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The Luna Family Intervention Programme Service Brochure

Published by andrew, 2020-02-06 05:57:06

Description: The Luna Family Intervention Programme Service Brochure


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Our Vision & Innovation It is the vision of Luna Assessment Services that every case we contribute towards is carried out professionally and the work conducted is of the highest quality. We endeavour to ensure that the children and families we work with receive the outcomes they deserve. At Luna, we make a point of ensuring that the work carried out by our staff and our independent practitioners is in line with our values, grounded in evidence and outcomes focused. This is practiced not only in our on-going cases but also in our sense of responsibility even after reports are filed. We are always available to talk through any current or completed work. We promise to go above and beyond aiding our clients in the sourcing and provision of the right services for their cases. The families that our work affects deserve no less. Luna ensures that the children & families we seek to protect remain at the fore of everything we do. We endeavour to innovate where possible to meet our goals and to allow the work we carry out to reflect our values. Since the company’s formation, we have pooled together experts in systemic practice, risk, psychology, social work and therapy to create new models which specifically target cases which are most problematic for our clients. Our efforts intend to provide better quality services, preventing potential mistakes, achieving better outcomes for children and families, whilst also reducing the time and costs these cases may cost the Local Authority. 01449 403563 [email protected]

The Luna Family Intervention Programme Where I am now? Adults learn best in different ways therefore it is essential from the outset to understand how The Where I am now? questionnaire establishes they learn best in order to create a change where the parent considers their level of programme that they will understand. knowledge is currently. The same questionnaire will be used at the mid-point of the intervention Luna uses Learning Styles / VAK (Visual, at the end. And will serve as a tool to plot the Auditory, Kinaesthetic) tools to infor m programme design and whether it is necessary learning journey and evidence outcomes. to use tools from specialist models such as PAMs. This baseline of knowing what the parent(s) ability is to meet the needs of the child(ren), The identification of influencing factors, values supports the collation of data in relation to past and hidden prejudices, can be achieved through discussion about Social Graccees (Burnham history, previous concerns, previous 1993) and accepted systemic nuances such as interventions, current concerns and current family script and family narrative. Luna uses techniques to reframe understanding and functioning will inform the Luna Family mentalize change (Fonagy, 1989). Intervention Programme in order that we can identify appropriate techniques to increase parental knowledge and assess sustained change through teaching, modelling, observation, discussion, practical and written exercises in line with the parents(s) learning style / needs / level of understanding. 01449 403563 [email protected]

Conclusion At the conclusion of the Luna Family Intervention Programme it is important to establish what the ongoing support needs of the family are likely to be and effectively utilise all aspects of the family support system including professionals friends and family. The Family Group Conference is a solution focussed process and is there to try and make the best plan possible for the child, the decision makers at the FGC are the family and not professionals. The parents, child, extended family and friends get together to talk about the issues and make plans that resolve the situation that is presented. Signs of Safety and Strengthening Families are key plays in the theoretical underpinning of this work. Luna can coordinate and facilitate FCG upon request. Finally, once the report summary is filed the lead Luna Independent Social Worker will be available for court and / or periodic reviews to test maintenance. For more information regarding our Family Intervention Programme and all other services we offer, be it ISW, Psychology or Therapy, please head over to our website at, email to the below address or call our company contact number and ask to speak with our Director Andrew Haighton. 01449 403563 [email protected]

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