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1994.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

Published by billydean, 2018-04-26 11:29:41

Description: „The false prophet is coming; the one with the last lying signs, and he will say that the dead comes to life, and he will raise him right in front of you, but that one is not the dead, and this lie is something else.”

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1994.08.28 The Word of God1 at the Feast of the Assumption (Translated by I.A.) Be attentive to the voice of God, which comes from above. The heaven speaks to the earth.I, the Lord, speak from heaven upon the faithful ones. I, the One that I was resurrected and as-cended into the heavens, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, speak from heaven on earth, into the name ofthe Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. Peace to you, My people! Peace to you, sons; to you from My faithful people! The worlddoes not know how I speak above you. The world does not believe in God as you believe. Theworld has its world and it does not know what I work on the earth during this time, but I pass withyou through the world, so that the world may hear that I, the Lord, have a people taken out fromthe world and I speak from heaven into its midst and exhort it to the holiness of the spirit and body,that I may speak with it and fulfill My heavenly plan for My second coming. Be faithful, as I, theLord, raise this work of word between heaven and earth from now on, so that the world may knowthe people that has been speaking with the Lord for forty years! Peace to you! May the kingdom of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be blessed!May you also be blessed, sons of My people from this time! May the celebration of the feast ofthe ascension into heaven of God’s Mother be blessed! And behold, I, the Lord, and My littleMother, and My heaven, are above with tents of little angels and with glory. Sing My people; singson; sing to God; and the heaven is singing above you, faithful people. May this day and My wordproclaimed from heaven on this day be blessed! And behold, may the overcoming cross, raised bythe sons of the garden of My word, be blessed! May it be blessed and sanctified by all the saintsand by all the heavenly powers, to the joy of the work of the New Jerusalem on earth. The word of God is proclaimed: this cross is blessed and sanctified, in the name of theFather, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. My meeting with My faithful people is blessed andsanctified. Be attentive, you, watchmen of the word; receive from Me and give to My people,which believes My word. Be attentive to the voice, which comes from above upon you, upon thegarden of My word. Behold, I come upon you with My word. Take it and make it come into beinginto this book, as I feed My people and accompany it with My voice, the same as I accompaniedthe Israel people from the beginning; the one that was faithful from the beginning, and the one thatis faithful in the end is Israel from the end. I was with Israel from the beginning on its way withMe: by day in a pillar of cloud, and by night in a pillar of fire, and I was going with My wordabove and I was speaking with the prophet Moses, and I was speaking with Israel. Peace to you, My people Israel! I am above you and I come with you by word, as I waswith Israel in a pillar of cloud and fire to the land of the promise, but I come with you, with Myglory by word and I call you Israel from the end. Behold, Israel, I come to meet you with My word,declared for you above the manger of My word. Israel means faithful people. Be faithful Israel,as the remnant of Israel was, the remnant that remained after Israel forsook Me; for I made thesalting food, which I ploughed the ground with, sons, from the faithful remnant of Israel. And whowere those from Israel’s remnant? They were Peter, Paul, Jacob and John, and all My apostles,who preached My name and the kingdom of heaven to the ends of the earth. My people from today,I made of this remnant of Israel a host of apostles and prophets and saints and I salted the earth 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1

1994.08.28with the salt of My word, which was flowing by the mouth and spirit of these heavenly servantson the world. I salted the world with My word through them, as after My ascension I told themthis: «Go and preach that God’s kingdom has come near. Go to the ends of the earth and baptizethose that believe in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit». Amen. And behold, My people, you are the people from today that God speaks with on earth, asafter I arose to life, I remained alive and I remained for the man, but the man did not understandwhat I said in the time of My ascension into heaven, as I said this: «Behold, I will be with you tothe end of ages». But how shall the unfaithful one believe, or the one slow to believe? How, Israel,shall the unfaithful believe that I speak from heaven upon you? That is why I want to comewith you before the world, so that the world may believe that you are My messenger into the world,as I sent My apostles then. And you, like them, go now and tell again what they said. They saidthat the kingdom of God had come near. And what is the kingdom of God, Israel of today? DidMy apostles Peter and Paul, who were the first from the apostles, really lie? Were they lying whenthey said that the kingdom of the heavens came near? They said this, two thousand years ago, andyou say this today, son. But what is the kingdom of the heavens? But what the kingdom of theheavens is not? Oh, sons, the kingdom of the heavens is not eating and drinking, it is not marriageand given into marriage. The kingdom of the heaven is eating of God’s word; it is holiness andcleanness and it is the word of the Holy Spirit. The sons of this age marry and are given intomarriage, but those that are worthy to be the sons of the kingdom of heavens, live an angeliclife in their bodies; they do not marry and are not given into marriage, and live like the angelsin heavens, and the heavenly Father, Who is their Father, takes care of them. The kingdom of theheavens is with you, My people Israel of today, because you have My throne in you, My word intoyour midst. You are My people who has Me, the Lord, into your midst with My advice, with Mycommandment, son. I do not give commandments but to those who chose to listen to God, andthose that do according to the will of their body are not God’s sons; they are the sons of this age. Tell My people, tell to the world, and do not be silent; tell to the man from the world notto say that he is with Me. If he is with the life of this age, if he does not keep My commandments,let him not say that is with Me, as it is written: «Those that belong to Christ crucified their bodyand fleshly lusts, their desires and vain glory, which comes from man». Teach, My people, theone who comes and asks you about what I speak with you; tell him as My apostles said; you shouldtell him that the kingdom of the heavens has come near, and you should tell them what the mysteryof this godly word means. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God2”, r.n.) Israel child, do not go out from My kingdom; do not go out from it, as outside are dogs,blasphemers, liars, fornicators, exorcizers, servants of the flesh and false prophets, who say thatthere is no God. Be careful, faithful Israel, as the false prophet of today is more deceitful thanwithin the past ages; as he uses My teaching to make you believe that he is with God. Becareful, as he comes with signs and miracles to make you depart from My kingdom, as he is jealousof Me when he sees that you love holiness and he does not. You get into his way of false work, as 2 You can also see on:!gdERDQqY!YOEHQwNmcLAE5GEZYH2AKsnOkq2BZI39f6RnRTRcN5s 2

1994.08.28you prove him a liar. The word of the one who speaks about God and does not loveholiness and godliness and the truth with a holy life is a lie. The false prophet bor-rowed a humbled face and uses My name to defile My elected ones, those that chose to serve Me.Where did the false prophet borrow his humble face from? From lying, sons. The humble face islying, sons. A Christian that loves the heavenly kingdom has a clear face, holy, sweet and full ofheavenly light; that one is not ashamed before the people. A man like this shares the holy heavento those on the earth. The man with a humble face is a liar, sons, and does not know humility. Thatone exposes the lie from his inside and is exposed by the faithful one who has the Holy Spirit inhis inner being. There is still a little while and the false prophet will do the last signs and miracles,with which he will demolish those that are staggering now. A Christian of My kingdom does notlook for signs and miracles; he does not search the mysteries of creation, and does not temptGod, the Creator. Here what the false prophet did, as he taught the man that there is no God. Hedid not tell the man that there is no God, but rather he told the man lies. I am the Creator ofthose that are seen and not seen, and the earthly man will not be able to perceive with hisknowledge into the mysteries of the Creator. The Lord does not allow such things, and that is whythe man of the age is a liar; the man of the science of this age is a false prophet. (See the selectiontopic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism3”, r.n.) In Abraham’s time, when God saw that the people erected a tower to climb into it to searchout the Creator, what did I, the Lord, do? I confused the languages of the people then, so that theymight no longer understand what they spoke and what they wanted. I confused the languages ofthe proud people and I do the same today with the people; and I do not allow them to perceiveinto the heavenly mysteries. Behold, sons, that the people received the confusion of the lan-guages; that curse fell on the people who tempted the Creator’s mysteries. You should not believeIsrael; you should not believe what the man tells you, as the man is a liar, My people. The manwho searched those that are made by the Creator, remains on earth and gives birth to earth, but theman who lets himself be born of God, gives birth to heaven and Holy Spirit and to paradise andheavenly fire on earth; he serves to the Word of God and does nothing without the Word. You, Israel that have your Creator into your midst, you should flee from the man whospeaks things from himself, as that one raves. You should flee from the man your hear speakingabout God without knowing him, without seeking him with passion; that is insistently, that is byfulfilling the holy commandments in his body. But you should also flee from the unknown man,Christian, as the Lord does not come to you in an unknown manner. Remember that the apostleschosen by Me, My Father made them known to Me, and then I saw that I knew Myself inthem; I saw that My Father knew them. Flee from the man who is not known by My Father;flee son, Christian, as the one who is unknown is a trap for you. Do not take after man Israel, asthe man made a kingdom for himself, that keeps him worm here; and he is taken out of it, and it 3 You can also see on:!ZFtTHSDC!iUNCIjPb5k0q2WnV4Zp5ESp9AuqZs8ribNkkZPEeMaM 3

1994.08.28does not keep him warm. The false prophet is coming; the one with the last lying signs, and hewill say that the dead comes to life, and he will raise him right in front of you, but that oneis not the dead, and this lie is something else. He is coming to make you believe that he worksinto My name, but it is not true. I am the One, who will raise the dead; I and not the falseprophet, who brings the body of his lie in front of you. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection ofthe dead4”, r.n.) Woe to the man who has not got the Holy Spirit in him to see the lie of the today’sliar! As the men have been getting up for seven thousand years to set up as God, to set up as wisemen, to make a name for themselves; that people may deceive each other, as this is has been hap-pening to the people who get out from under God’s tent. The man has courage in life and does alot of things. The man with courage today does one thing, tomorrow another, until he forgets aboutGod, and then he has no other guide in front of him and becomes a guide for himself. Do not takeafter the man, My people, and keep hold of My word, which teaches you about holiness and heav-enly kingdom. The man has got into the earth to search; he has ascended into heaven tosearch; he has gone down into the sea to search; he has entered the man to search son, andthe man says that he knows. Oh, poor of him, as he is only body without soul, and I will makethe haughty man be ashamed, as I will take the sun from the sky and put it into the faithful, andthe dwelling of holiness will receive light from the son of the faith; to reveal what the wisdom is.The wisdom is the fear of God. The wisdom is in the man who has the Holy Spirit, and the HolySpirit stays into a clean vessel, into the clean man, a man after God’s image and likeness. Oh, My people, I have been staying for forty years into your midst and feeding you fromheaven by piece, by My word; I feed you with the fire of the Holy Spirit, so that I may use you forthe cleanness of the earth, to clean the man from the earth of simplicity, of lie and haughtiness, insuch a way that the man from the earth may know from you that to be and to be eternal meanssomething else. In the time of the faithful Abraham, I came down upon the people and I confused the lan-guages of the people who were tempting the mysteries of the Creator. But now, here is what I havedone, as I came back to the earth again and I chose a people that My Father gave Me, and Imake the languages on the earth clear into its midst and reveal their lying cover; I reveal theskin of the lying tongue and bring the Holy Spirit to My people. The Holy Spirit is the knower andnot the man. The garment of the Holy Spirit is expensive and the man cannot afford to buy it, ashe has to give everything that is evil for it, not everything that he has as good. And how comesthat? It is so, sons, and this is a great mystery. Man, you have to give for the garment of the HolySpirit everything that is worse; every lust, every desire, every lie and carelessness, all the powerdamaging the soul and the wisdom; all of your sins you have to give in its exchange; you have towash away of yourself and take on the garment of the Holy Spirit. I am this garment; I, with Mylife in you; I, with the light of the Holy Spirit in you, as the man, unless he gives himself awayin return of the Holy Spirit, he cannot have the way under his foot. One like this, steps intothe void; one like that is not. That one may became a living man by the death of his lusts anddesires. Behold Israel, My loved people, this is how you have got Me, and why, the unfaithful one,who does not believe that I speak with you from heaven, really marvels at you? I speak fromheaven and you hear Me, but it is not you that hear Me but the Holy Spirit, Who speaks with Mein you and above you. You came to the manger of My word, and I take from the manger and give 4 You can also see on: 4

1994.08.28you food and make your glad, My people; and I come down from heaven above you and let Myword upon the manger of the word. This is My nest where My word is given as the food to Mypeople. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am your Shepherd, Israel, My loved people, and it has notbeen such a heavenly work on earth since age. I am the voice; I am the Word of God, (Apoc:19/13, r.n.) and I chose a poor and forgotten vessel, and I breathed the Holy Spirit upon it andfilled it to the brim, until the river of life upon the earth started to spring from it; as from this littlevillage I raised a little fragile sprout and I poured water at its root until it grew into a big tree andall the birds of the air nested into it. Who is this tree and what are the birds of the sky? I, the Lord,am the tree, Who dwelt with My Holy Spirit in a working tool, in a heavenly heart, in a littlegirl, a trumpet that I sounded on the earth in this time of the end. In a little sprout from thisvillage, I dwelt into her heart and by her mouth; I, the Lord, spoke My word to a people called tothis heavenly work. (St. Virginia, the sixth trumpet of the Lord - See the selection topic: „Theapocalyptic trumpets5”, r.n.) And the birds of the heaven are the hearts of the sons of Mypeople, who dwelt with their spirit in My Spirit, listening to My word and fulfilling it. Andbehold, this girl sprout is now taken into heaven and is working from heaven near the saints, asthere is no one to work for the Lord and not to live forever. The same with you, My loved people;you will be alive forever if you listen to Me until My coming on the clouds. Oh, Christian people, I, the Lord, have worked to give freedom to your faith and I helpedyou to be with Me today too, fulfilling My will, as if I took Verginica into heaven, I also preparedyou further to arrive with you up until the days of victory; to remember your steps that walked onthe secret little paths of this village when you were coming to the spring of the heavenly word.Then you came by stealth, (In the time of the communist dictatorship, r.n.), and now you comesinging; you and all your sons, people loved by God. You were coming by stealth to protect Myvessel that I spoke through with you, to protect My trumpet that I was speaking the heavenly wordfrom, as the hunter of the antichrist was staying into your way to give you into the hands of thepersecutor, to bring My tool into silence, into the prison, My people, as this is how all that stayedinto My heavenly work suffered. I endured within the man, within the man who carried My HolySpirit in him, as Verginica was the dwelling of My Holy Spirit and the world did not know it. Itwas only you, My people, only you son, that knew and saw what I have worked upon you, and youare My witness and you are with Me, as I passed you through a foggy time and I brought you toyour days of feasting, and behold, My word is coming down today before you as well, as Verginicahas her fruit within her feet; she has got disciples and disciples of disciples. Blessed is he who has believed until today into My heavenly work, which I have dwelt inthis village with, in this village that I spoke on the earth by. This is how the sons of the faith havebeen among unbelievers and this is how they have gone further with Me during the time. This ishow I have you, My people, the sapling and the fruit of My work, which started in this village in 5 You can also see on:!wJkWDKaB!WDh3HPbi0TbWQBaudyme40T23PLy4yxzjIETNAynUG8 5

1994.08.281955, and behold, there have elapsed forty years of walking into a spirit of unbelief, and I comeback today with you and I make room for you to testify of My heavenly work and of My prophecytime, as I had prophesied through Verginica, and I come to fulfill those that had been prophesiedfor forty years through you. It was I that I prophesied, not she. She was the vessel in which I haddwelt with My Holy Spirit, with My word by her voice, as two thousand years ago, when I camedown from heaven, I also came by a virgin to take on a visible body among the people; the Virginwhose name is God’s Mother. And now, I have also come by a virgin into the midst of a faithfulpeople, for the birth of My Holy Spirit, and I also nourished you Israel, My people, by a virgin.My little Mother, the mother virgin, if she had Joseph as a companion, her fiancé, it was to takecare of her and to protect her and her Son, that is I, sons, during My time as a child. And Virginia,if she had a companion with her, whom all this village knows too, the company was not in theflesh, but rather in the spirit, for protection, for the covering of My mystery; however, she was aclean vessel for God, for the Holy Spirit, Who entered her body for My speaking through her. (See:„The Life of Saint Virginia”, r.n.). The word of the Holy Spirit has been born through her for aslong as twenty-five years, starting with 1955 and until 1980, when I, the Lord, came and took herinto heaven; and now she is working from heaven, near Me, upon My people, upon her people, asshe gave birth to this people, she, from My word that dwelt in her; a people born by My word, apeople born from above, from the word coming down from heaven into a vessel chosen by God. This is My work through Verginica, My heavenly work of today, and today I let My wordcome down on the clouds upon the manger of My word, upon this little heavenly garden, which iscalled the garden of God’s word, and they, who stay at the mouth of this spring of word comingdown from heaven, are the watchmen children in the way of the word. My word from heaven flowslike a river upon this garden chosen by Me to be the manger of My word by which I may prepareMy people for the glory of My coming back on the clouds. The angels who came at the time ofMy ascension into the sky, told the apostles who saw Me rising upwards; they said that «ThisJesus, Who was received up from you into the sky, will come back into the same way as you sawHim going into the sky». And here I am coming by the word, as the word is coming down fromheaven to prepare the path of My coming back; to prepare the holiness and the cleanness of thepeople who will meet Me at My coming back. Behold, I am coming back; I am coming back soon,and I will find the world not prepared, as the world does not want to prepare her life; even now theworld is drinking and eating, getting married and given into marriage; it is being born and has notime to get ready. He, who does not love God, does not clothe himself for God, but you, My people,you love Me and hear My heavenly voice and feed you with My word and grow up and come tolife more and more, until the day when I am to be seen into the clouds, and then into the midst ofthose who wait for Me to come. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way6”, r.n.) Andyou will be the one, who will sing, Israel; on that day, you will sing the song of the angels, whowill announce My coming, as on that day the heaven and the earth will sing: «Blessed is He Whocomes in the name of the Lord!». You are the one who sing today too around the manger of Myword. Sing, son! I am above you with the heaven and I always write you down into My book, andthis book will testify that you are My people. 6 You can also see on:!IINnwQaa!vwmhpxLtU-XyDsihEu12o1MBgrhWf_POOIYYDuFu3kc 6

1994.08.28 The world sings too when coming together in the church, but it does not know what it sings;it does not feel what it sings, as the world has its own world; it has its own god, and it does nothave Me as God. The world loves the sin, and I do not stay with the man who feeds himself on thepleasure of the sins. I am from heaven; I am sinless, but the world does not want to forsake the sinand to choose Me. The world has no time for God. Instead of going to church on My day of feast,the world goes to the market and fair and it sees of its own affairs, and this sin will not be forgivenforever; and it will be atoned by those that stay indifferent to God, as this is how they are to befound in the day of My coming. My day is coming as trap and it will catch into it the one who hadnot time to take the Lord as a father. The stomach is the god of the world; the stomach and thework of food and that is all, as the worldly man forgot his purpose and forgot about God, aboutthe Son and the Holy Spirit. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or whatcomes out of him?7”, r.n.) My loved people, My loved people; be an example for the world, My people; and be ex-ample of holiness and a little gate for the worldly man, so that he world may come to God. Ienshroud you with the voice of My word, and you should give to the world the living water of Myworld, so that the world may come after Me and after you, Christian people. Let the servants ofthe people see you and find out, what the Orthodoxy in its own living means, and no longerblaspheme you and no longer speak evil about you, as he who speaks evil about you, speaks evilabout Me, as I am with you and feed you with My word that is coming down to you on the clouds.My word from above is your guide which brings you before My glory, in the day of My glory,as you, My Christian people, the people of My word, make haste of My visible coming. Ipromised your victory with Me, and behold, they who were following and shackling you, todaythey protect you on the way of your glory with Me. Behold, your judges lived to see the garmentof you glory, as you were hiding with Me and with the work of My word, and now you are alivein the spirit and in the body as you have listened to Me, and brought Me days of heavenly feast,with the singing and joy of your hearts, loved people by God. And I will make a great people, asyou will feed the multitudes with the dew of My word, which is coming to you with the Holy Spiritand warmth. Do not be afraid My people, do not be afraid. Sing from now on! Sing and wait forMe! But call Me out to come, as the voice of your prayer is sweet for the heaven. And why so?Because you love cleanness and holiness and the Holy Spirit. It hurts Me deeply; I have My wound deep, as the servants of the church do no longer lovecleanness, holiness and the Holy Spirit. The heaven is crying under oppression, as My church,which was born two thousand years ago, has had little life for the Lord, and it has had more lifefor itself instead. But now it hurts Me deeply; it hurts Me deeply, as I go and leave wounded fromMy meeting with the soul of the church, as My church gathers together only with the bodies, butit is weak in its spirit; it is devoid of the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit, sons, does not find itsbroadness and work in the man who is mixed up in his own sins, and in his fleshly delights.You cannot tell those that they wound the Holy Spirit; you cannot, as they feel in control of theHoly Spirit, of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and you, who stay under the rain of grace of My word,are not know by these that you are with Me. 7 You can also see on: 7

1994.08.28 He, who loves you, has got the Holy Spirit. He, who does not love you, My people, doesnot have Me, as it happens with you what it also happened with Me, as they did not love Me either,and nor did God’s servants receive Me; they did not know Me. And why did they not know Me?Because they were in their own spirits and not in My Spirit. The same is with those of today fromthe church; they reject you; they speak evil about you, and they, who sold you, My people, wereknown, as they fed you with a little spoon, and sold you from behind; and by all means, theywanted to destroy you. Yah! But I exposed them and I got up to protect you and to show to theservants of the church, who persecute you, to show them your Orthodoxy and your education fromMe, as they do not know My book and My life. He, who knows My life, stands up to fulfill thework of the Holy Spirit; that one has the fruit of life and heaven, but he, who does not have thisfruit, does not know Me. (See the selection topic: „The true church8”, r.n.) Do not be afraid, My people; I was also persecuted by My people; I was given into thehands of Pilate and Herod by My people. And it happened to you the same; the same is today. Donot be afraid My people; do not be afraid. Stay under My tabernacle and come always to Me, tothe Lord, your God, Who brings you up and loves you and protects you. You will be the one thatis protected and loved, and the beasts, which try to bite you, will have their teeth set on edge, andthey will remain without teeth and without tongue, as the tongue that bites you today will go rottenalive, so that it may not bite the sons of God’s word. Come son with a manhood of the Holy Spirit;come to victory! Leave the unfaithful and look into heaven, and pray for those that bite you. It isa time of disbelief; it is a time of darkness, but go with the light of My word before you and leaveMe to protect you sideways, as I have always brought with Me a cordon of angels and saints, whoenclose you round and round, and do not wonder at those from the church, do not wonder at thosewho hit you. I, the Lord, will bring them with their foreheads to their feet and I will urge them torepentance, but without any kind of inclination, I cannot forgive the one who does not come backwith repentance, as this is written: «If the one that wronged you comes back with repentance,forgive him». But, if he comes back, forgive him, and if he does not come back, whom are you toforgive? Whom are you to draw from the perishing that will catch under it those that are not faith-ful? To be faithful means something else than what the man of the today’s time understands. Tohave God as father means something else than what the man of this age understands. The man ofthis age does no longer have teachers from Me upon him, as the teachers of today do no longerhave power to lift up a man from his sins and carelessness, since they do not like to stay within theHoly Spirit of the heavenly knowledge. I would like to forgive every soul if it comes back toMe, but the man does not know what it means to come back to a godly life, as the man soldhis body to the lusts and greed of the beautiful of today, and he does no longer feel the true good. Do not grieve My loved people. I come to comfort you by the Holy Spirit, by the holyword. Let the Scriptures that are written long ago be fulfilled with you, as then, a long time ago, Ispoke on the earth among the prophets about My coming among the people, and then I came de-scending from heaven and I fulfilled what I prophesied by the prophets. I prophesied that Mypeople would crucify Me, that My servant will sell Me, and that those that were prophesied came 8 You can also see on:!hVtgjLJR!vhg5QR1Qc82yxTW84Y2Q2EX6IrNeT3FA97Oqvlhpe4A 8

1994.08.28true. Let the Scriptures be fulfilled with you, as My Holy Spirit prophesied by My mouth that youwill be driven out from churches; children of the people chosen and distinguished from the worldto be the people of My word. And you should know that I prophesy a new word to you, and youshould look for its fulfillment. I prophesy to you from heaven that any temptation comingagainst you is a path for your own good and glory, people of My word. My name is the Wordof God, and you are the people of God’s word. I prophesy to you about those in the church,about those that took hold of the keys of My kingdom, that the keys will fall down from theirhands, as they did not know you, who are with Me, and rather they blasphemed you as a wondererand as a godless people. I did not work this way, and they do not have a work to resemble God’s. The day to take into account the workers of My vineyard is coming, and I will ask for theirfruit, and I will ask for their harvest, fruit and talent, and on that day, they will be empty-handedbefore Me, and you will be prepared to give My vineyard into your account; however, I will staywith you at the table and serve you as you also stay today in My name before My word. I willfulfill the Scriptures of today with you, people of the Lord, and I will give a sign to the unbeliev-ers, but I tell you that I have already given them, and they did not even look at you, and if theylooked, they did not recognize you; who do you belong to, people of the Lord, as I have stayedwith you under the bushel until today, but I come out with you, sons, and you will be signs amongthe nations of the earth. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of man”, r.n.) Oh, people of the New Jerusalem, even the pagans of the nations had prophesied aboutyour coming into the world; (See The prophecies of Sundar Singh about The New Jerusalem, r.n.)that you are born by the Word of the Holy Spirit; you are born by the baptism of the Holy Spiritof My word, which I have shaded you with for forty years. Only those, who stay into My nameupon the church, do not want to know you that you came from Me, people of the Lord. When Icame incarnated from the Virgin, the Magi of the Gentiles came prophesying to Israel about Mybirth, the birth of the King of the world. They were forecasters and readers of the heavenly signs,and these prophets of the signs of the times were counselors of the kings of the Gentiles. And Isent My archangel in the image of a star to lead them on their way, and rather the prophets of theGentiles believed that the heavenly King was born in Bethlehem, but Israel did not believe thosewho had My archangel as a guide up to My manger. Many prophesied today too about the birth ofa holy, clean and righteous people in his faith, and behold, you should know, My loved people,that the pagans will know you more that you are My people, born of My word, and I will no longertell anything of My mysteries to those that say that are Mine. I do no longer make clear any mysteryto those who hid the Scripture of My coming in the clouds, and they will be taken by surprise bythe glory which comes with Me and which will catch under it all the human and fleshly haughti-ness. Come to the glory of the heaven, My people. You will not grow pale, but on the contrary,you will turn green and blossom and produce fruit, as I will water you by the heavenly food, bythe manna of My word, as the place of My garden where you come together, is called the placeof the Word of God, Who is coming on the clouds. I have the clouds for ascension and descent;(See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds9”, 9 You can also see on: 9

1994.08.28r.n.) I am not a weak God. I speak into Romanian because I want it this way, and no one canspoil My plans. I give tongues of the Holy Spirit; I give the Holy Spirit upon the Romanian lan-guage, and the sons and daughters of Romania will prophesy in front of the peoples of the earth,as I chose Romania to be My country. My country crucified Me. The people that I chose at thebeginning took Me out of their midst, and since then I have embraced Romania and the land if itscountry, and then I have worked with My Father and I have given birth to the Romanian people; Igave it birth and worked it out once with Me, and I made it Christian with My name; and I choseJerusalem and I called it Jerusalem again, like the one that crucified Me. That is why this countryis called New Jerusalem, because if I left from the things that were Mine, I took with Me thegifts and the wealth of My heavenly gifts, which were from Me upon Israel and upon theJerusalem of My Israel; and I laid at the foundation of the Romanian people all My heavenlywealth, and I gave birth to this people and I anointed it by the hand of Melchizedek, to be apeople of saints for the time of the end, for the time of My approaching with My comingagain on the earth. (See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Ca-naan10”, r.n.) I, the One Who passed with My body through the death, I, Who was resurrected inthe crucified body, I, the Lord, Who are with My body ascended into heaven, I will soon stayabove Romania with My revealed glory. I do no longer sent My archangel, but rather I willbe coming accompanied by My body taken from the Holy Spirit and from the Virgin, and Iwill be glorified with a great glory upon the manger of My word, upon this little garden,upon this new and holy stone, and there will be heard the songs of the angels from heavenand of those on the earth: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord, God, Sabaoth, Who comes of thename of the Lord!”, into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!. Amen. I, the Lord, chose Romania and who can thwart My plans? This is how I was pleased; I,and not you, My people from the midst of Romania. I came to bring you My word and to callyou to be My people, little people and distinguished from the world, to be the people of the receiv-ing of My today’s word, of My Scriptures that are written today by the haven and by you. I proph-esy and fulfill a new heaven and a new earth. It does not matter if the servants of the church do notwant to come with Me. They will remain with the walls and the walls will cry out against them.My church is not a cold wall of stone, but rather it is a living and heavenly spirit. The churchis not from the earth and it is from heaven instead. Only the church is heavenly on the earth;it is come down from heaven, as the sons of My church, the sons of the church of Jesus Christ, areborn from heaven, from above, as I said to My scribe of that time; as I told him: «He, who is notborn from above, from heaven, cannot be with Me; he cannot be the son of My kingdom», and!5N8FVJ5Z!JJIiD5ui_quEJbwUD3-r504YDafNB4lks1n2ay3GJsw 10 You can also see on:!8AcnVSYA!FanFO3k1dUA8k24WYeK0n-x_ruiUTroTGOA6I8cRqLQ 10

1994.08.28behold, the sons of the church are no longer of this age, and they are of the holy heaven, and theholy heaven is the companion of its sons. This is how it is called that the church belongs to JesusChrist and to the heaven. Otherwise the church is from the world; it is not from the heaven. Loved people, be as strong as the heaven; clothe yourself with the heaven, My loved Israel,My new people, My little and tiny and most precious people. This is what I said: «When the Sonof Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?». Why did I say so then? Look, I was true in whatI prophesied, I, who knew and saw until the end of the man’s age. But I have a little seed of faith,and I will seed with it and fulfill the Scriptures about the New Jerusalem by My power, which iscoming down from heaven, as I said that the sons of the church are from heaven and not fromearth. People of the New Jerusalem, stay, son, to fulfill My Scriptures; stay under the rain of Mygrace and sing, My people, My loved Israel of today, as this remained the name of the peoplewhich believes in God, Jesus Christ. Israel, people of the heavenly Jerusalem, may you be blessedby the Lord, your God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is the celebration of God’s Mother, the celebration of her ascension into heaven, to herSon. Jerusalem, sing to My little Mother a song of glory; sing the song of the heaven, New Jeru-salem. Let Romania hear, My people. Let Romania be born of the heaven and let it be the countryof My choice. Let My heavenly Romania and her anointed one from Me be blessed, as the anointedof Romania prays for you, Romania blessed by the Father and by the Son and by the Holy Spirit. You should sing Jerusalem; sing from earth to heaven, as your song of glory is taken bythe wings of the haven and carried from glory to glory. May you be blessed, My new people, andmay those that love you and those that believe that you are from God into the world, beblessed. May all that have a clean heart for you be blessed and know the fruit of My blessing, asthis is how I pay to those that love you! I pay them and I also pay those that do not love you; I paythem with their work; with work and reward. May this day of glory be blessed, as the village of My word is today in a celebration of theheaven on your earth. There shall nowhere be more beautiful and more heavenly than it will behere, where I, the Lord, had worked by the word. Behold, I make them all new. I, the Lord, workagain by the word, as in the beginning, and I make a new heaven and a new earth; a new man anda new and heavenly age. I will seed from a little and tiny seed a new heaven and a new earth, atMy word. Peace to you, and may the New Jerusalem be upon you, those who celebrate the earth onthe earth! Peace to you! May a celebration with peace and eternal glory come out from your heartsfull of the fruit of the faith for the Lord’s coming! I am coming soon. May My welcome by thepeople of the New Jerusalem be blessed! Peace to you, children of the New Jerusalem! The Holy Spirit is coming upon you by Myword that is sanctifying you. Sanctify yourself, Jerusalem, and keep yourself with a garment ofglory. I am God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May the Spirit of comfort make yousprout, Jerusalem! Peace to you from the Lord, your God! I am. I am the Word of God. I am not a weak God. I speak into Romanian and bless Mypeople from the middle of Romania. Peace to you, My loved people, as I am the Lord, your God! 11

1994.08.28 May your journey to your things be blessed, people which came to the heavenly feast! I amwith My peace upon you. Amen, amen, amen. 28-08-1994 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 12

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