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The Word of God about the glory of the God

Published by billydean, 2018-11-30 09:06:17

Description: „You should not forget, My people: the Word became flesh and dwelt among His own, who saw His glory, the glory of the only One born of the Father, ...and behold, the body of the Word is coming and becoming word, ...
My word is My glory from the Father, and which My Father has given to Me from eter-nity, to be His word and with it to make all things, ...
My word is God’s glory before the visible glory.”

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The glory of God «With unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, we are all beingtransformed into the same image, from glory to glory, and this is from the Lord, the Spirit».(2 Cor: 3/18.) * «Then, they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory».(Luke: 21/27.) * «The citadel has no need for the sun or the moon to shine, for the very glory of Godilluminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb. The nations will walk in its light; the kings of the earth bring their1 glory and honorinto it». The Word of God2 about the glory of God3 Text selections from God’s Word on this topic My apostles believed and prayed to Me to increase their faith, but they could not staycareless in their faith. They prayed saying to Me: «Lord, increase our faith; increase ourfaith». And you, My loved people, you had into your midst the God’s glory, and you stilldid not know how to believe in it, as this work is the God’s glory into your midst, but he,who did not stay small under it, did not understand God in His work in His greatness, as he didnot make use of the holy propriety that this called people was so much in need of, so that by theholy propriety he might have received grace before God. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen,from 09-01-1994 *** Peace to you, My people Israel! I am above you and I come with you by word, as I waswith Israel in a pillar of cloud and fire to the land of the promise, but I come with you, with Myglory by word and I call you Israel from the end. Behold, Israel, I come to meet you with Myword, declared for you above the manger of My word. Israel means faithful people. Be faithfulIsrael, as the remnant of Israel was, the remnant that remained after Israel forsook Me; for Imade the salting food, which I ploughed the ground with, sons, from the faithful remnant ofIsrael. And who were those from Israel’s remnant? They were Peter, Paul, Jacob and John, andall My apostles, who preached My name and the kingdom of heaven to the ends of the earth.My people from today, I made of this remnant of Israel a host of apostles and prophets andsaints and I salted the earth with the salt of My word, which was flowing by the mouth andspirit of these heavenly servants on the world. I salted the world with My word through them,as after My ascension I told them this: «Go and preach that God’s kingdom has come near.Go to the ends of the earth and baptize those that believe in the name of the Father, of theSon and of the Holy Spirit». Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-1994 *** 1 Some manuscripts (MT) reads “of the nations” 2 God’s Word in Romania 3 Translated by I.A., r.n. 1

The glory of God Be organized, sons. Do not walk disorderly, as this is what I am going to tell you: thefeast will mean your walking from your arrival to your return; your walking, a holy and spiritualwalking through the city of My word, the walking of My people with singing and heavenlyorder, its walking through the city of My word, the city of the testimony of My word, and thenI will give you a new Passover, and I will give you My word. You will give Me hearts full ofsongs of glory and a praised walking of feast, and the holy heaven and I will walk above andwill be together, the heaven and the earth united in a heavenly glory. I will be with tens ofthousands of thousands and we will with you, sons of New Jerusalem, and then we will sing thesong of resurrection, and all the dead will hear My song with the people waited to appearand to order the dead to come to life. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice4”, r.n.)We will sing the songs of resurrection, the songs of New Jerusalem. We will sing God’s glorybefore the crowds. Behold, we will let the crowds know that I celebrate the heavenly feast onearth with My people chosen from the world. Let the crowds come and see God’s glory; letthem see the sons of My people, that you, My people, are My glory and that I am glorifiedwithin you, that I am being perfected and that I reign by the word, that I will work by theword and all will obey the Word God, Who reigns, for the kingdom is in God’s hands.Amen. Rejoice New Jerusalem and come to Me, for I come to you, son, My people with whomI fulfill the Scriptures of My coming! Rejoice Jerusalem, little army and sanctified by God’sword, and walk, walk beautifully, beautifully! Those in the front should not walk too fast whenthose in the back cannot walk quickly. Each one of you should keep in line. No one is supposedto get out of line; no one of you should walk separately or speak with one another, but only withGod, by worshipping singing, by resurrection and victory singing, by playing stringed instru-ments blessed by God’s word. Look at each, keep up with one another beautifully and keep thepleasant order. The heaven walks above you within a great order, and this is how the peopleaccompanied by the holy heaven is supposed to walk. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem, theSunday of the Palms, from 28-08-1994. *** Sons from the garden of My word, behold, sons, I speak with Israel. It is a godly cele-bration; it is the feast of the transfiguration of the Lord of Israel. I left the testimony of Myface for the glory of the three witnesses chosen from My apostles of that time. Peace to you, Israel, for you will receive the Lord’s victory from the end, as I will showMy peace with you to the world. You are My messenger into the world, and that is why I madeyou and I called you the Lord’s people. Oh, Israel, Israel, what do you say, son? Did I have that glory only in that day of old?Oh, son Israel, I have always had that glory, always, all the time of My body, but it was underthe cover of the shelter of the sightless man. It is written that the man cannot see My glory andstay alive. What does this Scripture mean, son? This word is spiritual, as God had to become 4 You can also see on: 2

The glory of Godman in order to be able to appear to the man, so that God might make the man, and first I madethe man divine through the word, and after that I appeared before the man. Behold, what abeautiful mystery, what a godly mystery, Israel, My people! Oh, Israel, Israel, what a great mystery accompanies you, son, and you still lose yourtime for those that are not true, son Israel, as only I am true; I and My works among the people.The works of the man are not true. The works of the man who is not of a godly nature are nottrue, as the man who is not of a godly nature is not a true man. The true man is the godly man,and the Mystery of My word accompanies you, Israel, man, who is made divine by your God.I commanded you long ago to open your eyes to see My glory, which accompanies you. Listento My commandment with the sight of your mind’s sight, at least, to see My glory and to believein it, for it comes with you. You should see, son Israel, how many heavenly soldiers, how manyheavenly spirits go with you from place to place, from night to day, and from day to night. Icommanded you to open your eyes and to see, but if you believe into My glory which accom-panies you, and if you feel it with your heart and with your mind, you are more blessed,you are a thousand times more blessed then all who saw the glory of My face. I often leftMy glory to be seen so that I may urge the man to repentance. Adam heard My walking throughthe garden of Eden and believed that it was I. He heard My voice; he heard My pace and walkingthrough the garden. This is what I wanted to behave with the man, to the most of his power, forMy glory was without words in its greatness, in its power. That is why it is good for Me to livein man and to glorify Myself in him and from him, as this is how I wanted to show My work,but the mind of the man is very weak and the man does not change his mind. But you, Mypeople, you should not stay with the man’s mind, and rather you should change it to know tounderstand My glory in you. The greatest glory of God in man was eternity and virginitythat the created man by God had. And if the man lost his virginity, God’s cleanness in him,then he lost his eternity as well. But I want to redeem the man and to give him back the giftsfrom the beginning, and I have been working for two thousand years, and I want to finish thework of the redemption of the man. We will soon gather together for a new celebration on the hill of My word, in the citadelof My word, for this citadel will shine with My glory between heaven and earth and there willbe a heavenly Jerusalem settled on a new earth, which will carry on it a new man and a newPassover. Amen. Israel, may God bless you! May your feasts with the heaven be blessed! Moreover, letall those who know about you that you are My people and let them come to see you, near Myglory. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-1995. *** Amen, amen, I say to you, little children of Israel: be careful, so that you may know howto pray to your Father through Me, and to pray like Me, sons. This is what I was saying: «Fa-ther, I do not pray for the world, but for those that You gave Me from the world». The samewith you, sons; you should pray for protection over you and over those of My Father, that Hegave to Me, and who follow Me as Andrew, My apostle, followed Me. I comfort those that areMine, with heavenly comfort and with heavenly words, and I call them with a name of children,with childish names, My love little children. Take care of all that you have to do and work, anduse the dough of cleanness everywhere for the kneading of this people, and be careful, as little 3

The glory of Godyeast leavens the whole lump? That is why I made you careful; to know how to love one anothercarefully, and I told you that love has its own partners, its companions. It has suitable compan-ions. But you, sons, should not mix God’s glory with man’s glory, as little yeast leavens thewhole dough. The people do not know what God’s glory means. But do you really know,sons? Is there someone among you that does not know? Let him pray to receive wisdom, sons.I told Martha at the mouth of the cave where Lazarus’ body was put; I told her that if shebelieved, she would see God’s glory. And Martha believed and saw it, as the Father’s glorywas the Son, Who, after thanking to the Father because He listened to Him, added the wordafterwards, which became a visible glory, saying: «Lazarus, come out!». Behold Israel, whatthe glory of God, the Father is. The glory of God is the Son. The glory of God is Lazarusresurrected by the word of the Son. The glory of God is the Word. Amen, amen, amen.I say three times amen to you, so that you may understand God’s glory. Sons, you shouldnot mix God’s glory with men’s glory. You should be God’s glory and only to God. Be theglory of My word, which is being fulfilled within you as it was fulfilled within Lazarus,who was risen from the dead at My word. Oh, dear little children! Do you see what praying is? It is God’s glory, which appearsat its cry. It is the road on which the glory of the fulfilled word comes. This is how youshould pray, Israel, as here is what I do: I search you out through the sons of My garden and Iclarify all your queries, to teach you the work of the faith in the Son of God, Who stays withyou by the word. You saw that it was by the word that God’s glory was worked out then in Myspeaking with Martha. Son, if you see that I have to help with your faith, call out and say: „Helpme, Lord in my unbelief; help me to believe, as I believe”. Son, be wise, as I help only theone who believes, and I add to him help, fulfilling those that he asks Me for by prayer, that is,showing him to see God’s glory, the fulfillment of his prayer. The prayer, which asks God,is in itself God’s glory. The prayer, which asks for the glory of man from God, glory for man,is in itself the men’s glory. I speak to you, dear Israel, and let the man receive hearing to hear;let the man receive God’s speaking to come and wash away his sins; let him come into a workof church, where he finds Christ, Who washes away the sins of the world. (See the selectiontopic: „The true church5”, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Apostle Andrew, from 13-12-1995 *** Pray, Israel that My glory may come into view, but do become glory for God, My peo-ple. I give you all you need to have. Become glory for God, My people. The saints have becomeglory on earth as well, and they are also My glory in the holy heaven, and the saints come toyou to help you, little child, to make you glory, son. I want to make you My glory at My comingwithin visible glory. Israel, you should understand son, what My work is going to do with you.Oh, you should not seek to be ineffective. Seek to be wise, son. Verginica is looking at you andpraying to Me to help you, (Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, the sixthapocalyptic trumpet, r.n.) and she is also praying to the saints to help you. Let yourself behelped, Israel, as you have much support around you. Turn My word into feast, make rest for 5 You can also see on:!hVtgjLJR!vhg5QR1Qc82yxTW84Y2Q2EX6IrNeT3FA97Oqvlhpe4A 4

The glory of GodMy word within you, make of you a day of rest for God, as this is what I have told you, for youare My day of rest, My day of Passover, My day of resurrection, son. The heaven celebratesyou as the son of resurrection, Israel. (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and theDay of the Lord”, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of all saints, from 09-06-1996. *** I have not worked so much love for anyone on earth as much as I have done with you,little people of My word, for My word into your midst is God’s glory within its days, whichhas been wanted by all the saints and the fathers. I have not worked for them as much as I haveworked with you, as much as I have glorified Myself within you in the word. My Word isGod’s glory. I have not come to raise the dead before you in order that you may believe. I havenot come to you to make signs and healings over the people. It is not for this that I have come.I have not come to you to prove My divinity, and I have allowed you to believe in Me bythose that I have proved at My first coming on earth. I have not come to you to pride Myselfand thus you may know who I am by My greatness. It is not for this that I have come to you,people of My Father. I have come beyond all these. I have come for you to believe in Me bythe word and that you may bring much fruit of love, for the sprig that remains in the vinebrings forth much fruit, and My Father prunes it to bring even more fruit. I have come to youto glorify Myself before you with the glory of My word, to make everything by the wordonce again, everything that is to remain forever, the new heaven and the new earth, the newman without death; (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool:the man deified”, r.n.) this is why I have come to do by the word. I have come to become lovein man and, therefore, the man is no longer flesh. I have come to work upon you the making ofnew man, coming down from heaven on earth. I am the Man coming down on earth to draw tothe Father all those who will believe in Me, in the Man coming down from heaven. It is for youand for your eternal life that I came down from heaven and became flesh in the Virgin from theHoly Spirit of the Father, and I came to life from crucifixion to go back to the Father and todraw to Him all those who believe in Me, and then I am going to come again with My glory,with the glory of My word, to do justice by the word and to reign forever by the word. Behold, My people, this is how I proved My divinity so that the man may know whoJesus Christ is. Oh, prove your faith in Me as well, the proof of your love for God. Come, son,come to love! Come, for I am calling you, My people! Come and become bride, pure in love,little people in the work of your faith! I am speaking to you in a sweet voice, that the manwithout a path with the Lord’s sweet voice Who glorifies Himself by the word into yourmidst, may also rejoice, little people in the work of your faith. If you want, son, to believe inMe by making signs and miracles, then do not ask Me to do this. You are supposed to do it intoMy name asking from the Father. Ask anything you may want in My name, and then believe inMe, not in you, son of little strength, so that you may not come and say: “Lord, even the demonsare subject to us,” because I told you: “What joy is in that the demons may be subject to you?”(See also Luke: 10/17-20) I confess to you that yesterday and today I have not rejoiced that theevil spirits were subject to Me before the people. Not even when I raised Lazarus from the deaddid I have joy in My face. At that time I was crying both in My heart and in My eyes. My joyis to raise the faith in man and to tell the man once again: behold, man, the fear of God is thebeginning of the glory of God’s wisdom upon man. Man, My first work, My love embodied in you! Man, I have come to take you with thosein heaven, to be the one coming down from heaven on earth, as I came down from the Father. 5

The glory of GodThen I came and I gave you the down payment of My love, and now I have come again tocomplete the love. Man, fruit of sin, become a man in My image and after My likeness, become the fruit ofthe Father’s love, become a man coming down from heaven, out of love and baptism by thefaith of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, the First one born. My people, be careful not to fall from My word. You should stay within it by fulfillingit, and do everything to fulfill the face of My word. Dress well My son within the birth fromabove, and know that the birth from above does not undress itself. Get dressed well in My wordand do not fall down from it, My people. It is a day of feast; it is a day of changing. Changeyourself into incorruptibility, son, and take on the garment of the incorruptibility of spirit andbody, for I have come down on earth to envelop you within the mystery of life, by the powerof My word upon you. It is a great work to fulfill My word. This is the mystery of life, whichis coming to clothe you within incorruptibility, for I am coming soon visibly. (See the se-lection topic: „The coming in a visible way6”, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God, on the Feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-1996. *** Children of the path of My word, you, sons, who are a path for Me to Israel, you shouldwork in such a way that the food of My word may arrive in due time into the cities of Mypeople. Anything you may do, nothing is more valuable than the care for the distribution of Myword in due time, and I will exhort you how to be able to work in due time. Be precautious, asit can be worked well and in due time, sons. And the strands to the crows, the strands who flowfrom the river of life, are the scrolls that you multiply to take a course to the multitudes; riversfrom the river of life; and you will have all that you need in due time, so that the river of lifemay run from river into river until it flows into the big sea. Do the work of disciples, as the giftof My word is given to you to be the distributors from Me, and he, who puts his shoulder to thewheel with you, will receive a reward of a distributor. Receive My word, and break it and giveto the multitudes, and you will receive the reward of disciples. Receive and water the soil andit will bring forth life from the river of life and fruit from the tree of life over those that arethirsty of life. The harvest is big and the disciples are few, and you are feeble My people, butwork as you can with Me, work faithfully near Me, so that I may come to you with My word,and that the multitudes may take from it, and for your faith you will receive the reward of adisciple. Work with your faith, with your spiritual stature, with your prayer, dear son, so that Imay be with you in the word, and that the multitudes may have what to take from you, and youwill receive the reward of a distributor, the reward of a disciple, as at your faith God becomesword over the earth and prepares His appearance in glory by the glory of His word. My wordis God’s glory before the visible glory. You should not stay without Me in your mind andheart, My people, as you know that without Me you cannot do it. Learn well so that you mayknow what it means to be son. 6 You can also see on:!IINnwQaa!vwmhpxLtU-XyDsihEu12o1MBgrhWf_POOIYYDuFu3kc 6

The glory of God Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John, the Baptizer,from 11-09-1996. *** I have spoken to all the nations on the earth that you are My people; I have told themthat I am your God; I have said that the voice of My word is God’s glory into your midst; itis My sign before My coming, it is the cross of My glory, which comes before Me; it is My lifeupon your life, for I have come and chosen you from among the nations to put on you the beingof My word, the fulfillment of My word. Everything is possible with Me, and I added thateverything is possible with the one who believes in Me and in My word. My word pastures you;it grows you and it fills you with its being, My people. I had taught Israel, which I had as Mypeople, through the Holy Spirit in the prophets, but he loved himself too much and he did notstay before Me to have Me as his God, and he took Me out of his things. When I wanted tomake room with My kingdom in him, I chose from its midst messengers from Me and I toldthem: «Go, but do not go among the Gentiles, and do not enter into any city of the Samaritans.Rather, go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel; go to Israel that lost the way». (See Matt:10/5, 6) For, the Gentiles and the Samaritans believed in God; they believed in the One Whocomes, in the One Who was waited to come, but Israel did no longer believe anything, he didnot want anything. The Samaritans were disregarded by the Jews, but they believed in the OneWho had to come from the Father, and when I came, they received Me and welcomed Me totake Me in their house, not like the Jews who took Me out of their house. You should welcomeMe, My people, as the Samaritans welcomed Me, son, and you should also make a being out ofMy word, as I have also fulfilled all My promises if you also give being to My word. It is a feast in you, My people, and I am glorifying Myself in you with the glory ofMy word and I am making My feast with you sweet. Do not lose the sweetness of My word,for those in heaven come and are sweetened when I speak upon you. The saints and the angelsstay and listen and get sweetened and there is excitement of feast and joy among those inheaven. Those in heaven look at your heart, beloved Israel, and they measure, son, the joy ofyour heart and they add it to their joy, and the saints and the angels measure, they measure witha heavenly measure, with a heavenly balance, and the angels write, My people; they write themeasure of your love, of your joy, of your faith and of your spiritual stature, son of Israel. My word is milk and honey from heaven. You should eat My word with sweetness,dear child; you should spread it on bread like sweetness and you should eat and grow sweetly,oh, child Israel, so that I may get sweetened with you, dear son. The Jews gave Me gall, theIsrael at that time gave Me to drink sour wine mixed with gall even at My hardest moment, butyou, Israel of today, become sweet for Me and give Me to drink of your water, give Me sweetand fresh water, give Me, My people, give Me and be diligent in your work, for laziness is adeadly sin, My people. You should not stay in this death, for I will be coming soon, and I wantto find you working upon My coming, as I also work My coming with you. You should not forget, My people: the Word became flesh and dwelt among His own,who saw His glory, the glory of the only One born of the Father, within the fullness of thegrace and truth, and they took from His fullness, and you have also taken, Israel of today, for Ihave given you to take, to have and to be, My people. The word became flesh two thousandyears ago, and behold, the body of the Word is coming and becoming word, for He hasprepared His place so that where He becomes flesh for His people, the Lord may also be word. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension, from 27-09- 7

The glory of God1996. *** My people, I want peace and salvation upon you, and that is why I have always sowedupon you the seed of My word. The sower seeds the word upon you. You are the tree grown ofthat little seed, which I have sown in you, and out of it a big tree has grown, and in that tree thebirds of the sky have made their nests, son Israel. Behold, I am coming with the saints of thesky, I am coming with the spirits of the heaven in you, Israel, to dwell with a feast of celebrationin you. I teach you to become an example before the nations, son, to become an example of thekingdom of the heavens, My people, My tree grown out of the seed of My word, My wheat,My people, the fruit of the seed of My word which has fallen on good soil. I am coming withthe saints and the angels to you, Israel, to fulfill My Scriptures upon you, and I am coming withthem, with their fulfillment upon you; I am coming to make you a mirror in which the kingdomof the heavens to be seen, in a heavenly glory on your land, Israel, My new land, in which Iam coming with a new heaven in a festive feast, a feast of new heaven in a new land in whichMy justice and My peace dwell. My people, My beloved people, there is no more time for you to sleep, son, fruit of Myword, because those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night.However, My people, you should remain My day on earth, the day of the evening time, forit is written that there will no longer be night, and the night will be swallowed by the day,and all will understand My coming, for My coming is My glory, and My glory is My coming,for I am glory. You should understand the mystery of My word, for it is written: «The goodsoil is those who hear the word of God and understand it and bears fruit and brings forthfruit: some one hundred times as much, some sixty and some thirty», (Matt: 13/23), as it iswritten. You need to bring forth one hundred, son, for one hundred is the whole fruit. Theshepherd with one hundred sheep who loses one of them goes and seeks it and brings it back,so that the wholeness of the number may not get lost, the wholeness of the joy, the hundredfoldfruit, son, so that you may be My comfort within My coming on earth, to be My house, Myinheritance, little son from the end of the time. You should do nothing else but seek to giveforth fruit beyond heaven, for I warm you up with the warmth of My word and I enwrap youwith the rays of the Holy Spirit to confess the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in His coming,as it is written that the Lord is coming with His glory. My people, you should be the God’s glory for the coming of the Lord on earth, for itis written that the Lord of the glory is coming, the Lord of Israel is coming, for Israel is theLord’s house, the Lord’s kingdom, in which the Lord will come back. Israel, do not giveup staying far away from God’s kingdom; do not keep away from the understanding of God’smysteries, Israel. I am the Christ, the Son of God. You should be in Me, Israel, and this is howI should find you always in Me, within My coming, for I am coming to you, Israel; I am comingbecause you are My people, you are My inheritance, for I do no longer have any other inher-itance on earth; I do no longer have because the man, deprived of God, has taken it away, andI do no longer have it. The sower sows the word and the word falls down on the ground; it fallsnear the road and it falls in the rocky ground; it falls down in a place with thorns and I do nolonger have any inheritance on the earth. I do no longer have sheep either and I do no longerhave any fold; I do no longer have, as it is written that the Son of Man has no place where tobow His head. I do no longer have any resting day on earth; I do no longer have, as the sons ofthe men have taken away My earth, created by God. Oh, what the sons of the people have madeto Me! They have done worse than when they brought about the flood with water on earth and 8

The glory of Godevery man that was on earth perished. It was only Noah and his house that escaped, because hebelieved into My word and made a new house for himself, by which he floated on the watersof the flood. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint martyr Demetrios, the myrrh-streamer, from 08-11-1996. *** I come in the counsel of My people and I become the word upon you, the bishops andpriests of the time. My word cannot be bound. What shall you do if I am taken for a „liar”as two thousand years ago? No one believed that I am sent from heaven by My Father, andthe man of the church took Me as a liar, and when they saw that I was not a liar, they hid undertheir lie, and have been staying under its cover before the truth which rose for eternity. Whatwill you do if you do not want to take from Me the gift of faith to believe in the Word ofGod? Romania is an example of the kingdom of heaven; and the nations of the earth willbe gathered together towards her and will love her and will take the light of My wordfrom her, for I put a light in the candle, and many nations will eat bread from heaven and willknow what bread is, for it is written: «Where the carcass is, there the vultures will gathertogether to eat». Do not hate My people. It let itself to be a sacrifice of faith and love; it letitself to be My will on earth for the human kind’s salvation. This teaching is Mine, as My peopleare not a people of wise men. It is poor in its spirit, and with the eyes of the heart and mind,it looks at Me and at My kingdom and sees My glory in this word. My word is God’s glory.Believe in Me and you shall see God’s glory in this word. Believe in My kingdom which is onearth, and you do not understand it. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God7”, r.n.) Oh, the priests do not know what a Holy Mass means, for if they knew, they wouldunderstand what I mean when I say: blessed is the kingdom of God, the Father, the Son, andthe Holy Spirit. The priests do not have Me in their living; the priests have no mind; they donot have Me, but this does not lie in the power of man. This is a gift from God not through man;not taken by man, but by My grace which is let into those that do My holy will in their body,that is, God witnessed in man’s body, in man’s living. This is not taught from man or byman. Who taught Abraham the faith in God, the love for God? For faith is love. Who taughtMelchizedek the faith in God? I gave him the gift of faith, My gift believing in man, for theLord hardens and has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and it does not lie in man’spower, as the gift of faith in man is from God. I am the Lord. I am this word. However lying this word is before you, oh, you, peopleof the church should know that I am this word. I am and you shall see the Son of man in theglory of this word, for Romania is the kingdom of the Father, of the Son and of the HolySpirit. Amen. And it shall be the Orthodoxy lived by the faithful sons and it shall be Mychurch, as it is, for I am the body and word for My remembrance. I am not only the bodyin it, but I am also the word, for I am always today. 7 You can also see on:!gdERDQqY!YOEHQwNmcLAE5GEZYH2AKsnOkq2BZI39f6RnRTRcN5s 9

The glory of God Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother,from 04-12-1996 *** Jerusalem, I am coming to you and I am coming with the saints. Amen. Open the books,sons of the manger of My word, for I am becoming word into the book. Stay with the bookopen before Me, you, and those who open to the Lord to come in. Amen. It is a time of heavenly weeding on earth with Me and with you, bride Jerusalem. Peaceto you! The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit lay a table of word in you, and at the table withyou are the saints coming with Me, Jerusalem son. The saints are coming to the wedding, son,for the days of the wedding are chained and go beyond time and age, and the wedding of God’sSon on earth and in heaven comes into the endless age; on earth with the saints as in heavenand in heaven with you as on earth, bride people. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of theLamb8”, r.n.) However, this is what I am telling you: you should not get enchanted with humanjoy, in the man’s joy. You should not mix your joy with My joy, for it is written in the Scrip-tures: «I will not give My glory to another». (Is: 42/8) And this is how you are to fulfill thisword too, and do not give My glory to another, but let it be in you, for it is yours. I have givenit to you together with Me and man does not receive Me in him as You have received Me. Myglory is My word that catches life in the man’s body, for the body is of no use if it is not thetemple of the glory of God’s Spirit. Do not get lost in the man’s joy, son of My glory. Do notgive your glory to man; do not let him step over My glory in you and you should be the wordbefore people, and not people to be the word before you, for you have the glory of My wordthat teaches you, which breathes into you. Do not become careless in your stature before Me.Do not let yourself be stolen by visible pleasures, by men’s joy who bow at My passing withyou through the midst of the world, for this is what I told My apostles: «Do not rejoice that thedemons are subject to you; nevertheless, rejoice that your names are written in heaven, inthe Book of Life». (Luke: 10/20) Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of Saint John, the Baptist, from 20-01-1997. *** Oh, Israel, son who stay under My teaching, open your mind to come to know with it,that I may fill it with the wisdom of My word, son. Before I went back to My Father, no onecould ask anything from My Father into My name. First, I came from the Father to people andthen I worked miracles as the Son of Man, then I was crucified, and this was a miracle; andthen, I was raised again to life and this was also a miracle, dear son; then I went back to theFather and this was the greatest of miracles. However, I said that I would work even greatermiracles after I would go to be in the Father, and everything I said is true, that the Comforter,My Word from the Father is the greatest miracle from ages. You are the one who performs miracles greater than any time, My people. Youmake the Son come down from the Father, the Comforter I promised even when I was inthe flesh, and while I was in the flesh, I was speaking through the Spirit that those who weregoing to be faithful to Me after My going to the Father, would work out greater miracles. I have 8 You can also see on: 10

The glory of Godpower from the Father, for the faithful one asks in My name, in the name of Jesus Christ, theSon of the Father; the Son in the Holy Trinity Who have come down on earth to appear as Godcoming from God among people, and the faith of the faithful one has grown and the wisdom ofthe Holy Spirit, Whom I sent from the Father, grows the faithful one and thus the one who isfaithful works even greater miracles than those at that time, because I come down from theFather and I am called the Comforter. Jerusalem, your faith makes this great miracle, whichhas never been since ages. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the One I promised, comes downinto your midst at your faith, people working of miracles. This is what I said at that time: «In that day you will ask Me no questions, because Myspirit, the Counselor will teach you all things, and there will be nothing to clarify or to ask».(See John 14: 26; 16:23) The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, is God’s Glory on earth. The HolySpirit becomes word and the word is God’s glory. However, did I not say that if you be-lieved, you would see God’s glory? God’s glory is the word that speaks and the glory ofthe word is fulfilled. Any word that is fulfilled is called God in His glory. Amen. The un-faithful cannot see God’s glory; they cannot see because they do not look to see, and they lookto see what to do so that they may not see or believe. What would they do if they believed? Thismight distract them from their things and they do not want to separate themselves from the willof those who do not look at God’s glory. Oh the greatest miracle from ages is My word that is becoming book in this timeon earth. (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) - The Word of God (1955-2005)9, r.n.)This miracle is called the second coming of God’s Son on earth. Let this feast may includeyou, Jerusalem, and you should stay in My coming, for I am the day of feasting without eveningand I am coming with it on earth and I am giving it to the faithful ones. Blessed will be the onewho will be found faithful to My coming. Blessed is the one who will be found near Me whenI appear in the visible glory. Peace to you, Jerusalem that believe My coming! Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the holy forty martyrs of Sebeste10, from22-03-1997. *** I come from the Father, and I come with the Father. I am from the Father Sabaoth, andI am with Him, and He is with Me and in Me. I come in Israel with a feast of celebration, intothe name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I become a word of new age over you, My people of Israel. I cannot be without a people,for I am the Shepherd of Israel. Because Israel, to which came two thousand years ago, did not 9 You can also see on:!lV8TlCSB 10 11

The glory of Godwant Me to reign over it and to be its Shepherd, then I went to the Gentiles with My heart, andI said to My apostles: «Go to all the nations, to the ends of the earth, and dedicate the multi-tudes which will believe in My name; dedicate them in the name of the Father and of the Sonand of the Holy Spirit, and make the people believe that Christ is the Son of God, born of theFather and of the Virgin, by the Holy Spirit, the One from the Father». And the Romanianpeople was loved then among the nations of the earth, and My Father gave it to Me to be thepeople of My returning from the Father. And behold, little and tiny Israel, Father have chosenyou out of the Romanians to make Me word upon you, and the word of God to be heard fromyou to all the margins of the heavens, and then to come visibly, as it is written in the Scriptures. Israel, Israel, those that are not seen will soon come into view. My invisible glory iscoming near, dear son. You are My glory on the earth, and I want everybody to know and theworld to see that you are My glory, son, and let this visible news go to all the margins of theheavens, and let all the nations know that you are My son and that you are ready for celebrationbefore My glory which is coming near over the earth. I come to clothe you with glory in Myname, and you should learn well the humility of joy and the joy of humility, lest you forgetbecause of your joy that you should do and be My will before Me. You should teach yourself,Israel, to have a humble thought, holy and well pleased to Me. You should teach yourself tothink beautifully and to always have a house in your thought for Me, to be able to rest in you,son from Israel. You should be gentle in your heart, My people, for behold, I do not forget tourge you and to renew you again and again by My word, which gives birth to God in the man,so that the man may be from above, from heaven, and to be from God. Behold, Israel, who love Me, believe in Me and stay clothed within Me and within Myglory, son. Become worthy to appear near My glory as I make you My glory before people. Iwill come down in you with a word of love, peace and forgiveness and I will set you before thepeople, and the people will hear God’s Word, Who comes to you as word. As with My entranceinto Jerusalem, we will celebrate on earth and God’s Word will come in riding on a whitehorse (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic white horse”, r.n.) and will refresh the heartsof the multitudes, and I will give them the gift of the faith and of the holy joy, and I will tell thepeople: «Rejoice over the glory of God’s Word!». … I give you good news about Me, as the Bridegroom from heaven in you, My weddingcountry, and this way the nations of the earth will know you; and they will call you My weddingcountry, for you are My loved one, and I come into your midst to teach you My love, and togive you the gift of My love; however, I will be over you with My comfort and I will heal youof wounds, blots, breaches and shame, oh, My wedding country! (See the selection topic: „TheWedding of the Lamb11”, r.n.) And all who have been oppressing you and turning you downwill come and take stone from you for their comfort and they will worship Me in you, Mycountry of love and of wedding. There is no other day more beautiful than the wedding day,and I prepare beautiful days for you, My country, for you shelter in you My bride people. Comeclose to My bride, My country, and prepare My way to the wedding in you and rejoice, Mywedding day! Any word of Mine will come into being over you, for I am your God and I have 11 You can also see on: 12

The glory of Godthe spring of My word in you. I come to unloose your fetters and to be able to walk. Amen. Iam the One Who is coming with power and much glory into you, and many people will receivefrom My glory, and My glory from you will be seen to all the margins, country of the Lord’sglory. I come to you to clothe you in glory and the people to see you. You should also comeinto My glory. Come, for I am coming with glory over you and I will give you My peace. Amen. Excerpt from God’s Word at the feast of the Annunciation, from 07-04-1997. *** Oh, My saints in heaven, your mourning for My little garden in Romania is great, asaccording to My promises, you wait for a new heaven and a new earth, a dwelling of righteous-ness, but the people in the church on earth stand against Us, as they have got used to the oldthings because for them the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and they do not want togive the spirit of the world for the Holy Spirit. However, I am the Lord, and I will do justice forthose who wait for a new heaven and a new earth. Amen. Behold, I am coming to you, My people, so that the people may hear My word of mourn-ing and the mourning word of the saints. The saints are crying to Me for you, My little garden, because you are the hope of theheaven so that I may come down on earth, for there is no one on earth to wait for Me to come.No one says anymore: “Lord, come!”, because no one has got a bridal garment in order to say,“Lord, come!” Only you, My people, stay dressed as a bride before Me. Stay, watch, and donot be afraid of those who are unfaithful, for I will make them blind as I also gave blindnessto the enemy people that were seeking to take Elisha’s life, My prophet and Elijah’s dis-ciple. And the unfaithful ones will strike one another and My word will shepherd over theearth and you will be My glory, My people, for you are small, but My glory upon you isgreat and it becomes word, it becomes deed and it becomes joy for you and for many whotake of the river of My word and wait for My kingdom, which is coming with Me. Theangels seal you with My living seal and you are protected, for you are in My plan for the ful-filling of the Scriptures of My second coming. You are salvation for many, but for those whoblaspheme you and give you a bad name, I release My wrath and I will give them signs spokenby My word. Amen. Excerpt from God’s Word at the feast of the holy martyr and healer Panteleimon, from09-08-1997. *** Get ready for the glory of the Holy Spirit, Jerusalem, for Jerusalem means the gloryof the Holy Spirit, and that is why I have given you the name of Jerusalem, My loved people.All of you be one love and one word of Holy Spirit. Be working children, be all, rejoicing theHoly Spirit in you, that the heaven and the earth may see this work waited for ages by all thosein heaven and on earth and by all the heavenly armies, well, children of My hope, of My coming.Amen. I will send you a little angel, as I sent to the shepherds from the fold when the time forMe to be born of the Virgin had come, and I will surround you with My glory brought by Mylittle angel, and he will bring you joy as he also brought joy to the little shepherds at that time,and he will announce the coming of My glory, and crowds of heavenly armies will appear,will praise Me and announce My glory in heaven and on earth, and they will also announce Mypeace upon people and good will among them. And many little angels will come down and go 13

The glory of Godup visibly and invisibly, from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven, and they will comfortyou, for it is written in the prophets that you, sons of Jerusalem, will be comforted in Jerusalem.Amen. I want, My beloved people, to embrace you within the mystery of comfort, for this mys-tery means the Holy Spirit. For a long time, I have been waiting in you for this fruit. I have beenwaiting, son, for the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, in you, for the whole creaturewaits for the revelation of God’s sons and My glory with them. Amen. Give good newsabout the Holy Spirit, sing the Holy Spirit, announce the joy of holiness, for you are the sonsof My word. Comfort each other with the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and many will come toyou to take of the mystery of comfort, from the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, dear sons. Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, from 14-09-1997. *** Oh, how is the man who does not work out love to know about it? Oh, how is the manto know God if he does not work out God? One knows about God with His great work in man.If the man does not want, how is he supposed to know God? Behold, the man works somethingelse; he works out his love not God’s, for the man came out of the man and does not want tocome up to God and to be from God. And for this, the devil goes up to God and comes upagainst the man in heaven, and he wants to come up and then to come down upon thepeople, for he thinks that he will be a visible king and that he will reign forever over theman. But behold, My book is open, and I announce those that are to be in the days tocome. Amen, amen, I say to you, to those who preach My good news from heaven on the earth;take My news over to all the wise people of the earth who danced as the antichrist played, theman of falsehood. The antichrist will come up to heaven, as he says, and then to come downfrom heaven into My place and to tell every man that he is the Christ who comes. Theantichrist totally lost his mind. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalypticbeast12”, r.n.) He looked into the Scriptures and says that he looked well and that he saw; heread in the prophets about My glory and about My coming and set himself to work. What didhe do if he set himself to work? He did his own things and of his own mind; he made a glorylike that of Mine, out of iron and lying, as he says, and this is how he created an immoral manout of the spirit of the man and out of the flesh of the man, and he clothed himself with thepower of his lying and made the creature to create a glory like that of Mine, a body like that ofMine, as he says, a body which ascended into heaven and which comes down from heaven. Hetook the word of the angels of the heaven who said: «This Jesus, Who was received up fromyou into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». He tookover this word and spun around it to fulfill it through a newborn man, an immoral man. Oh,poor of him! He lost his mind and forgot that he was a sinner and that cannot be God into Myplace. He took over the word of My prophets, but those were prophets, not sinners. He shouldhave taken over Mine too, for I spoke over those that I put to preach My word with great power.He should have also taken over My word, which said that «the false christ will come before 12 You can also see on: 14

The glory of GodMe and will do sings in heaven and on earth and will deceive many, and then the Lord willdestroy him by the power of His coming with glory and with thousands of angels on Hiscoming». But I come before him and I let him know, him and his angels who serve him, that Iwill destroy him by the breath of My mouth, by My word, which blows over My garden,and from it over to him, and then I will come down as I ascended, and I will appear as thetrue God, and I will come coming from heaven as I ascended into heaven, served by angels, thebodiless angels in a visible glory, as My angel came visibly and covered Me when I ascendedinto heaven, taking Me away from the eyes of those who saw Me in the body, the incarnatedGod. I had covered My glory as long as I stayed on the earth. I was true God of true God, butI had stayed among the people as a man and I had stayed without glory. From time to time Ihad appeared in power, as a God, doing the unnatural works of My invisible Father. From timeto time I had appeared as the Son of the heavenly Father by the testimony of My Father, theOne above Me and the One inside Me. I also had appeared again and again accompanied by thelight of My angel, so that the angels may testify about Me, not I. My angel was coming andembracing Me in his light round about, and then he was hiding for My humbleness and his too.And then My angel came when My Father raised Me up into heaven, and My angel became acloud and stood between Me and those who were looking at Me when My Father was takingMe up. My bodiless angel always covered Me when I was doing the work of My Father beforethe man, before Israel, the same as he stays today again between Me and those who receive Myword, for it is My angel by whom I, the Lord, sound the seventh trumpet over the earth,as it is written into the Scriptures about the sound calling of the seventh angel for the openingof the book of the judgment. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets13”, r.n.) I will come suddenly to you, children of My garden and I will speak with you about Myangel. But now I want to tell the antichrist that he cannot turn into My angel and that I willcome as I ascended with My angel. Amen, amen, amen. His angel is taken from his made spiritbut he lost his mind and does not know what an angel is and does not know what Christ is butI tell him to know that. Amen. I tell him: I am a consuming fire which burns the antichrist. I ama double-edged sharp sword which cuts to his bones the antichrist, who cannot do what I do. Iam a covering cloud for the sons of heaven on earth, the same as you was. I am the Christ ofthe Father and he is a devil. I am the Judge and he is the judged one; he and all his servantswho are his angels, the angels of the red antichrist, red all over, the same as he was born andlived by his sword, not from Me, for if he lived as I did, the antichrist would not become Myadversary and the adversary of My blessed word before his birth. The antichrist spoke My word of My coming from the Scriptures everywhere and he islooking into it and wants to fulfill it, but I come with My angel not with his angel, and here, I 13 You can also see on:!wJkWDKaB!WDh3HPbi0TbWQBaudyme40T23PLy4yxzjIETNAynUG8 15

The glory of Goddeliver his earthly word in Romanian and say: My prophets from the Scriptures, Ezekiel, Dan-iel, Zechariah and all who discovered My glory and My coming by the word said: «The gloryof the Lord», and did not say UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects, r.n.), as the antichrist wantsto speak about the glory of My coming. He is waiting for Me on the Mount of Olives but Iam waiting for him at the same place as well in order to consume him, for I am a consumingfire, and I will destroy him by My coming and by My angel. Amen. Elijah, My prophet, was taken up to heaven in a fire horse-drawn chariot, not by UFOs.(See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah14”, r.n.) Ezekiel revealed My glory shown to himby Me, a living glory, a fire glory, a glory of flowing fire, fire wheels, bodiless angels, a visionof fire, no UFOs, and I standing in the middle of the fire, not in the middle of human creatures.I was walking, the sea on foot not by boat as the antichrist is going, he who talks taller than Me,for it is not hard to go by boat, but it is hard to walk on foot upon the water as I walked withMy disciples. I am walking bodily in the sky, attended by angels, not by plane, not by rocket, not byUFOs, as the antichrist does, for it is not difficult to go into the sky by plane or by UFOs; ratherit is difficult to walk on foot in the clouds coming up and down and on the wings of the winds,as I and My saints are walking. But here, as the false man who fell down from heaven at Myword delivered on earth by the holy one, and as that one who set himself as a god upon people,crashed himself falling down from heaven after ascending into it, the same way the nowadayslying will be consumed into the quenchless fire delivered by My word, for the antichrist willsoon go up to heaven in order to come down on earth in My place to be king. And he willrise up to heaven only to fall down, for God is in heaven. But he does not believe it, poor ofhim, for he lost his mind before he was born, and fought against My faithful one even from thebelly. (Jacob and Esau, r.n.) Sons, sons, I tell you a great mystery for the science, for as I, the Lord, came passingthrough the Hebrew people, the same way the immoral antichrist did, for it is written:«The man’s enemy will be his own family». (See about “The Last Pope”, and then a HebrewPope, r.n.). The Hebrew people is fallen under the damnation of the money and the moneycurses him and damns it, because they put Me to death for money; I Who came down fromheaven. I fulfilled the Scripture and brought famine on earth and man is hungry of sins and looselife, not hungry of My word, but I bring the word of judgment and I reveal the antichrist by it,he who calls himself “the lamb”, but he is not a lamb, as he crucified the Lamb. Christian sons, be good! Amen, amen, amen, I say to you: be good, be good, and begood! All the lying signs will come upon the earth, so that the lying man, who commits adulteryunder every green tree into My name, may fall down under them, but you should be good, forMy angel will stand between you and the lying man, who will make the lie to take a body. Myangel will cover you from their eyes, and he will cover them from your eyes, so that you maybe good. The sin flees the man who does not think of sin, but the visible sin opens the mind ofthe man so that he may think of it, and the mind becomes heart and it also becomes a body, as 14 You can also see on: 16

The glory of GodI spoke through your holy fathers, but you should not look sons. Be good; do not be Hebrews!Be good, be good, and be good! Amen. I come to an end now, and I come again, and I will speak with you about My angel.Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the dreadful judgment remembrance,from 14-02-1999 *** My word is the iron with which I rule the visible and invisible world, those inheaven and on earth and in hades; and I rule over each one according to their works. I strikethem with the iron and say to them: lift up, you, gates, for the ray of the resurrection to comein! I am the King of glory, the Lord of the powers! Amen, amen, amen. I am He Who is. Getup and let us go! We go on the earth, where I am with My glory, and I have come with all ofMy angels for the great coming, for the resurrection of the living and the dead. I spread the tablefor you. Take and eat and rejoice! I am the food on the table and I am the fruit of the resur-rection. Those who are dead in Christ and those dead without Christ get up and come to a tableof resurrection, for the sacrifice of those smaller of the human kind cry from the earth for youto Me to bring you the supper of the creature resurrection. (See the selection topic: „Resurrec-tion of the dead15”, r.n.) Behold My glory, the throne of My word! Behold the new age, My speaking over theearth, My word, which reigns from its throne! Amen. (See the selection topic: „The kingdom ofone thousand years”, r.n.) I breathe it on you. Take from it and speak! Eat of it and come tolife! This is My voice. Take word from word and give yourselves to each other, for I have cometo give. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel,from 21-11-2000 *** Let this day be a day of glory, for My word is My glory on the earth. Amen. Withit and by it I was glorified two thousand years ago. I was doing works beyond natural by it, andtoday I have also worked with you likewise, children by whom I have perfected My word thatI have preached to you. My Father glorified Himself on earth by the word. His voice was speak-ing of those that are not seen; it was speaking over Me when I was speaking with Him in Mypains or from the middle of the glory with which He was glorifying Me before My disciples. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem, from08-04-2001 *** Oh, My work with you is a mystery hidden from your eyes, My people. However, Iwanted to be with you on the earth so that you may wear Me. That is why I became wordabove you. It was My glory by which the man measured himself so that the man may wearMy glory and not be melted at the fire of My glory. It is written: «God is a consuming fire», 15 You can also see on: 17

The glory of Godbut My heart is for the man and I dwell with the man as much as he can bear it. When I waswith My disciples, I was worrying in every respect about them to leave the truth about Me sothat they may preach it on the earth, but I could not reveal Myself with the glory from the Father,for they were small, as small as you are, for this is the way the man is made by God. Not eventhe man made by My hand was able to bear My glory from the Father, let alone the manthat came out from the man! My glory from the Father is a great glory, and the manwould melt by it. However, because of My love for the man I put on the man’s image whowas made by My hand, so that the man might be able to bear Me, but I was from theFather and My glory was hidden. When I want to give faith to the man for many, not onlyfor himself, then I work with a great godly work over the man and I put him before Me makinghim according to My pleasure, and then I give him to know and to give further, or I give himto see and to speak so that I may strengthen the meek from the earth by those in whom I workfrom My things. This is what I did with My disciples. I prepared them Myself, as I did withAbraham, with Moses and with the prophets. This is how I prepared them and I opened theireyes to see for a little while a fragment of the glory of My body from the Father among thepeople, for then I was the Son of the Father, Who came through the virgin on the earth. I openedtheir inner eyes and they saw My glory, the glory of My body, which shined for a little whilewith its brightness, and they believed and testified that I came from the Father on the earth. Oh, My people, My work with you is a mystery kept hidden from your eyes. How-ever, I wanted to be with you on the earth and to glorify Myself above you with My wordfor you and for the man who wants to hear from Me. This is My glory, which is sharedwith you and which carries you in it so that you may wear it and to give it. And here iswhat I teach you: I teach you as I teach the small one, to be great in wisdom and to receive asmuch as I give you, for if you want to take more you cannot bear, for you are small and you areafraid if you take more. Be wise, so that you may receive only how I give you and to be com-forted with what I give you, for you need comforting, son of today. I make you hear and listento My word and to rejoice over it, and I do nothing else over you, for I am God and you aresmall and cannot bear more than this. However, if you believe everything I do with you, Imake you as big as the heaven, and I let Myself be worn by you, for I am as big as theheaven, son carried by My glory hidden from your eyes. Oh, I do not give to make you tired.I do not want you become tired. I just want to comfort you and with My comfort to be able tomanage, for the man cannot do it otherwise with Me, for My glory is far too great for the man. Oh, I cannot teach the man, who receives from the glory of My enemy, the devil, as Iteach you. The man who receives from the devil is not made by Me and that is why he receives,and My teaching has no room in that one, for that one hears from himself, not from Me, andthat one is thirsty for glory and that is why he looks for glory. But the man who is prepared byMe, does not look for glory, but rather he seeks the sweet humility and seeks to be small underMy hand and he stays under the gift of the holy faith, which makes the man God by grace, andthis is how I dwell with My glory in man and near the man until My coming in glory. Oh, the people will not be able to bear with My coming, for it will be with a greatglory, and the man is not prepared by Me for it. Behold, the man does not let himself beprepared for My coming, and it will be in glory and it will burn like a furnace, for it is written:«Behold, the day, which will burn like a furnace, is coming». Then I will change My face,for the man will see Me in glory and he will be terrified, for it is written: «The nations ofthe earth will cry and will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the heaven with great 18

The glory of Godpower and much glory, to get together His chosen ones from the four corners of the winds ofthe earth». Amen. Oh, how shall I do before My coming, which will burn like a furnace in heaven andon earth? What really shall I do to prepare the man for the glory of that day? It is coming soon,soon. How shall I make the man learn to hear from Me as you do, as you listen to those thatyou hear from Me? Shall I change the man in his face and heart before Me? How shall I dothis? Shall I make the man no longer receive from himself or from the man and rather receivefrom Me? How shall I really do it? The man shall live from Me and from My word and fromMy work with the man; oh, how could I leave this change over the man so that I may look athis face and he at My face as I and My disciples looked at each other in the day when I revealedMy glory in their eyes in the mountain and when they saw those in heaven at My right and left? Behold, that day, which will burn like a furnace and will consume everything, iscoming, and the man does not want to hear from Me so that I may prepare him for that day.The man has to be like Me on that day, so that he may not be melted in it. It is at this workof the new man that I work with you, children of the Lord’s glory. I glorify with you over theearth with days of heavenly glory, sons, with heavenly and sweet feasts on the earth, to makethe man used to My glory little by little, and then to ask him more, if he wants to be able to domanage, and little by little to prepare those that are My chosen from the four corners of thewinds of the earth, for that day, which will burn like a furnace, is coming. I want to teachthose of Mine to be able to bear it, for its glory is burning. I embrace you with words of comfort as in My arms, children of My today’s people.You, sons from My manger of word, give this comfort to My people that are gathered togetherfor the preparation of the glory of My days with it among the sons of the people, and get usedto it day by day too, for without this comfort, which flows from My mouth over this garden, theman, soon, soon, will no longer be able to do it in body either. Let My elected from the four corners of the winds of the earth come, and let the sons ofthe people come and take from this mountain of comfort to get used to My glory, for the day,which will burn like a furnace, is coming, and soon, soon, not a body will be able to bearin it. Only those who are comforted by Me will bear with it; only they, for once with thatday, their salvation is also coming, as it is written. Amen. The sons of the people have their own glory, and they will be taken by surprise by theglory of My day and they will be burned by it. However, I still call them to make them used toMy glory, which will not consume them. My glory comforts the man when it seeks with theman. The glory, which I want over the man, is My life in man. This is what I want to teach theman before the day of My glory, which soon, soon, will appear on the clouds of the sky. Thenthe man will be changed in his face and he will lose his glory, and he will get under Myglory, either he may want it or not, and he will be melted under it, as it is written for thosewho did not receive the word of truth. However, I still call the man under My glory, whichgives comfort, for I am the Lord of mercy and I call the man under My mantle, under My glory.Amen. Let us make My glory grown on you, sons! Come, My people, come! I want, son, toboast about you before the sons of the people and I want to show you as My labor, as My fruitfrom the end, the seed put in the barn, at My Father, and with which I want to sow a new age 19

The glory of Godon the earth, so that I may come down with eternity, My people. Come, son, come! In sevendays I will glorify Myself with you, for you are My glory of today, and I want you to be the oneof tomorrow as well, and I want to stay with you on the clouds and to glorify Myself over theearth at My coming. Get up at daybreak and learn about My glory with you and show yourselfwith it, My people. Leave the work of your hand now, for in seven days it will be the work ofMy glory with you. Come, prepare yourself! Be only ears and eyes for this preparation. Youshall look at the sons of the people as they prepare for their days. And you should also preparefor My days with you, and you shall not be tired for this preparation, for it is for Me, My people,and I have no one besides you on the earth. Humble when I tell you this, for this is not fromyou, but it is from Me instead. Do everything you have to do, but more than everything, stickwith all your power to the love between you and Me, My people. Multiply My supper over you,My union with you, My life that I gave for your life. I in you and you in Me, My people, for Iam your power and your beauty. Amen. The one who works out My love on the earth, appeases the day of My wrath, for thepeople made Me a garment of wrath and dressed Me with it. However, you, sons of My love,put the garment of glory on Me so that all the emptiness from the earth may be melted downbefore it, and let the man get out from under it and let him come to My glory, to the garment ofMy glory. I made you into a garment for Me, My people. See that My garment may be beautiful.Let My garment of today be of pure gold. My love into your midst is My garment of today, oh,My people of today. Son, make Me a garment of pure gold and be My garment, so that the sonsof the people may see who you are and what you are. Do not forget to stay humble under thisword, so that the sons of the people may see what you are, My people. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-2001 *** Oh, people of My Son, the Holy Spirit is coming down on you, and the power of theHoly Spirit overshadows you, and the Holy One Who gives birth from Me upon you, is calledthe Son of God and He reigns upon you forever, and His kingdom will never come to an end.Amen, amen, amen. ― I am the glory of My Father, Jerusalem, for He glorifies His Son, and He will glorifyHim. Amen. I am not an angel, but I am the Lord of the angels, and I speak upon you as I spokeupon Adam in Paradise, children from the gates. Take and give to My people My kingdom,which will never come to an end. Amen. In the time when I spoke by My trumpet Verginica, Iwas telling those who heard Me with their ears: “I have left the heaven and the garden decoratedwith all kinds of beauties, and also the angels, the sisters, the brothers and the loved place, andI have come down on earth, but I am not in a body but in a Spirit instead, and when I appear ina body in all My glory, everything will be shaken, for I am now in a body in which My Fatherwas well pleased with Me to be.” And I speak in this time from the air and I come as a greatnoise of wind above this garden and I write the word spoken by My mouth through you, and Istand in clouds of glory accompanied by angels and saints, children who make up the book oftoday of My word, which comes with the clouds, for it is written: «Behold, He is coming with 20

The glory of Godthe clouds». There still is a little bit and every eye, which is an eye, will see Me, for this iswritten to be, for when I appear in My body with My entire glory, all will be shaken. Amen. However, people loved and nourished with My heavenly love, I tell you with the heavenon earth: I am not an angel, but I am the Lord of the angels, and I speak with you as I spokewith the man in Paradise, and the clouds of My glory covers Me so that you may standbefore the glory of My word, which is My glory, sons from the gates, and as for you, sons ofthe Jerusalem of My word, which comes with the clouds, announce Me well, Me, the Son ofthe Most High, the King of Israel, Whose kingdom will never come to an end. Amen. I advise you, children of this glory, to glorify Me and to rejoice giving Me glory withbig hearts and full of the glory of My word upon you. My word is on earth with you, so that itmight go well with you on earth, and I would like you very much, I would like you to be aslittle and as faithful as the babies who either long or cry or smile after their mother withoutthem knowing who she is. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Annunciation, from 07-04-2003 *** Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I am the mysterious Shepherd. I am the Sonof Man, Who is coming! Peace to you! And if you are unfaithful, let My peace come back inMe. Amen. Blessed it is My meeting with the man in the garden of the meeting, in whose sky all thesaints of the heaven and all the heavenly powers are, accompanying the Father and the Son ina work of the Holy Spirit on earth. Peace to you! It is the time of the greatest fulfillment, of the last Scriptures: the Scrip-tures of the coming of the Son of Man with power and much glory, and My glory is the word.Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, (Whitsuntide),the second day, from 15-06-2003 *** Open to My word, sons. Be watching gates, for I, the Lord, cover you with the cloud,and My glory with you is not seen, for the man cannot see My glory with you, because I am aconsuming fire in the eyes of those who see My glory. Amen. When I spoke to Moses to go up on the Mount Sinai, My glory came down on the moun-tain and covered Moses, and I called him out from the midst of the cloud of My glory and thenI covered Him within the cloud and I spoke to him everything that I had to tell him for the sonsof Israel, and the image of My glory on the top of the mountain was a consuming fire in theeyes of the sons of Israel. When Moses asked Me to show him My glory, I told him this: «I willmake all My goodness pass before you. You cannot see My face, for man may not see Me andlive. You shall stand on the rock and while My glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft on therock, and will cover you with My hand until I have passed by, and then I will take away Myhand, and you will see My back; but My face shall not be seen». (Ex. 33:19-23) When I told Elijah: «Go out of the cave and stand on the mountain before the face ofthe Lord. Behold, the Lord passes by and before the Lord will be a great wind, which will 21

The glory of Godbreak and tear the mountains and the rocks, will come, and then, after the wind, there willbe an earthquake, and after the earthquake a fire, and after the fire a breeze and the Lordwill be in it». (III Kingdoms [1 Kings]. 19:11-12) This is how I showed My glory to Elijah.When My voice speaks upon you from the breeze, My glory with you is invisible and Icover you with the cloud of My invisible glory, that I may be able to speak and that I maywrite My word on earth by your little hands and to tell My people and the man on earth every-thing I have to speak. And the image of My glory is still unseen in the eyes of those on earth,for I am still merciful. When I spoke to My disciples about the coming of the Son of Man, I told them: «Foras the lightning comes forth from the east, and is seen even to the west, so will be the comingof the Son of Man, and all the nations of the earth will cry, when the sun will be darkened,the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavenswill be shaken, and then they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky withpower and much glory». (Matt. 24:27-30) In My time with them, I took Peter, James and Johnand I went with them on a high mountain and My face shined like the sun before them, and Myrobe shined as well, and I appeared between Moses and Elijah, who were speaking with Me,and Peter said: «Lord it is good for us to be here. If You want, let’s make three tents here: onefor you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah». (Matt. 17:4) And while he was still speaking,behold a bright cloud overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud, saying: «This isMy beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him». (Matt. 17:5) And after the gloryof the Lord passed before their eyes, I touched them and said: «Get up, and don’t be afraid.Don’t tell anyone what you saw until the Son of Man is risen from the dead». (Matt. 17:7-9) I glorify Myself with the glory of My word on earth, and I mark in the book the feastof today of My glory, which I showed it before the eyes of My three disciples, so that they couldtestify afterwards for those who were to believe that I was the beloved Son of the Father, andall those who would believe this to be able to listen to Me. I have come upon you with the wordof My kingdom and I have given it from you for the nations of the earth to take heed of it andto come and receive My glory, the eternal teaching and to learn it. I cover you within the cloud of My glory and I stay invisibly with you among thepeople, for the man cannot see My glory with you, because I am a consuming fire in theeyes of those who see My glory, the cloud of My glory, which was seen by the sons of Israellike a consuming fire in the time of My dwelling with Moses on the mount covered by thecloud of My glory. I give you comfort in pains of spirit and truth and carry these into My nameand with My burden in them, for I am the One Who comforts you in your pains. Strengthen oneanother by the power of My Spirit in you to go on well with the work of the preaching that Ihave spread through you from one margin of the heavens to another, as it is written by Mycoming like the lightning, which comes forth from the east and is seen even to the west, sonswho testify. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-2003 *** My glory is upon you, Jerusalem of My coming. I have built you for My glory, for it iswritten that «The Lord has built up Zion and He has appeared in His glory and has respondedto the prayer of the destitute, and He has not despised their prayer». (Ps. 102:16-17) Amen,amen, amen. 22

The glory of God I am a great God and I sit on the cherubim. Clouds and haze are around Me. Righteous-ness and justice are the strong foundations of the throne of My glory. A fire goes before Meand burns up My adversaries on every side, and My lightning lights up crosses and lights upthe world and the earth sees and trembles before the face of the Master of the earth. Amen. Myglory is like fire, and I let Myself be seen with it by the faithful disciple of My prophet Elijah.I became a chariot of fire and with My glory I covered his teacher and I took him up into thosethat are not seen; I took him within the chariot of fire of My glory, for a fire comes out of Meand goes before Me and it cleanses My going from all My enemies in the sky and on earth andfrom the deep then when the lightning of My glory crosses the sky and lights the world, and theearth trembles before My face, for I am the Master of everything on it. Amen. The fire of My glory is not the fire which burns like the fire on earth, and which isconsumed while burning. My glory is a fire which illuminates and gives wisdom andbrings the world and its kings into submission, for «God is a consuming fire», as it is writ-ten. For two thousand years, the fire of My glory has become the grace of Holy Spirit over thefaithful man who has been following Me, who has been living in Me and I am happy with theman I live in and from whom I shine with My glory and with the word of the glory of My word,for the Word became flesh and dwelt in those who saw My greatness as that of the One born ofthe Father, full of grace and truth. Amen. Oh, for two thousand years I have become grace andtruth in the one who I have been dwelling in and glorifying Myself among the people to makeMy saints on earth by the work of My glory upon the man. The fire of My glory is not con-sumed, but rather it is glorified before the man by the work of the grace, as in the days ofMoses the burning bush, which I was hiding with My voice in, was not consuming because ofthe fire in it when I was speaking to Moses, and the word of My mouth was written by fire onthe stone, to remain on earth as the commandment of life and full of grace. Amen. My glory is like fire. My word upon you is fire, sons. Eat it more than bread, and youwill feel My burning in you, My mourning, and My pain will suffer in you and you will multiplyMy grace in you, the life, which suffers in man, and you will seek after My healing. Amen. Ihave come to throw fire on earth and I wish it were already kindled. (Luke 12:49) (See theselection topic: „The apocalyptic fire16”, r.n.) I have made you My anointed ones in these daysthat I may have work from heaven on earth. Ask with passion, with hearts full of passion andask for My comfort in man. Work with the spirit and with the power of Elijah, the prophet, andmay your faith be blessed, and may it be in you from Me, that I may fulfill through it everythingI have to accomplish for the kingdom of the heaven on earth. You should work everything Ihave told you to do and do not let it unaccomplished, and also you should not work what I havetold you not to do, for on earth it is as on earth, and in heaven it is as on heaven, and you shouldnot do the man’s will on earth, but you should rather do My will. Amen. If you look on theearth to a big house when it is questioned whether it has worked according to the law on earth,then if the owners of the house do not have any good answers for its entire accomplishment,then they give gifts to those who inquire them about the law requirements, and they grant thema delay for this is how it is on earth. Behold, on earth it is as on earth, and in heaven it is as inheaven, where righteousness and justice are the strong foundations of My throne, and out ofMy mouth comes fire, which burns everything up on My way before Me, to be in heaven as onearth. Amen. 16 You can also see on: 23

The glory of God Elijah, My prophet, is feeding on My glory into your midst, My people. I have built youfor My glory, for it is written: «For the Lord has built up Zion. He has appeared in His glory.He has responded to the prayer of the destitute, and has not despised their prayer». (Ps.102:16) Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah, from 02-08-2004 *** Oh, children who stay in submission for the coming of My word, I set you as preacherson My behalf over those who want to grow and I teach you this way: subject yourselves to thosewho are not in submission, for those who do not love do not subject themselves, but I am inyou the God of the heavenly wisdom, the God of patience and of comfort, and I will comfortyou. Honor the heavenly building over those who do not have the spirit of submission, to healthose who hear My word from you, to heal them from any sign of haughtiness, of self-spirit,children sons, and seek with all diligence that the time for those that are needed to the bodymay no longer exceed those needed to the spirit, which sighs to Me from you and from all thosewho yearn in them after the heavenly things among brothers. I want that the people of My wordto be My feast, My wedding hall, the place of My glory, which the saints and the angels maysee and rejoice over My glory from My people. Rejoice and cry with those who are like you,either joyful or morning, for I am your joy, and your crying are those who did not want to beso small that I may have room in them for your joy, which gives you power to stand before Meand before My people for the heavenly fruit between earth and heaven. Amen. I have room in the little ones, for I am the Lord of humility. My humility is My glory.The humility of spirit may be with you, My people, and let this glory please Me into yourmidst, for I have to be the Teacher into your midst over the sons of the people who have cometo the water of life, and then by their cleansing, they have come to life. Amen. I want to appear on the earth from your midst with My image and My likeness, Mypeople, and the spirit of faith, of obedience and of the humility of spirit will help you to do Mywill, when with longing you will want to be like God. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God, thirteen years after the consecration of the Holy of Ho-lies of the New Jerusalem, from 12-12-2004. *** Oh, how much it hurts Me the fact that I do no longer have a resting and confessingplace on earth! Oh, children sons, how beautiful is the man who is a church of God’s Being,a place of the Holy Spirit, a true worshiper, as I told the Samaritan woman about the trueworshipers, who worship the Father in spirit and truth, as Father wants! I built the man as beau-tiful as I am, for I wanted to be in him with My image and after My likeness and to be adwelling place of My glory. My glory is My work, and the man had to be only that, and Godto be his Master, because He made him. However, the man let himself to be deceived by diso-bedience, and disobedience is just as severe as his disbelief. It makes the man self-confident ifGod lives secretly to help the man to always have the wages of obedience by submission andfear of God, the armor, which does not let the man lose God’s being from His dwelling place.I have been enduring a long pain for seven thousand years, since the man spoiled My love inhim, which would have kept him as the dwelling place of My glory, submitted to God’sglory within him. When the man crushes My love in him, he grows within himself and becomes 24

The glory of Godsin against the glory of the Holy Spirit, Who makes the man as beautiful as God is and My joyand rest in him, for it is for this that I created him, and I built him by love. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of memorial of Adam’s expulsion fromparadise, from 13-03-2005. *** Let us comfort each other in tears and pains, let us comfort each other with joys, childrenof My coming down from the Father to you, and you should comfort, comfort the people of Myword, and give to it what I give you, for I have you between Me and My people as My way tohim and as its way to Me, and Father is in Me all the time and the Father glorifies Me as HisSon, the One Who trampled over death by death and gave life to those who love life, and gaveelevation and joy to those who have been waiting for their redemption. Amen. I embrace you within a sweet pace all My moments with you and yours with Me, and Iwant so much to comfort you under the burden of the cross of My coming as word on earth. Icome as word into the book and I give you powers. In the name of the Father and of the Sonand of the Holy Spirit, I give you powers for My work with you, for the being of the book ofMy word of fifty years on the Romanian land. This work is hard, but My Gospel from theend of the time of the man’s dominion over the earth, this book shakes the earth even from nowin so many ways, and the heart of the earth throbs powerfully to wake up the dead from thetombs and to confess you, those who carried My work in these days and My new name bywhich I declare the judgment of the creature and the saints’ victory on the second coming ofthe Son of God, before Whom all the nations of the earth will cry, for My coming is with greatglory, with much word, and the glory of My word will come out from its mystery and willshake the heaven and the earth as at its creation, to give birth to the world again, becauseit is written into the Scriptures to do this, and I will do it. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem, from24-04-2005. *** When your body is greater than your spirit, let your spirit cry in that very moment, sons,because if I see you that way, I count that you love the Lord and not yourselves. Live for Meand not for you, and do not take after the body, for your body is your enemy, both to you andto Me, and at My coming with glory, you will see this, for My glory will shine over yourbodies according to how much I have lived in them and in your spirits, I with My sufferanceon earth and from man. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit, from19-06-2005 *** I come down as word of feast into your midst, My new people. In the name of the Fatherand of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I always bring with Me the word of renewal for every-thing, when I come to you, so that you may be refreshed with every passing day more and moreafter My image, until you are able to see Me fully that I was and that I am into your midst,covering My face, for My mystery is great, My people, but yours is also great since I, the Lord,work for the new making of everything, and you are the one who believe Me within My worksand make room within you for the path of the word of My coming, by which I glorifyMyself with the glory that I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world,when I was speaking by the Spirit of the Father, Who was in Me, and when all things were 25

The glory of Godbeing made and then were giving being to heaven, to earth and waters, and then everything inthem and among them and then over them. Amen. I made into your midst the way of My coming and the mystery of the new making ofthe world, My people, and you should not live as on earth after I have come with My comingin the end of the time and after I have separated you from the world and after I have settledin you with the glory that I had from the Father before I founded the world. This mysterywas the word, My people, and the Father has been well pleased with it in Me in the begin-ning and in the end, before the world started to be in the beginning, and again, before Heis going to make it now, in the end. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-2005 *** In a feast of My ascension into the Father, I am coming down to you as word and Icoming down into the book, people of My coming on the earth. I wake you up with My word,because I have been working for fifty years by the word and by the fulfillment of the word tokeep awake a people for Me, sober in faith and in My fulfillment within him, for I will soonappear glorified in man on the earth, and that is why I have always tried to keep you awakefor My coming, My people. When I ascended to the Father, the angels of My ascent and of My descent spoke to Mydisciples and to those who believed in My coming that I would come back again as I ascended.The man has to believe everything I told and everything I endured, and the faith has its viewand it does not take the view of the flesh when it believes in man. I have put faith in man byeverything I said and I have worked over the people, but My lack of comfort will not come toan end but only when the man will be able to comfort Me totally, giving himself over to be thedwelling place of My glory, to the fulfillment of My kingdom in him, for I said that Mykingdom and its place is in man. Amen. Oh, sons of My word of today, it is a great, great miracle and it is a great work whenGod has the man, and it is a small work when the man has God. However, you, My people,should not rest on your oars thinking that you have Me as word upon you, but rather seek togive Me rest in you having you as the dwelling place of My kingdom, son who has becomedearer. I want to make you dearer and dearer and then to appear with you in My glory, asMy kingdom, (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God17”, r.n.) and I want to dowith you the work that will be forever, but in order to do this you have to know how you cansee Me, how you can hear Me, how you can listen to Me, how you can bring Me near to youand upon you and in you. I have always wanted to get you used to this great miracle, with thefruit of My faith in you and with My living in you, for it is one thing for you to have Me and itis a great mystery that I may have you, today’s of My word, which is coming with the clouds. 17 You can also see on:!gdERDQqY!YOEHQwNmcLAE5GEZYH2AKsnOkq2BZI39f6RnRTRcN5s 26

The glory of God I have exhorted you to have faith, My people, and to have such faith as it has never beenseen through the ages, and I want you very much to get used to the mysteries that are unfath-omable by man, and I cannot come in another way to you but by the dwelling place of Mykingdom in man, for I come down face to face with you, when I try to speak from Me uponyou, and I have asked you for this to have faith as it has never been seen among the people andto be able to do these, for only in this way I am able to work over the earth and upon man.Behold, I will lift up between earth and heaven My book with you, (See the selection topic:„About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life18”, r.n.) fifty years of book from heaven onthe earth! The man has learned ten or twenty years on the earth to know how to be great uponman, and I have been teaching you fifty years of book, and I now have asked you to comfortMe with the fruit of My teaching, My people. Take the book and open it to see My kingdomin man from it, because I told those through whom I want to exhort you from the garden,to give you to learn and then to look together with Me at you over the earth with the glorythat I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world, My people, but forthis glory I have needed the man, not because I am a weak God, but because I made theman for My glory, and the man will no longer find his comfort and rest until I, the Lord, willfind Mine in him first, to be right with one another; the man to be right with Me and I to beright with the man, as there is no other way between God and man, between man and God; thereis not, no matter how much the man would try to find a way without God in it, as he has gotused to it for seven thousand years, having not understood the work of faith and its view, whichis not the view of the flesh but the view of the faith. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension, from 01-06-2006 *** I am surrounded with glory by the angels in My descent, for I am the Lord of glory. Andwhy am I the Lord of glory? Because I made the glory and I made it by the word and it was,and the angels glorify Me and bring Me glory, honor and worship in the heaven above and onthe earth beneath, and My glory is beautiful in heaven and on earth, but the man loves Me solittle and knows Me so little! And the glory of all the angelic hosts cannot keep My body inglory, and I come down with it to the man to tell him that I made the man in the beginningfor My glory, and that the angels mourn because the man pulled himself from under My glory,from under My power and I come like a wanderer after him on the earth and I stand into hisway and complain to him to stir up his mercifulness that he may help Me have him as My house,as My work between heaven and earth. I am standing above with the heavenly hosts on My angelic mountains and I am speakingover this day of feast of the angels and I am surround its glory and coming into the book withthe glory of My word of today, and the gates submit to Me, for I am the Lord of glory. Amen. Oh, what I shall I do to give birth to the man’s heart for Me? How shall I do for the manto have submission with love in it? As the God of everything that are, I ask Myself what shall Ido with the man to have My happiness upon him and that the man may receive his happiness? 18 You can also see on:!0NtDxC7I!0BHJWTnRYHXLU2vw4kAZVlFUK3SbB2vQkvJNQh1gW-0 27

The glory of GodThe man cannot regain his happiness until I have him as the dwelling place of My happiness,the house of My glory, not made by the hand, as I am. Behold, when I come I come with glory. It is time to come and that is why I come, andthat is why I came and I come, but it is also time for the man to look at My face, at My life inhim, to be in My image and after My likeness, and that is why I have become word upon man.For two thousand years I have been telling the man that I come soon, and since then I have beenwaiting for the man to become the dwelling place of My coming, for it is the man that has tocome and not the Lord. Oh, Romanian people, fed with such an abundant river of word by the glory of Mycoming to you now! (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life19”, r.n.) Oh, peoplewho stayed and stay at the mouth of the spring of My word, which brings Me to you! Oh,people carried in My chariot! Unless the man receives his salvation, he cannot see andreceive My glory. The man has to become after My likeness to be able to see Me so that hemay know Me how much I am and work around him, that he may have Me as God by hissubmission, like My angels, which glorify Me in heaven above and on earth beneath. Not onlyMy angels, but also the man has to be in heaven above and on earth below at the same time,and I have come to make it possible to the man to do this. Oh, but how little the man wants Godand understands Him! It is not only I that have to help the man, but the man has to help Me forhis salvation as well, because after I had made him, he has no longer helped Me, and rather hegot upset with Me after he went wrong, after he no longer loved obedience to the Father, theword of his Father, the same as the angels listen to it and fulfill it in heaven above and on earthbeneath. … – You are My peace and My invisible glory, for you are without body, and you areand You cover Me so that the man, who is not like Me, may not see Me. Oh, let the man notsay that no one among people see Me. My work is as mysterious and invisible as My glory iscovered by the heavenly hosts. Oh, let the man not say that there is no one among people whohas love. My love in man is as much unfathomable and not known as My glory, which is invis-ible to the man who is not comprised within it. You, those who have carried your steps to the day of My angels in My citadel on theearth, ask from Me to receive Me, ask from Me a new heart, a new spirit, a new body and a newpower for My life in you, for My heart in you, for the man’s heart takes him on ways which arebitter for Me and for him, and it does not tell the man what it will be after them. I teach youagain, and it is not hard for Me to teach you always to learn the work of love, for it is has notcome to be in the man’s nature, and the man has to learn to bear it and to work its fruit withinhim, for it can do everything for the man’s salvation, and it does not let him fall aside from it.When you see that it has no face and work in you and among you, then take its book and workits work according to it, the work of love, the work of God in you. God’s love is not man’s love,it is not. The love is something else that the man knows that it is. Seek to walk in its way andto learn its work like it and not like you. One more hour and My glory will be revealed in 19 You can also see on:!gA1jiZYA!XzORNxDAx-6_CaMb6RC2E2UaKzUXa0DziTI7Jked1pU 28

The glory of Godthe eyes of those who said that they love, and they will stand face to face with My glory,with the love from God, and the man will see his face in it and he will know what manmeans and what God means, and the man will bring up his prayer before Me like theprophet who opened himself to Me, saying to Me: «Save me, Lord, for the devout man wasabsent, and because of this, the truth has become less from the sons of the people, who, eachone of them has spoken empty words to his neighbor, with cunning lips in their heart andwith evil words in it, for when the bad people come to power over the crowds, the wrongdoersand their bad work multiply everywhere». The feast of the angels has calmed down and the angelic hosts have come into theirchambers. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the saint archangels Michael and Gabriel,from 21-11-2006 *** Oh, My country, be baptized in My word, for you are the country with My glory in it.My word, which speaks in you and with you, this means My glory in you, oh, My countrywith a treasure in it. Oh, I, the Lord, comfort you with My whisper in you and I teach you thebirth from above, and I tell you as I said two thousand years ago: «That what is born of theflesh is flesh. That which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Don’t marvel that I said to you, ‘Youmust be born anew.’ I have not come into the world to judge the world, but that the worldshould be saved through Me. Whoever believes in Me is not judged, and the one who doesnot believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in Me, for I have come intothe world as Light and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works wereevil. However, he who works truth comes to the light, that his works may be revealed, thatthey have been done in God». (See John 3:6, 7, 17, 18, 21) Amen. This is how I was teachingMy disciples two thousand years ago, oh, My country, and I have taught you today too, and Iwant that those without deceit to be seen in you, for it is so easy for them to believe in My word,that they themselves may testify by their work about My image in them, about their birth fromGod with the baptism from above over their being, oh, country with My treasure in you, butyou should come to revival, to know and to see the One Who knocks that He may confessHimself from your midst as your God, and you, His, oh My country, with My treasure in it.Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism, from 19-01-2007 *** My glory over My faithful people of today is My word, with which I am comingdown on his table, oh, My beloved saints, oh, My holy martyr, celebrated today among thesaints and into the midst of My today’s people. I, the Lord, love My people of today affection-ately, that believes into My coming to it, calling it to Me, from darkness into light, to have itas Mine into the midst of the peoples on earth, which stay far from Me, far from My calling andfar from My salvation for man. … In a little, little while, I will put My holy seal again over the place of My descent byMy trumpet, for I, the Lord, have supported you after I have set you to adorn with the newgarment the house in which I descended in My trumpet, and in which I came and took her to beamong the saints, but I did not do this until first I had further blessed the course of My work 29

The glory of Godstarted through her in 1955, (See The Life of Saint Virginia20, r.n.) as I had given to be near herchildren, faithful and dear to Me for My love in them, and I have kept the seed, and My trumpethave borne fruit, disciples from disciples, and great is today the glory of My word upon theearth, as I had prophesied by My trumpet. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the holy and great martyr Demetrius, themyrrh giver, from 08-11-2007. *** Oh, holy angels, and you, heavenly powers, who serve My coming and My days of glorywith the people on earth! Comfort each other and take from margins to margins the news of Mycoming with the saints on the land of the Romanian people, and give heavenly powers to thepeople of My word, by which I announce Myself as word over the earth. Amen. Oh, My people, on which I, the Lord, rely in order to do the work of My coming now!Oh, seek to take after Me, for I have come to build the man again, and I have come to build himagain in man, and that is why I have spoken to you so much, since even the sons of thepeople wonder about what I have worked with you today, for the sons of unbelief are todayas those in the time of Noah, (See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah21”, r.n.) whoneither heard nor believed that I was coming to wash away the earth from unbelief and fromthe man who had given Me away with My image and My likeness in man. Oh, people nourishedfrom heaven, you are My people by faith, and I have always given you food with the spirit oflife, which gives you power to fulfill Me in you with My will, for the will of the Father andMine is your sanctification, son. It has got great, great work in man, and My word over youhas always, always sealed you, so that the evil spirit may see My seal, always fresh over you,and the evil spirit to go weak in his power, and it will be weakened, amen, and then the peoplewill look for each other to advise one another to this spring and they will receive from itpower of life, spirit of life giving, the spirit, which I, the Lord put into My word, when Ispeak with it over the earth. The sons of God are those who are nourished by God and fromGod, and this is how they have become known to the devils that they are God’s sons among thesons of men, and the sons of men will run after God’s sons, and they will ask for a vessel withoil from them, which gives light and burns within a snuff, so that they may also see the wayand that they may come to the life, which I, the Lord, ask from the man so that he may standbefore Me at My coming with the life of the age to be, for the new land, on which I have setMy kingdom with you here, My people, will be spread far and wide and will grow, as it iswritten, and do not ask yourself how will this be, for all those that are written about Myglory of New Jerusalem over the earth, all, all and everything will come true with yoursteadfast faith, that full of patience and love, My people but be the tool of My glory, bywhich I am supposed to plough, to sow and to take care of the world that is to be, for this ishow faith is, bearing fruit out of its work, My people. Oh, there is no more beautiful imageon earth than that of the man’s image, which becomes God’s temple, the Holy Spirit’s 20 You can also see on: 21 You can also see on: 30

The glory of Goddwelling among people! This is how you are supposed to give light among the men’s sons,and this is how you are supposed to preach Jesus Christ, coming in the flesh, coming in youwith His being, with His life, with His love, with His work, which works far and from far away,son nourished with the Spirit of life giving, and Who proceeds from God. It is a day of angelicfeast, sons, and the angels comprise you within their glory from Me upon them, and they workheavenly powers for you, and behold what glory is here now! And those of My glory, whichare not seen, comprise you within them too, and soon, soon, your eyes will be opened tothem, and they will gift away the garment of incorruptibility, (See the selection topic „Themystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility22”, r.n.) for you and I workat this glory, and it will give itself over in its day of visible glory face to face with thefaithful man and with the unfaithful man, for some for eternal life, and for others foreternal sufferance, as it is written, My people. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Synod of the holy archangels, Michael and Gabriel,from 21-11-2007. *** Open to the Lord, children sons, who watch for My coming with a spirit of life givingto you and give Him to My people to their life! I strengthen your dwelling before Me, and thesaints and the angels are the servants of My entire word which is giving upon you, for I workwith a synod of saints and with angelic armies, like a great Maker that I am, over those that areseen and over those that are not seen, and by the spoken word, I have prepared the glory bywhich I will put the man face to face, and he who will have tasted of this table with Me nearyou, My people, will not be able to get away from answering, for the angels have written bothhis thought and his heart and its deed, and they have also written his belief or his unbelief, hiscare or his lack of care, his fulfillment or his lack of fulfillment of My word, by which I havebeen making My coming and My glory, as My word is My glory from the Father, and whichMy Father has given to Me from eternity, to be His word and with it to make all things,as it is written for the creation in the beginning, which wants by obedience to become My imageand My likeness between heaven and earth. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feat of the Lord’s Mother’s Entrance into thechurch, from 04-12-2007. *** You shall not despise the spirit of prophecy, sons. Learn to receive God, as Masterover you in all your time and moving, and you will be small, those who are humble like God,those born of God, those taught by God. Learn the mystery of virginity, for My mother, theVirgin, carried Me in her and had a virgin body. Amen. The one who carries Me in him likeMy mother Virgin, that one becomes young in his body and by God’s word, Who comesin and then out, and glorifies Himself with His work, make the man into God’s glory, aglory that does not crave after glory, but after God, and this is how I want you to give birthon the earth by the word of My making through the spirit of prophesy, which rules from Me,and such a kingdom I want to set before Me when I come, so that I may come, My people, to 22 You can also see on:!0A0GSDzR!qN_vKoA04DHblZgXAwefFR7-hklTIY08nNTPFK6Vtgs 31

The glory of Godcome and to be with the sons who are like Me, and then they will see as I am, as it iswritten. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way23”, r.n.) Oh, My people, when I see Myself in you as I am, then I come visibly, but you shouldnot want this, and rather you should work this, for the whole of My coming waits for your face,not for Me, not for My coming, and it is written: «The whole creature waits with eager expec-tation for the children of God to be revealed, for those like Him and who will see Him, whenthey will see each other, God will see them and they will see God, they will be able to see eachother», for this is written and it has to be fulfilled what is written, My people. Amen, amen,amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Synod of the Lord’s Mother, from 08-01-2008. *** I am establishing in this day into My book with you the word of longing between youand Me, My people of today. Early in the morning, I lift up My gates and I come in to youthrough the gates, for it is a feast among saints. I make My way to you in days of feast, for Ihave made a house with you to fulfill the Scripture of the coming of God’s Son, the second timeon earth, and I needed a house for My coming. I become word and this is how I come down.My Father Sabaoth is in Me, and I am in Him. All the saints are in Me, for all live in Me, as itis written, and this is written about those who believe in Me on earth too, being workers for Me.Amen. Oh, I have wanted you so much to be My people, My people! In the name of the Fatherand of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this is how I dedicated you when I made you My people,to show My glory from you over the earth, My word, which rules and is glorified whileruling. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, and by your faith, have come out then as word upon the peopleto tell them too that I have come as word on the earth. The Father, the Son and the HolySpirit are this word, and These three mean the One God. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the three holy hierarchs: Basil, Gregoryand John, from 12-02-2008. *** I give you power for your resurrection, My country. Get up to do My will and to sanc-tify My name on earth, for the people on earth want to put out My name and My life overman. I come soon to appear as true God and to put to shame the man’s unbelief and his haugh-tiness, by which he has ascended above Me. However, I come soon with great glory, with agreat sound of trumpet and I will appear from your midst that I am He Who is and HeWho comes, for I have had on your hearth the table of My coming in great mystery, thetable from which I take and give to those who want like God, and behold, I tell the nationsof the earth: Come towards My table, come towards My mountain to teach you the wayof the life and you to walk on it! Turn to Me, for the spirit of the world is a spirit losing ofpeople, and only I rule over the wisdom and the life for the man! Come back to God and I will 23 You can also see on:!IINnwQaa!vwmhpxLtU-XyDsihEu12o1MBgrhWf_POOIYYDuFu3kc 32

The glory of Godgive you rest and I will give you power to become God’s sons! Turn back and I will give youpower to believe in My coming, that which is written into the Scriptures to be fulfilled and withwhich I stay as word over the nations of the earth! Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the prodigal son, from 24-02-2008. *** You, children who stay as the gates for Me to come in to My people with the gift of theholy growth for him, always, always, you always have to suffer for My people, but I, the Lord,comfort you with My sweet Spirit to strengthen you as My little children, even if those whohate you do not find that I am the One Who does this, that I am this word; however, I tell thesethat I do no nothing but only what is written in the Scriptures, that I came and I come to fulfillthe Scriptures, and I look into them and I fulfill them, and behold, it is written in them aboutMy glory of today with My people chosen from the Romanians for My coming of nowa-days and which I, the Lord, call it as in the Scriptures, the people of the New Jerusalem,(See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan24”, r.n.) and it iswritten about it: «I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like anoverflowing stream: and you shall suck of it; you shall be borne on the side, and shall bedandled on the knees. As one, whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you; and youshall be comforted in Jerusalem… and the hand of Lord shall be known toward his servants;and he will have indignation against his enemies». (Is. 66:12, 13, 14b) Amen. … And now, My people, you are My witness, you are the face of My today’s glory,for with you I glorify Myself before the sons of men and I am relying on you for My comingas word on earth now, in the end of the time. (See the selection topic: „The end of the worldand the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) I wait for them to come to Me and to you, those who have turnedagainst Me and against you, to cleanse them and to save them from the reward of their unbeliefand to save them from the sufferance, which they build for themselves without wisdom. Bringprayer to Me, son, for those who do not know what they do when striking against Me and youby their unbelief, by which they cover their free will, the will of pleasures, their evil will, whichbrings the man to his separation from My will, as man does on earth, for this is how these havecome to be through the spirit of discontentment and judgment. Oh, keep away from sadness, sons! Keep away from the words that strike with angeragainst you! Stay under My shelter until the storm passes, fsons! Behold, I am glorifying My-self in you before the people on this day of feast of the cross, as I prophesied by My wordupon you that I would appear with you before the unbelieving world. Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross, from30-03-2008. *** 24 You can also see on:!8AcnVSYA!FanFO3k1dUA8k24WYeK0n-x_ruiUTroTGOA6I8cRqLQ 33

The glory of God From feast to feast I come down into My book of today for your heavenly food, people,faithful to My coming again from the Father to man. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, bornof the Father before eternity. At the creation of the heaven and earth I made the man from dustafter that and I put the spirit of life from Me in him, and I looked at My image when I kneadedhim. And after he pulled himself out from Me to be by himself, the Father and I had cried witha heavenly cry after man for more than five thousand years and then the Father sent Me on earthto make the man’s coming back to the Father through Me. I bore on the earth the entire burdenof the man’s sins and then I nailed them to the cross together with Me and then I was resurrectedfor man, I took him and went with him to the Father together with the work of his workedsalvation and I spoke to the Father: Father, behold the man! This is how I worked then for theman’s salvation who was lost from heaven, and now I become word over the earth and I comefrom the Father on this way and I greatly teach the man; I teach him to pass from body intospirit, from death to life and from darkness to light, from sin to holiness, for this is My will:man’s holiness. Amen. Oh, and why the man’s holiness? Why this, oh, My Father? — Oh, dear son, after We, at the time of creation of everything that had been made,spoke to One Another to make man in Our image and after Our likeness, and You listened toMe and made the man from the dust of the earth and then You breathed upon him and madehim stand up, a man with a living spirit. Then You separated him in two calling him male andfemale, as You built him to be, and You did in this way so that the man might not feel alone;however, he immediately became more proud when he did no longer feel alone; he becamemore haughty than at the time when he spoke to himself that he was great and when he exaltedhimself above God in his thought, and the angels who were serving him started fallingdown once with the man’s exaltation who fell by haughtiness, and then Your mouth spokeover the angel Michael to command the angels to fear God and to take heed of God and not ofman. Oh, the man had become even haughtier if he saw that was not alone. The first host ofangels fell; they fell down from the honor they had; they fell once with man’s fall who exaltedhimself above God, and this evil worked by man was called satan and it fell down fromheaven together with man, and You, dear Son, stood witness to this sufferance, and You havebeen standing witness from then until today, My Only Son! The time was created then and sincethen We have been suffering in time and the man the same. Now We have come down, in theend of the time, with the glory of Your word on the earth, and You work again the wordof man’s creation as You did when You spoke to Moses for the people of Israel to make ita kingdom of God. God’s kingdom is there where God speaks and where He can workwith His power, but the man has always stood against and become haughtier and haugh-tier in the face of God, as it also was with the people in the time of Moses, to which You hadbeen speaking for more than forty years and into whose midst We had greatly showed Our gloryand power spoken by the word to be and to work on sight so that God might have a peopleamong nations. The greatest enemy in man against Us is not his sin, oh, Son, as painful as I, theFather, am, but his unbelief, for it deprives the man of God. Oh, I sent You back on theearth two thousand years ago and the man’s sins did not thwart Your coming or the work of theman’s new making, but his unbelief thwarted it, for those full of sins knew You and receivedYou in them and then they had You and showed You to the world by their humility, because asinner, separated from Us by sin, is more humble than a righteous man who justifies himselfbefore God by the works of his justice and by his serving before Us, dear Son. Two thousand 34

The glory of Godyears ago, You took three of Your disciples, whom I revealed to You, so that You might be ableto show Your work among people, and went with them up on a high mountain and You allowedthem to see the glory You had from Me before the foundation of the world, for Your face andYour clothes shined as the sun and became as white as light, and You appeared with Moses andElijah and spoke with them before the faithful ones and You talked with them about your pas-sion, which had to take place for the man’s redemption, and Peter wanted to tell You to remainin the mountain and he wanted to make three huts; one for You, one for Moses and one forElijah, but Your will was to suffer for the man’s salvation and then You, by a luminous cloudhad shadowed the sight on the mountain, and I, the Father, spoke over them from the cloud andsaid: «This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him». (Matt. 17: 5) AfterYou raised them up, in their terror, they saw that only You were among them, and You askedthem not to tell anyone of Your glory with them until You rose up by Your resurrection. Oh,dear Son, You showed them the Scriptures of Your coming with Elijah, as it was written intothe Scriptures to be, and You made clear the work of John, the Baptist, who had made knownat that time to everyone the kingdom of heavens and the people’s repentance to God, so thatGod might be merciful on them. Oh, dear Son, in the same way I have released in this dayof feast My voice over the ones faithful to Your work on the earth and over man, and Iam speaking to them in the same way and say: This word is My Son, in Whom I am wellpleased; listen to Him! Amen. – And I am Your word, oh, My Father, and I tell them: he who listens to Me, listens toMy Father, Who has sent Me, for My Father glorifies Himself in Me with His entire word, withHis entire work. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-2008. *** I become word over the earth and I give Myself to those who seek Me with the longingof their hearts, for those who believe in Me are full of love, are full of longing, and those whodo not believe in Me are those who persecute Me, are those who deny Me. I am the Lord, JesusChrist, the Son of God, and I am the Son of the Virgin Mother, after the Father sent Me on theearth by My birth from a virgin body two thousand years ago, for her longing after God wasa stairway for Me to come down on earth, to come after man. And why to come after man?Oh, I have come on the earth after man because the man’s longing calls Me to come and hissighing calls Me, because the man’s spirit spends only in sighing, but the man does not knowhow to perceive this sighing of his spirit. He seeks, poor of him, and he has always sought afterhis happiness and life and he has worked hard within his search, but the Spirit from above is farfrom his understanding, for he does not find what he looks for, and I come into his way andgive him of My spirit, for the man has missed it and he does not know where it comes in himthe longing and the sigh from his longing and his labor for life. Woe to the man who does notread in the Scriptures to see God’s works on the earth and to believe in Him, and then long forHim as his companion and then to become himself God’s companion on the earth! Oh, My sweet mother! Oh, the reading of the Scriptures about Messiah’s coming, theman’s Savior, was sweet for you, mother! Oh, how much you had waited for Me to come onthe earth and to serve Me with longing! Your love for God wanted Me and made you into apraised stairway for the coming of My angel to you with the news of My coming by My birthfrom your virginal body, and then you received Me and set Me then before the people either totheir faith or to their denial, mother. Then I lived on earth and fulfilled all that were written to 35

The glory of Godbe fulfilled, and then I went to be again with the Father, that is in the glory which I hadfrom Him before the foundation of the world and by which My Father has glorified Meon earth, for I am the Word of the Father and I am his power in the heaven above and onearth below, as it is written. On earth, in this day, it is the feast of your coming to Me and to the Father, mother,for if I went to be again with the Father, you remained on the earth and you remained with Mydisciple. I was on the cross and I spoke to you about him: «Behold your son», and to him I said:«Behold your mother», and you submitted and fulfilled in that way and remained with him,and he loved you with My love in him, for his love knew Me and then served Me with greatlove, and behold, love serves love, and there is no other kind of service for love, because Mylove in man has its own companions. Oh, My dear mother, I have set on the hearth of the Romanian people the place of Mycoming of word on earth, for the Father has sent Me again on earth, mother. The Father hassent Me as word on earth, (Apoc. 19:13) and He has sent Me again after man, mother. Fromthe beginning I am the Word of the Father, and when Father wanted to lift up for salvationthe people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a people which was in bondage in Egypt, Father madeMe word upon Moses and I had spoken with the people of Israel for forty years, mother, and Ihad led it to the country of promise, for its sigh had reached to God and then Father sent Me tosave it from under its sigh and to teach it the longing for God, the faith in God and its works,mother. Behold, this is how Father has also sent Me today as word on earth, for the end of theages has come near, and all and everything has been waiting for the coming of the Son of Manin heaven and on earth, mother, for by My birth of your virgin body I became the Son of Manand I became the Savior of the world, for the man lives only in bondage on earth, mother. I amspeaking with you before those who have come together at your feast near the place of Myspring of word. The mystery of the fallow land with a treasure in it, this is the mystery ofthe choice of this land in order that I may come, the land of the Romanian people, mother,and Father wants to announce it as heavenly homeland, the homeland of My coming againfrom the Father to the man with the news of the kingdom of the heavens, with the gloryof My word, which fills the earth and the heaven, but only the man’s heart he does not fill,for the man does not long for God on earth, mother. Oh, let Us speak at the spring, Mymother! The heavenly armies have come here, at the spring, for you, within a feast for you, andI am the Son of God and I am your Son as well. Let us feed those who have come together againnear My spring of word, for the longing has brought them here, and their faith and love needpower, mother. Let us glorify Ourselves with the glory that I have had from the Father beforethe foundation of the world, oh, mother full of word like your Son, the Word God, for theglory of God is the word, as it was in the beginning as well, mother! Amen, amen, amen. I am in the midst of the people with this spring of word, for the man without food fromheaven on him dies; he has always died. Let the man come to learn from Me life by this word,for I have come again from the Father to the man, and I work with the glory which I havehad from the Father before the foundation of the world, and this glory which I have fromHim is the world of My mouth, the world which made the heaven and the earth, and whichhas made again a new heaven and a new earth, a new Jerusalem and a new people, as it iswritten into the Scriptures to work, I, the little Lamb of the Father, for those who are redeemedby Him from among people to be My kingdom on the earth. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-2008. *** 36

The glory of God With a speech of Holy Spirit I become word and I come into My book at the end of thetime and I write Myself in it to My confession, for Father has sent Me, and I testify about Mywork, given to Me by the Father to fulfill it as He has given it to Me, and I do not work or speakfrom Myself, but I take from the Father and this is how I fulfill. I work out My coming againfrom the Father to man and I work by the word as I worked from the beginning whenGod made the heaven and the earth. I was then the word of the Father, and I am the sametoday, for I am His Son. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, this is God’s name andin this name I come as word into My book of today. Amen. I strengthen My entrance and the power in the gates and this is how I come in when Ispeak into your midst, My today’s people. Oh, get used to stay for My waiting, for I have Mycoming with you, that which is prophesied in the Scriptures by My own mouth two thousandyears ago. Let your preparation be warm then when I come at the feasts to you with My saints,for the prayers of My saints remind Me forever of My coming of now, My coming with them,promised by God to be, as also you are promised to be and to have God into your midst and togrow it over your life for His glory on earth among people. Oh, My people, you have to be and to live only for God’s glory. Do not forget thatthis is what I have meant for you. And in order for you to know how to fulfill this, becomeforerunner as John, My baptizer, did, for he was the one who went before My glory amongpeople, and you have to understand like one grown by God what it means My glory that Ihave from the Father before the foundation of the world. I am the light of the world, I amthe light and the word, and I live on earth through My church and I am in it the light ofthe world. Oh, become light from the light, son. Oh, turn your soul into light from light, sons,to be the forerunners of the light from the beginning, the light not created and which will com-prise the world in the light with its threefold power in the last day, for it is the Father, the Sonand the Holy Spirit, and it works through the saints form God among people and this is how itworks them and this is how it is My forerunner. The fleshly tongue of the man cannot com-prise the glory of My light, but the tongue of the spirit glorifies it from the inside of theone illuminated by it. Make your soul light from light, My people, as John, My baptizer, became, for God islight and this is how He appeared. The burning bush seen by Moses on the Mount Sinai was thelight from which God spoke to Moses. The pillar of fire, which had led Israel in the wildernesswas the light not created by God, which became an angel of light before man. My glory onTabor, the light from the beginning, which shined on Me when I was transfigured beforeMy disciples, was a light like that on the Mount Sinai when God spoke to Moses. My res-urrection and its light, which I showed to My disciples in an image of angel, and then the glorywith which I came out before apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, this is how the light fromthe beginning has appeared to many people on earth, and behold, I am the light of the world aslong as I am in the world, as long as the man keeps Me on earth to be light over the people, andas for you, help Me to be, My people, help Me, son, and learn from Me what God on earth withpeople means, learn like John, the Baptizer, who did not perform any miracle but who was thespirit of prophecy, the spirit of the testimony before Me and before the people and proclaimedMe so that his testifying proclamation may be fulfilled. All My words spoken into your midst, My people, mean My light, God’s light. Myword is prayer upon you, asking from Me to be the witness of My word and its life in you. Look 37

The glory of Godat the men’s sons, for its teeth are weapons and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword, as it iswritten, but you have to be My witness for My life in you on earth, for I have come from theFather to you, and I do not come from the world but I come to make you grow to be My lightin the world as John, My forerunner, was, for he was the light which prepared My way to thepeople so that the people might know that the Son of God was coming and to receive Him. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the beheading of the saint John, the Bap-tizer, from 11-09-2008. *** I, the Lord, am coming down into the book with a feast of saints, My people. No matterhow weak or how wrong you may be, you are great before Me when I am able to come downinto your midst with the whole word of My today’s glory, for My glory is the word, as it wasin the beginning and as it is. I am glorifying Myself in the word into your midst, and yourfaith is God’s gift upon you, My people. If I did not give you, you would not have faith in Mytoday’s coming to you. Behold those who have given this gift away from them! Take a look atthem to see how those who lose the gift of faith are and keep away from the snake of doubt,sons, as for the one who is bitten by this serpent, his eyes, his years, his mind and his faithbecome corrupted and he becomes reckless of his sickness, even if his spirit sighs. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the great saint martyr, Catherine, from 08-12-2008. *** The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, This is One God and He proclaims Himselfover the earth. Amen. The Lord is coming down into His garden into the midst of the Romanian people. TheLord is coming with His saints and is proclaiming Himself in His descent. The Lord is descend-ing as word over the earth, and He is coming down into His book as word of feast. I am makingMyself heard at the gates, and it is opened for Me to come in with My glory to the people ofMy word. My glory is the word, as it also was in the beginning when I madethe heaven and the earth, the visible and the invisible things, and then I mademan, saying: «Let Us make man in Our image and after Our likeness: and let them havedominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the cattle, and allover the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth». (Gen. 1:26) And afterthe heaven and the earth were finished, and all their hosts, God saw everything that He hadmade, and, behold, it was very good. And on the seventh day God finished His work, which Hehas made, and then He rested on the seventh day from all His work, which He had done. (Seealso Gen. 1:31: 2:1-2) Amen. Oh, My people, this is how I have also waited for the rest for the creation of today,which I want to finish, and then I want to rest from all My work. In the beginning, God restedafter He had made man, which He made on the sixth day, and on the seventh day, God finishedHis work of creation and rested from it, and then He blessed and hallowed the seventh day,resting on it. Peace to you, My people! I am into your midst as word of creation, sons. My trumpet,Verginica, (Verginica - the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) as I, the Lord, called heron earth when I blew from her over a people which heard My word sounded by her mouth,behold, she is with Me and with the armies of saints and angels with whom I am coming down 38

The glory of Godto you on the day of the feast of her coming on earth from heaven. Oh, happy is the man whobelieves in those that are written in the Scriptures about the whole God’s work, which was,which is and which has to be and to be done, and the one who does not look into the Scripturesto believe in their fulfillment, that one is not happy, but he is temporary instead, and everythingwhich is temporary is sad. Oh, you will be happy, people nourished from My mouth, fromMy word, if you believe in it and in its fulfillment, and concerning the one who believes,that one will not be temporary, sons, but rather he will be enclosed in My glory and Myglory is the word, as I have told you that it is. I embrace you within My word to be a happychild son. Oh, let yourself be enclosed in My word to be happy, as anyone who does not lethimself to be comprised by it, that one is sad and this is the sign of his little faith, a faith thatstruggles to be. Oh, not that way, sons, for I, the Lord, said that the one who believes has nothingto lose, but he does not have to be content only with that, but he has to rejoice believing and tobe happy if he does not want to lose. My confessing disciples would have lost if they had notbelieved happily in what they had for Me, and they would have staggered in time of sacrifice;however, they were happy by their proclamation about Me and not by faith and only that, be-cause if faith does not work its fruit, it does not make the man happy, but rather such aman is sad. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint Virginia, God’s trumpet, from14-12-2008. *** I give to the Romanian people the glory of My word, which I am setting into Mybook with you as counsel upon man, My people, and I teach him to take and to know, forI give him and I wait for him with great love for his renewal, to his new birth, to be a newcreature, a new country, clothed within the saints and angels, for the fleeting glory of theworld passes away like the world and as its worldly work, but the eternal glory of thesaints remains, and I, the Lord of the resurrection of all things, want you to remain, Mytoday’s country, for the land under you is My choice from the beginning, and you still donot understand what a mystery your land has. Take your time to hear Me! Oh, take yourtime to talk with God! Lucifer knows you even from the beginning, and now he tries to playhis book in you to fill you with his work hostile to Me, but I am coming and telling you totake note of this from Me and to come under My mantle, under My counsel so that I mayprotect you from the hour of temptation, for the hard temptation has come upon you,about which is written in the Scriptures that is coming, and you do not read the Scripturesand do not know them if you do not read them to understand them. Oh, you have to readin the Scriptures and do nothing else but only that what is written in them to do, for I want toovercome for you, and then for Me with you, My country. Oh, well Lucifer, oh, oh, My angel disobedient to God, do no longer be enchantedwith your enmity against Me and against My work of the renewal of the world, since youknow that I am God and not you, for I am he Victor and not you. Oh, put your weaponsdown and come to rest for you were the most beautiful angel of the angelic armies andbehold what the man’s haughtiness did to you when he came to be proud, and you servedhim to your fall by his fall! Oh, step aside with your work from man and make way for Me toraise the man from the dead, to give him birth again and to see what he did to God’s angels,whom he drew in the depth of his will for the glory against God’s glory, which is eternal foreverand ever! Oh, come back into the heavenly glory, from which you fell through man, diso-bedient angel, and you will have rest from your toils! Oh, behold what it does the hidingfrom God in those hidden of the hidden man! I command you, in a day of Passover in 39

The glory of Godheaven and on earth on the Lamb of God, take your weapons and cleanse yourself andyour work on the hearth of the Romanian people, the land chosen by Me at the beginningfor the glory of God in the end! Listen to Me! Behold, you have armed yourself with allyour hidden works to defile this land and to seal My people on it with the seal of destruc-tion, (The money, r.n.) with the seal opposing to God’s will. I do not let you do this. Youwill come to obedience from now on. Either you want it or not, I, the Lord of resurrection,the Son of the Father Sabaoth and of the mother Virgin, ask you to come in submission, Isubject you under My passing power, for it is written that I would do that. Oh, be goodfrom now on, for you are an angel and you have to know what you were before what youare now, for I remind you this. I will give birth again to man, for I have come on the earthwith the new birth of the world, and you will remain without man and you will no longer be theman’s tool, and the man will no longer be your tool, and you will be without a house and willnot want to leave the enmity and wickedness; however, I tell you with mercy, submit yourselfunder My mercy, under My love, because behold, I am the Victor, I and not you. I do not tellyou in this way to prevail against you, but to make you see and wake up from your wickedwork, which has worn down your sight and you hope for good for you. Behold, look to see yourplace if you do not want to come under My love to give you the rest without fire. Do not bewithout faith. I know that you believe Me but you are stubborn. I, the Lord, call you to therest which you lost after you had no longer listened to Me, after you had hidden in manto fall together with him, serving man’s will full of haughtiness against Me at the begin-ning of creation. I stay with the work of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people andon which you want now to stretch out you tent and to try to make your kingdom. Oh, I do notlet you, Lucifer. I call you with your name from Me given at the beginning, against your darkwork that you have now upon the earth. I am with the feast of the resurrection, the feast of Myword on the land of the Romanian people, and you saw My table spread on it, spread on it formore than fifty years, and you try to open up your tent over My holy mountain, My mountainfrom the end, and about which it is clearly written in the Scriptures, and only he who doesnot read does not understand, and only the one who does not look to see does not believe. Oh,what do you want to do over My country? Oh, I do not let you; I do not let you, Lucifer. Iam God – the Word, and I made a house into the midst of this nation and I come to it withthe table of My word, and I take heavenly armies with Me riding on white horses, (See theselection topic: „The apocalyptic white horse”, r.n.) as it is written to come and to make akingdom in man and with people on earth, and My name is called the God’s Word, (Apoc:19/13.) and I work wonderfully. Here I am; you meet Me on the land of the Romanian landafter seven thousand years from your fall of My glory and of My angels. Behold My today’scountry, which you want to bring now into slavery under your seal. However, I come and adviseRomanian people and give it power to listen to God, the Almighty, and not to you, and I provedthis out by My birth of a Virgin mother and then by My resurrection from the dead on the thirdday, after My death on the cross on which the Jewish people nailed Me, and in which you nestedtwo thousand years ago to stand against My coming on the earth, following My trace to tear Medown. However, I rose from the dead, I overcame the death and broken the hell, and I alsosmashed the latches you put on it and I took out My righteous ones, the prophets and thesaints, (About these see Gospel of Nicodemus: Part II. - The Descent of Christ into Hell, r.n.)and I am holding into My hand the keys of the death and hell and I am the Lord of the resurrec-tion of the dead and I am clothed in resurrection, and this is what I am going to give to thepeople, and I will give them. Amen. Do not forget, open up your sight from Me, not that whichis from man, and do not forget that I and the entire heavenly and angelic armies stay withinthe work of the new birth of the world on the Romanian land, where you are trying nowto fasten the pole and to stretch out your tent, and then to put your black seal over this 40

The glory of Godnation, and you want to do this work more than on any other nation on the earth, for themoney was the blackest temptation by which you have worked to buy the land and tobring it under your seal, which the money handles, for the Jewish people sold Me to deathon money, the people you enticed under your hostile rule against Me and taught it to sellMe to death two thousand years ago, entering into Judas, who defiled his hand and mind withthe seal of the money, and behold, the money has become the curse on this people after that,which has been trying since then to rule over the world with its power coming out of themoney. Again and again, I tell you Lucifer, before the whole human nation and before theheaven of saints and angels: do not forget, open up your sight from Me, because it is the timeto see so from this time on, and see that on the land of the Romanian people, I, the Lord ofresurrection, am with My work of the renewal of the world and of the earth, and I want toestablish the new heaven and earth over this land, for I have to establish My fulfilled Scrip-tures on the earth, and I am the slaughtered Lamb, Who washes away the sins of the world, theLamb of God, given to the faithful man as food, and through Whom the man will prevail againstsatan as it is written in the Scriptures, and I am the One Who smashed the gates of the hell, inwhich you have kept My righteous ones. Your seal is money. The man will be able tolive without money and without other papers in their place, with which you want to replace theface of the money on the earth and to hide it under the curtain. (Money substitutes - electronicmoney, bank cards, chips and biochips, r.n.) I am the One Who will feed the man with mannafrom heaven, I, and not you, for the fire is coming on the earth over all that you have builtwith the man and for the man. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire25”, r.n.) I havenothing to do with your work upon the earth, and the man has nothing to do with it either,because I set My treasure on to the earth, which cannot stay near yours, as fleeting as itis, for its work passes and you will remain face to face with Me to give an account to Mefor you. Amen. And now, I am telling you: Withdraw from the land of My country andfrom the soul of the Romanian people on it and go to places devoid of God until I, theLord, will comprise the whole world under the glory of My word, which becomes an un-quenchable fire over the entire iniquity on the earth, for God’s word is the glory which I,God-the Word, have from the Father before the foundation of the world, and behold,Lucifer, called with the name of satan, this is My work of glory, which you are meetingnow on the Romanian land against all iniquity on the earth. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, Romanian people, I have spoken before My enemy and yours, Lucifer, the greatangel at the beginning and the one who served the man’s haughtiness in the time of the fallingfrom God of the first built man. Oh, seek, Romanian people, seek to escape from this angelof haughtiness, seek to escape from haughtiness, for the whole pride in man comes frommoney. Oh, come to the sweet humility, for humility is sweet and it makes you beautiful,beautiful, and it makes you rich with the wealth I want to give you, and Lucifer will serveyou for My glory with you with all his wealth, and you will not serve him, as it is not hisglory on the earth that you need to have, but My glory instead. I told the angel of haughti-ness to take his tent and to move away from your hearth, and you should receive My saints asyour guests and you should welcome Me, for I have a wonderful name and it is called the Wordof God. (Apoc: 19/13.) Seek after heavenly teachers in their heart for you to teach you and toreveal you My mysteries, and if you want My word to teach you, then I wait for you here, I waitfor you to come near to My spring so that I may teach you, Romanian people. Oh, you do notknow your destiny, but I know it, I know your destiny and that is why I have come from the 25 You can also see on: 41

The glory of GodFather to you as the word of your birth, a new birth, and then from you the birth of the world,as it is written in the Scriptures that will be. I want to fulfill the Scriptures with you and youshould also want this, for My plan with you is wonderful. I remain with the book open be-tween Me and you and I do no longer close it, for I want Lucifer and his angels to read in it,both within their body and without their body, and thus to come to obedience to the One Whomade the heaven, the earth and the man, and Who is making them again, and there will beeverything new, as it is written, and there will be a new chosen Jerusalem, and the creaturewill be redeemed. Amen. Christ has risen, Romanian people! The Lord of resurrection greets you with Hisresurrection from the dead two thousand years ago. Oh, behold the Lord, your God!Christ has risen, country of My return, country of God’s word in the end of the time, andyou will come to life, just as I came to life! Amen. You will be resurrected, you will beresurrected, you will be resurrected! This is My will for you, and on the second day of theworld, you will be My kingdom and all the peoples will take from you, My work, My lightfrom you, the light of the man’s resurrection, My country. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the second day after Passover, from 20-04-2009. *** I am the Lord of resurrection and I am coming down on earth as word, and My name iscalled the Word of God, a mysterious name, (Apoc: 19/13.) like My coming as word on theearth to man. I am sitting down with the greeting of the resurrection before My people from themidst of the Romanian people and before every man on the earth who knows and who does notknow that I am coming now on the earth as word to man and that I am preparing the fulfillmentof My great victory, for I am the Lamb of God, preached in the Scriptures to come and toovercome the iniquity on the earth and to make a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jeru-salem and to make a new man out of man. Amen. Christ has risen, New Jerusalem! “Christ has risen!” I, the Lord, resurrected from the dead, tell every man on theearth, who knows and who does not know, that I am with the glory of My word on thehearth of the Romanian people! “Christ has risen!” My mother the Virgin greets the heaven and the earth for My resur-rection! “Christ has risen!” My male and female disciples call out up there in heaven and downon the earth, for I come with the saints when I come, as it is written for Me to come! Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Spring of the healing, from 24-04-2009. *** Now, I am blessing you, My people of Romanians, for you, sons, are My house of com-ing and you give Me shelter when I come on earth, and in this tent I am with the people to teachthem and to be their God. Christ has risen, My people of New Jerusalem on the Romanian land! Peace to you tobe My help as I always am your help, always, sons! Christ has risen and out of your midst, 42

The glory of GodI, the resurrected Lord, teaching, will teach the nations on earth what resurrection is, andmany will rise and will meet Me in My coming, and I will give them My glory as I give itto you, My people. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the second Sunday after Passover, of the saint apostleThomas, from 26-04-2009. *** This work of word is the work of the word of the Father, of the Son and of the HolySpirit. Amen. I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son and the Word of the Father Sabaoth, and I am de-scending on earth on clouds of word and thousands and thousands of cherubim are carrying Meon to the manger of My word into the midst of the Romanian people, and the Father is in Me,and I am in the Father when I speak in heaven and on earth at the same time, and Myvoice fills the heaven with glory, and the saints and the angels are nourished with everyword that comes out of My mouth. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday after Passover, of the prudes, from03-05-2009. *** Oh, My people, I am descending in the little garden of My word, and I am descendingfor you, son, and for your pain and Mine, and we give way into the book to My speaking withthe saints before you, and you are Our witness and Our comfort in wounds, son. Soon, soon, Iwill make heavenly signs come down over this little garden and I will comfort Myself frompains before those who have chosen to separate from Me before the day of the great gloryof this work of word, by which I have kept on going crying between heaven and earth forman. I will truly appear in this word, soon, soon, for those who separate from Me arehurting Me badly because of their discontent, because of their instability, not acceptingthat they might be guilty, but merely throwing back scornfully and slanderously againstthose who have remained with Me on My way to Man, on the way of My coming againfrom the Father to man. Excerpt from the Word of God on the first Sunday after Whitsuntide, of all saints, from14-06-2009. *** Oh, My people, You are of great value to God. Your faith in the work of My word hasgot great power in you, power from God, little son, for I said that God’s kingdom belongs tothe little ones. Oh, you should protect yourself to be great, to be able work, to be yourself, towant. Oh, God’s sons on the earth are not like this. They are the little ones, in whom God canwork after they receive power from Him to become God’s sons on the earth by His love forthem and then by their love for God. Oh, son, born of My word of today, take care to love Godand not to love otherwise if you are in My fold of New Jerusalem. You should love nothing,nothing else, for only I, only I am eternal, son, only I am the One Who gives you life sothat you may have, only I am everything in man, and he who has Me completely in himremains forever, and one like that cannot fall from My work and from the fold of Mychurch of today, and then I teach through them all those who hear My voice by My churchof new Jerusalem on the Romanian land, the land chosen from the creation of the worldto be My settlement now, in the end of the time, when I am coming again from the Father 43

The glory of Godafter the man in the clouds of word, for My glory of today is the word and I glorify Myselfthrough it. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The true church26”, r.n.) I am into your midst with My disciples of two thousand years ago, My people, for it isa feast of apostles, sons, and their glory from heaven is like Mine, it is the word, and Weall are clothed in the word, just as God was and is and will be word between earth andheaven. From the beginning I was the Word and I worked with it the creation of all things,like today, and I am telling these for those who are faithful and to those who are unfaithful, tostrengthen their faith or to wake them up for humility and repentance, for the man who does nothave humility in him, then he also does not have repentance for his naked stature from God,and he does not have faith in My being either, in My works, and then in My coming from theFather to man, being clothed in word. My people from the beginning, that from My first coming,the people of Israel, to whom I gave the promises, was going and asking the Lord in time ofhardship or ignorance and it knew its way to Me, as from time to time it had in it faithful sons,who were going and taking from God for it, for the protection and for the work of My peopleIsrael, as I, the Lord, was always into the midst of Israel by the prophets and by revelations, andI was answering those who were coming to take and then to work from Me upon them. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, from 12-07-2009 *** I am speaking over the earth within a spirit of feast from the right side of the FatherSabaoth, and I have within My descent into My book of today the prophet Elijah, the one fullof zeal for God on earth and in heaven, the one full of tears and longing after man, as I am. Iam the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and I have the heaven and the earth as My way, and thecherubim and seraphim are My throne of fire and they carry Me, for such glory Father gaveMe before eternity, like His glory, and He made Me to be light as He is, like the Father,because I am of the same being as He is. Amen. My glory into your midst becomes word upon you, and this is how it appears andthis is how it gives itself over to you, My people of today. I am speaking with you now astwo thousand years ago I spoke with My disciples before the multitudes, before the people ofIsrael. I strengthen the way of My entrance to you, son, for when I come to stay with you, Icome in as word. I am in the Father when I speak, and the Father is in Me, and the mystery ofGod’s dwelling and of His work with His saints in heaven and on earth is wonderful, and manneeds longing and love and he needs faith as well, because the man’s faith is the eye whichsees God in heaven and on earth speaking and working, crying and enduring, ascendingand descending and doing His work, and He has done His work for man from age to age, andMy prophets have God’s mystery and its sight poured down in them, His way and man’s, thepast time and the one which is coming, because I had always vessels to carry God all the time,and tools for the work between heaven and earth among people and for people, and man is thelast to understand this; he is the one who can hardly understand what life and death means, whatlight and darkness means, the visible and the invisible things and God’s dwelling in him and 26 You can also see on:!hVtgjLJR!vhg5QR1Qc82yxTW84Y2Q2EX6IrNeT3FA97Oqvlhpe4A 44

The glory of Godafter him and all the heavenly hosts in the work for man, because man is God’s work, Hismost expensive work, and for whom He worked and works everything. … Oh, My people, Elijah, My prophet, is in My word, which is the way of the saints toyou, and he is exhorting you on this day, for he prophesied the work of the love between Meand man, between man and Me, and here I am speaking about those who are My sons, of thosewho are faithful to God and who do not deny of Me by their unbelief, for blessed is the man,and one thousand times more happier will be the one who does not stumble against Me,the Faithful and True One, as for one like this I will be glorified and I will praise his faithand I will show him as My witness. Amen. — Lord, I am Your witness, for I was faithful to You in the time of great unbelief overpeople, and I was full of zeal in my longing for You, so that You may be on earth with peopleand that they may not work out unbelief on earth in the time of their wandering astray, thatwhich comes from the man’s fallen nature, for You joined with me and received my zeal for Youand You worked with it in the people of Israel, which grew old in his separation from You, andI was suffering for You, Lord, I was suffering like You. When man starts sinning, he becomesreckless of You, because this is what the sin in man does, but man commits even greater sinwhen he does no longer believe, Lord; however, he first loses wisdom because he loses his fearof You, and through sin he looks at You, poor of him, and he forgets about fear, and his minddoes no longer thinks and rather it lets itself be carried away from the way. Oh, Lord, I suffered at that time when I was on earth among the prophets and amongpeople, and even today I am suffering from the man’s departure from You, but mostly I amsuffering when there is no love and faithfulness between You and those who believed and believein Your coming of today as word and in Your Gospel by it on earth, and I am one of those whoaccompany You when You come on the clouds of glory, for You raised me from the earth in achariot of cherubim and in a whirlwind, to come again with You now, when You are coming,and to be Your witness on earth among those with body on earth and in heaven, oh, Lord, butman does not understand the mystery of my coming with You, as he also does not understandthe mystery of my coming to You from among the prophets and people then, when You carriedme to You on the clouds and in a chariot of fire, when You took me on cherubim, in the chariotof Your glory, the Lord’s glory, which the prophet Ezekiel saw and confessed, because Youshowed it to him so that he might be able to confess it and the man to know how the Lord’sglory is and to be faithful for it, for the eye of the faith is sharp enough to see, and the Lordrelies on His faithful ones with His works, with His visible and invisible things, as You reliedon me in my time on earth with the Israel who forsook You completely; however, after thatIsrael kept on forsaking You. Oh, Lord, You also call Your people of today Israel, as this is how You called the faithfulone, the one to whom You revealed Yourself. I want to exhort Your people of today, as it iswritten about me to work like that before You, but bless my word upon Your people. Amen. — The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the One Who speaks through you, fore-runner prophet of My coming of today, and may your word be blessed over My people. Amen. … — Oh, people from the spring, you are the first independent citade of the cities theLord’s people, for you have into your midst God’s little garden, and a string of pearls aroundit, as the Lord prophesied to be fulfilled in this way, and behold, it is being fulfilled and it will 45

The glory of Godbe fulfilled. The Lord and I ask you by my word and in my spirit to be strong in your faith andin your steadfastness and to rejoice in all kinds of storms, for the trees that are not blown bythe wind do not strengthen their roots, and they are easily uprooted. Oh, do not be afraid whilein storms, but rejoice over them instead, for they strengthen your faith, your good power andyour golden watch, and not any kind of watch. Oh, you should cry with the Lord and with Hissaints for the peace and for the spirit of the little garden of His word, for His Spirit protectswith great mercy and love His little garden of word, that which is built out of His Spirit to standbefore Him, and it will stand, and behold, His word flows upon it and becomes a book and theLord holds your little hand through it. There is a little more time and the Lord will glorifyHimself in seen manner and will show His glory by which He has rested over His little gardenof word, and those who have less faith will cry without any comfort and will cry out to the Lordfor themselves then. Be strong, be strong and faithful, you, those who take care of the Lord’slittle garden, for soon, soon, He will give it His glory, and His glory upon it will be to the joyof many of those faithful and steadfast in their faith and in love for His work of today with theman in the midst of His little garden of word, which He has in His care and in His power evenfrom the beginning of the heaven and earth. Be watchmen with a holy watch, you, those whoclosely watch for the place of the Lord’s glory, Who becomes word over the earth, and the Lordwill strengthen your faith, your faithfulness and steadfastness, for these gifts are for the Lord’ssons, who have to know well what a son of the Lord is and what he does, for His sons are likeHim, as I was before Him, full of His pain, always full of His pain because of Israel’s departurefrom Him. Oh, be likewise, be like Him, for He is aggrieved and is suffering deeper and deeperfor those who forsake Him for themselves and then they are heading for doubt and unbelief intheir self-mind, which settles accounts with itself. Oh, how much sufferance is when the Lorddoes not have stability in those who have come to be with Him out of their own free will, thenwhen they have come to be His! Oh, how weak they have made the Lord in them! Oh, this iswhat it happens to those who become judges over His things in His place, forgetting that manis limited and that the Lord is over everything, visible and invisible! Be, therefore, faithfulwatchmen, for the struggle between light and darkness is great, it is at its height, and the devilis strained, as he always is whenever the Lord writes victory over darkness. Oh, stay at thetable with His food on it, and open this food and eat of it always, for the one who does not eatdies; the one who does not know to eat usefully dies. Be blessed, be the Lord’s watch for Hiswork of today. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah, from 02-08-2009. *** Oh, come, come, you those who want the land of My blessing of today and thespring that flows from it, the spring of My glory, of which the angels and the saints eatand all those who hear My voice at the spring! Come so that I may comfort you and teachyou to be worthy of the comfort with which I come from the Father for those who are faithful,who, like Me, are the sons of My Father by the power of their faith, by their love for Me, andwhom I always want to give to My Father, as I always come on the earth and I always becomethe man’s way to the Father, the way of My saints from the earth and up to heaven! Oh, cometo teach you to be only Mine, for I am the eternal One, and those who are Mine are like thattoo! Come to teach you self denial, which is the man’s path to God, a path which is blockedbackwards and opened only forwards and it has as its end the eternity for happiness for thosewho love it like Me, the eternal One by My origin! Oh, may you be blessed for your coming tothe spring and be good in your spirit, soul and body, and learn to be always, always good, forthe most obedient are those who listen to Me as I teach them from the spring how to be and 46

The glory of Godhow the man is supposed to stand before Me on his way on the earth, on his way to heaven!Peace to you, and may your heart and trip to the spring be sweet! Amen. … Oh, I thank you much more, from My whole godly heart, sons serving to My holythings, because by your obedience and for your ministry with Me, from Me and for Me, I havesucceeded, and I thank you that in the end we have managed to establish much more a churchreinforced on the servants ordained for it so that everyone of you may sustain, by the power ofthe holy grace, My church of New Jerusalem, sons. Oh, submit to My whole order for thosethat I have to work and establish on the earth through you, through My church, which is you,and then I will be able to do everything I have to do, for I need to do it through you. I, the Lord,want to strengthen by My carefulness the community living and the carefulness in thecommunity of our people, as My church was in the time of My apostles, when theypreached the word of God with power and those who believed were all one heart and onesoul, and no one said that something there was from what he had got, but everything wasshared collectively and no one lacked anything, for those who had houses and lands soldthem and everything was given according to each one’s needs when someone joined withlove and service to obey then those I ordained for the shepherding of My flock from aboveand from the earth beneath for My flock, which was growing and strengthening, and oncewith it the number of its servants was growing as well. This is how I am working todaytoo, sons, and we will work for My glory with you and for the salvation of many throughthis, for I want the man to change in his face, and My glory on My new earth with youchanges from glory to glory at My word upon you, and on earth you are My hands andfeet and the hands and feet of My angels and saints, who dwell among you, being cowork-ers with you for My glory of New Jerusalem on the earth, and behold, those who seek afterMe grow in number at you and they long after My spring of word to drink of it for their resur-rection, in such a way that man may be changed in his heart and face and thus I may be able toestablish My kingdom in him. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08-2009. *** I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, for I am born of the Father before eternity, and I amthe Son of the Virgin mother, born of her two thousand years ago after I had sowed Myself inher at the moment when the angel told her about Me that I would be born of her by the work ofthe Holy Spirit in her. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am coming after two thousand years ofword on the earth and I have a wonderful name, as it is written in the Scriptures that I wouldhave, and My name is called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13.) Amen. I have from the Father My return to the Romanian country, the New Jerusalem, for it iswritten in the Scriptures that the Lord will choose Jerusalem again27. I have made My bride 27 «Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Zion: for, behold, I come and will dwell in the midst of you, saysthe Lord. And many nations shall flee for refuge to the Lord in that day and they shall be for a people to Him andthey shall dwell in the midst of you: and you shall know that the Lord Almighty has sent Me to you. The Lord shall inherit Juda His portion in the holy land, He will yet choose Jerusalem. (“and shallchoose Jerusalem again.”- The New King James Version) Let all flesh fear before the Lord: for He has risen up from His holy clouds.» (Zacarias / Zechariah: 2/10-13.) * 47

The glory of Godpeople into her midst and I have made it into a watching servant for My coming, and he watchesbefore Me with faith, as not the light of the day is the light for man, but faith is the light whichshines and watches waiting for the day of My coming at the middle of the night. Amen. Oh, open to Me at daybreak, you from the gates, for the Bridegroom is coming at themiddle of the night and happy is the servant He will find watching before Him. Open to Me tocome in as word into the book and to meet with it those that come with longing at My spring ofword, for I am the One Who fills the man’s soul with longing after I have revealed Myself tohim with My coming to feed the man with the spirit of My coming for him for his resurrectionfrom among the dead, from among those who are not faithful to My coming of today, in orderto judge the living and the dead and to give them to the Father saved by My great work andlove for man. Oh, grow in people their love and watch for Me and for My coming as word onthe earth, for they take My word from you and then they come to take from Me, of My tablewith My people of today, people taken of the Romanians for My glory of today and tomorrow,and My glory is the word. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother’s Birth, from 21-09-2009 *** «Even as Abraham “believed God, and it was counted to Him for righteousness,” know, (Or “recognize/acknowledge”) therefore, that those who are of faith are likewise Abraham’s children.» (Galatians: 3/6-7.) * «That is, it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the promise areconsidered as descendants.» (Romans: 9/8.) * «As he says also in Hosea: I will call them ‘My people,’ which were not My people; and her (country)‘beloved,’ who was not beloved. (Hosea 2/23) It will be that in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ There they will be called ‘children of the living God. (Hosea 1/10)» (Romans: 9/25-26.) * «But I ask, did not Israel know? First Moses says: I will provoke you to jealousy with what is no nation, With a nation void of understanding I will make you angry.» (Romans: 10/19.) * «Therefore, I tell you that the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and it will be given to apeople bringing forth its fruit.» (Matthew: 21/43.) * «Whoever has My commandments and keeps them, that person is someone who loves Me. Whoever lovesMe will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will reveal Myself to him.”» (John: 14/21.) * «It is the same with Christ: having been offered once to bear the sins of many, He will appear a secondtime, apart from sin-offering, to those who are eagerly waiting for Him for salvation (Or “deliverance”).» (He-brews: 9/28.) * «In that day, they shall sing this song in the land of Judea; Behold a strong city; He shall make salvationits wall and bulwark. Open you the gates, let the nation enter that keeps righteousness and keeps truth, supporting truth andkeeping peace:» (Isaias: 26/1-3.) * «As it is, the creation waits with eager expectation for the revelation of God’s children.» (Romans: 8/19.) 48

The glory of God Oh, peace to you, people of the spring of My word in these days over the earth, for Myspring flows upon you and is divided to the sides for the life of the people on earth, and then inheaven for them. I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I have become spring upon you, sons. I fulfillinto your midst the prophecy of the Scriptures of new heaven, of new earth and of newJerusalem, and all by the river of life, which flows from Me and becomes word over youfor you to give it from Me then to the sons of men who do not want to leave this passing ageand come out of it and then to come to Me to give them what I have good for man, for there isnothing, nothing good on earth for man, and man perishes through joys, through deceptions andhe gives to himself only with his left hand. My spring of word upon you is My mourning afterman, and My tear washes, sons, it washes the man in his mind and then in his heart, if he bowsto drink of it and to know the work of the longing after God, the work of the love from abovein man. Oh, you have always been tired for Me, for behold, I have told you to get readybeautifully for My glorywith you, to start travelingand to stand before man forMy work with you upon peo-ple, sons. Oh, you are exhausted,for I have stood now with youin the midst of a great multi-tude of people, and now we arecelebrating the feast withwhich we have come to youtoday, the feast of the cross,sons. On the eve of this feast I have taken you and done a holy thing with you after I told youthat I would go with you before the priests and bishops of today and before the whole crowdgathered for the memorial of those of old, who ruled or blessed or rebuked this country, theRomanian people, who has had waivodes and holy helmsmen, confirming the history of thisnation blessed by Me, the Romanian nation, the nation chosen by the Father for Me now, in theend of the time. I bow to you with thanks because you have listened to the voice of My trumpetsounding upon you and fulfilledwith thankfulness My entirewalking with you for a momentin the midst of the people. I haveshown you, My beautiful ones,My people of today into themidst of the Romanian people,and on which I rely for thiswhole nation and for every manon earth who bows to take and toknow the truth coming downfrom heaven, and not to knowfrom the earth. I have appearedwith you within My gloryamong people, an example ofthe kingdom of the heavens on earth, My kingdom with man as in heaven and not as onearth, sons. Oh, My heavenly glory has clothed you within its mystery and it has spreadsweet smelling aroma to many, sons. By the sign of the cross, with candles and flowers in 49

The glory of Godyour little hands, I have set you to stay now for a moment in the midst of the multitude of peoplegathered around the feast for My bishop Nifon28, who long ago reprimanded for disorder in thiscountry, and then, in the days that followed, when I, the Lord, came out with you in the gatesof the city Târgovişte after seventy weeks of years, after four hundred ninety years from therelease of binding over the church29, spoken then by My righteous bishop Nifon, and by Myword and by the word of My bishop Nifon I loosened the knot30 to turn back My blessing forthe renewal of this land and of this people, the Romanian people, out of which I have chosennow a people for My glory of new Jerusalem on earth, for the renewal of the world as it iswritten. Oh, how beautiful you were among the sons of this nation gathered at the feast on thepast day, and today we are celebrating the cross, the sign of victory, sons, and we are speakingon the earth a testifying word, word from heaven on earth! … Moreover, behold what I am saying in a day of the feast of the cross: You, thosewho believe through those who are faithful to Me and to My word of today, you will behappy, soon, soon, when My glory will appear to many by this word! And to those whostumble against Me and against those who are faithful to Me I am telling this: Oh, you wouldhave been happy if you had not stumbled against Me, the One Who lives in those who carryMe to the man! Oh, it would be better for you to stumble against yourselves and then to openwide your eyes and look well face to face with yourselves and wonder of your conduct to yourrepentance and salvation, and not to stumble against those who can hardly carry Me to be onearth with the people. Oh, children bearing of God, if you got out of My little boat with sons, those who op-press you because their dissatisfactions might not suffer. Oh, do not keep evil in mind! Stopyour ears against those who oppress you and do your work with Me. Bring the spirit of prophecyon earth and this is how you are to work upon My people and this is how you are to raise apeople for Me, now, in the end, as the prophecy from Me is not that which speaks well and tothe satisfaction of self-loving man, but it is that which shows when the evil comes upon manand which shows the evil in man for his release from evil. However, you should not do as thosewho serve in My name upon people do; oh, you should not make disciples for you but makethem for Me instead, children sons. Oh, do not keep in mind evil and everything will beforgiven to you all, for in this way you will always pass from death to life, loving the spiritof the holy brotherhood among you, the Spirit of God within many brothers. You are tiredfrom pains, but in this state, without any powers left as you are, stay at the helm of My boatwith sons in it and do not lose temper because of those who wonder why you always work new 28 Nephon II of Constantinople - 29 Nephon II of Constantinople, also Nifon II, was the Patriarch of Constantinople for two periods, from1486 to 1488 and then from 1497 to 1498. He was called again, a third time in 1502, but refused the invitation,choosing instead to return to Dionysiou Monastery where he reposed September 3 in 1508. He was also metro-politan bishop of Wallachia approximately between 1502-1507, r.n. The absolution of the curse of St. Nifon, in the city of Târgovişte. The prophet Daniel sees the fulfillmentof his prophecy about the seventy weeks of years (490 years: 1507-1997; Daniel, chapter 9/24). The PatriarchNifon declares from heaven the absolution of the curse pronounced by him in 1507 over the city of Târgovişte,as a result of the iniquities committed in the city with the will of the lord of the country, the woivode Radu. «Seventy weeks have been determined upon your people and upon the holy city, for sin to be ended andto seal up transgressions and to blot out the iniquities and to make atonement for iniquities and to bring ineverlasting righteousness and to seal the vision and the prophet and to anoint the Most Holy.» Daniel, chapter9/24. 30 See the Word of God on 13-04-1997, and on 20-04-1997, (On Slideshare; on Issuu; on Google Drive)r.n. 50

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