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MDXSU Elections 2021 Manifesto Guide

Published by mdxsu.marcomms, 2021-02-12 14:59:11

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YOUR CANDIDATES FULL-TIME POSITIONS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT ARTS & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Muhibur Rahman Bulbul Diellor Cakiqi Kieran Galvin Anubhav Chauhan Joss Munson Moh Fazli Nishtha Relan Twinkle Gupta Rebecca Torrie Ej Iroegbu Patrick Lucas VICE PRESIDENT PROFESSIONAL Afshin Nasrollahi & SOCIAL SCIENCES Kristyna Palkova Aditya Mayur Patel Zak Abdalmomen Saad Patel Abhishek Arora Phoenix Pierce Ayop Ballaz Akbar Rana HarkiratSinghBambrah Bambrah Puja Rani Kishor Gangawani Ramsha Raza Safat Jamil Navjot Singh Iritza Majeed Vivian Unaka Luqman Mehmood Pankajkumar Vaghasiya Pooria Mokhtarian VICE PRESIDENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Ore Abimbola Anastasia Calin Amna Malik Adetunji Ademola Umiom Edem Cephas Mpungu Sohni Ahluwalia Aryan Gupta Joshua Omodiagbe Khushbu Bhalodia Maddie King Komal Singh

What is Single Transferrable Vote? Single transferable vote is a form of voting where students rank the candidates by preference. The election is run in rounds with the candidate with the lowest number of votes removed at each round. If your vote was for the candidate that was removed, your vote then goes to your 2nd preference and so on until a candidate exceeds 50% of the votes. This means you can rank the candidates in the order you’d like them to win! If you are unsure about how the voting system works, there is more information available on the MDXSU website at, or you can contact us on [email protected]

CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT The following candidates are campaigning to be elected as MDXSU President. Make sure to rank the candidates in order of preference when you vote. Muhibur Rahman Bulbul | Diellor Cakiqi | Anubhav Chauhan | Moh Fazli | Twinkle Gupta | Ej Iroegbu | Patrick Lucas | Afshin Nasrollahi | Kristyna Palkova | Aditya Mayur Patel | Saad Patel | Phoenix Pierce | Akbar Rana | Puja Rani | Ramsha Raza | Navjot Singh | Vivian Unaka | Pankajkumar Vaghasiya

MUHIBUR RAHMAN BULBUL If you vote for me I promise to work my hardest to establish a stronger relationship with local businesses and working professionals to provide you the connections and mentors you need to encourage future job oppurtunities ! Within this, I will work with the uni to provide all students with equal and fair oppurtunities to do work placements, to make sure you all know where to go for advise and support. I will also work with the uni to find a way to make these oppurtunities more afforda- ble and accessible for everyone. DIELLOR CAKIQI I'm new to Middlesex so I know I can't say I'm cut out be the president of MDXSU, but I hope with your help I can make your time in Middlesex enjoyable I want you all to be able to express how you feel and what you think without having to worry if your voice is being heard, I believe that if we all work together we can achieve anything and I can't say the road ahead will be easy but I still hope we can make a place where you all feel safe, where you can all find the help that you need. I hope that you will all help me with this. ANUBHAV CHAUHAN My name is anubhav I am from india I was helping my father in his business back home so I know how to work in teams how to work with people and I am very flexible as well like I don't do any part time job so I am available for 7 days as I am international student so It will be a great opportunity to bring everyone together because majority of students in university are from India so its my main purpose to bring everyone together thats how we influence people globally and we can do anything just by being good to people ...BECAUSE ITS NICE TO BE IMPORTANT BUT ITS MORE IMPORTANT TO BE NICE



EJ IROEGBU Application


AFSHIN NASROLLAHI My name is Afshin and I am originally from Iran. I am currently studying towards my MSC degree in Digital Marketing, whilst being a student voice leader of my program. As an SVL my main role consists of solving issues for both students and faculty. The most recent task I have accomplished was extending the deadlines of assignments in almost all of the courses which both lectures and the students benefited from as it is important to have a healthy work-life balance, especially during this uncertain situation. Students are always welcome to suggest ideas and provide feedback about our modules, program, and the university in general, and I try to make sure I can come up with the best possible outcomes. Students and faculties can always reach out to me Via different communication channels. I come from an international background as I have had the opportunity to live in 5 different countries, hence, communicating with people from different cultures is one of my main skills. My main aim to become the next MDXSU President is to become the voice of the students of Middlesex University, not just my program alone. I want every student to experience perfect student life and I want to help the university fulfill that promise. It doesn’t matter where we are from, what we do, or what we study, being in one university should bring unity and I want to make sure that happens.

KRISTYNA PALKOVA I would love to apply for the role of a president. My friend was managing that position before so I heard a lot about it. I love to plan things and I always come up with some new ideas for new events. I’ve also been the part of the czech&slovak society last year as a finance oficer and I would love to step up and become a President. I can’t wait to be planning events and meeting all of you next year. ADITYA MAYUR PATEL I will be always there to support international students as well as national students because i know that what things i have been suffered from as being an international student. So i think that i can help international students to be stable when they join MDX. And also will be there for helping national students who need help for anything about University SAAD PATEL Leading the Computer Science Department already , Hungry to Lead the Student Union aswell as a President. Worked hard + gained Trust = Successful Vote for the Betterment , Vote for the Success! !!VOTE FOR PATEL FOR YOUR PRESIDENT!!


AKBAR RANA Thank you for taking the time to review my letter of application. I am drafting this cover note to explain a little about myself. The context may seem a bit out in the initial read but I assure you the further you read the more you shall understand. I believe that I am unlike all other candidates you have come across in your prac- tice. I am a unique individual with the ability to get to the point without the typical jargon which is a key asset. This along with other vital abilities I hold such as effi- ciency and professionalism I strongly believe that I am the ideal applicant for this opening. A majority of my work experience centred on providing information and support- ing those who believe they have hit a brick wall with nowhere to go. I have learnt that the following is needed to support others; the level of respect required for those whom I am supporting, the importance that confidentiality plays in a profes- sional context, and the empathy and sensitivity required when dealing with such individuals. With experiences I have encountered has made me a mature individu- al allowing me to understand the challenges many people face. As a result, I often find myself providing support and guidance to those in difficulty. I have a strong desire to ensure people are not marginalised in our society. My experiences gave me true insights into the realities of complex cases. It also gave me experience in researching and gathering information of case details to tight deadlines. Along with my studies, I participate in many leadership activities. I am a member of my local political party which allows me to represent and express the views of the community (individuals of my age). This allows me to make a change and it gives everyone the understanding that their options do matter resulting in a positive atmosphere. This is a key element to leadership. I am also a 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, this role has made me a role model for others as it allows everyone to understand they can get to my position as well, I often teach and lead the class which shows that I have strong leadership skills. Key roles which I have referred to above being that I push my peers to express their feelings and views then guiding them to the relevant personnel for their best assistance. Throughout my experience I have learnt massively how to deal with challenges and rewards that come from the leadership. I firmly believe that my invaluable experience and skills make me the perfect can- didate for this position. Being able to liaise with everyone whilst gaining a better understanding of reality will help build my confidence and broaden my under- standing of the challenges that people face in their daily lives. I bring commitment to everyone I represent; My desire is to be a positive force in helping others gain help when needed and supporting all, regardless of their circumstances. Yours sincerely Akbar Rana

PUJA RANI hii, i am intrested for this role .

RAMSHA RAZA Dear Sir/Madam, I consider myself to be appropriate for this role based on my previous experience as mentioned below: • Communication skills - During my roles as a Student Ambassador last year as well as a Course Ambassador this year, I have gained an excellent knowledge about dealing with students of different cultures and backgrounds with a friendly approach, often communicating with them in bilingual languages. • Passionate towards helping students - As I have been in a student's shoes as well, I know exactly how much the right kind of guidance can help in tight situations. And I love giving back what I have learned. For me one of the greatest highlights of my work was helping students throughout difficulties, understanding their situation based on their moods and body language and dealing with them in a kind and empathetic manner to solve their problems gave me a sense of fulfillment and joy. • Training and Promoting - As a student Ambassador, I have taken part in many different events that required beforehand training and promoting the university. For example, I have taken part in the Open Day event that took place on the 23rd November 2019, where I communicated with students and parents and guided them through the campus all the while answering any queries they had about Middlesex University and promoting the university as well. I also took part in the NSS set up event, which involved setting up banners and flyers around the campus and I took a training for it as well. • Enhancing quality of learning provided to students - I have also developed an Augmented Reality application as my Bachelor’s project which aids students in distance learning. I am very enthusiastic towards helping students in not one but many ways an my programming background allowed me to come up with innovative ways of helping students as well as add to Middlesex Universities facilities. My application is being used by many students at Middlesex University to help them access course materials just by scanning a QR code. The following are the roles that I have been involved in which make me confident that my poisitive and supportive work-style would fit very well with the values, cultures, and objectives mandated for this role: • Course Ambassador 2021 - Currently working in position • Hourly Paid Lecturer 2020 - Currently working in position • Student Ambassador November 2019 - July 2020 LinkedIn profile link ->

NAVJOT SINGH Hi, I’m Navjot Singh and I’d love to be your SU President next year! Our SU is brilliant in so many ways, but I believe it can be even better. We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this. Throughout every section of my manifesto I have focused on new, creative ideas. One thing which I can promise you is that I will campaign and lobby relentlessly on your behalf to try and improve your time.I have the necessary experience and passion to do this! Please check out my manifesto in full below and have a chat with me this week. You can catch me online as the pandemic time is going on and I guess the university premises will remain close as a result but students can discuss university policie. Also I will be there and respond in full to any messages or questions you might have on the comment bar to the right. I’m really passionate about improving our Students’ Union and the services it provides and would love it if you voted for me and allowed me to make the changes that we need! Thanks

VIVIAN UNAKA My name is uchenna Vivian unaka I am a BSC Mental Health Nursing year 1 green group and I have the ability that I can perform this role if giving the chance for this role I am willing to face the challenges that comes with it because I have the passion for this role if giving the chance to apply. PANKAJKUMAR VAGHASIYA Strategic and analytical financial Professional with 10+ Years of Success in financial reporting, analysis and Project management, Consistently meets deadlines, resolves discrepancies and increase company revenue. Highly skilled at maximum productivity through detailed analysis and process improvements. The art of Mathematics requires a thorough mind-set of logic and practicality; this same mentality is reciprocated in many corresponding fields such as Economics, Accounting and Finance. I feel that, with the knowledge of a combination of these subjects, I will be fully inclined to peruse a career in the world of finance and in board as board member.

VICE PRESIDENT ARTS AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES The following candidates are campaigning to be elected as Vice President Arts & Creative Industries. Make sure to rank the candidates in order of preference when you vote. Kieran Galvin | Joss Munson | Nishtha Relan | Rebecca Torrie


JOSS MUNSON Hi My name is Joss (Jill Sandwich by night) As a nearly former Fine Art student, I know how things go during your time at Middlesex University, even in the most unpredictable times. I have a few things I can guarentee if I am chosen to be your vice president for the arts and creative department at the mdxsu: 1) I will listen. Every concern however big or small is important. 2) I will make things fair for everyone! Your comfort is my priority. 3) Although I can't promise reduction in student financing, I can make sure every penny you have spent is worth it. 4) I am not afraid to rock the boat. And here are a few things I personally feel obligated to tackle: - More funding for student credit at the art store. - Thorough 1:1 tutorship, finding out what you want to do with the course. - More resources for all years of your course and other courses to mingle. Thankyou I hope that you pick the right candidate for you. Joss Munson



CANDIDATES FOR VICE-PRESIDENT PROFESSIONAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES The following candidates are campaigning to be elected as Vice President Professional & Social Sciences. Make sure to rank the candidates in order of preference when you vote. Zak Abdalmomen | Abhishek Arora | Ayop Ballaz | HarkiratSinghBambrah Bambrah | Safat Jamil | Kisho Kumar | Iritza Majeed | Luqman Mehmood | Pooria Mokhtarian

ZAK ABDALMOMEN Hello everyone! My name is Zakria Abdalmomenn and I am a Libyan/Canadian 3rd year LLB Law with International Relations student. I am nominating myself for this position because I care deeply about the legal field and of the existence of this student union. I have been apart of many committees including that of the Amnesty International society, Horse Riding society, Disabled Students Liberation group and the Rock society. I hold positions on the SGEC and the Union Council as well. Before attending MDX London, I worked for AIESEC and Habitat for Humanity. I have a lot of experience in leadership roles which I plan to use in this position. Below are my plans for the student union: • Develop the university policy in terms of reasonable adjustments for disabled students • Create consistent programmes to increase the engagements of the student body • Build programmes and webinars to advice students on future employment • Represent the student body to the student union and the university • Organise a nation wide network with students, other universities and the NUS to engage other universities, students and the government in the pursuit of human rights and to meet the needs of students • Establish a consistent calender of events to engage students with the student union, care for the wellbeing of students and have fun I know these are tough times but with a concrete plan, initiave and unity, we can get through it together. I hope I have earned your vote. Thank you!



HARKIRAT SINGH BAMBRAH BAMBRAH SU VICE PRESIDENT MANIFESTO “A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible” This year i have nominated myself as vice president of Social science in student union elections . i have already done 3 year Diploma in Civil engineering and worked in big organizations at a good level and i know how to lead a team and deal with situations. i will put my 100% as a vice president and manage my position with maturity. As a VP i will focus on Student-facing works such as organizing campaigns and events acting as a bridge in between students and university as we as coordination the work of the elected part time officer. Finally i like to say that i have leadership experience and skills which will help me to lead student union roles and i promise a smooth and quality leadership. Thanks and Regards Harkirat Singh Bambrah



POORIA MOKHTARIAN Hi, I’m Pooria Mokhtarian and I’d love to be your MDX President next year! Our MDX is brilliant in so many ways, but I believe it can be even better. We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this. Throughout every section of my manifesto, I have focused on new, creative ideas. One thing which I can promise you is that I will campaign and lobby relentlessly on your behalf to try and improve your time at Middlesex. I have the necessary experience and passion to do this! Bringing campus together • Start freshers week before lectures begin! Home students should arrive at the same time as international students. Staggering their arrival discourages integration and neglects a proper period for settling in and socialising. • Form a ‘Hall Family’ mentoring scheme mirroring great success with similar schemes at other universities. Participants form marriages and are assigned children in lower years as they arrive in the same halls. The Family provides a solid support base for incoming freshers, it brings students across years together and continues a Hall identity after 1st year. Your Education • The University to provide each student £100 credit on enrollment to tackle hidden course costs – both home and international students. • Work with academic societies and departments to provide a full breakdown of hidden course costs for each course. • Lobby departments to provide a full ‘tuition fees receipt’ showing a breakdown of where your £9000 goes. We need greater transparency in where our money goes. • Introduce a peer-assisted learning (PAL) scheme. 2nd and 3rd years provide academic support to 1st years as they make the transition to University level studying. • Campaign for a minimum of 12 contact hours for ALL courses. ur Union • Huge notice boards covering the walls so the Atrium becomes a proper space for societies and sports clubs to advertise. • Half the cost of pool tables to 50p by buying our own instead of letting the space to an external company. • Copper Rooms 2 should be turned into a daytime social area. We should draw back the curtains, have comfy seating and create a common room environment. • Return Terrace Bar Happy Hour pint prices back to £1.50 from £1.75. • Introduce Burger and Beer deals in the Dirty Duck that remain all day every day. • Copper Rooms 1 should be available for societies during the day. Portable mirrors to be available for dance socs. Our University • A weekly Top 5 Food & Drink deals at Union and University establishments advertised properly so students know where to go for cheap food. Offers are frequently unpublicised. • Posters should be taken down at 2 regular weekly intervals which the University advertises. The current situation is a waste of society money and Univers

VICE PRESIDENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY The following candidates are campaigning to be elected as Vice President Science & Technology. Make sure to rank the candidates in order of preference when you vote. Ore Abimbola | Adetunji Ademola | Sohni Ahluwalia | Khushbu Bhalodia | Anastasia Calin | Umiom Edem | Aryan Gupta | Maddie King | Amna Malik | Cephas Mpungu | Joshua Omodiagbe | Komal Singh


ADETUNJI ADEMOLA PRESIDENT Hello there. I am Adetunji Ademola from Ghana and would love to serve you as student President Science and Technology Middlesex University. It would be great to have a fresh approach or perspective that would bring new solutions or ideas to how things are done currently. The one thing which I can promise you is that I will campaign and lobby relentlessly on your behalf to try and improve your time at Middlesex. I may not have the necessary experience but I have the passion to do this! I have had a wonderful time being President of the Ghana clearing house association for about five years now where I worked with the central bank to oversee the over 25 commercial banks in country. I played active part in championing complaints banks had and also how best to foster harmony amongst banks just to name a few. I am enthusiastic about improving our Students’ Union and the services it provides and would love it if you voted for me and allowed me to make the changes that we need! My people skills are top notch and very approachable which makes me an ideal candidate for the role. Vote for me and you would be glad you did.





ARYAN GUPTA I am Aryan Gupta studying BSc Information Technology. I've been a sole believer in earning knowledge and sharing it further rather than just keeping it to myself. Studying at Middlesex University, I have been able to get a strong grip on my subject of Computer Science. It all became possible with the guidance from my professors and wonderful support from staff at UNI and MDXSU. MDXSU has always been there whether it is personal problem of students in completing their studies or any other issue at UNI. The development of serval events since I have joined MDX most importantly the COVID 19 pandemic has enlightened me, we can survive only if we are united and think toward solving the problem together. I feel fortunate and grateful to MDXSU and MDX to be able to stand for an honorable designation for student welfare. It is like giving back to the community which is helping me to grow for 1.5 years at MDX. It is huge pleasure to be able to lead a change- making community. I would like to point out what I will be able to contribute to the community while leading as MDXSU Vice President of Science & Technology. • For a great community, it is essential to have cohesiveness in mindset and collaborative effort of people of different caliber toward a common motive. I would love to bring people together and develop a collective motive, where each and every student at MDX will be having a great experience at accessing whatever UNI has to offer to achieve excellence and contribute toward collective greatness. • Challenges bring the best out of People (students) to carve the future. As a VP of Science and Technology, I would work toe to toe with SU and UNI to bring out the best of the challenges for students of faculty in form of various events and campaigns. I would love to lead the students toward inclusive growth by helping them in any way possible to the best UNI has to offer. • Students are the building block of the University and it is essential that every student is being heard and provided with the possible support they need and deserve. I would love to listen to all the students about there issues they are facing and will try to work on the solutions along with the key member of staff at UNI and SU. • I've been born and brought up in INDIA and been taught about inclusive growth of such a diversified population of 1.3+ Billion of Population spread across 28+ states, by promoting equality & liberalization of thoughts. If I get the opportunity to lead as Vice President I would love to bring those values to the SU and represent students to bring the best out of them. • At MDXSU I would love to give my passionate effort toward helping students keeping each and every student's POV in mind, will be keen toward evolving, and proceed toward inclusive personal and professional growth of student & myself.



CEPHAS MPUNGU In this day and age where the Covid-19 pandemic has hijacked our routines and social life, it is paramount to have a leader that not only relates to our challenges as students but also thinks outside the box. Lockdowns have become unpredictable and almost a normal part of our lives and yet science needs us, technology needs us! My experience during the first lockdown built me for this role. I was just starting my dissertation in MSc Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, and also prepping for my final exams when it struck. I had to quickly adjust to this ‘new normal’ amidst the fear of losing my own life. I had to take care of my elderly parents, prep for my exams, do my dissertation and also tend to the needs of my course mates as their SVL. On top of all this, I was working in the Marks and Spencer, Mill Hill food section where I had to deal with scared customers that were panic buying and looking to us for answers for every single question that crossed their scared minds. My experience of working under pressure and serving people with a passion was heightened to a level I had never imagined before. I noticed that in the process of serving others and restoring hope to the hopeless, my own fear subsided. Today I can confidently say that my Parents got their covid-19 vaccination jabs, I passed my exams and dissertation with a distinction, started my PhD in Computer Science, and I have made one year with M&S. “What does all this have to do with the role of MDXSU Vice President Science and Technology?”, you may ask. Well it has everything to do with it: • I have served under the worst pressure and that means I stand a better chance of executing this role. • I know the challenges of doing a science course without access to labs and hands-on facilities. I intend to work with the university to implement an online bookings platform coupled with safe access to these facilities. • I intend to implement my team work experience at a Science and Technology level by encouraging more online interaction, discussions and idea sharing. Students working on research/projects with similar aspects can be encouraged to share ideas without necessarily replicating each other’s work. • I have also experienced challenges of raising tuition or looking for funding/ scholarships. I intend to start a funding program where science and technology students that are working can be encouraged to make a monthly contribution. Once this is approved, it will grow to help disadvantaged students in our field with good grades and ideas to cater for part or all of their tuition.

JOSHUA OMODIAGBE First and foremost i would llike to be made VP for the department of science and technology. if i am granted the oppurtunity to serve, i would the weak links of our institution up to delicate speed. The areas i woud cover includes Clubs and Societies Students Union Careers Service. On Clubs and societies, i would imbibe into the members of our union good doctrinal values that woud make them fit for the society they are in, and the one they would belong to in future. This i would do by zoning them into clubs that should make them ripe for the society and make them gain credible acceptance and recognition in the society. they should be formed according to status quo and also consider brigding the gap in societal order by making a fair level for all through good communication. This leads to the student Union being reputable by having interoperability between themselves by arranging video conferencing between each other which is highly favourable during this pandemic era. Our ratings are low in this areas (source-; link :- https://www. So i would do by best to up our ratings and give the university a more tolerable repertoire. I would also be of good service to the institute as i woud provide good career choices through my contacts that i have to up the standards in job options for students of ths varsity. This woud do us a whole lot of good as we become accepted into the working field through this career services i would provide and obtain. Finally, i would maintain the good and favourable standards of the school's internet connectivity which of a high value by keeping what makes our organisation tick as a top internet provider and distinguish from us the errors and pitfalls that could affect our already affectionate internet service.

KOMAL SINGH I komal singh here stand as Vice President to support the students and to provide the best facilities to them into the campus Making an alliance of computer science! As a mature student who has some life and university experience behind me, I would be honoured to be your student representative for computer science. I see my role as being the person you can come to if you are having any issues with the course yourself that you would like to communicate to the faculty but don’t wish to do it yourself or anomalously. Whether that be about lecture theatres being too hot or too small or about a lecturer going to fast etc. If elected I promise to easy to contact if you have any issues that you would like raised or if you have any suggestions of how to improve our course i will try my level best to uplift the standard of our course.. If you have any questions or just want to get to know me better before voting feel free to email me at :- [email protected]

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