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2005.06.21 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Holy Spirit’s Descending – the third day

Published by billydean, 2018-09-04 13:45:51

Description: „The life with an angel is your most pleasant life before Me, Israel of today, and you should always seek to be with an angel, ...”

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2005.06.21. The Word of God1 at the Feast of the Holy Spirit’s Descending – the third day2 I sit at a heavenly table again with you, My people. It is a feast of Pentecost, and we haveto work out a feast, to work out Holy Spirit. May the peace of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the peace of the Lordyour God be at His table with you, at your table with Him! If you give the Lord a little chair anda dish at your table, then give Him what He eats, so that He may be comforted with you so thatHe may also do, for I am a weak and poor God from every man on earth, because the man doesnot make Me room in his life and he does not make Me room at his table, at his counsel, at hisjoys and pains, and I stand weak near man, and I am not given any consideration by man. How-ever, the Lord does not need to have such a life into your midst. With you I need to be alive byall your things, those that the Lord is able to put on His bleeding wounds, on His unhealedwounds, on His heart full of unquenched longing after the man, after His rest in man, My people. It is a feast of Holy Spirit, but the world does not know what the Holy Spirit means inorder to give Him the proper power of this feast set by the Father and Son on earth on the peopleof God. The people of God are not from the world, as the Lord is not from this world too.Those whom I took out of the world to be with the Lord, they were walking with Me and theywere not walking with the world. And after I went to be with the Father, after My ascension intothe sky, My disciples walked with the Holy Spirit on earth, and through Him they worked outgreat signs, great miracles, great works, for this is what the Holy Spirit does, Who has beenfulfilling the Holy Trinity within His work of seven thousand years on earth. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are one, and God does not work without coun-seling. When We built the man, We sat in counsel. When We destroyed the man, We also sat incounsel, and then We sent the Flood on the earth so that We were able to take it from the begin-ning again by the work of the godhead, for the man walked in his ways on earth and not accordingto God’s will. Oh, how comes that those, that did not receive My coming on earth two thousandyears ago, did not understand this? How could they not receive when they were reading in theScriptures that We, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, had a council when We built theman? The work without council is a work without an angel, My people, and the people hadworked without angels and became totally corrupted, and God said: «My Spirit will not strivewith man forever, because he also is flesh and that every imagination of the thoughts of hisheart was only evil continually». (Gen. 6:3, 5) Oh, My people, the work of the Father and of the Son is the Holy Spirit, Who has alwaysbeen within the prophets in such a way that the man could see God on earth in His work uponman, for the work without any council is a work without an angel; it is a human work, a workthat does not lead the man to God. Two thousand years ago, when I and with the Father sent theHoly Spirit into the world to testify about the Father and about the Son, and for the people tocome together at a godly work, and to get out of the world those who receive the sign of thebaptism with the Holy Spirit upon them, and then to stay within a godly work on the earth. Thespirit of man is holy only then when the Holy Spirit works upon man, and otherwise the man hasonly his own spirit, his own mind and his own work. For seven thousand ages God has beenreducing the years of man’s life, for the Spirit of God could not remain forever in man, andit grieved the Lord in His heart and He was sorry that He created the man. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A. 1

2005.06.21. Oh, My people, you shall not live on earth within your spirit, because God has in yourmidst, His work, His word, His Holy Spirit, My people. Oh, seek to know the Lord’s counselmeans, and this is what you should look for, and do not call your counsel as the Lord’s counsel.You are called in heaven the Lord’s counsel, because of the word of the Holy Spirit of the Lordinto your midst. I want you to be wise and not to be idle within the Lord’s time with you on earth,but rather to take advantage of it and to give it as fruit to the Lord, and you should be afraid tobe yours after the Lord has made you His counsel, the dwelling place of the Lord’s counsel onearth. Do not forget that the Lord is with you; do not forget that, because the one who forgets hashis own spirit and does not remain within the Spirit of the Lord by the Lord’s counsel. Do notforget, My people, because the work without any counsel is a work without an angel, and I askall those who have them as guide between Me and you, I ask them to learn the work of the Lord’scounsel, because the Scriptures lists in it more rulers within Israel, who worked by themselves inthe name of the Lord, and they brought shame before God. Oh, My people, I tell those who have been waiting for the feast of the Holy Spirit andhave not come because I did not send them an invitation, I tell them to seek to learn well fromMy word, which means a feast of the Holy Spirit and a work with angels, and then I will havemercy upon them. I started the days of the feast of the Holy Spirit with a tear for all those who were comingand were not receiving the Holy Spirit so that He might be seen then in them with His work. Isaid that I would pick up their tears to bring them to the Father, but the tear is born from pain.This is what I told all those who came together near the Holy Spirit, Who became tear, for theword of God is the tear of the Holy Spirit, Who cries after the man who is made divine onearth. I sent it through you, messenger children; I send them the word of those three days of feastof Holy Spirit and I exhort them to look and then to sit down before My word and to let them-selves be made by it, for God had been crying for fifty years to make a people in His image, andbehold how few of them remained! And I exhort these to be the Lord’s counsel and to ask Himto be great upon them, with their earnest prayer, because the Holy Spirit comes on earth by theprayer of the holy man, by his earnest prayer near God, by his life of new Jerusalem and byGod’s servant angels. Oh, Israel of today, be attentive at My word into your midst, and always sit in counselwith it, and you should take only from it your work before Me, for the work of the Lord to youis not without an angel, My people. And as for you, children from the gates, take care of Israel’s life, of My life from its sons,for they do not have another life to live but only My life. The life with an angel is your mostpleasant life before Me, Israel of today, and you should always seek to be with an angel,because you have to be protected with great care by all those that will come on earth tosearch out everyone according to his own works, as it is written that I would come and giveeach one according to his work. My people, let your deed always, always mean the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit sothat the entire nations of the earth may see God with you within His coming. Amen, amen, amen. 21-06-2005 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 2

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