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2010.05.02 - The Word of God on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman

Published by billydean, 2018-11-23 14:29:17

Description: „Oh, My people, the work of My word is felt by the heart, not by the mind, for God is the Spirit Who dwells in man, inside of man, and there He glorifies Himself with His things, ...”

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2010.05.02. The Word of God1 on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman2 I am descending from the Father; I am descending to the people of My word to give itpower and I have always given him, for I do not have greater care in heaven and on earth thanthe care for it, because I need a faithful people now, in the end of the time, to fulfill by its faithMy coming of today, My descent from the Father as word on earth to make the newheaven and the new earth, and for this fulfillment I have to speak and to work by the word,as I also worked in the beginning. Amen. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I am coming downto you as word, My people. I have made into your midst My spring of word and I am sittingin counsel with you as I sat with the Samaritan woman near the Israel’s well, when through herI announced Myself to the Samaritans coming down on earth into the midst of Israel, as theSpirit promised by the prophets about the Son of God that He would come. However, the Is-rael’s unbelief was great, as all those proud in their spirit took part of this sin as the reward oftheir pride, and Israel did not know Me when I came to them from the Father two thousandyears ago, and even if they knew Me because of My greatness with which I revealed Myself tothem, they still fought against Me and punished Me to crucifixion, for their pride was beyondmeasure and they also did not receive those that My Father had sent them for their illuminationfrom above. Oh, I could not fulfill with them My Scriptures, for they believed that they wererighteous, that they were good; however, I was able to do great work through those who werecrushed by the devil, through those who were sick in their body and soul, whom I was cleansing,healing and giving them of My life, and they were standing up and confessing Me as the Christof the Father, the Messiah prophesied by the prophets. Oh, I did not tell in vain to My disciple to go and preach Me to the sheep lost from thefaith of the house of Israel, and not to preach Me to the pagans or to the Samaritans. The pagansand the Samaritans were not as unbelieving as Israel was, and when I spoke to the Samaritanwoman about Me at the well in Sychar, her good spirit knew Me, believed Me and confessedMe as the Christ coming from the Father on earth, and behold, those crushed by sin and by thedevil of weakness over people, with those I opened the spring of grace and I was able to workwith them and for them on earth. Oh, the same is today. I cannot come near with My comingof today to those who have taken the first seats over the people, as their glory from thepeople is of greater value than My glory from the Father, that from heaven and not fromthe earth. Oh, I cannot perfect Myself with My graces upon those who are proud in their spirit! Ifinto your midst, people of My word, I have not been able to appear as true in those who areproud, those who have stayed like that near My cross, oh, then why should we wonder any moreat the unbelief of those who sit on high chairs over people? I am coming to strengthen you inMy Spirit, as I have always spoken into your midst that it is the time of the faith denial, becauseI saw and I keep seeing how they have been getting up for the spirit of unbelief, those who haveput My walking with you to their back and have gone back where they came from, and theunbelief has caught them within it, for they did not work like Me and worked like them insteadand made themselves judges and thus they have treated Me and you harshly and then they have 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A. 1

2010.05.02.denied Me, you and Me. Oh, it would have been well of them to remain with Me if they saidthat were righteous! However, I have not been able to work in any time with those who havebeaten their chests like the Pharisee who denigrated the tax collector, judging him before Me,but I have been able to work with those who have humbled themselves, for the spirit of humilityis great and God can work through it in the man who has got this spiritual pearl, which is bornin man from God, and behold that those poor in spirit are blessed, as I called them before anyother ones who work according to My pleasure on earth! How beautifully I was able to speak with the Samaritan woman! How easily I enteredinto her heart! How easily I cleansed her of the spirit opposing to Me and opposing the manpoor in his spirit and who can easily receive the Gospel of My kingdom when it comes towardshim! Oh, My people, the work of My word is felt by the heart, not by the mind, for God isthe Spirit Who dwells in man, inside of man, and there He glorifies Himself with Histhings, for it is written: «The Lord knows those who are His!» I have opened for My work oftoday with man, I have opened to those who have heard My speaking, I have also opened tothose humble in their spirit, and then to those great in their mind and haughtiness, but the proudhave not remained with Me and with the faithful ones by their humility, but have rather steppedaside and taken stones in their fists and thrown at Me and in those who have remained faithfulto Me, and they resemble those who build the tombs of the prophets and not after those whoreceive My grace by the prophets. I am speaking with pain on this day of memorial of My comfort after two thousand yearsfrom the Samaritan woman’s faith and then after their confession upon her citadel about MyGospel coming on earth from the Father, the Father’s messenger to Israel. My pain of twothousand years was not done to Me but only from the unbelief of those who denied Me afterthey had tasted My word and stood with Me for a while and whom the hostile devil overcameon to the side of the sin of hatred and of contempt of brother, on the side of the sin of calumny,the dark sin which has been crushed down many. Oh, blessed is the man who takes care of hissin, because one like that is afraid to look with pride to the sin of another one and he is afraidlest he may remain in the dark, or to remain blind for God, Who stands against the proud. Oh, My people, I take care of you. Do not wander at those who fall of My fold. Theyare My judgers and yours and they receive the measure they measure with, as it is written.I wanted to heal them, but they did not want it, and rather they went to unbelief and they stillwant to cover their shame with it, but the unbelief is even greater shame, for it is that which isproven out, like faith, son, which is proved if it is or not. Oh, it is not only the man that cannotdo anything without faith, but I, the Lord, am likewise, if I do not find faith in man. I cannotdo anything on earth but only by those who are faithful, and I have been proving this forseven thousand years and more. I could do nothing with Adam too, for he committed the sin ofhiding and of pride over God, but I could do with the Samaritan woman, that who knew Me asa prophet coming from God for My grace working upon her, for her humility which met Mygrace, the grace which set in her the kingdom of God, My dwelling with the man on earth andin then in his love for Me. Amen. ‒ May Your mercy, Lord, be praised by all those who are poor, who have nothing goodin them but their faith in You, the merciful One, and Who reveal Yourself so wonderfully tothose who have in them the hope in Your mercy in all their weaknesses, for You were not dis-gusted of me, but even more than that, You planted Yourself in me and raised me to a high rank,because You made me the herald of God’s kingdom among the people and I woke up toward 2

2010.05.02.You my entire citadel and the Samaritans received You as coming from the Father; the peopleto whom You shared the gift of the holy faith through me, Lord, and we comforted You as aguest coming from the heaven in those days, as one Who without a house on earth, for the houseof Israel, in which You came, did not receive You and put You away, for they did not humblelike me when You told my sins, but I humbled myself and said: «Lord, I perceive that You area prophet!» (John: 4/19) And then I also told those in my citadel: «Come and see Messiah,Who told me everything that I did wrong». (John: 4/29) Oh, Your work of today is great! Lord, those who believe in Your coming of today aregreat! They are greater than the holy fathers of old, for they are faithful to You in time of greatunbelief, of great lawlessness on earth. Oh, increase their faith so that You may be able to workwith them upon the entire unbelief, Lord, as You could work through me over the Samaritanpeople that so easily recognized and received You as the messenger of the Father to man onearth! Oh, blessed are those who believe like that! Their little heart is only little wings, onlyholy thrill, but how unhappy are those who cannot believe, how anxious, how restless they are,oh, Lord, for the sin of the forsaken faith becomes a great torment for those who forsake thebrotherly love, and Cain’s pain comes upon them, for those who have not looked after brotherlylove, have not been able to pass from death to life; they have not passed, Lord, and the sign oftheir lack of the brotherly love stands on their forehead. However, show Your mercy from theend of the time and seek that one way or another to appear to them as true God by Your wordof today, and also give them the light, for those who do not love the brotherhood among brothersare in the dark! Oh, give them my spirit, the spirit wrought in me by You when I met You at thewell in Sychar, oh, my Lord and my God of that time and today. Amen. ‒ Oh, the love of the faithful ones comes from their faith, and the lack of love of theunfaithful ones comes from their unbelief, and those who are not faithful cannot be faithfulbecause the works of their faith proves them out as unbelieving and fugitives. Oh, what are theysupposed to find their comfort with? The comfort of the faithful ones comes from God, butwhere are those unfaithful supposed to find their comfort? Oh, My people, it is hard without comfort! I said that no one would be able to findany comfort on earth but only those who love My word of today, with which I come fromthe Father for the comfort of those who are the faithful ones of today and tomorrow. Oh,My people, learn well how you stay near Me, lest you may reach again near those of whom youcame out to be Mine, for those who are Mine are those who are moved from their place, andthey have to appreciate with all their heart and deed My gift for them, their calling to Me andtheir dwelling in My blessing, which they have to keep forever, there where one can no longerlose it. All those, who went back from where they left, were drawn back by the devil of un-steadfastness and unfaithfulness. Oh, it is not the sins that are hard to forgive but rather theunfaithfulness is the great sin of those who, being discontent on My way, have gone backto their things. I would like to cut off My pain from them, but the envious enemy of the cal-umny and slander has got a profit from them, and I cannot cancel from the devil those that standagainst them. The Spirit of humility is that which brings the power of love in man, the workof gentleness, the love of God and of brothers, that which melts the ice between Me andman, as behold, those without faithfulness do not know that I, the Lord, do not go withthem on their way full of their guilt, and their mind is being poured out from them andthey do not know with their mind what God means, Who dwells within those poor in theirmind, within those who endure My cross near Me without murmur. Amen. 3

2010.05.02. I am blessing with the saints the feast of today near the well of the meeting, that in Mycourts with you, My people, and that has the Samaritan woman as its angel, a great martyr withher testimony before Me and who gave all her house as the confessing sacrifice of her martyr-dom, not fleeing from the cross of sufferance for Christ, Who extinguished with His word allher weaknesses and all her sins and settled within her with His kingdom. Oh, her entire househas come today for the feast at My well with you, My people. This day of her memorial havebrought those from heaven at the well and they are the first from heaven at the table of Myword, for which they sit down with you at the table on this day, the day of the feast of the wellof meeting into My courts of today on earth. Amen. The greatness of the saints is with you at the feast at the well today, My people, andthey give you honor, for this is the love of those from heaven for those who are faithful toMe in these days when I have no longer found any faith at anyone on earth. Oh, take careto be only Mine. Take care, son, to be able to work only for Me. Take care, My people, of yourstaying with Me and of My staying with you always, and this power will always, always begiven to you by the spirit of humility and repentance and then by the Holy Spirit, the companionand the teacher of those who are humble, who are long, long enduring by the great power, thepower of My love in them, the love which can do everything and which has anything, oh, Mypeople. Amen, amen, amen. 02-05-2010. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 4

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