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2003.06.14 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, (The feast of the descending of the Holy Spirit) the first day

Published by billydean, 2018-07-28 13:10:07

Description: „... However, I have made My coming through those who are in their bodies, both for the living and for the dead in their bodies, and this is the judgment of those who do not believe in God’s works over the earth and over the man.”

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2003.06.14. The Word of God1 at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the first day (The feast of the descending of the Holy Spirit)2 The Lord is coming on earth as word. Amen, amen, amen. Stand before Me and receiveMe and put My word into the book, sons who keep watch in the way of My coming as word onearth. I have cried in a voice of calling to life to every man who wants to pass from death tolife, and you have shared My calling and many have come to the spring. I am above the garden of the meeting with all the hosts of saints and angels. All thesaints are of royal seed, for I, the Lord am the heavenly King, the Son of the Father Sabaoth.Amen. I have come as the mysterious Shepherd on the Romanian land and I pour Myself outinto its midst with the river of life so that all the nations of the earth may drink of it andthat the man may learn the way, the truth and the life, and to put the way of life under his feet,for I am full of mercy for the man. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life3”,r.n.) Peace to you, Romanian Jerusalem, My people of sons born of My word from the endof the time! Peace to you, for I have established you to prepare for Me days of wedding, andthat I may draw good wine from My well and to put it on the table, for the wedding guests thatcame to My table with you to drink, My bride people. Oh, how sweet My calling is and howdeep My sighing after the man is, and how much I labor for the time of the fulfilling of thegreatest Scripture, the Scripture of the coming of the Son of Man. Oh, the man cannot denyhimself and come after Me if there is no one to teach him to come. I want to give teaching fromthe book to the man, for the man learns only emptiness, only death. I am full of longing and Icross the heaven and the earth with the word, and with it I search the man’s heart to teach himthe repentance for the forgiveness of his sins. I want to teach the man My love and I want togive him My advice and I want to give him My face. I want to save the human kind from thesin and to come into his way with My miracle from the end of the time, for you, My Jerusalemof Romanians, are My tool with which I cleanse My threshing floor and gather the wheatinto My barns, to burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire, and then to come down onearth with eternal glory to bring together under it My elected ones, whom I have gatheredfrom one margin of the heaven to the others with My loving word, with which I come to shep-herd the man. Amen. I embrace you all within a spirit of Whitsuntide; those who have truly come to the springto drink of it to your repentance and for the forgiveness of your sins, for not all who have comego back healed. Peace to you, those who have truly come to My spring of word! Blessed willbe all who will know to drink from Me, for those who will know to drink are those whowill come to life in a spirit of repentance to the forgiveness of their sins, because I, the Lord,came two thousand years ago on earth and fulfilled all the Scriptures written about Me into the 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A., r.n. 3 You can also see on:!gA1jiZYA!XzORNxDAx-6_CaMb6RC2E2UaKzUXa0DziTI7Jked1pU 1 of Moses, in the prophets and in the psalms, to preach the repentance for the forgiveness ofthe sins to all the nations, starting from Jerusalem. Amen. Peace to you, those who know to drink and to receive from My Spirit, for he who doesnot receive from My Holy Spirit, does not come to life and does not pass from death into life.Oh, open up your ears and eyes and receive in you the glory of My word that I may teach youwith it the repentance for the forgiveness of your sins. The man cannot repent unless he looksat himself to see his sins and the man’s sins are not forgiven unless he gives them up throughrepentance and then by the holiness of his life. I have called you to the spring of life, man who looks for life. It is not found anywhereelse but only with God and here is how I come into your way to make you used to knowing Meand to listening to My voice, which calls you from death to life, for the glory of those that areearthly will soon be put out under the brightness of My glory, for I have come with the saintsfrom heaven on earth and I have become word of the Holy Spirit and I have become a well oflife so that those who are thirsty may drink of it and then to be able to see Me. Amen. I offer you a sweet voice in the word, man poor of life. I walk with the spirit of life afteryou for what you call life is not the spirit of life. I came down two thousand years ago fromnear the Father and I became a man being conceived within a body of a Virgin that I could beborn in a body on earth so that the man may not say that he cannot become God from God bybecoming one body with Me through My Body, which I left for the man in a mysterious wayby My sacrifice on the cross, and to make the man the son of the Father and then to draw himto the Father, for I came into the man to make him divine by the grace with which the Fathersent Me after the man. Amen. When I created the man, I made him into My image and after My likeness. I looked atMyself, man, when I made the man. As a master looks into the mirror to make his own image,the same way I looked at Me when I made the man. Then I breathed a spirit of life out of Meover him, and this is how God created the man into His image and after His likeness. I had beencrying for five thousand years for the man after he fell down from heaven by haughtiness andthen the Father made Me come down after him. I became then Man from the man, for it wasnot possible to save the man otherwise from his falling from the heaven. It was not possibleotherwise to give the man back the life from the beginning, when it was not death, when therewas not emptiness in heaven and on earth. The man built by God had become emptiness inheaven by haughtiness and he fell down on earth and then the man also became emptiness onearth. I had been crying for five thousand years for the man, after the place and after the day ofMy rest and then I came down on earth in the flesh and I glorified Myself in him with the glorythat I had from the Father, and then I paid the price of the man’s life, leaving My body to deathlike the man does, to show the man My godly Body and Blood, the heavenly one on earth, andthen I told the man: «Whoever does not eat of My flesh and does not drink of My blood, willnot have life in himself, and he who eats and drinks of the God, Who became flesh, that onewill never die». (John 5:53). Amen. I come from heaven down on earth to pass the man from death to life, for there is noone to teach the man the life, its way and its truth. Oh, man, who is the man to teach you? Theman is emptiness on earth. Who shall put under your feet the way to teach you with it? Whoshall speak to you that the man fell from heaven by his haughtiness and that he has to humiliatehimself for the repentance and for the forgiveness of the sins, so that his eyes may be opened 2

2003.06.14.afterwards? Who else but Me? I loved you and it was out of love that I became Man, to givethe price for your life, My life, man who fell from heaven by haughtiness and then by disobe-dience to God, Who made you into His image. I have come again towards you. My Father sendsMe when I come and I do not come otherwise, and I tell you this to remind you that you did notlisten and do not listen to God. Oh, can you not listen to God, man? How comes that you canlisten to yourself and not to God? Man, you are not God. You are an abortion if you do notlisten to God. You have been listening to yourself and not to God for seven thousand years, andthe man cannot deny himself if there is no one to teach him the love of God and then his lifefrom heaven on earth in man. I have come again after you. My Father sends Me when I comeand I do not come otherwise, and I tell you this to remind you that you listen to yourself andnot to God, and as for Me, I listen to My Father when I come after you to teach you to passfrom death to life loving God and His life in your life and in your body. Oh, who told youto listen to yourself and to listen to the man? The one who does not have God as his father, itdoes this; he listens to himself and to the man and falls by haughtiness down on earth. Behold the book of your life, man, who are called to life! Learn the book of the life,man, for I have come to give you teaching from the book, to teach you humility and then thebook, to be taught and not to be empty on earth. The dead have came to life from the tombs andthey stay in tens of thousands in groups-groups before this word, and you, man with a body onearth, do not see them. Oh, how are you supposed to see them if you did not learn the bookfrom heaven, the wisdom of life without death, which sees in the man? Come, get up from yourblood, and wash into the river of My word so that your eyes and your mind may be opened andto see My glory and to see My coming, for I am before you with the time of the fulfilling ofthe greatest Scripture, the Scripture of the coming of the Son of Man, with power andmuch glory, coming on the clouds, accompanied by saints and angels and speaking onearth the word of the resurrection from the dead. Amen. (See the selection topic: „He comesthe same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) I have facilitated the day of memorial of those who have been waiting for seven thou-sands years in the dust of the earth, and they stand in a row to drink of the word of the resur-rection of the dead the river, which flows from God’s mouth, the Word, the miracle from theend of the time over the living and over the dead, over the dead and over the living, for the deadare those who hear My word, not the living ones. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear Myvoice4”, r.n.) However, I have made My coming through those who are in their bodies,both for the living and for the dead in their bodies, and this is the judgment of those whodo not believe in God’s works over the earth and over the man. This word is both theman’s judgment, and also his life, if he comes back from death to life in order that he maysee afterwards. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The fearful judgment5”, r.n.) 4 You can also see on: 5 You can also see on: 3

2003.06.14. I am a mysterious Shepherd and the man, who is flesh and nature cannot, he cannotunderstand the mystery of My coming, the mystery of My being in man, My mysterious body,which comprises the man in such a way that God may make him by grace, and that My graceto be able to work from man and over the man. I am the man’s Creator from beginning to end.I have come to cleanse the man from sin, and for the man to see after that and to shine on earth. Drink water, man! Drink and eat for your eyes to be opened! Come to the spring ofwashing because I have come as word on earth to preach to all the nations the repentance forthe forgiveness of the sins, man that have been waited by God. I bow before you like a God.You should also bow as a man, for life means My Spirit in the man, you man, who have beencalled to the spring. Amen. Oh, the garden of My meeting with the man is filled with saints and angels in tens ofthousands, children who receive My word to the man. All the heavenly hosts, all the hosts ofthe saints crown the celebration of the meeting of the Holy Spirit between Me and the manin the sky. And you are those who are tired, who did what I commanded you, and who haveprepared a feast of word for Me and you have let known those of this little village from here tocome as well and to learn the mystery of My coming, with My glory, which carries Me to theman by My work with you into the midst of this little village, chosen by God for His coming. Iembrace you within a great mystery. I enshroud you within heavenly ornaments because youmade many people come and sit and listen to the voice of My coming over the earth. Teachthem the way, the truth and the life. Teach them the Book of Life and the glory of life, for Ihave embraced all within the word of the Holy Spirit, within the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,Who is the Teacher over the man. Amen. Peace to those who really take Me from the spring! And again, I will embrace themwithin the word of the Holy Spirit in My love and My longing after the man. Peace to you, children who are tired and exhausted for My days of glory over the earthand over the man! I breathe over you and I give you from Me to be able to do for Me and toalleviate My sigh, which has been crying after the man. Peace to you! And stand before Me, forI will stay in word again and again and I will perfume the garden of the meeting with a spirit ofheavenly celebration on earth. And I will make it be known, sons, and I will give you of MySpirit, and He will give from you from above and you will be the sharers from Me, and you willteach the man the way, the truth and the life. Amen, amen, amen. 14-06-2003 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:!NUlVDCjL!cdtoDY1DoBSHO6ZRdl4u6ssvvxUq03rw26GLS3SD9e8 4

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