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Affiliate Getting Started & Success Guide-E-Train Services (GC) (1)

Published by gcie247, 2021-07-04 12:45:31

Description: Affiliate Getting Started & Success Guide-E-Train Services (GC) (1)


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E-TRAIN SERVICES/CAREER DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE/DEPARTMENT: Getting Started & Success Guide How to get started as an Affiliate and successfully thrive and grow.

Key Points Key Points: Company Services & Campaign/Project Mission & Identity Service Profile/Description, Expectations and Guidelines Assignment and Action Plan Assignment Company apps assignment & use Weekly work-services schedule or flexi- service structure Work-Service Plan/Itinerary Online Promotion, Marketing & Sales etc.

Basic information Company Services & Campaign/Project Identity & Vision GCIE is an HR, Training & Business Solutions Provider & Consultancy The name of the campaign/project you are assigned to is E-Train Services. GCIE via E-Train Services provides digital products ,that is ,online training courses for sale in this instance. E-TRAIN PROJECT VISION: To be the largest online provider/carrier of online/e- learning courses for the English Speaking Caribbean and beyond You may have been assigned an online role, in office role or a mixture of both.

Service-Profile/Description, General Expectations & Guidelines & Action Plan Assignment Upon getting started before or after training, you will receive your service profile/description and general expectations & guidelines information via link or email. Your 1st assignment is usually for you using this information to develop an action plan to summarise how you will go about providing these services/responsibilities and expectations. It is submitted by a given deadline via email. You do not have list every responsibility in the action plan. Develop your action plan based on core and routine activities in your opinion. It is a warm up assignment & not a wrong or right document.

Where to start?: Company Apps & Assigned User Accounts Log into your company assigned Other Apps Other Company email (where applciable/relevant) Assigned to you for Assigned User to receive the rest of Set Up. accounts instructions/information & direction You may be required to using your company Other company assigned user assigned email set up a Facebook and Instagram accounts/apps are: Open time clock, It serves a variety of purposes. However, Profile & Skype Account for business purposes. if on a schedule or roster, Hubspot, it is one of your main communication You are to provide the user name,, links and Work-Services Portal, Canva. The tools with the company and your team. password to the company when complete. The E- Company's Administrators will set up You will be sent credential access via Train logo must be uploaded to the profile. and assign you these credentials. your personal email account initially. Once You are also required to set up an Animoto or Passwords are confidential and not you have received a company assigned Biteable free video maker account is also required to be shared with anyone. email, you will no longer receive company with your company email and provide the information via your personal email. password to us. you may or may not be required to set up an approved email marketing application.

Your Schedule or Your Remote Work/Service Provider Rules Flexi-Structure 1. Must be at work station or site during work/service You have the option of working a hours (where applicable) traditional eight (8) hour day/5-6 days 2. Normal break and lunch period applies (where applicable) work-services week or being assigned 3. Must answer cellphone whether personal or company assigned to a goals/target based system with 4. Must respond to emails within 20-30 minutes deadlines. However, there are 5. Must have skype account and be active on skype during mandatory times of which you must work/service hours avail yourself. You will be notified of 6. Must answer phone, email or sms, mms professionally when this. If you are not managing a flexi- making or receiving calls 7. Must submit all assignments on time structure effectively and meeting goals 8. Must be on time for online and in person meetings and work and targetds, you will be assigned to a assigned normal structure as mentioned above. 9. Remote work is subject to change with or without notice to physical work space and without reason or justification being given 10. Must have access to internet, laptop, tablet or smart phone with external key pad and proper working cellphone 11. Must work just as hard as when in physical space 12. Must be accountable and responsible for time 13. Business wear not required unless in video meeting but must be dressed reasonably well so that if called out can go without delay. 14. MUST SAVE ALL WORK TO ONLINE DRIVE AND NOT ON PERSONAL COMPUTER OR DEVICE UNLESS ASSIGNED A FLASH DRIVE 15. These rules may be amended or extended with or without notice 16. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in discipline up to and including dismissal/termination

Weekly/Work-Service Important things for you to note Plan/Itinerary Assignments, activities, goals, deadlines and/or targets are subject to You will be assigned a weekly/work- change with or without notice in order for the company to achieve services plan/itinerary which will contain optimal results. activities and services with goals, targets and deadlines for you to complete. Your services will be formally evaluated as a freelance service provider/affiliate of the company. Evaluation performance determines Whether on a flexi or formal work- largely part your continuance or renewal of services. services provision structure, you must aim to achieve 75-100% of all goals and Your services are under the category of independent business targets to be assigned any bonuses owner/service provider/vendor and not a contact of employment but and/or relevant incentives or atleast 60- contract for freelance/affiliate services. 65% of these goals and targets to maintain your freelance or service The wok-services provided as per your agreement is based on a provider membership/partnership commision or royalty system and not a fixed monthly/weekly or daily compensation. The achievement of your goals and targets determines the granting of your bonus and/or incentives. However, if the overall team meets their targets and you do not, once the effort put in is considered to be satisfactory, management may decide to grant you what is called a discretionary incentive or allowance. This is also based on the company's performance. This is not mandatory but as said at the discretion of management.

HOW DO I PROMOTE, MARKET & SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS I.E ONLINE TRAINING COURSES? TOP SUCCESS =75%-100% OF YOUR TARGET Targets changed with prices, sales, marketing and promotion strategies. However, you will be notified if it does.

HOW DO I PROMOTE, 100 MARKET & SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS I.E ONLINE 75 TRAINING COURSES? 50 You must use: 25 Email Marketing (via pre- approved templates) 0 Social Media Marketing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Call drivers and follow ups Personal referrals Physical promotions and sales Samples/Trials Ongoing Sales Promotions Etc.

Other 1 Other 2 5% 5% Creating a In person bigger online 10% presence Email Marketing to Companies 50% Social Media Marketing to Companies and Groups Call Drives/Promotions 15% Once you set up a profile, you can DM companies Social Media Marketing and post in groups where applicable as per 15% target. You must be mindful to follow the FB or Instagram etc.. guidelines when posting, otherwise, you may be blocked or temporarily banned. It is advisable, posts on Social Media using your company set up FB page be 7-15 minutes apart

Internal Divisions Operations Division Executive Services Division Business Development Services Division Includes Training & other Products/Services Includes Corporate Services & Business Activities Provision, Coordination services & Support, HR & Administration (Finance, Includes Sales & Marketing Customer Support Services Technical Services etc.) Services Focuses on researching, planning, designing, developing of lines Plans, implements and oversees strategies of the organisation and of businesses which include the products and services of the ensures the overall goals of the organisation are achieved, whilst Assists with promotion, marketing and sale of goods and organisation and facilitating mechanisms for planning, developing and updating plans, goals and targets and services through leveraging/utilising leads, referrals, sub- implementation, sales, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the communicating to senior management team same and ensure campaigns and ensuring goals and targets are met for performance of these products and services of the organisation that it is carried out by the rest of the organisation respectively sales, service and sign-ups for lines of business: products and the overseeing of associated teams tasked with assisting and where applicable, Communicates and sets up meetings with and services. Assists with the creation marketing, with any or all of the above functions or support of these advisory committee and management teams and other teams as promotion and other professional content for circulation functions etc. needed etc. when approved and assisting with circulation.

Some Affiliate E.g. Affiliate Online Course Developer/Instructor, Roles with E- Affiliate Online Instructor Assistant & Online Train Services Sales Affiliate

Brief example of role of Online Instructor - To pitch, develop, promote and assists with sales of online courses. Uploads online course/digital product onto platform and/or teach courses.

Brief example of role of Online Instructor Assistant- To assists with pitching, developing, promoting and assists with sales of online courses. Uploads online course/digital product onto platform and/or teach courses, training support services.

Brief example of role of Online Sales Affiliate- To promote, .market and sell online courses or services

Always remember: That you do important work Show people and corporate customers the purpose of your craft

Successful Affiliaties are consistent Nailing down a schedule When getting started there may be some kinks along the way but once you settle into a routine, you should offer consistent service and performance. Answering questions immediately Whilst participating in online promotions, marketing and sales including call drives, answer customer questions immediately or as soon as possible. Interacting with followers It is important should you have followers on the company assigned FB to interact with them via approved post and accurate and up to date information.

Making Social media channels the most Automated customer service out of the Seamless ecommerce platform internet Analytic tools and reporting Tailor-made user recommendations Take advantage of the tools available.

How great brands deal with consumers Interact with Quick response to Swift order taking followers/customers inquiries and assistance Via approved communication tools It is important to be quick in A customer who is buying the product responding to customers and/or or service should be dealt with prospects and leads. promptly and where applicable there request should be forwarded to the relevant department. When in doubt email [email protected] . Delivering Keeping the on promises customers delighted Make sure you deliver on promises Be polite, professionally friendly and made. interactive. Keep customer happy.

GC/E-Train Services Team The team to help you stand out Support Services Email Supervisory/Help Desk at [email protected] or [email protected] if needed Phone Support - Tuesday, Email - Monday (midday to 4pm) to Webchat - Monday (midday to Thursday & Friday (9am to Friday (other days up to Fri. 8:30am to 4pm) to Friday (other days up to 4pm) 4:30pm) and/or Saturday - 10am to Fri. 8:30am to 4:30pm) and/or 3:30pm Saturday - 10am to 3:30pm *NB Please note that emails and web chats may take one hour and up to 24 hours to respond to, in order of priority.

Contact Us We'd love to talk about any areas that need clarification. Phone Number 868-264-3243/747-3288 Email Address [email protected] Website

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