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Thailand (Souvenir Magazine) - Medina, Clarian Joy M._BSCE-3309

Published by medinacj6104, 2022-08-06 12:39:33

Description: Thailand (Souvenir Magazine) - Medina, Clarian Joy M._BSCE-3309


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Vol 1 | August 2022 Issue Mountain ranges to pristine beaches found in THAI the country. LAND Variety of ethnic groups with a strong sense of culture and traditions. Deeply connected literatures to religion.

THAILAND MAGAZINE Table of Contents 5 Location and Geography 9 Government and Economy 13 Culture and Language 17 Literature 21 Attractions and Cuisine 2 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Editor’s Letter The world is full of wonders and mysteries; it is only when we try to look deep into them we realize how gifted we are. The Southeast Asian countries proved to be one of the world's most diverse and culture-filled places because of their strong sense of nationalism. Each country has its own uniqueness and, at the same time, connection to other countries. From the sceneries to the culture to the language to the cuisine, each country gives a different experience. As part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Thailand is a great country to explore. This magazine will focus on the various aspects of Thailand, from its geography to some of its literature. Clarian Joy M. Medina BSCE – 3309, THAILAND Magazine นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 3

THAILAND MAGAZINE 4 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Location & Geography นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 5

THAILAND MAGAZINE Thailand is a country located in the center of mainland Southeast Asia, and its capital is Bangkok. It has two geographic areas like Spain and France; there is a larger central area in the north while a smaller peninsular extension in the south. Myanmar surrounds the main body of Thailand in the west, Laos in the north and east, Cambodia to the southeast, and the Gulf of Thailand, an inlet of the South China Sea bordering Thailand, Cambodia, and southern Vietnam, in the south. Moreover, Peninsular Thailand stretches southward from the southwestern corner of the country. The country's landscape also varies from low mountains to fertile alluvial plains dotted with rice paddies to sandy beaches set amid the equatorial latitudes of the Asian monsoons. There are five distinct physiographic regions in Thailand: • the folded mountains in the north and west • the Khorat Plateau in the northeast • the Chao Phraya River basin in the center • the maritime corner of the central region in the southwest • the extended, slender peninsular portion in the southwest 6 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Different land masses can also Aside from the notable land be found in the country, like masses in the country, Thailand Mount Inthanon, the highest also consists of forests, shrub- in the country and located in studded grasslands, and swampy northwestern Thailand near wetlands dotted with lotuses and Chiang Mai. At the same time, the water lilies. The forests in the city is overshadowed by Mount country consist mainly of Suthep, a site of a famous Buddhist hardwoods like teak and timber- shrine and the royal summer and resin-producing trees of the palace. Other known peaks in Dipterocarpaceae family. However, Thailand are Mount Khieo and because of industrialization and Mount Soi Dao, which create an excessive logging, the total area indented coastline fringed with covered by forests has declined many islands. There is also the and affected the country's wildlife. Khorat Plateau which was formed As a result, some of the animals in by the uplifting of two the country are either perpendicularly arranged crustal domesticated or found on farms. faults. This tilting created ranges of low hills and mountains along The location and the western and southern edges of the plateau: the Phetchabun and geography of Thailand Dangrek mountains, respectively. significantly affect the lives of the people. นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 7

THAILAND MAGAZINE 8 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Government & Economy นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 9

THAILAND MAGAZINE T he country of Thailand has a constitutional monarchy as its type of government, with a monarch as the head of the state. The current head of the state is King Vajiralongkorn, while, as mandated by the current ruling constitution in the country, a prime minister acts as the head of the government. The current prime minister of Thailand is Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. Power is exercised by the bicameral National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, and the courts following the provisions of the constitution and laws passed by the National Assembly. Additionally, the execution of laws in Thailand is carried out by the civil service, whose members are known as kharatchakan or \"servants of the king.“ Thailand is also part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly known as \"ASEAN.\" The country's strategic location makes it an investor's gateway to Asia because Thailand is at the center of most ASEAN countries. This allows Thailand to access a burgeoning consumer population overseas aside from its equally huge estimated population of 67,083,000 as of 2022. 10 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE The government of Thailand differs from some ASEAN countries because of the different head of state and head of government. T he country itself offers a wide variety of businessmen. It provides a world-class infrastructure like the extensive highway system, modern city-wide mass transit, international airport, deep seaports, and international river ports that allow trade and business to be easily made. Moreover, business opportunities are abundant across several industries, including While the economy of automotive, automation and Thailand was greatly affected by its location. robotics, aerospace, machinery, medical, alternative energy, food, and many more. นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 11

THAILAND MAGAZINE 12 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Culture & Language นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 13

THAILAND MAGAZINE Thai culture is a mix of strong Indian influences, Chinese traditions, and elements uniquely Thai, making it a must-see destination in Southeast Asia. Although there is an overarching strength and unity in Thai culture, each region in the country still has its own unique cultural features. Northern Thailand shares Central its border with Myanmar and Thailand is the Laos, which makes its culture heavily influenced by Burmese country's culture, and carries strong political, influences from the historical economic, and Lanna Kingdom. Northeastern cultural center. Thailand, also known as Isan, is a Lao-speaking majority because it is primarily isolated from the rest of Thailand by a large mountain range. This characterizes their culturally distinct region and the fact that it is a primarily agricultural society. Southern Thailand, located on the Malay peninsula, is home to many fishing communities because of the pristine beaches found in the area. Central Thailand is the most predominant because this is where the capital of the country seats. The fertile plains in the area have made it the country's economic center and produce the majority of the country's rice. The area also has the greatest population density and the greatest concentration of ethnic Thai majority. 14 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE M any of the traditions and beliefs of the people in Thailand stem directly from Buddhist principles since it is one of the most important influences on culture in the country. Hinduism has also made significant contributions to Thai culture because of the close link between Thailand and India that can be seen in art, literature, and many Thai customs. The Thai ethnic groups roughly take two-thirds of the country's population. Although their traditions, languages, and cultures differ only slightly, this leads to a country with a strong sense of shared traditions and cultural identity. While the remaining third of the population comprises Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Hmong, and Mein. Even with the diverse ethnic groups in Thailand, the Thai language is widely spoken and understood, and the Thai script is often used in place of traditional writing styles. Although there is still a strong national identity, local food, dances, music, celebrations, and beliefs have become more important in Thai life. นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 15

THAILAND MAGAZINE 16 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Literature นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 17

THAILAND MAGAZINE T he traditional Thai literature was deeply connected to the literature of both Buddhist and Hindu India. The best- known story of the premodern period was that of Prince Wetsandorn or Vessantara. This is the last and most important of the Jataka tales, stories of people or animals who were Buddha in a previous life. In this story, Wetsandorn was a prince compelled to give away his wife and children to realize the last qualification necessary to be reborn as Buddha. The gods restored his family to him when he proved he had no attachments. Other pieces of literature from Thai literature are below. Champoon by Dhep Mahapaorayais It is a novella portraying Thai society before 1942, where women were mostly deprived of their rights and freedom. In the novella, Champoon, the heroine, has a forbidden love with a non-local man, but her marriage needs approval from her parents, which leads her to her downfall. The novella portrayed Champoon's determination and extreme sense of human dignity by proving her love is worth it. The background, atmosphere, and way of life in the south of Thailand during that time were also portrayed. Maum by Kukrit Pramoj It is a short story that portrays the hardships of life in Bangkok during World War II, where families were separated, poverty was common, men became soldiers, and women and children were killed by bombs. The story was narrated through the eyes of a dog named 'Maum' wherein a series of unfortunate events turned into something lively and hopeful. Maum was a very loyal dog to his master and prevented said master from turning into a thief. This short story also reflected how Thai people care for and love their dogs. 18 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE The Barbs by Phaitoon Thanya It is a short story about the Thai people's spirit and way of living in the rural area of the country, specifically the agricultural society based on friendship. Old people are full of love and care, but technological advancement has created an industrial society where charity and compassion are always doubted. This short story tells about an old lady trying to help out a new mother to raise her newborn baby. However, the new mother was doubtful of the old lady's kindness, resulting in her not accepting the help. It took time before the new mother understood the old lady's true intention. The story showed the changing Thai society through the use of pleated barbs as a symbol of rural compassion. Mere Movement by Naowarat Pongpaiboon It is a poem written days before the uprising on October 14, 1973, where it reflects the poet's role in the movement of the people. It reveals the Thai people's inner state, which involves their frustration and oppression under a dictator's regime, by creating images through the poem. What is Such Forging? by Ujjeni It is a classical poem that inspires people, especially the young generations of each era, to stand up and fight the various obstacles in life. The poem raises the feeling of pride for being human and is filled with figures of speech showing vivid pictures and profound emotions. It gives moral support for every occasion, like the political struggle of the mass or the grievance of an individual. Each literature from Thailand reflected their way of life and how they became who they are today. นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 19

THAILAND MAGAZINE 20 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE Attraction & Cuisine นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 21

THAILAND MAGAZINE Thailand is also known as the \"Land of Smiles\" and one of Southeast Asia’s jewels. The country has a thriving tourism industry with diverse attractions. Floating Markets Thailand is known for its floating markets that offer a unique way to shop and eat while supporting local vendors. It also shows a traditional way of life. Aside from catering to the tourists, others give a pleasant authentic travel experience by letting their customers into the boat and guiding them through different canals where traditional houses on stilts can be seen. There are several floating markets near Bangkok, but Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak are the most popular. Erawan Falls Aside from the pristine beaches in Thailand, there are also other water forms. One of which is the Erawan Falls in Erawan National Park. The falls were named after the white elephant that travels with the Hindu god Indra because the tiers are said to slightly resemble the shape of an elephant's head. This waterfall attracts a lot of tourists. Prasat Hin Phimai Thai culture is colorful, and its history is full of stories. And one of the world's most beautiful and fascinating ancient cities is Prasat Hin Phimai. It holds one of the country's largest Hindu Khmer temple and dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries. It was also connected to the famous Angkor Wat by an ancient Khmer roadway. This historical park is in the Nakhon Ratchasima province northeast of Bangkok. 22 | นิตยสารประเทศไทย

VOL 1 | AUGUST 2022 ISSUE T hai food originates from the people who emigrated from the southern Chinese provinces, and historically, there were many Szechwan influences in Thai cuisine. The present Thai cuisine falls into four categories: tom or boiled dishes, yam or spicy salads, tam or pounded foods, and gaeng or curries. Tom Yum Goong Spicy Shrimp Soup It is a bowl of bold and aromatic flavor that comes with a reasonably strong spicy kick. This dish is created with the quintessential Thai ingredients like lemongrass, chili, galangal, kaffier lime leaves, shallot, fresh lime juice, and plenty of fish sauce. Fresh prawns and mushrooms are added. Coconut cream can also be added for a creamy version. Som Tam Spicy Green Papaya Salad This dish comes from Isan in Northeastern Thailand and is one of the most popular dishes in the country. It comes in various styles, but the classic som tam consists of shredded green papaya, tomatoes, carrots, peanuts, dried shrimp, runner beans, palm sugar, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, lime juice, garlic, and plenty of chilies. These ingredients are mixed together using mortar and pestle, which amplifies the flavors of the dish. Khao Soi Creamy Coconut Curry Noodle Soup It is a Burmese-inspired coconut curry noodle soup available in chicken, beef, pork, or vegetarian options. This dish has a rich coconut curry base, boiled egg noodles, and is garnished with deep-fried crispy egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, shallots, lime, and ground chilies fried in oil. This dish can be found in Northern Thailand, with Chiang Mai being the khao soi mecca. นิตยสารประเทศไทย | 23

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