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2010.05.13 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension

Published by billydean, 2018-11-25 10:01:19

Description: „Oh, sons, blessed are those who love you and blessed will be those who will remain in this love to the end, for I, the Lord, give a special gift to those who love you and I will give them the gift of faith, and I will also give them the gift of understanding and I will stir in them the longing after God at their meeting with you, because you are God’s sons on earth, as the work of My word has made you, and then your love, sons.”

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2010.05.13. The Word of God1 at the feast of the Lord’s Ascension2 Before dawn, I am waking up My watchmen and making My book of today come down,the word of the feast of My ascension into heaven and I am giving special blessing for the sonsof My people, for I, the Lord, am coming out with them for the spirit of confession. Amen. Sons, we are going into the midst of the Romanian people; we are going with bread andsalt and mysteriously we are calling it to the feast of My second coming from the Father on tothe earth, a great feast and by which I keep celebrating on the hearth of this nation for morethan fifty years, and to which I have always, always called the Romanian people to drink of Myriver of word, to drink and to long after Me, for I, the Lord, long after it, because I want to makeit God’s glory on earth among people and I want to announce Myself far and wide with Mycountry of coming now, in the end of the time, for the crowning of the work of seven thousandyears of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit on earth with man, after God had madethe heaven, the earth and the man. Forty days after My resurrection two thousand years ago, I came together with My dis-ciples and with all those who remained faithful to My coming of that time, and speaking withthem about those that I had suffered, as it was written, I commanded them not to depart fromJerusalem but to wait there for the Father’s promise, the Holy Spirit, Who would clothe themwith power to be My witnesses then to the ends of the earth, and while I was speaking to them,I ascended into heaven and we separated and a cloud took Me away from before their eyesand it took Me into the Father, and they saw near them two men standing, dressed in whiteclothes, speaking to them: «You men of Galilee, this Jesus Who was received up from youinto the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». (Acts: 1/11) Oh, this is how I have also made you, in My time with you, My witnesses during thesedays, and I have often come out with you to My testimony and I have made you the sharers ofMy word, because I have put My word before the nations from margins to margins and I havewoken them up and I will wake those that will take part with Me in the day of My glory, whenI will rise My testimony with you above all the heights, that is the word of My coming of thistime, sons. I am giving you in this day a sweet blessing and I am making you sweet for thosewho will look at you, for you are going on My behalf in this day before the Romanian peoplewith bread and salt, sons, and what I am doing with you in this day is a great mystery. Beblessed, and share the wisdom from above over those on the earth, who will look at you! Oh,sons, blessed are those who love you and blessed will be those who will remain in this loveto the end, for I, the Lord, give a special gift to those who love you and I will give them thegift of faith, and I will also give them the gift of understanding and I will stir in them thelonging after God at their meeting with you, because you are God’s sons on earth, as thework of My word has made you, and then your love, sons. Oh, Romanian people, I come into your way with bread and salt. What I am doing inthis day by the sons of My today’s word on your heart is a great mystery! Oh, My work of todayinto your midst is a great mystery! I am giving you help to understand those from above foryour destiny with God and I am embracing you within My wisdom, which I have put it into the 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A. 1

2010.05.13.midst of My people that is into your midst, a table of word in this time on earth, to write Mybook of today, the book of My second coming from the Father to man, oh, My country of today!I want to make peace with you, and I work mysteriously because you do not want to un-derstand, and I also fulfill mysteriously because those who reign upon you are stiff-necked, but I also love you and I embrace you within My mercy, and I what I am to give you,I will give you mysteriously until I am able to make Myself understood that I have been waitingfor years in a row in order to bring My kingdom upon the Romanian people and to present ittogether with it, with My glory of today into its midst. Oh, you should not despise those who are the least of Mine into your midst! I doyou good through them and I weave for you a praised little shirt and mysteriously I make youout of My word woven with longing and with patience, your garment of tomorrow, oh, Mycountry of today, because I want you to have resurrection. I am the Lord your God, and Ibecome a river of word into your midst, (See the selection topic: „This word is the river oflife3”, r.n.) and I comfort you and then I wait for you to understand My work for you, for youneed a Shepherd from heaven, My country. I ask the Father from heaven with tearful prayer togive you the wisdom of God’s mysteries and to get up as soon as possible and stay with faithand victory for you before Him, oh, My country. I am giving you, in this day, a blessing insecret, and I am asking the Father to lift you up, to lift you up to those from above coming downinto your midst for your life with God among nations, but you should also pray and do notthrow My advice aside, for I am your wealth, and soon, soon, the nations on the earth willunderstand that you have the Lord glorifying Himself by the word into your midst and they willlove you for Me and they will give you their love, but receive from Me and be faithful andstand up beautifully to meet Me, oh, My today’s country, the country of the Lord, JesusChrist in His second coming from the Father on earth. Amen. Oh, we are going sons, we are going with bread and salt and with My Spirit and we aresetting a table of feast before the Romanian people, and then we are coming back again into thebook for the whole word of the day. Be beautiful, be heavenly, be faithful to My promises sothat they all may be fulfilled, all, sons. My day with you on this day has been turned into aconfessing day. I want to make way more widely into the heart of this nation, and you are Mywitnesses and I will touch the heart of the Romanian people, to which My Father Sabaoth hassent Me now. Peace to you, sons! May this day be a day of lifting up to those in heaven into its midstfor the Romanian people! I am sending the angels and the saints to fulfill in this way, and youthose on earth, have faith, sons, because I have been working by faith all the time, by the sonsof the faith, and through those who have been faithful to My promises, I have been fulfillingon earth everything that has been done to My testimony, everything that the Father gaveand gives Me to fulfill on earth. Amen, amen, amen. * 3 You can also see on:!gA1jiZYA!XzORNxDAx-6_CaMb6RC2E2UaKzUXa0DziTI7Jked1pU 2

2010.05.13. Now, watching sons in the way of My word when it comes, we are opening again thebook and we are putting in it the word of gratitude before the Father for His great care, for Hismysterious work that He has put before the people, to the fulfillments that are to come fromheaven for the reconciliation with the Father of the Romanian people, into whose midst I havethe people of My word and from where I have given to the four sides the river of word,which is flowing from My mouth now, in the end of the time, My second coming from theFather on earth, clothed within the word, as I am working now, a mysterious God, so that Imay be closed to the man, so that I may work closely with the man, so that I may speak Myword with him, as it also was My work with man in paradise. Oh, faith is needed for this,faith not like that of the man set by Me in paradise after I had built him, but for this obediencewith faith is needed, and you have been walking with Me for the spirit of confession in thisday, sons, and the Romanian people will look at you inside and outside of its borders, for manyhave wandered away, many have spent their life far away from their hearth from thefathers, but there are among them many confessors for this nation, as it was in the timeof the hardship for confession (In the time of the communist regime, r.n.), when they werecrying over those who were suffering within their borders here, and now they are stillfighting for the good work, for the clean face of many who have been suffering for Mypeople of today, for the faith and the life from above of the Romanian people, as you havealso been working with Me during these days, but My work with you is great, it is not likethat of man, because My work with you is from heaven, it is from the Father, for I am notspeaking from Myself into your midst, but only from the Father, Who has sent Me, as I havealso sent you. Amen. And now, sons, we are putting into the book the word of the blessing for My feast withthe faithful people and full of longing from heaven, which will be gathering together at thespring near Me and near you in ten days, when God, the Holy Spirit, is going to set His work,as two thousand years ago, upon the faith of those who, by faith, will make a halt to hear God,the Word, at the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit, after fifty days from the feast of Myresurrection from the dead, and behold the two great royal feasts under whose holy protectionlies, set by the inscription under its foundation, My church with you, the holy place of newJerusalem, and still near them, the feast of God’s trumpet, Virginia, by whom I, the Lord,starting with 1955, have been making My way as word now on the earth, (See the selectiontopic: „The apocalyptic trumpets4”, r.n.) after that for so many years, I had been preparing herto be My chosen vessel to sound the trumpet in such a way that My word, heard on earth, mightflow through her, work that has sprouted after that, as it was My prophecy by My trumpet, (SeeThe Life of Saint Virginia5, r.n.) and behold, I keep on working, for the root has got sprouts,and it has got them from God, Who makes it spring and grow and then He makes it to be. Amen. 4 You can also see on:!wJkWDKaB!WDh3HPbi0TbWQBaudyme40T23PLy4yxzjIETNAynUG8 5 You can also see on: 3

2010.05.13. Oh, but it is still written into My work from the beginning with My trumpet that afterher leaving into heaven, the fed people will be divided in two parts, and some of them willbecome sheep and will give birth to lambs, and others will become wolves and will tear, andthus it has been fulfilled as the word was prophesied, because I had and I have harden hearts ofthose who sit at this table, sons who have been fed with their self-opinion, a good opinion aboutthemselves, the spirit of haughtiness, which does not find any rightfulness before Me when meneat of it. These people thought and hoped to be the first after My trumpet left, and what reallywould have deterred them from being so if they had been workers with faith and faithfulnessfor My work of word on earth? Oh, the lust after greatness hindered them, their desire for honor,the pleasure of life, seen by them, but I, the Lord, have not come on earth with this work full ofsufferance for Me and for its bearers; I have not come with it to come under the mind of theproud ones, who are ready to leap out of themselves, beating their chests, as though they mighthave My work by My trumpet as their life. I, the Lord, I tell them, as few as they are, who keepmaking waves, that they are sick of the spirit of calumny and contempt, and more than that,they commit a deliberate sin against the Holy Spirit, because of their spiritual blindness, andthey hit against My word, who has never ceased to flow out of My mouth and to be heard andwritten on earth, for I have sprouts coming out of the root, little hearts with a humble spirit andwith their patience under the cross, and which I, the Lord, have prepared in the midst of Mypeople without hiding, and My cross of today, My today’s painful walking is hit even by thosewho were sons at My table of word, sons and relatives, godsons and Christians adopted by MySpirit, and who are now at the crossroads boasting that they are the followers of this work, butlet them show Me their work and fruit, as they boast that they are on the rock and that, the sonswith whom I have remained and with whom I have raised and will keep raising a confessingpeople, are not worthy for Me and for those who feel that they are the followers of My work byMy trumpet, but they would rather be the sons of lie. Oh, I am coming and asking this: You, those who say that you stay well on the rock of My work, by what do you provethat you are the true ones of this work? Oh, I have been speaking in all the time of My word oftoday that you should be holy, that you should be good and I have told you not to blaspheme,not to despise anyone, not to justify yourselves by blaming your brothers, and I have also toldyou to wash away of all your evils against My work and to repent, and I have not told you tobecome judges for those who, with great faith, have remained workers under the cross of Mytoday’s coming further in time. However, you two, three, or as many as you are rebellious insecret and discontent, have hardened your hearts against My word, which has always asked youto be holy, and you started further to give birth to children and after that you have given themto the world, as I did not tell you to do, but even more than this, you have left to die even thosewho are baptized and blessed by Me and by My trumpet, oh, even those you have left to dieand to perish from My word and to belong to the world now. Oh, it is in vain when you say thatyou have remained with My work by My trumpet, you and your sons. Take a good look at yourappearance, inside and outside of you, and look at your children and be ashamed, for you havenothing to boast about as though you were Mine. Even when you had been Mine, oh, not evenat that time did you want to be My holy ones, for you liked the body and the lust of the flesh,which lusts against the spirit and with all your lusts you had always bitten Me, and now, behold,you take out the spear of your pride to pierce those who have remained for faithfulness nearMe, but that will come back to you, oh, stubborn sons, because any arrow that is thrown withwickedness turns back against you, and especially when you throw it against God and againstHis holy work. 4

2010.05.13. Oh, sons, I, the Lord, baptized you and adopted you by My trumpet in My time with herand with you, and behold, what you are doing today! Oh, rebellious sons, the man is not sup-posed to throw stones from Me and to judge his neighbor, spreading slander to the sides. Thiscomes from the devil, for the wickedness in you is a devil. It is better to humble yourselves,sons. Oh, if you say that those, through whom I go further with My trumpet sounding, areunworthy, I, the Lord, teach you that it is good to say otherwise, and to say like this: “Lord, Itoo am as sinful as my brother, whom I call a sinner; forgive us both,” and you should not beashamed to condemn your own sins openly, but rather you should be ashamed to condemnothers’, because you are not their judges, but I am. Oh, do not draw Me downwards fromthe throne of judgment to make justice into My place, for there is the danger that you may fallinto judgment, into painful judgment. Oh, from where do you know that you are right by whatyou condemn and speak? Do you know like God, Who knows the mystery of every man?Do you know like Me? Oh, humble yourselves, sons, for you are have fallen of My little boat, and whoever fallsfrom My little boat with sons in it, he falls because of his pride and because of the sin of thejudgment of his brother, and not because of anything else, and because of these sins the deviltakes the man away, for these sins are favorable to the devil’s dwelling in man, oh, sons. Oh,do not forget that the Spirit of God spoke to David and He also speaks to the one who does notlove My word and who uses his tongue to slander: «What right do you have to declare Mystatues, that you have taken My covenant on your lips, seeing you hate instruction, and throwMy words behind you… You give your mouth to evil. You harness your tongue for deceit;you sit and speak against your brother. You slander your own mother’s son to urge him tostumble. Oh, no! I will rebuke you and accuse you in front of your eyes, because you boastabout your wickedness and with a deceitful tongue you share deceit». (See also Ps: 50/16-21- 50 MT = 49 LXX) Oh, proud sons, be attentive to My word, which is speaking now with you, for I amspeaking it, and it remains spoken: be careful, for some of you exalt themselves only to theirfall; they exalt themselves to their judgment and pride, and they do not know what to do, andthen they fall, they fall by the spirit of haughtiness, and some other humble themselves and bytheir humility in them are great with God and they will be exalted on earth, for he who humbleshimself will be exalted, as it is written, and behold, you, those who slander, you confess inevery way possible, up and down, as it comes to your mouth, as it seems well to you, yourbrothers who have remained with faithfulness and with much work near Me, and you, oh, who,who is to confess you for your sins against your brothers and against the Holy Spirit, when youstrike My work calling it a lie? Oh, who is really to release you from the hard sin of blamingthe brothers, of slandering, of the judging your neighbor, taking My place for the judgment ofall things, oh, sons? I, the Lord, am telling you an earthly word so that you may see how you badly you gowrong. When you go to buy a special tool in order to use it, you find in its box a little leaflet,written for its rule of use, and you read it and you use that tool according to its instructions forwork and you do not break what it tells you, for otherwise it may not be of any use to you withits work. I, the Lord, am asking you now: if you walk in My statues, in what I have to do so thatyou may also do, can I use you any longer? Can you use Me any longer? Behold, you are proudand because of that, I cannot write any other names for you on My table. Your pride has takenaway your sight; it has taken away your mind, it has pulled out of you the gift of the faith and 5

2010.05.13.left your deprived of God, because you have spoiled God in you, and you work and spoil Godin you from one another. Oh, I have told you, Christian, by My trumpet, and I have spoken to you this: “Do notpoint your finger at your brother’s sin, for if I showed your sin, it would be big and youmay lose your tongue, Christian!” Oh, if you left My little boat you are not saved, but youhave only wandered away and have no direction, for the sin of slander draws great, great dark-ness upon the man’s steps and such a man hardly wakes up. I teach you as I also teach thosewho are humble and those who have remained with Me, and I speak to you like this: to the onewho calls you, brother, your mistakes, do not argue with him, but speak to him as the Samaritanwoman spoke to Me: «Lord, I perceive that You are a prophet», and then tell others: «Comeand see how the Lord is telling me everything that I have done». Oh, those who are within Mypower and those with whom, and here they are, I have walked further, do not have to fall atyour feet and play according to your dissatisfactions, but they rather have to stand on My righthand side, as it is not for you, who are discontent, but it is for Me that I have chosen them, andI have chosen them to listen to Me. Oh, you should also learn; learn the prayer of vindicationand live according to it, for it says that you should not condemn your brothers by justifyingyourselves, and the speaking in vain blames you before God, sons, for I said that every manwill be taken into account for his each and every word spoken. And now, I am exhorting you,I, the Lord, am exhorting you, get healed from all your sins that I have been speaking about inthis day that you have committed, and keep your eyes up to God, Who sees and hears everythingthat you do and speak. Amen. Now, I am speaking to those who will be preparing My day of feast of the Holy Spiritwith the people full of longing after My spring of word and after the gardens I have blessed forthose who have remained with faithfulness under the cross of My today’s walk of the river ofMy word over the earth. Oh, I am giving you angels to work with you, sons from the spring, inorder that you may prepare My stopover with you and with the people that has come togetherwith longing at My spring of word. I am giving you the angels of the ghosts to your help toserve Me and you for warm weather, with sun and with the sweetness of the Holy Spirit, butyou should also be at work with them for prayer before Me, in order that I may give you thesethrough them, sons. Work with much peace. Do not be afraid that you may grow tired or thatyou may not get rest. Be clothed within the Holy Spirit, for God can work in you what youcannot do. Amen. We will give alms for those who are asleep, who come then in groups at My table fortheir memorial, which you will prepare for them at that time. The heaven and the earth, willsit at the table, those from above, those from below and from under the ground, who lovedGod, and we will come together under the mystery of the love of God, some for their rewardand some for the joy of My today’s work on earth, for I am still working for the joy from Me,sons. Peace to you and peace to those who will be helping with you on the day of the feast ofthe Holy Spirit in My gardens with you, and those who love us for their salvation will cometogether near us, and those who love us in this way will be blessed, oh, sons, for you and Ihave been working salvation and faith for many. Amen. 6

2010.05.13. Now come under the word of My blessing. May the preparation of the feast of the HolySpirit be blessed and may the day of the feast be blessed too; the eighth Sunday after the feastof My resurrection! Amen. May the way of those who will be travelling to My spring of word and then to Mygardens of today be blessed as well, and all your paths who will be coming together here be-longing to all those who are coming to the spring, may all be blessed within their coming andgoing, as well as in their comings in and out! Amen. I, the Lord, watch with the whole heaven and give each and everyone the peace, theexhortation and the joy for the meeting that will take place next. I, the Lord, have spoken likethat, and this is how I will fulfill, as I have blessed. Amen, amen, amen. 13-05-2010. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 7

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