, they shall see that all activities are properly reviewed first before proposing the final version to the Social Sciences Circle. - Is responsible for the minutes of meetings held by the committee and must report each meeting to the Circle. ROLES OF EACH DIRECTOR Director of Logistics - “Floor directors” - Will oversee the flow of communication happening within the committee and must make sure transparency is conducted between the MUN officers and the Social Sciences Circle.

- Will make sure that events, webinars happen without any setbacks and must leave no room for any potential mishaps. Director of Delegates - Its role is almost synonymous with the role of the Internal Affairs committee head of the Social Sciences Circle. - Are responsible for inquiries and handling of delegates for MUN. Secretaries & Chairs - Are involved in the compilation of papers, e.g. position papers, used in the MUN committee. they are also responsible in holding the minutes of the meeting. - Will have a secretary counsel or secretariat within (pending) Director Marketing - Synonymous with the role of external affairs committee head - Will be the one to gather outside sources for the committee - Will review possible partnership proposals with other organizations

Director Volunteers - Will act as ambassadors for the committee. - Should act as a coordinator in all activities done for the committee. Shall oversee all plans of a volunteer program and handling the recruitments, interviews, hiring and training of outside volunteers

MODEL UNITED NATIONS ELECTORAL PROCESS I. ELECTION PERIOD The election period shall start on September 28, 2020 and shall end October 23, 2020. II. MUN COMMITTEE The MUN Election Committee shall compose of the following: A. Ex.: MUSHS-SSC President B. Ex.: other Presidents (clubs and/or organizations) III. ASPIRANTS A. All Candidates must be a student of the Mapua University - Senior High School Department. B. A candidate must not be subject to academic probation and/or must not be serving a sanction at the time of his/her filing of candidacy. A candidate charged with disciplinary action during the election period shall not be allowed to run for office. C. All candidates must not hold any major position in other organizations and/or clubs in Mapua University. IV. FILING OF CANDIDACY A. A period of at least 3working days/weeks shall be provided. B. Aspirants running for the positions of the MUN Committee shall submit their resume and Certificate of Candidacy to the MUSHS Social Sciences Circle Executive Committee V. CAMPAIGN PERIOD A. The campaign period shall be from ______ to ______. B. The candidates shall submit their campaign materials to the Electoral/Executive Committee for VI. CASTING OF VOTES A. Medium (google form, MS form, etc.) B. Date and Time C. Students must strictly use their mymapua accounts in casting their votes. D. Resubmission of votes will not be accepted.

VII. COUNTING OF VOTES VIII. A. Only members of the Electoral/Executive Committee are allowed to have access to the submission of votes. B. The elections shall be declared valid after the completion of the counting of votes. PROCLAMATION OF NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS A. A candidate shall win a position if the total number of votes for him/her is greater than the number of votes for his/her opponents and the number of abstentions. B. The winner shall be announced via _

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