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The little book of happiness

What could be easier than doing nothing and then getting the greatest thing in life! Let this book show how you can become a source of happiness for yourself and others like the moon or the รนท that has light in itself.

FT 1 the little 1 book of happiness WWW. kalyanam

The searchfor the most reliable source ofhappiness might be closer than you think. Since time immemorial, people ofall ages, races andfaiths have one thing in common—the searchfor happiness.

Ifthey believe happiness is in the sea, they go to the sea. Ifthey believe it is in the mountains, they go to the mountains. Ifthey believe it is in the shopping malls, they go on a shopping spree. Ifthey believe it is about being rich, they devote their lives to making money. Or, ifthey think it lies in beingfamous, they seek eveiy means and measure tofight their way tofame.

What all these peoplefind in common is that all the seas, money andfame in the world cannot help them when they are heart-broken, depressed or in pain, that even a mountain ofwealth and possessions cannotfill the emptiness in their hearts. Infact, such things produce short-lived pleasure and inevitably stress and exhaustion.

Fortunately, all human beings are blessed with the ability to produce self-sustaining happiness-the kind ofhappiness that only they themselves can produce and is completely independent ofpersonal circumstances and external factors. That kind ofhappiness lies within them, and can be achieved through meditation.

ร^0'I 'ww.kalyan

How To Meditate Sit upright with your right leg on your left leg. Place your right hand on your left hand. Let your right index touch your left thumb. You can sit with or without a cushion on thefloor. Feel free to adjust your sitting position until youfeel comfortable. Close your eyes very gently as ifyou are about tofall asleep. Relax every muscle in your body—from your eyelids to your cheeks, your chin, your shoulders, your arms, and your legs, down to the tips ofyourfingers. Free your mindfrom all kinds of thoughts. Drop all your personal baggage ofduties, worries, and problems. Assume they do not existfor now. Breathe in deeply and gently exhale three times. Imagine that you are sitting happily alone in the universe. Indulge in peaceful solitude. Tell yourselfyou deserve happiness, and this is your relaxation time. Also imagine that the inside ofyour body is hollow and transparent—with no internal organs. To keep your mindfrom wandering, imagine that a crystal ball isfloating in the middle of your stomach. For this purpose, you can use other neutral objects that you’re familiar with such as a scoop ofice-cream, a football or the moon. Make sure not to strain your eyes orforce an image. Just visualize as you comfortably can—and relax. In meditation, you see with your mind, not with your physical eyes. WWW. kalyanam

WWW. kalyanam itra

To keep thoughtsfrom entering the mind, recite the words ‘summa arahung, summa arahung, ’ which means the virtuous path toward freedom from all evils ofthe mind. Recite the words as ifyou’re humming a song while quietly observing whatever scenery there is at the center ofyour body. Ifthoughts arise, there’s no need tofight against them. Let them pass through the center ofyour body like a passing view that you happen to seefrom the window ofa moving train. Accept that they are present but don’t take them to your heart or thinkfurther. Alternatively, you can choose not to visualize anything at. all and simply observe whatever you see at the center ofyour body without making anyjudgment or emotional response to it. Whether you see darkness or bright light or anything else, just accept it without any thought. Depending on the degree of stillness and clarity ofyour mind, after a while you will experience a sense ofpeacefulness and refreshingjoy as ifyou’ve come out ofan inner spa.

It is a nice practice ofcompassion to end your meditation session by spreading the inner peace and all the goodfeelings that you’ve received to all living beings regardless oftheir race, nationality’ and faith, and even yourpersonalfeelings: “May all living beings have a share the peace and happiness that I have receivedfrom meditation, whether they are in my country or anywhere else, whether they are a member ofmy race or any other race, whether they are afollower ofmy religion or any other belief system, whether they love me or loathe me, whether they see me as afamily, friend orfoe. May this air ofpurity resultingfrom the meditation dissolve all the anger, sadness and suffering in their hearts. May those in pain befreefrom suffering and those already happy be happier. May people ofall races, nationalities andfaiths live together in peace, forgiveness and compassion. ” WWW. kalyanam itra. org

Ifyou wish tojoin a meditation retreat or a short class in English, you are welcome to visit our meditation centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia or the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand or click onto for more details. For an audio guide to meditation and soothing songs, please listen to the CD enclosed in the back cover ofthis booklet.

* Thousands ofmonks and laypeople were meditating around the Pramongkolthepmunee Memorial Hall. The hall was bililt in 1996 in honor ofVen. Pramongkolthepmunee, who had rediscovered the Dhammakaya tradition ofmeditation lost to the world for more than 2,000 years or 500 years after the passing ofthe Lord Buddha.

The temple is one ofthe world’s largest meditation centers, covering about 1,000 acres. Funded by public donations, the temple is a non-profit organization that provides meditation lessons to the interested public in Thailand and overseas. Each year, the temple draws more than half a million local and overseas visitors.

Due to its size andfacilities, the temple is often used as a venuefor gatherings and meetings ofmonks, novices, lay Buddhists, as well as peace lovers ofall religions. Thousands ofpeople were meditating in a peaceful celebration at the dawn ofNew Year Day 2005.ft*

Its supporting organization, the Dhammakaya Foundation, is also a member ofthe United Nations and has participated in many international activities aimed at promoting worldpeace as well as intra- and inter-religion unity’.

*Everyyear, hundreds ofthousands of people gather at the templefor an illumination ceremony on the full-moon night ofMakha Puja Day

The temple conducts various Dhammakaya Meditation training sessions and retreatsfor the interested general public as well as private andpublic organizations at their requests.

* About 5,000-15,000 people gather at the Dhammakaya Assembly Hall every Sunday for meditation and as many as 300,000 on some important Buddhist days.

Since its establishment in 1970, the temple has been promoting the concept that true happiness comesfrom within, that attaining inner peace as an individual is prerequisite to world peace arising, and that to end external wars, people mustfirst stop the wars within themselves.

* The pyramid-shaped chapel was built in 2002 in honor ofthefounder of the Dhammakaya Temple and meditation teacher, Maharattana Ubasika Chan Khonnokyoong.

The temple organizes several mass meditation events each year, including on the Earth Day or 22 April. All the events are open to all peace lovers and anyone who is interested in meditation.

Decorated with 300,000 Buddha images on the outer shell and 700,000 more on the inside, it is the world’s largest constuction ofits kind in modern history.

The temple is constructing the Grand Meditation Stadiumfor World Peace where Buddhists andpeace lovers ofotherfaiths can come to meditate togetherfor individual happiness and worldpeace. The two-storey structure and its adjacent area can seat one million people who are expected tojoin the largest mass meditation event the world has ever seen. Thisfuture event will be held with the aim ofpromoting meditation as a means to achieving intra- and inter-religious unity and world peace through inner peace. We lookforward to seeing you there. Your presence will be a present to worldpeace.

*Hundreds ofthousands oflay peoplefrom all walks oflife as well as Buddhist monks ofall sectsfrom more than 30,000 temples gathered in a spirit ofunity in February 2002. i£ £3 r&] 8K 5 B B 1ir VJ I •ifI - V ฐ- $i2't.i■*S*f••cะ'f-*?J*-•*,z.*-*?J •Af p โJ? คู่?5 A, ช.ๆ?* ไ '.ฟุ • •พ;< gear

List ofcontact numbers ofDhammakaya Meditation centers www.dhammakaya. or. th/centremain.php Georgia Oregon Minnesota » Georgia Georgia Meditation Center Inc. 12250 King Cir., Roswell, GA 30075 USA ■ California Illinois • New Jersey Tel. +(0-770-649-9819 * Virginia Email : [email protected] Georgia Illinois Texas Meditation Center of Chicago (M.c.c.) 6224 W.Gunnison St., Chicago,IL 60630 USA Florida Tel. +(0-773-763-8763 Fax. +(0-773-763-7897 Email: [email protected] NORTH AMERICA Minnesota California Minnesota Meditation Center 242 Northdale Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, Dhammakaya International Meditation Center MN 55448 USA 801 E. Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702 USA Tel. +(0-763-862-6122 Tel. +(0-626-334-2160 Fax. +(0-763-862-6123 Fax. +(0-626-334-0702 Email: [email protected], Email: [email protected] [email protected] Florida New Jersey Florida Meditaion Center Dhammakaya International Meditation Center ofNew Jersey 1303 N. Gordon St., Plant City, FL 33563 USA 257 Midway Ave., Fanwood, NJ 07023 USA Tel. +(0-813-719-8000, +(0-813-719-8005 Tel. +(0-908-322-4187, +(0-908-322-4032 Fax.+(l)-813-719-8007 Fax.+(l)-908-322-1397 Email: [email protected] 1, Email : dime [email protected] WWW. '

Oregon Tel. +(32) 3.326.45.77, +(32) Mobile. +(32) 494.32.60.02 Oregon Oregon Meditation Center Email: [email protected] 13208 SE. Stark Street., Portland, OR 97233 Tel.+(l)-503-252-3637 DENMARK Mobile. +(l)-503-799-8547 Email : [email protected] Wat Buddha Denmark Gl. Landevej 12, 7130 Juelsminde, Denmark Texas Tel. +(45) Meditation Center of Texas Mobile. +(45) 1011 Thannisch Dr., Arlington, TX 76011 USA Email: [email protected] Tel.+(l)-817-275-7700 Email : [email protected] FRANCE Washington Bordeaux Wat Bouddha Bordeaux Seattle Meditation Center 47, Cours du General de Gaulle, 33170 852 N.E. 83rd Street Seattle, WA 98115 USA Gradignan, France Tel. +(l)-206-522-1514 Tel. +(33) Fax.+( 0-206-985-2920 Mobile. +(33) Email : [email protected] Email : [email protected] Virginia Paris Wat Bouddha Paris Meditation Center of D.c. 10, Avenue de Paris, 77164 Ferrieres en Brie, 3325 Franconia Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310 T7J'O 1ๅ p Tel. +(0-703-329-0350 Tel.+(33) Fax.+(l)-703-329-0062 Fax. +(33) Email: [email protected] Email . [email protected] • Midnattsol Starsbourg Dhammakaya Centre International de la • Gothenburg Meditation 21, Boulevard de Nancy, 67000 Strasbourg, Manchester. Juelsminde Ftsdc0 London • . Antwerp Tel.+(33) p,ris. . • Frankfurt Fax.+(33) Strasbourg- :^st,jtgart Email :[email protected] Geneva- Augsburg GERMANY Bordeaux • Bodensee • Ravenna Augsburg Wat Buddha Augsburg (Meditation Zentrum) Pfarrer-Bogner Str.6, 86199 Augsburg, Germany Tel. +(49) 821.998.3939 Fax. +(49) 821.998.5118 Mobile. +(49) 162421.0410 Email : [email protected] EUROPE Frankfurt BELGIUM Wat Buddha Frankfurt (Meditation Verein Frankfurt/Me.V) Dhammakaya International Meditation Centre Odenwald Str.22, 65479,Ruanheim, Germany (Belgium) Tel. +(49) 614.2833.0888 Fax.+(49) 614โ2833.0890 Sint-Jobsteenweg 84, 2970 \"S-Gravenwezel,Antwerp, Belgium Email : lpjon2499@hotmail. WWW. kalyanam lira, org

Stuttgart THE UNITED KINGDOM Wat Buddha Stuttgart Im Meissel Str.6, 71111, Waldenbuch ,Germany London Tel.+(49) 715.753.8187 Wat Phra Dhammakaya London (Dhammakaya Fax.+(49) 715.753.7677 International Society of United Kingdom) Mobile. +(49) 16.0179.3782 2 Brushfield Way, Knaphill, Woking, Email: [email protected] GU21 2TG, UK Tel. +(44) 1483-475757, +(44) 1483-480001 Bodensee Fax.+(44) 1483-476161 Wat Buddha Bodensee Email: [email protected] Lindauer Str. 76, 8808 Langenargen Tel +(49) 754.393.9777 Manchester Email : [email protected] Wat Charoenbhavana Manchester Gardner House, Cheltenham Street, Salford, ITALY Manchester M6 6WY, United Kingdom Milan Tel. +(44) 161-736nl633, +(44) 798-882-3616 Wat Buddha Milan Fax. +(44) 161-736n-5747 Viadelloscoiattolo 7 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) Email: [email protected] Teiy+(39) 33.138.6721, +(39) 33.131.8738, • Sichuan -@7น«ท Hongkong. +(39)329.917.8629 Email: [email protected] Ravenna ASIA Wat Buddha Ravenna Tel. +(39) 348.814.2485, +(39) 338.644.1706 Fax.+(39) 054.498.7722 Email: [email protected] NORWAY CHINA Wat Buddha Midnuttsol (Det Norske Sichuan Meditation Center Dhammakaya Samfunn) Tel. +(86) 28-8541-8878, +(86) 28-8129-2072 Hvittingfossveien 343, 3080 Holmestrand Mobile. +(86) 136-8900-7101 Norway Email: [email protected] Tel.+(47) HONG KONG Mobile. +(47) 997.23.075 Fax. +(47) The Dhammakaya International Society of Hong Email: [email protected] 385-391, 2/F, Henning House, Hennessy Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong SWEDEN Tel. +(852) 2762-7942, +(852) 2794-7485 Fax.+(852) 2573-2800 Wat Buddha Gothenburg E-mail: [email protected] Olstorpsvagen 41B, 443 70 Grabo, Sweden Tel. +(46) JAPAN Mobile. +(46) Tokyo SWITZERLAND Dhammakaya International Meditation Center of Tokyo Wat Buddha Geneva, Switzerland 3-78-5 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku,Tokyo, 116-0002, Avenue diaire 93 G, 1203 Geneva , Switzerland (c/o Wee Khee Wee) TeL+(81) 3-5604-3021 Tel. +(41) 796.049.704 Fax. +(81) 3-5604-3022 Mobile. +(33) 1 1 Email : [email protected] WWW.

Osaka Penang, Malaysia Dhammakaya Internationa] Meditation Center Tek +(60) 4-644-1854 Fax.+(60) 19-457-4270 to 1 of Osaka (Dime of Osaka) E-mail : [email protected] 4-6-27 Ohmiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka,535-0002, Tek +(81) 6-6956-1400 SINGAPORE Fax. +(81) 6-6956-1401 Email: [email protected] Singapore Kalyanamitta Centre (Singapore) 30 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-03 Lam Ann Nagano Building, Singapore 238974 Wat Thai Nagano Tek +(65) 6836-1620 733-3 Mihari, Tomi-Shi, Nagano-Ken, E-mail : [email protected], [email protected] Tek +(58l') 2-6864-7516, +(81) 2-6864-7720 REPUBLIC OF KOREA Fax. +(81) 2-6862-2505 Mobile. +(81) 90-9390-6055 Wat Tae Jong Sa Email : [email protected] M 29-4, Dongsam-2 dong, Youndo-Gu, Busan City, Republic of Korea Tochigi Tek +(82) 51-405-2626 Wat Bhavana Tochigi Mobile. +(82) 10-8681-5976 4-3 Koei-bld. 2F, Demma-Cho, Utsunomiya- shi,Tochigi-ken, Japan 320-0035 TAIWAN R.o.c. Tek +(81) 2-8639-0116, +(81) 2-8614-5662 Email: [email protected] Taipei Dhammakaya International Meditation Kanagawa Center of Taipei Wat Bhavana Kanagawa 3F No.9 Lane 16, Sec.2 Sihchuan rd, 3-5-12 Ryosei, Ayase-Shi,Kanagawa-Ken, Banciao city, Taipei country 220 252-1126, Japan Tek +(886)2-8966-1000 Tek+(81) 4-6770-3264 Fax. +(886) 2-8967-2800 Mobile. +(81) 90-5099-4527 Email: [email protected] Taoyuan Ibaraki Dhammakaya International Meditation Center Wat Bhavana Ibaraki of Taoyuan 2816-2 Oaza Arakawahongo, Ami-Machi, No. 232 , Ching-Tian Street, Taoyuan City 330 Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki-ken, Japan 300-1152 Tek +(886) 3-377-1261 Tel.+(81) 2-9846-6110 Mobile. +(886) 9-2252-1072 Mobile. +(81)080-5489-5669, Email :[email protected] +(81) 080-5489-6659 THE MIDDLE EAST Email: [email protected] BAHRAIN Bahrain MALAYSIA Qatar- \"Dubai Kualar Lumpur PERSATUAN MEDITASI DHAMMAKAYA Saudi Arabia ___ SELANGOR No. 4-2, Jalan Puteri 5/1, Bandar Puteri, Oman 47100 Puchong, Selangor D.E, Malaysia Mobile. +(60) 17-331-1599 DMC Centre, Bahrain 1310 Road No. 5641, Block No.0356, Manama City, Bahrain Contact: Mr.Thanachai & Mrs.Peanjai Penang Tek +(973) 3960-7936 Dhammakaya Meditation Center of Penang Email ' ss44pp([email protected] 66, Lengkonk Kenaril, Sungai AWMW9kalyanarri

Solomon Perth Brisbane NEW ZEALAND - Sydney OCENIA Melbourne Orewa Orewa Orewa Meditation Centre Dunedin 43 Albatross Road, Red Beach,HBC, Auckland, New Zealand, 1461 AUSTRALIA Tel. +(64) 9-427-4263 Fax. +(64) 9-427-4264 Sydney Mobile.+(64) 21-153-8592 Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Sydney Email : [email protected] Lot 3, Inspiration Place, Berrilee, NSW 2159 Tel. +(61)2-9655-1128 Dunedin Fax.+(61) 2-9655-1129 Dunedin Meditation Centre (DDMC) Mobile.+(61) 4-1162-8677 10 Barnes Drive, Caversham, Dunedin, Email: [email protected] New Zealand, 9001 Tel. +(64) 3-487-6772 Fax. +(64) 3-487-6775 Email: [email protected] Sydney meditation Center, (Sydney office) SOUTH AFRICA 117 Homebush Rd. Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia .Johannesburg Teh+(61) 2-9742-3031 Fax.+(61) 2-9742-3431 Cape Town Mobile.+(61)4-1145-3946 Website :, Cape Town WWW. dmctv. net. au Cape Town Meditation Centre (CMC.) 4B Homlfirth Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, Brisbane South Africa, 8005 Brisbane Meditation Center Mobile.+(27) 72-323-0050, +(27) 72-323-0060, 73 Lodge Rd., Wooloowin Brisbane,Queensland +(27)21-439-1896 QLD 4030, Australia Tel. +(61) 7-3857-3431 Johannesburg Mobile. +(61) 4-3105-7215 Johannesburg Meditation Centre Email :[email protected] 30 Scheepers Street, North Riding , Randburg , Johannesburg, South Africa. Melbourne Dhammakaya Meditation Centre of Melbourne iSs, +(27) 73-146-8587 84 Oakwood Rd., St. Albans VIC 3021, Australia Tel. +(61) 3-9266-0181 Email : [email protected] Mobile. +(61) 4-0100-8799 Email: [email protected] THAILAND Perth The temple offers a meditation lesson in Dhammakaya Meditation Centre of Perth English from 13.30 to 15.00 hours daily. 174 Moolanda Boulevard, Kingsley,WA, 6026, It regularly organizes a seven-day retreat in Australia the northern province of Chiang Mai, each Tel.+(61) 8-9409-8614 starting after the first Sunday of every month. Fax+61 8-9408-1007 For more information, please contact the Mobile. +(61)4-302-07877 foundation or visit Email : [email protected] WWW. kalyanam itra. org

Live Meditation Lessons The Dhammakaya Foundation offers meditation lessons on a satellite TV channel called DMC, run by its affiliated organization. The channel provides 24-hour coverage on meditation, Dhamma talks, news, music, health programs, children’s and youth’s programs in the Thai language. Viewing is completelyfree ofcharge. A select number ofprograms are available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, German and Spanish. English-language programs include a live meditation lesson at 07.00-07.30 GMT (12.00-12.30 ET) on Tuesdays through Sundays and Meditationfor All, a feature program broadcast at 22.00-22.30 GMT (16.00-16.30 ET) every Sunday. You can join a live mass meditation session at 16.40-18.00 and 20.30-21.00 GMT on Sundays. A case study-based Dhamma program with English subtitles is available Monday through Saturday at 02.30-03.00 GMT (00.40-01.10 ET). You can watch the programs on the satellite TV or on WWW. kalyanam itra. org

DMC Chanel Satellites coverage area The satellite DMC channel is accessible through the following satellite networks: Australia and New Zealand North American Continent Ku-Band OptusB3 at 152.0° E C-Band Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E Ku-Band Intelsat Americas 5 at 97.0° พ Central Asia Northeast Asia Ku-Band Hot Bird 7A at 13.0°E Ku-Band PAS 8 at 166.0° E Europe Hot Bird 7A at 13.0° E South Africa Ku-Band Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E C-Band Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E C-Band Southeast Asia Middle East Ku-Band NSS 6at 95.0°E C-Band Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E Ku-Band Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E North Africa For more information, please contact your Ku-Band Hot Bird 7A at 13.0°E nearest Dhammakaya meditation center.

“No loss is greater than the loss of one’s peace of mind for it means the loss of happiness. The sky is not spacious at all, the รนท is not bright at all, and diamonds do not sparkle at all when compared to the radiance of a completely still mind. We can never contribute to world peace if we do not yet have peace in our mind.” Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh, president ofthe Dhammakaya Foundation and Mahatama Gandhi Medalfor Peace Prize laureate 2005 Produced by the Dhammakaya Foundation, a UN member and non-profit organization that promotes world peace through inner peace The Dhammakaya Foundation, Foreign Affairs Department, 40 Mu 8, Khlong 3, Khlong Luang,Pathumthani Province, Thailand 12120